i want scott mccall to hug me

  • Stiles: you didn't think you were doing this without me, did ya?
  • Derek: without us.
  • Lydia: [walking towards Stiles angrily] Mieczyslaw Stilinski how dare you? I specifically wanted to keep you out of this. [to Derek] hey how are you? [To Stiles] are you here to die? Well I for sure will kill you.
  • Stiles: [puts hand on Lydia's mouth and then hugs her tightly] I missed you too.
You’re My Home (Theo Raeken)

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Requested by anon:  Hey could you do a Theo imagine where the reader is the youngest of the pack (like 16) and she’s Scott’s beta. She let Theo crash at her place when she found out she was sleeping in his car and they bonded during the time he’s been staying at her house and slowly but surely became an item, and the pack finds out and they aren’t too happy bc of the age gap and the whole he tried to destroy them thing😂. Thank you lovely💜💜

Rating: fluff

A/N: I’m weirdly proud of this.

Y/N is famously known for her maturity despite her young age. Her mind was of a young adult’s yet she was only sixteen. 

Y/N had caught the attention of Scott one day, when she openly argued with a teacher about an offensively sexist comment that he had made. The initial incident had sparked Scott’s interest and made him reach the conclusion of turning Y/N. 

Scott had asked Deaton to hire Y/N, since she was trying her best to help her mom, especially after her father passed. “I don’t know why you do the things you do Scott McCall, but I am eternally grateful.“ 

She smiled and hugged his waist, “Don’t mention it, and besides, I could use the help around here.” His chest shook with a gentle chuckle while he wrapped his arms around her frame. 

“Okay, so what’s my first assignment boss?” The alpha shook his head at the ridiculous nickname she’d already come up with. “I need you to relabel the containers in the cabinets.” She put her hands on her hips and tapped her foot, 

“Come on boss, why do you have to go and give me a wussy assignment?" 

"Do you want to clean out the cages?" 

"Relabeling it is." 

"That’s what I thought." 

"See you tomorrow, Scott.” Y/N waved goodbye and adjusted her bag on her shoulder. The cool summer breeze flowing smoothly into her hair, doing her the favor of flipping it back. 

Stopping in her tracks, Y/N raised her head up and met the glimmer of the bright moon that illuminated the whole parking area. 

“Damn it!” A voiced roared, following a loud thud. Y/N frantically looked around, trying to find the source. She spotted the single car that was parked, and went around it, careful not to make any noise. 

“Theo?” She narrowed her eyes and bent her back slightly. He was in a distressed state. His back was against the tire of the car, his knees were pulled to his chest and his head was tucked in his arms. 

“What’re you doing here?” She pulled her bag off her shoulder and set it next to her, placing her other hand on his. 

“Please go, I don’t want you to see me like this.” His head didn’t move until her heard a slight thud, she had sat herself facing his side and crossed her arms over her chest. 

“I’m not going anywhere, Raeken.” She shook her head once. “What’s going on Theo?” She said, more gently this time. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone?” She bit her lip, nodding and listening carefully. 

“I’ve been living in my car,” he sighed and ruffled his hair in frustration. 

“For a while now." 

"Theo,” she gasped with eyes wide in shock. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He remained silent for a while, “You’re Scott’s beta Y/N, why would you wanna help me after what I’ve done to your pack?” His curiosity rose when she smiled and said “Everyone deserves a second chance, you’re not a monster-" 

"But I am!” The increase in his voice surprised her, but her body didn’t react to it. “Oh hush you,” she poked his forehead with her finger. “You’re not a monster Theo.” She said firmly. 

“You really believe that?” The hopeful tone in his voice caused a sympathetic smile to appear on her lips. “Of course I do, so come on,” she stood up and extended a hand to pull him up. He stared at it in confusion.

 "Come on,“ she urged and finally complied. 

He stood and patted off the dust from the back of his pants. 

"You’re staying with me-" 

"What?! No, Y/N you’ll get in so much trouble with Scott, and what about your mom?" 

"We don’t have to tell Scott right away, and my mom would kill me if she knew that I let my friend continue to live in his car. Now, are you coming or what?” She said, not really planning on taking no for an answer as she walked to the passenger side and started folding the makeshift sheets she assumed he’s been keeping himself warm with. 

Her heart shattered at the chaotic state that the car was in, how the hell was he getting by? The drive to her house was short and silent, there was a lot to be said, but Y/N wanted to give him time. 

“Young lady! You better have a convincing explanation as to why you’re late or el- oh, hello,” Y/N’s mother had been worried about her daughter’s whereabouts. “Mom, you remember Theo?" 

"Hi Mrs. Y/L/N.” Y/N took a few steps to her mother and dragged her to the kitchen. 

“Mom, Theo’s staying with us for a while okay?” She spoke in a hushed tone, but already aware that he’d heard her. “What?!” Her mother whisper-shouted with saucer-like eyes. 

“He’s been living in his car for god knows how long, are you really gonna allow that?” Her mother’s eyes softened and a sad look replaced the shocked one. 

“Of course not, Jesus, why’s he living in his car? That poor boy." 

"Don’t say that mom, he’s not a ‘poor boy’. He’s one of the strongest people I’ve ever met.” She defended with a small smile on her face. “You like him,” a mischievous smile was plastered on her mother’s face. 

“Alright mom, goodnight.” She said with blushing cheeks as she wrapped her fingers around Theo’s wrist and dragged him to her room. “Goodnight Mrs. Y/L/N.” Theo shouted slightly from the top of the stairs. 

“Goodnight, and call me Y/M/N.” He heard her say before Y/N shut the door to her room. “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do,” she huffed and leaned against the door. 

“Is it alright if we talk about this tomorrow? I’m exhausted.” He said with a small yawn. “Oh! Of course, sorry, yeah.” She peered at him with curiosity when he settled himself on the chair next to her bed with the blanket she had handed him. 

“The hell do you think you’re doing?” He panicked slightly at the tone of her voice. 

“What? What’s wrong?” He said with a frown. “There’s no way in hell I’m letting you sleep on a freaking chair, you’re sleeping next to me. Come on.” She patted the empty space beside her. 

“Are you sure Y/N? I don’t wanna bother you,” he trailed off with a hint of sadness in his voice. 

“You won’t bother me,” she sent him a reassuring smile, “Now come on we’ve got school tomorrow.” He nodded obediently and did as told. 

He tried to leave a respectable distance between their bodies, but Y/N had ended up between his arms, sometime in the middle of the night. 

A couple of months had passed and Theo had grown accustomed to being a part of the Y/L/N family as Y/M/N would put it. He had also started falling, deeply, for Y/N. 

“Hey, is it alright if we meet up before you head to work?” Theo’d caught up with Y/N before she entered her class, “Sure,” she smiled sweetly and walked into the room. 

When Y/N met up with him later on, he was nervously pacing back and forth next to his truck. He kicked a few pebbles that laid on the concrete, and lifted his head when he heard the all too familiar heartbeat of Y/N. 

“Hey, is everything alright?” She asked with concerned eyes. “Yeah, better than alright, I just need to tell you something.” He grabbed both of Y/N’s hands and took a couple of steps back until he was leaning against his car.

“What is it?” She giggled at his euphoric state. “I wanted to let you know, that I will forever be grateful for what you and your mother have done for me. You gave me a home, Y/N. You’re my home. And I hope that by saying this I won’t be denting our relationship because there’s nothing I’d hate more than losing you. I’m in love with you, Y/N.” he spoke out of breath, his chest heaving up and down as the overwhelming feeling of love swam through him. 

“Theo,” she whispered with a blurred vision. “And I know that the age gap between us is not something people will approve of, but I love you, like I’ve never loved before." 

"Oh, Theo,” she whined as tears slid down her cheeks. 

“I love you too.” She stared at him with loving eyes before wrapping her arms around his neck. His hands instinctively went for her back and pulled her as close as possible. 

“I love you,” he smiled and leaned in, his craving for her lips finally satisfied. He inhaled through his nose and tangled his fingers in her hair. 

“I love you.” She said and he sighed contently as his forehead met hers. 

“Y/N?!” Stiles’ panic-filled voice startled them out of each other’s embrace. “What the hell are you doing with her? Huh?!” Stiles made a beeline to Theo’s collar.

 "Stiles!“ Both of her hands landing on his bicep and pulled him back. 

"Don’t hurt him," 

"Like he hurt us?”

 "Stiles.“ She stated firmly with a deep frown on her face. 

"He’s not like that anymore,” she pulled him away and tried to get his attention. “I’m sure he isn’t,” Scott joined in with a disappointed-father look on his face. 

“Scott, I can explain-" 

"And why do you need to explain exactly? What have you two been doing?” She frowned some more, if that was even possible. 

“You better stay aw-" 

"Would someone fucking listen to me?! I love him, and he’s been living with me and mom. He’s been wonderful actually, taking away some of mom’s stress and taking care of me.” To say that the scene was emotional would be an understatement. 

“You’re too young for him! And what about what he’s done to us?" 

"I’ve changed Scott, I swear.” Were the first words that fell out of Theo’s shaking lips. “Listen to my heartbeat and tell me if I’m lying, I’m in love with Y/N, you know what first love is like Scott.” He stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Y/N’s shoulder, an unexpected snarl was earned from Stiles. 

“If you ever, and I mean ever, hurt so much as a hair on this young lady, I’ll rip out your skin with my teeth.” Stiles closed and opened his mouth twice with the clicking of his teeth, for visual aid. 

“Hey!” Y/N said with a slight giggle and a playful smack to his chest. 

“That’s my boyfriend you’re threatening.”

Chasing After You - Scott McCall

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word count: 5524
warnings: swearing, angst, mentions of sex, bad soup

“And maybe it’s cause you miss him I don’t know you don’t talk to me about it much, but I could definitely set you up with this guy that used to be in my Trig if you’re up for it, we talk sometimes but he seems chill and he’s single” Malia rambled on as you were blankly stirring the soup bowl in front of you, watching the contents circulate around in the strangely designed bowl.  Malia was your best friend, but she always picked the most awkward places for lunch.

“Mal, I don’t need to date” You said, but was unable to meet her eyes.  She’d been trying to set you up with someone ever since you and Stiles broke it off nearly a year ago, sometime between the mess of the Dread Doctors and Theo Raeken, you’d both just lost feelings for each other.

That being said, it still hurt when he didn’t even say the words, and just left you sitting at your kitchen table, getting up and leaving your house without a second glance.  But somehow you knew that it was the end of your short lasted relationship that had started out so strong.

“I mean it’d be a blind date so it couldn’t be that bad” Malia shrugged a shoulder.  “Worst case scenario, you don’t like him and you leave and try someone else” She said, slurping her own soup in a way that would normally make you laugh.  But you could only pull a tight smile, scooping up a spoonful of the cloudy liquid and watching it drip back down into the bowl.  “And best case scenario, you get to have sex again” She said nonchalantly.

