i want smoothies for every meal

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yo that nutrition ask? damn ur eating really awesome bro good for u I had a bowl of chips and a smoothie today

thanks fam. tbh though i came up with a meal plan today where every meal is super healthy especially in protein (i’m gonna sound like a total fuckboy gym rat suggesting this but no i’m not into bodybuilding or muscles or anything, protein’s just healthy) and i know no one cares on this blog but fuck it i’m not earning money from this blog i’ll post whatever the damn well fuck i want

- breakfast: fresh fruit (let’s say 30kcal) with 175g skyr (108), boiled egg (78)
- lunch: protein bread sandwich with hummus, iceberg and a meat or meat substitute of choice (the bread is 243kcal per roll so let’s say 290kcal total), apple (82)
- dinner: lentil/chickpea/kidney beans/any pulse soup (let’s say 150kcal), protein bar (136)

874kcal total

Ben 10 Alien Force Sentence Starters!
  • "It's hero time!"
  • "Hey I thought no child was supposed to be left behind."
  • "Juvenile? I’m gonna be eighteen a year from next Tuesday!"
  • "I’m surrounded by nerds."
  • "When you said everything was fine you knew we were headed for an asteroid field, right?"
  • "Seriously? We’re about to be boiled alive and you want to learn a new vocabulary word?"
  • "Why's that such a surprise? You don't know how to do much of anything."
  • "Well stop taking samples and start taking names! You’re Mr. Big Shot Wielder of the __________. WIELD SOMETHIN'!"
  • "When we win I want the money for the smoothie."
  • "This peace mission your on? We’re against it. So prepare to be boarded, then killed. Nothing personal."
  • "I don't think I'm gonna make it."
  • "Would be nice if he let us in on the plan every once in a while."
  • "C'mon! Those are the rookies, we're the A-Team! We saved the entire Universe!"
  • "Are you sorry you blew us up?"
  • "I got you the kiddie meal so don't let them know you're over 8."
  • "I lost you once. I'm not going to lose you again."
  • "Hi. Take us to your leader."
  • "Mark my words, you are about to unleash forces that you can neither comprehend nor control."
  • "Are you inferring that you're smarter than me because your head is bigger?"
  • "Are you hanging out with a bad crowd? Are they telling you it's cool to sneak out, turn into aliens and lie to your parents?"
  • "This is the fight I was born for!"
  • "When you lie your left eye twitches."
  • "Save some for me! Those creeps cost me a major payday! Also, because they're evil and we're against that."
  • "Maybe you've been blacking out and sleep fighting."
  • "Yes, I trust you are versed in the practical applications of eight dimensional quantum gravity monopoly equations."
  • "The way you came storming in there, like how Princess Elena rescued me last week from the Caverns of Unforgiving Dismay!"
  • "Your power is being plus-3 nerd bait."
  • "C+! And you thought I wasn't really studying."
  • "We can drive around looking for crimes to stop. Bank robberies. Train robberies. ROBBERIES!"
  • "I better rent a DVD on dancing. Maybe get one about forks just to be sure."
  • "I stopped for chili fries. I've acquired a human weakness for the delicacy."
  • "Move aside alien freaks! You're in my way!"
  • "What kind of heroes take the bus?"
  • "Bring me chili fries!"
  • "Hey, you're the comedian. At least you got the face for it."
  • "You should have gone out with me when I was young and handsome."
  • "You'll have to take it from here. I know you can do it, I believe in you."
  • "I am stuck in a sticky, sweaty, noisy, hungry, hairy, smelly teenage human body constantly craving chili-fries and scratching myself in places I suspect are inappropriate."

this morning while i went in my garden, carrying in my hand the usual cup full of almond milk cappuccino, it decided to come out from the cup, I’M ALWAYS VERY LUCKY. then i made another cappuccino and i had breakfast with the latter, plus five wholemeal rusks and three flat peaches. i was too lazy, hungry&angry to take a picture, understand me

instead here’s a huge glass of vanilla banana smoothie/icecream made with:
4 frozen bananas
3 dates
170g vanilla greek yogurt
garnished with sugar-free cereal flakes and dried fruit. it was more creamy than it looks, obviously orgasmic as every meals i do (-:

these days i don’t want to workout because my legs hurt as hell, i need a bit of relax!

