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I’m not in dire need at the moment, I’ll be honest. I am trying to save up though, and since this is the only way I can really make money… If you wanna help me out or just.. really want something in particular drawn, feel free to check out my info page to see what I’m willing to do, and/or hmu with a direct message so we can discuss stuff.

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I know exactly who you're talking about and, tbh, they're so wrapped up in their own headcanons that it's like they've lost all sense of what the characters are actually like in canon. Like, I don't even understand why you'd even bother playing a game like diabolik lovers if you didn't want to engage in its darker aspects.

Yeah that’s basically one of the most infuriating aspects of the fandom. They’ve taken the demon out of them and replaced them with infuriatingly fluffy pussy bois with no other traits other than their ONE defining trait. And then a good 25% of all writers refuse to write about their actual sadistic traits because they are “triggered by past events” or something. If abuse triggers you, then why do you want the diaboys so bad? People’s headcanons destroy the boy’s true canon. Less than 5% of the time i see the boys portrayed as anything but stereotypes. And it really hurts them in canon. People tend to not like certain characters based on the shallow wat they are portrayed by the fandom. Newcomers in the fandom might expect a fluffy game where there is nothing but happy endings. When that’s certainly not the case. And then they run off scared and scream about how the fandom “glorifies rape and abuse” even though that’s not even close to the truth. But to an outsider, that’s exactly what it looks like because of the stark contrast between the real game and the fandom.

Fandom Shuu: apathetic sloth who loves “s/o”

Shuu in canon: apathetic self loathing man with symptoms of PTSD and depression and has issues attaching himself to anything. He is borderline suicidal and doesn’t want the connection of love with anyone. He is afraid of hurting the people around him that he cares whether he causes it or not. He desperately wanted a connection to hold on to to feel something other than emptyness and pain. He uses sex to alleviate his pain and sorrow.

Fandom Reiji: Nerd, loser virgin

Reiji in canon: severe inferiority complex regarding above mentioned older brother. Severely neglected by his mother and treated like a lowly back up dancer rather than his understudy. Maintains intelligent gentlemanly nature in order to help distance himself from the brother he despises.

Fandom Ayato: Dork, geek, easy to love,

Ayato in canon: severe narcissistic personality disorder. Wouldn’t mind snapping your neck for not calling him “ore-sama” truly believes that he is the greatest thing in the world. His mother has subjected he and his triplet brothers to severe abuse. His way to rationalize it was by developing an ego the size of Tokyo metropolitan area. Very dangerous person to try and appease. Most people don’t realize that they would die within a week. He won’t love you. He only loves himself and blood. Don’t you forget that

Fandom Kanato: angry smol demon child with a teddy bear. Can be appeased with sweets.

Kanato in canon: could possibly suffer from Asperger’s syndrome. Very severe bipolarity. Extreme mental abuse. Severe depression and suicidal thoughts. Doesn’t really understand complex emotions and it doesn’t matter to him. He has anxiety and constant nightmares and the only thing keeping him from going absolutely insane would be a teddy bear given to him by his mother and a vile of him mothers ashes, whom HE burned. WHICH HE EATS WHEN HE HAS AN ANXIETY ATTACK.

Fandom Laito: pervert who has no life other than to whip out his penis. Likes macarons.

Laito in canon: victim of sexual abuse by his mother throughout his “young adult” life. Ignored for not having a voice like Kanato’s or being the “heir” like Ayato. Severly beaten and scared beyond belief by his father after figuring out he situation. Then he gets cucked in front of him by his uncle. Truly believes that all love is fake and is all only lust. Rationalizes his traumatic life as sex=lust and love isn’t real therefore. He is suicidal and wants someone to be able to kill him. He too has nightmares about his mother and likes to preoccupy his time doing crosswords and drowning himself in the pleasures of sex to forget that woman who scared him so. He has really bad self loathing issues and doesn’t feel worth the life he was given. He is abusive to the reader/ Yui to project his unending suffering onto you. He throws women aside just as he was and he doesn’t care because he was taught that it was alright to just kill them or leave them behind when he got bored. And above all, he hides all his emotions behind his smile and cheery personality. He’s bottled himself up for years.