“Uh, what’re we talking about?” You looked up to see Scott had finally shown up, pulling out the chair that was between you and the werecoyote at your circular table.

“Cupid here wants to set me up on a date with one of her weird guy friends” You told him, your tone low, and bored.  Scott’s brows rose just slightly, unable to suppress the shock on his features.

He recalled the night you’d shown up at his house, in old jeans and a sweater.  You stood there at his front door in silence, not even looking him in the eyes as you gathered your thoughts asked him quietly if you could come in.  It took half an hour of sitting in the middle of his mattress, smoothing out his covers before you’d told him that Stiles had broken up with you.  He was astonished, wondering why his best friend would do such a thing, especially with no words shared about it, just abandoning you in your own home.  But Scott didn’t say anything, just set his hand over yours gently, giving you that gentle Scott McCall™ look before pulling you into a hug.  You didn’t cry once, but he had almost wished you did, because the empty and broken look on your face broke his heart in a way it shouldn’t have.

“Yeah” You spoke, pulling him from his memories.  “And I thought Lydia was cupid.  But figures she probably won’t talk to me for a while…” You trailed off, eyes landing back on your still full bowl of soup.   Seeing that she’s dating my ex boyfriend, you wanted to say, but didn’t want to spark a conversation about it, so you kept it to yourself.

You weren’t mad Lydia and Stiles were together, in fact you were happy that they were happy, they both deserved it.  In fact, Stiles and you had patched up a friendship before he’d gotten taken by the Wild Hunt, but your heart ached a little bit when he came running back to Lydia.  You had never been in love with him, you knew that for sure, but there was still that pang in your chest.

“Well we don’t even see Stiles anymore he’s in Virginia then off to college, so we’ll just get you another boyfriend” Malia said, slurping her soup again.  You gave her a look, glancing to Scott for a moment as you both thought about how to reply to the girl without saying she was completely wrong.

“It doesn’t really… it doesn’t really work like that” You spoke softly.  “Besides, I don’t need a boyfriend, I’ve got a month left of summer before I go to college so it’d be pointless anyways” You said.  Scott was quiet as he reached in front of you, gathering a spoonful of your soup and putting it in his mouth.  You didn’t even stop him, even when he gave you a weird look.

“What even is that?” He asked as he smacked his lips, trying to get the strange flavor off his tongue.  You slid him your glass of water wordlessly, and he took a long drink.

“It’s not pointless if you’re having sex, I mean relationships are just-”

“Mal can we not talk about this so loud?” You whispered across the table as Scott was choking on your drink, probably cause he downed half the glass in less than three swallows.  The short hair girl shrugged, and picked up her bowl to drink down the last of her soup.

“Do you want me to set it up or not? It’s one date y/n”  You didn’t say anything, your eyes landing on the empty water glass that was still in Scott’s hand, sitting on the table.

“I don’t know Mal, can I think about it?”

“No” She stated, and Scott gave her a look.  “What?” She asked innocently.

“You can’t just set her up if she doesn’t want to” He said, and she rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“Okay, is this really because of summer ending? Or is it cause of Stiles?” She asked, sounding sure that she knew the true answer.

“I’m over Stiles” You said with a shrug.  “Go ahead, listen to my heartbeat, I’m not lying” You said.  Both of your friends were silent as they focused on it.

“No… but there’s something else” Malia spoke.  Scott kept his head slightly cocked to the side as he stared at your tee shirt covered chest, as though concentrating as much as he could on the gentle beating.  You didn’t comment off of Malia, just pulled out your purse to pay for the meal you’d barely touched.

“You don’t have to worry about it, I just don’t want a relationship before I leave Beacon Hills” You told her, offering a gentle smile.  “I’m fine Malia, I don’t even mind being single, I have you guys” You added, a more genuine grin pulling on your lips as you all stood, Malia leaving money for her part of the meal and shrugging her shoulders with a long sigh.

“Fine, but don’t come crying to me when you’re all horny” She said, Scott becoming an awkward stuttering mess as the three of you exited the restaurant.

“Mal…” You breathed out but chuckled quietly, but gave up on trying to explain to her that dating wasn’t all about sex to you.  “Alright, I’ll cry to myself” You joked, and she just shook her head at you.

“Whatever you strange human, I gotta get going” She said, and your brows furrowed as she dug out her keys.

“You have plans?” You asked out of surprise and she nodded.

“Job interview, actually” She told you, and you and Scott shared an astonished look.

“Really?” He asked, thinking about what Malia in the workplace would be like.

“Mhm” She hummed simply, walking off towards her car.  “You two don’t have too much fun without me” She called, and you waved lightly before turning to Scott.

“Hello” You stated, and he smiled his small crooked smile he’d always had.  “I didn’t get the chance to say so earlier, Malia was busy telling me all the male contacts in her phone” You stated, and Scott chuckled.  “It’s not funny, it included everyone, which means you, Mr Tate, Peter, and a really lot of guys that I don’t even know the names of but apparently went to school with us”

“Come on, let’s go somewhere good for lunch” He said, sticking his hands in his pockets and turning on the sidewalk to go somewhere else.  You smiled to yourself as you followed after him.  “And by the way, I’m hurt that you turned down a date with me” He said, making you laugh and shake your head.  “What’s with the laugh? I’m a charmer!” You rolled your eyes, patting him on the arm a few times.

“You keep telling yourself that McCall” You said.

A date with Scott McCall did sound appealing, in fact, it sounded amazing.  Scott had been your best friend throughout almost all of your life, and had never once left your side, when things were great, when things were falling apart, he was a constant.  You couldn’t imagine being without him.  And being something more than friends seemed relatively simple, like a small little step.

Until you threw in the fact that he was Stiles’ best friend into the mix.

You were in a fit of uncontrollable laughter as Scott was unable to use his chopsticks to pick up the noodles of his lo mein, they just slipped back onto the plate, and he’d stare at it depressingly.

“Scott!” You gasped as you held your stomach with one hand, your chopsticks expertly held between your fingers, a clump or rice between them.  “I can’t breathe please just get a fork!” You begged, but he shook his head stubbornly.

“I can’t use a fork! We’re at Wong’s y/n, I gotta learn to use these!” He said, only to drop his newly grabbed group of noodles.

“Okay okay okay, just let me help” You said, catching your breath from the laughter you’d finally calmed down from.  Scott sighed but nodded his head.  “Alright, hold one like you’re going to hold a pencil” You instructed, demonstrating for him. Scott looked from your hand to his repeatedly, making sure that he was copying every detail.  “Then take the other and pinch- no like- no the other- Scott” You let out a soft giggle as he struggled to hold the second chopstick.  Then set down your own to reach across and arrange them for him, adjusting his fingers to hold it properly.

“This still doesn’t feel right” He grumbled, looking up at your eyes as you fixed his hold.

“Well you just have to practice” You told him.  “You’ll get the hang of it, I’m sure” You said, catching his gaze on you.  Your cheeks flushed and you realized you’d held your fingers over his a little longer than necessary, and retracted quickly, sitting back in your seat and staring at your plate.  “Although it’d be nice if you had a flaw, other than that messed up jaw of yours-”

“Hey!” Scott said with faux offense, his hand coming up to brush over the crooked structure, and you laughed.  Scott smiled at you even as you avoided eye contact with him.

He wondered just how wrong it was to fall in love with his best friend’s ex girl.

When you were finished with lunch, and Scott had finally gone up and grabbed a fork, making a big scene about using it, you two walk back to the parking lot outside The Soup Spoon, where you’d had your first and failed lunch and Scott left his bike parked.

“It’s weird to think I’m going to college in a month” You said, and Scott looked over at you with  a pondering look in his eyes.  “I mean, it feels like just yesterday i fell down the stairs and knocked you over and almost gave you an asthma attack” You said, laughing at the memory of the first time you met Scott, in the first grade, by toppling over him.

“I did have an asthma att-”

“Shut up no you did” You laughed, nudging his side with your elbow.  “You just wanted me to get in trouble”

“No I didn’t!” He defended.  “You pushed me down a flight of stairs! You literally knocked the wind out of me!” You rolled your eyes at him, a smile still tugging on your lips.

“Yeah right, you were mad cause it put you in the back of the line on pizza day” You said, and Scott thought for a moment, not remembering that small detail.

Truth be told, he almost did have an asthma attack, the most beautiful girl in his class had tumbled down the staircase with him and it had made him lose focus on what had actually happened until your teacher came rushing down after you both and asking if you’d needed to be taken to the nurse.  Scott had replied by shoving his inhaler into his mouth and shooting in three clicks worth of air.  It was an awkward meeting, but after that you played with him at recess because you felt bad, and the more time you spent together, you grew closer and soon became very close friends.

“Huh, yeah I think it was…” He mumbled slightly to himself as he tried to remember the events of that day that didn’t involve you.  But he was mostly drawing a blank.

“It was” You confirmed as Scott consumed himself with his thoughts.  “What’re you thinking so hard about? That’s dangerous you know” You said, and he looked over at you, a sheepish grin on his face as he shook his head and dismissing his moment.

“Nothing, just… thinking” He shrugged, and you smiled softly as you neared his motorbike.  “You need a ride home?” He offered, silently hoping you’d say yes.  He didn’t usually like other people riding with him because it made him nervous he’d get in an accident somehow, but you on the other hand, he loved driving around.  Your arms would wrap around him and cling on tightly, your face usually buried into the back of his shoulder as you pressed completely against him.  He liked the feeling of knowing you felt protected around him.  Which you very much were.

“Actually I was going to walk home, it’s nice out today and I felt like stopping at the library on the way” You said, and Scott tried to not visibly deflate.

“Alright” He said, grabbing his helmet off the seat of his bike.  “Try not to get kidnapped, or murdered, or-”

“I won’t” You cut him off with your laugh, tucking your hair behind your ear.  “I think I can handle myself fine, besides, who’s going on a murder spree at the public library?”

“Don’t jinx it!” Scott said quickly, and you laughed again at his overprotective nature.

“I’ll be fine Scott.  I happen to be a little more worried about you driving that thing” You said, gesturing distastefully towards his bike.  Scott gawked slightly.

“I’m wounded! I’ve never had an acc-”

“In the woods turning Malia back to human” You cut in before he couldn’t finish his false statement.  Scott shut his mouth, realizing you were right.  “Also that time you came over and it was raining-”

“That was different!” He butt in this time.  “You told me your house was being broken into! By an assassin no less!” He yelled his worry aloud and you waved your hand dismissively.  “Plus I was definitely breaking the speed limit and it was really wet so it doesn’t really count” He added.

“Fine fine.  Just don’t get run over by a bus on the way home” You said.

