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Stiles Stilinski

Well That Wasn’t So Bad
Fight Fight Fight!
Holiday Party
- Don’t Leave Me
Remember  (part 2)  (part 3)
Sticky Situation
Don’t Forget Me
100th Date
More Than Star Wars
- Just Friends  (part 2)  (part 3)  (part 4)  (part 5)  (part 6)  (part 7)       (part 8)  (part 9)  (part 10)  (part 11)  (epilogue)
- Werewolf’s Anchor
- Valentine’s Day Special
- Reunion
- Alone
- Scared to be Lonely
- Video Games (songfic)
- Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include
- Like She’s Mine  (part 2)  (part 3)  (part 4)  (part 5)  (part 6)  (part 7)  (part 8)  (part 9)  (part 10)  (part 11)  (part 12)  (part 13)  (part 14)  (part 15)
- Siren
- The Hardest Goodbye  (part 2)
- Comfort
- Camping Trips
- Wild
- Where’s My Love
- Wires (ft Void)
- The Blood on His Hands **smut**
- Halcyon
- Love Notes
- Numb
- Character Ask List
- My Own

Malia Tate

Christmas Love
School Dance
The Beach (songfic)
- Nerves
- Taste Testing
- Drive Thru
- Being Malia’s Anchor/Best Friend Headcannons
- Love you Most
- The Child and the Coyote   (part two)  (part three)   (part four)
- Character Ask List

Scott McCall

Dating Scott Would Include
Another Girl
Long Time Crush
Sleeping Beauty
The One With Little Lucy
Our Childhood
The One Where You’re a Mom  (part 2)
6x08 Aftermath
- Werewolves Don’t Exist
- Forbidden  (part 2)  (part 3)
- Soulmates
- Werewolf Meetings
- Perfect
- The War
- Youth
- Late Night Cuddles
- I Do, Right?
- Chasing After You
- Hotel in Paris **smut**

Allison Argent

It’s a Date
- Happy Birthday
- Mommies
- Festivities
- Just Visiting
- Airport
- New Girl
- Brought Back
- I Want You Here
- Tattooed
- The Cute One
- Character Ask List

Kira Yukimura

The Kitsune’s Anchor
- I Don’t Want to be Out Anymore    (part 2)
- Hurt for Me
- Character Ask List

Lydia Martin

My Girlfriend
The List
Drunken Feelings    (part 2)
- The Cliche Rain Scene
- Perfectly Flawed
- Cool Girl
- Anchors
- Character Ask List

Corey Bryant


Theo Raeken

Bus Seats
Future Talking
- Flirt
- You’ll Never Be Friends
- Being the Bait
- Sleep: Interrupted
- Never Hated You

Nolan Holloway

- The Beautiful Girl With the Blue Eyes

Isaac Lahey

- Little Hale

Stydia Fanficton

Remember I Love You
- Stydia Fanclub
- Character Ask List

Scallison Fanfiction


Pack Imagines

- Watching The Superbowl With the Pack Includes

Stuart Twombly

Work Events
- Success

Mitch Rapp

- Weakness

Peter Parker

- The Night We Met

Archie Andrews

- Somebody Else

Other Writings

- Scallisaac: Allison’s Side of the Story
- Scallisaac: Scott’s Side of the Story
(written by my fabulous friend)
- Scallisaac: Isaac’s Side of the Story (written by another faboo friend)

a/n: requests are always open! though they may take a while i love hearing from y’all :3

Dating Stiles Stilinski Would Include

A/n: after being requested by a few people, here it finally is! I love getting requests from you guys, so keep sending them in!

*Him not believing that you like him at first

     “But… but, you’re so hot”

     “And you’re a dork, now shut up and kiss me Stiles.”

*Being there to help him color coordinate his “cases”

*Him constantly looking to you to come up with good ideas when you two are in trouble/caught by the enemy

*Having dinner with him and his dad all the time

*Late night study dates that turn into sleep overs

*Him never wanting you two to be separated during a mission

     “Stiles I’ll be fine. Now let go of me so Malia and I can go spy on Theo.”

     “But if I’m not there to protect you, he could use his werewolf powers to seduce you”

*Both of you being super suspicious of Theo and not trusting him

*You having to get used to him always fidgeting in his sleep

*Lots of double dates with Scott and Allison/Kira

*Mama McCall always asking you guys about your relationship and insisting she better be invited to the wedding

*Him always finding different ways to tell you that he loves you

krist-inmybutthole  asked:

jealousy tag update please ? preferably derek being jealous :) love you guys !!

coming right up

Approximation by inatshej (1/1 | 6,638 | NC17)

Derek’s type is a self-confident, blonde girl. Her grin is almost dangerous, her laugh’s loud, and she may seem arrogant – but if anyone has a reason to be arrogant, it’s her.
Stiles’ type is a genius, strawberry blonde girl. She looks perfect no matter the time of a day, her taste’s impeccable, she’s popular as well as respected – but taken.
They turn to each other, struggling with the choices and people around them.

Cold water by TrekVanci (1/? | 1,957 | G)

stiles isolated himself from the pack a year of the kanima attack after years of depression and being alone,
he learnt magic and was ready to leave the shit hole called Beacon Hills and become a powerful mage but then
the sheriff dies.

How will stiles cope with his father’s death and his mixed varies emotions towards Derek and his friends?

Salmagundi by inatshej (3/3 | 10,054 | NC17)

Stiles’ life is not just a mess anymore, it’s a fucking salmagundi. Derek flirting with Kate, Stiles’ heat, the confusing bite – none of it makes sense jumbled together.

Highschool Drama, Dresses and Mates by Chloe198403 (3/? | 7,238 | G)

Having a mate is meant to be the best thing in the world. It should be easy and fun, normally it’s a turning point in someones life; then again I’ve never been normal. Nothing has ever come easy and right now I really wish my mum was here to help me. I wish Jackson wasnt being such an idiot but what I want most, is for the universe to stop hating me and just make things easy agian…

Table 4 2 by midnightcas (1/1 | 3,776 | R)

Scott asks Stiles for a favor. One that involves him entertaining his boss on a double date with he and Allison. But then things go south, because things always go south…way south.
“You were encouraging me to do it two minutes ago and now…”
“And now what?”
“And now you’re just being a dick!”

Man Bun by panicatmydisco (1/1 | 1,927 | PG13)

Stiles gets hit on by some guy with a man bun. Then everything goes to shit, but hey, at least Derek is around.

Twins//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, TwinArgent!Reader.

You sit at the table with Lydia, Jackson, Danny, and Allison. Their conversation doesn’t interest you so you stare off into the distance. Stiles and Scott sit with you, Stiles glaring at Scott when he slips in between Allison and Danny. ​

You drum your fingers on the table, counting down the minutes until lunch is over. Stiles sits beside you, making you look over at him. ​

He gives you and awkward smile and you glare at Allison. ​"So uh…how long have you known Allison?“ Stiles raises an eyebrow.​

“She’s my twin sister. So…I’d say since conception.” You count on your fingers, “Yeah. That’s about right.”

Allison smirks, watching the two of you talk. ​

“Twins. Yep. Twins. That’s right.” He leans back, running a hand over his shaved head. ​

You raise your eyebrows quickly, making a point. You sigh and sit back, letting your fall back. ​

“Bored?” Stiles glances at you.​

“You tell me. I’m listening to two conversations. One about lacrosse and another about a purse.“​

“Here.” He pushes his tray forward and sits a small box on the table.​

You raise an eyebrow and look at him. ​

“It’s a deck of cards. We can play Cheat.”

“You’re kidding.” You grin.

“What?” He begins to shuffle the deck.

“Cheat’s my favorite card game.”

“The more you learn.” He gives you a lopsided smile and you turn to face him.

“So do you always carry cards around in your pocket?” You rest your chin on your hand.

“As weird as it sounds…yes. I play solitaire when I’m bored.”

“Interesting.” You smile.

You play through the rest of lunch, Stiles walking you to your class afterwards.

“Hey, thanks for entertaining me.” You nudge him and he smiles.

“You entertained me, if I’m being honest.” Stiles chuckles, “Hey, uh listen…” He rubs the back of his neck. “Lydia is having a party tonight, and I think Scott is going with Allison…do you maybe want to go with me?”

You nod and smile, “Yeah. I’d love that.”

“I’ll pick you up at 8?”

You nod, “I’ll see you then.”

You lay on the couch, thinking back to your first date with your boyfriend. The boy you spent your high school years with. His hair had grown out of the soft buzzcut and he’d matured. You helped with both, Stiles knew you made him a better person. He was Void, and there was nothing you could do to help him.

“You ready to go?” Allison walks in, Isaac behind her.

“Yeah. I guess so.” You stand up and sigh. “Stiles will be fine.” She reassures.

