i want my scanner back

from “Signs” by sassafrasx

because this is one of the cutest fics i’ve ever read ♥

oh merlin and his menagerie of ridiculous animals


Full view for easy reading/If you don’t it’ll bout out of order omg.

Look at these dumb dorks ahh. In the wise words and prompting of kazethecursedone: “Oreshi with a major crush composing love poetry in the shared mindspace and just going on and on about how pretty and perfect his boyfriend is until Bokushi’s like, FINE, shut the fuck up! I’m going to see for myself how perfect and amazing this guy really is and taking over. [the body, and just]Fuck he’s hot.”


Here’s Higuri You’s illustrations from the Spray/Nitro+ artbook I posted about yesterday.  So we’ve got Keita from GH and Makoto from Sweet Pool eating some burgers (which are probably made of Youji) and Omi, Niwa, and Kazuki from GH borrowing some costumes from Lamento.  I must say, Kazuki looks mighty fine as a catboy. :9

Sorry about the shadows on the right of each pic, I didn’t want to bend the book back too far and my scanner only picks things up if they’re completely flat.

As before, these are big scans, so open in a new tab! :)