“Only if you don’t get slaughtered” He replied, and you giggled before nodding.

“Alright deal.  I’ll see you later McCall” You said, waving slightly as he got on his bike.  He waved back as you were heading off towards the library.

“Bye, y/n” He said after you were already too far from earshot.

Malia groaned as she headed to her front door, getting annoyed by the rapid doorbell being pushed, accompanied by a quick knocking fist.

“WHAT!?” She yelled at her visitor’s face, causing Scott to stumble backwards at her sudden outburst of anger.  But the girl’s brows furrowed upon seeing her alpha standing there.  “What’re you doing here?” She asked.  Scott never visited, not alone anyways, usually you were there with him, maybe even Stiles and Lydia as well.  But meetings or hang outs weren’t usually held at Malia’s house.

“I need your help, well, your advice” He told her, coming inside without an invitation, and beginning to pace her living room.  Malia shut the door, becoming more and more confused by his actions.

“You want… my… advice?” She asked slowly, as though disbelieving him.

“Yeah” Scott said, walking back and forth in front of her couch.

“Uh… okay” Malia said, wondering what her expertise were that Scott could possibly need her help for.  She jumped over the back of the couch to sit in front of him, his anxious pacing making her frustrated but she tried to keep that to herself.  He seemed worried, and usually when Scott was worried, no good came of it.  “So?”

“I like y/n, no, I really like her, no I love her” He rushed out the words so fast it took her a moment to realize what he’d just told her.  When it clicked, her brown eyes widened and her mouth opened.

Now, Malia Tate was not somebody who understood drama, or social cues, or really anything involving any sort of relationship.  But she knew that this, this bombshell, that Scott had dropped on her, was a big deal.  One of her close friends, was in love with her best friend, who had previously dated his best friend.

“Say something? What do I do? I can’t keep it in anymore and it’s not fair to y/n, it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to Stiles it’s… it’s not fair to anyone!” He rambled on as she sat there with her mouth agape.  “I gotta do something I gotta tell her…. But am I even aloud to do that? Does the bro code apply? I mean Stiles is with Lyd now and her and y/n were friends but it doesn’t feel the same? Is this wrong? Am I wrong? Malia please tell me what to do!”

“Well…” She licked her lips as she looked around the room, like the answer would magically come to her.  “This is the thing” She said to herself, eyes narrowing slightly as she gathered her thoughts.


“This is the something else” She told him, but it still didn’t make sense.  “Earlier, y/n wasn’t lying, she was just covering something else up, and this is it” The coyote grinned to herself, proud of her detective skills.

“Wha- how the hell is this the something else?” Scott asked.  “She couldn’t possibly know about this-”

“Not that dumbass” The back of her hand smacked against him hard.  “Her own feelings, not yours” She told him, and Scott thought for a moment.

“You mean… you mean she likes me too?” Malia shrugged.  

“Maybe, I dunno”

“That’s not helpful” He groaned, falling back onto the recliner in her living room.  “I gotta know!”

“Then ask her” Malia said simply.  “I mean, you’d know if she was lying, right?” Scott rubbed his face with his palms.

“But what about Stiles?” He asked her, to which she just shrugged her shoulders.

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you Scott, I already told you what I thought you should be talking to her.  If you’re so doubtful about telling her maybe you don’t-”

“Don’t tell me that I’m not in love with her” He grumbled.  “I’ve known for too long and- you know what? I’m going over there right now” He said, standing up and heading back towards the door.  Malia didn’t follow him, just turned and watched him as he opened up the door.  A part of her wanted to text you right now, ask you about your feelings towards Scott, but as he quickly rushed out, she figured that she’d rather just let it play out and hear from you what happened, whenever it happens.

You wandered over to your door when you heard the knocking, holding your glass of wine delicately between your fingers as you opened up the door.

“y/n I need to-” Scott stopped abruptly when he saw the glass in your hand, his heart sinking in his chest slightly.

“Hey Scotty” You grinned wide and stepped aside to let him in.  “Wanna spend the night? I’m watching Marvel movies upstairs” You said cheerfully, hoping he’d say yes and keep you company.  Scott let out a small sigh before nodding.  “Yay! Want a drink?”

“I can’t get drunk but… why are you drinking?” You looked down to your half full wine glass, then shrugged a shoulder.

“Nothing better to do” You told him as you closed the door.  But Scott heard the skip in your heartbeat, a tell tale sign you were lying.  “Now come on let’s go upstairs” Your grin returned, and you skipped off towards the staircase, running to your room.  Scott followed after you quickly, coming into your room to see you dancing slightly as you pushed play on the DVD player, your feet spinning you around on the floor, causing your drink to slosh up the sides of the glass.

“Alright- alright let’s just take this” Scott said, fingers wrapping around your glass and setting it on your dresser.  “Before you spill it” He said, and you shrugged but nodded your head, still dancing slightly for a reason unknown to him.  “Now, why are you drinking and dancing around?”

“I dunno” You shrugged.

“y/n, I can tell that’s probably your second glass, and I know for a fact you aren’t a lightweight, so I’ve still got time for real talk with you” He said, and you bit the inside of your cheek.  You sat down on the edge of your mattress, the only sound in the room being Iron Man 2 playing quietly in the background.  Scott walked over closer to you, crouching onto the floor in front of you.  “Hey,” He said gently, looking up at you with the softest expression.  “You know you can talk to me about anything right?”

“Not this” You muttered, wishing you had your wine with you, but knew at this point it wouldn’t do you any good.  Part of you wanted to stare at Scott, right into those puppy brown eyes that you’d fallen for so long ago, and just sit and get lost in them.  But the other part, the slightly more logical and less tipsy part, knew better.  Knew that he’d catch right on to what was happening, and it would only make you feel worse.

“Why not?” He asked in his kind voice, his hands grasping around yours lightly.

“Because it makes me feel guilty” You muttered, hanging your head to stare into your lap, hoping you wouldn’t have to look at his expression.

“Well… well sometimes I feel guilty too…” Scott trailed, just barely brushing on the topic he thought you were talking about, but being careful with his wording.  Your eyes flicked to his briefly, seeing something… weak… there, then shooting right back down to your hands.

“It’s a really bad guilt” You continued softly.  “The betrayal kind” Scott nodded solemnly.

“Yeah I know what that feels like” He murmured to you, his fingers hooking under your chin, and lifting your head so you’d look at him, but you kept them downcast.  “y/n, y/n look at me” He prompted in the same quiet whisper, and you let yourself meet his gaze.  “Nothing you say to me is gonna change anything”

“What if it changes everything?”

“Will it?”

“Maybe” You responded quickly, your y/e/c eyes flicking between his, searching them intently for an answer, trying to figure out if the both of you were talking about the same thing.

“Then so be it” Scott said like it were simple, like everything was an easy yes or no choice.

“But what if it hurts someone else?” You asked him.

“Fair” Scott said, and you silently begged him for a different answer, the opposite answer.  “But what if that won’t matter, what if this- what if you…” He caught himself before trailing off.  “What if you feel better afterwards… what if this is something Stiles would want for you” Your heart beat rapidly in your chest at the words, the ones that practically confirmed what you had hoped to be true.

“What if it’s wrong?”

“Does it feel wrong?” Scott questioned, his thumb rubbing over the back of your hand, his other hand sliding from under your jaw to lay over your cheek.

“Sometimes” You murmured, unable to help yourself from pressing further into his warm and comforting palm.  You registered that you were leaning, and that you weren’t doing anything about it.  “Sometimes not so much…” You continued, your breathing growing a little more staggering as the tip of your nose brushed over his.  Your eyes trailed down to his lips, looking soft and inviting.

“Well maybe you’ll have to find out for yourself… you won’t know unless… you try…” Your eyes glanced back into his then back down to his lips.  Your empty hand that wasn’t held in his hesitantly laid on his shoulder, focused intensely as they neared yours.  Scott’s eyes slowly beginning to slide shut, as he pulled you closer to him slightly, your lips barely brushing over each other before you spoke.

“Scott what’re you… what’re you doing?” You murmured, your brows cinching together.  His eyes opened, looking into yours with a sort of sadness held within them.

“Exactly what I came here to do” He told you, but, you pulled slightly away from him, standing up and walking away from the bed where he was still  crouched at.

“You- you can’t- you can’t do that” You stumbled, running your hands over your head, pushing all your hair back but it just fell right back in front of your face.  “It’s not- it’s not right you can’t” You said, and he stood up, walking over to you.  “You and Stiles it just.. It just-” You couldn’t say anything, just stand and stare at him.

“y/n, listen” He sighed, looking down for a moment before back up at you, his hands cupping around your cheeks.  

You wanted to say something, almost anything that had previously been stirring in your mind would have sufficed, but you couldn’t.  So instead, you did as told, and you listened.

“In the seventh grade, and yes, that long ago, Stiles told me had a crush on a girl.  He told me he was so in love with her, that she was beautiful and smart and funny and kind, and that there was nobody else” You nodded when he paused for a moment.  “And when he said it was you, I wish I’d had the courage” He sighed.  Your brows cinched together , confused by his words.

“The courage?” You repeated in a questioning tone.

“The courage to say me too.” He murmured, before pulling you gently closer, hesitating for just a few seconds, as though he was waiting for you to reject him once more, but when no sign of resistance came, he leaned down and slanted his lips over yours.

You weren’t surprised by the kiss itself, you could see it in his eyes, in his short pause of thought before he initiated it.  But the feeling that it gave you was so strong you nearly let out a small gasp as you wound your arms around his neck, pressing your chest against his and passionately kissing him back.

You weren’t sure you’d ever had such a life-altering kiss before.  It was an out of body experience, like you were gazing down into your own room, watching your body being held against Scott’s as your lips softly moved in sync together.  This couldn’t be real, the butterflies in your stomach had multiplied by the thousands and any shroud of doubt that you’d previously had in your mind about being with Scott, withered away.

Finally, and desperately, when you pulled away, your eyes still shut and your nose still pressed against his, you slid your hands to his crooked jaw, speaking softly, invisibly.

“I was worried I’d never get to do that” You admitted, and after long last looked up into his eyes.  Some days Scott seemed taller than he was, and now, with his head bent down so he could reach you properly, he may have been closer to eye level, but it just drew more attention to how he towered over you.

“I wasn’t” He said, a small smirk pulling on his lips, but it softened to a smile as you giggled quietly, your eyes lighting up like the stars as you gazed at him happily.

“You should do it again” You murmured through your gentle breath, already leaning up towards him, your bare feet standing onto your tiptoes on the carpeted floor.  Scott removed his warm palms from your cheeks to encircle around your waist, tugging you impossibly closer to him.  Your mouth was still open in a wide smile as he kissed you eagerly.  A smile played it’s way onto his own lips as well when one of your hands ran through his thick dark locks of hair.

