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Johnny Mnemonic and Robert Longo ….


Bringing Together Eisenstein and Black Lives Matter, in Art

By M.H. MILLER NOV. 16, 2016

… … …

This kind of oversight would seize his experience directing his first — and, to date, only — feature film: 1995’s “Johnny Mnemonic,” a cyberpunk thriller written by William Gibson and starring Keanu Reeves. The plan was to make a kind of updated “Alphaville,” a moody, black-and-white exploration of contemporary technology. But the studio quickly stepped in, demanding numerous rewrites, complaining that the film was too dark. “William Gibson wrote ‘Neuromancer’ and basically invented cyberpunk, and here were these schmos telling him what to write,” Longo says.

As a result of continuous revisions, Reeves didn’t know what his character arc was. Meanwhile, the studio forced numerous actors on the filmmakers in order to sell the movie to different territories. One of them was Takeshi Kitano, whose schedule made him largely unavailable to shoot; another was Dolph Lundgren, who was popular in the Middle East, and about whom Longo has little to add. During filming, Reeves became a major celebrity after the success of “Speed,” and the distributor of “Johnny Mnemonic,” looking for a hit, moved the film up to a summer release and “tried to pump some more special effects and money into the movie” — while also trying to get rid of Longo. Gibson, under pressure for more rewrites, wrote a scene that became the film’s self-referential centerpiece.

“It’s a scene where Keanu is underneath this bridge and his car has just fallen and exploded,” Longo says. “And I built this hill that looked like the curve of the earth. And he gets up on this hill and gives this incredibly great tirade about how he wants room service. Basically that scene is how William and I felt about that movie. ‘I want room service!’ I want to make the movie that I want to make!” He compared his experience in Hollywood to going to the store to buy a can of paint, and realizing once he arrived home that he purchased the wrong color. “Multiply that by $20 million, and that’s what it was like.”

… … …



Okay so the situation and whatnot is obviously pretty different, but I just feel like on a really basic emotional level this video pretty much represents how I feel right now.

i've been seeing a lot of au posts for two person ships but not 3(+) person ships so here we go
  • “the ride we want to go on is three people a cart and we’d rather choose a stranger to sit with than have one chosen for us plus you look relatively not sweaty want to join us” au
  • “two people started hitting on me at this bar at the same time and they’re both hot af best night ever” au
  • “i accidentally took the seat that was between a couple because they were fighting and now i have to deal with them fuck” au
  • “i’m your waitress and i totally thought you two were dating because of the heart eyes you’re making at each other but now that i know you’re not i kinda want to ask one of you out but i also feel like you should be together because of said hearteyes” au
  • “it’s the apocalypse and we’re like the only ones still alive high five want to have celebratory sex” au
  • “accidentally got really famous overnight and now i have a manager and an agent and tbh they’re both really hot how am i supposed to cope with this” au 
  • “turns out hogwarts students only give you weird looks when you date multiple people from multiple other houses huh who knew” au
  • “there was supposed to be a party here tonight but no one showed up but us including whoever the fuck’s house this is want to see what’s in their Netflix queue” au
  • “i booked this hotel room cause i wanted some time away with my girlfriend but we ordered room service and the server who brought it up is hella hot should we ask them to join us” au
  • “we’re all in the waiting room on the delivery floor of the hospital but someone none of us are here waiting for our own kids to be born we’re all here for friends how weird is that” au
  • “we’re the only ones in this bar literally what the fuck it’s like a thursday night” au
  • “i am very drunk and flirting with multiple people because my vision is blurry enough i can’t actually tell how many of you there are” au
  • “you’re a total asshole but your girlfriend definitely isn’t” au
  • “we didn’t come to this con together but we’re all dressed as various members of a team so everybody’s making us pose together” au
  • “I WILL BEAT YOU ALL AT MARIO KART IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO also wanna make out. like. all of us. at the same time. i might be high on adrenaline but the point still stands” au


  • flight attendants au
  • tour guides au
  • con artists au
  • cop duo/helpful but curious scientist au
  • roommates au
  • group project au
  • only people aware of upcoming epidemic au
  • band au
  • i cannot stress that last one enough just like a band that is all together imagiNE THE MEDIA CONFUSION
  • owning a restaurant together au
  • TAs of same shitty teacher au
  • camp counselors that live for the confusion of the kids trying to figure out who’s with who au
  • youtubers who everyone wants to collab doing a video together to reveal they’re dating
  • parent teacher meeting au
  • waiting for a flight for 10+ hours au
  • deaf person/only people who know sign language in the whole fucking building au

Player: Dylan Strome – Arizona Coyotes

Prompt: You are suspicious of Dylan and Connor’s “Guy Time.”

Mentions: Connor McDavid

Warnings: Angst & Cursing.

Preview: “I can hear you pouting through the phone. Are you mad because you actually have to share your boyfriend?” she chuckled.

Characters: 1199 words.

The Masterlist can be found Here. 

Originally posted by smolsnakeking

You were laying on the couch of your hotel room flipping through pointless channels on the TV. You and Dylan had come to visit with Connor in Edmonton. Your phone was laying on your chest, you best friend on speaker.

“So let me get this straight you’re on vacation with your boyfriend, and you’re calling me because you’re bored?”

You sighed. “He’s out with Connor and I wasn’t allowed to go. It’s Eerie Boy Time or however, Dylan put it. Golf or some shit.”

“I can hear you pouting through the phone. Are you mad because you actually have to share your boyfriend?” she chuckled.

