i want pool but pool is so far away

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prompt idea: Emma teaching Regina to swim

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for panic attack and references to child abuse. 

Emma frowns as she lazes in the pool and looks over to where her girlfriend is. She can’t understand it. Regina magicked this pool up for them to enjoy over summer but won’t go anywhere near it. 

Henry loves it. He’s in here swimming and showing off his dives every day. Emma too, has always loved the water and now she finally has someone to show off her amazing splash war moves to it’s even better. 

Yet Regina, just sits on her lounger as far away as possible. When Emma or Henry do manage to call her nearer to the water, there’s always a hint of fear flickering across her face and an excuse as to why she can’t come in the pool. 

Today, Henry is at the arcade with his friends and it’s a gloriously hot lazy Saturday so there’s no excuse not to be in the water. Emma swims over to the edge of the pool, “Hey Regina!” 

Regina lifts her head up, shielding her eyes from the sun, “What?” 

“Come over here,” Emma calls, “I want to show you something.” 

Regina rolls her eyes, “Not one of your ridiculous dives?” 

“I think you’re mispronouncing the word ‘cool’” Emma replies watching as Regina sighs before cautiously make her way over to the pool. Once she gets close enough Emma reaches out for her hand. “Help me out?”

Regina nods, “Good, I was starting to wonder how pruny you were going to let yourself g-” her words cut off in a petrified scream as Emma pulls her off the edge and into the water. 

She continues to scream as she hits the water, unable to gain purchase or steady herself. She feels herself fall under the water and her eyes open wide as she remembers being beneath the water and what it means. She kicks frantically as she struggles to free herself. 

Emma frowns in horror as Regina tumbles beneath the water, her amusement quickly turning to panic as Regina falls and doesn’t emerge. She dives down immediately grabbing her flailing girlfriend and pulling her above the water. The brunette’s breath is laboured and rapid and hot tears roll down her cheeks as Emma holds her above the water. 

“It’s okay,” Emma whispers as she swims slowly over towards the steps in the corner, “You’re okay. I’ve got you.” She sits down on the steps, careful to keep Regina’s head above water as her girlfriend shakes and sobs. 

“I…I….” Regina gulps, her words drifting off into louder sobs before she simply turns and buries her head against Emma’s shoulder. Emma’s heart aches as she wraps her arms around the trembling woman and holds her close.

“I’m sorry,” Emma whispers, “It was a joke…I didn’t know….I’m so sorry Regina. I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” 

Regina sniffs, her tears ebbing slightly, “I will be…I….I can’t swim. My mother,” she shudders as she thinks of her mother’s punishments, varied but constantly cruel, “I spilt juice over one of my new ballgowns once. She sent me for a bath to clean up…when I went up there…she held me underneath….I thought I was going to die, that this was the moment when she was going to go too far…since then…”

Emma nods, “I’m sorry I brought that all back for you…I’ll never do it again. You’re okay. You’re going to be okay. I won’t ever try to trick you into a pool again…do you want to get out?”

Regina shakes her head, “I’m okay…I feel safe…maybe one day you could teach me to swim?”

“You’d trust me to do that?” Emma asks. 

Regina nods, resting her head against Emma’s chest, “I always trust you…you’ll keep me safe.”

Harry Imagine for anon: You're insecure about your body

(Hey, I hope this is what you asked for… I tried haha! And I want you all to know that it doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or curvy. You’re all beautiful in your own way, and I know that there’s someone out there who will just love you for who you are, and who will love your body too. There are humans who prefer more skinny people, some prefer curvy people and that’s totally fine. Everyone can like whoever they want to like, right? :) xx )

You stand in front of the full length mirror only in your underwear, the bathroom door being locked so that no one would come in. You stare at your body in shock, sadness and even horror. Harry wanted to go swimming with you and the others since it’s so hot outside and you couldn’t find any excuse so you gave in eventually. You and Harry are a couple for almost three months now and he hasn’t seen you naked yet since you two wanted to take things slowly. You didn’t complain though, you don’t even want him to see you like that. You rub your hands over your hipbones and below your chest, seeing how even some ripbones are slightly showing under your skin. If you only didn’t have such a fast metabolism, because you just won’t gain weight. It’s not that you have an eating disorder, you eat so much but still won’t gain a pound. You just want to have some nice curves, just want to have something on your hips.

There’s no way Harry can see you like this in just your bikini.

Soon you are all at the pool, you seeing the girls in their bikinis which cover their beautiful bodys. You decide to just wear an oversized white shirt over your bikini, acting like you don’t wanna get a sunburn again like you ‘always get’.

“Come on, love. That’s stupid..” Harry frowns, trying to change your mind. “I mean, that’s what sunscreen is for. You won’t get a sunburn.”

“But still Harry.” You shake your head. “I don’t wanna risk it.” You try to sound casual so that Harry will just drop it, which he does eventually. But you have a feeling that he still won’t let this just go.

“Will you at least go into the pool with me? This way you can put your shirt off, you definitely aren’t going to get a sunburn in the pool.”

“I just don’t feel like going swimming, okay? I’m not feeling so well.” You try to quickly find an excuse, making him raise his eyebrows in real concern.

“What? Oh.. shall we go inside and get a drink? Maybe it’s because it’s so hot, I don’t know..” You nod, just wanting to get as far away from the pool as possible. You two get a cocktail and sit on a bench a bit farther away from the others to have some privacy. For a while you sit there in silence, just sipping at your drinks. You feel Harry’s eyes practically burning into yours.

“Soo, Y/N..” Harry trails. “Will you please tell me the real reason why you won’t take your shirt off?” Your eyes widen, knowing that Harry won’t believe any of your excuses anymore. You must admit yourself, they were rather stupid. You just shake your head, avoiding eye contact with him.

“Pleaseee?” He asks again, stroking your cheek softly and then pressing a light kiss onto it. You feel your lips tremble before a few tears escape your eyes. Damn.

“Hey, hey.” Harry shakes your shoulders a bit to make you look at him. “Please don’t cry, love. Sssh.” Harry takes you in his arms which you accept gladly, crying into his shoulder quietly. “You don’t have to tell me why you’re uncomfortable with it. I’m sorry if I pressured you.” He whipes your tears away with his thumb and you try to get yourself together. You pull back, sitting across from him. Deciding to be honest with him, you pull your shirt up a bit, showing him your belly.

“I just.. feel like I’m way too skinny. All my bones are showing and I don’t like that, I’m not comfortable with it..” You say and Harry frowns. “I would just really like to have some curves. But nothing works, like I’m already eating so much but I won’t gain any weight.” Harry nods in understandability.

“You know that I love you for you, right?” You nod, sniffing. He pulls you in for a kiss. “I love you either way. I love you like this and would still love you even with I don’t know.. 200 pounds more. But if you really want to change something about your body, like if you are truly uncomfortable with it, then I’ll support you. It’s just because you have a really fast metabolism, that’s why you won’t gain weight. Just as some people who have a really slow metabolism tend to gain weight. It’s not their fault. But you can get help for that from a doctor, it’s a routine.” He smiles at you.

“Thank you, Harry. And I love you, too.” You wrap your arms around his neck and he holds you tight, rubbing your back.

“No need to thank me for that, love. That’s why I’m your boyfriend. Now how about we just go eat something for dinner?” Harry suggests and you nod your head.

“I would really like that.”