“So you’ll go on a date with me?” Scott asked, almost unsure of himself, but you smiled, stepping back slightly and nodded, biting your lip to keep you from grinning too much.

“I would love to go on a date with you” You whispered back, and Scott was so thrilled that he lifted you up and spun you around in circles.

“Great! He said, kissing you once more but much more quickly and chastely.  “I’ll pick you up, and we’ll go try that soup place again” You stuck your lip out in a pout and made a quiet whine, but Scott just laughed and shook his head.  “I’m kidding love, we’ll do something better than that” He assured you as he pulled you in close and planted his lips against your cheek before hugging you tightly.  Your hands were in fists as they grabbed the back of his shirt, illogically thinking he’d never be able to pull away from you if you held on tight enough.  The tip of your nose was buried into his neck, filling your senses with his wonderful scent of outside, pine, you thought.  Your eyes fluttered shut as you memorized the scene of your life being played out in your life at the moment.

“I love you so goddamn much, that I was afraid I’d never be able to be with anyone again if I couldn’t have you” You told him, lips moving softly and quietly against his shoulder, but he heard you clearly, and you could tell, because his hands rubbed circles in your back and his lips dropped a lasting kiss on the crown of your head.

“I still would’ve been chasing you around” He assured, swaying you back and forth slightly.

“Really?” You asked, a smile pulling on your lips.  Scott nodded, one of his hands reaching to push your hair back behind your ear, cupping the side of your face in his hand.

“Yeah I would’ve followed after you for the rest of your life if that’s what it took” Your cheeks tinted pink, your lips pulling wider at his sweet words.  You figured if he stared hard enough, that he’d see hearts in your eyes.

“You would’ve?” You said softly, leaning up closer to him and rubbed your nose against his, eyes fluttering shut.  He smiled, nodding and humming before kissing you softly.  You giggled against him, leaning further until you were walking with him, his feet shuffling backwards and yours forward.  He tilted your head to the side, his lips covering over yours in a new angle before the back of his legs hit the edge of your mattress.  Scott pulled away from you, looking down at you questioningly, and you just smiled and nodded, and Scott leaned back onto the mattress, you crawling on after him.

“This is okay?” He asked quietly as you laid onto the bed next to him, your chest pressed against his.  You nodded your head slightly.

“Yeah” You whispered out.  “Very okay” Scott smiled at you softly, before sliding on his side over and setting one knee between his legs the other on the other side.  You stared up at him as one of his hands lay on your hip, the other still holding your cheek delicately.  Neither of you said anything for a second, just looked over each other’s features.

“I love you” He finally spoke, his thumb swiping gently from your bottom lip to your chin.  You blinked, smiling at him, not getting enough of this.

“I love you too” You replied, fingers runnings along his jaw.

With that, he leaned down, and pressed a kiss to your lips.

And truth be told, you would’ve chased after him as well.

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(also this is sorta inspired by scalia if you can’t tell (i’m trash for them rn))

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Don't Listen To Them... (Liam Dunbar imagine)

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Request: write one about Liam with a plus size Reader who’s very self conscious and they meet because he saves her from getting bullied

Warning(s): bullying, cussing, and i think that’s it also sorry if your name is Rebecca (the bully) I just thought of a random name.

DISCLAIMER: Rebecca is the bully and (Y/N) is the reader. just to clear that up

NOTE: Sorry if it’s short and i just want to say you are all amazing and beautiful in your own unique way and keep doing you and what you love to do. 

Also if you see someone getting bullied, please do something or tell someone. Be nice to them, don’t make fun of them for their weight, looks, etc. Cause the reason why I put Liam to say “You wouldn’t like it if someone said those things to you” is because it’s true, no one ever does so please just be nice to people and be careful about what you say.

I sighed as I walked up to the entrance of the school, maybe today will be a good day. I take a deep breathe in and exhaled as soon and I opened the doors to Beacon Hills High. I ignored all the looks I get from certain people and held my head up high while walking down the halls to get to my locker.

I look around before opening my locker and exchanged things from my backpack to my locker, ‘so far so good’ I think to myself while closing my locker but instantly regret what I thought.

I came face to face with Rebecca aka Beacon Hills High Queen Bitch. Even though she was a bitch she was still prettier than me and I couldn’t help but believe all things she has said to me.

“Oh hey (Y/N), I would say I didn’t see you there but that would be a total lie, you’re too big to miss” Rebecca says smirking while her kiss up minions were laughing behind her. “Leave me alone Rebecca” I say pushing past her and walked to class and found my seat.

Unfortunately, I had my first class and lunch with Rebecca and her stupid minions. Everyone was already in class and as soon as she came in the room it got quiet and awkward because no one wanted to mess with her and her friends and no one was going to address her and her friends about the way they act.

“What’s up with the elephant in the room? And I’m not talking about the tension in here, I’m talking about (Y/N)” Rebecca comments and everyone looks at me while I hide my face waiting for class to be over.

Class was quickly over and I walked out of the room but before I knew it I tripped. I hear Rebecca laugh and some other students laugh along with her. “Watch where you’re walking fatty, are you too big to even see where you’re feet are walking?” Rebecca questions.

I quickly get up and turn to her, “Fuck you Rebecca” I spat and walked away while hearing her yell, “Better watch your back (Y/N)!”. Soon lunch rolled around and I sat with my friend Taylor but she got up to go to the library. I got up to buy water from outside at the vending machine before being shoved to the ground, “God I’m surprised I’m able to push you considering you’re too heavy” the voice says as I look up to see Rebecca looking down at me. I looked around to see a few people around us laughing.

I stood up and looked at her, “I’m sick of your bullshit, leave me alone”. Rebecca laughs, “Sorry no can do” she replies. “You’re such a fucking bitch” I add. Rebecca chuckles and then suddenly my face was stinging and I grabbed the side of my face holding it from the pain and in shock.

“Don’t you dare talk to me like that again (Y/N). I rather be a bitch than a fat ass because news flash no guy would ever want to date you. You’re just too ugly and you’re not skinny like me, you’re just a cow” my eyes started to water from the words that came out of her mouth.

“Hey!” someone shouted, interrupting Rebecca before she could say anything else. We both turn to see a boy our age with brown hair and blue eyes and I knew who exactly it was. Liam Dunbar. The boy I had most of my classes with and the boy who was always hanging out with Scott and the rest of his friends.

Rebecca smiles, “Hey Liam, how are you?” she asks flirtatiously. 

Liam rolled his eyes, “I’d be better if you treated (Y/N) like a human being and not make fun of her. I think she’s absolutely beautiful just the way she is. She’s kind hearted, funny, and stunning. She’s not a cow, she’s perfect the way she is, if she likes how she looks then that’s good, but she shouldn’t have to deal with people like all of you who make fun of her. Because deep down I know you all wouldn’t like it if someone said things to you like that.” Liam spoke. 

Everyone was quiet and Rebecca went to speak again, “Yeah, well-” but gets cut off by Liam. “Oh and news flash no one likes a stuck up bitch who makes fun of other girls because they think it makes them look good” Liam states smirking and everyones eyes were wide and they all whispered. 

“All go you get out of here” Liam spats and Rebecca wanted to speak again but had no words and just walked away. 

Liam walked up to me, “Hey (Y/N) are you okay?” I nod my head yes. He checked again to make sure and we were going our separate ways. 

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face his back, “Hey Liam” he turns around to look at me, “Yeah?”.

“Why?” I ask confused, “Why what?” he questions. 

“Why did you stand up for me? We barely talk to each other.” I comment.

“Because that’s not right what she did, and I know but I’ve always thought you were beautiful” he explains.

“You don’t have to pretend like you like me” I stated. Liam looks at me and walks up to me, “I’m not pretending (Y/N), everything I said was true, especially about me thinking you’re beautiful, I’ve liked you since freshmen year but was too scared to talk to you” he confesses. “Don’t listen to them (Y/N), you’re perfect the way you are. (Y/N) I want to show you the world and show you all the things you really deserve and I want to be there for you and just protect you and I know a lot of stuff happened today but would you like to go on a date with me?”.

I quickly hug him and peck him on the cheek and he blushes, “What was that for?” he asked. “For caring and yes I’d love to go on a date with you Liam Dunbar” I answer.

Lust and Pizza || Scott McCall

Scott McCall x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Swearing

Word Count: 4,084

Summary: You’re new in the town of Beacon Hills and you’re crushing hard first and best friend Scott McCall. Once fateful night he leaves his phone in your car and you finally have an excuse to go see him. 

A/N: Rough Scott McCall sex is what I live for. Needless to say, writing this was quite fun for me. Also- sorry for not posting for a few days. I was going to post this yesterday, but my cat fell asleep on my laptop and I didn’t have the heart to move her. I feel really bad for not posting the past few days but I think you’ll forgive me after you read this ; )

(Gif below has nothing to do with the story but it hot af)

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I pulled up to the McCall house in my black Comet, the roaring engine coming to a stop as I pulled into the driveway. Scott McCall, the boy I had been driving home almost every day since my return from boarding school had left his phone in my car, yet again. Except this time I didn’t notice it until he was long gone. Scott’s been kind to me since I got kicked out of the all girls fine-arts boarding school in San Francisco. Most people just ask me why I was expelled, or how could I possibly waste such an amazing opportunity by getting expelled. It got old fast. Scott was the only one who didn’t ask questions and was always supportive of me no matter what. He always made time for me, even when his friends try to pull him away. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got the physical aspects too. He has these beautiful brown eyes that glow and become gold in the sunlight. He runs his fingers through his hair when he talks to me which I know means he’s nervous. And his lips, oh those lips. Damn, I can’t believe I’m falling for this kid.

I stepped out of my car and saw that a few lights were on in the windows. It meant someone was home. I walked up to the door and knocked on it, but immediately felt dumb as I noticed the doorbell. I fixed my hair in the reflection of the glass door, preparing myself for the possibility that the hot lacrosse team captain was to answer it. When I heard the door click open, Scott was not on the other side. It was a very tall, broad shouldered man in a very intimidating suit. I almost cowered away back to my car but he had already started to talk.

“Can I help you?” His voice was deep and made me want to squeal.

“Uh, I’m Y/N- A friend of Scott’s. Is he home?” Just as I felt as though I was going to faint, a small, beautiful latino woman comes out from behind the door with warm eyes and a bright smile.

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Jackson x reader

Part Two

“Hey Scott?” You hummed as you lent against the locker next to Scott’s.


“Yeah what’s up?” He asked quickly, almost dropping his bag in his hurry to shut his locker and look at you.


“What’s Jackson like?” You smiled awkwardly when he frowned. “He… started talking to me and stuff and he seems nice but I don’t know.”


“He’s a ass (Y/N).” Scott assured you.


