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15 tips for traveling alone

I recently returned from a four-month trip around Europe. I backpacked to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Germany, Norway and The Netherlands, sometimes with my best friend, sometimes with new friends, and sometimes all alone. 

Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. You’ll surprise yourself with your keen intuition, your ability to cope with a new language, your friend-making skills, your geographical bearings and overall just how much you enjoy doing whatever you want, whenever you want - from eating whenever, going wherever and doing whatever you feel like doing. Sometimes I had gelato for breakfast, once I spent six hours in a museum, a few times I slept til midday, I went to a music festival solo and I swam in the ocean morning, noon and dusk. 

But travelling alone can also be problematic and lonely if you’re not properly prepared. Here’s some easy tips that really enriched my experience travelling alone. 

1. Laptop smart
Not only is it exceedingly hard to navigate foreign transport sites from a phone, my laptop proved really valuable to me when I needed precious downtime, which was about once a week. I loaded up a portable hard drive with movies and boxsets so I could retreat into my own little world with my headphones on to watch a movie in bed when I needed a bit of ‘me’ time. 

2. Device smart
- I subscribed to Spotify Premium for $10 a month and built myself some playlists by mood - chill, happy, groovy, pensive. Then I downloaded them, so they were available offline.
- I also downloaded Tripit, an app that links with your email and builds you an automatic itinerary based on your email confirmations.
- I also downloaded Maps.me, an app with offline maps and GPS location so I was never lost. I dropped a (permanent) pin on the location of my accommodation in each city so I always had my bearings. 
- Also make sure your emails are accessible on your phone - I found the Gmail app to be the best option for me, because many of my emails were available offline - valuable when I needed an address or confirmation number, which was a lot!

3. Spend smart
I went with Citibank Australia, who offer a Citibank Plus everyday account with fee-free withdrawals and fee-free transactions anywhere in the world. Shop around your banks and see what deal you can find - don’t just go with your own bank, who might smash you with withdrawal and transaction fees. Every dollar counts when you’re overseas.

4. Insure smart 
This was a non-negotiable. I actually submitted two claims after this trip - one for a lost phone and another for a change of trip. Make sure you know what you’re entitled to before you commit to a policy - valuables up to $1,000 is essential if you’re taking that laptop or smartphone!

5. Pack smart
A few quick tips:
- Don’t take anything that needs ironing. You’ll never wear it, trust me. 
- Bring your runners so you can walk miles during the day. It really made all the difference for me - on days I wore them I could walk up to 30,000 steps without any pain whatsoever. 
- Bring your flip flops for showering. Tinea is rampant in hostel world!
- Bring exercise gear. I always moved from place to place in my exercise gear - it’s easy to sleep in on long haul bus-rides, and you don’t want to wear your 15kg pack with bad shoes - it hurts your ankles!
- Pack, then don’t take half the things you packed. Every little thing is a lot heavier on your back in the blistering heat, trust me. And they have toiletries in other countries too, you know!

6. Disembark smart
- Always carry some cash with you for the country you’re going to - for me, it was mostly euros. It was essential for my commute from the airport, and when I forgot to arm myself with currency, I was left disoriented, tired and wandering around trying to find an ATM while not getting robbed.
- It’s also worth Googling bus or train information before you board your plane, so you know the fastest and cheapest way to your accommodation before you land. Taxis are tempting - but will run your budget dry quickly. 

7. Book smart 
- Book directly through the website, not the compare-sites - it’s cheaper! This includes airlines, bus companies and train websites, and the hostel websites when it comes to booking your accommodation.
- Also, always book your bits and bobs in a private browsing section. Airline websites have algorithms that send the ticket prices up if they log your IP looking at a price a couple times to create a sense of urgency in you.
- But don’t feel like you need to map your whole plan out before you even leave home - I purposefully left gaps in my plan and life filled them in. I stayed with europeans I’d met overseas, travelled with new friends and went to countries that I had no plans on going to, like Norway (one of my favourite countries in the end!) 

8. Backup smart
After every country I backed up my phone to my laptop and my laptop to my hard drive. If you trust the Cloud, backup to there too. It is devastating to lose travel photos - they’re about the most important thing you own when you travel. 

