i want my two otps to be happy!!

My favorite ships in the Wander Over Yonder are Black Eye (Peepers x Sylvia) and Skeleton Dance (Wander x Hater). These pairings bring me a lot of joy and happiness, their chemistry and interactions amuse and inspire me so much. Also, that’s rare and pleasant case when my two OTPs support each other making the perfect space family! <3 And, of course, I want to see them developing their relationships in the 3 season! @disneyxd @savewoy

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Dating Ritchie Tozier would include...

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-before you two were together you would basically flirt with each other 24/7

-and some of it would just be playful teasing

-”hey hot stuff’

-he always seems so confident and outgoing but when he asks you out he can barely get one word out

-the truth is, he spent the whole night before talking to eddie on how he would actually do it

-”should i bring flowers???”

“god no ritchie thats way too cheesy”

-he would like to write things on your hands a lot in the classes that you had together for some reason

-like ?? wtf??

-but you’d secretly love it and always wait for something new, whether it be some funny saying or a poorly drawn flower

-sometimes when you two were alone you two could get really deep with your conversations

-he tells you that no one has ever seen this side of him and you feel so honored

-you two would never leave each others side while you were in the sewers hunting IT and getting bev back

- honestly during that whole summer his hand was always holding yours no matter when or where

-if the henry bowers gang ever tried to pick on you he would plot ways to get revenge and end up getting beaten up again

-you would sigh when he came home with a bloody nose and cuts and you’d help clean them up

-”its not as bad as it looks. i want them to know that they cant pick on you like that!”

“i know, i know. youre my night in shining armor”

-there would be lots of kisses when you two were finally up to it

-and cheek kisses

-you trying on his glasses all the time

-”how do i look?”

“babe, i cant see anything but i bet you look gorgeous as always”

-the loser clubs otp

-you both are as happy as you could ever be

100% Canon Fact That I Made Up: Cersei ships Jonerys

You’re not fooling me, Cersei Lannister

“His new queen”

“Her pet Northerner”

You know you just got a new OTP. After you saw them together, you went back and hate-wrote in your diary.

Dear Diary,

These two pretty assholes showed up today and had the nerve to make me look at their sexual tension with my own two eyes. Fine then. If they want to run off to the North together and fall in love and get married in a beautiful ceremony and have children and live a long, happy life together then it’s whatever. I don’t care. Fuck them. I hate those guys.

When my ship is cannon
  • <p> <b>Me :</b> i'm so happy to see these two individuals making the best out of life and finding their true love for each other , it really makes my heart so warm and cozy , and it motivate me to find true love myself<p/><b>Also me :</b> mY ShIP IS CANNON BITCHES , WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ?!?<p/></p>
Jughead Jones x Reader: Relationship Status


Can I request a Jughead x reader where they are dating and just haven’t told anyone but they always hold hands/other cute couple stuff. And Veronica (or anyone else in the group) asks if they’re dating with one of them (Jug or the reader) replying with something like “We are? Why didn’t you tell me?”


A/N: This one was bit cute to write so I hope you guys enjoy it.  Going through a bit of writers block at the moment so I hope you guys like it and it’s not too crappy and that the requestor is happy about it.

Words: 1407

Summary: You and Jug have been friends all your lives and you start dating but don’t tell your friends because of recent events in Riverdale. Veronica wants you guys to date so bad not knowing you guys are.

Spoilers: Veronica is bisexual in this imagine.

Warnings: N/A

You and Jughead had been inseparable since as long as you could remember. The days you guys weren’t together were slim to none.

As you grew older you realized you had feelings for the beanie obsessed writer. You guys were too close for him not feel the same.

It was a troubled day when you chose you were going to talk to him about how you felt about him. The nerves occupied your body as you made your way to the park to see him.

This is the day you repeated to yourself all the way.

It was like the world knew you were destined for each other because that memorable day Jughead had set up a picnic. Which made you question what was going on because other than you, his laptop was his other most loyal companion. He never let it out of his sight and he told you to meet him up because he wanted you to see what he was writing.

Turned out Jughead felt the same way and you guys started dating ever since, but you guys never got to tell any of your friends with all the mayhem that resided in Riverdale.

A lost soul, the murder of Jason Blossom on July 11th as the coroner stated after his body was found in the now vacant Sweetwater River.

You both had talked about telling them after the funeral but that just seemed selfish, but you guys were always linked to each other so maybe it didn’t make a difference. The only change now is that you guys kiss although Jug is not big on PDA, so you only ever held hands and hugged, the usual.


Jughead found a new topic to write about, Jason. You and Betty helped out find justice for the red-haired boy who left the world too quickly.

Jughead was sitting with you in his usual booth at Pops as he wrote and you talked about the murder case and anything that came to mind. You both always seemed to be in your own bubble. When you were together it was as if you were in your own parallel universe.

In the other side of the diner was Betty and Veronica chatting away while enjoying a strawberry and chocolate milkshakes with fries.

“So those two, what’s their deal?” Veronica added to their conversation.

“Honestly we don’t know, they look completely in love with other” Betty chimed in as Kevin came in and sat with them.

