i want one~~

Okay I had to say it so here it is

I don’t like the idea of Matt being Lance’s doppelgänger ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt and I’m so glad Pidge found him and boy this powerful Holt duo they make is amazing

The thing that bothers me a lot is all the similarities Matt has with Lance. And I’m not only talking about his crush for Allura…

(we obviously know Lance has/had one on her)

And flirty-dorky behavior with her

(Lance is the master of it though)

I’m talking about the fact that he is a bit of a goofball, but also so caring with his sister

(isn’t Lance always the one there to comfort the other paladins ?)

He considers Shiro as his hero

(I meaaaaaan don’t we know someone else…)

He seems to develop a friendship with Keith

(Oh come on do I even have to explain this one ?)

He is skilled in battle

(Lance is the cool ninja sharpshooter)

And as we learnt from Pidge’s vlog, he is also very good at video games

(And who did we see lose his video game play ?)

We all know Lance has a lot of insecurities, how he feels like he is not important nor needed by the team, and then his perfect substitute appears ?

I feel like Lance is going to suffer a lot from it and I’m not liking it

Shit that happened in the stream last night:

- Me attempting to sharpen my pencil with one hand and nearly breaking both my pencil and my phone

- Some sort of fucking political debate in the chat

- A lot of talk about how the British economy is crumbling around us

- Me talking about how much I love Chris for three minutes without stopping

- A failed first attempt at drawing Keith

- Erasing said Keith and the entire chat just losing it


I’m still salty that Hallow didn’t animate this scene

My girl Lou Fa being cute AF and finally seeing her crush after such a long time and being so happy!! And then there is Rikei and Lenalee


I finally finished the Little Mermaid AU chibi set! These are so much work to do, but also very much fun and very satisfying, and I’d love to do many more chibi sets!
…Maybe not only Zesty for a change. But also more Zesty.

I’ll let these sink for a few days and then maybe fix things and maybe restock on sticker paper and have them printed.


“Fitz, it’s been ten years. We can’t waste anymore time.”

Fitzsimmons Appreciation Week // Day One: Favorite Scene


i have had approximately seven people submit this to my blog and I feel attacked


Texts w/ NCT Dream - When They Find Out They’re Your Ideal Type / When You Find Out You’re Their Ideal Type!

(the request asked for either/or but I did a mix of both and just randomly picked whichever members for whichever scenario!!)

Okay guys, hear me out.


AU Morganthe where she Isn’t trying to kill us.

Twentieth Century Fox Film is working on a follow-up to “Murder on the Orient Express,” developing Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile.“

The studio has hired “Orient Express” screenwriter Michael Green to return for "Death on the Nile.” It has not yet signed a deal with Kenneth Branagh, but he is expected to return to the director’s chair and reprise his role of the mustachioed Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.

Murder on the Orient Express has grossed $148.2 million worldwide since its release last month. When EW visited the U.K. set earlier this year, Branagh made it clear that he would be happy to return to the role of the brilliant detective Poirot, were his film to strike a chord with audiences. “I would be thrilled, I must say,” he told this writer. “I have enjoyed it enormously, to delve into the nature of the character, to read more of the books, to understand, to admire with greater intensity what Agatha Christie’s talents were. That’s been really a great great creative treat. So I’d be absolutely delighted to do more.”

Christie first published “Death on the Nile” in 1937, three years after her “Murder on the Orient Express” was published. The plot places Poirot on a vacation in Egypt, discovering a murder on the Nile River as a result of a love triangle gone bad. - The Hollywood Reporter, Variety - Nov 20 2017 [x] [x]