“So if he asked me out on a date I should say no?” You asked quietly and Scott nodded.


“Avoid him, like cross country avoid him.” Scott said as he shouldered his bag and headed to the locker rooms. “You sticking around for our practise?”


“Yeah, see you on the field.” You called back.

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Jealous Part 3

Part One   Two

Warning: Almost smut

Notes: This is the final part… of book one! Book two is coming out on Wednesday! My own masterlist is coming out tomorrow!

Tags: @thefandomplague @amylillian22 @wheres-mccall (pls comment if you want to be tagged in the next book too :))

You woke up the next day, feeling the warmth of someone beside you. You turn your head to see Liam cuddling with you and sleeping. You gently touch his face, trying to not wake him up. He stirs a bit, snuggling closer to you, before opening his eyes.

“Good morning.” You whisper. He smiles.

“Good morning.”

“Did you sleep well?” He nods. 

“Your bed is really comfortable.” 

“You’re so cute when you sleep.” Liam blushes. His heart beat quickens and he suddenly gets up.

“Where are you going?” 

“I, ah, got to go home and get ready for school.” You get off your bed.

“Wait stay, you can borrow Scott’s clothes.”

“No thanks. I had a good time last night. Thank you.” he says before rushing out. A part of you felt sad that he left you. You wanted him to stay longer. You sigh as you get ready for school.

Outside your house, Liam felt stupid by leaving you in there like that. He could have given you an explanation. But he panicked. His heart beat quickened and at the moment he figured out why everything was happening the way it was. He was falling in love with you. And he was supposed to hate you. 

Scott had offered to give you a ride to school that day.

“I rather ride Stiles’ jeep, instead of your motorcycle.” You teased your brother. He frowned.

“Okay I’m joking. I love you.” Scott smiles again before giving you your helmet.

“What did you do after I walked in on you and Liam kissing?”

“I showed him some pictures of when we were little. And we weren’t kissing! We were just extremely close to each other!”

“Yup, that’s a totally good explanation. He stayed over right?”


“And did you guys do anything…?”

“No we just cuddled.” Scott made his ‘awh otp’ face as he parks in the school parking lot.  

“Speaking of Liam, there he is! Hey Liam!” Scott shouts. Liam looks in your direction, spots Scott and waves. But surprisingly, once his eyes lands on you, his expression changes and he looks away. 

“Well, that was weird.” He says as the two of you enter the school building. 

“yea yea, bye Scott.” You wave goodbye at him as you split ways. When you enter class, Liam was not at his usual seat, beside you. It was Corey.

“Corey, what are you doing here?”

“Learning.” He says sarcastically. You laugh.

“Of course you are.”

“By the way, the chimera pack are going to the Eichen house to ‘save lydia’ today.” You nod.

“Weird, why would you guys want a banshee?”

“I don’t know, ask Theo. You’re the only one who can talk to him like he’s a person.” You giggle.

“Then how do you guys talk to him?”

“I’m scared of him.” You laugh loudly. 

“Cor, you’re the greatest friend ever. Mason is lucky to have you.” You pack him on the back before turning your attention to the teacher who had just come in. 

“Thanks. I’m gonna ruin your mood, but Liam forced me to sit here. Not that I mind.” You frown and look at where Liam was sitting. 

“Mr. Dunbar, please move back to your regular seat, please.” The teacher sees the change in seating. Liam groans and gets up. 

“See ya.” Corey whispers as he gets up too. Liam takes the seat beside you. 

“hey Li.” You whisper as the teacher starts teaching. You got no reply from him.

Liam weakened at the sound of your voice, but he couldn’t dare look at you. He couldn’t fall in love with someone like you. He was way out of your league. And he thought you were in love with Theo. 

He was wrong.

The past few days have been torture for you. Not only have your teachers have been giving you assignments, but Liam has been avoiding and ignoring you. You gave up on trying to talk to him as he just wouldn’t answer you. You talked to everyone but him. However, somewhere in your heart, you wanted to talk to Liam again. 

You listened to your heart for once and followed Liam after school. He went to lacrosse practice and you sat at the bleachers, pretending you were studying and watching your brother. With your presence, Liam just kept failing. After practice, you waited outside the locker room. When a lot of the boys left. You stood in front of the door. You hesitated for a bit

Finally, after 5 minutes of hesitation, you, confidently, enter the boys locker room, and thankfully, nobody other than Liam was in there. You find your way towards Liam to realize that he’s shirtless. Liam senses your presence and tenses up.

“Hey Liam. Have you been avoiding me lately?” You say, looking anywhere but his back. His muscular back

“I don’t know, have you been ignoring me lately?” He snaps.

“What the f*ck? Why the f*ck are you snapping at me?” You counter snap back.

“Why do you care? Don’t you have someone else to talk to? Like Theo? The one who tried to kill your brother?”

“Are you jealous?” You ask without thinking.

“NO. I’M NOT JEALOUS OF YOU.” Liam yells.

“God, Liam you don’t have to yell.” He turns around to face you, revealing his toned body. You blush and quickly look away from his abs. 

“How do you not understand?” He asks quietly.

“I don’t understand you! I mean, all we did was kiss twice and you’ve been avoiding me ever since! What’s going on? You haven’t spoken to me or insulted me in weeks! I miss making fun of you, and I miss it when you make fun of me! I miss you!”

“That’s the problem! We kissed twice and you act like nothing ever happened. Like you didn’t feel anything from it. Like it wasn’t a big deal! Well, It’s a big deal to me. How could you not see that I’m f*cking in love with you but you’re always with him!” You jaw drops as what he just said. Liam puts on a shirt. Liam was in love with you? Then you realized something. You feel the same way. You open your mouth to say something but he interrupts you.

“I get it, you don’t like me. You’re in love with Theo, just like when you were little. I hope you’re happy with him. Because I will never be.” He says before storming off, leaving you speechless. Tears formed in your eyes as he slam the door behind you. 

After a while, you left the locker room sadly and bumped into Theo.

“Princess? What are you still doing here? Have you been crying?” He asks. 

“Liam… is in love with me. And he thinks I’m in love with you.”

“And you’re not?”

“I mean I like you, as a friend. I think you’re cute. But-”

“I like you Y/n. I like you a lot. But I don’t want to lose you for a third time. So I’m not gonna fight for your love. I’m gonna let you go. I don’t want our friendship to be ruined.” He says, smiling sadly.

“I understand.”

“And I’m guessing you figured out that you feel the same way about Liam as he does to you?” You nod.

“He went straight to assumptions. I’m pretty sure he hates me now.”

“Oh come here. He will never hate you. You’re Y/n McCall. Sister of Beacon Hills’ true Alpha.” He hugs you. 

“Can I stay over tonight?” You mumble. 

“of course Princess. Pick you up at 8.” 

From across the hallway, Liam Dunbar watches the two of you hug. He was right. You were in love with Theo, or so he thought.

“Scott I’m going to Theo’s!” You yell from your room.

“No! Tomorrow’s the plan day.” He yells back.

“Do whatever you want, but don’t hurt T too much!” You yell back at him before walking out of your room.

“Fine stay safe!” Scott hesitantly yells back. You leave and get into Theo’s truck. 

“Any problems?” Theo asks, referring to Scott. You shake you head.

When you guys reached his house, You quickly ran up into the bedroom, falling onto his comfortable bed. You came by once a week to cuddle and talk. 

“Babe, Cuddles?” Theo asks, once he made it up to the room. You nod. Theo gets into position and you lay on his shoulder.

“This might be our last cuddle day together.” You whisper. 

“I know. That’s we have to hold each other tightly for the rest of the night.” You turn around to face him. 

“No matter what happens tomorrow, I’m still going to love you and you’re still gonna be my best friend.” Your eyes flicker down to his lips

“God I love you Y/n.” He states before his lips touch yours. It moved in sync. He bit on your lower lip, causing you gasp and allowing his tongue to wander around your mouth. His hands made it down from your hips down to your thighs. He played with the hem of your pants. Your hands traveled down his chest to the end of his shirt, pulling it up. He followed you and took off his shirt. 

“God you’re beautiful.” He mumbles out as he pulls down your pants, kissing your neck.

“God, T, You’re so handsome.” You moan back. Theo has found your weak spot and continuously sucks on it, making you moan.

“I know you don’t want to do it, But can we at least cuddle naked?” He asks. You nod. He pulls up your shirt and you help him take it off. Your hands travel to his pants, unzipping them and pulling them down with the help of him. He falls back on the back and you turn to face him.

“You have no idea how much of a boner you’ve given me.” He smirks. You smile.

“I love you T, and if anything happens tomorrow, I’ll miss you.” You say kissing his nose. 

“I’ll miss you too.” He says, kissing your lips. A tear falls out of his eyes and you wipe it away. Theo wraps his arms around you, and for the last time, you fell asleep in Theo Raeken’s arms.

Down in the bushes outside the house, hid Liam Dunbar again. He listened into your entire conversation, including the kissing. He could prove it now. You were completely in love Theo and he knew it. But he still got it wrong. (why is liam being a stalker?)

“God oh God Lydia.” You say as your mom injects the needle into Lydia’s wound. Liam faints on the floor beside you. You glance at Scott who is quick to pick Liam up. You follow your brother and help Liam up. The injection has finished and the five of you head out the hospital, you supporting Lydia. Scott gives something to Stiles. He walks off. 

In the tunnels, you were behind everyone. Water was spreading on the floor. Liam notices and jumps, pushing Lydia to safety but forgetting about you. Just as the water touches your shoe, you are shoved away.

“Y/n. Stay out of the way.” Theo says before pulling Lydia up and into an opening. Scott manages to catch her but Theo stabs him with kanima venom, and he lets go. The sound of the beast comes down the hallway and around the corner, right in front of you. The beast pushes you out of the way, stabbing you in the process. You groan in pain as you fall down against the wall. The sound of you screaming in pain, causes Theo to lose concentration of what he was doing. The beast pushed him away and a big bad werewolf named Deucalion came by and broke his neck. Recovering, Liam comes and helps you up.

“You lied to me.”

“That’s right.” Deuc says. He starts to walk away with Scott, but he gets shot down by Gerard. Chris and Gerard exchange a few words. You look at Theo.

“Babygirl, I love you.” He mouths. You pull away from Liam and kiss Theo.

“I love you too T.” You whisper as Liam pulls you away with force, causing you tumble back. Scott catches you and glares at Liam. You see that Scott is now carrying the cane

“Liam, be careful!” Liam rolls his eyes and puts his arm around your waist to support you while blood oozes out of your cut. You look at Liam.

“Stop looking at me.” He snaps, You flinch at the sound of his voice. After a while, Sebastian bumps into the three of you, quickly noticing the cane Scott was holding.

