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Can I request some headcanons on dating demon!baekhyun? ❤️ Thanks!!!

★got kicked out of hell  

★probably for making too many jokes  

★he’ll just wander  

★trying to fit in as much as possible  

★when he sees you  

★his body will fill with warmth   

★he’ll start following you  

★watching you  

★trying to work up the courage to talk to you  

★and learning everything about

★he finally will when you’re eating lunch in the park

★he’ll sit next to you

★and eat his cute lil lunch box

★that’s filled with your favourite pastries

★’do you want one of these? i made too many’

★’you made these?’

★’i have alot of free time’

★he’ll watch in awe as you tried

★’they’re better than the ones i get…’

★’maybe i should bring you some everyday’

★’maybe you should’

★and he does


★at the exact same time

★he sits next to you on the bench

★and eats patries with you

★he falls more in love with you during this time

★learning even more about you

★’what if we went somewhere nice to eat? i know a few nice restaurants’

★’you’re asking me on a date?’

★’that’s exactly what i’m doing’

★when you agree

★his eyes will light up

★’i’ll pick you up at seven’

★he’ll be buzzing

★watching the clock until it’s time

★then he’ll dress up   

★and bounce his way over to yours

★seeing you will make his heart want to explode

★’you look like an angel!’

★he’d be soft through the entire thing

★he’d walk you home

★will kiss you on the first date

★if you let him

★it’ll be so soft

★his warm hands would cup your face

★his lips would be slow

★and intoxicating

★he wouldn’t want to pull away

★but when he does

★he’ll have the biggest heart eyes at you

★’i’ll see you in the park tomorrow?’

★’you’ll see me in the park tomorrow’

★he’ll wait until you’re inside before going home

★he’ll still be shy around you

★until you decide to go full on dating

★then he’ll open up to you

★and be himself

★he’ll come to your home

★with boxes of goodies

★and some movies

★cuddle monster

★once you’re in his arms

★you ain’t moving

★owns the fluffiest pyjamas possible

★he’ll tell you what he is a few months in

★and he’ll be nervous af  

★’baby can i talk to you?’


★’don’t get scared okay?’


★’i’m a demon’


★’baby, no’

★he’ll let his eyes turn black briefly

★he’ll wrap you in his arms

★and kiss all over you to calm you

★’i’ll never hurt you. i promise’

★if you wanted him to leave he would

★to give you time to process the new information

★got to keep some of his powers when being sent here

★so he can still use force to move things

★for example:

★that person that won’t step back and leave you be?

★they’ll be forced back

★he’ll protect you with it

★but he’ll also annoy the shit out of you with it

★you’ll be making a meal

★and he’ll move all your ingredients 


★’kiss me and i will’

 nsfw from here

★he’s two modes when it comes to sex

★sweet love making that will make you feel like the most special person in the world


★roughest fucking that will leave you sore for days

★either way

★he’ll stop to make sure you’re okay through the entire thing

★curses alot during sex

★v loud

★his moans are high pitched

★presses his lips to yours when he cums

★his aftercare is amazing

★it invovles




★and 249823402323 kisees


I went to Jakarta, Indonesia last weekend and had a grand time ☕️

         perhaps offering food to strangers on a park wasn’t the most normal thing to do but he didn’t want it all to go to waste. closing the books he had been using for studying, brandong offered the small bag to the other with a smile. “ there are some pastries left in there. do you want it? i bought too much… ”

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