“I hope so. I really do.” You sigh.

You find Stiles almost immediately, clinging to his side. “Baby, you look terrible.” You kiss him gently, his pale skin cold.

“I know. I know I do.”

You watch everyone fight, feeling helpless. You could go fight and help, but you need to stay with Stiles. He needed you.

You lean up against the wall, Stiles leaning on you. You kiss his forehead, trying to make him feel better as you watch your surroundings.

You hear a screech, your head jolting to the side, “Allison!”

You hear Lydia, your heart stopping when you see her in Scott’s arms. “Alli!” You shout, lunging forward. Stiles holds you back, his sudden strength surprising you.

“Stiles, let me go!” You try to wiggle out of his grip.

“Babe, stop. You’re going to get hurt.” He wraps his arms around your hips.

“Allison’s hurt! Can’t you see that! Let me go!”

You see her go limp and you scream, falling to the ground. You sob, curling up into a ball.

“Y/N.” Stiles drops to the ground, pulling you into your arms. You and Stiles and Scott and Allison were almost mirror images.

You sob, Stiles rocking with you, “I should’ve helped. I should’ve helped fight. That should be me!”

“Shh, baby don’t say that.” He tucks a stray piece of hair behind your ear and you squeeze your eyes shut.

You tuck your head further into his chest, crying. His body’s cold and it only concerns you more. You can’t lose your sister and your boyfriend. You couldn’t handle any more loss. Kate and your mom had already pushed the limits.

“Y/N…stand up. Come on.” Stiles whispers, helping you up. “Let’s go see Allison.”

You walk into Scott’s house behind Stiles. He forced you to come. It was the first time you’d been out of bed in two weeks.

“Scott?” He calls out.

“What?” He sits up from his spot on the sofa, his eyes landing on you. He quickly looks at Stiles, the two of them having a silent conversation. “Can I talk to you?” He jumps up and pulls Stiles to the kitchen. You sit down, looking around quietly.

“I can’t look at her, Stiles. It’s too much. Not now.” You hear Scott trying to whisper.

“She’s my girlfriend and she’s in mourning. I’m not going to leave her at home just because you can’t see her without crying. I get it, you lost Allison, but Y/N did too.”

“It’s too hard, Stiles! What don’t you get about that?”

“I get that it’s hard for her too! She can’t even look in the mirror without crying, Scott. She’s turned all reflective surfaces in her room around. I don’t know what to tell you.”

You didn’t know if he’d noticed. He spent everyday with you, but you’d turned your mirrors around the night Allison died.

Stiles walks out of the kitchen, “Baby girl, let’s go to my house okay?”

You nod and stand up, walking over to him. He takes your hand and kisses it, Scott refusing to make eye contact with you.

You have an incredibly hard time coping, everyone around you being distant didn’t help. It wasn’t your fault you and Allison were identical, you didn’t kill her either. You just wanted to feel better, and Stiles yelled at just about everyone for it.

You sit down at the lunch table everyone falling silent. “Really guys?” Stiles sighs.

No one answers. Stiles leans over and whispers, “Let’s go sit by ourselves.”

“No no no, you don’t have to do that.” Kira says quietly.

“I think we do.” You mumble, standing up.

“You guys..don’t.” Lydia reaches for Stiles, not you.

“I’m sick and tired of you guys treating her like a leper. She’s a twin, I don’t know what you expect.” Stiles rubs your lower back as he chews them out.

“I mean..she looks just like her. It’s just hard.”

“And you don’t think it’s hard for her? She lost her sister, someone she’s known all her life. Since conception, Lydia. She has to go home to her dad and sit in an empty house because she’s lost three family members to this town. So maybe all of you should think about how hard it is for her. Sure she’s Allison’s identical twin but she’s my girlfriend, and I’m not going to let you treat her like that.” And with that he stood up, guiding you away from the table. You held back tears, squeezing his hand tight.

You sniffle quietly and he turns to look at you, catching your tears falling. You hadn’t even made it ten feet away before you started crying. “Oh, baby girl…” He pulls you into his arms, kissing your forehead. You lay your head on his shoulder and he puts his hand on the back of it, holding you tight.

“What did I do wrong?” You pull back and look up at him.

He wipes your tears away, “Nothing. You didn’t do anything wrong.” He kisses you gently. “Nothing at all.”

You feel your friends’ gaze on the two of you, burning a hole in your heads.

“Hey.” Scott calls, Stiles turning to look at him.

“What?” He says somewhat angrily.

“Come sit down.”

“You made my girlfriend cry, I don’t want to sit with you.” He shakes his head.

“Stiles, let’s just sit..okay?” You squeeze his wrist.

“Okay..are you sure?” He asks and you nod. You both sit back down, the table feeling slightly less awkward.

"I’m sorry.” Scott says quietly. “I’ve been so caught up in how I’m feeling that I didn’t consider your feelings.” Scott nods at you.

“I understand.” You nod, looking down at your hand intertwined with Stiles’.

“I’m still here, and I’m glad I am. I’m sorry if I make anyone uncomfortable.” You shrug.

“You don’t. We’re just being assholes.” Scott sighs.

“It’s okay. I get it.”

Stiles nudges you, sliding a pack of cards your way. You giggle, a lopsided smile on his face.

“Cheat?” He bites his lip and you turn to face him, grabbing the deck to shuffle it.

“Of course, Sti.” You grin and he leans forward, pecking your lips as you shuffle.


Dating Liam Dunbar Would Include:

  • you being the only person that liam trusts when he was first bitten
  • being best friends for a while until he gained enough confidence to ask you to be his girlfriend
  • him not understanding why it’s only you that can calm him down when his anger too much
  • until scott explains the concept of anchors to him
  • “I’m pretty sure you’re my anchor, y/n”
  • you practically living at his house
  • his family loving you and vice versa
  • him teaching you how to play lacrosse
  • whilst you wear his lacrosse jersey
  • kissing in the locker room after everyone’s left
  • kissing in coaches office
  • kissing in the janitors closet
  • kissing everywhere, all the time
  • having one direction music marathons and liam secretly loving it
  • “I only do this because I love you”
  • “yeah, I’m sure that’s the only reason, li”
  • heart eyes motherfucker
  • him being the little spoon after he has a nightmare or a shit day
  • but every other night, the first one to call shotgun gets to be it
  • “y'know, being the little spoon isn’t manly, y/n, so i don’t even really know why this is a thing”
  • you rolling your eyes because you’ve noticed how some nights he calls shotgun rather panicky because he doesn’t want you to say it first
  • passing notes in class that has insults written all over them
  • “ur an asshole :)”
  • but also little love hearts because come on
  • “but ily <3″
  • him always greeting you with nose kisses
  • winking at each other when you’re running track and he’s playing lacrosse
  • or you whispering dirty things under your breath to him when he’s practising to try and distract him 
  • him pouting like a child because he can’t do that to you because you don’t have super hearing
  • singing loud and obnoxiously together in the back seat of stiles’ jeep
  • “if you two don’t shut up I'm going to drag your little asses out of this jeep and leave you both for dead”
  • you, him and mason having weekly friday night where you play video games for hours and hours on end
  • liam loving it when you tangle your fingers in his hair
  • both of you getting cuddle-deprived whenever a supernatural problem pops up 
  • so you make sure to cuddle for a least a few hours (minimum) when it all blows over
  • having inside jokes that can sometimes end in the two of you crying in laughter
  • “shit, we’re funny”
  • sometimes liam losing control when things are getting heated and glowing his golden eyes at you
  • him then trying to hide them by nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck
  • but you constantly reminding him that you love his eyes, no matter the colour
  • “plus, gold looks really hot on you”
  •  him being really protective over you
  • but he doesn’t really have a problem with guys trying to flirt wth you because they don’t even attempt to
  • everyone knows that you’re liam’s girl and they wouldn’t even dare to because that means you’d get on liam’s bad side and nobody wants to be there
  • “oh my god scott what if I accidently bite y/n? will she-”
  • “no liam, only alphas can… wait why would you be biting her?”
  • “oh, um, n-no reason”
  • sweatpants weekends 
  • binge watching supernatural together
  • pouting at each other when one of you watches an episode without the other
  • wearing his shirt and boxers during your supernatural marathons
  • cute forehead kisses
  • “god, you’re so beautiful, slay me you beautiful creature”
  • not even being surprised any more than even after about a year of dating, liam can still make you blush
  • having cute little dates which are very tumblr and are the best
  • taking really hot selfies together because both of you fucking slay 
  • at least once a week there’s a video on your snapchat story of you making liam jump when he walks around the corner
  • having pillow fights regularly
  • “you look really hot right now with your hair a mess and your adorable cheeks flushed and in my shirt and your smile and fuck”
  • sexual tension 
  • so much sexual tension 
  • but you’re both lowkey innocent so it takes a while before the two of you have sex
  • being each other’s firsts
  • but then it becoming a regular thing
  • a very regular thing
  • having the sex talk from scott and stiles
  • helping liam through his anger and nightmares 
  • you and him having an unbreakable bond 
  • you saying that you love him first 
  • then always saying it in strange situations like when you’re fighting about stupid things 
  • “liam! will you stop being a dick?! but you look really hot right now and i fucking love you!” 
  • “you always look really hot and i fucking love you more!” 
  • “great, now stop being stubborn and kiss me"
  • being each other’s first love and neither of you ever wanting to lose what you have together

what did you think?