Fandom Subaru: sweet sinamon roll, an angel, a good boy. Super tsundere.

Subaru in canon: Grew up with a mother plagued by mental illness. She constantly fought with herself between loving him and hating him. Constantly begs her son to kill her. He developed severe anger issues. He distrusts all women and thinks they are all liars. Hates relationships because he is afraid that he’ll hurt the person around him or the people around him will try to break him down. Will kill those who get too close. He hates women who like him. He also hates formal relationships for fear of fucking it up or you taking advantage of him. Has emotional damage like his brothers.

All the boys are sadistic bastards who have no problem torturing you, raping you and leaving you for dead with no blood in your body or turning you into their personal slaves. Laito may even take your soul and turn it into an emotionally drained husk of a woman and turn it into a familiar which will follow their every command till the day you die. These boys are not relationship goals. These boys are not nice. They will not take care of you. They will kill you. This is not a nice fluffy fandom. This is a cruel, sadistic, sexually deviant, game series that focuses of dark themes of mental illness, child abuse that carries into adult hood and rape. And i hope to god that non of you forget that. And if any of those things or descriptions trigger you, why are you here?

Im sorry for the rant for my non DiaLover followers. It’s a lot more complex than you think.

Disney Princess Quotes {Sentence Starters}
  • "So this is love... So this is what makes life divine."
  • "If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much!"
  • "Someday I'll be part of your world!"
  • "Supper's not quite ready. You'll just have time to wash."
  • "Look around you! This is where the path of hatred has brought us!"
  • "I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • "When will my life begin?"
  • "But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true"
  • "You're not free to make your own choices."
  • "No, No! Please. Please... Please don't leave me."
  • "Open your eyes now before you get hurt!"
  • "It would've been better if we never met."
  • "I am not a prize to be won!"
  • "I am a despicable human being..."
  • "Can you paint with all the colors of the wind...?"
  • "Oh... All my years. No one's ever done anything like this for me."
  • "I'm ___ years old! I'm not a child anymore!"
  • "Oh... It's wonderful..."
  • "I'm so ashamed of the fuss I made!"
  • "But if you would just listen-!"
  • "I can't believe that I'm doing this..."
  • "You don't even know him!"
  • "Want to know a secret? Promise not to tell?"
  • "I just don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad."
  • "Who are you and how did you find me?"
  • "If only I could make him understand..."
  • "When I promise something, I never ever break that promise."
  • "I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we've met before."
  • "By the way, thank you... for saving my life."
  • "You were wrong about the world. And you were wrong about me!"
  • "This is the happiest day of my life! Everything's so wonderful!"
  • "I've hidden it... Somewhere you'll never find it!"
  • "Why do they still treat me like a child?"
  • "Sorry! Just, don't... don't freak out."

One of the many annoying parts of having a cold is that at every stage you’re like “this is the worst part”

Like, when you start getting the sore throat and you’re like “oh fuck”, you’re like “ugh I just want this to be over and my sinuses to become full of fluid”

And then you’re like “Never mind it feels like my brain was replaced by an octopus that is trying to get out through the front of my face, can my sinuses please start draining”

And then you’re like “no it’s cool I didn’t need to go anywhere without having to blow my nose every 30 milliseconds”

Me: *is genuinely upset at the thought of having to choose between having my favorite people on my dash and being triggered by untagged slurs even though I understand completely their right to reclaim them*

One of Y'all: you’re so annoying you think you’re queen of the blacks shut the fuck up.

