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Just a little Crush - Zach Dempsey



Word count:2,061

Warnings: Romance, Fluff, little smut?

Plot Summary: You have to work on a project with a guy you barely know, you thought the assignment would be boring but it turned out to be a lot of fun.

A/n: This one is a little long so I apologise:)  Zach Dempsey is just such an amazing character I cant even! I am also open to requests at the moment if theres anything you would like me to write. Just check my masterlist for the list of fandoms :)

“Ugh” you groaned as you and Hannah walked through the school doors into an already packed hallway.

“Come on the day has just started be at least a little more positive” said Hannah shaking her head at you as the two of you made a left towards your form room.

“It’s Monday how could anyone be positive” you said as you turned the corner.

Bryce came up to you and started talking about the ‘mad’ party he had at the weekend and how you both should have been there. He was standing in the middle of you and Hannah; Hannah thankfully started talking to him so you wouldn’t have to deal with him. As you were walking along you caught the eye of Zach who was about to smile at you but then Bryce threw his arm around you and pulled you close to him Zach’s eyes flicked from you to Bryce and then his arm around your shoulders before he looked at Justin motioning for him to look in your direction as his gaze fell to the floor. Justin turned towards you and glared at Bryce before turning back to Zach.

Hannah Had finally managed to get Bryce off of the both of you and quickly dragged you into your form room before he could give either of you any unwanted affection.

“God he’s such a creep, if he didn’t go around playing the rich kid card and actually talked nicely to people then maybe people would genuinely like him” she said flopping down into her chair that was next to yours.

“Um yeah” you said still confused about what had happened in the hallway.

Hannah leaned a little closer to you.

“Did you see the look on Zach’s face when Bryce threw his arm around you?” said Hannah with a giant smile. “He is so into you” she said before Zach and Justin entered the room.

“It was nothing” you said shaking your head as the form tutor walked in.

Three periods later and you were in biology watching the teacher ramble on about veins and capillaries or something. You were sat next to Hannah on one of the middle benches with your back to the window sitting sideways to the teacher’s desk.

“So you given any more thought to Zach?” asked Hannah in a hushed whisper wiggling her eyebrows at you.

“Shhh” you said your gaze drifting to Zach who was sat on the desk in front of the teacher facing towards the window but on the opposite side of the room.

“Oh come on” she said “he’s glanced at you at least ten times and we are only twenty minutes into the lesson.”

“Yeah right” you said, looking back over at Zach, your eyes met then he quickly turned his attention back to the teacher.

“I told you so” said Hannah elbowing you.

You turned your gaze back to her.

“It means nothing has probably just looking out of the window” you said shaking your head.

“How many more excuses are you going to make” she said sounding defeated. “Fine he doesn’t like you at all, I guess it’s just a coincidence that his grades have dropped since you joined the class, and he only ever ‘looks out the window’ in biology because it makes sense for him to do that in his favourite subject” she said sounding a little mad before turning her attention back to the teacher.

For the next thirty minutes you kept glancing back at Zach but you didn’t catch him looking at you again.

Finally the end of the lesson came and you were more than willing to leave even if it meant that you got to gym class early when the teacher decided to drop a bomb shell.

“Right class as the last assignment turned out to be nothing short of a complete shambles I am going to be putting you all in pairs, the pairs have already been chosen by me so that everyone’s skills will be properly utilised. As extra means to make sure that you complete the assignment I will be giving extra credit to whoever gets an A. But in order to win the prize you must make sure that both of you worked on the project together I will be able to tell.” Said the teacher.

The class erupted in a mix of groans and protests.

“Oh god” said Hannah “I hope I get a geek or something I could really do with the extra credit” she continued biting her lip in anticipation.

“So a geek like Clay” you asked her eyes grew wide and she elbowed you.

“Ok class settle down” said the teacher holding up a list, he began reading out the names.

You listened to the names and made faces at Hannah at pairs that defiantly weren’t going to work out and she did the same to you until, it came to your turn.

“Y/n will be paired with Zach” said the teacher and your eye instantly flicked to Zach who was also looking at you.

“Ooh now’s your chance to get to know him a little better” whispered Hannah, you turned towards her. “Big strong guy like that can teach you all about human anatomy” she said holding in her laugh.

“Ew do you even know how bad that sounded” you said looking at her with the best disgusted face you could muster.

“No but seriously, have you even been paying attention or have you been too busy say dreaming about Zach?” she asked shaking her head.

“What?” you asked confused.

“God you really haven’t have you, look at the title of the assignment dumbo” she said nodding her head in the direction of the board.

Sure enough there was the title of the assignment in big bold letters ‘Human Anatomy’

“I genuinely think that I have pissed someone off up in heaven big time” you said to Hannah in disbelief.

“Or someone up there really wants you two together, imagine how cute your babies would be” said Hannah with a smile.

“How about you and Clay?” you said knowing exactly how to shut her up about the subject.

“Ok I get it, but on another note he’s top of the class so pretty much the best partner that you can have” she finished as you both got up and walked towards the door.

Finally the day was over, and you could head home. You said goodbye to Hannah as you and her both lived in different directions, you were prepared to go home make yourself some popcorn watch a little Netflix and forget about all the events of today. But heaven defiantly wasn’t on your side.

“Hey Y/n” said Zach walking away from the group of jocks and stepping in time with you.

“Hey” you said with a smile praying the world would just swallow you up. No such luck.

“So this assignment, it pretty important that I ace it to get the grade that I want at the end of the yeah so do you think that we could start now?” he asked running his hands through his hair.

Say, no say no, you thought to yourself.

“Yeah” you said out loud mentally kicking yourself, what was wrong with you?

“Ok do you want to come back to my house, I have some books and Wi-Fi that works unlike the library” he said with a small nervous smile.

“Oh you mean right away, right away” you continued.

Just tell him that you have plans right now after school hers your opportunity to get out of this you thought again.

“Yeah ok, that’s fine by me” you said with a smile.

You mentally kicked yourself, why had you agreed, the prospect of popcorn and cheesy movies was within reach but you blew it all off to study with Zach.

“Great” he said with a big smile as the both of you began walking in the direction of his hour.

Twenty minutes later you were walking up the driveway of a rather large house, you looked at it in awe as you passed Zach’s car on the driveway. He opened the door and stepped inside motioning for you to follow. You walk in and the inside of the house matches the outside perfectly with a number of expensive looking ornaments dotted about the place. You followed Zach into the kitchen which again was massive.

“Hey do you mind if I go freshen up a little I just had practice and well” he said motioning to his sports gear that looked a little sweaty.

“No that’s fine” you said with a smile.

“Um… here the wifi password, you can get started on the project while you wait if you want” he said scribbling on a sticky note on the fridge then handing it to you. “See you in a minute” he finished putting his bag on the chair next to yours before leaving the room.