“I am not pouting. I’m just bored and nothing is on TV.” You groaned.

“So send Dylan a snapchat of you naked. He’ll be back in the room before you know it.”

“I am glad you are amused by this.”

She continued to laugh as you said your goodbyes and continued to aimlessly flip through the channels.

You were on episode four of say yes to the dress when you heard the hotel room door click.

“Hey Babe, I’m back.”

You looked towards the small hallway where the room was connected to the door. He poked his head around the corner.

“Your best friend isn’t very nice.”

You looked towards him scrunching your face in confusion.

He chuckled.

“I got a text message saying my girlfriend was waiting naked in my bed for me. You are neither in bed nor naked.”

You rolled your eyes making a mental note to thank her for that.

What would you like to do for dinner, my love? Restaurant or Room service?

“Well I am very invested on whether or not Cathy here finds a dress in time for her wedding and I also don’t want to change.”

“Room Service it is, now which one is Cathy?” Dylan asked picking up the room service menu.

Dylan ordered you both dinner and took his seat next to you on the couch. You cuddled into his side and took in his familiar scent, one that was way too in place for someone who had been at golf all day. You kinked your eyebrow unnoticed and decided to give Dylan a few more minutes of thinking he was going to get it past you.

After another episode of Say Yes to Dress and a few stupid comments from Dylan, your room service had arrived.

You sat across from your boyfriend as he dug into his burger. You took a bite of a French fry. “So what did guy stuff entail?” you questioned.

“Oh, just golf.”

“For eight hours?”

“You know Connor sucks.”

“You didn’t sweat at all either?”

“Guess I have good deodorant?” he quipped unsurely, you knew he was lying.

“So what were you really doing Dylan?” you asked tilting your head to the side as you took a sip of your drink.

“It’s just guy stuff Y/N.” he tried.

“Fine, I’ll just ask Connor. He will tell me.”

“He will not!” Dylan defended quickly.

“McDavid is an easy break, hate to tell you that.” You chirp with a giggle.

Dylan groaned. You reached for your phone but he stopped you.

You took another bite. “Why are you being so secretive?”

“Why are you being so nosey?” He shot back.

“Because you’re getting defensive.”

He sighed loudly, obviously annoyed. “I’m not getting defensive. It was just guy stuff like I said.”

You shook your head.

“Will you just drop it?” he tried again. You knew he was getting frustrated but that didn’t stop you. You wanted to know what he was hiding, ignoring all concerns of angering him.

“Dylan, what’s so important that you have to hide it from me?”

“This okay!” He slammed the ring box onto the small table you both were huddled around.

You felt your breathing hitch. Dylan groaned again and rubbed his hand down his face.

“Don’t worry it’s not what you think, it’s just a promise ring but it’s all the same, I was going to surprise you but you wouldn’t leave it alone.”

He stood up angrily and threw his chair back into the table, storming across the room towards the balcony.

You bit your tongue, ignoring the curiosity nipping at the back of your mind. You sighed knowing very well you had fucked up. You cleaned up from dinner and sat on the couch, Dylan needed time to cool off or it would just make things worse.

You tried your best to focus on the TV show. It did no good, it was just pictures flashing across the screen. You couldn’t hear what was going over your own thoughts swirling around your head.

You continued to glance over in Dylan’s direction watching as he stared into the skyline occasionally wringing his hands.

You finally decided enough time had passed, it had only been 15 minutes but it felt like years.

You slowly pulled the door open trying to be quiet but Dylan glanced up at you the moment you stepped out.


“Hi” he answered slowly looking back down on his hands.

“I’m sorry Dylan, I let my doubts control my actions and I should have just let it go.” You said quietly looking down at your own hands as you sat down.

You heard him get up from his seat, you thought he went to go inside still upset with you. What you didn’t expect is him kneeling in front of you lifting your head to look at him.

“Doubts? Baby. What did you think? You know I would do nothing to hurt you. Ever.”

You nodded as he wiped the new tears gracing your cheeks. “I know baby. I just can’t help it sometimes.” You sniffled.

He brought you into his chest and you wiped a few more tears.

“Any chance we just pretend that didn’t happen, I didn’t look at whatever is in that box, I’ll even act surprised…” you tried.

Dylan offered you a chuckle in return. “Come with me you, dork.”

He grabbed your hand and pulled you back into the room. He led you to the table, grabbing the lone ring box.

“Babe I got you this promise ring, to remind you that I will always love you and no matter what doubts your silly little mind might come up, I will always be here. And one day, I am going to marry you, putting all those doubts to rest, well for the most part.

Dylan opened the ring box to reveal the most gorgeous ring. Dylan pulled the ring from the box and placed it upon your finger. He wiped the new happier tears from your cheeks.

“I love you Dylan, God I love you., God I love you.” You took his face in your palms and kissed him.

He kissed you back and chuckled.

“You better call Connor and tell him you liked it! He was very persistent on this one actually.”

You giggled as you both facetimed your boyfriends other half.

Fitting rooms are not optional!
  • Guest: Can I just have my daughter try these on here, since your fitting rooms are all the way in the back corner of the store? I don't feel like going all the way back there.
  • [child in question is eleven]
  • Me: No.
  • Guest: But she's wearing underwear!
  • Me: All guests are expected to use the fitting rooms in order to avoid making the other guests uncomfortable.
  • Guest: Is this making you uncomfortable?
  • Me: ... Well, yeah.
  • Guest: You're terrible, and this is completely unreasonable! I want to speak to a manager!