  • Kyle: listen Heidi, being with Cartman is a bad idea. I know him. He'll just fuck you over in the end.
  • Heidi: Really? To me he just seems misunderstood.
  • Kyle: that's just what he wants you to think! This is good advice. If I were you I'd stay away.
  • Heidi: ok, but how come you get to hang out with him?
  • Kyle: that's different, ok. I know what I'm doing.
  • Heidi: I've been Cartman's friend too. I know that he really cares about me-
  • Kyle: NO YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HIM LIKE I DO! Trust me, I've thought about him enough to know he's a bad person, so stop flirting with him.
  • Heidi: I'm not even flirting with him. I'm literally doing the same shit you guys do together all the time.
  • Kyle: BUT I'M THE ONLY ONE THAT'S ALOUD TO- I mean- trust me Heidi. This is for your own good.

ThIs iS tHe grEaTest dAy oF My LiFe


Please. Stop.

You lose interest in things, you stop doing them. It’s that fucking simple. And interest isn’t helped by hate mail or guilt tripping.

I’ve gotten too many of these to count in the past year, and I don’t want to dig through my shit tonne of messages to find them all, but can you all just please stop? I’m getting so, so sick of these. I don’t have to do anything for anyone, and you’re deluded if you think I’m obligated to draw for you, if you aren’t commissioning me, and especially if you prod me like this on anon

And it’s gotten bad as of late, so I am turning off anon for a while. I hate to do this to all the hundreds of really wonderful anons that I get, but I hope you understand that I’d like some quiet in my inbox.

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What is your take on Chaoji? I'm having a bit of trouble with his character, and need a second opinion.

Chaoji is one of those people that irritates me, but at the same time I understand where he’s coming from.

He’s passionately loyal. He pretended he’d been shot by an Akuma so he could stay with Anita and the crew until their final moments. He wanted to go down with the ship, with the people who loved and cared about him and raised him. 

Instead, they told him to live. So he keeps going for Anita, Mahoja, the crew, in hopes of making them proud and repaying them for all they’ve done for him.

Chaoji is honest and open with his emotions. He is quick to anger, sadness, fear, and happiness. Allen was willing to spare the life of Tyki, an enemy. He wanted to rescue Tyki. People condemn Chaoji for being upset and angry towards Allen, but think about this for a second. Because of the Noah and the Earl and the Akuma, almost everyone Chaoji loves is dead. If I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t be happy with Allen, either. Especially considering the trauma Chaoji just went through.

Chaoji is an Exorcist now, one of the newer ones, and he’s determined to fight. He wants to make a difference. He wants to make his loved ones proud. At his core, he wants to be strong. He doesn’t have a favorable impression of Allen and is quick to judge, which is why he believes Central’s explanation of the events leading up to Allen fleeing the Order.

He’s not a bad person. He’s perfectly justified in how he feels. I only wish he could understand Allen a little better. 

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I hope this isn't a Sam Advises, more a "Can Sam just dumb something down for me?" I'm in a very stable job atm and my dad is pushing me to get a credit card 'just in case'. This is so daunting; those things just seem to cause grief imo. I just wondered if you could.. idek. What's an APR? What's a good APR? (apologies if APR is an English term) I don't know if I want one but as a 23 year old with a decent salary and stable job... I could probably get one and not do anything with it. Possibly.

Having a credit card, even if you don’t use it, isn’t an entirely bad idea. There are people who are more well-versed in this than I am, but as far as I understand it, having a credit card regardless of use helps you to build a credit history, which will help you in the future if you want to apply for a loan, mortgage, et cetera.

APR is “annual percentage rate” and it’s the percentage of your balance (how much you owe the card) that they charge you to lend you that money. The higher the APR, the more you pay for the privilege of charging something to your card.

I don’t know what standard APR is right now because a) I have really good credit and b) all my cards are SUPER OLD. (I have three.) I have a 9% APR on my bank credit card, and the other two are 19.9% (which is why I pay them off monthly; they’re both store cards for clothing stores). For someone with no credit history, a 20% to 25% APR is probably normal? Also it is normal for your first year to have a lower “introductory” APR that rises after 12 months – so read the fine print about that.

