i want new pics of her

after seeing @edendaphne put a ponytail on her older lb, i had to try it out on my adult lb and now i am dead. like i love short haired lb so much but…gfhfgghhHHhdhsjfsdj g u y s

…so yea bless u eden, thank u for the inspiration ;0;

also bonus bad cellphone pics of my updated adult chat below the cut cos i don’t feel like making a new post lol

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A little reminder that Rahul Kohli is a sweetheart, he’s against sexism, he supports and advocates for lgbt/poc representation and most importantly he blessed us with 4 photos of Katie (in KatieMcgrath-scale that’s like 400 photos ‘cause we rarely see new pics of her). So.. don’t send him hateful/annoying tweets like: “I like you but I hate your character”, “She’s gay dude stop it” etc.

Besides I’m pretty sure this would totally be Katie’s response:  


Deep within the bowels of the Earth laid an ancient force. A powerful source of magic and energy, which through the eons has developed a mind of its own. From its realm inside Mt. Cleos, the creature created an energetic flow that would give life to the variety of creatures and ecosystems around the mountain.

Once every 10 years, when the weather was just right, and the ground was quiet, the creature would emerge with great force out of the mouth of the mountain and into the skies. There, from its perch above the heavens, it will oversee all that it has created.

On this quiet day, it happened. With a thunderous roar, and a gush of red and yellow light, the beautiful beast swirled out of the top off the mountain, its wings glowing in the sunlight, and its mouth breathing ancient fire and smoke into the air in a display of fireworks.


Jessica’s camera shutter clicked as she took a photo of the beast just as it was emerging out of the mountain.

“That’s another 200 tokens!” she exclaimed excitedly, putting her camera into her duffle bag, which was filled with a large array of miscellaneous items. She looked down as she heard the familiar huffing of her friend Nora, climbing up the hill.

“I told you we had a perfect vantage point from this hilltop.” Jessica smiled as Nora collapsed onto her knees.

“I believed you…” Nora said, still huffing, out of breath. She looked up at the sky, which was still glowing in red and yellow. “What I was…” she started speaking before running out of breath again. “…Trying to say is…” she put her hands on her knees. “…oh divines… I’m so out of shape…” she looked up to see Jessica giving her a bottle of water.

After a few minutes of lying down against a tree and drinking the whole bottle, Nora finally caught her breath. “What I was trying to say was-” she started saying as she saw Jessica already beginning to pack. “Oh come on!”

“What?” Jessica looked back, confused.

“This is exactly what I was talking about, Jess.” Nora got up, tripped a little, and then found her balance. “Where are you even going?”

“Down the hill…” Jessica pointed down the valley of the mountain where there was a small village. “The festival is gonna take place soon. I wanna get all of our errands done before sundown.”

“But why?!” Nora asked. “Why are you doing this to yourself?” she looked up at the flying beast. “Why are you in such a hurry to do… things?”

Jessica raised an eyebrow, clearly not understanding what her friend was going on about.

“Listen Jess, you’re smart. Way too smart.” Nora started rambling. “I don’t understand why you’d think this is a good course of action, I mean… look!” she opened Jessica’s duffle bag and starting rummaging through the items.

“Broken vase shards…”

“Be careful with those! I’m almost 20% done with this one!”

“Stamp collection…”

“I think I’m making good progress.”

“All these letters…”

“Speaking of which, I need to deliver one of those to a butcher in that village over there.”

Nora sighed in frustration. “And then what?”

“Then we have to go pick up some ingredients for that old man’s stew. And after that I’m gonna go to the post office to pick up new stamps. And then to the local shrine because I think there’re vase shards there. Oh, and the little kid in the last town wanted us to buy special balloons for him in the super-store over here… and of course there’s lots of games I need to play during the festival, and take more pictures of the Mt. Cleos Monster… if I take a pic of its shadow against the full moon that’s worth 500 tokens-”

“Jess, shut up!” Nora was fed up, she stared at her friend in the eyes. There was a long silence between them.