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imagine being with Harry last night in his hotel room and give him massages because he did so well on today show and then the happy ending

His pink suit would be pushed off his body and slung over the back of the vanity chair of the hotel room, his shirt in a puddle on the floor, socks balled up and pushed into his boots and tucked under the table, his body clad in nothing but his boxers. Laid on his front, feet hanging over the end of the bed, arms folded with his cheek pressed against his forearm, lips puckered up. The missus would be lathering her hands with a beautifully smelling massage oil, her skin glowing under the gentle light coming from the bedside switched on. The sky, outside, painted blues and pinks and oranges as the sun set for the day.

“Do you want anything ordered before I start? I can get room service to bring some food? I can schedule it for an hour?” She’d ask, dragging a finger up one of his calves, “they’ve got a delicious spaghetti carbonara. I ordered some yesterday lunch time when you were out.”

“Hmmm,” he’d mumble, shaking his head, “m’not that hungry right now. I’ve been too excited for this.”

“It’s just a massage, you silly thing,” she’d giggle, and hitch a leg over his waist, straddling his hips and situating herself at the back of his thighs. The fuzz-covered skin tickling at her smooth legs, “you did really good today, you know? I’m really proud of you, Peaches. So incredibly proud of you. You rocked that stage like a proper rockstar. It was yours,” she’d grin, starting to knead her fingers into the muscles between his shoulder blades and at the base of his neck.

“Hmm. I’m glad you could come here with me,” he’d moan out softly, humming in delight at the feeling of his knots undoing in his spine, “wouldn’t want anyone else comin’ with me. Love it when you join me. My good luck charm, yeh know that?”

“I have to come and support you,” she’d coo, working her way down his spine and grinning when moans and sighs of delight rolled from his throat, “you’re my fiancé. Besides, I love New York. It’s beautiful. I love coming here with you.”

“You’re too amazing,” he’d chuckle, looking over his shoulder to look at her through the corner of his eye, “sometimes, I sit down, at nights mainly, and wonder what my life would be like if you never came along. F’you never spilt your coffee on me, I probably wouldn’t have stopped to talk to you,” he’d admit, chuckling softly when she gave him a soft swat and moved away from his body, allowing him to roll over onto his back.

“I think I would have been too nervous to talk to you, just to start conversation,” she’d smile, straddling his waist again and reaching for his hand, starting to work through the specific places he was prone to getting cramps, “but, I’m quite glad I had that embarrassing encounter with you. Even if I did ruin your new shoes.”

“They’re clean now,” he’d laugh, “but, thank you. Because your clumsiness got us here today.”

“That would make an excellent toast at the wedding,” she’d giggle, running her fingers over his bare hands, rings set on the bedside table, “people would love that.”

“Gemma gets a kick out of it every time the story gets brought up. She’s in hysterics when she or someone else brings up what happened,” he’d smile, lacing his fingers through hers and pull her towards him, “can we cancel drinks with Emi and Adam tonight? I just really want to stay in with you and sleep before we fly home tomorrow. Oh, and I really want to make love to you,” he’d murmur, her body falling upon his in the softest manner, his arm snaking around her waist.

She’d nudge her face into his neck and nod, inhaling his scent and humming softly, “Mm-hm. I think they’ll understand why.” xx

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Sooo..... in light of all the music video pictures, I think you should give us a sneak peak into what it would be like for Elena to be there with him. No pressure. But feel free to put a little pep in your step with this one. Love you 😘

It’s A Sign of the Times

Elena shivered and pulled her jacket closer around her shoulders.  After an hour of trying to tame her hair in the wind she finally gave up and pulled back into a tight ponytail.  She lifted her head to smile when she heard the first notes of Harry’s single “Sing of the Times” start to play over the loud speakers.  She loved this song, it was like the warm blanket she desperately needed while standing in this field, freezing her ass off while she watched him film the video.

“You cold, Love?”  She heard Lou Teasdale’s high pitched voice behind her.

Elena nodded,

“Yes.  Does the weather always suck like this?”

Lou laughed,


Elena gestured to the brush and bottle of gel in her hand,

“Is any of that actually working in this wind?”

“No.”  She started, “But I like to make myself useful.”

Elena looked up just as the helicopter lifted Harry hundreds of feet into the air.  She smiled, watching as he widened his arms out and bent one leg causing him to look quite like Peter Pan.  Lou shivered next to her,

“Don’t know how you can watch that.  Love of your life dangling from a string like that?  Makes me wanna vomit, if I’m bein’ honest.”

Elena smiled, shaking her head gently,

“I don’t mind it.  He loves it up there.”  She added as she watched his huge dimpled grin spread across his rosy cheeks.

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Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe:

Part 1 (Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole)

Part 2 (The Tres Spades)

Part 3 - The King, The Prince, and the Lion

I’ll admit that “game” Eisuke had always turned me off. I found him far too arrogant for my liking and borderline abusive in his behavior towards the MC.

However, standing in front of the “real” Eisuke Ichinomiya, I finally got what all the fuss was about.

Unlike the others, Eisuke was far more handsome than his sprite ever let on. In our world, there’s no way he would ever have been a hotel mogul - he was far too beautiful for that. He would have been given a reality show like the Kardashians, and toured the world making appearances at clubs, all the while promoting his male skin care line or clothing brand.

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Wish You Were Here

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: Your high school sweetheart moves back into town, and you reconnect for the first time since college.  You both have gone your separate ways, but a series of events places you back in each others lives.