“What’s up? What’s the topic?” he spoke

“(Y/N) and Jug” Betty answered

“Ah the Lovers” Kevin chimed in as he ordered his food

“So you think there is something there too” Veronica cheered

“Oh please you’d have to be oblivious to not see the sparks and lighting bolts around them” Kevin continued.

“They have been inseparable since as long as we can remember, she’s the only one that has ever worn his beanie” Betty noted as Veronicas jaw dropped.

“What?! But he doesn’t even take that thing off, I swear he showers with it” the raven haired girl chuckled as Archie was coming into the diner.

“Arch” Betty motioned to the ginger to sit with them.

“Hey, what’s up I was going to talk to Jug” he declared.

“And ruin their moment” the blond spoke motioning to you and Jughead sitting on the same side of the booth giggling away and Arch just smiled.

“I swear I don’t know why they just don’t date they’re-, uh- what’s the word?” Arch added sitting next to Veronica.

“In love” Veronica giggled.

“Smitten” Betty cooed as she rested her head on her hand.

“Yes that one Bets, smitten” Arch blurted and they laughed but that still didn’t compare to the laughs that were radiating from the other side of the diner coming from you and Jughead.

“Honestly what are we going to do about them?” Veronica questioned.

“What do you mean?” Kevin asked.

“We have to get them together” Veronica confessed.

“Oh no” Betty admitted

“Why not?” Veronica added

“You are so new Ron” Kevin announced

“Jug and (Y/N) don’t like people meddling in their lives” Arch concluded.

“Well then we don’t push them together, but we can show them that there is other opportunities” Veronica stayed on topic as the others gave her puzzled looks.

“Well you guys said not to push them, so I’ll give them a little nudge” she continued.

“What nudge?” Betty asked with a smile.

“We get someone to ask them on a date, someone for Jughead and someone for (Y/N)” Veronica argued.

“Doubt it will work” Arch spoke as he took a bite of his burger.

“Yeah what if they say no to those people” Betty gave a small smile.

“Plus who were you going to get to ask them out? No one would dare separate those two” Kevin assured.

“Me and Arch” Veronica stated confidently and Archie choked on his soda.

“Hell no! Jug would kill me, she’s off limits” Archie said as he recovered then gave an expression that showed he had said too much.

“What do you mean off limits Andrews?” Veronica broke the silence.

“No nothing, I uh- I just meant she’s Jug’s best friend” he tried to rescue himself.

“No no, tell us what you know” Kevin declared as him and the girls gave him a devilish smirk.

“Will you look at the time, I have got to go” Archie decided about to stand up and veronica grabbed his wrist and pulled him back down.

“Spill it Andrews” She commanded.

“Jug uh- he’s gonna hate me” Archie said as he scratched his neck “he- uh- he’s got a thing for (Y/N) since like forever, he talks about her constantly and one time I told him if he didn’t do something I would ask her out just playing around and he literally made me swear to leave it alone and she was his if it ever happens. You cannot tell a soul about this if Jug finds out he’ll never talk to me again and (Y/N) well I don’t know how she’ll react” he confessed as they all had smiles plastered on their faces.

“Oh we have got to do something now, he likes her and she is obviously head over heels for him” Veronica cheered.

“But what? If it goes wrong they’re gonna hate us” Betty took a sip of her milkshake.

“Count me out, me and Jug are finally talking again” Archie declared.

“Sorry gay” Kevin spoke as Veronica turned to him and they chuckled once again.

“You could ask out Jug and I ask her out” Veronica smirked.

“Oh honey no, Jug’s cute but not my type. You could totally ask out (Y/N) though you bisexual queen” Kevin smiled and Veronica giggled.

So the group made their way to the other side of the diner to see what would unravel.

“Hey guys” you spoke as you saw them sit down with you and Jug.

“What’s with the grins?” you asked them confused as to what they wanted.

“Um (Y/N)” Veronica spoke as she took your hand and you gave her a puzzled look and Jughead gave the same look.

“What are you doing?” you asked Veronica as Jughead placed his arm around you.

“(Y/N) um- Will you- um- uh, Oh my god! I can’t!” Veronica pleaded and everyone except you and Jughead started laughing and you turned to Jughead and them so oblivious to what was going on.

“Can’t what?” you decided you wanted some answers as you laid your head on Jughead’s shoulder.

“Ron was gonna fake ask you out” Kevin retorted as Veronica stared at him with wide eyes.

“What?!” you questioned as she gave you a small smile.

“I just wanted to see your reaction, everyone says you and Jughead are two peas in a pod and I see it too, but ugh- I- I just want you guys to date. You guys would be my otp” Veronica rambled.

“I could’ve sworn we were going out though” Jughead stated as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead and you smiled as the whole table gasped, shocked expressions plastered on their faces.

“Go Juggie” Archie encouraged as he motioned to Jughead for a high five.

“Oh my, Yes” Kevin cheered.

“Congrats (Y/N), you guys are so amazing together” Betty smiled.

“Happy now Ron” you implied to a still shocked raven haired girl.

“Best day in Riverdale so far” Veronica exulted.

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I have been cured

171202 MMA

Today is a brand new day, I have been cured of my anger because Chanbaek has pulled though once again.

