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Bo Gum watching himself act… Lol!! His facial expressions are perfection.

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In your own opinion, what element would the RFA (+ V and Saeran) bend? Like Avatar: The Last Airbender style, if you've seen the show. :)

I think I binge-watched “Avatar : the last Air Bender“ up to the book of fire when the series finished. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to watching Korra’s arc, but I’ve at least read the synopsis (I know it’s a sequel, but I like referring to it as an arc). T_T


RFA as elemental benders (Avatar: The Last Air Bender style)

Zen and V are such free spirits (as most artists tend to be), that they would be air benders. However, I have a feeling that V would have the special skill of spirit projection. Meanwhile, although the skill is related to water, Zen would still have precognitive dreams.

Jumin would be an earth bender, but of the metal (and later on, sand) kind

Jaehee is also an earth bender, but she upgrades to lava bending

Yoosung, even with his sunny vibe and cheerfulness, would be a fire bender who also upgrades to combustion bending

Surprisingly though, even with their fiery red hair, Saeyoung would be a water/ice bender while Saeran would be a blood bender.

And Rika? Rika would be a spirit bender. I mean, how else would you explain her manipulative abilities?

In direct contrast to Rika, MC would also be a spirit bender, but they use their skill to heal, so they could be classified as a healer-type spirit bender, or they could even be the Avatar (as one anon kindly pointed out)

But…! Let’s not forget about Vandy~ He’d definitely be a fire bender who specializes in lightning.



What if I have an AU where Hanzo is a smol birb and stares at Mccree like a cute smol birb to prevent him from smoking


This is also a gift for my beloved and crazy @mccree-senpai! You know how much I appreciate your support, daddy 💛

More overwatch here!

I can’t even with all the cuteness… It’s just too much!!! *flails*

OMG… Jackson is the king of saying naughty things with a straight face!! I really, really think he’s doing on it purpose, because he does it too often!! Hahahahahaha!! 


I recently had a dream I went on a date with Ichimatsu and I haven’t stop thinking about it ever since lmao

Who wouldn’t love to have that kind of attention from a hot guy? I mean… Look at that face!!