You quickly typed in the password and no sooner had you phone picked up the wifi signal a message from Hannah popped up. You unlocked your phone to answer

Italics = You

Normal = Hannah

So I saw you walking home with Dempsey… ;)

Yep we thought we would start early on the project :)

Oh… should I leave you two to get back to the “Project” then? ;P

What no! I didn’t mean it like that. He’s it the shower

So you wanted him to freshen up a little bit then?

No Hannah, he went to shower by himself and then we are going to start our biology project.

You do realise that he has a giant crush on you right?

Stop it we are just working on biology project nothing more

I know you and I know him so I am certain that it’s going to turn into something more ;P

Ugh whatever, I think I hear him coming down the stairs gtg

Just as you put your phone down Zach came walking into the room wet hair flopping in his face, a tight t-shit that stretched around his arms a little showing his muscles. His sweatpants hanging low on his hips he smiled at you before stepping forward and sitting in the chair next to you.

“So what is our project on then?” he smiled again looking through the various pieces of paper that you had sprawled about on the kitchen table.

You couldn’t help but look at him, he was gorgeous, he looked up at you that’s when you realised that you hadn’t answered his question.

“Um…errr… I don’t know” you said his gaze making you lost for words.

He didn’t say anything but the two of you began leaning closer and closer until your lips connected. He was soft at first delicate, apprehensive. Then as your hands went to his hair tangling though it the kiss grew deeper as his arms wrapped around your waist pulling you closer towards him.

He pulled away from you his face just inches from yours, he didn’t need to speak you bit your lip then nodded. In one swift motion he picked you and your legs wrapped around your waist as he carried you out of the kitchen and up the stairs. You kissed down his jawline and then down his neck finding his sweet spot when a moan escaped his lips. Then you felt the cool wood of his bedroom door on your back as he pushed you into it, causing it to swing open. He walked into the room kicking the door closed behind him before throwing you down on the bed him falling onto of his arms either side of your head as he moved to begin kissing down your neck. One arm went to his waist the other stayed in his hair. A moan escaped your lips and you could feel him smirk against your skin.  

His lips returned to yours kissing you deeply, your hands travelled down his back to the bottom of his shirt, you felt his hot skin against your fingertips and began trailing your hands up his back feeling every muscle and contour until your hands reached his shoulders. He pulled away from you briefly to pull his shirt over his head before kissing you again.

Let’s just say you didn’t get any of your assignment done that night…

New York // Part 1

hi. um, sorry I haven’t been really active on here, I didn’t have any motivation to do any of the texts or write one shots or anything like that. although after Harry’s performance on snl I was like yanno what I really wanna write somet about it so here it is. well, the first part. I am planning on writing the part where he’s on set and stuff I just kinda had to intro the whole thing plus I guess it was about time I posted somet as well. hope you enjoy it, make sure to tell me if you have any ideas or if I should start one shots which are continueous? I’ve seen some people do that and it seems interesting, it’s not so much as a fanfiction because the events wouldn’t be happening after each other but they would have some connection. wow I’m rambling but tell me what you think! happy easter guys! 🐰 oh and you can follow me on my main blog which is hesasnowflake bc i kinda got back onto it? idk up to you. oh that’s also my twitter if you wanna give me a cheeky follow lmao shameless promo x have fun reading this tho also idk when part 2 will be out so keep an eye on this blog or just turn the post notifications on. lotta love, xoxo -b

Travelling was always one of my favourite things to do and so when it meant it will excuse me from doing other things I was supposed to, I just loved it that much more. Working on assignments wasn’t near as much fun as packing a suitcase, getting a plane ticket then driving to the airport and getting on a plane to get somewhere else in the world.

Honestly, there was nothing better.

Even though many people don’t like long flights I personally enjoyed it. I liked going on different planes, experiencing different journeys with different people. I know I might sound like a right weirdo at this moment and time but I’m only telling you the truth.

And so going back to the beginning, where I was saying I loved travelling just a little bit more when it meant I didn’t have to do certain things – well, at least for a little while – that was exactly the situation I was in right now.

My luggage was already checked in and I went through security as well so I had the chance to get myself a nice cup of coffee from Starbucks with a sandwich which I ate at one of the tables there. Feeling extra happy, I pulled my phone out of my hoodie pocket and pressed down on the button on the device so that my screen lit up. A smile made its way onto my face as I saw unread messages from my best friend who also happened to be my boyfriend.

Harry: you’re still coming right? I’m absolutely flipping nervous

Harry: oh crap I’ve gotta go, we’re doing an intro ad thing for the show. see you soon hopefully. love you x

A light chuckle left my lips as I clicked out of the message and opened another one from my lovely mother who was asking me if I made it onto the plane yet or if I’m still at home, lying around on the couch. Well what can I say I was never one to leave in time or make it in time to somewhere therefore I wasn’t surprised when I saw her messages.

Instead of texting her back, at which I was absolutely terrible but I think that was already shown when I never answered Harry, I clicked on her contact name and called her.

“Hey love, are you at the airport yet? Are you all checked in, yeah?” she asked me straight away, not even letting me take a breath before she flooded me with her questions.

But I guess mums will always be like this, right? And I should be grateful she’s like this with me because most children don’t have the opportunity to have a good relationship with their mothers or parents in general. 

“Hi mother, yes, I am at the airport and yes I am checked in,” I laughed as I lifted my cup full of hot coffee which may I add very rarely drank. I wasn’t the biggest fan of coffee but I needed it in that moment.

“Very well then,” she sighed. I heard soft clicking noises in the background so I knew she was working on something like she always did. It was as if she never stopped. If she wasn’t at work she was cleaning the house, the garden or doing extra work at home. I guess you could say she was really work-orientated, she liked keeping herself busy at all times. “Have you talked to Har yet?”

“Hmm,” I hummed as a huge smile appeared on my face again. My mum and dad called Harry “Har” and he loved it and it just made me very-very happy because they got along so well. “Although he had stuff to do so we didn’t talk on the phone.”

“Right, he is a busy man, isn’t he?”

“He is,” I agreed. “Anyways, I think I should get my laptop out and do some work so I don’t have to do all of it when I get back. I know for a fact I’m not gonna do anything while in New York.”

“That’s great thinking, my love. Looks like you inherited some of my drive to do work whenever wherever,” she laughed.

We talked for a few more minutes then she had to excuse herself because she had a Skype interview with one of the applicants or something like that. I guess you could say my mum was a boss-kinda-person at work meaning that she was an important member of the company she worked with.

While I had my laptop open and my drink in my hand I didn’t really do much although I didn’t expect any less or any more from myself. Basically, I just wasted my time until I had to pack my stuff away and get my arse on the plane. Which might I add was happy about. How could I not been happy about it?

Finally, I was going to New York. Not to mention the fact that I was also going to be seeing my amazing boyfriend who I miss very much.


Those eight hours on the plane didn’t even do anything to me. Probably because I slept all the way through which was clearly shown in the fact that my phone’s battery was dead since I forgot to plug it in once we were in the air and I was listening to music throughout the journey.

