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This is from the 390 prompt list.

15. “Can I kiss you?”

Waking up was never your thing. Sleeping is your little slice of heaven, your happy place. You do not have to worry about the nonsense from this world, you can lay and dream and no one can bother you. 

     “Mornin’ sunshine!” 

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IM - MC pregnant after decided to end the grey relationship with Shunichiro

[Ok, maybe I get bored reading the similar type of ending. Or maybe I can’t understand why MC won’t have a chance of getting pregnant despite doing it a few times with Shunichiro in the main story. So I wrote my version of ending for this round but I doubt I will write a lot for this game.]

Based on MC’s POV

That morning, I woke up to find him gone. I am expecting that to happen but part of me was hoping otherwise. Since I had decided to end this grey relationship, I tried my best to put behind the past and concentrate on my work. There is still a lot to be done for the project which I wanted to win it to prove my worth.

It’s been weeks since I last saw him and maybe he is giving me some space to gather myself. I worked a lot of overtimes after work and even miss meals at times. One afternoon, Yuiko and Natsume came and grabbed me out for lunch.

“Okay, I am coming.” I replied weakly. However, I felt giddy the moment I stand up from my seat. Before I can stable myself, my vision went blank. The next thing, I woke up in a hospital bed. Yuiko and Natsume are with me while the Doctor explaining my condition.

“You should take good care of yourself and not overwork yourself. You are expecting now. So you need to eat more healthy food and have plenty of rest.” The doctor explained.

“What did you just say?” I asked in shocked. Did I hear it correctly? No, it can’t be true.

“You are pregnant.” The doctor smiled at me, and soon leaves the room.

I covered my face in shocked, not knowing what to do next. I can feel Yuiko hugging me, trying to make me feel better.

“I am going to give that idiot a lesson.” Natsume shouted angrily and left the room before Yuiko can stop him. What am I going to do now? I ask myself while touching my tummy, can’t stop worried about it.

Based on Shunichiro’s POV

I am sitting in the meeting room and keep glaring at my watch. For once, I wish the meeting end immediately. I heard about her fainting in the office and taken to the hospital. I should still be able to visit her as her superior, right? I asked myself numerous times about it. I remember her telling me that she wanted to end our relationship but I have yet to give up. Once this project is over, I am going to tell her my real feeling. It is a promise that I make to myself.

Finally the meeting ended and everyone left the office since it already past working hour. I quickly tidy up my work desk and just about to get ready to leave for the hospital, my office door opened without a knock.

“You are such an idiot!” Natsume shouted, as he ran toward me and the next time I know, he hit me hard into my face. “You got her pregnant.” He shouted and grabbed my shirt.

I am shocked upon hearing the news. I immediately pushed him away and make a run to the carpark, driving toward the hospital in high speed. She is pregnant with my child. The words keep repeating in my head. Well, we did not use any protection since we lost ourselves uncontrollably most of the times. No, it was all the times. I wanted her so badly whenever I am with her that I did not even hesitated to blow my seeds deep inside her. How is she feeling now? I want to be by her side now.

I ran over to her room and pushed the door open, panting hard for air. She is sitting on the bed, shocked to see me rushing in like a mad man. I ran over her and embraced her in my arms, still panting hard.

“I don’t want to end it. I want you by my side. I love you. I really love you.” I gasped, as I poured out my feeling to her. I can feel her body trembled and I know she is sobbing.

“Are you trying to take responsibility?” She continued to tear while touching the bruise on my face. She must have guessed what had happened.

I hold her hand in mine,“ No, I always wanted to be with you. I thought I will wait until the project is over before I tell you my true feeling. I know it is selfish of me to do that but you are always on my mind all this time. Regardless if you are pregnant with my child or not, my decision have made since that day I left your house.” I gathered all my courage to tell her how I feel.

She did not answer me but tears continued to flow down her cheeks. I wiped away with my fingers and kissed her gently on her soft lips before gazing at her. “Regardless of what your response is, I am not going to let you go again.” I choked my words before continued asking her nervously, “What is your answer?”

“You are still on my mind every night. I love you.” She sobbed and I embraced her in my arms. I feel relieved to hear her answer. I swear to myself that I will take good care of her and our child. She is the first woman that I am prepared to spend my life with. With this thought, I tighten the hold of her in my arms.

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I can wait for the fight between Claire and Jamie when she found out he's married with loaghaire

Yes!!! I am here for this fight. And I want all of it! (It’s long so I’ll put most below the cut)

He stepped into the room and closed the door. He stood awkwardly for a moment, then moved toward the bed, one hand extended toward me. “Claire—” 

“Don’t touch me!” I leapt to my feet and backed away, circling toward the door. His hand fell to his side, but he stepped in front of me, blocking the way. 

“Will ye no let me explain, Claire?” 

“It seems to be a little late for that,” I said, in what I meant to be a cold, disdainful tone. Unfortunately, my voice shook. 

He pushed the door shut behind him. 

“Ye never used to be unreasonable,” he said quietly. 

“And don’t tell me what I used to be!” The tears were much too near the surface, and I bit my lip to hold them back. 

“All right.” His face was very pale; the scratches Laoghaire had given him showed as three red lines, livid down his cheek. 

“I dinna live with her,” he said. “She and the girls live at Balriggan, over near Broch Mordha.” He watched me closely, but I said nothing. He shrugged a little, settling the shirt on his shoulders, and went on. 

“It was a great mistake— the marriage between us.” 

“With two children? Took you a while to realize, didn’t it?” I burst out. His lips pressed tight together. 

“The lassies aren’t mine; Laoghaire was a widow wi’ the two bairns when I wed her.” 

“Oh.” It didn’t make any real difference, but still, I felt a small wave of something like relief, on Brianna’s behalf. She was the sole child of Jamie’s heart, at least, even if I— 

“I’ve not lived wi’ them for some time; I live in Edinburgh, and send money to them, but—” 

“You don’t need to tell me,” I interrupted. “It doesn’t make any difference. Let me by, please— I’m going.” 

The thick, ruddy brows drew sharply together. 

“Going where?” 

“Back. Away. I don’t know— let me by!” 

“You aren’t going anywhere,” he said definitely. 

“You can’t stop me!” 

He reached out and grabbed me by both arms. 

“Aye, I can,” he said. He could; I jerked furiously, but couldn’t budge the iron grip on my biceps. 

“Let go of me this minute!” 

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drabble; climate change

drabble; pg-13; MSR; post-ep Rain King; Scully takes Holman Hardt’s advice.

series list

Practicing writing in Scully’s POV.


you should try it sometime

Perhaps I’d been waiting for a sign: something powerful, a gift from earth itself arranging dirt and concrete and sand and wind into one giant arrow pointing directly at Fox Mulder. I forget that life isn’t always as theatrical as the past few years have led me to believe, that the truth isn’t always so elusive. Sometimes there is beauty in only a little rain.

