i want s3. now

What I want or what I would change in season 2b/season 3
  • Clary would stop and listen to others because they are the ones who knows more
  • Fair share of screentime for the different pairings.
  • Malec having their intimate scenes without interruptions
  • Luke being a better alpha to his pack and take decisions that are better for then than just for Clary
  • Alec having more fighting scenes
  • More Magnus’ background history
  • For Simon to stop being so clingy with Clary
  • More downworlders screentime
  • Garrobane
  • Malec power battle couple
  • Magnus doing High Warlock bussiness
  • No more censorship for Malec
  • More Izzy without the drug addiction
  • Jace needs a break

Then that means that last year… Rin-san was also a MAID ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Things I need from season 3

•Black Paladin Allura

•or Black Paladin Lance

•Hunk to be fully appreciated for the wonderful, caring character he is

•More friendly banter between Keith and Lance

•Pidge to actually find their family??

•The team to acknowledge Lance’s leadership and skills!!

•Keith and Lance to have a deep talk about their insecurities and help each other out

•and then Klance becomes canon  

•For Shiro not to be dead?!


•Who was the galra from the Belly of the Weblum? Was it his mom?? Was it Prince Lotor for some reason?? What was the importance of that character???

•more about Keith’s past pls

•Flashbacks to the Garrison

•Keith and Lance to get jealous of the other when an alien flirts with them

•Some back story for my boys Lance and Hunk

•and lets not forget my man Coran (I didnt realize that rhymed until I reread it)

• bonding moments

•Klance and Shallura 

Tremontaine’s Three Queens + The Divine Comedy

inspired by (x

a traveler journeys to a nameless city ruled by three queens…

The Queen Of Heaven sits on her throne, won by charm and cunning and blood. Grand and mighty, she rules an empire built for centuries to last. Surrounded by swordsmen, lovers… the world awaits the Queen Of Heaven to conquer and rule. Believing she lives in the perfect utopia which was of her making, she is a worrisome danger.

The Queen Of Purgatory is the queen of love, as that motivates her. She’s climbing, forever it seems and facing challenges that test her pride, her wrath and her gluttony far from the land of her birth. This journey does not doom this queen, but strengthens her to become the Queen she is. She must encounter sinners and saints alike in her journey, and must make key decisions that will determine her fate.

The Queen Of Hell is a tormented soul who suffers but survives. Her story is one that is tragic and sad, and the Underworld is a twisted, warped place that is mysterious and unknown. Whilst this frightens off travelers, the Queen embraces the darkness. She accepts the rejects, the unholy, the sinners and creates a strong army out of them. Her kingdom is as fearful as is it is unlikely.


sorry, forgot to introduce myself. call me jesus. (x)

mmmmmm space animals  👀👀👀