Man I can never emphasize enough how much a tiny interaction from these two make me so happy

This is why you can’t keep these two alone like this XD they do such stupid adorable things. I love them

That couch looks cool tho, I want one

I’m cryin, were they getting judged? So that’s why they got up? Why are they like this

Oh wait nvm, not even judgment will stop them. It’s ok tho, Baekhyun’s moving slightly closer to Chanyeol and that’s all that matters XD

Drummer Chanyeol has entered the scene

And now he has died because Baekhyun decided to do some strange thing and Chanyeol thought it was cool and decided to copy him.


After he gets all his makeup done he comes out looking like a model (MOVE ASIDE BAEKHYUN IS COMING THRU)

I think Chanyeol was lonely so he went over to where he was but then he sees Baekhyun

And he follows his husband him like a little puppy

Back to their own little space in the back

Bro why Chanyeol be crossing his legs like some guy at a bar looking like he’s tryina flirt and why did he scotch so far away from Baekhyun ;-; he sat down near him but then moved away like whyyyyy

Am I the only one that tries looking at the way Chanyeol (or Baekhyun in other situations) holds the person next to him’s hand and then the way he holds Baekhyun’s hand to see if I can spot anything different? Yeah I’m weird like that. But don’t worry y’all I’m not desperate or delusional enough to use anything like that as evidence. And thankfully Chanyeol is holding Baekhyun’s hand instead of forcing him to hold his wrist 

Honestly Chanyeol’s smile is so beautiful and I love  they way he gently hit Baekhyun’s back (he always hits people when he laughs) 


Chanyeol went for the hug ;-; remember the last (legendary) hug they shared? Chanyeol was the one like ‘oh frick’ and now he’s like c’mere. I think Baekhyun was a bit surprised because his face was a little like a smile of bewilderment like “*awkward laugh* wtf?” but of course I may be seeing things

That is such a weird way to hold hands. I wouldn’t have even thought to search for possible hand holding differences if I knew they would be holding hands so strangely XD

asdghjkl you’re doing great sweetie

Look at how beautiful they are

Chanyeol you may be my UB but Baekyun is so gorgeous like I wanna be in the same group as him just so I can admire him from afar

I can’t they are so cute kill me

Welp I’m happier now, we had some CB moments and Exo won the artist of the year award!! YES! CONGRATS THEY DESERVED IT

Have a great day everyone :D

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“You love me, right?” + shakarian please <3

Thanks for the prompt. ^_^ Sorry it took me literally weeks to get around to! I think it turned out alright in the end.

Shepard really needed to remind EDI to remind her to send a nice message to Anderson for giving her his apartment. For the first time since Cerberus brought her back, she could finally breathe; she could worry about something other than the end of the world, focus on the few people she had left and what makes her happy. Glancing over at the spiky dinosaur man next to her, sprawled out on top of the sheets with a datapad in his hands, she couldn’t help but feel lighter. 

Maybe she’d send Anderson a fruit basket, or some chocolates. You know, when things settled down and the Reaper threat was taken care of. 

In an instant, she sunk again, the weight of it all on her shoulders for the first time in days. She’d managed to push it off, compartmentalize it away—think about anything else but the imminent doom of the entire galaxy. It was way above her pay grade. And while she was here, people on Earth—

“Hey, I know that face,” Garrus said, interrupting her thoughts with a hand on her shoulder, then a talon tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. “Come back.”

Managing a weak smile, Shepard turned to him, struggling to brush it off again. “Sorry. I—” She stopped and sighed, more words forming on her tongue but not making their way out. How could she explain it? He would understand, more than anyone. But did she even want to bring it up? Garrus needed this getaway as much as she did. “Sorry,” she repeated instead.


“I’m alright,” she lied, raising a hand to caress the scarred up side of his face, a texture she had all but memorized. “I’m fine.”

That was the only type of lie she ever told him. Though he didn’t protest, she knew he didn’t believe her. 

He covered her hand with his. “You love me, right?”

The word was still strange to her, even after the past few days of him shouting it from the rooftops with an admirable amount of abandon. She’d been terrified of that word—that feeling—and what it meant for most of her adult life. But what use was there, being afraid of a word that brought her joy, in face of the—what did she call it—imminent doom of the galaxy?

“Of course,” Shepard whispered, after only an instant’s pause. 

Pale blue eyes piercing hers, his mandibles flared. “Then we’ve got this, Shepard.”

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The lack of Garrett Hawke/Anders atm is utterly depressing so I wanted to tell you that whenever you posted anything of these two I was always super delighted and excited and it just absolutely made my day. I've noticed you haven't liked your art lately but please know that to me it means a lot when you post, and your art style is absolutely wonderful and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see the otp from such talented artists. Lots of kudos to you and have a happy day.

Kudos to you too


westallen + tv tropes

i want my beloved to be happy

raven has shown bellamy nothing but trust and loyalty but yet blarkes somehow think klak is better for him when she shot at him and left his sister for dead twice. I’m not surprised that you guys don’t love bellamy bc if you TRULY did, you’d want him to find happiness and someone he can count on and guess who that is? raven reyes!