Nora rubbed the back of her head, the sun was beginning to set behind her. “I’m sorry… I’m just…”

Jessica blushed, she looked a bit upset. “Don’t yell at me…”

“I know… I’m sorry, I’m just. Jess, this is no way to live.” Nora sat down again, she tapped the ground next to her, gesturing for Jessica to sit next to her. Jessica kept standing.

“Listen, I know this is important to you, but we can’t keep doing this. We can’t take on the whole world like that. We’re stretching ourselves thin. Look at me, I’m barely standing… look at yourself!”

Jess touched her hand to her face. It was covered with bandaids and scratches, and her eyes had bags under them and were sunken in.

“But I want to help people.” Jessica said, her voice quieter.

“I know you do, and you’re the most beautiful and caring person in the world. But you’re not gonna be helping anybody if you’re always busy helping everybody.” Nora explained.

“When you deliver the letter to that butcher…” Nora said. “What do you think will happen then? He’ll probably need help with something too. And in the super-store there’ll be more kids who will want you to buy more stuff. And the shrine maiden will probably have their own errands they’ll want you to do.” Nora sighed, she blushed at looked down. “That’s what happened the last 3 towns. That’s what will happen in the next town.”

Jessica looked down at Nora, a few tears in her eyes. She sat down quietly next to her. The sky were beginning to be painted orange as the sun went down. The lights show in the sky was subsiding.

“Then what am I supposed to do?” Jessica asked.

“Just slow down. Take your time. There’s no rush. You don’t have to be everyone’s personal grocer 24/7.”

Jessica went quiet. “I’m sorry I hurt you.”

“No, don’t be…” Nora said. She smiled. “How about this… let’s go down to the village, deliver the letter, and then take the rest of tonight and tomorrow off? We’ll go to the festival, and just have fun. No need to worry about meeting deadlines or making the most progress. Just us, the games, and Mt. Cleos Monster.”

Jessica smiled, she held Nora’s hand. “That sounds pretty good.”

Texts Between Strangers

Note: female/woman ‘reader’

Hey, it was really nice meeting you last night. Maybe we can grab lunch tomorrow? This is Cisco btw.

The text pops up on your phone screen as you’re scrolling through social media. You’ve been lounging in bed on this rainy Saturday morning planning on doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day but binge watch The Walking Dead and order thai take out later. You just stare at the text for a minute, blinking.

You definitely didn’t give your number to anyone last night because all you did yesterday was pull a double shift at Jitters because they’ve been short staffed lately. A long day at work usually left you looking a bit wrecked so you’re damn sure there wasn’t anyone slipping their digits your way either.

This person has the wrong number.

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Massive Spoiler for Bendy and the Ink Machine, Chapter 2.

It has nothing to do with what goes on in game, but I wanted to post a high detailed version of a poster found in game.

A new character has been revealed, her name is “Alice Angel”. She looks really cute. I might draw her sometime. But if anyone was interested in drawing her here’s a Bigger, slightly better in quality, & high contrast pic, of the poster. I got it from

@therealjacksepticeye’s latest video. Which if you want to see it, check it out.

I made it black in white for clarity purposes.

Hope this helps!


♥ Happy birthday to Rukia Kuchiki! ♥

Well, her birthday was on January the 14th, so I’m late as usual

I wanted to show Rukia’s loved ones appreciating her in different ways - there’s a little party at school (it was Orihime’s idea to throw confetti on the birthday girl), a bigger one at Soul Society (she’s holding a gift box with candies from Ukitake) and then a quiet one with her boyfriend. (◡‿◡✿)

Rukia’s and Renji’s clothes in the 2nd pic are from this New Year’s illustration. I have no idea if one would wear something like this for a birthday party, but I just really liked them.