I don’t know how to tell him exactly what he means to me, and I think he’d be afraid to hear it. This is a man who does and wallows later, whose actions so far proceed his thoughts you wonder if there isn’t some kind of neural dissonance that makes him this way. But tonight I will follow his lead. I am prepared to take the leap, perhaps the biggest one either of us have dared to take in the time we’ve known each other.

I told Sheila that it’s about realizing, suddenly and painfully, that you cannot see yourself with anyone else. You switch a flick and it’s written there, and I have seen it reflected in his features, the way he touches me. This is it for us, Mulder. Who else could it be?

In one bed, he talks to me about Calabria, Italy, where in 1890, sun soaked villagers screamed and hid at the unlikely occurrence of blood pouring from the sky. Birds, he says with a morbid little smile. The winds were at an all time high and snap. He makes a twisting motion from where he’s propped against the headboard. I must look disturbed, because his smile falters.

I lean in and kiss it off his face.

Not even a kiss, Sheila had marveled. Trust me, the man knows how to kiss. He does. After a moment’s hesitation, a confused, adorable flail, he’s kissing back. It’s vengeful. His hands lock in my hair, his pillowy lips go hard and punchy. I am driven back to my side of the bed with the force of his passion. I feel it in every inch of me, every inch of him; we are straining, desperate, his tongue touches mine and it is warm and wet and so damn comfortable tears burn behind my eyelids. He is so close. I have wanted this so badly for so very long…

And then he is hauling himself away, and it feels more like tearing an I.V. needle out your arm than ripping off a bandaid. Back on his side of the bed his eyes are wild, and then they’re tender, and then they’re blank. And suddenly I know.

I’ve been presumptuous.

I gather myself from the bed while examining the evidence. His reaction when I tried to leave. His drug addled voice, made soft and low by his foray into drowning. Scully, I love you. But he had been drugged, and just now I had decidedly not been. I think of other times. Mothmen and lost opportunities. Not so much lost as rejected, I suppose. His face, hard and condescending as hell when I asked him to trust my judgment. For once, Mulder. Trust me like I’ve come to trust you. Maybe I thought he had.

“Scully…” he starts. Tossing my pillows on the cot, the one we’d both forgone after realizing how dreadfully uncomfortable it was, I look at him. My features are carefully schooled. I look okay. I look fine. He is pleading and wounded. “Scully, I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” Even I’m impressed with how plainly this comes out. The cot had been delivered with a blanket. I turn off the lamp and collapse into my new bed, and will the tears away. All of them. Every single one. Instead, I study the ceiling. “I’m the one who should be sorry, Mulder. I’m not sure what I was thinking.”

And I go to sleep, pretending not to notice him staring at me the whole night through.

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I know it was just posted, but I love the story with Jamie and Claire being handfast to keep safe from Randall! Please continue it! You are all amazing writers!

anonymous asked: COuld you do a follow up of that quick thinking prompt, with them hand fasting by the fire and then smuttyness upstairs. Claire seems more at ease in that au would she be whent hey got upstairs too?

anonymous asked: OMG the last one where Jamie and Claire decide to handfast after lying about it to BJR! I loved it but I want more, they realized their feelings very fast and I would love -aside from a wedding night, of course- to see a conversation between them about how they feel, they are so lovely and the first promot made me so emotional I just want more! <3


Previous ficlet 1

Previous ficlet 2


It wasn’t until Jamie had locked the door behind them that Claire realized what had happened.

She stood a few paces into the room, facing the bed - the sheets all rumpled from where she’d slept the night before, and arisen - was it only an hour ago? - when she heard Black Jack Randall’s hoofbeats in the dooryard.

She felt, rather than heard, Jamie behind her, standing quietly. Breathing.

Dear God - what had they done?

Slowly she turned to face him. His chest was rising and falling with short, shallow breaths. He licked his lips, twisting his fingers. She wanted so badly to say something, anything - but couldn’t.

Silence - heavy and awkward, bloomed between them.

What had she done?


Startled, he cleared his throat, his eyes piercing hers. Heady. “Aye?” he rasped.

She wiped suddenly sweaty palms on the think creases of her skirt. “Are we - are we married? I’m not familiar with handfasting.”

He flushed - a lovely, dusky color creeping from the open neck of his shirt almost all the way to his hairline. “Ach. Weel - yes, and no. Handfasting - it’s traditionally used when there is no priest about, to make the vows formal. It’s valid for a year and a day.”

Claire bravely stepped closer. “And what happens after the year and the day are finished?”

He swallowed. She tore her gaze from his, and watched the fingers of his left hand tap restlessly against the wool of his kilt.

“The man and woman can choose to be wed properly, or they can go their separate ways.”

She took another step closer. “Tell me, Jamie. Am I your wife now?”

He moved from his position against the door and came to stand directly in front of her. Gently he took her hand - her right hand, and softly, tenderly traced the pad of his thumb around the base of her right ring finger. Where, God willing, she’d one day wear his ring.

“If ye’ll have me,” he breathed, mesmerized by the exquisite softness of her skin. “If ye want us to live as husband and wife. It’s no’ up to me.”

Her palm straightened against his touch, and she brought the heel of her palm directly against his. Captivated, he twined their fingers together, squeezing tightly.

“But I thought that was what we did downstairs - that we have to live as husband and wife. That we have to - to consummate.”

Her voice wavered a bit - but her eyes, so strong, so brave, still held his.

“I’ll never do anything ye dinna wish to, Claire,” he said, so softly she could barely hear.

Her brow furrowed in confusion. “I don’t understand -”

He tore his eyes from hers and watched, mesmerized, as his thumb circled the backs of her knuckles. “It’s only the two of us in here, Claire. We have the rest of the day to ourselves. I willna force ye to do anything ye dinna wish to. Ye have to bear my name for the next year and day, but if ye wish to go back to being Claire Beauchamp after that, I’ll no’ stop ye. If ye dinna wish to lie wi’ me today, I willna force ye. If ye dinna wish to sleep in my bed once we return to Leoch, I will find another chamber in which to live.”

He wanted so badly to just hold her, crush her body to him, bury his face in her neck. But he didn’t. He couldn’t.

“I want to give ye choices, Claire. The gift of choice. To choose whether to live as my wife, or live on yer own. I’ll protect ye to the last drop of blood in my body, I swear to ye I will. That won’t change, no matter what ye decide. And if ye choose another man - well, it would be verra hard for me, but I’d understand.”

His eyes were tightly shut now, relishing the miracle of her skin against his. Steeling himself for the rejection.

But it never came. Because Claire was overcome with the affection and bravery and gallantry and selflessness of the man before her - this amazing, thoughtful, courageous, quick-thinking man who had just saved her life. And who was willing - quite clearly - to do whatever it took to ensure her safety.