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I'm really interested in becoming vegan and I was wondering what changes you noticed after you become vegan? How did it effect you mentally and physically?

Not consuming animal flesh, secretions such as cow breast milk and chicken periods sure has some awesome benefits!

I don’t even know where to begin. Different for every one, here I am sharing MY experience.
IMMENSE amounts is energy. Motivation to be active, you literally WANT to move and run and jump because you have so much energy - especially in the mornings after a huge banana smoothie. I haven’t been sick since I went vegan, before that I used to often get colds, dry corners of mouth and ulcers. NO cravings. Healthy, hydrated hair. Strong nails. Glowing, clear, HYDRATED skin. Interestingly enough - no bad breath! Even in the morning.
FIBRE. Amazing digestion. Amazing, quick metabolism. I am in full control of my weight. No trouble maintaining it (I never wanted to gain/lose)
Don’t know if this one is just me, but I started appreciating food SO much. As my tastebuds adjusted, every veggie and fruit is absolutely delicious, a firework of flavours. Meals are easy and quick to prepare. I don’t have to worry about getting salmonella lol. Since I don’t consume animal cholesterol and animal protein chances of me dying from a range of diseases are incredibly low. Yes, I believe I will live longer as I won’t have health complications linked to animal products.
Most importantly - I feel so in touch with myself and nature. I have never felt more positive and calm at the same time. I have never been happier. I have never loved myself and this world so incredibly much. Sure physical effects on this lifestyle are great, but for me this mental shift was the biggest change I have ever experienced. Before I went vegan I wanted to study design, after I decided to study naturopathy because the drive to HELP people is intense. Knowing that I am not contributing, not paying for animals to be brutally tortured and murdered is a massive weight lifted off my shoulders. I feel free.

If you are thinking about going vegan… It’s worth it.


‘Sup, nerds?

I’m doing a 6-week fitness challenge with a [non-fitness] sub-reddit I post to/participate in. We get points for minutes exercised, miles logged, post-workout selfies, photographing healthy (based on our personal goals) foods, and completing team challenges (this week was 30 miles, 650 push-ups, and 1250 jumping jacks as a team).

I’m the Fearful Leader of Team 16, and it’s been a blast so far. We have a wide range of fitness levels (total n00bs to experienced individuals) and a wide breadth of fitness types (half-marathoners, walkers, elliptical-ers, oly lifters, etc).

I try to motivate my minions with humor: laughing with my salad, memes made from post-workout selfies, and shamelessly taking photos while people are watching me at the gym. Also, since I post my smoothie to our group chat every morning for points, everyone now wants a blender. Success! Everything seems to be working well thus far.

Anyway, it’s been super helpful for me, too! I had gotten lazy with my meals, and I abandoned the gym some number of months ago. Aside from skiing, I haven’t really done anything since October/November, so it’s been really good to get back into the groove and feel my muscles again.

Also, here’s a photo of me in flannel today, lest you forget how attractive I am when in formal attire.

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Hi, so I'm vegan and I have such a hard time eating good nutrient dense meals. I have a history of vitamin deficiencies, which I don't blame on veganism at all, but I'm sick of the supplements and blood tests and the side effects of having things like low iron and vitamin D and calcium etc. I'm a full time student and I work part time and it's hard to find the time to make healthy meals every day that give me what I need. I want to be healthy and work out and feel good. Any tips?

I know it can seem overwhelming to food prep, but it doesn’t have to be.

Set aside some time on Sunday and make large batches of nutrient dense foods that you can quickly grab and go during your busy week.

Here are some quick meal/ideas that might help you.

- smoothies. When I wake up in the AM, I go to the kitchen and blend up my smoothies (Recipes varies, will post below) and then I put the lids on Togo blender cups (oyster is the new blender I’m using and I LOVE it) I then place all my smoothies/shakes (2-3) in he freezer and get ready for work. After I’m ready, I grab all the smoothies and place them in my lunch box with an ice pack and they still chill throughout the day.