masterlist // request

lacrosse | stiles stilinski

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a/n: this is my first of many teen wolf imagines on this page so if your a fan please click the follow button and send in some requests to see more of your favourite teen wolf babies on my blog!!

request: stiles x reader, reader is cousins with someone from the pack and they all set you up with stiles!!! thank uu!!stiles x reader

“(y/n) sweetie we’re here” my mum shakes my shoulder softly, i yawn and stretch my arms glancing out the window as a sign comes into view ‘welcome to beacon hills’. i take in my surrounds as we drive further into the small town.

my mother and i had decided to come down and visit my aunt and my cousin for the weekend. it was a long flight from florida to california but we made it in one piece to our rental car and now Aunt Natalie’s.

“excited?” i nod smiling at my mum “stoked” i roll my eyes before getting out of the car and following my mum up to the front steps. i rock back and fourth in my heels as the door flys open reveal my Aunty.

“(y/m’s/n)! it’s so good to see you” she squeals wrapping my mum up in a hug

“and is that my favourite niece?!” i smile wide “your only niece?” i offer and she winks at me giving me a bone crushing hug

“Lydia love (y/n)’s here!” she yells into the house “come in come in!” she grabs my bags out of my hands and ushers me into the house, thats when i spot the familiar red head.

“lyd!” i yell she sees me and we run to each other giving each other a long hug

“i missed you!” she gushes “me too” i gush back giggling.

“you look beautiful miss lydia” she smiles at my mum giving her a hug “thank you!”

“you going out sweetie?” Natalie asks her daughter

“Scott and Stiles wanted me to come watch the game- can i go?” she nods “why don’t you take (y/n) with you introduce her to your friends?” her mother offers glancing at me.

“of course! i was going to ask if you’d like to join me- ive told them all about you they’d love to met you” she tells me sweetly

“uh i don’t know im not really dressed for a lacrosse game” i tell her nervous glancing at mysweats “that’s not a problem ive got plenty of clothes you can wear we’ve just got to be quick can’t miss the start of the game!”

“is it bad that this is my first ever high school lacrosse game?” i tell her wondering across the fields toward the bleachers..

“of course not! trust me i don’t normally enjoy these i just like to come to support my friends” she tells me guiding me through the mass of parents and school kids..

“so how hot are they?” i tease and she slaps my arm “what?” i ask innocently laughing at the blush on my cousins cheeks .

“why else would you come if they weren’t hot-?” i ask.

“yeah they’re pretty hot” i jump at the voice and turn to see a brunette girl approaching us “oh hey allison- allison this is (y/n) my cousin, (y/n) this is allison she’s dating one of the boys i told you about Scott”..

“nice to meet you, oh and the other is totally single and not to bad on the eyes” she winks at me popping a fire into her mouth “ill keep that in mind, should we sit?” i ask the girls..

a loud ruckus of boys pile out onto the field the crowd cheering “is that our team?” i yell over the noise and the girls nod “here there’s someone we want you to met” Lydia smiles devilishly..

“lydia you are not setting me up please for the love of god!” i roll my eyes as she drags me toward the group of teenage boys clad in lacrosse gear “great” i mumble..

“Scott!” allison yells at her boyfriend to try and grab his attention he smiles adoringly at her and notices Lydia and myself standing beside her..

with that he turns quickly and grabs another boy by the shoulder pad and drags him toward us. my gaze falls to the ground till i hear the boys standing infront of us..

i shyly glance up to see the tall pale boy already staring at me, he’s brunette hair was spiked up and his big brown eyes staring into my soul. he was hot..

i feel nervous fiddling with my hair making eye contact with Lydia instead of the incredible good looking brunette stranger..

“Scott, Stiles this is (y/n) my cousin i told you about- (y/n/n) this is Scott & Stiles” they both smile brightly at me and we all mumble hellos..

“is this the single cousin?” Scott ask nudging stiles “what?” he breaks out of my trance looking up at his best friend “jeez lyd your making me out to be so desperate lonely girl” i complain crossing my arms infront of my chest..

“i don’t think it makes you desperate” stiles stutters playing with his helmet “thanks stiles” i giggle “you know who else is single?” Scott asks and stiles curses attempting to walk away from the embarrassment “this guy” he smiles sarcastically throwing his arm around the poor boy..

“good to know” i chuckle glancing at the girls who are also laughing.

“McCall! Stilinski!” an older man shouts assuming it their coach telling them it was time to play Allison pecks Scott on the lips and wishes him good luck before Lydia and Allison head toward the bleachers..

as the boys turn i grab for stiles hand turning him around “yo-” his eyes widen when he realises it’s me “good luck” i smile at him pecking his cheek “single stilinski” i tease causing the teen to blush like crazy..

i bite my lip and turn around jogging over to my cousin and my new found friend, i sit between them staring giddy at Stiles shocked expression. “what’d you do to stiles?” Lydia turns worry etched onto her expression..

“i just wished him luck” i smile at her and she rolls her eyes at me “i thought you didn’t want to be set up” she mocks my voice “oh hush” the three of us laugh and move our attention out onto the field to watch the game..

we jump up and cheer as the final siren sounds announcing our win, we clap and smile at our friends as they share a hug before heading off the field. we pile out of the bleachers and wait outside the boys locker room for the boys to finish changing..

we were all on our phones flicking through our feeds when the familiar sound of our friends filled the room..

“great game babe!” allison approaches her boyfriend placing a kiss on his lips “Jackson!” Lydia calls running up to her own boyfriend giving him a kiss and congratulations.

Leaving Stiles and I to ourselves “you had a really good game tonight” i tell him nervously “oh yeah?” he smirks confidence beating through him “yeah really” i tease placing my hand on his chest..

“fuck it” he curses before grabbing my waist and pulling me toward him as he places his lips on mine, i flinch before kissing back my hands making their way up to his hair before breaking apart.

“wow i didn’t take you as a dominant type” i giggle pecking his lips “im not usually” he confesses kisses me again “there’s just something about you” I look up into his brown eyes and smile..

giggles brought us back to reality as we shoot apart are friends laughing at us and hugging their respective boyfriends “this was the plan all along wasn’t it” Stiles asks and they nod as we both laugh wrapping my arm around his waist..

i guess beacon hills wasn’t too bad after all.

- 🌹

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Hey! Can you do a Teen Wolf imagine where the reader is Scotts younger sister (she is 16) and is dating Brett Talbot and basically Scott is quite protective over her? Thankyou so much :)

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A/N: I hope you enjoy it darling!


She’s My Sister:

You were laid down next to Brett on your bed as he read you one of his assignments but you paid his words no mind you only listed to his voice, calm and soothing. “Babe what do you think any of that means?” He asked rubbing your back softly “I wasn’t paying a single drop of attention to what you were saying” you said causing you both to laugh “Shh Brett if Scott knows you’re here I’m screwed.” You said covering his mouth.

“Ah so he doesn’t know we-?” You covered his mouth again “No he doesn’t and I prefer it that way thank you.” You said rolling your eyes. “How about we have some fun baby.” Brett said flipping you both over as he kissed you neck softly before biting you on your hot spot causing a small moan to fall from your lips you then heard his growl in response his eyes gold and ready only neither of you heard the door as you were so focused on each other.

“What is this?” Scott asked calmly but his eyes were saying something very different causing you to push Brett off of you “Nothing. He was just leaving.” You said giving Brett the eyes as he nodded taking his backpack blowing a kiss to you before he left causing you to smile and roll your eyes. Scott slammed the door on Brett as he walked out of your room “What the hell is that? You’re only 16 (Y/N).” Scott said coldly causing you to scoff “He’s my boyfriend Scott, not my husband, we’re just dating nothing crazy.” You said shrugging off your brother’s anger.

“Yeah me and Allison were just dating, me and Kira are just dating-” “Scott, we’re dating. Brett’s my boyfriend, it’s been almost 6 months. I know you don’t like him, I know you’re my older brother and you want the best for me, but I’m not a baby. I know better, if he hurts me I will tell you everything.” You said hugging your brother kissing his cheek. “You’re an amazing brother.” You said laying your head on his shoulder “I just want to, I just need to make sure you’re safe (Y/N). You’re my baby sister, you always will be no matter how old you are. I love you.” Scott said squeezing your arm tightly.