A/n: Tagging is open! sorry if this sucks :/

WYWH MasterList

You lay in your bed in your hotel room.  The journey to Fiji and the few days that you spent out of communication with everyone was peaceful for you and full of reflection.  But since speaking with your friends and Bucky you felt nothing but loneliness.   You sit outside your little cabana that sat above the crystal clear water, your feet moving in the water.  All you could do now was wait.

After a long day of sitting by the water and having dinner, you headed in for bed.  You tried to focus on reading your book but it was no use.  Bucky is all that filled your mind.  Here you were in paradise and you weren’t enjoying yourself at all.  Tucking yourself in for the night you focus all your energy on falling asleep and getting through the next few days.

It was around 2 am the following night, when the gentle touch of fingers running through your hair woke you.  Stretching slightly before opening your eyes, you take in the form in front of you,  Bucky.   He looked amazing but exhausted.  You sit up quickly and throw your arms around him.  Bucky lets out a deep chuckle returning your hug eagerly.

“I guess you really did miss me huh Sweets?”  You let out a laugh and pinch him slightly.  After he lets out a yelp you giggle.

“Sorry, just had to make sure you were real.  I’ve dreamed about this since I sent you that email.”

Bucky moves back and takes himself out of your arms.   You let out a sound of displeasure which causes him to grin at you.  Picking his bag up off the floor he places it in the closet after pulling out some clean clothes.

“I’m gonna go shower. Get back to bed sweets, I’ll join ya in a few.”  You bite your lip watching his movements as if he would disappear if you looked away.

“No just come lay with me, you just got here.”  You give him a pout.  The same pout you gave him when he use to tell you he had to go to baseball practice.

“Don’t go making that face at me Y/n!  I just spent 30 hours on a plane to get here and I smell awful.  I just want to shower and feel clean before getting into bed with my girl.”  He fixes you with a stern look that has you giggling at him.

He grabs his clothes, kissed you briefly on the lips and heads to the bathroom, while the sound of the shower lulls you into dreamland once again.

You don’t know when Bucky returned to bed, but when you woke the next morning your face was pressed to his chest, he arms locking you to him.  Moving away slightly you take in his features.  Running your hand through his hair, you kiss the stubble along his jawline.  You feel him stirring under your kisses and pull back to watch him.  He smiles the minute his eyes meet yours.

“I haven’t slept this good since the last time we were together.”  Bucky kisses your lips softly before stretching and releasing you from his grasp.

“I am gonna order some room service any idea what you want?” You move off the bed and sit on the chair in front of the little desk in the room, flipping through the menu.

“You.”  You look up from the menu, your eyes meeting his and give him a smile.  Bringing the menu with you, you rejoin him in the plush bed.

“You already have me silly.  I meant what did you want to eat.  You’re going to be useless all day today, your body has to get use to the 16 hour time difference.”  You hand him the menu and wait for him to decide.

Laying on his stomach he places the menu on the pillow in front of him and scans it carefully.  His right hand turning the pages while his left was slowly stroking your side.  Finally he looks up at you to find you staring.

“Whatcha lookin’ at sweets?” He gives you a grin before pushing the menu towards you and rolling over onto his side.

“I just can’t believe you’re here.  I am happy you’re here of course, just…What did you tell Sam and Steve?  What about work.  I don’t want this to mess up the merger.”

Bucky pressed his lips onto yours effectively shutting you up.  “Take a breath sweets, there is no where else that I would rather be right now.  I am long overdue for a vacation and the merger is out of our hands at this point.   Sam and Steve are idiots. But they are idiots that want us happy.  Steve drove me to the airport in fact.”

You give him a soft smile and cuddle into his arms.  Bucky pulls the blanket over you and gives you another sleepy smile.   You could tell he wanted to continue talking but knew how exhausted he must be.  So you wrap your arms around him and settle for spending the day in bed.

You both woke the next day around noon, both of you starving. After a big breakfast you took Bucky to see the town.  Going store to store you enjoyed each other’s company.  Heading back to your cabana, you unloaded all your shopping, while Bucky changed into his swimming trunks.

Grabbing a towel from the bathroom Bucky walked toward the french doors that led to the ocean outside, glancing at the bed full of souvenirs as he passed.  Laid out on the bed you had the gifts you had bought for everyone and a few things for yourself.   There was some jewelry for Wanda, Natasha and Sharon, t-shirts for the guys, and some onesies for the baby.  Making sure everyone on your list was taken care of you begin placing the items in your suitcase to store them till you left.

It was just moments after Bucky had stepped outside that you found him returning to look once more at your shared bed.

Looking nervous he turned you to face him, “When were ya going to tell me sweets?”

Giving Bucky a confused look, you continue packing, “Tell you about what?”

Bucky let out a sigh, “The baby, Y/n”

“Oh did Steve tell you?!”  You turn to him excited, happy that you could now talk about Nat’s secret with someone.

“Steve knew about our kid before I did?!”  Bucky plopped down on the bed looking at you with a puppy dog pout.

You freeze in place looking at him as if he had gone mad before bursting into laughter. “James Barnes!  Did you think I was the pregnant one?!  Natasha is having a baby!  Not me!  Trust me you will know before Steve when we have a kid.”

Bucky gave you a sheepish smile before he morphed his lips into a smirk, “You wanna have kids with me?”

You let your face turn red before nodding at him not trusting your voice to speak to him.  Of course you had thought about children with Bucky you did so before you saw him at Steve’s party.