Quick nutrient smoothies:
- pre made frozen berries will make your life easier, I grind up ¼ cup oats in my breakfast smoothie (Grind first and then add everything else) nice boost of carbs, add banana slices, liquid (milk, yogurt, espresso, coffee, water etc), peanut/almond butter, and protein powder. And blend and go!

- peanut butter toast with fruit slices. Takes a few min to make and easy to eat on the go.

- yogurt topped with granola. I mix mine in a bowl and then take it with me to eat.

- morning oats: I mix ½-¾ cup oats, liquid, frozen blueberries, banana slices, and peanut butter in a bowl and then microwave. I take it out the door with me and it’s got all I need for a good morning breakfast.


Pita bread with hummus and veggies;

- pita bread ( buy in packs of 6 from the store)
- hummus ( you can buy the singles or buy a big tub and then place in small containers and grab and go)
- petite carrots (come in a bag at the store all to use. You can place them in containers or baggies and grab and go)
- fruit on the side: Apple, grapes, sliced pear. What ever sounds good. Easy to grab.

Loaded salad:

When shopping, get canned items: corn, different kinds of beans, olives, jalapeños.

Fresh veggies to grab and chop on Sunday: cucumbers, celery, red/ green peppers, red/white/green onions, broccoli.

Bagged veggies that make your life easier:
- shredded carrots, steam in the bag mixes, green beans, chopped kale/romain/boc choy.

Now salad time. When you chop everything up on Sunday. All you have to do in the AM (or the night before) is throw your greens in a today bowl and add whatever you want from your already prepped veggies selection.

Dressing options: hummus, salsa, lemon, or a light dressing.
Add some rice to your salad for a burrito bowl vibe or stuff it all into some pita pockets.

By adding fruits and veggies to majority of your meals you will help your vitamins deficiencies decrease. You can also add B12 packets and meta green powders to your smoothies for a super quick boost of nutrients.


Yogurt bowls! Does anyone else love making their breakfasts pretty? After I take the picture I go to town mashing up the raspberries and getting a little bit of everything in every bite but before then I try my best to be a yogurt artist haha! My fruit-art skills aside, these bowls are so delicious and healthy! There’s a range here from full meal sized to light snack sized but of course customize them however you want. I hope my morning fun  inspires you to make your own breakfast art and if you do tag me so I can be inspired too! :)

All of these bowls were originally designed for my instagram so for more recipes like these along with smoothies, daily snacks, yoga updates and more come say hi!

Oh and there’s some granola recipes here but there’s even more granola recipes and yogurt bowl art in my brand new cookbook available here!

My schedule for this quarter

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my schedule and when I have class and when I workout/work etc. So i thought I would share it help show how I organize my day as best as I can.


6 Am: wake up eat breakfast (for my food intake, check out my “daily intake"page)

  • 8:AM-3:PM Practicum in the schools all day shadowing a School Psych
  • 4-6:  Work in the Counseling  Clinic (Part of my Graduate Assistant  work, I was assigned to two professors the Clinic, I work 20 hours a week either grading papers, running research, making copies anything the professors need help with, and working 8 hours in the clinic)
  • 6:15 Total Body Conditioning 
  • 7:15 Zumba (teaching)
  • 11-12;30 start trying to sleep


  • 8am: wake up, eat, get ready for class
  • 9-11: Class
  • 12-3 Class
  • 6:15 Total Body Conditioning (Teaching) 
  • 7:15 either attend Zumba or do insanity at home. 


NO class till 12, sleep in day!!!