“I know Scotty, I love you too. But please don’t go all Alpha killer on my boyfriend.” You said causing him to laugh. “Fine, but I still don’t like him.” Scott said causing you to now laugh “That’s fine.” You said smiling cause him to breathe with ease as he smiled back at you. He was your older brother, he was your father figure, he was your protector but he was also your best friend and you knew he’d only meant well by everything he did.

After Hours - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: My first smut with the one and only. I hope y’all like it. I’m also taking requests here, so feel free to send me anything. Enjoy. Love, J xx

Prompt: You’re trying to study for an exam, but Stiles keeps distracting you.

Word Count: 1,284

Warning: The smuttiest of smut.

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 If you see * means smut

Liam Dunbar

Workout- You and him workout together

Regrets- Liam speaks at your funeral

Embarrassed- he catches you dancing

Awkward- it’s a little awkward

Awkward pt 2 - it’s a little awkward (sorry it took sooo long)

I’m not losing you again- you love Liam

I’ll show you- he teaches you some lacrosse

Liam imagine- you have a crush on Liam and Hayden is being a bitch

Rain- you are in a car accident ( i didn’t write this very well btw

Remember my voice- Liam helps you with your emotions

Missing Hale- you were missing like Malia

Idiot- Liam gets jealous of you and Brett hanging out

Snow- Liam think your so pretty 

Stiles Stilinski

Really?- Stiles is being a creep

*Stressed- Stiles is not to focused on you  

Don’t hurt her- Theo takes you to get to Stiles and Scott

*You heard me- Stiles has other ideas

You think you’re the only one- you get mad at Stiles

If you really love me- you and Stiles break up

If you really love me prt 2- you and Stiles had broken up

Is this yours- Scott and Stiles find your gun

They Stand up for you- The pack and stiles find out you get bullied

A bet with Stiles- you bet he can’t go without sex

extra ending #1 to A bet with Stiles

To many feelings- you say how much stiles means to you

take me instead- your pretty bad ass

Picnic- you and Stiles go on a picnic

 That’s my little sister!- Scotts little sister and your dating Stiles

That’s my shirt- you are wearing Stiles shirt

*giggles- awkward smut with stiles 

MIlkishakes- Stiles being adorable a

Are you jelly?- Stiles is ur bff and gets jealous 

I loved you- stiles is cheating on you with Malia

Remember- Stiles comforts you about not eating

Theo Raeken

I trusted you! - you find him hooking up w/ someone else

Make me- you a Theo have a flirty moment

A game- You and Theo play a game

The Untrustworthy Chimera - Theo tells you how he feels

Why are you naked- Theo is naked in you bed

Scott Mccall

Forever and Always- Scott get a little overprotective!

I’m with you always- you think Scotts dead

I’m pregnant- you tell Scott you’re pregnant  

Is this yours?- Scott and Stiles find your gun

*Don’t start- Scott is done with your attitude*coming soon*

That’s my little sister!- your Scotts little sister and your dating Stiles

Waking up with Scott- Fluffy and cute

Crush- your have a crush on Scott 

Artist- (male reader) you draw Scott and he finds it cute

Isaac Lahey

Wolfy powers- Isaac saves you from a creep

One last dance- you too dance

Isaacs in the hospital- you visit him in the hospital

We’re Okay - Isaac comforts you from a bad dream 

Cozy- Isaac fluff and cozy fall vibes akhddisufheirf

Lydia Martin

Because i love you- Lydia doesn’t want you hurt

*Oh really know- Lydia has other ideas*coming soon*

Malia Tate

Are you jealous?- Malia gets a little jealous of Stiles

protective- Malia cares about you 

Allison Argent

Kiss me- she won’t let you hunt with her

*I’m just excited- giggly sex with her

How could you!- Allison spills all the popcorn

Fighting the void- you and Allison are in love and you die instead of her (short srry)

*Allison smut- you had a long day  

shut up and kiss me- you don’t like each other very much (very short)

I’m not losing you- you bring her back 

*Alliosn smut- dominate Allison 

Oh really?- She’s jealous 

Derek Hale

Love hate- you and him are besties but you love/hate him

Jackass-  Derek went missing for awhile

Multiple Part Series  

~Thats my little sister~

Part 1*

Part 2*

Part 3 *

part 4*

part 5***** (lol)

Stiles: Allison again? Scott, the universe clearly does not want you and Allison to be together. Don’t piss off the universe. The universe will slap you.

Scott: But don’t you think the universe has more important things to worry about than my dating life?

Isaac: Unless your dating life is the glue holding the entire universe together… Whoa. Chills. Anybody else get chills?

Scott: Look, I realize we’ve been down this road before, but the fact is, whatever I do, it all keeps coming back to Allison, so…I gotta do this.

[Stiles slaps him]

Scott: Ow! What the hell?

Stiles: That wasn’t me. That was the universe.

Derek Hale Imagine: No So Much of A Secret

(A/N: Ok guys here’s my first ever teen wolf imagine. I hope you guys like it. Please tell me what you think!)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Outfit Idea

You’ve heard in the past that break ups in a small town cause loads of pain compared to the bigger cities. You never thought there was any truth behind that statement. That is not until you started living it. That’s when you began to realize they were right. Now at first, the pain was dull, but slowly the pain grew into a blistering pain one which you couldn’t tolerate any longer.

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You sigh and stare across the lunchroom to Stiles who had just walked in with Scott close behind him. The two were talking heatedly, so Stiles had yet to do his normal scan of the lunchroom to find where the pack chose to sit. Your gaze followed him, eyes longing and hands itching to hold his.

“Have you told him yet?” Lydia’s voice cut through your trance, and your eyes snapped away from Stiles to settle on her smirking face.

Your eyes widened at the thought of revealing how you felt about Stiles to his face. “Are you freaking crazy?” You whispered harshly, lowering your eyes to the table. “There’s no way in hell I’d be able to tell him. I would die from being a nervous wreck!”

Allison gave a snort. “Telling him would be a hell of a lot better than being….that,” she said, motioning to me.

“You just motioned to all of me!” You grumbled, staring at her bewildered.

She nodded. “Yes, I did. Because right now you’re being a mopey, soppy, in love person without him even noticing and it’s pathetic.” She leaned forward, sharing a knowing glance with Lydia. “If you don’t tell him, then we will.”

You gasped. “You wouldn’t!”

“We would.” They said in unison.

Two chairs slid out on the other side of the table and Scott and Stiles slid into them. A blush quickly rose to my cheeks, and you buried your face in your hands to try and hide it while Allison and Lydia snickered. With those two around, you knew the rest of the day was going to go by very, very slowly.


The rest of the week went by with no intervention by Lydia or Allison, but you had seen them chatting secretively with Scott. You knew the three of them were up to something. You just didn’t know what. So, when the bell rang to signal the end of Beacon Hills school day, you rushed for your car. However, Scott beat you there.

You let out a groan as he cut between you and your car. “What do you want Scott McCall?”

The pack’s Alpha feigned hurt, putting his hand on his chest. “Am I not allowed to ask one of my best friends if she wants to hang out tonight?”

Your stiff shoulders relaxed. “Sorry, Scott. It’s just that Lydia and Allison have been on me all week about my feelings towards Stiles.” Once you said that, Scott smiled softly. “I can hang out with you tonight. It’ll help distract me from my plans to murder those two.”

“Great. Come to my house around eight.” He gave you a grin before stepping aside, allowing you to climb into your car. You waved him goodbye and pulled away, not missing the smirk that slid onto his face.


At eight o’clock that night, you knocked on Scott’s front door, patiently waiting for him to give the “come on in” yell. Instead, you were greeted by the door swinging open, to reveal none other than Stiles.

Caught off guard, your eyes widened and you struggled to find words to say. You were sure you looked like a fish out of water. “Um, Stiles! What are you doing here?”

He furrowed his brows and crossed his arms, leaning against the doorframe. “I could probably ask you the same thing.”

“Uh, Scott invited me over to hang out tonight and-“ You stopped, realization dawning across your face like a splash of cold water. “Oh, those rotten, stupid, sons of-“

“Y/N?” You looked up to see Stiles giving you a confused look. “Why don’t you come in and explain why you’re cursing whoever you’re cursing?”

You sighed and stepped over the threshold, noting that Stiles barely gave you any room to slip by. Once in the foyer, you turned to examine the adjacent rooms. The dining room had two boxes of pizza sitting on it, and from the smell, you knew one was your favorite, and the other was Stiles’. You knew it.

You let out a sigh before turning to face Stiles. “What I believe has just happened is that our so called wonderful friends just set us up on a date.” You could see the smile appearing on Stiles’ handsome face, and your heart started pounding. “I didn’t think that they would go this far.”