My beautiful new girl, who joined my bjd family thanks to wonderful @buffdolls ! She’s a Luts Juri elf from 2006.  Buff rescued this head after a severe head injury (seriously, amazing mods) and offered her to whoever wanted to give her a body and a new home. I knew I had to take this opportunity to have an adorable elf join my crew, and here she is! She arrived super quiclkly, too! I gave her new eyelashes, earrings and hand-made eyes. The body is an old Delf body (from my Lishe), which is a perfect match. I still need to make a dress, but I decided not to wait and to take quick pics today :3 guess what’s my favourite colour this season? XD

She now needs a name - I’ll be glad to hear your suggestions!

Thank you again, Buff! I’m very happy - and I hope the doll is too!

Briana Lays Down The Law (source Heat mag, UK)

Heat magazine has the original print article that is now rehashed on CelebsNow online. I’ll put the main point first before the article itself which includes the quotes from Luke Poole. This is a 2 page with a whole page of Briana with Freddie - last pink cap pap trip.The main essence is her laying down the law with rules for Eleanor (and looks like a heads up to us on what we can expect)









“Briana wanted to get back with Louis”

But then the 1D star got back with another ex, says her mate

Is there anything more complicated than Louis Tomlinson’s love life? The One Direction star dumped long term girlfriend Eleanor Calder back in March 2015, announced he was having a baby with stylist Briana Jungwirth in July that year, started dating The Originals actress Danielle Campbell five months later, became a father in January 2016, split with Danielle in January this year and, just weeks later, hooked back up with original girlfriend Eleanor. All caught up now?

Well, it just got a whole lot more complicated, as Briana’s friend Luke Poole tells heat that Briana wanted Louis back earlier this year - and had no idea he was reuniting with fashion blogger Eleanor. When Danielle and Louis broke up, Luke says, “I think that maybe, for a second, she did [hope they’d get closer].” But Briana was blindsided when Louis got back with Eleanor - as revealed in heat last week - with Luke confirming, “I don’t think she knew about that at first.” When we asked if it’d be hard to compete with Eleanor, who Louis dated for three and a half years, Luke simply answered, “I don’t think it’s ever going to get to that level where they get back together now.”

When Louis was dating actress Danielle, there were a few issues - with Briana tweeting, “You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother”, and insiders told heat that she’d banned Danielle from even holding baby Freddie. And Luke, who speaks to Briana regularly - says that to avoid any problems with the new relationship, there are definite ground rules around Eleanor’s contact with the baby. “Louis and Briana are getting along right now, and everything is going well,” he says, but adds that Eleanor’s off babysitting duty for now. “Freddie wouldn’t be allowed to stay with the new girlfriend unless Louis was there too.”

Luke goes on to say that photos of Eleanor acting like Freddie’s mum or putting baby pics on her Instagram wouldn’t be OK, and it would be an issue if “they [Louis, Eleanor and Freddie] posted a picture together.” Official photoshoots are out, too, but Luke adds, “I don’t think Louis would do that, I don’t think he is trying to step on anybody’s toes. At this point, everyone is just coping with the situation.” Of course, they all want to get along for Freddie’s sake. However, as Luke ominously says, “Anything can change; there’s always the possibility it could be more confrontational.” 

Luke says that Briana hasn’t met Eleanor yet, but she wants to. “I definitely think so, because I’m sure if [Eleanor] is going to be around Louis, then the kid will be around her. Briana is protective, and she is definitely going to want to know her. They will definitely have to meet, for sure.” But it’s not going to be a comfortable meeting - after all, there wasn’t much of a break between the split with Eleanor and Louis meeting Briana. “It may be awkward,” Luke tells us. “It will be awkward for Eleanor, not Briana as much.”

We’re going to guess that it’ll be more awkward for Louis, to be honest. Good luck everyone.

I didn’t include the pics - big pic of pink cap Briana and Freddie plus a small pic from pap shoot, the infamous This one’s for the Sun pic, pic of Briana and Luke, and one old pic of Lousi and Eleanor (Louis in striped top and Eleanor in white blouse)

Source: Heat Magazine 28th Feb 2017

Okay guys

I know y’all really upset with the new promo pics as I am too since well, you know, he has a wedding ring around his finger. 

But please, don’t hate Candy all because she’s in the way of Deckerstar. I fully support Deckerstar all the way but I don’t like the hate everyone is dumping on this poor woman. 