When I got through the security and immigration which was literally the longest bloody thing ever, I got my stuff then sat down inside and got my laptop out. It took me about fifteen minutes to connect to the free Wi-Fi which was terrible on its own so that just added to my stress and small amount of panic which was starting to build up within me.

I had to get a hold of Harry somehow because stupidly enough I didn’t tell him the time my flight would be arriving here and I also didn’t let him buy my tickets. Well, he helped me out because he truly insisted but he just transferred money onto my card, which honestly was more than I needed so I sent it back to him and only used a small amount of it, and I was the one who bought the tickets.

Once I was on the internet, I clicked on my messages which were blowing up, all of them from Harry. I didn’t even bother reading them I just clicked on the little bar and started typing out what I wanted to tell him before that stupid free Wi-Fi cut off.

Me: hii, I’m here and I’m stuck lol. my phone’s dead cos I never charged it on the plane so if you could come get me from the airport that would be lovely. sorry for not telling you when I was landing, I totally forgot. I’ll be outside but don’t bother replying bc the wifi is shit and I’ll probs won’t get your messages. I love you see you soon x

To send that message it took me like another ten minutes and just when I thought it would never go through, it said “Delivered” under it. I felt the built up pressure leave my shoulders as I almost closed my laptop off but then I saw his message pop right up.

Harry: good thing I have amazing connections right? I figured I’d find out when you’ll arrive because I know you and I had a feeling you’d end up stranded at the airport

Me: wait what you spied on me little fucker smh well at least you’re here right I’m really hungry haz hurry up please the wifi will go away pls xxxxxxx

Harry: get up your ass then and come out. I’m in a white Audi right as you come out the sliding glass doors

I smiled reading that message. I didn’t even bother putting my laptop away I just closed it down, put my backpack on my back then with my macbook in one of my hands and my suitcase in the other I started making my way out of the airport.

The sun was brighter than my future in that moment and I absolutely regretted not taking my sunnies out but it didn’t matter too much as soon as I set my eyes on the car which he mentioned in his text.

Squinting, I walked towards the car and as I was about to open the door, the window rolled down at the driver’s seat.

“Hey, what are you doing?” asked the lad as I looked at him, one of my hands coming in contact with my forehead so that I could keep the sun out of my eyes.

I could feel my cheeks heat up as I looked at the stranger, confusion taking over me completely.

“I-I’m so sorry sir, I thought-, my boyfriend,” I stuttered as I didn’t know what the actual hell to say. Was Harry seriously taking the piss? “I’m sorry, I’m going now,” I told the man as I reached out to my suitcase handle then pulled it behind myself.

I couldn’t believe how big of a dick Harry was. Did he find that amusing? Well, knowing his crazy ass he most probably did. And he definitely saw it all happening from one of the cars.

I crossed my arms once I put my laptop away in my backpack and leaned back on the seats. I honestly didn’t find this shit funny at the beginning then as I started to get over it, I begun to chuckle slightly until I realised I was shaking my head and grinning like crazy.

This was not the first time he had played me like that. We’re always like this with each other though. Some people would say we are too immature for our ages but I mean we couldn’t care less about their opinions. This was another reason why we worked so well together with Harry.

“Now that, my friend, was absolutely hilarious!” looking to my left I saw him walking closer, looking bloody gorgeous as always as his deep voice made a few people look at us.

His outfit was full black like always, his skinnies hugging his legs perfectly and his dark coloured shirt was so see-through you could easily make out the butterfly on his tummy and the swallows on his chest. He was fricking perfect and he knew it. Well, I was hoping he did because he was.

He was laughing by the time he got to me and all I did was shake my head and stood up, my hands still folded together and pressed against my chest.

“You’re just so funny, aren’t you?” I asked him, arching a brow while the tone of my voice was nothing but pure sarcasm.

“That I am, baby, that I am,” he smiled as he put his arms out, ready to pull me into a hug and boy did I waste any time? The fuck I didn’t! I almost flew into his arms, my body literally smacking into his and he had to take a few steps back as I basically fell onto him. “I missed you too, love,” he laughed quietly.

His arms wrapped around me in a tight hug, his chin resting on the top of my head then later he pressed a few kisses onto my hair. I hid my face in the crook of his neck as my hands wrapped around it and locked my fingers together at the nape of his neck. I sighed as I let myself melt in his touch, in his hug, in his arms.

“I love you,” I whispered as I pressed my lips against his skin for the shortest second then pressed my temple against his neck before I pulled away.

“I love you more,” he kissed my forehead as he let his hands slip off of me; down my arms and in the end he intertwined our fingers. Bringing them to his lips, he kissed my knuckles while he shut his eyes, not minding one bit that we were still out in the public.

Once he let go of me he took my hand in one of his hand and got my suitcase in the other one. I rolled my eyes as I saw we were nearing a black Audi and not a bloody white one. I could hear him chuckle as he opened the boot and put my luggage in and I just got in the passenger seat at the front.

Soon enough he was sitting next to me, buckling his seatbelt in and starting the car right away.

“Hand?” he held his right hand out to me as he looked to the left to see if any cars were coming and I just had to give in. Making sure my sigh was loud enough, I put my left hand into his and he once again intertwined our fingers. “I’ve gotta nip to the studio real quick to sign some papers with Jimmy. D’you wanna come or should I take you to mine first?”

“Whichever works for me,” I shrugged. “If yours is too out of the way I’ll just go with you and then we can get some food because I’m still starving then go home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”


And so that is what we did. Harry quickly went into the studio and he was out within ten minutes. I was dying at that point, my potential jetlag and hunger both doing my head in.

“Okay-okay, what d’you wanna eat, hm?” he asked me as his hand found its home on my thigh, gripping it a bit here and there.

“Dunno, don’t care,” I muttered. “Whatever’s close s’fine by me.”

“I’m guessing you don’t wanna go in, right?” I shook my head no and he hummed in response. “Have you ever had Taco Bell before?”

“Do I look like I spend all my time in America like some poeple?” I asked back sassily. I was tired and hungry with a headache on top. I wanted to cuddle Harry and sleep. And food of course.

“Drop the attitude, sunshine. I’m not up for it.”

“Well I’m not either so that makes two of us,” I told him right away. “Take your hand off of me now and take me home. I can’t be arsed getting food now.”


It took us twenty minutes to arrive at Harry’s penthouse that he rented while he was in New York or he owned it. I honestly didn’t have a clue and I couldn’t care less. I wanted a bed and nothing else. I was starting to get in a pissy mood and I didn’t like it because I knew Harry didn’t need my stress on top of his.

Throwing my stuff on the floor I found my way upstairs and into a bedroom which most probably wasn’t the one Harry was staying in because it was way too clean and I didn’t see anything in this room apart from the basics.

Shutting the door behind me rather strongly I plopped down on the bed, slowly crawling under the sheets and putting my head on the pillow. My eyes were shut right away and I felt content. Relaxed. Cool.

