i want nobody nobody but queue

Jossam Week Day Six - A Song You Associate with the Pair

Wander or leave
Turn into winter lights
Keeping your strength
When it gets dark at night


steroline + otp tags according to tumblr (insp.)


And then I’m gonna step into the wilderness. Live on berries and shit. Not bother anybody. Not hurt anything. Something I have to do, man. Because I’m a first class passenger on the spaceship Earth, and I got one ticket and I gotta make the ride count, y’know? And, as far as I figure, you can either take the service road or the scenic route and, man, if I only have one ride. I want it to be beautiful. And if nobody ever hears from me again, we’ll be okay. And if nobody ever knows where I am, I won’t mind. Cuz I’ll know where I am, and that’s the most important thing.