i want new running shoes!!!

Typing this at 2am (HAPPY EASTER!) because I could not fucking sleep, but here is today’s - well, yesterday’s - long run!
Given that I ran 11mi last weekend, and my legs are still sore from leg day Wednesday, I was really only planning on doing seven, maybe 8mi. And then John - my running buddy - only had 15min more for his own long run, so… as usual, I went the extra miles!
And my god, I don’t think I ever truly realized how much I love spring.
Everything comes back to life - the trees, the flowers, the animals, and the people.
And the Earth smells clean and fresh with each rain shower, and the birds sing early in the morning, and there’s just this atmosphere of excitement.

Brad imagine, you have a panic attack around the other boys; 

[Requested on wattpad] 

“I’ll be right back, okay babe? I just need to use the washroom quickly,” Brad says, standing up from the bench in the mall. You and the boys all decided to go to the mall for the afternoon, but after walking around for at least two hours, you’re all resting your feet for a little bit. “Okay, hurry back,” you reply, smiling as Brad walks off to find the washrooms. You turn your body to look at Tristan, who’s sitting next to you. “Anywhere else in the mall you guys want to go?” You inquire. “Don’t think so,” Tristan says. “I might want to go to the shoe store and get new running shoes,” James says. Connor shakes his head. “I’m fine.” A loud scream makes you jump and tense up. You see about five girls rushing over to you and the boys. Tristan smiles widely when he sees a Vamps shirt on one of the girls. “Hello,” Connor says as he stands up to greet them. James does the same, giving one of the girls a hug. Tristan walks over to the girls, but you stay seated - as you’re not a fan of crowds. The small amount of girls doesn’t bother you, but when more girls start to crowd around you, you begin you panic.You stand up so the air around you isn’t so stuffy. The boys don’t seem to notice your discomfort, and they continue to greet and take pictures with their fans. You look around and realize that the small group of girls has turned into at least twenty or thirty teenage girls, all pushing their way through to the boys. A whimper leaves your mouth when you feel your chest tighten. Your body begins to quiver, and tears fall down your cheeks freely. “Tris!” You call out desperately, gasping for breath. Tristan looks around at the sound of your voice, and once he spots, you he frowns. “Everyone make a path please, Con, go get Brad,” he says loudly, making his way to you. Soon, Tristan’s hands are on your shoulders and he’s leading you over to a quiet wall where he can calm you down. “It’s okay, Y/N. It’s alright, you’re okay.” He wraps his arms around your trembling form and rubs your back gently. “Brad will be here soon, it’ll be okay.” You feel your tears starting to stop, and your chest beginning to loosen up. “You’re alright,” Tristan whispers. “Y/N!” Brad exclaims as he runs over. Tristan lets you go gently and allows Brad to take his place. You hug Brad’s torso and bury your face in his chest. “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here with you,” he murmurs against your hair. “It’s okay. Tristan helped,” you reply in a small voice. Brad looks at Tristan and mouths thank you. Tristan nods and smiles slightly, then goes back to the fans with Connor. Brad kisses your head. “I’ve got you. You’re safe now. You’ll always be safe in my arms.”

Okay so in lighter news: I really want to buy myself something nice as a reward for finishing the semester but should I get a tattoo (big want), new running shoes (kind of need), or a ukulele (my therapist says I need a hobby)?


It’s been a long week. I started on Levaquin about 8 days ago and I’m feeling much better lung wise but the rest of my body is paying dearly. I’m waking up every morning feeling like I have a nasty hangover, my mouth and throat are raw from the thrush, and I’m not totally sure if this is related but my body is starting to feel sore in really random places. I’ve made it a point to get out and run everyday that my body will allow me to; I’m trying not to overdo anything and injure myself while I’m on this medication. I wanted to post today tho because I bought new running shoes for the first time since I’ve started running a year and a half ago. So today since it’s supposed to rain I decided to run inside. It was the first time I actually ran inside in months and I happened to be on a treadmill that was facing this mirrored wall. At first I didn’t like it but the longer I ran, the more I noticed how strong I looked. I didn’t look like a sickly little person who was struggling to get through my run. I looked like a normal, healthy(ish) person who also happened to be a runner. My legs looked toned, my strides looked strong, and my face looked determined. I had my music blasting but I don’t think I was even huffing and puffing that hard! I know a lot of the time I feel like I’m really pushing through my run and riding the struggle bus, but today for the first time I saw myself as a real runner who looked like they were actually in their element.

Knight in Shining Sneakers ~ Pietro X Reader

A/N: The idea came purely from the blog imaginesofeveryfandom. The prompt was “ A guy hits on you when you’re out with Pietro… he uses his power to mess with the guy before scurrying away with you” So thank you for the idea, hope you enjoy the writing!
Rating :K+
Theme: 13. Running Away
Word Count: 1,526 words
Warnings: Guys being sort of creepy, but nothing terrible

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Knight In Shining Sneakers...

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warning: Slight creepy guy, but nothing major.

Writer: gowns-and-garnets

Summary/Request:  Submitted by gowns-and-garnets: “The idea came purely from the blog imaginesofeveryfandom. The prompt was “ A guy hits on you when you’re out with Pietro… he uses his powers to mess with the guy before scurrying away with you” So thank you for the idea, hope you enjoy the writing!”

Notes: Thank you ever so much for sending this in, it was amazing and very well written and i’m proud to have it on the blog <3 x

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