9. Stay smart
- Hostelworld.com is the go-to site for hostels. If I was nervous about my choice, I’d usually book one night in and extend my stay if it felt right. I always read plenty of reviews for each place, particularly taking notice of the location rating. Cleanliness in the bathroom, uncomfortable beds or a tiny kitchen were things I could deal with. A 30 minute commute to the city was something that wore me down pretty quickly.
- Speaking of the kitchen - that ‘free’ shelf in the fridge is your best friend - use it!

10. Be alone smart
- Find a local pub and go and sit at the bar with a good book. Strike up a conversation with the bartender - they are probably bored out of their mind! Bartenders have a wealth of cultural knowledge about their city that you’d never find on Trip Advisor - ask for their hot tips on eating, drinking, shopping and the sights. I asked each bartender to draw all over a fold-up map in each city so I had a visual reference - it helped me pair things together that were close by so I could plan my days better.
- Also, do the walking tour on your first day. They are usually free (the tour guides live on tips) and they are the most useful introduction to a city - not to mention hugely interesting.

11. Commute smart
If you’re wondering if you should walk or get a metro, walk. If you’re wondering whether you should get the metro or a bus, bus. The metro is fast, but you see nothing. 

12. Dress smart
- If you’re spending the day exploring, wear one less thing than you think you need to. It’s awful being hot and sweaty, but easy to speed up if you’re feeling a little nippy. Plus, your thighs will thank you when they can crush steel between your rippling muscles!
- Runners are pretty much always the best option - you’ll double your productivity with them on. 

13. Mini-pack smart
Your daypack should contain:
- headphones
- a book
- a city map (to ask the locals to circle their favourite places on!)
- a knife and fork (plastic, for impromptu lunches in the park or by the water)
- a water bottle. Water is your best friend between all that exercise you didn’t realize you were doing (win!), the salty restaurant meals you’re eating (yum) and the drinking (inevitable). Drink it in litres - otherwise you’ll be perpetually dehydrated and wondering why you feel so tired. 

14. Wash, dry and iron smart
It’s inevitable you’ll have to wash atleast once a week. Face it, pretty boy. Mama aint here to help you now. 
- Every night, wash the underwear you wore that day in the shower. It takes five seconds, stops them from stinking up the place (we all know undies get the most dirty) and fresh undies are one of life’s little pleasures!
- You can iron out major creases by wetting a towel and wiping the clothing while it’s on you (it’ll dry), or bringing the item on a coat hanger into the shower area (the steam makes the creases drop out) 
- Splurge occasionally and get laundry done. Most hostels do it for less than $10, and having fresh clean dry clothing one of those amazing little things that lifts your spirits when you’re out of your comfort zone. 

15. Socialise smart
Talk to people! Everyone is the best version of themselves when they are travelling. Strike up conversations with people you would never usually speak to, especially those travelling alone as well. Ask them their story, compare itineraries, go on adventures together and who knows? You might just make a friend for life. 

The Perfect Blind Date - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,822

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Kissing, Unprotected Sex, Morning Sex, Shirtless Dylan at the beach, Dylan on a motorcycle, slight shade coming from me towards my ex

Notes: So, @ninja-stiles an I were talking on day and we were sharing these motorcycle pictures of Dylan and Chris and we’re like “OMG WE SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS!” So, I wrote the Dylan side while she did the Chris side. The two fics are linked in plot but different in character and execution. So make sure to give hers a read as well! Also, this is slightly AU. Dylan is not famous here. Let him be a normal guy for a day y’all.

(As a note, her internet was being shitty today so I will post a link here as soon as she gets hers up! But still read hers once it is up because it is so good)

It’s hard to want to date when so many bad things have happened to you. One wrong turn in a relationship, and everything comes crashing down. Once that happens, why would you want to get back out there? You worry that the same thing will happen again, or that you won’t find the great guy you wish will sweep you off your feet the way you always imagine it.

Well, welcome to my life, honey.

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Stay Professional! Final

NSFW! Work AU! Explicit smut, some fluff and slight angst? : Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Summary: Jeon Jungkook’s persistence landed him a place in your heart- although a special spot for him was already there to begin with. He was more than just a pretty face. Not only was he exceptionally skilled in bed, he’d gotten to a point where he lived to spoil you… in more ways than one. 

A/N: This is the last chapter of Stay Professional! Quite possible that it’s the most steamy chapter too! Please be aware that this chapter involves explicit smut! NSFW! Derogatory terms, dirty talk, over-sensitivity, spanking.. just full on rough and kinky fucking. Read at your own risk! DomJungkook! x SubReader

You opened your eyes slowly due to the blinding sunlight that pierced through Jungkook’s polished glass windows. You patted around the king-sized mattress, in search of a warm body that’d hugged you all night long. A small smile spread upon your lips at the memories of the passionate love-making the night before. 