Of more concern to you, probably, as someone who doesn’t anticipate heavy use on the card, is whether or not it has an annual fee, which is a fee the card charges just for having it, whether you use it or not. You probably want to steer clear of those for now; most of them are for people who either have really awful credit or who want perks you can’t get with a no-fee card. 

Now, point one: ALL OF THE ABOVE might be wrong or a gross generalization because I really know very little about this, so keep an eye on this post for people reblogging with corrections.

Point two: if your dad’s so hot to trot on getting you a credit card, make him help you. Ask him to explain shit and if he can’t, ask him to help you research it. Ask him about his credit history and what kinds of cards he has. (If he can’t or won’t tell you this, then he has no business pressuring you to get one.) Go to your bank where you have your checking/debit account and ask them what their terms would be for opening a credit card. Ask them to explain APR in detail. They want you to get a credit card so they should be happy to answer your questions. If you feel like they’re selling you a raw deal or pressuring you too hard, say “No” and walk away – you pay them for their services, you have zero obligation to do as they tell you.

If you want to build a credit history, once you have your card, charge something occasionally and then pay it off the same month. Buy yourself dinner on the card, pay it off. Buy yourself groceries, pay them off. That proves that you not only are willing to use the money you’ve been offered but you’re responsible in your use of it. As a young person, you should certainly keep an eye on your usage, because a TON of kids in their early twenties get in trouble charging shit to their cards and then being unable to pay for it later. Credit card companies count on this; it means you carry a balance for years and they make a ton of money. So it’s great to be prudent. But a credit card can really be a lifesaver in an emergency, and it’s good to have one to start showing off how responsible you can be with it. :)

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I agree so completely about the HP movies. I know movies are almost never as good as the books they're based on anyway, but the HP ones are such an extreme example. What about Hermione and Ron's characterizations in the movies do you hate? I always love Hermione, but I loved Ron so much more in the books than the movies and have trouble explaining why. And I totally understand how people who only saw the movies and never read the books don't ship Romione or even see much affection there.

I mean, if you want bad adaptation, I don’t think there’s ever been a worse adaptation in history than Game of Thrones and the series A Song of Ice and Fire it’s supposed to be adapting. But yeah the HP movies do suck.

I hate how they obviously didn’t care for Ron’s characterization all throughout the series. Ron is a very good friend to Harry. The movies would like to make you believe that Hermione and Harry have this emotional closeness when they really don’t. He’s much closer to Ron − every time Ron and Harry are fighting, things are very awkward with just Harry and Hermione.

There’s even a scene in the movies where Hermione asks Harry like should we just live in this forest together forever? And in the book equivalent of that scene, she’s crying and Harry feels awkward and upset and they just don’t wanna talk to each other and it’s the worst. Pretty big difference, huh?

They have no respect for Ron. Ron is so much more than just a funny bloke. Ron is smart (he got almost the same results as Harry for his OWLs, just Harry had a better grade in DADA), and most of all, he’s knowledgeable. He’s a pureblood! He knows all about magic and the wizarding world and everything. In the movies, every time Ron was supposed to have a tidbit of info on the magical world, they gave the line to Hermione. And that’s just not how it is in the books. Hermione is very knowledgeable from her books, but Ron has practical knowledge of the reality of the lives of wizards. That’s one of his strengths. 

They gave all his best lines to Hermione. I mean, I understand wanting to portray a good female rolemodel for all the little girls watching Harry Potter, but really, it 1) makes Ron looks dumber, which he definitely isn’t 2) makes Hermione seem unrelatable. Movie Hermione simply doesn’t have any flaws. In the books, Hermione is great but she’s also a bit stuck in her ways, she’s bossy, she’s not good with handling emotions (which seriously the books make her this relationship guru or something, and bring closeness between her and Harry that way, and that’s just not what Hermione is). She has flaws. She’s a human being. Movie Hermione is a superhero. 