We don’t want our little (maybe not so little now I guess) fandom from being struck with the same issues that other fandoms have. This fandom is like our safe haven. It’s where we go to talk about Lucifer, come up with theories and share them, post fanfics and just talk and have a lot of fun. 

It upsets me to see this fandom of ours being besieged with this issues. 

I understand completely why you’re upset but you got to remember this. Candy probably doesn’t even know what she’s gotten herself into. Perhaps Lucifer has also kept her in the dark of who he truly is (well he would no doubt say he’s the Devil but like everyone else who initially met him she would just think he’s a method actor or just a weirdo) and also did not explain his reasons for marrying her. 

Perhaps she owes him a favor and he’s collecting on it by marrying her in hopes of forgetting his feelings towards Chloe (as if that would ever fucking happen, the stupid Devil boy). 

But it’s pretty clear that Candy may not know the full story just as Chloe doesn’t. 

And perhaps these two can hit it off and become best of friends. Now that would be a hoot. 

So, let’s all just wait for another week. We’ve lasted for a month now. Another week won’t hurt us. 

Talking about my Senpais

As you can see I want to talk about my Senpais! I have a lot and cannot talk about all of them, but I will talk about my most favourite Senpais.
I just start then.

This is the creator of UnderNC, my most favourite Undertale Au and her art is so lovely. I also love the Skelebabs. Especially the twins Swifty and Snazzy. They remind me of me and my sis @anjoysblog. We are twins too. ^^ (owner of @under-nc

I came back to the Undertale fandom after I read her comic Anamnesis on dA last October. From March to April 2016 I was in the fandom, but I left it because I was too lazy to find out more about it. And I don’t think I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t find the comic. It has a dark atmosphere and I really love dark, cute and cool atmospheres.

If you haven’t seen this art, then you miss something because THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST ART I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Thanks Tomy, because of you I am a bigger Afterdeath shipper than before! X3

Because of her I started shipping and I found Palette and Goth! These two are a cute couple. Her art is cool too. She is the owner of @thebbros ,and this is why I am at the Batim ( Bendy and the ink machine) fandom too! (But I am also still in the Undertale fandom)

She is a traditional artist too~
I couldn’t believe it at first, but it is true. And her Treasure Hunter AU- AAAARGH- They are all so damn sexy and her colouration is really really cool. Her art gives me so much inspiration for new pics!

Ohh~ another traditional artist :3
Her Scary makes me feel sad and he is so cute at the same time! And her art is so precious! I do not know what else I can say, there is too much to fangirling about… And I want to talk about my other Senpais too.

Her Incubux is my favourite Nightcross child! And I looked on her old art and her art development is soo amazing. It looks like she didn’t need much time to get her art this amazing. I needed over 1 year for this.

This is the blog of PERFection!~
TK is cute and I love him. He remind me to take my time for everything. And this art is so cute too! (How do you do this? XD)

Two characters : Stick-cat and Goth!
Both really precious beans and she is the creator of them. And I love her art, it is so special. Goth gives me the motivation to draw when I don’t have any motivation.

Her Drink child is the pure determination, innocent and so precious. And her art development is also very amazing. I love shipping her cinnamon bun with @nekophy’s

@comyet/ @myebi
Okay, at first I have to say, when I have a pic in my head that I want to draw, I fail. It always goes wrong. But for two times, it didn’t went wrong. And I drew her Ink for two times two and this were the two times when I didn’t fail. I have the feeling that her Ink is magic!

And before I turn into a total fangirl for the rest of the evening, I cut this here. You see that I have allot Senpais and these are my most favourite ones! I hope you all don’t mind me my little fangirling!



okay guys, theses days we got little update of amber on several insta account. (just before speaking a little bit i just wanna tell you to not spam to much thoses account, respect the privacy eventhough i think amber allowed them to post the pic ty).

Well, a lot of people notice the fact that she got thin. I don’t know if it was on purpose but i want her to eat well and be healthy. I’m glad to know Amber goes out and see friends, it’s good for her moral. 