In that moment I also knew I should’ve stuck it out, taken my attitude back and get food instead of coming home but oh well. I made a scene already so it didn’t matter. Especially not after I fell into a deep slumber.

[blogging from a plane that was scheduled to take off three hours ago, has been sitting on the runway for half an hour, and we are told will sit an hour more -]

Air travel is the only thing I do which consistently makes me miserable and which I don’t feel I have any right to complain about. It sucks. It is uncomfortable and humiliating and exhausting and smelly and I hate it and I’m not even too large to fit into a seat, or dealing with medical conditions that would make it a problem to unpredictably lose access to a bathroom for hours, or of a suspicion-attracting ethnic background, or too poor to buy dinner when unexpectedly spending an extra night in an airport. 

But all of the thing that suck about it are things which I could pay money to avoid, and just haven’t. O’Hare doesn’t have free wifi and I think that’s obnoxious of them, but I could have paid $4.95 and had wifi. My seat is too small and my back hurts and my legs tingle, but I could have gotten a nicer seat for an extra thirty dollars or so. I miss being given bags of pretzels but I could totally buy a bag of pretzels if I wanted one. I’m traveling from Chicago to SF for $81.20, and if the airline had batched all those things and offered me a $130 ticket that had wi-fi and comfort and pretzels I would have gone with a cheaper airline.

So that’s why I feel like I can’t complain. I got exactly and precisely what I was willing to pay for, and I made the conscious decision just a couple hours ago at the check-in computer not to trade any money for comfort, and American Airlines delivered (well, not yet. Presuming that at some point I end up in San Francisco, they will have delivered). They’re not taking advantage of an information asymmetry, they’re not manipulating me, they’re just offering me $81.20 worth of transit from Chicago to SF, and $81.20 of transit from Chicago to SF sucks. 

Twilight preference - What They Do When You're on Your Period

My phone charger has broken so I’m stuck on my kindle and the Wi-Fi barely works so this will probably be the only post I make until I’m back but feel free to request anything really and I will get to it when I get back! Also I wasn’t sure who the requester wanted so I hope this is fine I just did 4 but you can request more for when I get back!

Jake would be really sweet with you but also probably very overbearing. He would probably be affected by his wolf senses and so would also be pretty protective. Jake would probably be really great though, getting you painkillers of course and easy more chocolate than you needed so he could pinch it all for himself. If you had pains he would probably insist on lying his arm at the least across you as a hot water bottle.

As he is also a wolf Paul would probably be very protective as well although his protectiveness would probably worsen considering his temperament. Paul would probably be the type to insist you take it easy, not really understanding that it’s not that bad. Paul would also probably be bummed out about the lack of sex but would hide it well and spoil you rotten. He would probably make jokes about how you were almost as temperamental as a wolf but quickly back down if you took it too seriously.

Emmet would probably make a joke of the whole thing, mentioning repeatedly that if/when you became a vampire you wouldn’t need to worry about the whole thing. I also think he wouldn’t mind picking up pads or whatever you needed, he’d probably take it as a laugh and tease you by asking really loudly over the phone if you needed extra large size or if regular was fine. I’m sure he would stop if you were seriously annoyed and spoil you, and despite being a vampire being scared of your temper.

Jasper would also be very sweet but he would probably slyly try and alter your emotions. I reckon he would be shy about buying you the stuff you needed but he would do it anyway and definitely go overboard on sweets and chocolate. He would not want to be too touchy with you, both afraid he might hurt you and because of the blood because although it is not very tempting to them he underestimates his control.

Time to clean up the drama.

Hey folks,

So yeah, there’s been drama in the fandom today. I contributed (or some say started it) by making a trigger warning post for the ACOWAR preview here. I did what I could to address people’s concerns as soon as I could, but today was also my last day of class for the semester. I had an important term paper to finish, and I went to a (much-needed) Happy Hour. Now I’m home and I’m going to do some cleaning up. Sorry for going AWOL, but I wasn’t deliberately avoiding tumblr. The wi-fi I was using blocked tumblr so I couldn’t even get on, though I tried. 

I am going to make this post and then get back to the 10 asks in my box. But I want to clarify some things first. It’s long, so it’s going below a cut, but I hope everyone concerned will read it.

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Prove It (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2,736

Summary:  Songfic about Jinyoung – Prove it (by request). Park Jinyoung has been your rival, both in school and out for many years now. But what if you’ve been wrong about him and there’s more than meets the eye?

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Hacked (Sombra x reader)

A/n: to the anon who requested some awkward Sombra, I hope you like it ^^ thank you for the request

Edited 12/20/16 by @shadowbolt64

The lights flickered as the underground subway made its first turn out of the subway station. The old thing squeaked and sputtered in protest as it continued down the rusted tracks. Your eyes glided across the many faces of the early morning commuters who were taking the early subway to work.

Most of the bodies on the train were covered in dark heavy coats and thick scarfs, as the subway could not hold the heat inside of the old passenger car, even if it was ten feet underground. The winter morning was definitely the worst time to commute on a subway.

You held tightly to the old leather strap that was attached above your head, you tried to keep your balance as the subway went over another bump. You groaned in protest as you quickly grabbed your phone out of your pocket to look at the news.

You could see your own breath as you slipped your hand from one of your gloves to scroll through your newsfeed. You lazily looked over the passengers in front of you. Trying to find something decent to look at while you were waiting for your stop.

Suddenly a message popped up in the middle of your screen, your eyes squinted at the message. It clearly read that your data usage was almost up and that data should be turned off.

You scoffed loudly as you quickly exited out of the news app and went into your settings. You crossed your fingers that there was an unprotected Wi-Fi somewhere that you could use. It wasn’t exactly legal, but who would catch you?

As the phone searched for a signal it immediately picked up on a unprotected network that had three bars in your area. The Wi-Fi was named S0mbra1. Curious you tried to connect to the network and sure enough it worked. Your eyes lit up with delight as the network allowed you to browse your favorite apps.

It was an incredible network, it loaded all photos and videos on the app in an instant and would never buffer. Your smile widened as the network continued to do its magic.

Suddenly, the subway came to a halt, you looked up to the old blinking sign confirming that this was your stop. The light in your eyes faded away as you slipped your phone into your pocket and continued to your work.

You threw your belongings on your small desk as you quickly sat in your office chair. Your spun it around a couple of times before you turned on the tower hiding underneath your desk as well as the monitor. The painfully familiar blue screen clicked on with the usual request for a username and password. You rolled your eyes as you quickly typed it in. You navigated to the online service and typed in yet another login. Your job was one of the worst out there but hey, money is money right?

You slipped on your usual headset and clicked a button on the side; it immediately directed you to a call. You cleared your throat and introduced yourself.

“Hello, this is y/n with tech support. How may I help you?”

The voice on the other line belonged to a Hispanic woman who casually talked to you in a rather calm tone.

“Yeah I had a question about my computer, the monitor seems to be glitching out and the mouse isn’t appearing on my screen, what should I do?”

Before you could answer you heard rather fast typing on the other end. It seemed rapid and well placed as if the person knew what they were doing.

