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Made some fun magic items which’ll be in my homebrew campaign later once it starts, some based on jokes or puns, but all usable! Well, maybe not the egg completely since the last result is heavily based on things in my own campaign, but discounting that you could use these if you’d like~ 


really irrelevant on this blog but I wanted to post about my recent trip to universal studios a few days ago!! 

How can one be totally upset about doing something that is good for me? Maybe because I don’t always like following conventional rules, maybe in seeking greater connection, or to feel additional value? For whatever reason, I feel very much like a toddler throwing a fit. The emotional side is at least. The logical side is sitting here looking at myself with my arms folded like….are you done yet. Could it be that I am very Black and White about some things? For example, I give all or nothing? Idk

My friend suggested I just feel through the emotion as I process it. But I think I am throwing a fit there too. Seriously!!!

It s a good thing that I have patient friends who attempt to understand and when they don’t, love and laugh anyway.

Can’t I just wave my magic wand and get what I want? #Disneylied


I crept a considerable way behind Remus, James, Peter, and Sirius. Remus was grunting in pain and I grew nervous. They made it into the Forbidden Forest and I hesitated. But I took a deep breath and stepped into the woods. I needed to know why Remus was in so much pain and if it connected with him disappearing for days at a time.

I took a step forward but a tiny twig cracked under my feet. I dove behind a bush as the four boys whipped their heads around in my direction.

“Y/n?” Sirius called out. I peeked out from the bush and a mixture of fear and anger flashed across Remus’s face. 

“Y/n! Go back to Hogwarts! Now!

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The Fungal Wand - my winning submission for the 2017 Greenskeeper Gathering Wand Contest on Flight Rising. Made with a stick, vines, hot glue, the tops of googly eyes, a bead, fabric paint, a wood burning tool, and a little fungal magic!

Fun tidbits: the script in the 4th picture is my attempt at the Ursegal formal script, using the word for “Fungi.” A lot of the symbolism in the wood burning came from the video game Riven, as I’m currently obsessed with it. All natural pieces in this wand were found fallen/dead, nothing living was harmed!

I can't lose you (George x reader)

I don’t have the request anymore. I got rid of it like a doof ;-;
Warnings: death, sadness
(George’s POV)

I can’t believe it. Fred’s gone. This can’t be happening. I pull my youngest brother into a hug sobbing into his shoulder. Once I let go I look around and notice (y/n) is missing. My heart starts beating out of my chest. No! I can’t lose her too. “Where’s (y/n)?!” I asked panicked. “She was still fighting last time I was out there, but she looked pretty bad.” Ginny says. I feel my face go pale as I give my late twin a look of ‘I’ll come back’ and rush out of the great hall.

(Y/n’s POV)

Everything hurts. My side. My arm. My head. My legs. I don’t think I’ll last much longer. I throw another spell at a death eater and he flys back hitting the wall with a sickening CRACK. He lays there motionless. Suddenly a spell hits me and I fly back as well groaning. I try to get up but I can’t muster the strength. “Avada-” “SUPEFY” I hear a familiar voice yell. Things are getting blurry as someone- George- runs over to me. “Come on (y/n)! I got you.” He lifts me off the ground and starts running to the great hall. My eyes starts to close. “No! (Y/n) stay with me! I can’t lose you too! ” he says sobbing. Too? That’s when I see it Fred’s lifeless body. No! Not Fred! He and George had big plans! I have to stay alive For George. George sits me down as I fight to keep my eyes open. Madam pomfrey starts to heal me. I close my eyes slowly. “(Y/n)…I love you. ”

(Time skip)