Bucky pulled you into his arms and on his lap.  Nuzzling his nose against your jaw he kisses you gently, your eyes close enjoying the closeness of the man you love.  “Marry me.”

Your eyes fly open and you turn to face Bucky.   Before you could answer Bucky kissed you soundly on the lips.

“Sweets I have been in love with you since we’ve been 15 years old.  I’ve wanted to marry you since the day we graduated high school.  Hell I carried the ring I was going to propose with me everyday after we had graduated college.  When I saw ya again at Steve’s I knew.  I knew I was getting my second, third, fourth, and final chance. Just say you’ll marry me Sweets.  Please?”


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Room Service • H.S.

Originally posted by pinkharold

There was nothing I wanted more than in bed with my favorite person, whether at the house or in a hotel room. Soft beams of light peeking through the white curtains of the room and slowly creeping up the bed to the two of us.

With an arm propped up, I watched as he laughed lightly, rubbing his eyes and taking a deep breath. “Today’s your first off day.” It almost came out as a whisper as my fingers toyed with the necklace that was lying across his chest.

His arm came behind his head before he closed his eyes again, a small smile reaching his lips. “Know what tha’ means?” He mumbled, his voice deeper and raspier than usual. I bit my lip, a smile coming across my lips as I moved my hand to rest across his chest.

“It means we can order room service and eat a proper breakfast.” His arm dipped under me, pulling me on top of him by my waist. immediately my legs straddled his torso and I pulled myself up, looking down at his now open eyes.

“Know me  s’well,” He smirked, looking over towards the hotel room phone that settled on the nightstand beside the two of us. I leaned over, reaching for the phone and pressing the lobby button, holding the phone to my ear.

His hands soon were on me, feeling every part of my nearly naked body. The room was hot last night, so just a pair of panties and a bralette served as the perfect set of pajamas. 

“Mornin’! Can we order room service?” I asked down the line, the wandering hands on my body rubbing my sides up and down, occasionally and accidentally slipping down the band of my panties. “Jus’ some fruit and waffles, maybe some orange juice.”

A hand slipped under the lace material of the bralette, his warm hand lazily grasping my breast under the material, thumb brushing over my now hard nipple. I brought my lip between my teeth and closed my eyes, wishing the woman in the lobby would calculate the total a bit faster so I could hang up.

“Thank you!” I rushed, leaning over and setting the phone back down before lying over Harry, my lips hovering over his as he wore a delicious smirk. I rolled my eyes, crashing my lips onto his.

“Ass,” I mumbled between sloppy kisses, my hips pressing down into him as his hand quickly slid out from under my bralette and around my back. The cold metal of his rings met the bare skin of my ass as he took it into his hands, squeezing hard eliciting a small moan from me.

“You’re the one wit’ the ass,” He smirked, leaning forward to take my lips back onto his.

First post, let me know what y’all think! Send some requests if you enjoy :)

Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 27

The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

*sniff* Smell that? It’s New Arc Smell! It comes with the beginning of each new segment of story, and carries the full-bodied richness of unfulfilled potential, accented by notes of disinterest and neglect, a strong floral undercurrent of inexplicable plot elements, and all bound by the overwhelming musk of unwarranted male lead importance.


We open with someone talking about lights, with the kind of intensity usually reserved for newlyweds picking out new fixtures at Home Depot. There are a lot of words used for basically saying “ominous”. I am positive we could’ve substituted all dialogue for “GWOOO” and saved ourselves a lot of time. It turns out that our narrator is Pharaoh 90, and immediately I’m concerned. When the manga introduces the arc with a multi-page P90 soliloquy and the anime only has it show up as a planet-sized eldritch abomination visible for a few frames in the arc’s climax, I know I’m in for a very different time.

Mamoru is awoken by the ~ominous~ of it all. He gets to wonder what the fuck is going on before Rei even gets to react. I hope some my righteous screaming will reach back through time and wake Takeuchi up from a beautiful dream she’ll never again recapture. I’m soothed by the knowledge that it might just, BECAUSE NO ONE IS GUARDING THE FUCKING TIME GATE

Usagi dreams of marrying Mamoru. Usagi needs a fucking sticker book or something for a new hobby, jesus wept. It’s really just Usagi sleeping through her alarm again, because she gets one fraction of the first issue every arc to be “normal”. But it’s okay! Five years of yelling in my Ask Box assures me that resetting things is only a problem in the anime. Being so late for school, Usagi skips out on the local news bulletin from KPLOT about people at Infinity Academy turning into “a primitive state”. Despite this being large enough to make it onto the news, no one will give a single shit. “Is Tokyo really worth saving at this point?” I ask the universe. The universe says, “I dunno, I stopped reading the manga twenty issues ago.”

As she runs up, Mamoru yells at Usagi for being late. That seems to me like yelling at your dog for licking its own asshole, like if that’s a deal breaker for you, maybe don’t get a dog, but anyway. BONUS PROTIP: next time have five or more conversations with someone before deciding to embrace a decision you made in a past life.

The next five pages are excruciating “cute” as Chibi-Usa interrupts Usagi and Mamoru time and Usagi is jealous and please god if you’re listening kill me now. We are twenty-two pages into this issue and the only non-Usagi Senshi to show up so far is Rei AND MAMORU STOLE HER JOB.

By the way, we get this moment:

and then on literally the next page, Usagi’s talking about how there hasn’t been shit going on since the Black Moon (WHICH WAS HOW LONG AGO ARE WE TALKING MONTHS YEARS IS THIS SINCE TUESDAY WHAT), and I just can’t stop thinking on how THIS IS THE LITERALLY THE WORST FUCKING TRAINING SITUATION POSSIBLE AND EVERYONE LOOKS LIKE AN IDIOT.