As u can see she dyed her hair really blonde, i love it. When i first see the picture at the wedding of her gray hair i was so happy af. Some people say “new hair= comeback”, well, im mitigated. I hope so but due to the conditions of amber, i hesitate. Nevertheless, new hair for me are a sign of renewal. Starting again. Will to moving forward. (Im maybe wrong but that’s really how i fell things about hair. For me they are significant of a conditon)

you know i won’t lie to you, i feel pain and sadness into amber eyes looking at thoses pics. At least she looks really tired. But you know, sometimes it’s okay to be sad, better than hidding the truth and pretending to be happy. I’m really grateful to amber bc she is honest and she trusted us and accepted to confide in us. She loves us really, be sure of that. She accepted to be shown on insta FOR US GUYS and FOR HER FRIEND. she knew there will be infatuation on the pics, some spam, a lot of notifications also. But her friend did it for us too. Please be really tankful to them it’s important. She is tired or maybe exhausted but THAT’S NORMAL GUYS, NORMAL. She is having a tough time. It’s life. her company doesn’t treat her very well, she is neglected despite her enormous talent. yes, i’m worried, but all we can do is loving her. It’s a lot trust me. The quality of our fandom is that we are truthworthy dont we?


(click on the image to get a less-blurry version)

I felt like drawing Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

so I drew Sofia in a big poofy hoodie w/ spooky panties

the hoodie design is from the “Green Hazard” skin for DJ Scully from Killing Floor 2 btw because I thought she’d look good in it and I was totally right

i have a couple more ideas in mind for something of a “casual” lineup of all 3 of my OCs in super casual outfits of course, but I think some other ideas i have in mind are of higher priority so those might be a while.

(also made some slight changes to her design, more on that in the Mod Commentary under the break)

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anonymous asked:

lmao what about the MC reacting to the RFA members pooping? (i'm crying from laughing at your other one)

MC pooping post

◉ Yoosung

  • He was just sitting there reading his LOLOL game guide
    • “Hmm, so that’s where I can get that armor. Heh the guild members are going to be so jelly.”
  • Then the door opened and you walked in
  • Hits that high note so fast omg
  • All the dogs within a file mile radius have perked up their ears
  • Somewhere, a crystal glass is shattering
  • Yoosung falls off of the toilet
  • His pants are at his ankles
  • He’s sobbing in embarrassment
    • “I’ll….just…come back laaaterrr……” you slowly back out of the room and close the door.

◉ Jumin

  • You didn’t know which bathroom to use??????
  • And you picked the wrong one
  • Jumin was just sitting there on the toilet
    • “MC? It’s cute that you’re so eager to see me that you came here. But a schedule is a schedule. You know that 4:15-4:45 is my private time. I’ll see you promptly for dinner, my sweet.”
  • You grumbled back out and down the hall
    • “I just wanted to wash my friggin’ hands…”

◉ Zen

  • He had a heart attack when you walked in on him!!!
  • He’s grabbing everything within reach to cover himself
  • Toilet paper
  • Hand towels
  • Regular towels
  • The freaking shower curtain
  • You’re just laughing so hard omg
  • Whip out your phone at lightning speed and take a pic
    • “Jaehee HAS to see this omg!!!!”
  • You run out and leave him in the bathroom
  • All you hear is screaming and things falling on the floor

◉ Jaehee

  • You wanted to join her in brushing her teeth before bed
  • But when you walked in you found her on the toilet
    • “Oh! I’m sorry Jaehee I thought you were—Hey? What are you reading?”
    • “This? It’s the manuscript for Zens new role.”
    • “What?! You finally got it?! How is it?!”
    • “MARVELOUS, MC! I can picture him so perfectly saying these lines. Come here and I’ll read it to you from the beginning!”
  • She clears her throat as you sit on the tub
    • “Ahem…’In this city full of filthy scum criminals, I was the dirty cop who didn’t play by anyone’s rules…”

◉ Saeyoung

  • You were in the kitchen finishing up dinner
  • But Saeyoung kept screaming your name and distracting you from the stove
  • You almost burnt yourself once
  • Thats it
  • You threw off your oven mitts, stomped down the hall and kicked the bathroom door open
    • “WHAT!”
  • He was just sitting on the toilet smiling
    • “I love you.”
  • You threw the toothpaste tube at him
    • “You’re not getting dessert tonight. And I.Made.Pie.” you stomped back out
    • “Noooooooooooooooooo!”

