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A Medical Emergency Pt.2

Howdy friends! It’s wee bairn Marlo, coming to you live from a family holiday to Montreal. So many of you asked for a second part to my prompt surrounding doctor Claire and patient Jamie, which I have since dubbed A Medical Emergency (which you can read here). And, considering how angsty the last few TSS fics have been (blame Kaitlyn and Mikayla), I figured it was time to deliver some fluff for your amusement!

As always, a major thank you to my Kilt Kult buddies and fellow TSS mods for keeping me on track and reassuring me that my writing isn’t trash. Also, I owe all of you a major shout out as well, as I would never have written this fic without your overwhelming positive response. So, thank you thank you thank you from the very bottom of my heart!


It was two weeks before Claire could stomach facing Jamie again. The surgery had been a success, and Claire had meticulously mended the shattered bones of Jamie’s hand. She hadn’t counted on the infection that set in, keeping him bedridden and feverish for nearly a week. Claire couldn’t help but feel responsible.

“It happens all the time LJ. I wouldn’t worry about it.” said Joe Abernathy, Claire’s fellow doctor and hospital confidante. She knew that there was nothing she could have done, that infections happen and it was out of her control, but the thought of seeing Jamie in more pain, with even the smallest chance of it being by her hand, was too much to bear. She didn’t know what is was about this Scot: his bull-headedness, the way his nose crinkled when he smiled at her as she was wheeling him into surgery, or how peaceful and innocent he looked under anesthesia, the softness of his face making him look like a child. Whatever it was, Claire found herself experiencing feelings she had never felt before, and it left her simultaneously terrified and exhilarated.

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and Claire had just finished a run of the mill appendectomy. Granted with a brief reprieve, she quickly cleaned herself off before heading to the on-call room, eager to take a quick rest before her pager summoned her again. Unfortunately, she found herself having to cross through the recovery wing, where Jamie lay behind the closed door of room 263. Claire had continued to follow his case, coercing nurses into providing valuable intel on his condition and moral.

“Yes, he is eating.”

“No. He doesn’t have a fever.”

“If you’re so interested Doctor, why don’t you go ask him yourself?”

Still, Claire refused to step foot in that room. The nagging guilt in her stomach surrounding his prolonged hospitalization, coupled with the more puzzling stirrings deep in the pit of her stomach, wouldn’t allow her to walk down the white tile hall leading up to his room. Unfortunately, she currently had no other option.

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Tri has taught me one important thing.

I never want a sequel like this ever again as it just leads to fighting and bitching over every little thing. I wanted a Tamers sequel so bad but not after all this drama the past few years over Tri.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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the man from uncle: gaby & illya bts  vs  actual  scene

Interviewer:  The dancing slash wrestling scene. Is something like that completely improvised or did you have to choreograph that?
No, it’s completely improvised that’s why it’s so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed it.

  • every chief before moana: let me use a nice flat rock so the next chief has an easy time stacking theirs
  • moana: imma use a pointy uneven shell lol suck it next chief

“This Ranger team did what my team did not. You will humbly walk amongst your peers, but heroes you all will be. Each of your names will be etched alongside the great Ranger teams before you…I will always owe a debt of gratitude to you all.”

Everybody can calm down now

She might still write a sequel but this seems to make it pretty clear she has not done so. If she ever does, it will most likely be YEARS before we even hear about it let alone read it

“’Between ‘Star Wars’ and the sequel, I wanted to cover as many bases as possible, to establish my identity as an actor rather than as Han Solo.’ Yet it’s hard to escape the space swashbuckler’s image; the Solo figure is on thousands of lunch boxes and other merchandise. ‘Yeah, I’m on bedsheets now, too; It’s everywhere. I just walk past it. I really don’t relate to it. I’m a little spaced out,’ Ford added, ‘but wait until you talk to Carrie and Mark. They’re a couple of parlor comedians.’ He was right. ‘Parlor comedian?’ Fisher exclaimed. ‘Is that what he said? And Mark agreed? I’ll never work with them again.’“ - Chicago Tribune, June 4, 1978.

Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

I really wanted to draw something lurid! Now, I don’t know what role she’ll have exactly in The Last Jedi, but her fashionista robes make me think she’ll be more of a rank-holding political figure than a real military one.

Or maybe it’s just cultural and her home planet sees pink as fear-inducing. I know I sometimes do.

adore you (you're lovely)

ADORE YOU (YOU’RE LOVELY) — and i adore you, too. i’ve been thinking that your love is kind of special. you should know that i adore you, too! ( adore you, nao ft. abhi//dijon )

REQUEST — the reader used to be ugly and archie bullied you. then, after summer break, you totally glo up and are now super hot, and he apologizes.


NOTES — i did tweak this request a little bit, simply because i don’t see riverdale!archie being a bully—i think it’s even a little ooc for comics!archie—so i opted for archie sort of ignoring the reader. also, i refrained from specifying a gender since there wasn’t one mentioned in the request. thank you so much for trusting me to write your idea, and i hope this was fluffy enough for you. i felt like it would be kinda rushed to make them kiss in this? i don’t know, but enjoy. ( requests: open )

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Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 15: Favorite Vault Hunter

“Something something hero stuff. Something something I’m attractive.”

Remember this?: http://chocolatezombie-nasti.tumblr.com/post/161549766056/so-i-saw-this

You like this?: http://chocolatezombie-nasti.tumblr.com/post/161512233316/villainous-summer-camp-au by @sminch

YOU FUCKING NEED TO READ THIS: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11192088
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