The battle is over. We won. But at a cost. We lost so many people. I stand up from my spot in the great hall. And see Fred’s body, and tonks and Remus and….Colin. He was so young! Tears role down my face as everyone comes in. “(Y/n)!” George runs up to me engulfing me in a hug. I sob into his chest. “C-Colin he was so young and-tonks and Remus- they had teddy, and Fred-oh George! They got fred I’m so sorry! I know how much you cared for him!” His arms tighten around me. “It’s alright, yes they are gone but they are in a better place. ” he says fighting back tears. “I’m so happy I didn’t lose you too. I thought you were gone!” He takes my face in his hands. “I love you (y/n). ” before I have time to answer he pulls me into a passionate kiss. “I love you too Georgie. ” after we get the bodies together and schedule funerals me and George apperate back to the flat above the store we patch each other up and get into pajamas and lay in bed in each other’s arms. “Please don’t ever leave me (y/n). ” “I wouldn’t dream of it” you kiss him before you both drift asleep hoping to wake up and all this be a nightmare.

—(extended ending)—

“Fred! Get back here!” You say scolding your son. “But mum!! I want to hurry up and get my wand!” He complains. “We will Freddie. One store at a time. ” your husband George comes up behind you hugging you, wrapping his arms around your pregnant belly. “I guess it’s good he is excited.” You say. “Yeah better excited than scared. ” George responds. You laugh as you watch your son meet up with his cousins and uncle Ron, aunt hermoine, uncle Harry and aunt Ginny. You smile at George. “What?” He says smiling back. “ I told you I’d never leave you.” You smile wider. He kisses your nose, chuckling. “Even if you want to you can’t” he says holding up the hand with the wedding band “ your stuck with me now.” You laugh “there’s no one else I’d rather be stuck with. ”


I hope you all like it!! I need some more requests so leave some in my inbox I’ll be doing ships too! Xoxo ~❤

“Your Hair is always in your Face”

I needed to write angst y’all. I wish i could have come up with a better title but, oh well

Warnings- Acromantula, mentions of blood (brief), oh and death

Newt POV 

“It’s an Acromantula Y/n! Doesn’t he look beautiful” I say in awe. 

I turn back to y/n who has an unreadable expression. 

“Newt, Acromantulas are very dangerous” y/n says unsure. 

I walk over and pull them into a hug. 

“I’ve dealt with dangerous creatures before love, and I have the scars to prove it” I whisper in their ear. Y/n buries their head into my chest. 

“I know Newt, It’s just that, I worry” They confess. 

“You know, Worrying means you suffer twice” I say. 

“I know I know, look, I have to go meet with Tina and Queenie so i’ll be back in a bit, wedding stuff and try not to get yourself killed” they tease. 

“I won’t” I call back.

They move their hand up to my face and brushes some hair out of my face. “Your hair is always in your face Mr. Scamander”. I lean down and kiss y/n’s forehead. 

“I like it that way” I reply. 

Y/n rolls their eyes and turns to go up the ladder. I can’t help but watch. I feel myself smiling, Me and Y/n are to be married soon and I’ve never been happier. God I love them. I turn back to my creatures. 

“Alright Mr. Acromantula, I hope you don’t mind me studying you” I say. It was still in heavy restraints. I frown, it looks in pain. 

“I know you’re danger- er-misunderstood but I can see you are in pain” I say to the Manticore. 

Let’s see, Y/n might kill me if I let this creature loose but, as long as he’s in my case it should be fine, right? I draw my wand and point at his chains. 


The locks unlock themselves and the manticore is free. He stalks around, eyeing his surroundings. I stick my wand in my mouth and start writing notes. 

“Poisonous fangs, Legs about 10ft. You are stunning” I murmur.

 I look up and see him staring at me. Cold black eyes. I shiver. 

“Maybe I should put you back in your cage, just for a bit. I promise” The Acromantula started clicking. 

I stand up and scoot back, Acromantulas either click when they are excited or aggressive. It creeps towards me and lunges. I quickly apparate away and land roughly against a rock. 

I pull out my wand, “Please, I don’t want to hurt you” I say. It keeps getting closer, his fangs dripping with poison. A loud crack distracted him. I look and see Dougal.  

The Acromantula leaves and lunges towards dougal. 

“NO!” I yell. I apparate in front on Dougal. 

Pain. Nothing but pain fills my body. I weakly hold up my wand. 