So she tilted up his chin, waited for his beautiful eyes to open and lock with hers, and slowly, slowly moved in for a kiss.


Dusk. Sunbeams of orange and yellow and pink knifed through the dirty windowpane.

In the dooryard, Rupert sang to the horses. Angus cursed at Willie.

In the bed, Jamie dreamed.

At the window, Claire drew Jamie’s plaid tighter around her shoulders. Reflective.

He was - had been - a virgin. She smiled, feeling so wanton at how they’d spent the day learning each other, exploring and teasing. Laughing.

He had told her everything about himself - his name, clan, and family. What he had overheard Dougal saying the night before. Why he had slept, cold and uncomfortable, outside her door last night.

She had told him everything about herself. About her parents, and Uncle Lamb. And Frank. And the stones.

He didn’t understand it - but he listened. Asked very good questions. And then held her tighter against him, as if anchoring her to him here, on this day, in this time.

And then he’d kissed the bruises on her belly that Randall had made two days prior. Promised her that she’d never have to see him again, that he’d keep her safe for the rest of their days, if she’d let him.

She would. He had already done more - and proven that he would do more, if need be - than Frank ever would. Ever could.

Claire turned away from the window and just watched Jamie for a long moment. He looked like a young boy - hair tousled, limbs askew.

Her heart soared.

And then he woke, slowly eased himself up on his elbows, and smiled at her.

“Ye look like an angel, crowned wi’ light,” he said softly, voice full of awe.

She swiftly padded over to the bed and sat on his lap, wrapping the plaid around both of them. Bringing them close. Sheltering them from the world.

“I have something to tell you.”

His brow furrowed, but he steadied his face. Ready for anything, after the unbelievable events that this day - the most terrifying and exhilarating day of his life - had brought.

“Oh, aye? What is it?”

She met his eyes - and took a deep breath.


Beneath the plaid, his thumb gently traced the arch of her hipbone. “Yes what?”

She sat up a bit straighter, and her face split into a smile.

“Yes, Jamie. Yes, I’ll live as your wife-”

She wanted to add “if you’ll have *me*” - but couldn’t, as Jamie’s lips had already stolen her breath.


Authors Note: This Shannon one shot is pure smut that was requested by the lovely @stephmatosxo to the song First F*ck by 6lack and Jhene Aiko. Thanks for the request lovely and I hope that you enjoy! XOXO

Trigger Warning: Profanity, Smut, Sprinkle of Fluff

“ Hi sunshine! Hope all is well! Can I request a smutty one-shot of Shannon based of Jhene Aiko and 6lack song called “First Fuck”? It’s been on repeat non-stop for me lol Thank you 😘💕 “ - @stephmatosxo

I will be home soon. I promise to make up for lost time

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Request: Hey! Can I request a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is super smart and Peter has a crush on them but since they’re friends he doesn’t know how to tell them? Thanks! :)

(Request by @fangirlftshipper )

Y/n’s POV

Nerd. That’s what a lot of people in Midtown High School like to call me.

I’ve always been one of the smarter kids in school. Good grades, nice relationships with teachers, and would always raise their hand as they knew the answer to almost everything. 

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Jest (Jimin x Reader)

He’s cheesy, his friends are crazy drunks, but you guess you love him.

comedy + fluff, 1.4k words, jimin/reader, college au

“Come on, are you sure?” Jimin pleads.

You don’t even look up from your textbook. “Yes, I am sure.”

He makes a whining noise. “But why?”

You finally look at him; he’s sprawled out on your bed, squashing a pillow to his chest. You suppress a protective urge to wrestle your boyfriend off of the poor, deformed cushion. “You already know, Jimin. I’ve been telling you this for three days straight: I have class tomorrow, an essay due in two days, and exams in a week. So going to a party is not in my best interest.”

Jimin pouts. “But can’t you just–” He pauses mid-sentence, frowns, and shakes his head. “Never mind. I’m dumb.”


“Man,” he says, squeezing your pillow even more. “Whenever I have a flash of brilliance, I think of something that makes it stupid like two seconds later.”

“It’s okay Jimin,” you tell him. “I know.”

He scowls, flails around in your bed. You snicker. “Why do you want me to go so badly to Namjoon’s party anyway?” you ask, turning back to your book. “It’s not like it’s gonna be all strangers.”

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What was yours and Ed's first kiss together like? (If you both are comfortable sharing.)

I think it’s on @multiplicityandreverie in more detail if you’re willing to dig through the time line index a little! 😆

The first ‘accidental’ one or the first purposeful?

Ed, Jake and I had just finished watching a film in my bedroom - Jake went to bed, Ed and I had a few drinks (me more than him!)

Anyway, he was on the floor and I was on the bed - and I just found myself giving him an upside down kiss (like Spider-Man 😆) - I was instantly like wtf did I just do and shovelled him out like go away this is your fault

The second time I was drunk after a house party of mine and took Ed upstairs and made out with him in my room - I wanted him so badly but I was equally terribly ashamed of the feelings I had

We were very secretive until I was in my 20’s - it took me a long time to get my head around it all

First night, wedding night

Naruto: Finally! You and I alone! Hinata, what do you say, need any help getting off that dress-ttebayo? HeeHee

Hinata: N-Naruto-kun… –she looked away to hide that dark shade of red that was covering her cheeks-

Naruto: -getting very close to her- Hinata… You are so beautiful. Not just the way you look, but also the way you act. You got me excited just by saying my name in that cutest manner only you can say it. –he walked past her to turn off the lights. His hands grabbed her waist to guide her towards the bed- Now. Let me show you how much I love you.

Hinata: -her glowing eyes fixing his, she smiled gently and let herself carried away by his intense passion. It was love in its purest form.- I love you, Naruto-kun.


Sakura: Why do you have to go so early on your mission tomorrow? It’s our wedding night.

Sasuke: You know why, Sakura. Why are you wasting precious time on asking futile questions? –he walked towards her to lift her up in his arms again and placed her on the bed. She could feel his hot breath on her neck, his playful hands lifting the dress off her legs and his body moving closer and closer to hers. God, he looked so handsome from up close, she couldn’t avoid the blush.-

Sakura: Sasuke-kun, please… Be gent…

Sasuke: I know. I know, my beautiful wife. –His smile made her blushing even more obvious. His ticklish fingers while taking off her dress causing her to giggle and the sight of her laying naked underneath him confused him a bit.  She was cute and hot at the same time. Sakura never saw Sasuke blushing that way before. It was a first night to remember for the rest of their lives.


Temari entered the hotel room with her eyes being covered by her husband’s hands. She reacted with a loud exhale at the sight of the floor covered with flower petals of all colors and the enormous bed beautifully arranged with satin sheets. Shikamaru took his queen’s hand to guide her towards the bed. Without parting their lips from the intense kiss, they tried to take off each other’s clothes.