Meanwhile, in an impossible penthouse with an entire floor devoted to a swimming pool, Michiru swims alone and then orders a yacht from room service or something, and I want so much to enjoy that this is ridiculous but I know – I KNOW – I’m not supposed to see the ridiculous in this I’m just supposed to be impressed by it and I’m so sad because I even get a goddamn Sea Whisperer moment



My screaming aside, here’s what I’m actually taking away from the manga: the certainty that every single read I had on this in the anime

was completely, 100% absolutely correct, and it actually makes me love it EVEN MORE.

Usagi (with Naru in tow) arrive at the arcade, where Rei is grumpy and for a moment, my heart remembers how to love. Minako and Mako want Usagi to play the new racing game which is for reasons unknown to all NOT called “God Driving”, and there’s this:

Which I actually enjoy for a few seconds! Is Minako forcing Usagi to wear a helmet for the immersion, meaning Minako wore the helmet FIRST for the immersion, which means Minako went and got a crash helmet from somewhere to increase her video gaming pleasure which is a delight from start to finish. Or did Minako make Usagi wear the helmet because she has zero faith that Usagi wouldn’t fall out of the damned seat and crack her skull open, which still leads us to the winding trail of Minako obtaining this crash helmet for this purpose in the first place. TWO DELICIOUS ANSWERS THIS IS WHAT FUELS YOUR JET WOLF AND WHY SHE HAS BEEN SLOWLY STARVING TO DEATH

But no. No.

Because Haruka has a fucking helmet too, which means either the helmet is part of the game, or we only have helmets for the dramatic reveal of *gasp* Haruka Tenoh Is Hot, and I deflate like a bouncy castle at a canceled birthday party manga why do you hate fun and also me.


Michiru so far has been shown as Haruka’s accessory beautiful girlfriend, and now in her third appearance, she’s YET ANOTHER vehicle for talking about how awesome Mamoru is. Somewhere, Actual Michiru is screaming. Silently, and while plotting her slow revenge plan that will bear fruit years from now, but screaming.


*Kill Bill siren*

As Haruka and Michiru leave, everyone talks about them behind their back. Umino arrives from nowhere to fulfill his mandated exposition component. We get two more pages about how awesome Haruka is. Somewhere, Actual Haruka is reading this and nodding while stacking three Oreos on top of each other and opening wide.

Outside, the ginzuishou reacts to a passing girl in a Mugen uniform, whose entire back rips open and a monster comes out, AS YOU DO. But she’s fine. Minako feels like someone’s watching her. “I don’t even get to be the premonition of the ‘premonition’ chapter, but you get this,” Rei grumbles. Minako isn’t listening. She’s too busy posing dramatically for the benefit of her secret audience.

“Maybe this all has something to do with Mugen,” Luna brilliantly concludes later.

“I think–” Minako thrusts her hip to the side. “–we should go and–” A toss of her head fans her hair out behind her in a dramatic arc. “–investigate Mugen Academy.” She clenches her fist and stares into the distance, the sounds of imagined clicking cameras echoing in her ears.

Usagi gets home just as Chibs is finishing up her date plans with Mamoru. Remember how in Black Moon I said I was actually kind of enjoying Chibi-Usa and how glad I was that it wasn’t reliant on the Mamoru-centric antagonism between her and Usagi? THE MANGA HEARD I LIKED SOMETHING AND WENT THE EXTRA MILE TO TAKE THAT AWAY

Ikuko actually has a line that says “I’m going to my weekly mother’s meeting so I can’t supervise [this child I’ve been brainwashed into believing is mine]”, and despite not intending to be funny, I laughed pretty hard. Chibs is going to a new amusement park at the place where all these people are turning into demons, and I really hope that comes up at Ikuko’s weekly mother’s meeting and everyone there is like “Oh that sounds great, I’ll send my kid tomorrow!”

Kaolinite is hanging out with Pharaoh 90 and chatting about, you know, stuff. She says she’s going to turn the Senshi into daimons, and she’s going to use the Witches 5 to do it. For some reason, Eudial doesn’t have a cupcake. The Witches are going to compete for P90′s phone number or something. I’m genuinely entertained by the fact the anime instantly did not give a single shit about any of this and just dropped it.

The next day, at Mugen, Rei says she senses things, and the realization that she’s happy she got even that much makes her die a little more inside. Ami talks about density readings of the building without a single hint of her visor or computer because I guess she can just fucking do that now. Mako says the wind is giving her an omen, and both Michiru and Haruka are like “can you not”. Minako again feels like someone is watching her. She performs a spontaneous dance routine she was up all night practicing. Everyone ignores her.

At The New Amusement Park At The Place Where People Are Turning Into Demons But It’s Fine, Mamoru is on a date with his fanboy. Why is his fanboy around at all? IT HAS BEEN LITERAL PAGES SINCE SOMEONE TOLD US HOW WONDERFUL MAMORU IS DON’T YOU KNOW THE IMPORTANCE OF THAT INFORMATION. Chibi-Usa has her own Umino and I am not even remotely kidding.

Chibs and Momoko are on a roller coaster when Chibs’ Hotaru-finding hat blows off. Chibs dumps her old friend to go find her new one, and again I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be as hilarious as it actually is, but it really really is.