“Let me guess,” Stiles started, slowly walking towards you. “You like me, but don’t want to say it to my face. So Lydia, Scott, and Allison made a plan to get you and I together without our knowledge so that either I figure it out, or for you to tell me.” By the time he finished speaking, he had you backed up against the wall, and he was so close you could smell the mint on his breath as it fanned across your face. Your knees were weak and you could barely stand as you watched his eyes flutter from your eyes to your lips. “Did I get that right?”

You gulped and struggled to speak, and when you finally did it came out as a small squeak. “Yes.”

“That’s good because I like you too.” With that, he slowly closed the distance between you, pausing briefly before your lips touched. You gave him a nod, and your lips crashed together.

Ass wipe

I hope this is what you wanted. If not just let me know and I will rewrite it! (I’m sorry about the title but I like it haha)



Characters: Brett//(Y/N)

Request: Can you do a brett imagine where he’s soft and cute and fluff stuff to y/n but sarcastic and tough and cocky around others and Liam and stiles and Scott’s pack are your friends but can’t stand him but they’re slowing seeing what you see thank you!

Warnings: Swearing


“Shut up Dunbar.” Brett snapped at Liam once again.

You were having a pack meeting and Liam and Brett did not like each other. Well to be fair, he didn’t like anyone.

“Brett don’t be an asshole and pay attention.” Your face burned with anger. You couldn’t stand the boy. He was attractive but the cockiness towards others ruined it.

He puffed out a breath and hung his head. The pack meeting finished and you were watching a movie on your couch. Your phone rung and you looked at the caller I.D. The one person you hated.

Brett Talbot.

You pressed answer and performed your usual greeting specially for him.

“What?” You snapped.

“Open the door.” You could hear the rattling of keys in the back ground.

“Why?” You asked while getting up to open the door.

“Just open it please?” He sighed and hung up.

Swinging the door open, you saw Brett standing there with a plastic bag.

“You said you didn’t eat before the meeting so I got you some food.” He smiled and opened the bag.

Taking a peak, you saw Chinese food. You literally lived off of it.

“Uh thanks.” You smiled and let him in.

Sitting back on the couch, you patted the spot next to you, motioning for him to sit.

“You are still an asshole.” You said while taking a bite out of your food.

“Excuse me?” He nearly choked on his meal.

“I said you are still an asshole and it doesn’t mean that I like you.” You repeated to him.

His hands ran through his hair as you continued to watch the movie. He eventually left and you were alone once again. You had lived with the Mcall’s ever since you were turned by Scott.

Speaking of Scott he barged through the door and planted himself beside you. He motioned towards the food with a confused expression.

“Brett got me dinner. I still can’t stand the ass wipe.” You said for the second time that night.

He mumbled a barley audible “oh” and took off up stairs to his room.

(Time Lapse)

Walking through the door to the dreaded place you call school, you walked to Scott and Liam. They smirked your way and nodded. They marched over and stopped you in your tracks.

“You guys like each other.” Liam blurted.

“Who do I like?” You questioned, unsure of what they were talking about.

“You and Brett. You act like you can’t stand him but that is just to cover up your feelings. He is an ass wipe, as you say, to everyone but you.” Scott explained.

When you thought about, you did like Brett. Not in the ‘when I see you my breath hitches in my throat’ way just the ‘you are cute but your personality is as dead as dinosaurs’ way.

You walked over to Brett and pulled him away from his friends. You dragged him around the corner where no one could see you.

“Do you like me?” You questioned straight up.

“To be honest. Yes like a lot.” He whispered

“Ok.” You started to walk away when he grabbed your arm.

“Wait, I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me?” He rubbed the back of his neck. You could tell he was afraid of rejection.

“I will only go on a date with you if you stop being an asshole to everything that has a heartbeat and leave Liam alone.” You stated.

“Alright. Pick you up at 7.” He smirked at jogged back to his friends.

anonymous asked:

I never liked scira (but i liked kira) because of the same reason that you are saying about the scolia thing, but with scallison. They still loved each other and if Crystal hadn't left the show, I would bet my ass and everyone else's they would have been a perfect end game. But it's pretty shitty that they are doing the same AGAIN with Malia. I like her as a character (not with scolia or stalia) if it makes sense??

I can see where you’re coming from. I find myself torn between who I’d want for “endgame” if Crystal hadn’t left the show, because Scallison has that “first and forbidden love” magic but Scira is the story of two genuinely good people finding each other and falling in love. Both Scott and Kira have such bright, happy souls and seeing the two of them together always made me smile. 

Malia has grown on me since Season 4, although it was definitely frustrating seeing some of her character backtracks in Season 6. I would love to see her casually dating (the way that it’s implied she was in 6x02) or dating a girl. To pair her up with Scott seems like such a last minute decision because they wanted Scott to have an endgame but didn’t want to bring back Arden (BOOOO) or write a whole new character for him to date. With Allison, at least we all know that Scott’s in mourning and there have been lines referencing her loss. I have a feeling like Kira won’t be mentioned in 6b very much at all, or at least not as much as she’s worth. I mean, Scott has her tail, a representation of her immortality. 

I gotta stop before I rant myself into the ground. 

hunger - chapter 10

Hunger master post

When Stiles wakes up, it’s evening. He’s lying on the fold-out couch in the McCalls’ basement, almost smothered in soft, warm blankets. He can’t remember the last time he felt this comfortable, but comfort doesn’t equate to safety. He shoves the blankets off him, wonders fleetingly who dressed him in flannel pajamas, and then swings his legs over the side of the fold-out couch and sits up. He closes his eyes against the wave of dizziness, holding onto the sides of the frame of the thin mattress while it passes. Then he hauls himself to his feet, and climbs the basement stairs.

He doesn’t think he makes much noise, but Scott is suddenly right there at the top of the steps. “Stiles! How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” Stiles says, because it’s all relative, right?

“Mom’s making you some soup,” Scott tells him.

Stiles swallows down his anxiety and follows Scott into the kitchen.

“Sit,” Melissa McCall says in the exact same tone she used on Deputy Parrish at the hospital, and points to the small kitchen table. “Both of you.”

Stiles sits. “Mrs. McCall, I—”

“No,” she says sternly. “First, you eat.” She ladles soup from the pot on the stove into a bowl, and crosses the floor to set it down in front of him. Chicken noodle. It smells better than anything Stiles has eaten in forever. She hands him a spoon. “Take it slowly,” she cautions.

She sits down at the table with them, and watches Stiles closely while he eats.

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Entitled Wolf

After this imagine I am doing a Stiles one but after that, all my requests have been filled so send me some requests!!
Requested by @ryleeroseb4​ - Arguing with Derek because he doesnt want you messing( i mean…dating) with Scott(or Stiles)? Because he think youll just screw them up?
“Im sorry, you what?” I asked, arms crossed and incredibly surprised at Derek’s words. He had called me and said he needed to talk to me about something rather important but I didn’t think it would be anything like this.
“I don’t want you dating Scott.” He repeated once more, making me scoff and shake my head. He had no say in who I date and who I can’t date. Things like that are up to me and the person I’m dating not Derek Hale.
“What makes you think you can even have a thought about this?” I asked causing him to sigh at how defensive I was already getting but come on, what did he expect? Did he think I was just going to say “Oh okay Derek, I won’t because you say so”? No.
“I trained Scott, I made him the wolf that he is and I don’t want you screwing that up.” He said, not holding back anything, which just made me even more angry.
“You know Derek, you said the same thing about Allison. You said that she made him weak, but she made him stronger, she made all of us stronger. The minute Scott gets involved with another girl you automatically think that we are going to mess him up.” I said as I took out my phone and started to dial Scott’s phone number. This wasn’t just about me, this was about our relationship.
“I don’t know if you have a man crush on Scott or you are really just that entitled to think that you have a say in our relationship, but it needs to stop.” I said, hitting the call button and listening to the line ring, but before Scott could pick up, I hung up the phone. I didn’t want to run to Scott with this, I could take care of it myself. If I ran to Scott, I would just be proving that Derek had some sort of point.
“You are wild, unpredictable, and reckless. Scott can’t be with someone like that.” He growled out causing me to raise an eyebrow at him.
“If those are your reasons, then Scott shouldn’t have any friends because those are all qualities of some of the members of his pack, who by the way are thrilled that Scott and I are dating.” I said causing him to sigh again, knowing that he wasn’t going to be able to talk me down. Im all for hearing people out but I’m tired of Derek thinking that just because he was born a wolf, that he owns everyone that is a wolf.
“Everyone has an opinion and this is mine. I think you are toxic, I think Scott is only going to get hurt around you.” He said, causing me to let out a rather loud laugh.
“Scott gets hurt whether I’m around or not. Think about this Derek, how many times have I saved Scott verses how many times he has gotten hurt because of me?” I asked and for the first time, during this argument, Derek looked like he was understanding what I was trying to say.
“I think you are scared of love and what if did to you. I think because of that, you think every wolf that has a girlfriend is going to get hurt. I would never hurt Scott, and if I was hurting him, he would tell me.” I said, grabbing my purse and walking out of his apartment. I didn’t want to hear what else Derek had to say, he was attacking me and my relationship and I wasn’t having it.
As I walked up to Scott’s front door, I took a deep breath. I needed to tell him about this, even if everything in my mind was screaming not to. Just before I was about to knock on the door, I heard a thud from behind me, causing me to turn around. Once I did, I saw Scott standing there, he must of saw me coming and jumped down from his window. I was about to say something but he put a finger to my lips and shook his head.
“Derek called me, told me what happened. He told so said that he barely got a word in, which means no more talking.” He said causing me to roll my eyes but nod anyway.
“Im glad you stood up for yourself though, for us. It means a lot.” He said wrapping an around my waist and leading me to the porch swing so we could sit down. Scott and I didn’t need a lot of words, just enough to say how we felt and then we sat there, we barely got to sit in silence because we were always fighting some supernatural force so when we did sit together, just sit, it was always romantic.