Suddenly, your monitor went white before revealing the screen of another computer. Your eyes went wide with shock as you quickly shuddered into the microphone.

“H-hey, I’m going to need to put you on hold for a second, my computer isn’t w-working properly.”

Suddenly the typing on the other line paused, the sound of a moving chair could be heard as the women continued to speak.

“Oh, that is me, I hacked the server your company is currently using with your IP to show you what is happening, I thought it might be easier for you to se-”

“And if you know how to hack a private network do you really think you need tech supports help?”

The awkward tension grew as the silence was dragged on. You heard the woman tapping her nails on her desk thinking of an explanation for her actions. She finally took a deep breath and answered.

“Yes, b-because I need assistance with the monitor a-and I don’t know how to fix it.”

You’re rolled your eyes before quickly saying something to stop her from rambling on forever.

“Ok, thank you very much for calling tech support, you have the number on your phone already so call when you have a real problem ok?”

Before you gave her a chance to respond you quickly ended the call before she could continue. You leaned back in your chair letting out a long drawn out sigh.

Your monitor sputtered and clicked a bit before displaying a rather suspicious purple coding. Soon your computer was automatically transferred to a Skype call to a women with electric violet dyed hair and rather vibrant clothes. She spoke up before you could freak out about her being on your screen.

“Ok listen, I’m sorry for all of my fussing. But when I saw you on the subway you looked really cute in that winter coat so I wanted to get to know you. So I decided to help you out with the Wi-Fi network and I wanted to talk to you, so that’s why I made the call and that’s… why I am … here.”

Her face suddenly became warm as she scratched the back of her neck waiting for a response. Your first reaction was a loud laugh before you looked back at your screen.

“You seriously hacked my computer just so you could talk to me? Ha! That is just hilarious.”

Her nose suddenly scrunched up while you continued to have your laughing fit. She crossed her arms before responding.

“You really think I was just going to walk up to you and say hi, this was way more elaborate then anything anyone else could do.”

You finally got you composure back and cleared your throat before responding.

“Oh no! That is very elaborate… and I thought it was cool, it’s not often you meet someone who can hack a server just to talk to someone, we should talk more often.”

Suddenly the woman’s eyes went wide with shock before she let a smirk fall on her face. She wasn’t actually expecting you to comply with a wave of her hand she did her best to cover her blush before responding.

“Perfect, I’ll keep in touch. Talk to you later.”

Before you could reply your screen went back to its usual blue hue. As if it never even happened. You slumped in your chair and let out a tired sigh. You realized that before she left you never even asked for her name.

Suddenly your phone dinged with a message. You looked over at it and saw that a new contact by the name of Sombra was added to your phone, and the number already sent a message.

“Did you think I wouldn’t get your number before leaving? That’s what happens when you join unprotected networks.”

You let a smile creep up on your face as you leaned back in your chair and responded.

“As I said before I would love to chat more, Sombra.”

(Forgive me if she seems cheesy! I don’t know her well enough yet ;-;)

[Mass e-mails the entire list of the contacts created for him, most of them outdated]: My house seems to have been burnt down.  I do not have any recollection of what has gone on.  I am in a McDonald’s in America.  Columbus, Ohio.    It has wi-fi.  Someone please come get me.  This kind mortal wants his laptop back.  Hello?  It’s Khayman.

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what about rfa + unknown finding out that this is actually a game?

You should’ve seen my face when I read this one I was so excited to write this.

Saeran’s is my favourite. I don’t know how it became that but I like it?

(P.S. My internet’s been out since Tuesday and will not be back until Saturday T_T I’ll write the ones I have and I’ll try to post from public/friend’s wi-fi but I might not be back until Saturday I’m so sorry T_T)


  • Zen doesn’t want to believe it.
  • He’s… in a game? He’s not real?
  • He wishes he could say it’s impossible but
  • Anything is possible, right?
  • He doesn’t like thinking that he isn’t real, that his friends aren’t real, that your love isn’t real
  • In the end he decides it doesn’t matter
  • He feels happy
  • That’s what matters.
  • Anyways, being a game character is just like acting right?
  • And if he really is a game character…
  • Well, he’s honoured that you, the player, chose his route and that you seem to like him.
  • As long as he can make others smile he’s happy.
  • So he’ll happily play his part and recite his lines until the grand finale.
  • And when your eleven days are up, he watches you disappear…
  • And he can feel his memories being reset…
  • His last words are “Thank you for everything. You’ll always be my prince(ss).”
  • He’s just happy you can’t see him crying.


  • He takes it the best but also the worst?
  • Because it… makes sense?
  • That’s why he has no motivation for the future, isn’t it?
  • Because there is no future after the party. Some part of him must have known that.
  • It makes so much sense he almost feels bad that he didn’t figure it out sooner.
  • That must be why he likes games, he says with an empty laugh.
  • Because he is one.
  • Or, well, because he was programmed to like them.
  • He completely stops eating and taking care of himself.
  • What’s the point? He doubts this game is programmed to let him die.
  • And if it is, so what? It’s not like he really existed anyways.
  • He doesn’t play along anymore.
  • And the game can’t continue.
  • So on Day 5 the Bad Ending comes along to reset the game, and his memories. 


  • Jaehee is used to working out problems logically.
  • How do you logically work out something so impossible?
  • She would probably try to deny it at first.
  • Just brush it off and keep working.
  • But she can’t ignore the truth.
  • It certainly explains why she’s always felt like the supporting cast in her own life. Because she is.
  • She was never meant to be the main character, with hopes and dreams and adventure.
  • She’s just background extra #3.
  • She just kind of… resigns herself to it.
  • She’s a background character.
  • So she’ll continue to do her work assignments and play her part quietly in the background, supporting the main characters as she watches the story unfold.


  • “I’m… a game?”
  • He doesn’t react much externally. But internally, his mind is racing.
  • He has twenty six years of memories. Surely no game would be that thorough.
  • Was losing Rika just a game then?
  • If it’s a game, shouldn’t Luciel be able to hack it?
  • How long has it been a game? Has he always been a game?
  • Games have objectives, right? This game’s objective must be the party. That’s why you were brought here.
  • So they should keep working towards that objective.
  • But what happens when they reach it?
  • Where do a game’s characters go when the game is won? He’ll have to ask Yoosung.
  • Either way, it’s pretty clear that if there’s an objective, that’s what they should be heading towards.
  • Things change when he starts to realize his feelings for you though.
  • Is this part of the game?
  • The party is no longer his objective. You’re his objective.
  • He’s torn. The goal is clearly to reach the party.
  • But if he lets you go home and the game proceeds as normal… what happens to him? What happens to you?
  • He can’t risk finding out. He can’t risk losing you.
  • So he decides to suspend the game. If he never lets you leave, then the game can never be over, right?
  • It’s what’s best for both of you, to remain together.
  • He doesn’t anticipate the screen going black as the Bad End message takes over
  • And he doesn’t anticipate the game resetting.
  • He’ll do better next time