Meanwhile Usagi and the others are investigating Mugen Academy. Usagi uses the disguise pen to make her a Mugen student so she can go inside. The other girls have to sit outside doing nothing, because god forbid we have an extended scene requiring group dynamics which might actually be interesting and provide character depth. THIS IS THE MANGA YOU FOOL.

Still, both groups follow the sound of violin music. Usagi comes upon Michiru, while the others are intercepted by Haruka. Both are super threatening for literally no reason. WAY TO WORK BELOW THE RADAR LADIES SURELY THIS CAN ONLY AID YOUR MISSION

Usagi somehow gets noticed as not actually being a student, and she runs, bumping into Chibs, whose Hatdar has led her to Hotaru, collapsed outside of Tomoe Laboratories. As they try to help, a monster shows up. Meanwhile, from afar:


As a side note, was this issue like three thousand pages or what, this write-up took for-fucking-ever.

Baby Gets Shown Off (Part 3 of Sugar Baby)


None, whoops

Word Count: 2.1k

A/N:  This is just in celebration of getting to +100 followers and because a lot of people wanted me to make a series out of SugarBaby!Laurens. I still can’t believe I hit more than 100, I love all of y’all! Hope you enjoy this one, too!

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Vices and Virtues - Chapter six

I arrived with my gear, presented to reception and was led out to one of the private bungalows. They must be special I thought as we made our way out there. They left me at the door and I knocked lightly. A woman answered the door, she was probably about my age, maybe a bit older. “Hi, I’m Charlie, from Spank” I said smiling. “Oh yeah, hi, c'mon in” she said with a harried look on her face. “The photographer is here” she called out, “just go right in” she said and disappeared into another room. I headed in, spotting Jason our reporter he was facing me, there was someone sitting in front of him, a member of the band I assumed. The light was bad and I couldn’t see them very well. He had his back to me, all I could see was the back of his head, his hair in a small pony tail. Jason waved, “hi, come on in, Charlie this is…” before he’d had a chance to say his name, he turned. “Hi Charlotte! No need for introductions Jason, we’ve met before” Jared!!! Fuck!! I stood there gobsmacked for a moment. “Uh, yeah.. hi” I stammered. He had his hand outstretched for me to shake it, I grabbed it, still in shock, he shook it lightly, his eyes staring into mine. Jason stood up, thankfully he seemed completely oblivious to my surprised expression. “Okay, I’m done here, you can go ahead and start Charlie” he said gathering his stuff up. He shook Jared’s hand and was escorted out by the same girl who answered the door. “Sorry for the secrecy, I’m very selective with who I do interviews with” he said with a grin. I suddenly remembered I’d called him an asshole. “I … I’m sorry, I didn’t … I didn’t know it was you, when I said.. shit” I said trying to apologize. “Wait, why keep it a secret from me?” I said through narrowed eyes. He shrugged, looking amused. “I thought if you knew it was me, you might not do it”. I shook my head, “well, we’d better get started” I said putting down my bags. He called out, “hey Emma?” she quickly appeared, before she had a chance to speak, “I don’t need you anymore today, you can go” he said dismissively. She nodded looking relieved. “Sure, I’ll see you tomorrow” she said, she gave me a smile and disappeared back into the room. A couple of minutes later I heard the front door open and close. He turned to look at me, a sly sexy smile appeared on his lips. “All alone” he said, his voice smooth as honey. “Hmm, so how do you want to start, some casual shots? Or some formal, staged shots?” I said ignoring his comment. He was in front of me in a flash. “There’s no rush, we’ve got plenty of time” he said, leaning in, his hand slid into my hair holding my head, while the other one went around my waist pulling me against his body. Before I could even blink his lips were on mine, soft at first, then kissing me harder, I didn’t even fight him. I met his tongue with mine while grasping his hair. He started pulling me towards the couch, our lips only parting so he could sit down. Pulling me down to sit astride him, straight onto his lap, his hands pulled my head down to his and he started to kiss me again. The intensity only increased and I could feel myself becoming intoxicated by him, drunk on his kisses, my hands were twisted in his hair holding him to me. When I felt him lift his hips to push his erection against my center, which was conveniently over his crotch, I quickly pulled away and tried to move off him. “Don’t …” he murmured against my lips. “I have to” I said quickly pushing at his chest and reluctantly sliding off him. I stood up and ran my hands through my hair, I looked over to see him move his hand over his hardness, readjusting himself. I exhaled softly at the sight. If I was honest, I didn’t want to stop. “Jared, I came here to do a job, I can’t let you …. distract me” I said with a conviction I didn’t feel. “Sorry, I’m sorry” he said, he leaned his head back looking up at the ceiling. He suddenly stood up and in the blink of an eye had his arms around me again. “Actually I’m not sorry, you want me as much as I want you, don’t deny it” he said vehemently. I moved out of his arms, “I barely know you, Jesus, I’m not some Goddamn groupie Jared, I’m not going to fuck you at the snap of your fingers!” I said raising my voice, even though I wanted to, my brain screamed!!! “I never said you were, but there’s something between us, admit it” he said raising an eyebrow, one hand on his hip the other running frustratedly through his hair, daring me to deny it. “That’s… just, can we do the shoot please, I’m on a deadline” I said putting up my hands before he could come close to me again. “Fine” he said grumpily. He was like a fucking sulky child!! I almost giggled, but quickly stopped myself. “Where do you want me?” He said, I was about to say, in bed, naked, but bit my tongue. “Uh how about we start, on the chair where Jason was interviewing you?” I said, my professional work tone kicking in. He nodded curtly and went and sat down. He posed obediently, did everything I asked, made suggestions. He knew how to work a camera and he was pretty much eye fucking me in every shot. I stopped to tie my hair up and change my memory card. He sat on the couch now, tapping his foot and exhaling impatiently. “Do you have to be somewhere?” I said coming over. “Yeah, having dinner, with you, remember?” he said giving me a sexy smile. I ignored his comment and started clicking away again. About ten minutes later he held up his hand. “I’ve had enough, that’s plenty” he said firmly. I nodded, “okay, thanks I got loads of great shots” I said. “So, do you want room service or should we go out, I’d prefer to stay in” he said as I put my camera equipment away. “I think, I should probably go …” I said avoiding looking at him. “Why? You said you were free to have dinner with me?” he snapped. “Yeah, well, maybe we should just keep it professional” I said reluctantly. I wanted to keep it very personal, but the sensible part in my brain kept telling me to get the hell out of there. “No, I’m not taking no for an answer, so what’s it going to be? Stay in or go out?” He said raising an eyebrow. I exhaled frustratedly, “fine, we’ll stay in, I’m not really dressed to go out” I huffed. “Good, I’ll order” He said grinning, the grin of a man who liked getting his own way.