Shikamaru – after getting under the sheet on top of his beautiful naked wife, still kissing the life off her- Mmmh, my queen –he took a break to admire her. His gaze upon her body was so intense, Temari started to bite her lips already missing his- How much I’ve waited for this moment. At last, I can have you all for myself. Waiting was so troublesome, but you sure make the waiting worth.

Temari: -his intense kisses, his lustful caresses, his gentile thrusts made her squeeze her eyes and continuously moan in pleasure. She was the queen of the desert, but in bed, he was the king of her world.-


Ino: Mmm! Sai! Sai! Stop! I want this to be romantic. This is our first night. –she pushed the man on top of her in order to stop his cute nibbles all over her body-

Sai: I can be romantic, but I want you so badly. Ino, you are gorgeous! Let me make love to you. I can’t wait.

Ino: -her arms surrounding his neck got him immobilized.- You want to make love to me? Well, you won’t. Because tonight, on our first night I will make love to you and it will be on my terms. –she roughly pushed his back against the bed and started kissing his lips gently. The man underneath her seemed so tense and anxious. She loved keeping him waiting as she teased his body with long hot kisses holding his wrists tight against the bed preventing him from moving. It was her first time, but she was so carried on, the pain didn’t even matter. They both wanted this to happen so much that when it finally happened their moans and groans were heard in the entire hotel.-


Karui: Choji, I… I…

Choji: Look at me. -he grabbed her chin to lift her face- Everything will be alright. I love you.

Karui: I know, but… I want this night to be perf….

Choji: No. I understood you wanted the wedding to be perfect, so I let you organize it, but this night, this night you let yourself in my hands. Close your eyes, my lovely bride. -everything was sweet about Choji. His lips, his touches, his smile, his kisses, his glances, his moves. He took Karui to another world, a world she wanted to be trapped in forever.-


Lee: Tenten… –sitting on one side of the bed- What should we do now?

Tenten: -sitting on the other- Why are you asking me? You’re the man. Baka! –she said in a calm tone, almost sounded like a whisper. She couldn’t even think about what was going to happen without feeling extremely flustered.

Lee: -suddenly getting up and walking towards her- That’s right! I am the man! –When he thought he caught the courage to take the initiative, seeing her pretty face glaring up at him with those big sparkling eyes made his heart melt- Tenten! –his hand grabbed hers and brought it close to his lips- You are so…. so…. Ah! Tenten! –Seeing her husband being so nervous and so cute, she couldn’t help her urge to kiss his hot lips. She dragged him on top of her and they kissed. A long sweet kiss that turned both of them on, especially Lee. It felt like a fire ignited inside of him. It was a long eventful night for both of them. He kept whispering in her years how beautiful she was and she squeezed his body against hers all night, refusing to let go. –

Tenten: I will never let go of this moment, Lee!

Lee: Like if I’d ever let you, my beautiful wife.

Requested by my LT friend Corey. Tagging my adorable LeeTen friends metaruricecake and teacher-monica and also my ShikaTema besties glow-241o and lolli-pop666 I love you guys!

Never Forget You (2)

Part 1

Summary:  It’s been over a year since Dean has gone to Hell. You used to date Dean, so what would it be like if you ran into him one day?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3800 

A/N: So I’m really excited that you guys loved the first part so much, it really means a lot, so thank you for that. Feel free to tell me what you think or even request things, you never know what will make it into the story. My fanfic schedule at this point is Just Like You (Bucky x Reader) on Tuesdays and Never Forget You (Dean x Reader) on Thursdays. Any other days I am free to write anything out for you guys; I have a link to the fandoms I follow on my blog. Once again, Thanks and I hope you enjoy this next part.  

Warnings: Angst…yep

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

I woke up and I was in that forest again, the same one as the first time.

“Hello?’ I waited for some sign and knew better than to leave too quickly.

A man I had met before was greeting me once again. “Y/N, it’s nice to see you again so soon.”

“Do you mean that?”

“I don’t lie. Although I am happy to see you, I’m surprised. I’m not done with you yet.”

“I know, the whole situation took me by surprise.”

“You mean, Dean took you by surprise?”

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Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Summary: A blessing in disguise 

Word Count: 1302 words

A/N: Inspired af when I saw this image on Instagram. I tried, after not writing for some time.

“Here are your keys Miss, your room will be on the seventh floor,” the receptionist said as she handed me the key.

I haven’t had the time to relax and when my leave was approved, I knew this would be the only chance before the new year starts. The destination was somewhere I always wanted to go. Somewhere a little bit far from home, somewhere where there will be a lot of unfamiliar faces.  

I slipped in my earpiece and continued listening to my playlist on Spotify. Dragging my luggage over to the door, I unlocked the room and entered. A reasonably well place, big and spacious queen bed just for myself. I plopped myself on the bed and stretched for comfort.

“Ahhhh so nice to finally be able to lay on a bed,” I said to myself.

I started to look out the window, fascinated by the view outside. I made up a plan of where to head for dinner. A fancy Chinese stall could be seen right across the street and I knew what the place for that night would be.

Just as I turned around to unpack my luggage, the sound of the door unlocked and a guy around his twenties entered, with a heavy backpack.

“Who are you?” We both said, at the same time.

“No! You, what are you doing here. In my room?” I shouted.

“Your room? Excuse me, Miss, this is my room. How did you even enter?” He questioned.

“This is an invasion of my privacy. I’m going to complain,” I said as I left the room. Him quickly trailing behind.

The ride down the lift was awkward as heck. I was trying to contain myself. How could this happen? It’s almost ridiculous. Did the management team make a mistake? Was this the start to a terrible holiday, something totally opposite of what I always dream of.

The both of us stood at the front desk. Anxiousness and anger clearly radiating between the two of us.

“Uhm excuse me? We have a problem. I think there might have been a mistake as this man came into my room, invading my privacy?” I told the receptionist.

“You are trying to make this sound as if it was all my fault,” the man said, with his eyes enlarge staring down on to me.

“You came in after me! What is wrong with you?” I retorted, staring back at him.

“What?? I told you it was my room. I was handed the keys to the room. You could have been the one who secretly entered without my permission?” He fought back.

“Hah. I wish you heard what you just said. Absolute rubbish,” you smirked, finding it unbelievable at what the man just said.

After what felt like years of fighting and waiting for the receptionist to give us an answer, she faced us both apologetically with an expression on her face which evokes bad news.

“First of all, our team would like to sincerely apologize for the mistake which shouldn’t have happened at all. We would like to offer an upgrade and a change of rooms for the both of you. However, this will only be able to happen tomorrow afternoon,” the receptionist informed us.

