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Anders + Looking at Hawke


Alec Lightwood in that damn Balcony Scene™

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Apparently Lila will not have a miraculous. She will not appear again and may be the villain, who will help Hawkmoth ://

Why must I love things I can not have Well tbh that makes no sense since she has a webisode design and has yet to appear but you know what, I’m not gonna be mad. I think she should have a miraculous but I get it, she isn’t worthy of one yet. I’m gonna pretend there’s logic behind that decision. And I get her being an anti-villain/villain, she doesn’t like Ladybug and is foreshadowed to become akumatized again.

I’m not gonna be mad nope. But I’m sure as hell gonna protest this shit. Isn’t this a rumor anyway?

Harry Styles must be trapped in the Kim Kardashian game because the only places he’s ever spotted are London, LA, Miami, and New York. 

omg, so I’ve been playing a warrior Mahariel lately and romancing Zevran because damnit I want to finish at least ONE play-through with the Zevran romance!

And even though I’ve been avoiding the “has anyone told you you’re handsome?” line on Alistair. And generally being friendly to him but not flirting…he STILL got to the point of liking me so much and giving me the rose. Which I was nice and polite and thankful, but even though I did NOT choose any of the “I have feelings for you too” type options, I guess I still led him on.

Because Alistair still invited me to his tent. AND DAMNIT IT WAS SO HARD TO SAY NO. Because of course I want to have tent time with him! But my Mahariel is all about the Zevran!

So I had to break Alistair’s heart. Which broke MY heart. Because he was still all ADORABLE AND AWKWARD AND SWEET. And then I got Alistair Disapproves -100.


I bought and gave him 10 Thoughtful Gifts from the feast day gifts DLC, lol. I cannot have him go from loving me (AS A FRIEND) to feeling totally neutral. We are the last 2 Grey Wardens of Ferelden, motherfucker, we have an unbreakable bond. My Mahariel loves you, even if she isn’t /in/ love with you.

I might have to do another play-through as soon as I finish this one, so I can love on my sweet Alistair. Landsmeet should be coming up soon.

Guren: … I feel abused.

Shinya: Areee~? Aren’t you used to it by now? (I want to “ab”use you too. ( ̄ω ̄;))

Guren: Whats so funny about that? You could at least stay true to your word and fucking. watch. my. back. But where the fuck are you Shinya? How am I able to ever trust my back to you when this whole thing is over? Guess what. Never.

Shinya: …  ಠ_ಠ… *silently burning the recent chapters in the bg*

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I WANT THE K DAMNIT also it'd better NOT be 3 and it should DEFINITELY be 15

  • 15: Kiss in the Rain

Christine couldn’t quite believe the cliche that she had gotten herself into. Sitting on the roof of the Palais Garnier, watching the sun set while her love her teacher wandered nearby. He had been hesitant to come with her outside, especially while it was still light out, and even moreso when he found that it was lightly drizzling with the prospect of a storm. Thankfully, all it had taken was a bit of “puppy eyes” and far more coats than was surely necessary to get him to agree to join her — it had been so long since they had spent time up here !

She let the growing wind whip her skirts around, thankful for the added layers as the temperature was dropping. Sure, a storm was coming, but a little bit of water never hurt anyone — especially when this made for such a wonderful thinking spot with someone wonderful to do it with.

She could feel his presence behind her and, taking a risk, Christine gently leaned her weight into his solid form until he too released a weak, shuddering breath. ( So he could feel it too ? The bright, streaking lights that had nothing to do with the sunset and the clouds ? surely he could — the bond they shared was strong enough for that )

There wasn’t time to think, even though her excuse to come up here was to clear her head. No, there was no thought — only desperate need to do what her heart told her for once instead of her head.

Turning around, Christine’s arms reached up to grasp his collar and softly pull him down to her, pressing their lips together with only the softest of kisses ;; tentative, shy, but far too eager to be skillful. Their lips touched and Christine felt herself relax for the first time in what felt like weeks. This felt right. 

Such a shame that, in that moment, the lightning she was seeing behind closed eyelids became far too real, and she was forced to pop their bubble in order to quickly escape back inside the building. 

Imagine falling in love with Dean only to wake up one morning to find out it was all just a dream.

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Dean ran through the hallways, his feet slapping against the tile floor just behind you. “You can’t out run me, Y/n!”

You glanced back over your shoulder, you hair blowing across your face. You giggled at the intense look that tightened his features but couldn’t erase his smile. “Prove it, Winchester!” You faced forward and surged ahead, pumping your legs just a little bit faster.

“Oh honey, I’m going to do so much more than prove it!” His voice sounded impossibly closer but you kept your focus in front of you.

“You’re quite the tease for such a slow poke!” You eyed the fork in the hallway up ahead and quickly decided to turn left and arched wide hoping to throw him off. You careened around the corner and pushed off the wall with a shriek feeling his fingers swipe your arm.

The laughter bubbled out of you as you took off down the hall. You heard his low growl echo through the narrow corridor. “Close but no cigar, sweetheart!” You chuckled but when you didn’t hear a witty retort, you noticed you didn’t hear his feet anymore either. You glanced over your shoulder and the hall behind you was empty. You slowed to a stop and turned around but didn’t want to move quite yet.“Dean? Are you okay?” 

The bark of laughter burst past your lips before you could stop it. “You didn’t fall, did you?” The only answer was your heavy breathing. You started down the hall with careful steps and tried to listen past the beat of your own heart in your ears. You stopped just before entering the intersection. You tried to see as much as you could down the other hall ways but you couldn’t see much except for the hall that stretched on empty straight ahead.

“Dean?” You whispered, and then took a step out into the intersection.

Dean jumped out and wrapped his arms around you. “Gotcha!”

Your scream continued to echo through the halls even after you started laughing. Dean pressed you against the wall and your laughter faded when you met his hungry gaze.

“I told you I’d catch you and I’m anything but a tease.” You licked your lips as your gaze fell to his mouth. His hands slid down your sides as he pressed his body into yours igniting an all too familiar heat just below your stomach. 

His lips were soft and gentle as he brushed them lightly across yours. You pushed forward trying to deepen the kiss but he pulled back and smirked. “Maybe a little bit of a tease.”

You panted without shame. “Winchester, if you don’t..” His lips slammed into yours with a satisfying throaty groan.

“Y/N! Hey, Y/N!”

You swatted in the dark and groaned. “Dean, shut up. Come back to bed.”

A female giggle made you freeze. “Dean? Who the hell is Dean and why are you having hot dreams about him? Let me tell you girl, you have been making some questionable noises in your sleep recently. But seriously, you’re going to be late for work if you don’t get your ass up.”

You cracked your eyes open, “what work?”

The red head beside your bed propped her hand on her hip and smiled. “Did you meet someone and not tell me? Come on, get up and you can tell me all about him while you get ready. I’ll get you some coffee.”

You stared wide eyed as she left the room. “What the hell is happening?”