“Arania Exumai!“ 

He flies back and lands on a rock. I see double. No, now just black.


“Newt I’m home!” You call. No answer. He’s probably just down in his case like normal. You climb down into the case.

 “Newt?” You call. You exit the shed and let out a shocked scream. 

The Acromantula was lying on the ground dead. And your fiance was a few feet away with blood seeping from his side. 

“NEWT!” You screech, You scramble over to him. 

Tears falling already. You fall next to him and shake him. 

“Newt! Come on Newt wake up!” You cry. No this couldn’t be happening. 

“Come on Newt, Please” you yell. Newt’s eyes open, the color drained from his face.

”Y-Y/n?” he says weakly. You cup his face and stroke his cheek.

”Y-you’r-re g-going to be okay. Newt just please stay awake for me okay?” you stutter out. Newt gives you a weak smile. 

“Love, I-I don’t think I am. The posion is too far into my bloodstream” He says. 

“No! I’m not going to let you die” You pull out your wand and start muttering healing spells. Newt puts a hand on your wrist. 

“I love you y/n. I love you. I love you” He says. Tears are streaming down your face. 

“I c-can’t lose you. Please! Please just stay awake” you bury your head in his neck. 

“Please don’t cry love, you’re going to be okay love” Newt whispers. 

You grab his hand and bring your lips to his for one last kiss. His hand falls limp in yours. You burst into tears. 

“NEWT! Please come back!” You hold his lifeless body in your arms, holding him tightly and rocking back and forth. 

After what seems like hours, you stand up. You walk to Newt’s shed and pick up the phone. 

“Q-Queenie, T-Ti-ina. I need you, please come over” You let the phone drop not even bothering to hear the answer. Within seconds they were there. 

“Sweetie what happened!” Queenie asks. A fresh wave of tears fall from your eyes. 

You lead them to Newt’s body and fall to pieces again. Tina gasps, tears threatening to fall. Queenie falls to the ground with you. She hugs you tight while her own tears. 

“We were supposed to get married. We were supposed to live together forever.” you whisper. It just didn’t seem real to you. How could the man you love be dead. You brush the hair from his face. 

A loud wail caused you to look up. The Nundu’s were screeching. His creatures. You get up and walk towards them.

“I-I’m sorry but, m-mummy’s gone” you say. 

It was cruel. 

Having to go and tell all his creatures that the one who cared for them, raised them. Was dead. 

The funeral was short, but it felt like years. It made it so much more real. People kept coming up to you, giving you sympathetic looks. 

But you were frozen. 

Queenie and Tina tried to talk to you but you waved them off. You didn’t know what to do.

 What are you supposed to do when the love of your life dies. When everyone left you sat there. 

Case held to your chest and his scarf and coat wrapped around you. You went up the stage for one last look at the love of your life. 

He looked so peaceful. You bring your hand to his hair and push it to the side. 

“Your hair is always in your face Mr. Scamander” you say weakly. You waited for a cheeky response, but you know it’s never going to come. You take out your wand and grab his case. 

“Goodbye, my love” 

And with that, you were gone. 

Alternate Ending to "Moon the Undaunted"

[Moon corners Toffee and blasts him with Eclipsa’s spell, then starts taunting him]
Moon: Offer me money.
Toffee: Yes!
Moon: Power, too, promise me that.
[another blast]
Toffee: All that I have and more. Please…
Moon: Offer me everything I ask for.
Toffee: Anything you want…
[Toffee tries attacking Moon, but Moon holds her wand against Toffee]
Moon: I want my mother back, you son of a bitch.
[final blast]

(source: The Princess Bride)

anonymous asked:

do you know of any blogs/posts that's how how to make nice wands? thanks!

Never tried it myself but this is the post I’ve always had saved in case I want to try my hand at wand making some day!

And if you want something to watch during your crafting I would recommend craftversations. It’s a crafty interview show Mary Kate Wiles runs and in this episode her and Starkid’s Brian Rosenthal are making their own wands! Might be fun to tune into whilst you make wands yourself :)