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Sometimes I just remember that Dean literally asked Cas if Sam wanted a divorce after they cured him. And like, people insist they don't understand where we're getting wincest from?? Like?? Is that the first thing out of your mouth when you realize you've done some bad shit to your brother??? I really don't think it is. I really don't think most people make a habit of casually referring their relationships with their siblings in terms of a marriage. He literally asked if Sam wanted a divorce

(cont.) like it was normal, like its a given fact that they’re married. And Sam didn’t even want one so I mean. They’re married brothers. Sorry not sorry.

I’m gonna have an absolute army of Vulpix when I’m done breeding for this shiny. I feel bad about just releasing them or sending them straight to Wonder Trade, though, so is there anyone wanting a Vulpix? I don’t understand IVs, so I can’t tell you anything about that, but maybe I can get you a gender/nature/ability you’d want? And feel free to let me know if you want it nicknamed. I’ll either keep the unclaimed ones or wonder trade them once I have my shiny, but message me at any time if you want one!

Oh, and can you spread this around so people see it? Thanks!

Edit: I made a page for the Vulpix! Please check there first to see what I have to offer.

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I have been single for about 2 years now, and it's hard to see all of my friends in committed relationships. I would much rather be in a relationship than be single, but I want to wait for the right guy. One who loves me but loves Jesus even more. One that makes me a better Christian. And I don't think I've met him yet. However, I am growing impatient and I feel bad because I feel like that means I'm doubting God. Does He get angry when I get impatient?

Hi sweet friend.

I’m so glad you’re here. If I knew who you were I’d invite you to coffee and want to be your best friend because I would ask this very same question. 

I don’t think God gets angry per say when you get impatient. You see, God is a very understanding god. Would a father grow angry with his daughter when she wants to make the right decision but is having a hard time with it? No! (At least a good father wouldn’t - and God is a perfect father soooo)

I think God is rejoicing in the fact that you know the right decision to make and that you are actually waiting instead of rushing or settling or going back to someone you know isn’t good for you (I’m 1000% guilty of the last one).
Here’s a few questions I’ve answered that were similar to yours. You can find them here and here. And here’s a link with a blog post about waiting and dating and netflixin and chillin.
Also, please listen to the song Darling. It’s beautiful and convicting and encouraging and makes me cry. 
And to top it off, a post from a girl named Jordan Lee who’s a beautiful fountain of wisdom when it comes to all of this. 

“ To my girls feeling lonely or waiting for love:
Yesterday we failed to make reservations at our favorite restaurant and got there with empty bellies only to find out there was over an hour wait. Irritated, we opted to check out the restaurant across the street. 45 minute wait there. Extra annoyed and super HANGRY we stormed off. Okay not really, but we were frustrated. We were so hungry that we decided to get dessert first. Just to keep our blood sugar up. As we finished our ice cream, we were still hungry. It helped, but didn’t quite do the trick. Thankfully, our table was ready and we sat down to eat a completely satisfying meal. I fell asleep as he drove me home, so obviously it was good.
So what’s my point? I think sometimes we turn people into ice cream cones. Like our hearts are so hungry as we wait and wait, as place after place we seek satisfaction from fails, that we settle. And that’s just it. Sometimes, we chase after a man, or run into an ice cream shop, for that quick little fix. Funny though, how we still feel hungry, or lonely, still. It’s not quiet enough.
I know because I do it. And I know what you’re thinking as you look at pictures of us grinnin’ & stuff: “big whoop. At least I’ve got a guy.” Well, yes, but that doesn’t just turn off lonely.
Because I’m a firm believer that the condition of loneliness has very little to do with a relationship status. But everything to do with God calling us to be alone with Him.
I’ve felt lonely time after time both in and out of a relationship. I get antsy when Matt doesn’t text back. I question if I’m a burden to him. I wonder if he misses me when we’re apart. I spend countless hours shuffling through lies in my head telling me I’m not quite missable or noticeable or love-able enough. Just like you do, girlfriend. Whether your single or madly in love.
So if you’re feeling lonely, look at what you’re filling yourself up with. Is it an ice cream cone, or in other words, a romance? OR is it the real meal? I’ll bet if you wait and seek a little longer, your table will be ready. And He will satisfy your hunger.
Because loneliness doesn’t exist in a place where God’s love dwells. I promise you that. ‪#‎soulscripts‬
For more like this, you can follow me on Instagram: @ soulscripts 

Keep your head up, sweet friend.

