i want on so bad

Before the veto comp, Jacket told Dem that he was Kevin’s target but she is going to vote out Ika regardless.

 After Dem won the veto, he told Kevin that Jacket told him he was Kevin’s target.

 Kevin, who wanted to work with Dem if Dem stayed but also thought Dem was a bigger threat to his game and wanted him out, confronted Jacket because she screwed him over.

Jacket lied, badly. She said Dem misunderstood and that she was just trying to motivate him. Jacket pushed for Karen to be the renom. Ika told Karen that Jacket is trying to get her otb and Karen is going to get Dillon to campaign for her.

Kevin wants to renom Jacket and is considering getting Dem/Will/Dre to be the three votes to keep Ika. He would want to work with Demika if they stay.

phandom lgbt net members !!

it took me a while but the members are finally here !! if anyone who has been selected is unable to join please message me so we can choose someone else !! big thanks to @retgekt for basically co-hosting this net w me ily bithc

nova @moosehat
gavriella @rosehowell
phoebe @theylikeboys
charli @starryhtml
tyler @metaphored
matilda @nah–m9
lucy @artistphil
gee @flustered-phan
melissa @soulsivan
connor @rajny
sophia @philpov
isa @phanamored
davey @glitterbf
jemima @thisguydan
brooklyn @noticemephanpai
charlotte @peachegf
tjasa @wllgthll
nae @breezypov
emma @disgustinglygay
clare @implicitt (it wont let me tag rip)

yes i know this is a lot but there were over 150 applications and so many good ones !! if anyone has any questions feel free to message me !!

I START MY NEW JOB TOMORROW. I AM EXCITED AND SCARED. it’s a line cook position at applebees (yay for not having to talk to rude people all day) and idk. like im glad that im not at amazon anymore but im scared that i wont really know anybody..whatever tho, i got this. I GOT THIS.

also i get an applebees hat. thats whats up.

He is just okay. Okay in everything he has, in everything he is.
But his Okay is my everything
—  Gosh i really really like him

anonymous asked:

this is going to sound SUPER weird but like i feel like we're friends lmao like idk dont freak out but ya know there's a specific vibe to you/your blog and like i like ur art (and ur oc alicia is like me bye) and we know what you like through ur reblogs and i share some of ur interests and like idk whenever i check ur blog i feel like im spending some peaceful time with a friend like theres no drama or anything like we're just chilling buddies omg im sorry its weird but like ily kasey k bye

omg are u kidding this is the BEST msg 🤧💘 i love that ppl get this kinda vibe from me???? esp cause i see yall as friends too wow im soft

does anyone else do this thing where no matter how many times people tell you that they want to know how you’re really feeling, even when it’s bad, you just feel like they’re lying? like they don’t really wanna hear it?

People are complaining about the 1000 animals thing
While I’m over here loving it !
I mean
Once I get membership, I can get multiple of the same animals with different outfits
So I don’t have to memorize each and every one of my outfits! I just change into the animal with the outfit I want!
And sure, nonmembers still only have 2 animal slots, but I have a feeling that they might add 1 more or so one day
Just be patience guys
I’m not even a member and just this feature alone makes me wanna get membership

me a famous actor: you shouldnt use fishbowls. theyre one of the most disgusting abusive bits of “pet care” existing today. pet stores lie to you and sell you a product that WILL cause your fish to poison itself in its own waste so they can guarantee another sale. dont fall for it anymore. buy a tank with a filter and a heater if youre keeping tropical fish, and remember, goldfish should be able to live 20 years in a proper tank.
interviewer: uh ok thanks but i was asking you about your new movie?