  • 12-3pm Class
  • 5:15 Abs and Glutes (attend)
  • 6:15 Total Body Conditioning (Teach)
  • 7:15 Total BOdy Conditioning (teach) 


  • 8:am Wakeup, eat, get ready
  • 9am-11am Class
  •  12-3(will probably be nap time)
  • 4pm-8pm Clinic
  • 8:45pm- Insanity 


  •  Morning: This will be used as both a make up practicum day, to keep my hours in the schools up, I need 75 hours across 10 weeks of shadowing a school psych. If i am caught up, it will be another sleep in day. 
  • 2pm-4pm Clinic
  • 4:30Pm DRIVE HOME TO DRE <3
  • 7Pm: Workout at the gym with Dre: I have the insanity audio recorded on my ipod, so I just find a place in the gym and get my workout in while he does his gym stuff.
  • 8:30 DATE NIGHT <3 either Menchies frozen yogurt (they have AMAZINg vegan options)  or a restaurant depending on what we want. 


  • Sleep in, gym whenever Dre and I decide to go.


  • Rest day, and I drive back to school (2.5 hours away) to repeat the week all over.


I eat around 1,800 calories. I have 5 300-400 calorie meals every 2-3 hours. I pack things for school (smoothies and apples slices with peanut butter) for more of snack and meal  idea check out the side pages on my blog. 

September Goals
  • No coffee- this will easily be the hardest. I am a coffee lover but I want to try and see the effects of not drinking it for awhile. I feel like I’m becoming more dependent on it and I don’t want that. I will probably go back to drinking coffee after the month is over, but I just want to try this out. Also because I spend waaaaaaay too much money on Starbucks/Cafe drinks at school.
  • No fast food- a lot of you don’t know this but I am OBSESSED with Taco Bell. Hand me a vegan crunch wrap supreme or a vegan Mexican pizza and I am in heaven. Also fries, I love me some fries. So I really want to stop going to “fast food” type places. Mainly Taco Bell because I don’t go many other places. Tacquerias don’t count, I need me some McDougall burritos.
  • Drink more water- this is always a goal of mine. I say I should be having 2-3L minimum every day. I have so many cute water bottles and I should start using them. We all need water, especially athletes because we lose so much of it. So I’m going to track my water intake for the month and make sure I drink enough
  • Stretch- A minimum of 20 minutes a day, but I would like to do 40. I’m thinking 20 after my morning workouts and another 20 sometime before I go to bed. If you know any good Youtube channels or videos then send them my way :)
  • Oil pulling- I’m going to try and oil pull 3 times a week minimum. I think it can have some good effects and I like doing it so why not right? I’m all into holistic ways of healing ^_^
  • Don’t procrastinate- School is in session and I have quite a few things to do in September already. I need to not wait until the day before to study/do the assignment.
  • Eat more veggies- even I am a culprit of not eating enough veggies. I either need to add them into a smoothie or start making more zoodles/salads again. Greens are going to be my new BFFs. But I will still enjoy my indulgences. ;)
  • Make time for myself- Between running with the team, taking 16 units, work, SAAC meetings, Intervarsity, friends, and of course Paul I don’t have a lot of alone/relaxation time. One night a week I want to unwind and pamper myself. Paint my nails, take a long hot shower, slather myself in body butter, cook myself a fun vegan meal, and watch a movie or read a book.

I hope you all think of some goals for yourself for the upcoming month. They can be as simple as having one green smoothie a day, drinking a glass of water before every meal, remembering to take your vitamins, going out less, run 3x a week, WHATEVER YOU WANT. I think goals are important. Writing them down and having them somewhere where you can see them everyday is really important to stick to them. Whether they’re fitness goals, relationship goals, self-esteem goals, anything is fair game and will help you work towards the person you want to become. Don’t be too harsh on yourself if you slip up, don’t take that as a failure. Take is a chance to start over and begin working towards that goal again. Goodbye August, Hello September :)

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Do u recommend having fruit/veg smoothies as a kind of meal replacement?? It seems like a lot of vegans do this.. Thanks

I think that’s fine, I mean you can put anything you want in a smoothie. For every meal? I wouldn’t. I’m also not a nutritionist though who’s to say they’re not having like a 3 course meal in that smoothie. I guess i’m a firm believer in cooked food? Some foods need to be sauteed at least to bring out and help you absorb the nutrients, spinach for one. I can’t do the smoothie for meals thing my metabolism is too high, I get grossly full for about a half hour then it switches to starving to death haha. Smoothies for breakfast are nice though I need something else with it though, like toast at least. If you’re replacing meals like breakfast make sure it’s calorie dense, it’s always good to add in nuts/seeds/granola if you have it.