-31Women (Emma)

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My hispanic friend today said to me, literally, "Well at least I don't have weave (im wearing twists, which aren't even weave, they're "extensions")" and she also said "At least I can grow my hair", my hair when stretched is like shoulder length. It pissed me off so bad I started to go off on her but no one, not even her took me seriously. She didn't understand how that felt, I even said that was racist like she was saying black girls can't grow their hair, I was so angry I almost wanted to cry.

Do you want her as a friend in the long run? If so, sit her down and explain to her that everyone’s hair can grow and that she’s being very anti-black by falling into stereotypes instead of listening and understanding you as her friend. 

chocolateloveforyou-deactivated  asked:

I need your advice...I'm a Muslim and life in Belgium but I'm Turkish. Two weeks ago ad our religion class We needed to read the Bible but I refused. That's not what it's about I know better now. But the day after some of my friends asked what happened I told them that I didn't want to talk about because I knew they wouldn't understand (they don't, they're Belgian Christians, they have never felt like they didn't belong and oppressed) cont...

Then one of my best friends said: “Well I think you should’ve read it and otherwise you should just go to a muslimschool” it had hurt my feelings so bad. It was so rude & mean & she didn’t even listen & that’s exactly why I didn’t tell them about the Biblething they already have something to say and think. The next day I called her and said how I felt about what she said. “wow sorry, I’m not gonna change my opinion for u” and that was it now she’s acting like nothing happenedwhat should I do??


Hey! First of all I’m Turkish as well and I’d reply in Turkish but I want people to read this so I’ll just do it in English.

As a person who was born into Islam, and then lost faith and became an agnostic, and later an atheist, I can safely say that religion is something you find when you start searching for it. I found my faith back to Islam at the end, but for that to happen I went through so many stages. I read all the holy books, read all the alternative lifestyles and anything that involves religion. I believed in nature but it wasn’t enough. I believed in something else but it wasn’t right. I stop believing in everything and that just wasn’t fine for me. So what I mean is, if you don’t want to read The Bible, then don’t. Europeans are all about freedom and freewill so if anyone pushes you just let them know that this is your decision. But if you ask my opinion, just because you believe in Allah, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t read The Bible. You learn a lot of different things in every holy book, and when you read The Bible you can compare it to Qur'an in your mind and see the differences and so many similarities.

Religion is not black and white, and instead of listening to people blindly and following them, read the books yourself and you so things as you understand. Maybe you will understand it in a different way, and it is just so sacred and beautiful.

As for your friend saying that you should go to a Muslim school; I think that is unnecessary and pointless. That just causes more diversification, and before we know it, the world is going to be separated. (it already is kind of but still. If you like your school and your friends, stay there and practice your religion and live your life the way you want to. If they disrespect you then you can do something, but don’t expect them to understand. That’s not life. Not everyone will understand you, or not everyone will go through the same struggles that you are going through. Respect is the key. If you go to a Muslim school, everyone will be similar and you will feel like you belong there but it’s the easy way out! Instead you have to fight for the life you want, and you should do it where ever you want, not where it’s convenient for your friends.

If she acts like nothing happened, great. You go along with it but this should tell you a lot about her. You find out who your friends are in situations like this. Friends are people who accept you the way you are, and if she has a problem with the way you are then you are not going to change, your friendship will.

There are many people who are going through similar stuff and it’s not just about religion. It’s much more than that, it’s discrimination. If you feel discriminated don’t just stop and wait for things to change. You have to fight for it.

P.S. Ben burdayım bir şey olursa bana yazabilirsin. Yalnız değilsin <3