Not Strangers (Stalia Fanfiction)

Synopsis: Stiles finds out that Lydia never approached Malia about dating him (aka he finds out she broke the number one rule of friendship) + Stalia get a happy ending!

Warnings: Don’t read this if you like Strdia

Originally posted by maliagifs

Malia Tate still loved Stiles Stilinski. That was never going to change, it wasn’t the same way it was when they were together, however it was still unconditional and unexplainable. If he died, she would never get over it. If he was hurt, she would have a fight with whatever hurt him, even if it was a brick wall. If he disappeared from her life, then part of her would fade; the part of her that had relied on him as a human anchor when she came back from being a wild coyote. She didn’t even care if he didn’t love her in any way anymore, she would never stop - she would always love him. No matter how many times he broke her, she’d gather the pieces and realize that he had done so much for her, loved and cherished the parts of her, she despised; helped her see that being a werecoyote was a gift and not something to be afraid of. He was Stiles and she was Malia sometimes that was all she had ever needed; now he was gone and she still loved him, but she needed to face, that it was time to let him go.

But she had to talk to him first. She wasn’t cold-hearted; she wasn’t going to start dating without having a conservation with her first love. They’d never even spoke about their relationship since their breakup; the supernatural world ruined it all.  

She felt scared walking up to his front door, fumbling the front door at that she had never dared to return to him out of fear of letting go. He was back from the FBI program for Christmas and she had not yet seen him, she wanted to wait for Lydia to disappear. She waited half an hour for Lydia to pop out into her car and then she walked onto the porch. Now she didn’t know if she wanted to use the key or knock; she’d always used the key when they were a couple. She quickly put in back in the pocket of her jeans and knocked firmly five times.

“Coming!” Stiles’s voice bellowed from inside, he drew the door open, “oh, Malia, this is a nice surprise.” He took her into a hug, Malia nuzzled her face into his shoulder; she had missed the familiar contours of his body and the scent that felt like home to her, Stiles pushed back on her shoulders, she bent her head down into her chest, “Mal? You okay?” She shook her head, “What’s up?” She looked up, tears glistening in her eyes, “come on in,” he guided her in, placing a hand on her back, she paced away from him.

“Sorry,” she sniffled, she turned back to see Stiles closing the door, “have you got a minute?”

“Of course.” Stiles nodded, he shifted uncomfortably; he brushed his hand through his hair nervously, “What about?”

“Why are you so sad? Sorry, I’m so tuned to your emotions and your scent, what’s wrong?” Malia crossed questioned, forgetting why she was really there.

“Lydia and I, we realized it wasn’t working out between us,” Stiles shrugged, Malia’s mouth opened agape and she leant into the back of the couch, “we were in love with the idea of love, but not in love with each other. Ever had that?”

“No.” Malia answered; Stiles closed his eyes and placed his fingers on the brim of his nose, “I’m sorry, I am, but actually I’m here to talk about us.”

“Us?” Stiles quizzed.

“We were together for a year and then we weren’t together anymore, then you were dating Lydia. It was so fast it never hit me.” Malia started, “I loved you, Stiles, I still do, just not in the same way, but it’s still unconditional and real. I’m not sure—”

“Don’t you dare say that I never loved you because I did,” Stiles cried, tears brimming in his eyes, “I loved you and yeah, I still do, just not the same way as when we were together. I did, I was in love with you and I owe you so much, Mal.”

“I need to let you go.” Malia walked forward, gently taking his hands in hers, “There is this boy that asked me on a date a while back and I’m not sure if, I can’t go out again with someone seriously without closing this, whatever this is between us.

“I want you to be happy,” Stiles smiled sadly, “whatever it takes. Go on a date and have fun. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. You want to go to France, then go and live, go and live Malia Tate. Don’t ever look back at us.”

“I had to ask though, I didn’t want to break you, it’s what friends would do, right? We’re not strangers.” Malia tightened her grip on his hands, as he nodded; she turned her head to the side, looking directly into his eyes, “I love you Stiles and that’s why I’m doing this, I’m letting you go.” She opened his palm, placing the key in it, “goodbye Stiles.” She pressed his hand closed and let go of his hands, walking to the door and walking out, not turning around once as she brought to the door to close.

She leant against it, tears falling down her face; on the other side, Stiles pressed his back against it as his emotions got the best of him too; both of them needed each other, but thought letting each other go was their best new start in life. At the same time, Malia and Stiles turned, Stiles went to open the door and Malia went to knock, but they froze simultaneously and changed their minds. Malia ran off to her car and drove away from him, from her life with him.

Stiles wept, wiping the tears from his face; that’s when it hit him, the words that Malia had set came back to haunt him, ‘I didn’t want to break you, it’s what friends would do, right?’

Stiles opened the front door, but Malia was already gone. He took his mobile phone out and dialled Lydia, “We need to talk, now.” Ten minutes went by and Lydia was soon walking up the steps, not wanting to keep eye contact.

“What is it Stiles?” She asked, blunt and cold.

“Malia just came by,” Stiles started, “Sad and well…she let me go, for now and she said something, that got me thinking. You asked her, right?”

“Ask her what?” Lydia asked.

“Please…please…” Stiles mumbled, “You sat her down and talked about us, right?”

“Why would I?” Lydia asked.

“Lydia, you’re a smart woman, you are with maths and science, but I thought—-I thought.” Stiles shuttered, “when Isaac started dating Allison, he asked Scott beforehand. I thought you would have asked Malia; no wonder she’s so silent around us, when were together. We never asked her if she’d be okay.”

“I should talk to her,” Lydia stepped back.

“Yeah, I should have talked to her sooner, the whole wild hunt thing just knocked it out of me.” Stiles pondered, “she wants a new start Lydia and we owe her that.”

Five Years Later  

Stiles Stilinski pacing outside of a secure building on the streets of France, dressed in his FBI uniform; he smiled at children holding their parents hands who looked terrified of him because of what he was wearing, he was asked to take selfies and he was questioned why he outside the US many times, which he had to answer with, “a classified meeting,” to which people answered back with cooing and people wanting to know more.

He looked across the street at a restaurant; it was a stereotypical set up, a full glass front with small round black tables outside with umbrellas. He noticed a waitress, her hair tied up in a messy bun and a bouncy white T-shirt with plain black jeans, with a dark red apron tied around her waist and a beam on her face as she handed out meals to a small family. “Malia,” Stiles muttered; his voice travelled across the noisy street and she heard him, her smile faded and she turned her head to the side, dropping the empty tray out of shock. One of the other waitresses ran over, Malia muttered to them and they nodded, Malia bolted off to Stiles, stopping in front of him, “Bonjour mademoiselle, je vous ai manqué.”

“Tu m'as manqué aussi,” Malia beamed, “You speak French.”

“Yes, you do too.” Stiles smiled, “Oh it’s so good to see you.”

“Five years.” Malia stated, “it’s been five years since we last saw each other.”

“Social media and text is just not the same,” Stiles commented, he giggled, “I could have been given a job and I got given one to come to France, which happens to be where you are.”

“I told myself, that if destiny brought us together again, then it was real, you know?” Malia asked.

“Yeah,” Stiles nodded, “Mal, I’ve missed you and I really want to catch up, but right now I am standing outside a hotel containing the vice- president of the United States of America,” he whispered, “so better get back to that.”

“Yes, you should, when do you get off?” She took a pad out of her apron and quickly wrote something.

“Eleven tonight, I know it’s late.” Stiles rubbed the back of his head, “but the agent the  night shift is still on the flight over.”