  • He knows.
  • He’s known from the beginning.
  • The beginning of what? His life? The game? When the first line of his code was typed?
  • He doesn’t know why he knows.
  • Was he programmed to know? Is it part of his character?
  • Or is it punishment for all the things he’s done?
  • Because he doesn’t care if it is just his programmed backstory, he remembers leaving his brother. He remembers joining the agency. He remembers the last ten years he spent doing their dirty work.
  • Being aware must be his punishment for making all those choices.
  • And doesn’t the fact that he’s aware mean they were, in fact, his choices?
  • He knows that the things he’s saying in the messenger are preprogrammed
  • He could say other things
  • He knows he could
  • But he doesn’t
  • (Usually.
  • Sometimes something slips. When that happens he just adds it into the program. Who’s going to care if a phone call or two sound a bit out of place? If he sounds like he’s breaking down, or if he mentions his feelings when it’s not his route, it won’t change the outcome.)
  • Because he also knows the game’s true ending
  • So he doesn’t care that it’s just a game.
  • He doesn’t even care if he has to suffer through watching the love of his life fall in love again and again with his closest friends.
  • He doesn’t care that he has to suffer through everyone’s, including his, Bad Endings.
  • He doesn’t focus too hard on whether or not it’s real.
  • Because it’s real to him.
  • And he’ll play along with every sad torturous script if it means he gets his true ending.


  • It’s… not real?
  • All the pain he’s gone through, all the pain he’s caused… none of it is real?
  • That doesn’t excuse it, he knows
  • But games have happy endings don’t they?
  • He hopes Rika will get her happy ending.
  • He hopes that all the RFA will.
  • As for him… he’s the enemy in this game, isn’t he?
  • All of the bad things they have to overcome are because of him.
  • He’s the final boss
  • He has to be defeated before the happy ending can come to pass.
  • (He hasn’t played many games himself but he does listen when Yoosung talks about them. He knows how they go.)
  • So when the bullet tears through his chest, he feels nothing but love and hope. Hope that with him gone, everyone’s happy endings can begin.


  • To say he doesn’t take it well would be an understatement
  • This is a game?
  • His life has been a fucking game??
  • What the fuck???
  • Eleven years of constant torture
  • Followed by ten years of betrayal, abandonment, and suffering…
  • Which part of that was a fucking game?
  • Because he sure as fuck wasn’t having fun.
  • Are you?
  • Is this fun for you??
  • Do you think it’s fun to watch him suffer???
  • To see all the things he’s been through from behind your screen????
  • He’s not a game. This isn’t a game.
  • It’s
  • not
  • a
  • GAME!
  • Shut up.
  • Shut up shut up SHUT UP!!!
  • Code runs across the screen as his character model starts to glitch
    He flickers between his default graphic and the Secret Ending CG with the gun
  • Until it morphs into a whole new CG
  • Saeran, blue eyes wide and an unhinged, smile on his face as he points a gun directly at the screen
  • His distorted voice rings through your speaker
  • “Here’s your fucking game!”
  • BANG!
  • You drop the phone, your heart racing as the familiar words stare up at you from the ground
  • Bad Ending.


  • Their life
  • Is a game.
  • Of course it is.
  • Of fucking course it is.
  • Because that’s just the kind of weird shit they’ve gotten used to over the last… well, their whole life.
  • Okay. So it’s a game. Now what?
  • Do they play along?
  • What happens to them if they do? What happens to them if they don’t?
  • They already know they’re going to play along, what choice do they have?
  • You’re the one with the choices, not them.
  • So they just let themselves be dragged along for the ride
  • And hope for the best.
  • They’re not jealous Zero Seven has a route and they don’t not much anyways
  • They don’t want the drama focused on them anyways tbh they’re cool with being the supporting cast
Alternate Setting

For day 5 of exr week, I did a coffee shop AU because I’m a cliche. Hope you guys like it!

Enjolras is tired. He is really fucking tired. So, when he steps into the coffee shop, he really doesn’t need this. Whatever this is.

See, there’s a man at the counter. A man who is really hot. Which is a serious issue, because this is a man who is no doubt really bad for Enjolras, what with his tattoos writhing up his arms and his unruly curls that look like he just woke up.

“What can I do you for, Apollo?” The man asks, grinning, and that smile should be illegal.

It takes a minute for Enjolras to come to his senses. He blames that distinct lack of sleep he received last night. “Uh.”

The barista cocks an eyebrow. “Are you always this eloquent?”

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kaffi. hello everyone! my easter break is officially over & i am back at my dorm. school life might take over a bit now & make me quite inactive, especially since i’m going away to my sister this weekend to attend a festival of sorts. it’s even worse since the wi-fi here seems to have major issues as of late, & it took me 10 minutes to even get here to the dashboard. i hope this will post & that you all can be patient with me as i try go get through this last month until summer! please be well or i’ll find a way to kick all your asses though.

  • if you’ve got time, outline your essay it. do not, and i tell you NOT, print out one of those cute studyblr outlines that you saw last friday. you’ll waste time tracking it down and printing it out and honestly, you’re gonna throw away that outline right after you finish your essay. it doesn’t need to look cute.
  • write your outline how you talk. it’ll save you a lot more time when you get your ideas down in how you talk, because it comes natural to you. it’s so hard to just say that one thing in language your english teacher won’t cringe over, so if they’re not checking it, don’t do that.
  • use your outline as a guide to rewrite all the thoughts in your head into something that makes sense, but you don’t have to put everything on it. when i use outlines, i usually don’t outline my intro + conclusions, because those usually depend on the body paragraphs, and my body paragraphs will change from outline to essay. On one outline I did last night i just wrote “LATER LOSERS” for my conclusion.
  • write your thesis/claim and body paragraphs first. then go back and do your conclusion + intro. conclusions and intros are always harder if you’re not a master writer, and you’ll just waste time
  • Turn your wi-fi off, unless you’re using google docs, because we all know you want to check social media while doing that essay. don’t.
  • Use google docs. It’s just overall more convenient because it automatically saves and google helps you cite things.
  • when you can’t find the perfect thing to say, step away. stop reading that essay over and over again trying to look for the perfect flow. open up a new word document, google doc, whatever writing processor your have, hell even use the notes app on your phone, and write whatever your idea is in your speak. chances are, you know how to say it when it’s filled with obscenities and words no one else knows. and seeing it written down will make it easier to translate it.
  • i always have an issue with this, but put a paper or something in front of your laptop while you’re typing. preferably one of the sources you’re using for the essay, because hey you have that right in front of you. and, staring at the screen when you’re typing will make you want to go back and fix every error you make. when you put a paper in front, you’re only focused on getting your ideas down, so you’ll work faster, and you have time to go back and edit when you’re done.
Quick Info!

I’m going off on a trip tomorrow, and I don’t really now if I’m going to have access to Wi-Fi and so on. Therefore I just wanted to give you a little warning that maybe I won’t answer immediately if you leave me a message or comment something on my stuff. I’m not ignoring you, I’ve just not seen it. 