The both of us was clearly and utterly disappointed. The urge to scream at her face was more than anything but seeing how bad of an issue this was, I told myself to keep calm and listen to her explanation.  

“We are really sorry for this. Currently, all the rooms are fully booked and you two, will have to share the room for the night,” she bowed her head.

“What?!” The both of us shouted, gaining attention from the crowd in the lobby.

I stomped my feet into the room, clearly unimpressed and not happy with the solution given. I mean, an upgrade in the room sounds fantastic but the fact that I’m sharing this room for the night with an absolute stranger. I am 100% pissed.

“I’m taking the bed. You can take the sofa,” I told the guy.

“Sorry? I paid for this room too. I deserve the bed,” he replied me.

I sarcastically laughed it off. This guy was surely difficult to handle.  

“You and me? On this same bed, young guy…you know it will never happen,” I said to him, smirked and jumped on the bed, taking all the space for myself.

“Don’t do that!! You’re messing my side! Stop!” He tried to stop me from messing the whole bed.

I immediately stopped seeing how serious he was reacting to my behavior.  

“Why are you like this??? Why are you not giving up? You’re a man, why can’t you just take the sofa? For the freaking night? UGHHHH!” I screamed at him and the left the room, slamming the door on his face.

The night came and I was out the whole evening. I never wanted to come back to the room. The thoughts of having that guy around were testing my nerves.  

I quietly inserted my keys hoping and praying so badly that he wouldn’t be around. I took small steps and there he was, resting peacefully on the left side of the bed.

“Why are you still here?” I asked, arms folded in front of him.

“You heard them, don’t you? We have to share this room before tomorrow comes,” he replied, ignoring my stare.

I figured talking or persuading this guy won’t be of any use. He just won’t budge. I finally decided, it will be less than 12 hours before tomorrow come. I just got to do what it take. I took my time in the shower, awkwardness strongly felt as my comfort zone was being taunted at. It was almost 1 am and I finally slipped into bed, right beside the guy. The huge bolster acting as a separator between the two of us.

He wasn’t asleep, laughing at whatever shit he was engrossed on, screened on his phone.

“Fucking shut it will you? I want to sleep,” I told him.

“Sorry, I will use my earpiece then,” he replied politely.

What the heck? He’s being nice now to me? When all he did was fucking screams and wouldn’t give in to me earlier on?

I faced the wall and slept. Slept way too peacefully before the cramp in my legs came.  

“Ughhhhhhh…..ouch ouch…” I grunted, causing the guy to wake up.

“Why? Omg are you okay?” He asked, trying to help.

“My legs…..ouch,” I said holding on tightly, trying to avoid the pain.

“Where is your medication?” He asked.

“There, in the bag on the dressing table,” I pointed over to my pouch.

He carefully applied the medication and gave a quick massage, helping me out in the midst of the night. His face was different, a more natural look than earlier. Free from makeup I believed? Beautiful…I thought to myself.

“There…feeling better?” He asked, shocking me from staring too long at him.

“Yes, uhm yes. Thank you,” I said, taking the medication away from him.

I quickly lay down on the bed, avoiding his cute stare on me. Keeping quiet the whole time but never really falling back asleep. What am I doing exactly?

I could hear him chuckle, he saw how flustered I was, how I reacted to his help. He saw the change in my eyes when he helped me eased the pain. On the other hand, I was clearly nervous, too embarrassed by what has happened.  

“Uhmmm….I’m Jimin by the way. I’m sorry for what happened today. I was rude earlier. I hope your cramp gets better,” he talked, not earning any reply from me.

I wanted to answer but my feelings got hold of me and all he received was silent.

“Goodnight then, sweet dreams,” he said.  

A/N: The moment I saw this photo on Instagram..I had to share it to my friends and said “ON”. Obvious and a clear YES if Park Jimin has to share a room with me. Haha! What would you guys do though? 

Hope this short write brightens your day/night! :) 

Reasons/what it's like to date Jungkook

• Living meme
• Cute couple things like matching outfits
• You probably will never cry again • Laughing till your tummy hurts • “ I saw this and thought of you ” • Probably super shy for the first 6591343 years of your relationship • JK more like first two months • He will probably fart under the blanket and hold you under it • Showing you weird YouTube videos he found at 3 in the morning • Going to dance practice • Fighting jimin and taehyung for kookie • PRANKS • Taking pictures of you while you’re sleeping • Blackmailing you • “ Can I have a blowjob? ” • Tae is tagging along 25/8 • “ Who was that guy you were with? ” • Super jealous kookie is jealous about everything it’s so cute • Watching Disney movies for days • Gym dates??? • Jin having to supervise you two • YOU GET TO TOUCH HIS ARMS • Fighting over Captain America and Iron Man • All kinds of sex stuff because both of you are so young • Cuddling at night • He is JEON JUNGKOOK WHO WOULDN’T WANT TO DATE HIM • Him teasing you about everything • Sending him meme pics of himself • Singing his lines badly and out of tune to piss him off • Angry kookie is sexy kookie • “Call me 오빠 please ” • He will probably chase you around the house after dance practice to make you smell his sweaty pits • “ I think I’m ready to meet your parents on my death bed or our wedding day ” • “ Is the color orange called orange because oranges are orange? ” • “ stfu and go back to sleep kookie ” • You probably have called him Jeon Cena during sex idk • Vkook threesome anyone??

Fanfiction - Requiem (College AU)

This is not the end of College AU – I have plenty in mind to write in the future – but it stops here for a while (I’ve explained why here). This story started with Cassiopeia and is preceded by The Captain, Anamnesis, The Flood and Orphans. I will never be able to thank you guys enough for all the love and support – I hope this is a small way to do it. See you on the other side! <3


Jamie was crushing her hand with his, but she didn’t say a word. She would gladly be transformed into dust if that provided him any solace. Claire had seen him break completely and had helped him gather the pieces just enough the last couple of days – so he could be there for his sister and the grieving community of Lallybroch’s estate. Brian Fraser’s sudden passing, victim of a stroke  – Death coming to reap him mercilessly, while he walked in the field behind his own house – had come as a shock for everyone, not only his children.

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

They were standing at Lallybroch’s cemetery, surrounded by silent people dressed in black. The sky was grey, the air clear and cutting, like a knife made of Scottish ice – making the words of the priest echo around them with the force of the coming winter.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me.”

Jamie was clad in a grey shirt and coat with black trousers, his blue eyes dry and hooded, bravely looking ahead to the dark hollow about to receive the body of his father. His right arm was placed around Jenny’s shoulders, comforting her – her face was a flowing river of sorrow. But his left hand betrayed the undercurrent of overwhelming emotions, gripping Claire’s hand in a silent plea for strength and salvation.

