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Pop-Tarts - Andrews!Reader X Jughead

[A/N: Okay so you can blame @kingpendleton for this one, I just wanted to write a bit of a tropey piece and this is what I came up with. It’s a little rough because it was only supposed to be a short number but I ended up with 2300 words.]

Word Count: 2300

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‘Do you ever, I don’t know, hang out at your own house?’ You asked as you flopped down onto the occupied sofa.

Jughead Jones lay slouched next to you with his feet firmly placed on your small coffee table; he was surrounded by multiple bags of chips and sweet treats, and a gluttonous sized cup of soda.

‘And why would I ever want to do that when I can enjoy such fantastic company, like yourself, right here in the Andrews home?’ He flashed you the most sarcastic face he could muster, behind his eyes however there lay genuine humour.

You playfully kicked his feet from your coffee table with a gentle shove and replaced them with your own, he huffed in annoyance.

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hey i just wanted to remind everyone that if you make one piece fanart or graphics, you should totally tag it with #opgraphics or #opfanart in the first five tags so that others can find it!!  only if it’s something you made personally, of course.

it really helps get your stuff out there, especially if you’re new to the fandom, or if the fanart/graphic is of a character whose name is a commonly used word (*coughs* carrot, etc) and therefore they don’t don’t really have a tag many people track.

opshipperondeck  asked:

Hey, just wanted to ask two things: First is, why do you personally prefer SaNami over other ships? And the second question is, if that ever would be a topic among the crew, how do you think the other Straw Hats would think about it? Best regards and get well soon.

Hello @opshipperondeck!  Thank you for the ask and the well wishes! ♡  

I think I may have answered an ask similar to this before, but I’m too lazy not feeling well enough to go through my posts to find it. XD  So I will answer this here.  

People have their own reasons for shipping.  For me with SaNa, it’s a combination of things.  But before I get into those…

Disclaimer: I want to give a reminder to everyone that One Piece is a shounen manga and there has been NO canon romance among the Straw Hats to date.  Therefore, it is absolutely ridiculous to attack other fans for what they ship.  Shipping can be fun, but if you wear your shipping goggles too tight, you’ll miss out on so much of what the series is actually about.

Whether a ship is considered right/wrong or crack is a matter of personal opinion.  So, instead of being an asshole to people that don’t agree with you, find more positive, productive things to do for your own ship fandom.  Thank you!   

*ahem*  Okay, on to my answer. ^^ 

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You get to see the scary side of the brothers. (More of the 20s au) this idea was inspired by the lovely @reaching-for-love. Buckle up because the next comic for this au is gonna be sad.
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“I didn’t want to resort to this but, I did tell you didn’t I…?”

“That I could destroy minds.”