“Excuse me, I think that belongs to me.” He reaches out to grab it, but Scott steps back. Sebastian lands his eyes on you and your injury and he walks towards you and Liam. Liam’s grip tightens. As the beast raises his claws to stab you again. Liam wolfs out to protect you. You fall on the floor and get to a safer place. You sit there watching Scott and Liam attacking the beast but failing miserably. After a few knock downs, Sebastian manages to grab hold of Scott’s neck, choking him. His claws stab the back of his neck. There is a sudden pause.

“Marie-Jeanne?” The beast mumbles out, losing his grip on Scott so he can escape. At that moment, Kira and Lydia walk in.

“Mason!” She shouts. Sebastian turns towards Lydia and starts to become beast form.

“I think you should try a little bit louder.” Kira states.

“MASON!!” Lydia’s banshee scream hits the beast and Mason falls out of the blue. Corey, becoming visible, catches him. The rest of the beast travels down the hallway, into a flaming Parrish.

“Scott!” Parrish shouts as he stabs the beast. Scott Quickly grabs the cane and throws it like a javelin, right into the beast.

“Is everyone okay?” Scott asks, still in his werewolf form.

“Not everyone.” Theo shouts from somewhere. Everyone except you gathers. Kira quickly runs in front with her kitsune eyes. Theo shoots out a lighting bolt but Kira absorbs it with her sword.

“The skin walkers have a message for you. Your sister wants to see you.”  Kira says, in her kitsune voice as she shoves her sword into the ground creating a hole beneath Theo. There crawled out Tara, Theo’s sister. You got up and limped towards the crowd. 

“Y/N! Y/N! Scott! Help Me!” He yells. 

“No, No No! Scott!” You yell at your brother. Scott gave you an apologetic look with his alpha eyes.

“God dammit, Theo I love you. I always will” You whisper, knowing you would be unable to save your best friend. Liam turns to looks at you and you make eye contact. For the first time, you saw pain and heartbreak in Liam’s eyes. You quickly look away to see Theo fall down and the hole closes up. A tear falls out of your eye as you make your way to where the hole use to be.

“Theo, I’m sorry.” You say. And everything else became a blur. 

“Y/N!” You hear Liam shout faintly. You collapse, but Liam catches you. 

“No, Y/n. Stay with me please!” Everything went black.

“I can’t save her.” Deaton says looking at your unconscious body

“You have to!” Liam shouts, holding your hand tightly

“The only way is if Scott bites her. Then she would heal herself.” You groan, slowly opening your eyes to the light. 

“Y/n!” Liam shouts.

“Am I dying?” You turn to see Scott. 

“Yes, but if Scott bites you, you’ll survive.” Liam says, but you continue to look at Scott. I nod at him. He puts a worried look on his face before his eyes turn red. He growls. You grip onto Liam hands but suddenly he pulls away. Scott bites you. 

Two hours later, you are fully healed and now a werewolf. You get up to find Liam. You find him at the spot. 

“Dunbar.” He turns around. Your eyes glow amber. 

“McCall.” He states before turning back and looking down at Beacon Hills.

“I want to talk to you.”

“I’m sorry we took away the love of your life.” Liam says, not looking at you. You take a seat beside him.

“The love of my life is not down in hell, He’s somewhere else.” 

“Oh so you like someone else now?” Liam says, angrily. 

“You know Li,” Liam shivers at his nickname. “I gave you a lot of hot boys from our school.” Liam clenches his fists. “I missed one, that I didn’t say, do you  remember?”

“Yes, I remember that day.”

“Well, lemme give you a hint of who this mystery boy is. He’s a werewolf. And I met him one day at my house. We never got along. All we did was make fun of each other. Maybe during that time, I fell in love with him. But I had my own boyfriend. So I thought I loved my boyfriend. Until we broke up. And then my childhood friend came back. And this mystery guy, got jealous of me hanging out with him. Fast forward, this guy had a panic attack. And I was with him. So without thinking, I kissed him. For the first time, I felt like it was perfect. I realized that I’m completely in love with him. When I kissed him, that’s when everything changed. When I kissed this guy named Liam Dunbar, that’s when everything changed.” There was silence at first, as Liam had to process what he had just listened. Then he heard it. He turns to face you. (I love stydia)

“You’re in love with me?”

“It depends, are you still in love with me?” You joke.

“Always.” He kisses you and happily, you kiss back.

“You were never in love with Theo?” He mumbles when you break apart.

“Of course not, dummie.” You poke his nose and he slaps you away. He gets up and you follow.

“I thought you guys… did… you know.” Liam awkwardly says, avoiding eye contact. You laugh

“No! We didn’t do an- Wait how do you know that?” Liam grins and starts to run away.

“Liam come back here!” You chase him until your legs were tired, which was really quick. 

“Liam Dumbar!” You say his last name wrong on purpose. He turns towards you.

“What did you just call me?”

“I said, Liam Dunbar, stop being dumbar and come kiss me.” Liam runs up to you. You jump into his arms, kissing him. 

“I love you Y/n.”

“I love you too Li.”

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We don’t believe what’s on TV - Chapter 15

<<…Chapter 9 / Chapter 10 / Chapter 11 /  Chapter 12 / Chapter 13 / Chapter 14 / Chapter 16 / Chapter 17 / Chapter 18 /  Chapter 19 /  Chapter 20…>>

Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

Tags: @kwien-cee @saoirsewhittle @standalls @anonimereader06 @shantayok @thiscuriouslymiss @dashofsunshineblog @negative-love @sarasmismyonlydefence @sharenaloveyoux @hoedorshegort  @tomlinsonlovers @brianaisasongbird @xcastawayherosx @reganf @quit-it-stilinski @captainsherlockwinchester110283 @bunnyboo10154 @pass-me-jeez-it @maddie110201 @lovelustmendes @imaginationgotmegood @5sospoplikerock

In this chapter: When I thought everything wasn’t that bad, it only grew darker.

Word count: 3765

A/N: Okay. We all know Teen Wolf time line is a little… imprecise? So I have no idea how much time there is between episodes. And that’s also why there may be mistakes, please forgive me! This chapter is focused on the reader and is between two episodes. I think it’s important since the reader is living a normal life in the world of Teen Wolf and we don’t see every thing they do in one day on the show. (Tell me if the tags are working! The gifs aren’t mine but the drawings are!)

In the end, Stiles stayed with me all night in the hospital and by miracle or just some kind of coincidence, I managed to sleep. And since I hadn’t slept for so long without nightmares, I woke up the next day so much better. I opened my eyes as I yawned, seeing Stiles sleeping in an impossible and uncomfortable position on the chair near my bed. He had been watching over me all night?

Then I realized that only a few feet from me Stiles Stilinski was asleep. His peaceful sleeping face and his half-open mouth drooling on his arm. The scene was so funny, I couldn’t help laughing, which made him wake up suddenly.

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Fading - Scott McCall

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.


Originally posted by stilinskiever

You were back in Beacon Hills. It’d only been two years but you’d cut ties with everyone. It was too painful to talk to anyone.

You walked into the restaurant, picking up your order. You’d told your mom you’d eat before you came by the house to see her. You paid and grabbed your bag turning around. You start to walk out when you see him. Your heart feels like it’s dropped to the floor. Your head hurts from all of the memories flooding back. You try to hurry out the door before he sees you.

“Y/N! Is that you?” You hear Stiles shout. You turned on your heel and gave him a small wave. “Come over here!”

You sighed and walked over, trying to avoid Scott’s gaze. Stiles stood up and hugged you. “How’ve you been?”

“Ahh..normal, I guess.” You shrug. “How’s school?” You asked him.

“I’m done! For now I’m working as a deputy…dad’s worried about me jumping right into higher government.” He rolls his eyes.

“That’s great! I’m sure he has a point, though.” You smile.

“Hey, Y/N.” Scott says quietly and you look over at him.

“Hey.” You tuck a strand of your hair behind your ear. You’re sure he can hear your heart pounding.

“Are you doing well?” He almost whispers and you nod.

“I am. Yeah. Are you?”

He shakes his head ever so slightly and looks at you, giving you the look. The look that would make you want to cry. He’d always given you that look when he was upset, or after a fight when he’d sneak into your bedroom. It was the look that made you open your arms wide for him to hold you.

It was all too much. “I should go. My mom’s waiting on me to come by..” You turn and start to walk away.

Scott grabs your arm. “Can we talk?”

“I really should go…my number’s the same.” You nod at him before leaving, your head spinning.

You barely make it to your car before he’s texted you. You get inside and unlock your phone.

Where can we talk?

You sigh and reply. I don’t really want to go anywhere. Can you just call me?

Yeah. I’ll call in about an hour.

He did. He called exactly an hour later.

“Hello?” You answered the phone, walking up to your old bedroom.

“Hey. I just..I really need to talk to you.”

You sat on your bed. We’re you crazy or did the pillow beside you smell like Scott. You exhaled loudly. “About what?”

“I’m still in love with you.” He blurted out.

“I..Scott…I just..” You sighed.

“I know I’m the one who screwed everything up, but I love you, Y/N. I’ll always love you.”

“Then why’d you do it? If you loved me then why’d you leave me?”

“I didn’t want to! I had to. If I hadn’t have left everyone would be dead. You have to understand that.”

“Except I don’t. I don’t understand because you could’ve taken me with you. We talked about getting married already, Scott. You left me without a hint of where you were going, you wouldn’t answer my calls. What was I supposed to do except feel abandoned?”

You heard him take a deep breath. “You left too! Don’t act like you were here waiting for me.”

“I left to get away from all the memories of you! I left because of you!” You felt tears sting at the corners of your eyes.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry I left. I was so scared I’d lose you, but I lost you anyway.”

“You don’t think I’m still in love with you? I’ve pushed away guys I could’ve had something with because all I could think about was your big dopey smile.” You felt a tear fall.

You heard something at your window and your heart fluttered. You hung up the phone and threw it on then bed before sliding your curtains open. There he was, that dopey smile spread on his face. You slid your window open and helped him in.

He held his arms open and you hugged him tightly. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I really am.”

“I missed you, Scotty.” You mumble into his chest.

“I’ve kept walking around town, hoping to run into you. When I saw you today…I thought I was losing my mind.” He kisses the top of your head. “You knew I was back…you had to…why didn’t you call?”

“I thought you didn’t want me anymore…and remembering how happy we were just makes the pain worse.“

“I should’ve brought you with me. You’re right.” He sighs and hugs you closer. “Do you forgive me?”

“Not completely but I think we could work on that.” You look up at him and he wipes your tears with his thumbs.

“Do-over?” He asks.

You nod. “Do-over.”

Without us?!

Pairing: Liam Dunbar x Reader

Request by anon: 

Can you do an tw imagine where you were in Scotts house when it got shot up and you’re in critical condition. And everyone is so worried and they finally tell stiles what’s going on

They tell him everything that’s going on in beacon hills, and Liam has a special connection with the reader.