Otherwise, I still got stuff on queue so my account won’t be completely dead. And also, this is just for a few days, I’ll be back soon enough.

That’s it, thanks for reading.

Under The Stars

Rating: M

Pairing: Chris/Reader

Summary: Reader comes back from holidays and has a nice evening with Chris (of course there is smut)

Also read on AO3

You‘re enjoying a cup of tea at a terrace looking at the sea when your phone buzzes.

Chris: When do you come back?

Like that. Out of the blue. No hello, how are you. Nothing. Weird.

You: I still don’t know. Why? Is something wrong?

You hit send and regret it immediately. Your protective nature is not something you want him to know about but there is nothing you can do about it now.

Chris: No, I just miss you.

You: Oh really?

Lame answer but that is all that comes to you at the moment.

Chris: Yes. I miss your company. I miss your beautiful face. It’s been too long.

You stare at your phone, eyes widening.You shake your head, incredibly angry at him.

You: No! How dare you!

Chris: Why are you angry?

You: I thought we were friends. You know this trip is important to me. Friends are supposed to support each other, not make the other feel guilty!

Chris: You feel guilty about something?

Yes, you do. You don’t even know why, but you do feel guilty about leaving for so long. But when you met Chris, the trip was already planned and you didn’t want to cancel it because it was your life’s dream and besides, he and you were only friends. Nothing more. So what is that about, texting you when you are having fun, telling you absurd things about how he missed your beautiful face when it isn’t that beautiful in the first place. Could it be? No way. No fucking way. Chris and you? As if.

You: No, Mr Evans, you don’t get to do that. I was having a perfect time and now I feel bad about myself. You don’t get to play with people’s feelings!

Chris: What feelings?

You: Like you don’t know!

You step on dangerous grounds, letting him know that it is more than friendship on your part.

Chris: You mean you have feelings for me? :) :)

He’s playing again and you don’t have time for that.

You: I don’t want to have this conversation now.

Chris: Why?

You: Cause you have to stop doing that. It hurts me.

Chris: I’m sorry :( but I still miss you and there’s one thing you can do about it. Come back.

You: I can’t. I don’t have a place to stay.

Chris: You can stay with me ;)

What? What is that about?

You: I’m gonna ask you one question and you have to promise me you’ll be honest with me, okay?

Chris: Whatever you want, I promise.

You: Are you hitting on me?

You have to type it three times because your hands are so shaky. You feel like a total idiot but you absolutely need to know.

Chris: I just want you to come back.

You: You didn’t answer the question. I’m not coming back until you do.

You know you sound incredibly childish but he promised he would be honest and if there’s one thing you hate in this world, it’s dishonesty. Why is he evading the question?

Chris: Okay. I’ll be honest. The answer is yes. I can’t get you out of my head. You haunt my days. You haunt my nights. I want to kiss you. I keep undressing you in my dreams. Do you want me to continue?

You check the next flights back, blessing the free wi-fi.

You: I’ll be back tomorrow at 11 pm.

Chris: I’ll be waiting for you. Text me when you arrive.

You: I’m at my brother’s. He’s away on vacations. You know the place, I think.

Chris: Don’t go anywhere. I’m coming.

And here you are, waiting, on the roof of your brother’s small apartment, opening your laptop to try to change your mind. You don’t want to expect too much but still, his words are imprinted in your brain. You have read them countless times, heart burning in your chest. You still can’t believe it but at least, now you will know.

You’ve piled up some blankets on the concrete ground to get comfortable. It’s a beautiful night, very clear but dark. You can see the stars even with the city lights. You feel quite shaky and nervous, you need a drink. You get up to go to the door and stop in your tracks. He’s already there, standing in the doorway. You’re a little surprised, you didn’t expect him so soon, but you notice he’s in a hoodie and sweatpants, cap on his head. He obviously didn’t take the time to change, you think, flattered. You also notice that the beard is back and that brings a smile to your lips. His face brightens when he sees you and suddenly, the whole world falls back into place. Your hands are steady, your heart peaceful and quiet, you don’t need that drink anymore.

“Hi” you say.

“Hi” he answers, handing you a rose, a bottle of wine and a box of your favorite chocolates. “I hope you like them.”

Even in a hurry, he took the time to bring you a small something, that alone tells you lots about him. You take them with an even larger smile.

“You know I do” you say, brushing past him to fetch glasses from the kitchen downstairs.

When you come back on the roof, he’s leaning on the railing, gazing at the stars. He looks so beautiful, eyes lost in the sky, that you have to refrain from jumping on him straight away. Instead, you open the bottle, pour two glasses and sit down on the blankets. He takes a sip of wine and joins you, staring at you intently. You return the gaze with butterflies in your belly. It seems his eyes are asking for your permission. You nod slightly and he puts one arm around you, very casually, as if that was the most natural thing to do. You can feel his muscles tighten and bulge under his hoodie.

“You have no idea how much I missed you” he whispers and time stops as his fingers graze your cheek, from your cheekbone to your jawline, finally settling on the crook of your neck. 

You open your lips slightly to let out a small sigh, completely lost in his blue eyes. He doesn’t smile anymore, his face leaning on yours, so close now that you can feel his long eyelashes fluttering on your skin. You hold your breath as his mouth finally touches yours in the softest of kisses. You kiss him back as gently as you can and he cups your face in his hands. You stay like this for a long time, kissing. His beard feels so smooth against your skin, while your lips touch, upper lip first, then lower lip, then back up again, never stopping. Your hands finally reach for him, wrapping around his waist, sighing. You want more and you curl closer to him. His nose brushes yours tenderly with a smile.

“Let’s take our time, okay?” he says. “We have the whole night.” 

Your whole face burns red at the implication in his words and you quickly bury it in his shoulder, heat irradiating your whole body. He strokes your hair, gently kissing the top of your head, chuckling.

You finally manage to raise your face from his shoulder and look at him. 

“You are so very lovely” he says, brushing your hair from your face.

“I’m jet-lagged, you mean” you reply, very much aware of your tired and puffy eyes.

He chuckles again, his fingers tracing the lines of your face before kissing you again, gently at first. You press yourself closer into him and his mouth becomes more insistent, until you open your lips to let him in. Goosebumps rise all over your skin, making you shiver with pleasure against him. He tastes amazing and your hands roam along his back until they find his shoulders. You grab him tight and he deepens the kiss, his hands leaving your face to seize your waist. He lifts you until you sit on his lap, legs encircling him, your tight skirt rolling up on your thighs. He releases your mouth, and you rest your forehead on his, out of breath, biting your lips. You still want more.

His fingers find their way under your shirt. Each single touch of his hands is like a jolt of electricity and shivers after shivers run through your entire body, leaving you craving for more. This time, you take the initiative of the kiss, your hungry lips crushing his with the intensity of your desire. You push your way in through his teeth, making him lose balance and fall back on the blankets, dropping his cap in the process. His hands snake around your neck, tangling in your hair and he moans in your mouth.

