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Ravenclaw Headcanon

Some Ravenclaws study in the library, some spread out their work in empty hallways and sit on the floor surrounded by parchment.

an incomplete list of actual canon characters that exist in the one piece universe
  • a giant fighting frog
  • a skeleton with an afro. this is abnormal even within the context of the world
  • a three-headed judge who is actually three different oddly proportioned men huddled together because they’re best buds
  • a reindeer who gained the powers of a human
  • a 139 year old woman who looks and moves like she’s twenty (aside from her wrinkly face)
  • a man who fights by shooting ramen noodles out of his nose
  • a starfish who runs a fashion company
  • a pink and purple polka-dotted horse-owl
  • a guy whose power is to vore others
  • a sword that turns into an elephant
  • a ball-shaped man with a zipper for his mouth who cannot keep a secret to save his life
  • a pirate crew made up entirely of fanboys for the main characters
  • a giant pufferfish dude??? who fights a kraken??? idk man who even knows
  • a woman who. accidentally ate her friends??? oops??
  • a man who regularly tries to kill himself but fails because he’s too fucking strong to die
  • a man who regularly forgot to open his eyes. and mouth. and to breathe. and basically do anything
  • a cyborg fueled by cola who exclusively wears speedos and unbuttoned touristy shirts with light up nipples and more equally weird features
  • one of the most dangerous villains to date is a man in a pink feather boa and capris
  • an excessively macho man who dresses up like his dead baby son to make his brain damaged wife smile
  • a gun that turns into a dog
  • there’s a bunch of centaurs but like. one of them has an alligator for the bottom half? there’s a leopard in there too or smthn?
  • a swordsman who fights with three swords, one in his mouth. no one finds this odd
  • idk man one piece is weird

(thanks to @asexualzoro for help on a couple of these) (luffy) (zoro)

Apparently, they will be launching these cuties at 22nd July~ Probably for the 20th Anniversary of One Piece.

In case you’re wondering, the scenario refers to the colorspread Oda drew for the popularity poll back in 2014~!

((right to left)) 


(submission by @amplyempathetic)