“It’s not late for me,” she handed over the note, “meet me there.”

“Jusque-là, Malia. Je ne peux pas attendre!” Stiles shouted as she skipped over the road.

“Moi aussi!” Malia shouted back.

If you want to translations, just take it to google translate and have a delayed “oh” and “aw,” moment on the house!

Not My First-Scott McCall

“You’ll never be my first kiss or even my first love but you’re everything I’ve ever hoped for, everything I’ve ever dreamed about and that means so much more.”-Unknown

Teen Wolf Imagine:#59 Prompt:#…None

Word Count: 899

Warnings: Mentions of Allison and Allison’s death

A/n: I know this isn’t exactly soulmates but I had a really hard time finding one for Scott and this is the one that stuck up ideas for me. (I know the gif is Kira but I had trouble with the gifs)

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anonymous asked:

Why do you hate Allisaac? I don't get it. They're so cute.

Really? We’re doing this again. Okay. Here’s the full list of why I don’t support Allisaac.

  • The chemistry between them is forced and inorganic. Allison and Isaac basically don’t interact with each other except for one scene in a closet where she “kind of” apologizes (I will get to that in a minute) until the end of 3A when they are basically shoved together and all of the sudden it’s all “OMG Allison I love you”, “OMG ily2 Isaac”. No.
  • Allison never really apologized to Isaac, or anyone really, for attacking him and the pack. It was basically thanks to her that Erica and Boyd, Isaac’s closet friends before Scott, were murdered and she doesn’t even say “I’m sorry”. There’s not even a mention of it off screen, so don’t give me that ‘well, she could have do it in the background’. No. In my book, if I didn’t see it happen in a show it didn’t happen.
  • In conjunction with the above: Isaac’s really going to date/want to date someone who stabbed him a bunch. Really? I have never been stabbed but I wouldn’t just let that go. Also, given that his only ‘loving’ relationship we know of is with his father, who beat him, don’t you think it’s a little unhealthy for him to be with someone who tried to kill him/keeps pointing very dangerous objects at him. No. I think that from a clinical stand point that Isaac’s ‘love’ for Allison is a misconception of positive affection and having someone like him be love and it’s not the case.
  • They just aren’t good for each other. In my opinion, Isaac needs a girl who can be sweet, loving, vulnerable, and he can protect. It would give him purpose, someone to watch over, and someone to show affection to. Allison is not these thing. She’s a hunter who is very focused on hunting and strength. She doesn’t want to be weak or vulnerable ever. On the flip side, I think that Allison needs someone strong, consistent, and can put her in her place. Isaac really isn’t these things. He’s very much a follower and not a leader (and there’s nothing wrong with that) and we all know how he reacts to even a little bit of power (not well).
  • You don’t date your friends ex. You don’t date your exs friends. That’s it. That’s the rule. You can and should venture out from the circle if you want to date again. It’s not fair to anyone involved.
  • In conjunction with the above: I feel their whole relationship is fabricated by Jeff to make more drama for Scott.
  • In conjunction with the conjunction: I also think their whole relationship is fabricated by fans because Dan and Crystal used to date in RL (think how awkward this is for them now…) and are both very pretty.
  • Just because they are pretty together does not mean they should be together

That’s it. That’s the thing. I would like to add though that Allisaac as a BROTP is one of my favorites. I would love for them to just be friends (why is so rare and hard for people to just have a boy and a girl be friends?!) and have scene time and help Scott be a better Alpha through their friendship even if one of neither of them is involved with him romantically.

The One Where He’s Using You

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader

Summary: What starts out as a ploy to get more information about Scott turns into a sticky situation when Derek realizes he’s actually in love with you

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)



“Yeah,” I hum, leaning against Derek’s chest. He runs his fingers slowly through my hair and then presses a kiss to my forehead, “Don’t you have school?”

“Shit,” I shoot up and look at my phone, “Scott’s meant to be picking me up from my house!”

“Scott? Which one’s that again?” he asks, standing up and pulling a shirt over his head.

“If you want a third date you’re going to have to remember my best friends name, Derek,” I wink at him.

“Third date?” he wraps his arms around my first, “I thought that was guaranteed since you stayed over last night on our second date.”

“Me falling asleep watching a stupid documentary about wolves-“

“Werewolves,” he corrects me.

“- does not count as staying over,” I roll my eyes.

“So you really don’t believe in werewolves, huh?”

I shake my head, “If I did though I’d like to think that a hot ripped werewolf would fight over me with a vampire,” I say sarcastically. Derek gives me a smug smile and presses a kiss to my cheek, “I’ll drive you.”

“That’s okay,” I mumble, “I’m not sure people seeing us together is such a good idea.”

“People or your best friend Scott?”

“He’s kind of protective,” I play with the hem of his t-shirt, “I wouldn’t want him scaring you away…”

Derek nods and then hands me my bag, “Have a good day y/n,” he gives me a small wave as I walk out.

I run to my house which is incredibly far away from Derek’s and when I get there, Scott is already parked in the driveway.

“Why are you wearing yesterday’s clothes?” he asks as I climb into his car.

“Hm? Oh, I stayed over at Allison’s,” I lie. Scott looks at me intently in silence and then stiffly turns toward the steering wheel, “I was with Allison last night,” he says as he reverses out of my driveway.

“Huh? Oh – uh, did I say Allison? I meant Lydia.”

“I went on a double date with Allison, Lydia and Jackson,” he frowns.

Shit. Now I was really running out of excuses.

“Okay! I was with Stiles, okay?!”

Scott doesn’t look satisfied but goes along with it anyways, “Why were you lying about it then?”

“Because, uhhh – I kissed him,” I huff, “I kissed him and I’m embarrassed and I want to pretend the whole thing didn’t happen – so don’t ask him! Okay? Promise me you won’t ask him?”

“Promise,” Scott mumbles, turning to face me with a concerned frown. We pull up in the parking lot and Stiles is the first one to rush over.

“Did you forget that last night we had plans,” he waves a finger in my face and I push it away, “Star Wars marathon, remember?”

“Wait, you two weren’t together last night?” Scott furrows his brows together. Stiles shakes his head and Scott turns to face me, “Why are you lying? What’s going on?”

“Nothing, I – Scott, I have to get to class,” I mumble, placing a hand on his shoulder, “I’ll tell you soon, okay?” I press a kiss to his cheek and then rush through the front door before he can press me any further.

I wanted more than anything to tell Scott but the last person I had dated was Jackson and the two never got along. I wanted to make sure Derek was someone who would not only treat me right but my friends too – plus there was no way Scott would approve of me dating Derek even though he’s only a few years older.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone in a few months? I mean, I know loads of people do but I never thought it was possible for me. Me with my trust issues and abandonment issues – I never thought I’d be able to be intimate with anyone. Until last night.

I always thought having sex would be the scariest thing but it wasn’t. Once I realized how much I loved and trusted Derek it felt like the rightest thing in the world. Like it brought us closer. Like I could finally just give myself over to someone without having to be scared.

I still couldn’t believe he had waited three months – he hadn’t even brought it up.

I loved him so much. The only thing left to do is tell everyone but lately Scott had been kind of AWOL – him and Stiles. The only good thing about is that I don’t think he’ll have enough time to worry about Derek and I.

“What are you thinking about?” Derek asks, playing with my fingers.

“Just that I should be at school right now instead of here,” I let out a long sigh and I heave myself up. Derek pulls me back down into his arms and I struggle weakly against him, “Come on – I have to go,” I laugh.

“I love you,” he says, “I love you and high school sucks so just spend the day with me so I can show you how much I love you…”

“I think you did that last night,” I raise a brow and he rolls his eyes, “Not that – thought that was amazing. I mean, I’ll make you breakfast and take you out for the day – anything you want.”

“Dereeeek,” I whine, sitting up, “If I don’t go to school-“

“Then what? Scott and Stiles are too busy to notice and teachers don’t care.”

“How do you know about Scott and Stiles?”

“You told me,” he shrugs, “Said they were acting weird.”

“Huh,” I mumble, “Well, that is true… but no, I have to go! I’ll come by after school though,” I smile. Derek groans and nods reluctantly, “You’re killing me!”

Derek flops back onto the bed and buries his face in the pillow. As I open the door and walk down the hall, Scott is standing there with his fists balled up.

I stare at him with wide eyes but before I can explain he presses a finger to his lips, “Wait here,” he says with dark eyes.

I stand still, unsure of what to do as he barges into Derek’s apartment.


“Long time no see Scott,” I tilt my head, climbing out of bed as Scott walks in, “Thought you didn’t trust me.”

“I don’t trust you,” Scott spits, walking towards me, “So stay the fuck away from y/n.”

“Ahhh,” I chuckle, “So you finally figured it out?”