Liam’s POV

I’m waiting in the hallway outside of Y/Ns room. They don’t let anyone in except family. But she doesn’t have any family. Melissa can’t help us to get in because she was shot too. I just want to see her and make sure she’s fine… A doctor comes out of her room and I jump up quickly. “How is she? Can I see her?” the woman looks at me with a weird look in her eyes.

Originally posted by james-romanoff

“I’m sorry.” Wait? She can’t be dead. No no no! “We had to put her in a coma. You can see her.” I sigh in relief. She isn’t dead. “Thank you.” I open the door. She lies in a way to big hospital bed and very much wires are attached to her. “Y/N…” I sit down next to her and take her hand. “I’m so sorry… I should have protected you…” I feel the tears burning in my eyes. It knocks on the door and Scott looks inside. “Can I come in?” I nod not taking my eyes off Y/N. “I’m sorry Liam. She’s going to be okay. My mom is okay so she will be too.” he smiles. “She is in a coma Scott!” I yell and can’t fight the tears anymore. “I can bite her if you want me to. It can kill her. But it also can save her. Oh and Stiles is coming home.” he leaves the room and I’m alone with Y/N and the beeping thing next to her bed again.

Do I really want to risk her life by letting Scott give her the bite? She said that she wants the bite if something like this would ever happen… and I need to respect her choices. I call Scott back and he sits down beside her. “Are you sure?” I nod and he takes her arm. Biting into her wrist. I look at the bite but nothing seems to happen.

A few days later

We are meeting in front of the school. Y/N is still in the coma and the bite didn’t heal yet. A blue jeep stops in front of us and Stiles jumps out. “You didn’t think you could do this without me?!” he looks at us with a serious look on his face. At least he tried. “Without us?” a man comes from the other side of the jeep.

Originally posted by xxantwnia

“Derek?!” everybody stares at him. “Why didn’t we think of Derek before?” Scott murmurs taking Malias hand. His phone starts ringing. “We need to get to the hospital. Now. Something is happening.” we jump into Stiles jeep and he drives to the hospital as fast as he can. When we arrive I run to Y/Ns room. She is looking around confused.

“Liam!” she wants to get up but I am by her side before she can. I hug her and she wraps her arms around me. “I’m so happy that you woke up.” I say while crying. “Shhh don’t cry. What happened?” I release her and sit down beside her. “Yeah what happened guys?” Stiles crosses his arms. “Gerard took over Beacon Hills and wants to kill every supernatural creatures. Everybody got shot during an attack on Scotts house. Scott and Malia are dating. Y/N is a werewolf now” I sumarize. “And you didn’t think about calling me?!”


Allison Martin-Stilinski x Lydia x Stiles

“Mommy get up I’m ready for my hair to be tied up.” The sweet voice sang sharply from the other side of the door.

“Why’s she up so early.” Stiles groaned and rolled over, sliding his arm around Lydia’s waist.

“Because you promised her that the first day of the holidays she could be your super junior deputy, also she’s six, she has no accurate concept of time.” Lydia sighed and they both pretended to be asleep as the door slowly creaked open.

“Mommy?” The little whispered came with several gentle taps on Lydia’s arm before the girl rounded the bed and frowned. “DADDY!” This cry was followed by a belly flop onto Stiles who grunted and quickly caught the girl before she could topple off the bed.

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I Had To Do It (Pack imagine)

Originally posted by theoraken

Request: Could you do a fic where something happens to mysteriously turn their eyes to blue and Liam and the rest of the pack are curious? Again I’m horrible at making these but I love your work!

Warning(s): bad words, fluff, sad & mentions of cancer

The whole pack was at Derek’s old loft training.

I was fairly new to the pack, but I met Derek when he had came to help us.

Derek had left once again and told us we could use it, and Scott wanted us to train.

“(Y/N), Liam. You two next” Scott ordered.

Liam and I stepped into the middle of the room and got into our stances.

We both withdrew our nails and Scott yelled, “Go!”.

Liam ran straight towards me and I moved out of the way, he quickly spun around and tackled me to the floor.

He sat on top of my waist and held my hands down.

I took my knee and kneed his butt making him go forward, I turned on my side and put my right leg across his chest and my left leg near his ankle.

I scissor-swept him, which resulted in him being on his back and I was pinning him down.

Liam pushed me back and I stumbled but gained my balance rather quickly.

He slashed me across my stomach and I growled in pain.

He went in to do a bear hug and trap me but I kicked him and he fell back.

I quickly sat on top of his chest and held his wrists down again and he struggled.

I glowed my eyes at him to let him know I won and he froze. I got up and helped him up, “What?” I asked.

“Your eyes” He started, “They’re blue”.

Everyone around us looked at me and started to walk towards us.

“Looks like (Y/N) isn’t so innocent” Theo smirked, “Shut up” I grumbled.

I looked down at my feet as Scott started to walk towards me.

“(Y/N), what happened to your eyes?” Scott questioned.

“What did you do?” He whispered.

I took a deep breathe and breathed out, “I had to do it”.

“Do what?” Malia interrogated.

“I killed my best friend” I answered and they all looked shocked.

“S-she had gotten cancer and it was bad” I started, “She made me promise her that if it gets worse than what it is, to put her out of her misery because she doesn’t want to suffer” I cried.

“I couldn’t stand to see her suffer, she was hurting so much and it killed me. I’I tried to take her pain a couple of times but she said it didn’t help much. The day came where I could just see the life being drained out of her and I had to do it because I promised her and I don’t break my promises” I explained into further detail.

Their faces all soften as they realize it wasn’t because I wanted to do it, but because I promised someone I would do it to end their suffering.

“I-I’m sorry” I croaked and wiped my eyes.

“No, it’s okay. Shh we got you” Scott spoke and they all hugged me.

“Do you hate me?” I asked.

“No, we don’t hate you” Stiles added and they continued to hug me.

Take a Hint *smut*

Detention part 3

Part 1 Part 2

A/N here’s the last part of Detention, I hope ya’ll like it! Let ya girl know whatchya think(: -Er

Originally posted by itsagirlthingbae

“Stiles, have you completely lost your mind?” you giggled as Stiles ushered you into the nearest empty classroom. As soon as he shut the door and turned the lock, he attacked your neck with open mouthed kisses, pushing you back against a desk. You hauled yourself up and pulled Stiles to stand between your legs. Your fingers intertwined in Stiles’ hair as he ran his hands slowly up and down your thighs.

“What can I say, I just can’t help myself,” he smirked into the kiss, moving his lips back to your neck, lightly sucking on your sweet spot just below your ear.

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Runner-Up//Allison Argent & Liam Dunbar

So I’m going to fudge the numbers here a bit, and make it as if Allison is still around when Liam is.

Characters: Allison Argent, Chris Argent, Liam Dunbar, Scott McCall, Reader.


“Goddamnit, Allison! I can’t do this! I can’t be a hunter like you!” You sigh as you bury your face in your hands.

“Hey..” She hugs you and you sigh. “You can. Trust me, it took me awhile, but you can. It might take a bit longer because dad isn’t teaching you, but you can do it. I promise.”

“Do you want to stop with the bow for now? Maybe we could try knives.”

You nod and follow her to the knife set she’s laid out for you. “Here try these.” She holds them out to you and you take them. She adjusts your hands around the base. “If you hold them this way, you get an advantage over whoever you’re attacking.”

“Like this?” You show her and she nods. “Here, try on this.” She holds a dummy up in front of you. “Always swing up, it drives everything upward, which causes more damage.”

You follow her advice, swinging upward with a grip on the base. “That was perfect.” She glances at the clock. “Dad will be home soon. Homework time.”

The both of you rush to put your things away before running to your respective bedrooms. You and Allison had been faking being upset with your father. He’d forbade you from seeing Scott’s pack, but you both did anyway. Pretending to be mad forced him to give you space, therefore giving you time to practice.

He always planned on training you, but after your mother died he’d had a change of heart. It was too late for Allison, but he hadn’t even begun lessons with you. You suffered the consequences, but luckily your sister was there to help.

He knocks on your door but you don’t look up. “I know you and your sister are still shunning me, but I brought home Chinese. I’ll leave it on the table. I’m going to head to bed so I love you.” He says before heading down the hall to his room.

You wait for the door to close before running back downstairs with Allison. “Did he get extra fortune cookies?” Allison asks as she grabs plates. You dig in the bag and nod. “What about egg rolls?”

Extra egg rolls.” You smirk and she grins.

“We’ll eat and we can split up.” She whispers and you nod.

You both shovel down your food before splitting up, you to Liam’s and her to Scott’s.

You arrive and knock on his window, the smile the spreads across your face gives you butterflies. He opens the window and lets you in. “I’m guessing you want to talk?” He smiles.

You nod, “I’m struggling. I need a pep talk.”

“Well, the doctor is in session. What’s up?” He lays back on his bed and you sit beside him, the soft beats coming from the stereo on his dresser making you feel at home.

“I’m never going to be as good as Allison is. I can’t talk to her about it because she’s my sister and has to say nice things, and I can’t talk to my dad about it because he doesn’t know.” You sigh.

He plays in your hair, “I think you’re great.”

“You’re biased, Dunbar.”

“No, I just genuinely think you’re great.” He smiles.

You sigh, “She’s like a goddess with a bow and arrow and I can’t even aim straight.”

“Okay, so don’t specialize in a bow and arrow. Try…guns? Or knives? Are you good with knives?”

“I guess. We worked on it some today.”

“Well, there you go.” Liam nods.


Your dad was out running errands so you had the house to yourself. You practiced in the basement, stabbing upward like Allison said. You missed her, you never knew you could miss someone so much. Your dad had an even tighter rein on you now, you wish you could just run free.

You were supposed to be helping Scott on a mission in the upcoming week, so you were training like crazy.

You pick your phone up and call Liam, “Hey, do you think you could come over? I need help training.”

“I don’t know what I could do, but I’m already out the door.”

“Thanks, babe.”

“No problem.”

You hang up and pick up your bow, aiming for the large target on the wall. You miss the huge red circle in the middle on every shot. You were hopeless without Allison.

Liam came in through the basement door, he read the frustration on your face. “What? What’s wrong?”

“I can’t do it Liam! I want this so bad, you have no idea.”

“Hey..” He walks over and puts his drink and keys down, pulling you into his arms. “You can do anything. No, I’m not saying that because I’m your boyfriend, I’m saying it because I believe in you.”

“You swear?” You pout him.

“I pinky-swear.” He extends his pinky to you.

“Woah, you’re breaking out the big guns.” You smile as you take his pinky.