◉ V

  • You had to pee pretty bad
  • You just came home from work and you didn’t expect V to be back yet
  • But the bathroom door was open and he was on the toilet
  • He didn’t even know you were there
  • And he was humming
  • It was so cute
  • His hum sounded so beautiful
  • Slowly you sat down in the doorway, facing away from him
  • And just listened
  • When he finished washing his hands you stood up
    • “Hey sweet-”
  • U scared him whoops

◉ Saeran

  • You wanted to shower and he was taking forever
  • You walked in
    • “Hurry UP!”
  • Wait a second
  • You doubled back
    • “Are you…painting your nails while on the toilet?????”
    • “It’s called multi-tasking. You should try it some time. Get out weirdo, stop watching me take a shit.”
    • “You’re painting your nails on the toilet and I’m the weirdo…Okay, babe.”
  • You both stuck your tongues out at each other for a minute
  • You flicked off the lights and closed the door
    • “I’m gunna get you for that, MC!!!”

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That's just it. They don't know them or how they interact. How are they happy for people who haven't shown themselves together? They know nothing about the girl. What exactly do they ship? That it's ABC?

Anything but SamCait it seems Anon….I know crazy huh?? 

Going forward remember this is wrong…..there is NOTHING to see here 

Originally posted by balfeheughlywed

And when they’re being adorable and cute and flirty….yep still not allowed

Originally posted by caitcrumbcake

Originally posted by suhailauniverse

When they look at each other like this…YOU MUST AVERT YOUR EYES!!

Originally posted by sjallepalle

The ultimate NO NO when Sam legit cannot contain his happiness & wants to devour her in front of EVERYONE….Yep there’s ppl watching Sam….but again look away…THIS IS WRONG!!

Originally posted by sassenach-j

When Sam points out he wants to keep Cait FOREVER…..yep that’s actually a top secret code for……..what I actually want is a blonde so and so actress who lives on the other side of the world & you know acts…..but like not really…..BUT is a pro at innuendo & allowing trolls to run a mockery of her Instagram and who’s like the complete opposite of Cait in every fricken way….okay Sam gotcha 

Originally posted by themusicsweetly

So apparently there are new rules now and its actually OKAY to ship RL ppl…..like totes forgot the memo…but wait isn’t this invasion of the same privacy all you “true fans” were fighting so hard over the last 3years to protect…..hmmmmm

Originally posted by marvelandwhimsy

Damn all these adorable pics just reminded me of how much I love the SamCait ship…..so yeah i’ll leave the hypocrites to their ass licking & cringe worthy tweets and vomit inducing hash tags and all I have to say to them is BUH BYE SHIPPERS

Originally posted by manders1984

#answered #yesimsnarkytoday #youareallshippersyouidiots #samcait

AH JEEZ IT’S BEEN A WHILE HUH? My Creative Writing classes sort of consumed my creativity for a while, so I wasn’t able to get much done. I’d like to say we’re out of the woods on that front, but next semester is bound be worse so ;_; In the mean time, though, summer is here and I’ve got the time and energy to get back into the fray! 

In the coming months, I’ll have a freer schedule and mind to (ideally) start producing more, but at the moment, have this pic. In the meanwhile, I’ve been trying to keep up my artwork by drawing here and there. Here’s a DE-relevant pic for that:

It’s Night! She’s… fairly important to the story. You might’ve spotted a mention of her in the demo - or as my new avi pic up there.