“Stay away from her. If you bring her into this I swear to god-“

“What? You’ll what? God, do you even care about her? You haven’t even told her what you are yet. She comes in here all ‘Scott’s been acting weird’ and ‘Scott’s lying to me’. She’s walking around with no clue – you’re putting her in danger.”

“Danger? You’re the only “danger” she should be afraid of,” Scott yells.

God, he pisses me off. Can’t he see I just want to help him?

“You killed your sister and buried her in your yard and I bet you killed your entire family! Y/N is probably next!” Scott yells.

I ball my fists up, trying my hardest not to rip his head off, “Well you won’t have to worry about that. I only fucked her to screw with you and find out what big, brave Scott McCall was doing without me,” I scoff.

Scott lunges at me, pushing me to the floor and taking a swing before I flip him over and throw two punches. I pull my arm back for another one but I feel a pair of hands pulling me off. Thinking its Stiles, I swat them away but then I hear her voice.


“Derek stop!” she yells. I immediately stop and turn to face her as she helps Scott up. She places her hands on either side of his face, “Are you okay?” she asks. I can hear her heart racing and watch as tears slide down her cheeks.

“I thought I told you to wait in the hallway,” Scott grimaces as she traces her thumb over his cheek, “I – I wanted to explain,” she says with a shaky voice.

“W-wait,” I stammer, “Were you – were you outside? Did you-“

She turn around to face me with bloodshot eyes.

“Let’s just go y/n,” Scott mumbles, putting an arm around her shoulder. I rush towards her but Scott shoves me away, “Don’t touch her.”

“Y/N wait – y/n please,” I plead, walking beside her. She slips Scott’s arm off her shoulder, “I’ll meet you downstairs.” She reassures Scott with a nod when he pauses at the door.

“I was lying, I was just mad – he said I killed my family!”

“So you didn’t know who I was or who Scott was when we first started going out?”

I squeeze my eyes shut, “No… I did. I knew but-“ she begins to walk away and I pull her back by the arm, “But that’s before I knew how amazing you are and how kind and beautiful – it was before I fell in love with you!”

“Your exact words were ‘I only fucked her to screw with you’. That only happened last night, Derek. That was the first time, that was my-“ she sucks in a sharp breath, “You were lying this entire time.”

“I just said that because I was angry – y/n – I – I never wanted to hurt you.”

“So what?! You were just never going to tell me?!”

“I was – once – once I sorted things out with Scott…” I pinch the bridge of my nose, listening to her heart beat; break. Because of me.

“Scott…” she mumbles, “Wha – what about Scott? How do you two even know each other?!”

I tilt my head. I can’t tell her. She’s already in too much shock, she’s already too scared. I had already broken her trust – I had to mend it before I could tell her what I am.

“I – I-“

She shakes her head before I can come up with a reasonable excuse, “Fuck you,” she chokes and when I reach my hand out she yanks away, “Don’t ever touch me again.”


I spent the whole night scrubbing my skin in the bathtub but I could still smell Derek’s cologne and still feel his touch against my skin. Maybe it was all in my head. But every time I closed my eyes I could hear his voice.


It was the sixth time Scott had knocked on my door to check up on me.

“Just letting you know I’m still out here. I’m gonna order some food,” he says softly from the other side of the door.

“Sounds good,” I mumble, sinking further into the lukewarm water.

“Come out soon, okay?”

I don’t reply until Stiles announces himself, “I’m here too and Scott won’t let me eat without you,” he grumbles. I smile to myself and then reluctantly climb out of the tub, patting myself down before pulling on a robe.

Stiles beams at me when I open the door and then throw his arms around me, “I’m sorry – I mean, I totally don’t get you and Derek-“ Scott nudges him and gives him a warning look, “But I’m totally sorry it happened. You don’t deserve it,” he finishes, rubbing soothing circles into my back.

“Yeah,” I mutter. I sit on my bed and lean against the headboard and they both sit in front of me, “So are you going to tell us how this happened?”

I figure it’ll be better getting it out all at once while it still hurts than having to relive this feeling explaining it later on.

“We met three months ago – I don’t know – he was out in the rain and it was just after I’d dropped Scott off at the animal clinic. He asked me for my phone to make a call and then said he’d walk home but it was raining so I gave him a ride and after that he asked me to dinner and we just,” I suck in a deep breath, “I thought he liked me. He – he acted like he had no clue about my life or you guys but he knew everything – he was just using me.”

I stare at Scott, “Scott, how do you two know each other? He wouldn’t tell me… I don’t – I just want to make sense of it.”

“I know,” Scott whispers, placing a hand over mine, “But I don’t think right now is the best time to get into it, okay?”

“No,” I huff, “It’s not okay. Scott, its bad enough that Derek lied to me but – but I can’t have my two best friends lying to me too.”

Scot and Stiles stare at each other and then Scott turns to me, “Okay. Don’t freak out…”

“Didn’t know werewolves bought milk,” I hum as I stroll past Derek in the grocery store.

He turns to me with wide eyes, “How did you-“

“Scott came clean,” I sigh. He looked like hell since we had broken up last week. “Scott also told me that you guys figured things out and that you were just looking out for him so thanks, I guess.”

“You don’t have to thank me,” Derek says, “You don’t have to –“

“I know,” I smile, “I wanted to. Things between us may be screwed up but you did save Scott’s life.”

“Do you still hate me?” he asks softly. I shake my head, “I could never,” I rest a hand on his cheek, “But forgiving you is a whole other thing, I – I need time.”

He nods as though he understands but I can tell it’s not the answer he wants to hear.

“But seriously. Werewolves drink milk?” I point to the carton in his hand.

“I couldn’t sleep so,” he shrugs. I nod and we walk to the counter together, “Bit late for you to be out tonight isn’t it? Don’t you have a test tomorrow?”

“Couldn’t sleep either,” I hold up the hot chocolate container before placing in down on the counter as the cashier scans it, “I’m surprised you remember me telling you that test.”

“I always listened to you…” he says quietly.

I wait for Derek to pick up his bags and then we both walk out into the parking lot.

“You didn’t drive here?” he asks, looking around for my car.

“I walked… needed to clear my head…” I trail off as I look at him, “Anyways, I should get going.”

“I’m not going to let you walk around in the middle of the night by yourself – not with a mysterious, psychotic Alpha running around.”

Would I ever get used to the supernatural being discussed like it was normal?

“Fine,” I shrug, following him, “I missed your fancy car anyways,” I laugh as I climb in.

I trail a finger over the handle and then move it to the radio, “You’re listening to Debussy?” I scoff.

“I’m a classy guy,” Derek smirks, “I like classics.”

I roll my eyes and pretend I hadn’t heard him listening to Biggie Smalls repetitively while we were going out.

“Am I supposed to be impressed?” I raise a brow. He clears his throats, flustered, “I mean, you – you like Debussy, don’t you?”

I didn’t but I nod anyway.

“I saw that CD in your room last time when I was over,” he stammers.

It was my sisters.

“Yeah, I – I love Debussy,” I lie and then I laugh because I can see Derek smirking, “You’re listening to my heartbeat, aren’t you?”

He nods guiltily.

“It’s my sisters CD – I just didn’t want you to feel like an idiot,” I admit.

“I am one though, aren’t I?”

“Yeah,” I giggle, ruffling his hair. He swats my hands away as the car swerves slightly. We ride in silence until he pulls up outside my house.

“Will I see you again?” he asks.

“I’m sure we’ll run into each other again… Beacon Hills isn’t all that big,” I chuckles.

He shakes his head, turning to face me, “I mean will you come back to me?”


“Approaching you to get to Scott was a huge mistake – but I’m not realizing that just now. I realized it right after I got to know you y/n. I wanted to tell you – you have to believe me – I was just scared I’d lose you… I- I really don’t know what else to say.”



“You haven’t said you’re sorry.”

“I – I AM!” he says quickly, yelling. I laugh slightly and then nod.

“I’m so sorry y/n,” he sigh, leaning back in his seat.

I place a hand over his, “You’re forgiven,” I smile. I quickly press a kiss to his cheek and then rush out of the car but he’s already at my front door. Damn werewolf speed.

“W-what just happened?!”

“You remember when you asked me if I believed in werewolves and I said no, but that if they were real that I’d want a hot, ripped one to fight for me?”


“Well, you’re kind of hot and ripped…”

“So – so what you’re saying is….”

“Fight for me,” I wink at him, “Maybe I’ll give you a second chance.”

He gives me a slow nod, trying to hide an obvious smile and as I turn around to unlock my door I hear a clattering noise following by Derek grunting.

“What was that?!” I spin around to face him. He had his hand clutched against his chest.

“I fist pumped,” he groans.

“God, you are such an idiot,” I giggle. I press the slightest kiss to his lips and then pull away, “Goodnight Derek.”