You were supposed to stand back in the trees and shoot at the wolves attacking the pack. You weren’t sure what they looked like, but you knew what to do. You see them surround Scott and you think back to what Allison taught you.

“Pluck it. Like…that one stray hair above your eyebrow that grows way too far up. Gently, but with a good grip.”

You adjust your grip, piercing one of the wolves in the back. He falls to the ground and you pat yourself on the back.

You continue the shooting frenzy, missing some shots but acing most.

You feel a cool sensation spread across your body, numbing you to your core. A werewolf had snuck up behind you and stabbed you, leaving the large knife in your chest. You fall to the ground, breathing heavily.

“Y/N!” Liam shouts. He sounds like he’s underwater. He runs over to you, holding you in his arms. You let tears fall, looking up at Liam. Your life would end the same way as Allison’s. He looks around frantically before leaning over and biting your shoulder.

“Liam, what the hell did you just do?” Scott shouts, running over to the two of you.

“I-I don’t know…I panicked. Oh my God, I just bit my girlfriend.” He starts to hyperventilate.

“Hey, we’ll figure this out.” Scott nods at his beta. He pulls the knife out of you slowly, making you wince.

“I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” He whispered over and over. He laid with you until you healed, the sun already coming up.

“Liam…” You look up at him.

“What is it?” He holds you close.

“I need to go home. I need to tell me dad.” You mumble.

“Let me drive you..” He helps you up. “Are you okay?”

“I’m better…but I’m also a werewolf, so…”

He sighs, “I’m sorry.”

“Let me just talk to my dad…then I can figure this all out.” You nod.

You insist that Liam doesn’t come in, his life could quite literally be in danger if your father caught sight of him after you tell him what happened.

“Dad?” You open the front door.

“In here!” He calls from his office. “You look like hell.” He observes.

You sit in a chair in front of him. “I need to talk to you.”

“What? Are you pregnant?” He says nonchalantly.

“No…I um..I’m a werewolf?”

“What?” That caught his attention.

You nod. “How did this happen?” He puts the papers in his hand down.

“I um…Allison was training me to hunt.”

“What? What else are you hiding from me?”

“Dad, listen…she was training me because you didn’t. I was with Scott and I was helping fight..I got stabbed, and I was going to die…Liam bit me to save me.”

“That doesn’t make it any better! Do you know how this family works? Code says whoever turns has to die! This is why your mother died!”


He sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “Come here.” He waves you over.

“What?” You’re taken aback.

“Come here.” He opens his arms to you.

“Are you…going to kill me?” You step forward.

“Of course not. I never should’ve killed your mother and I won’t kill you.” He hugs you. “In fact, I’ll even teach you to fight.”

“What? Why?”

“Because everything I shielded you from found its way to you anyhow. I realize now that not training you was a mistake.” You look shocked as he talks. “Look, just be happy I’m not trying to kill your boyfriend.

"Thank you, dad.”

“No, thank Allison.”

NO okay but LISTEN!

Anyone who knows me knows that all I wanted from this finale was a fucking Scerek hug. I would’ve been satisfied with just a simple “it’s good you’re back” pat on the back.


For like that one moment, no one else existed but Derek Hale to Scott McCall!


Teen Wolf Imagine: Scott Can't Shift Back


Request: Scott goes full wolf (like the animal) and can’t change back.

Response: I got this request before I had the ask box open, so I got it through messaging. Sorry that it’s taken so long for me to do.

Also, I’m pretty sure I saw another imagine account do this prompt, so I think the person who sent it just wanted to see how different accounts write the story. Which is cool☺️💛🌙


I sighed as I opened up a small box full of pictures from when Scott and I were young. We had been best friends for a very long time. We met back in preschool, before he was even a werewolf. A tear drop fell from my eye and splattered on the picture. Isaac sat next to me, putting his arm around me to comfort me, though tears were falling from his eyes as well.

Today was supposed to be graduation day.. The day we all finally got to leave high school and go to collage together. Sadly, we all knew it was hopeless. Scott had been missing for 6 months. Nobody wanted to admit it.. That he was probably dead.

“Isaac, I miss Scott so much.” I cried out, hugging Isaac tightly. “He’s our best friend.. Or.. He was..”

“Hey!” He snapped. “Don’t.. Don’t think like that.” Isaac tried to sound strong though his voice wavered.

We were interrupted when a sad Melissa McCall entered the room. She immediately noticed our tears and sighed.
“I miss him too,” she said, closing her eyes for a moment. “But I was just thinking, is it possible that.. No it’s too crazy.”

“What? Is what possible? Tell me!” I responded immediately. She handed me a newspaper and walked out of the room quickly. She seemed like she was about to cry. I opened the newspaper and scanned all the articles. The top page was about a missing boy named Scott McCall. The next page had ads. The page after that.. Wolf found in Beacon hills being transported to a wildlife reserve.

“It’s not Scott then.. He isn’t able to shift to a full wolf yet.” Isaac sighed.

“Yeah… But it could be a werewolf that got caught while still in their werewolf form. We have to save them. It’s what Scott would do.” I said.

Soon we were at a large building with a ton of wire fence around it. This was where they kept wild animals needed for studying, or animals too dangerous to be roaming free. In this case, it was a wolf. The article said that they wanted to make sure the wolf got out of California and into a wildlife preserve where there were other wolves.

“Are you sure it’s a werewolf?” I asked, looking at Isaac worriedly. He nodded, and we walked around the side of the building. I thought this would be harder. It wasn’t hard at all. Two people were putting a very, very dark chocolate brown colored wolf on to a truck, then closing the door and walking away. I had no idea why they were walking away. Probably because their job was done. Well, our job was only beginning.

Isaac and I ran to the back of the truck and opened it up. The wolf was unconscious, probably on sleep medication. Isaac and I picked it up while using all of our strength. Being werewolves, we had that kind of strength.

Soon we were in the woods. Carefully, Isaac and I set the wolf down on the grass.

“Let’s go,” I said to Isaac, feeling kind of happy for the first time in awhile. We helped someone. But at the same time, I was still mourning for Scott.

The two of us began walking away, until we heard a rustle of leaves behind us.
We turned around to see that the wolf had woken up. It was staring at us with dark brown eyes.

“You can change back, can’t you?” Isaac said to the wolf, hoping it was a werewolf and that he wasn’t talking to a random animal.

The wolf made a sad sound and howled. It’s eyes glowed red. The howl sounded just like Scott’s… And his eyes…

“Scott!” I cried out, kneeling down in front of the wolf and holding his head in my hands.
“I missed you so much! What happened?”
I began crying and covered my face with my hands.

Isaac kneeled down next to me, staring at Scott with teary eyes. “Can’t you shift back?”

Scott shook his head no, and let out another sad howl.

Isaac began crying as well. After six months of not being able to find Scott, here he was. The entire time he was alone. The only people he came across just trapped him on a cage for six months, drugged him, and put him to sleep for the ride to another place. We never would have found him. We would have lost Scott for good. Now we had him back.. The only problem was that he couldn’t change back to his human form.

Hell and Silence || Chapter Three


Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Peter being an asshole

Word Count: 6,093

A/N: Yay! Chapter three! What are these feelings Derek and Vanessa seem to be having? Quite confusing, wouldn’t you say? Sorry I haven’t been active, I’ve just been working VERY HARD ON THIS FANFIC. I think it’s great, might publish to wattpad soon. 

Chapter One   Chapter Two



Scott and I must have fallen asleep on the porch, because when I woke up, I felt an arm around my shoulder and the brisk breeze of spring air against my face. My eyes fluttered open, the sunlight burning a bit. As soon as I moved, Scott woke up, his arm quickly moving from behind me. 

“We fell asleep,” I muttered, my voice scratchy. He groaned, stretching his arms.

“Yeah I can see that, Vin.” He stood, rolling his neck. “What time is it?”

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Drunken Problems//Carl Gallagher pt3

Teen wolf/shameless crossover pt3

A/N: this didn’t come out like I was hoping, hopefully you guys like it.

Warnings: mentions rape, a lot of swearing, protective Liam, fluff with carl and reader, fluffy ending with Liam and reader

Word count: 682

(Y/N)’s p.o.v

“(y/n) i think we should go back”

i looked at carl like he had two heads. “what why? don’t be a party pooper”

he sighed, “(y/n) I care about you and we’re not safe out here without protection and you being on the deadpool list”

“scott probably said that to try and get me to stay home i’m not even su-”

“(y/n)?” i turned my head around and saw liam stalking towards carl and i.

i rolled my eyes “what do you want?”

“i want you to come home, i’m sorry ok? your my little sister and it’s my job to take care of you-”

“trust me, you did a shit job at that so you can stop trying”

“(y/n) you have to see that i’m trying, when dad left you shut down on me and built your walls so high and i couldn’t get through with you so-”

“so what? so you chose to give up on me? well liam if you really did care, you would have kept trying and realized that all I wanted was for you to hold me and tell me that everything will be okay and that nothing is going to happen and that we’re going to be just fine without dad!”

by now i had tears running down my face. i hated crying but it seamed to be a thing i did a lot after almost being rapped.

“maybe you should leave her alone and let her calm down” carl said to liam.

liam only rolled his eyes “shut up gallagher if it weren’t for you, this wouldn’t be happening”

“shut up liam! ok? just shut up. i love carl and you can’t do anything about it and if you really do want to save whatever relationship we have left, then you’ll except that he is the only person that i will ever love”

liam and carl just stared at me mouth a gap.

“you don’t mean that” liam said

“you love me?” carl asked

i then realized that i had let it slip, carl and i messed around with the word when we would say it we knew it was a joke, but this time i had a serious tone and it was obvious that i meant it.

carl had been in multiple relationships before me all the girls used him, trying to get in his pants, or just use him for popularity and his money.

I knew the pain of having your heartbroken or to be used by someone you love. in my past relationships all the guys wanted the same thing-sex.

but carl was different. he didn’t want that, he wanted me. he wanted me for who i am. not just because I have a big butt or breast (which i don’t) he saw something in me and chose me. not my looks, but who I am as a person.

“you don’t have to say it back” i whispered afraid of my own voice.

carl gave me a small smile “i love you too (y/n)”

“i told you so” i turned my head in the direction of the new voice and saw malia who was smirking at liam.

“malia, i don’t have time for your shit-”

“liam whatever’s going on between you and (y/n) is none of our business so please put a sock in it and let the girl live” stiles said while slowly making his way to malia

“you guys don’t understand she’s my little sister, i care about her that’s why I’m so overprotective, it’s because i love her and I don’t want her to get hurt again”

i sniffed. maybe I should let go of he past and start a new with liam, he only had good intentions.

i walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck in an awkward manner, I hadn’t hugged him in over five months.

he slowly pulled me in closer and rested his chin on my head.

maybe giving him another chance was a step in the right direction.