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Her eyes drifted to the grave next to the place chosen for Brian’s eternal rest, the polished stone carved by skilled hands many years before - “Ellen Caitriona Sileas MacKenzie Fraser”, it read, “Etiam in morte, superset amor”. Claire had enough Latin from her upbringing by Uncle Lamb to know what it meant and tears threatened to overpower her eyes. In the deep unfairness of death, seemed only right that they were about to be reunited for eternity.  – “In death, love survives.”

The priest had stopped talking, waiting for the family’s prepared eulogy. Jamie gently let go of Jenny, offering her hand to Ian, standing by her side as her silent keeper. He stepped ahead and stood near the dark brown casket, his throat visible as he swallowed hard, trying to steady his voice.

Slowly he fished inside his coat’s pocket and presented a silver flask, which he uncorked with a dextrous hand. He tipped it just slightly, so the amber liquid stored inside spilled over the casket; his father’s favourite whiskey to accompany him on his long journey home.

“This be the verse you grave for me: Here he lies where he longed to be. Home is the sailor, home from the sea, And the hunter home from the hill.” He declaimed with a hoarse but clear voice. “Slàinte mhath, mo athair.”


Claire was looking at the self-portrait of Ellen Mackenzie under the cover of the shadows in the hallway, wondering if Brian had joined her in the afterlife and how she had greeted the love of her life. Would she tell him harsh words for leaving his children unattended and yet so young? Would she be happy to see him, having longed for him for so many years? Would they live together in a similar yet parallel Lallybroch, where they could see Jamie and Jenny – sometimes brushing their hair while they slept or touching them in a whisper, feeling their sadness?

A loud crash collected her from her stupor and she rushed to Jamie’s room, the source of the sudden disturbance.

She abruptly opened the door and saw Jamie, sitting on the floor, cradling himself. A few steps away a frame laid broken on the ground, shards of glass glistening like seeds of a lost life, the face of his father still visible even through the wreckage. Claire moved to catch the debris, but Jamie’s head turned to her, his eyes as dark and cloudy as the sky anticipating a coming hurricane.

“Leave it!” He snapped at her. “Leave it, damn ye!”

“Alright.” Claire answered, slowly straightening herself while she gave him a concerned look. “I know…”

“Do ye?” He gritted his teeth, his hand raising to shield his thunderous eyes, brushing them with his palms. “Do ye really?”

“Yes.” She assured him in a low voice. “I know the irrational anger. The will to lash out, to pour some of that darkness out so you can feel somehow lighter – to make someone else experience at least a fraction of the pain you’re feeling. To not be alone and in pain.” Claire sat down on the floor across him, squeezing her fingers. “And you aren’t… Alone.” She finished with a whisper.

Jamie looked at her, tears beginning to stream down his face. He probably didn’t even feel them at that point – his skin insensible to the subtle touch, while his whole body was struggling to make sense of so much pain without a physical wound it could heal. There was no clot that could be formed to stop the bleeding; no fever to kill the spreading infection. Only tremendous pain – and no promise of an ending in sight.

“I’m sorry, mo ghraidh.” He said in a broken voice, while his body slid even further to the ground, his eyes locked in the broken frame. “I’m sorry for lashing out – I dinna ken what I’m about.”

“I know.” Claire said softly. “It’s alright. You can tell me anything.”

“Loss is no stranger to me.” He gulped. “How could it be? I lost my mother when I was only a bairn and my brother Willie even before that. I have no illusions that “forever” means no more than a few precious and fleeting moments. But my father…” Jamie shook his hair, his fingers fidgeting with a piece of fluff from his trousers.

“You thought you had more time.” Claire added gently.

“Aye.” He smiled and there was more sadness in the lines of his mouth, than in the tears that still spilled from his torn soul. “He wanted me to come back after College, ye ken. To replace him as head of the business here. The last time I came home – before we started dating – we had an argument.” Jamie’s hand moved to brush his hair, still not used to the loss of its length. “I told him I wanted to have my own life, to put to use the things I’m learning. He wasna very pleased with me. And I lost my temper – we yelled at each other and said hurtful things, mostly untrue.”

“I’m sure he forgave you.” Claire said. “You were both hot-headed – both loving each other and not knowing how to show it best.”

“Perhaps he did.” He whispered. “But how can I ever forgive myself, Claire? That the last words I told him were angry ones, reckless as a pistol brandished by a drunkard?”

Claire scooted on the floorboards to get closer to him, until they were sitting side by side.

“I was there today.” She entwined their fingers. “The last words you told him were about love. And even when you were screaming at each other, I’m sure he knew it just as well.”

“He made me what I am.” Jamie closed his eyes. “His care and love shaped me – he was my conscience and the first home of my heart. I feel so lost, Claire. I want sae badly to make him proud.”

“And you will.” Claire touched his moist cheek, feeling the reverberations of pain coming from him. “He will be so proud of the man you’re becoming, Jamie.”

His head slowly fell on her shoulder, his face contorted in a silent sob hidden against her arm. She hugged him by the neck, humming, willing him to share his burden with her.

“Come lay your head, man.” She whispered, as darkness surrounded them.


They were laying on his bed, fully clothed. The moon was already shining outside and the wind was howling against the window, a feast of inhuman sounds that felt like words which had lost their meaning across distant times.

She was holding him, his breathing much more peaceful now. She knew he wasn’t sleeping though – his heart was thundering against her own ribcage.

“I’m sorry.” Jamie said in a husky voice near her ear. “For what I said before – about Frank.”

“You don’t need to apologize.” She brushed his short hair with her fingers. “We don’t need to talk about it now.”

“Aye. I do.” He played with a curl near her neck. “Such foolish words. I was jealous of all the kisses you shared, all the times he loved your body. I failed to listen when ye told me ye wished to give me so much more than that.”

“I want you to have everything, Jamie.” She bit the inside of her cheek. “He had my body but we never really connected – not like this. He never saw me as you’ve seen me.”

“I know I’m not yer owner, Claire.” He nuzzled her collarbone. “And I won’t ask ye not to see him again. I’ll never like the sight of the man, mind – but I’ll respect yer past. I trust ye, mo nighean donn.

“Do you?”

“Aye.” He raised his head and she saw his face leaning over her, the seriousness of his eyes, intent on hers. “I loved ye before – ye had all my heart. But now…” He traced the outline of her temple and cheek, the touch of his thumb light as feather. “Ye alone have cradled my soul against yer breast. I have found light in the utmost darkness though yer voice – you guided me away from insanity. And I shall worship ye and pay reverence for the rest of my days.”

“I love you, Jamie.” Claire whispered, kissing his lips. “And watching you here, in your home, trying to be so brave for your sister; so fiercely loyal to your father…I’d choose you again and again – had I not surrendered my heart to you so long ago, even before I knew you were willing to take it.”

He rolled to have her atop of him, enveloping her body in his arms, kissing her eagerly while his hands roamed across her back and waist.