Masterlist Tom Hiddleston fics

So since some of you have requested my older stories here are the links to everything I’ve written so far. I’ve put up 18+ for smut, my earlier stories are suitable for all ages!
I want to separate them because they were written more quickly and the chapters are often very short, if I were to reread them now I would probably change so many things but they are still my babies and I still want to share them with you guys.

My Tom Hiddleston stories:

My older stories:

Trilogy Caged/Torn/Fallen:

Caged (finished) (Loki) Emma is a nobody at Shield, until she ends up in the cell with Loki, she knows she should fear him but all she feels is compassion: full story


Torn (finished) (Tom and Loki) Set after the events of Caged, Loki is gone but not forgotten by Emma when another men enters her life. Is he the one that will finally give her a new start? And is Loki really gone forever? chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22, chapter 23, chapter 24


Fallen (finished) (Loki and Tom) Set after the events of Hold. Loki fals from the sky and he brought something with him, something that may threaten the entire human race. sometimes 18+ nsfw: Intro, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20


First Impressions (finished) (Tom) When Cate first meets Tom he is a rude asshole and nothing like she pictured him to be. Can he change her mind? Intro, chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11, chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20, chapter 21, chapter 22


My new stories:

Captive (finished) (Loki, Clint Barton, Nick Fury) Mia wakes up on Asgard with no memory of who she is and how she ended up there. Loki takes an interest in the mysterious girl. sometimes 18+ nsfwchapter 1chapter 2chapter 3chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8, chapter 9, chapter 10, chapter 11chapter 12chapter 13chapter 14chapter 15, chapter 16, chapter 17, chapter 18, chapter 19, chapter 20


Charmed (finished) (Oakley/Tess) During his summer job Oakley meets Tess, a married woman who is bored with her life and intrigued by the young boy. Smut, cheating, explicit, feels. 18+ nsfw: chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4


Kindred (finished) (Tom) When Rae meets Tom she immediately sees everything she ever wanted in a man but there’s one thing that isn’t exactly perfect about him: he’s about to marry her sister. Fluff, eventual smut, sister-sister relationship, cheating. chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7chapter 8, chapter 9


Safe Haven (finished) (Loki) A city wide black out on Christmas Eve brings Scar closer to her mysterious dark haired neighbour. Angst, lots of feels and some smut. : chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7


Crimson Bliss (on permanent hiatus) (Thomas Sharpe, Lucille Sharpe) Sexy and scary ghost story based on the Crimson Peak trailer. 18+ nsfw, explicit and some creepy scenes  chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5


I loved you first (finished) (Tom) Emmy is Tom’s best friend and while they have tried taking their relationship to another level over the years it never really happened, putting a lot of heartbreak and unresolved feelings between the two of them. When Emmy hears about Tom’s new girlfriend she doesn’t waste any time and rushes over to London with only one thing in mind: finally making him realize that she has been the one all along. Feels, feels, feels, romance, fluff, eventual smut, angst, jealousy, …  chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6, Chapter 7


Delicate (on permanent hiatus) (Thomas Pine) Character is based on a mix of Tom Hiddleston and Jonathan Pine. Thomas is Kira’s boss, a rich arrogant womanizer that stands for everything she hates. But how long will she resist him once he sets his mind on seducing her? Both recovering from a past that has left scars they may need each other more than they know. 18+ nsfw lots of smut, plot, feels, angst, romance, … Chapter 1, Chapter 2

My One shots: 

The break up: Angst and drama, characters are nameless but I think Tom works perfectly as the lead character. Angst

First Choice(Tom) Sequel to First Impressions, set a few months later in Toronto. Does the relationship survive Tom’s busy schedule? Angst/light smut

A good thing(Tom) Liv takes an interest in actor Tom who stays at her hotel, one night they both end up being the last 2 people in the bar…  18+ nsfw 

Mine: (Tom) Tom is an asshole who cheats on his girlfriend Beth, she wants her revenge. 18+ nsfw  Part 1, Part 2 Warning: cheating

Held: (Loki) Eden is an agent for Shield and she ends up in the cell with Loki, will she give into her desires or keep fighting him? 18+ nsfw shameless smut: Part 1, Part 2