Completed week #1 of Vegetarian Detox

I actually did it. I knew uploading a meal everyday on Instagram , discussing it on here and sticking to buying only certain foods would help. But, it was a challenge. I wanted to buy, cook and eat meat by the 3rd day. Especially fried meat( pork, beef or chicken). But, I didn’t. What is more interesting is that I didn’t get a real craving or sweet tooth until the weekend. Since, I’m no saint, I bought some candy. Shrug. I can’t deprive myself of Everything everyday. But, my intake of veggies in some way in most meals throughout the day, Every Day is impressive. One week completed. Two more to go @sbrown82. I Will include more veggie and fruit smoothies ( shout out to @hautepreneur) , more veggie based recipes ( shout out to @teresia198525 ) continue to upload pics on Instagram ( shout out to @luvnmynaturalcurls ) , use the app ‘fit track’ ( thank you @mypencries ) and yes staying focus on my ultimate goal, because I do see it better because of this detox 😊 @elegantpaws .

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True story.

We came home for one night before we leave for our honeymoon this evening.

The first thing I did when I walked through our door was order pizza and wings from Domino’s.  Because that whole “the bride doesn’t eat” thing was NO JOKE.  I had zero appetite for about 6 days and was forcing down anything I could.  I don’t know how I was standing upright on Saturday.  The only thing I wanted was this Kale and Apple smoothie they made in the deli at the resort.  That is not real food.  

But the second 100+ pairs of eyes were off me, I was all “BRING ME ALL FOOD.  EVERY FOOD.”  And it was one of my most satisfying meals of my life.

So, to sum up:  married life = junk food.  

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Hello! How would I gain weight the healthy way? I'm trying to make my butt bigger but I'm naturally slim. Thanks!

Hi! The healthy way would be to do it slowly! You should strive for no more than 2 pounds a week. In order to gain 1 pound a week, you have to eat at least 500 extra calories a day. And to gain 2 pounds, eat 1000. Also putting on muscle as opposed to just fat is a healthier way.

You can find a better list of foods to eat by googling but I’ll do what I can. You should eat healthy but calorie dense foods. Lean meats, pastas, rice, beans, potatoes, breads, cheese, peanut butter. Whenever I try to compile a list I blank but hopefully you get the idea lol. Eat everything, but eat real food, not a bunch of junk! Cheetos and cupcakes are not the way to go…well not everyday. Snack all the time, go ahead and eat when you’re bored! 

I highly recommend that you drink a majority of your calories, it’s so much easier. I drink ensure or the store brand. You could drink whole milk with every meal. You can make smoothies or shakes. Add ice cream, almond butter, peanut butter, bananas, olive oil, anything you want. You can just keep adding things and adding calories, it’s kind of fun! 

You’re probably wondering how much exactly is 500 calories. Surprisingly not much. You can rack up 450 by drinking whole milk with every meal (3 meals a day). You’ll be surprised how many snacks, not even meals, you can make equal 500 calories. Peanut butter sandwiches will be your life! 

As far as exercises goes. What you want to do is lift heavy in order to build muscle. A lot of people get scared when you say “lift heavy”. All that means is heavy for you, if you’re squatting 10 pounds and that’s all you can handle then you’re lifting heavy. It’s all about what you can handle. You want to be able to do at least 8 reps no more than 12 or something in that area. If you can do more than like 15 the weight is too light, it’s not challenging you. Your muscles need to be challenged in order to grow. 

There are full on routines you can find on youtube and on body building websites. The basics are squats, lunges, deadlifts, step ups, bridges/thrust. I literally learn all my info by “researching” aka google so I would suggest you do a bit of your own googling to find people that are experts on bulking, I’m not, I merely relay what I learn and I hope it’s helpful! :)