“Will you let me in?” She asked, slightly breathless. “If you don’t think…”

“I want ye, Claire.” He sighed. “Come and heal me, mo ghraidh. Come and steal away my pain – and let me take away yours. In your arms I am healed again – nothing hurts; nothing is truly lost.

He undressed her, piece by piece, marvelling with the whiteness of her skin. Jamie kissed every hollow of her body, every curve and slope, every nook – feeling her inebriating scent, the pulse of her life coursing beneath the skin. He cherished each moan, the promise of love shared and absolution found. His hands memorized the shape of her, allowing her to discover him with equal openness, exposed but protected by the cloak of her love.

She kissed the shadow of his tears, held his trembling hand – fortifying it with her own. Her mouth kept seeking his, tasting the words he would repeat again and again only for her. She guided him when he was unsure, but let him set the pace – and when they were joined, she smiled like the stars outside were finally within her reach.

They moved together like waves crashing against the shore, tender at times and yet capable of reshaping the earth. He held nothing back, summoned no coherent thoughts – his actions were dictated by the need to lose himself, finding her – only her, always her - in the process.

When he was inside her, he listened to the whimpers and sobs that she made, made a collection of her lovely sounds, archived them with the strings of his heart.

He loved her. God, he loved her. A love without any restraint – he wished only to stay like that, with her, in her, for the rest of his life.

Afterwards they were naked, wrapped around each other, a strange calm overpowering his troubled heart. And as she gave over to a contented sleep, he began to believe in forever again.

Mo anam.” Jamie whispered. “My soul.”

So Much Fear ; Steve Rogers & Reader.

Originally posted by hoechlins

Word Count // 3.7k
Warnings // language, anxiety attack/panic attack, angst, mentions of death, crying.
Reader Gender // female.
Pairings // reader & steve.
Author’s Note // i’ve never experienced a panic attack or even come close to it, but i’ve spent a lot of time trying to do research about them and what it’s like to go through that and i tried my best to accurately describe the feeling based on medical articles and descriptions of people diagnosed with anxiety. in no way do i mean to offend anyone if the information isn’t all correct, it’s just that i can’t explain to you what a panic attack is from experience, only from information I’ve collected online.
Summary // steve, bucky, and natasha are out on a mission, leaving the reader to hang out with vision, tony, and wanda. they don’t return when they were due to and the reader ends up pulling an accidental all-nighter, her worry for steve eating her alive.
Y/N = Your Name.
Y/E/C = Your Eye Color.
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Y/L/N = Your Last Name.
Y/H/C = Your Hair Color.
“Steve, are you okay?” I whispered feebly into the mic immediately after my favorite supersoldier picked up his cell. He’s been away on a mission with Bucky and Natasha for two weeks and I’ve called him every night.

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Voyager, Chp. 34 Daddy

pgs 527-528

“Why?” I shrieked, hitting him again and again and again, the sound of the blows thudding against his chest. “Why, why, why!”

“Because I was afraid!” He got hold of my wrists and threw me backward, so I fell across the bed. He stood over me, fists clenched, breathing hard.

“I am a coward, damn you! I couldna tell ye, for fear ye would leave me, and unmanly thing that I am, I thought I couldna bear that!”

“Unmanly? With two wives? Ha!”

I really thought he would slap me; he raised his arm, but then his open palm clenched into a fist.

“Am I a man? To want you so badly that nothing else matters? To see you, and know I would sacrifice honor or family or life itself to lie wi’ you, even though ye’d left me?”

“You have the filthy, unmitigated, bleeding gall to say such a thing to me?” My voice was so high, it came out as a thin and vicious whisper. “You’ll blame me?”

He stopped then, chest heaving as he caught his breath.

“No. No, I canna blame you.” He turned aside, blindly. “How could it have been your fault? Ye wanted to stay wi’ me, to die with me.”

“I did, the more fool I,” I said. “You sent me back, you made me go! And now you want to blame me for going?”

He turned back to me, eyes dark with desperation.

“I had to send ye away! I had to, for the bairn’s sake!” His eyes went involuntarily to the hook where his coat hung, the pictures of Brianna in its pocket. He took one deep, quivering breath, and calmed himself with a visible effort.

“No,” he said, much more quietly. “I canna regret that, whatever the cost. I would have given my life, for her and for you. If it took my heart and soul, too…”

He drew a long, quivering breath, mastering the passion that shook him.

“I canna blame ye for going.”

“You blame me for coming back, though.”

He shook his head as though to clear it.

“No, God no!”

He grabbed my hands tight between his own, the strength of his grip grinding the bones together.

“Do ye know what it is to live twenty years without a heart? To live half a man, and accustom yourself to living in the bit that’s left, filling in the cracks wi’ what mortar comes handy?”

“Do I know?” I echoed. I struggled to loose myself, to little effect. “Yes, you bloody bastard, I know that! What did you think, I’d gone straight back to Frank and lived happy ever after?” I kicked at him as hard as I could. He flinched, but didn’t let go.

“Sometimes I hoped ye did,” he said, speaking through clenched teeth. “And then sometimes I could see it—him with you, day and night, lyin’ with ye, taking your body, holding my child! And God, I could kill ye for it!”


“You should have told me!”

“And if I had?” He grabbed my hand and jerked me to my feet, holding me eye to eye with him. “You’d have turned on your heel and gone without a word. And having seen ye again—I tell ye, I would ha’ done far worse than lie to keep you!”


“ I love you more than a bestfriend chris..”

“what ?”

“I said….. I love you more than a bestfriend… I’m…. in love with you..” im sitting here shocked as fuck, robyn ? in love with ME ? I don’t even know what to say, as I stared at her trying to make sense of what she said she quickly got up speed walking away.

“wait, where you going ?” she ran out the door but I caught up to her grabbing her arm.

“why are you leaving ? whats wrong ?” she had her head down looking at her feet not saying anything. I lifted her head wiping away her tears waiting for her to talk.

“this is so embarrassing, here I am confessing to you when you don’t even feel the same.” She tried to pull away but I tightened my grip on her arm.

“and how do you know I don’t feel the same ?” to be honest I do feel the same, I never really act on my feelings because that’s just not what I do. I caught hints of her flirting and the way she blushes whenever I say some inappropriate shit to her or touch her but I always ignore it. I never looked to deep into it because what would robyn want with me ?  im not her type, her type would be like one of them  niggas with degrees and shit not somebody in the drug game. And another thing, she need somebody with patience to deal with how emotional she get sometimes and that I don’t have.

“you don’t act like it…”

“I  don’t act like a lot of things robyn.”

“so does this mean you do feel the same ?”

“maybe.. maybe even more than you do.” She started blushing like crazy it was too cute, I pulled her in for a hug and wrapped my arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around my neck.

“Im so glad I finally got it out now” she whispered into my neck.