When you finally, very reluctantly, let go of him, he sighs as he tells you:

“I know I said we have all night, but you can do with me as you please.”

You gaze at him, all offered and abandoned under you, as you settle more comfortably on his crotch. He cannot repress a moan and you can feel his erection pulsing against you. His hands reach for your breasts under your shirt, cupping them, his thumbs grazing your nipples over the lace of your bra. As soon as he touches you, your body reacts, drenching your panties. You close your thighs on him, his erection pressing even further into you and you know you can’t wait anymore.

Your fingers find the seam of his sweat pants and you push them down a little, just enough to release his hard cock. You slide your panties aside and close your hand on him. You can see him breathing harder now but he is waiting to see what you will do.

“Yes” he whispers in a husky voice as you lower yourself on him, hand still encircling him.

You slide down slowly, getting used to his size. Your walls involuntarily close on him, making him buck his hips as he exclaims:

“Fuck! You’re so tight!”

You arch your back, resting on one hand and you start moving your hips at an excruciatingly slow pace. You cannot go all the way down so he gives a little nudge and you utter a loud moan as he fills you completely. He grabs your thighs, his fingers sinking in your soft flesh, to force you down a little more and your moan transforms into a strangled whimper. Your eyes meet his and you take a deep breath before moving your hips up again. He releases your thighs, one hand settling on your waist and the other reaching between your thighs until it finds your bud. You squeal as pleasure hits you from everywhere. His cock, his fingers, it’s almost too much for you to take and you quicken your pace, arching your back a little more, feeling him hit the back of your wall each time. Your body starts shaking from your toes to your head and your orgasm hits you, leaving you breathless, but you don’t stop moving your hips, knowing that he’s not yet done.

His fingers leave your bud and settle on your hips, letting you find your own pace. You lean down on him, kissing his neck, and he grabs your butt, lifting you up just before he comes, jerking off on his hoodie. You roll on the side, watching him unload, his body spasming as he cries out, eyes closed. You have never seen anything so beautiful in your whole life and you rest your head on your hand to look at him. He finally opens his eyes and smiles at you.

“Like what you see?” he asks, his voice still hoarse from his climax.

“Very much” you reply with a nod. “Though I’m sorry for ruining your hoodie.”

He laughs, closing his eyes again.

“Don’t ever feel sorry for that” he says, grabbing you and lowering you to kiss you again.

“Next time, will you let me do what I want?” he asks.

The next time and all the times after, you think as you nod in eager agreement.

dahil sobrang uso ang “roommate au” sa fanfic, HENERAL LUNA BOARDING HOUSE AU!!!!!!
  • parang mas common/feasible ang konsepto ng “boarding house” kaysa sa roommates sa philippine context
  • tapos they’re all college students or yuppies
    • yuppies: paco (longtime boarding house resident, has been with luna since the beginning of time i.e. freshie pa siya all the way from cagayan 1000 years ago (joke lang mga 6 or 7), manuel (works in a bpo so comes in at odd hours, is the myterious roommate, people don’t get to interact w him a lot)
    • college students: joven (poor innocent freshie), jose (kinda delayed kinda patapon student pero chill lang siya no pressure), rusca (girls just wanna have fun!!!!)
    • joven is The New Guy and ayon obvs cool responsible paco takes him in, he gets along well with jose and rusca awww bffz
  • luna is their landlord with a heart of gold but an iron fist.
    • one time he cuts off their water for three days because he caught rusca trying to fill a kiddie pool with a hose on the roof of the house.
    • but he can also be very nice he is like a tatay to paco already
    • once every two months he and the boys hang out on the rooftop for cheap-ass drinks and also jammin on ginoong luna’s guitar skillz
    • (they don’t let joven drink until he turns 18 after a couple of months)
    • pero ayun very tough love. he shouts at jose every time he comes in after curfew (which happens a lot)
  • no ships just dumb boys having stupid adventures in their boarding house

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So, I’m on a flight to SFO right now, and naturally all I can think about is Destiel airplane AU. Starring Dean as a first-time flier, who’s determined not to miss his niece’s first birthday in California. He’s as wide-eyed as a deer and panicking nonetheless, which leaves the attendants no other choice but to call on Castiel, the cabin manager.

Cas goes over to the “man freaking out in 28A,” finds himself caught off guard by how gorgeous he is and instantly feels bad because the guy looks scared. 28B is mercifully empty, however, so Cas sits down and begins to chat with Dean. He asks about Dean’s niece, who loves toy cars and has hair like sunshine. His breath catches at the way Dean’s eyes light up at the mention of her, because it’s the most beautiful shade of green he’s ever seen and he isn’t sure if they even have a name for it yet. He keeps Dean occupied throughout take-off, deflects his attention from the flight and the movement of the plane. He maintains their eye contact - as much as it makes him blush - and is relieved when Dean’s voice finally calms down to a relaxed cadence.

Dean, for his part, is utterly mesmerized by Castiel Novak. They’ve only just met but Dean can tell he’s really kind, because even though it’s his job to take care of all the passengers, Cas seems to be going out of his way to look after Dean. He learns that Cas has a brother too, as well as a cat named Hannah whom his friends take in whenever he’s working. He keeps their eyes locked and Dean feels his heart beating faster and faster, though it’s not due to anxiety anymore so much as his attraction to this handsome stranger.

Cas has to excuse himself when they reach the cruising altitude, despite his desire to sit with Dean for the entire flight. He checks in with him more often than he probably has to, but Dean doesn’t seem to mind if his bright smiles are any indication. When Cas returns in time for the landing, Dean looks nervous and his hand is shaking. Cas carefully places his own over Dean’s wrist, curls his fingers into a reassuring hold and Dean appears grateful, his cheeks flushed pink.

“How long will you be in San Francisco?” Dean asks. The question comes half-an-hour later after they’ve landed, safe and sound.

“Three days,” Cas replies, and they hold each other’s gaze for an extra beat. “What about you, Dean? Are you staying long?”

“No, three days for me too.” Dean’s hand twitches at his side and he wants Cas to hold it again - for a long, long time. “Hey, uh, if you don’t have any… any official airline… business, you should- Would you want to come to the party with me tomorrow?”

“Oh.” Cas widens his eyes, heart fluttering inside his chest. He’s already reaching for Dean’s hand when he says, “I’d love to.”

(I literally typed this on the plane, while sipping on my ginger ale. I bought 1 hour of Wi-Fi just to post this. *crawls back into the Destiel trash can*)


This is part 2 to the first calum au meme i posted (you can find it here). somebody requested this x

“JUST FRIENDS?” AU Meme: After Calum was confronted about his relationship with you in an interview, he began having second thoughts as staying friends. Of course, he didn’t want to ruin his friendship with you, so he makes all the other boys ask you how you felt about the situation, however, he’s everything but subtle. Eventually, he works up the courage to ask you on a date.


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