Better: (Tom) Inspired by Tom’s wake up call Twitter pic, imagine being sick and having your friend Tom take care of you and insisting you sleep in his bed to keep you warm. 18+ nsfw 
Better fluff version

Salvation: (Adam) Adam meets his new Eve when he is wondering the streets at night and finds a girl about to kill herself. 18+ nsfw  Part 1, Part 2 

All I wanted was you: (Oakley) Book nerd Kira and popular womanizer Oakley seem to have nothing in common except for sharing an apartment, but what if they secretly want much more than just that? 18+ nsfw Part 1, Part 2

Present(Tom) Tom and Becca have been friends since childhood but with Toms career on the rise they are seeing less and less of each other, will Tom’s birthday bring them back together at last? Fluff

The list: (Tom and Luke Evans) By chance Dani meets two of the actors who happen to be on her freebie list, will they make her most erotic dreams come true? 18+ nsfw Part 1, Part 2

Last dance: (Tom) Tia is starting to go down under the weight of her long distance relationship with Tom, when she comes to realize he doesn’t love her as much as she thought it’s time to make a choice. 18+ nsfw 

I see you: (Tom) Was it possible to fall in love with a voice? Sophia didn’t think so, until she lost her eye sight and woke up to Tom reading to her in the hospital. Fluff

Taking care of the prince: (Loki) If you were a masseuse and Loki ended up on your table, how far would you go to take care of him? 18+ nsfw 

Dog days : (Oakley) One shot inspired by the heat wave going around: after she’s been stood up Kate swears she’s done with men, but then she ends up alone in the pool with gorgeous, young Oakley who has other plans. 18+ nsfw Part 1Part 2

Served : (Tom) Quick little one shot inspired by Wimbledon Tom, using the characters from my fic Down. 18+ nsfw 

Fangirl : (Tom) Maggie takes the tube back to her hotel in London after a failed attempt to meet her favorite actor Tom Hiddleston, but maybe luck is on her side after all. Fluff

Haunt me: (Thomas Sharpe) Lily and her friend visit the old haunted Victorian house from the late Sharpe family. Lily doesn’t believe in ghosts until she spends the night in Thomas Sharpe’s bedroom. 18+ nsfw Part 1, Part 2

Stay with me: (Loki) Set after the events in New York, Loki is kept prisoner in the Stark Tower and agent Emilia gets the rewarding task of looking after him. 18+ nsfw 

Remedy: (Magnus) After watching a scary movie on a stormy night Anna has trouble sleeping and Magnus comes to comfort her. 18+nsfw 

Shelter: (Tom) based on a prompt, Tom walks into an animal shelter looking for a furry companion but maybe he finds something more than that. Fluff

A glimpse into the future: (Tom) short one shot that was inspired by the death of Alan Rickman. How would you feel when one day far into the future you read the news that your favorite actor has passed away. Warning: death and feels.

Bad fangirl: (Tom) Fangirl Trish meets her idol Tom on set and they help each other find sexual relief. This one is very shameless. 18+ nsfw 

All yours: (Tom) little one shot using Tom and Sarah from my ebook Down. Sarah is Tom’s PR agent and they’ve been dating for quite some time but it isn’t without the occasional struggle, when Sarah is confronted with yet another sex scene from Tom her jealousy takes over. 18+ nsfw 

Invisible fangirl: a letter to Tom from me and all the other invisible fangirls here that will never get to meet him in person. I wrote this after I was turned into a sobbing mess from seeing all the Wizard Con fan pictures.



Amends (finished): (Sebastian/Reader, Tom/Reader) Sebastian lives right down the hall from you and one night you end up having amazing sex with him. The morning after however your ex, Tom, is back in town. 18+nsfw Feels, angst, lots of smut. Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7 (finished)

Luke Evans:

Blind date: (Luke Evans) After a bad break up Becca is being set up for a blind date by her friend in an attempt to help her forget all about her ex. 18+ nsfw 

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