“how long have you been wanting me robyn ?” I said then pulled back a little to look at her, smirking.

“Im not telling you…”

“you probably be having dreams about me and everything huh ?” she froze and then stepped back letting me go.

“w-what ? no ! why would I have dreams about you ?!” I looked at her and grinned, she say she don’t but the way she acting right now telling me different.

“why you stuttering ?” I said stepping closer to her.

“uhh, can we go finish eating ? im starving !” she said and started walking back inside the restaurant and I just shook my head laughing.

We finished eating our food and I can finally say that a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Knowing that he feels the same almost made me want to break out and do a happy dance but I kept my cool. But what kind of scared me was when he asked if I had dreams about him, of course I did, real wild ones but I couldn’t tell him that, he’d probably think I was some kind of weirdo. Although I tell him everything I’d rather keep that to myself. We were now on our way to my house, chris was dropping me off and then leaving because he had some things to take care of.

“ what a night this was, huh ? found out my bff is in love with me.” he said.

“yeah…” I said with a nervous giggle.

“you gotta stop being so shy robs, its cute and all but that shit gotta go.”

“I wish it could, I hate being shy especially around you.”

“why especially around me ?”

“because, you like the loud ghetto ratchet girls.. and im the complete opposite of that.”

“and you like them smart degree niggas and im not that.”

“well I guess the saying ‘opposites attract’ is right ?” I said with a small laugh and he nodded and said he guess.

“so how long you been wanting me to be yo boyfriend ?” he said looking over at me with a smirk lightly gripping my thigh. I didnt know what to respond to first, his hand on my thigh or the question. I decided to be bold with this next move, I put my hand on top of his and moved it a little higher not taking my eyes off him. He looked down at our hands and raised his eyebrow.

“how long you been wanting for me to be your girlfriend ?” I said then ran my tongue over my lip. There was a car honking at us infront of us signaling for us to go right, chris quickly took his eyes from me and back on the road.

“oh shit ! look what you almost made me do, almost got us both killed” he said swerving back into the right lane.

“im sorry…” I said with a flirty smirk, this was actually fun.

“I see you tryna dance with the devil, I don’t think you ready for that, miss.”

“and how do you know what im not ready for ?” right after I said that he quickly placed his hand on my inner thigh, but this time he went higher than last time, grazing my panties and I quickly closed my legs with a gasp.

“exactly.” He said with a grin, I noticed that we wasn’t moving anymore, we were now parked in my driveway.

“don’t wait up, I don’t know how long this gonna take me.”

“okay, be careful.” I said and leaned over to peck his cheek and got out walking to my front door. I unlocked it and did a quick walk through that chris always makes me do whenever he drops me off and has to leave. I walked back out to the porch and gave him a thumbs up, he winked at me and then drove off. I took all my clothes off and went to straight to shower, I was still a little giddy from all earlier events, I still cant believe I actually told him and he feels the same. I also need to get out of this shy stage because it really ruins the moment sometimes, I wonder what he would’ve done if I didn’t stop him in the car ? I washed up and got out putting on my boy shorts and one of chris’ plain white T shirts then got in bed. It seems like my eyes closed immediately after laying my head on the pillow, I was beyond tired, today was definitely an eventful one.


Lying on his soft bed his body weighing over me, I feel pleasure rising again. One finger massaging my clit while two more stroke over my opening. I grasped his shoulders holding onto him as if my life depended on it, my world is melting, becoming one with his, and becoming one with him. My eyes are heavy, the drug-like state he’s induced me in has my mouth open in a soundless scream. As he continues to please me I look for his gorgeous face, startled to find it so close to mine.

He’s been watching me this whole time.

My irregular breathing becomes raspy as I take in his inhuman beauty, I cant believe I was ever afraid of him. His eyes lock with mine and im pleased to see that he’s enjoying watching me shiver under his touch. His firm mouth is turned up in a devastating smile, sharp, pointed teeth showing his lower lip. I cried out and squeezed my eyes shut as a rub by his fingers sends a charge racing to my heart. My hips buck off the bed and crash into his. The hand placed over my pussy moves with me, unwilling to let me take control, affording pleasure only when Chris sees fit. His dick slaps against my thigh and I hear my demon king growl. His fingers stop moving and I open my eyes again, breathing hard. Staring into those wicked red eyes again I see that overwhelming desire I’ve been feeling, echoed on his face as he looks at me. That hand which has pleasured me so wonderfully withdraws, sliding back up my stomach. Up it goes, his fingers trailing ever so slightly past my navel, tracing the lines of my ribcage and brushing against my nipples. All the while, the Demon of Lust stares into my very soul. He knows me, really knows me and I believe he cares for me as well. His hand finally reaches up caressing my cheek. I lean into his touch, eyes closed and heart aching, inhaling my own scent still on his fingers. His thumb comes to rest over my lips while his fingers unfurl to cradle my cheek. I kiss that thumb until it slips away and is replaced by his lips. This is what I have waited for, for so long. It’s not just the anticipation of my first time, if I had wanted it that badly, any man would have given it to me. No, what I’ve been waiting for was this, something meaningful and tender. He breaks away from me slowly, planting a brief peck on my lips again before his body begins to move. His arm which had been holding him up straightens, his thigh slides away from mine as together they help him move lower down the bed. His warm breath washes over my mostly naked skin as his head hovers over my stomach. Soon he’s crouched in between my legs, hands on both sides of my hips, knees straddling my calves and tail lashing playfully. Giving my stomach a quick lick he looks up at me, another wide grin spreading across his dark face. He grabs my panties again this time shredding them. The ripping noise and sharp nip of stretched elastic surprises me and my tense body jumps slightly. Tearing away the cotton, he lowers his head further. As he passes my clit his tongue lashes out and licks my sensitive nub. My hips respond automatically, tilting up to meet his lips. He doesn’t give me the satisfaction though, moving further down instead, that long tongue tracing my inner thigh. He continues his trail, past my knees and down my left calf. He brings his head back up looking at me.

“Beautiful,” he growls before dipping this head back down to taste me again.

 "and delicious.“ My hands find there way to his head pushing him further into me as he wildly licked all over my pussy.

“mmmmm chrisssss…… don’t stopppp pleaaseeee”

I stood in the doorway shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. Apparently I was fucking the shit out of robyn in her dream and she clearly was loving it according to her moans and light screams. As funny as this was to watch it was also kind of turning me on at the same time. I let her go o for about 10 more minutes before I decided to wake her up.

“well well well….. whats going on here ?”

I stood in the doorway shocked at what I was seeing and hearing. Apparently I was fucking the shit out of robyn in her dream and she clearly was loving it according to her moans and light screams. As funny as this was to watch it was also kind of turning me on at the same time. I let her go on for about 10 more minutes before I decided to wake her up.

“well well well….. whats going on here ?”