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Harry Hotel Concepts

-immediately unpacking everything even if you’re only staying one night

-getting v excited about the snazzy shower

-“seriously babe you have to join me in there later c'mon I don’t make the rules”

-climbing onto the bed and bouncing aggressively to “test out the bed”

-pacing around the hotel room to check all the drawers

-“Look how cool this lamp is… Like, why does it look like that?”

-staring at you while you crawl up on the bed

-flopping lazily, spread eagle, on the bed

-flopping around like a fish all over the bed because “THIS BED IS SO BIG Y/N” but mostly because it makes you giggle when you have to scoot away from his flailing limbs

-hitting his head on the headboard


-getting pouty when you start giggling like crazy at him

-but lowkey really happy because he loves when you giggle at him

-you falling off the bed and him laughing his stupid hyena laugh


-“Nonono m'just kidding baby c'mere I’m sorry”

-hitting you with the big fluffy pillow once you crawl back up on the bed

-not stopping his pillow attack

-lots of sex

-lottttttts of sex

-shower sex

-bed sex

-kinky sex ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-long ass heart to hearts post kinky sex

-more pillow fights because he’s obsessed with the fluffy pillows

-ordering room service at midnight

-“I really want the vegetable tray”

-“Harry ew c'mon can’t we get like onion rings”

-“no because they’re greasy”

-answering the door in nothing but his boxers

-immediately regretting it

-falling asleep holding one another

-but not without having sex one more time

-“baby this bed is so big we could literally do every single position”

-waking up tangled up in the white sheets and one another

for ralkana

A quick fluffly, sleepy thing. No warnings.

“Sooooo tiiiiired,” Clint moans into Phil’s shoulder as the elevator rises up to the eleventh floor of their hotel.

“Almost there,” Phil murmurs, swallowing his own yawn. In truth, he’s almost at the limit himself. His eyes are gritty, his clothing damp and dank feeling, his skin kind of itchy from where the flood waters had soaked him through. It took too many hours to clear out the civilians and get the water from the artificial flooding to recede. Unfortunately, their little two story house in Queens smells like mildew and neither Clint nor Phil have the energy to do anything other than pass out hard.

Phil and Clint both agreed that money is no object, well, Clint had said ‘fuck frugality, I want a goddamned 8000 thread count bed and room service’. Phil couldn’t find the energy to disagree. So they’re splurging on two nights at a hotel just shy of the ritz.

“The door is outsmarting me,” Clint whines.

“Yes well, the key helps,” Phil sighs, understanding completely, it takes him two passes to get the reader to green, “also looking at what you’re doing has been known to be effective.”

“Lies,” Clint stumbles in, body checking the nearest light switches.

Phil takes a few seconds to leave their toiletries in the bathroom and take off the mostly ruined suit jacket and tie before returning to the room with the giant bed.

Clint has taken the time to strip to his boxers and starfish out on top of the covers.

“You gonna stay there all night?” Phil asks, a smile on his lips.

“Hmmf,” he says, eyes staying closed. “Effort.”

“Come on,” Phil says as he decides that Clint has the right idea, he can shower and whatever later. It takes a few seconds of effort to remove the rest of his clothes, “I hear sleep is more satisfying in a more prone position.”

“Hmmf,” Clint objects, but he flops over onto his stomach and starts to slowly inchworm his way up to the head of the bed.

Phil pushes the edges of the covers down enough for Clint’s slug impression to continue unabated. It’s pretty adorable in his current mental state.

Okay it’s pretty adorable in general.

It takes probably takes Clint far more energy to snail his way to Phil’s side that it would to just get under the covers, but Phil waits patiently until Clint’s rough stubbly face rubs affectionately across his shoulder before curling his arms up and around Clint’s wiggling body.


“Hush,” Phil whispers, “we are officially horizontal, no more complaining.”

“I’ll complain if I wanna,” Clint sulks, yawning.

“Yes dear,” Phil sighs, slowly letting the tension drain out of his body. The feeling of Clint warm and pliant always relaxes Phil nearly instantly.

Clint mumbles into Phil’s skin. “You suck.”

“Not tonight dear.”

Phil admits, he doesn’t actually see the pillow coming, but then again, Clint is an excellent marksman.