“Jungkook?” You called out in an unusual nasal morning voice and waited for a response as you stretched and bathed in the morning sunlight. 

A quick shuffle of feet trotted from across the hallway and Jungkook immediately made an appearance, an effervescent grin on his radiant face. 

“Yes?” He beamed and crouched over your small frame to plant a loving kiss on your forehead. 

You couldn’t help but let your grin grow as big as his from the loving actions he’d spoilt you with. You suddenly noticed that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the white sheets so you pulled them up higher above your chest and Jungkook’s grin turned into a smirk. 

“You can’t suddenly get shy now, can you?” He licked his lips and briefly brushed them over yours, a quick peck to temporarily satisfy his growing desire to relive last night. 

“Don’t tempt me again, sweetheart.” He planted raspberries down your neck and you giggled at the sensation of his soft lips and puffs of air from his cheek. “This time, I really will punish you.” 

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Happy (late) hug day!!!



WHEN U LOVE WHAT U DO SO MUCH AND GET RECOGNIZED FOR IT ITS LIKE THE PUREST FORM OF MAGIC. I CALL THESE MOMENTS OF MY LIFE “TAYLOR SWIFT MOMENTS” BECAUSE I FELT LIKE I WAS ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!! Ok back to lower case letters I just wanted to share my happiness with y'all. I’m so grateful to have someone like Taylor in my life who constantly shows me how to be successful and how to pave the path to my career and how to be a badass woman.

I still cant believe 2018 is the last year Warped Tour is running. I’ve had a ton of awesome moments of my life the 2 times I’ve toured on it and have met and gathered alot of new friends. Im very thankful for Motionless In White and Vampires Everywhere for taking me with them as a crew member.

Saying that, there’s a petition going around about people wanting to see my band play on Warped Tour next year Now idk if it will work on any level but it doesn’t hurt to try…right? Itd be awesome for you to sign it and leave a comment on why you signed it, if you want.

Thanks a bunch!


Jennifer Morrison On Why She Is Leaving ‘Once Upon a Time’, Emma’s Final Battle & What’s Next

Emma Swan is leaving Storybrook. Jennifer Morrison announced this morning that she has declined ABC and Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis’ invitation to return next season, opting to depart the fairytale drama at the end of her current contract.

In an interview with Deadline, Morrison addressed the reasons for her decision to end her Once run after six seasons.

“I spent six years year on House, a year on How I Met Your Mother and spent 6 years on Once Upon a Time, and collectively that’s 13 years of network schedule, which is an amazing and incredible gift but it’s a grueling schedule,” Morrison said. “I’ve been transitioning into doing more directing, I’ve had some opportunities that I’ve passed up along the years in order to fulfill these network schedules, and I really had to weigh where I was in my life. I’m just at an age and a time in my life where I want to be home, I want to be with my family and my friends, to have a chance to have a personal life for a while, and also wanted to be available to do other creative things.”

Since wrapping Season 6 of Once about a month or so ago, Morrison worked on two films and is now in rehearsals starring opposite Matthew Perry in the off-Broadway production of his play The End of Longing. Her feature directing debut, Sun Dogs, is headed to the festival circuit, and she is looking at film and stage directing opportunities.

“It just felt like everything had come to a really nice place for Emma, and (Horowitz and Kitsis) had set themselves up to really revamp the show with new people in a really interesting creative way,” Morrison said. “It felt like time for me to come home.”

Morrison made her decision not to continue awhile back and shared it with the series’ producers but it was not made public until after last night’s musical/wedding episode, which Emma and Hook got married.

“(The producers) wanted to be careful to protect especially the musical episode, they wanted to withhold the information for a little while because they didn’t want to spoil the experience of the storytelling for the fans,” Morrison said. “Honestly I think they would’ve loved to have held it until the season finale but it was getting to the point where the information was in the universe and it was about to come out.”

In her Instagram post, Morrison said that she will return for one episode if Once is renewed for a seventh season. Would she be open to doing more?

“All I can say is that I only negotiated for one episode, and that’s all I can promise at this point,” she said.

Here is what Morrison had to say about the the upcoming conclusion of Season 6, which will be culminating with the final battle between Emma and the Black Fairy.

“It’s tough to do that without giving anything away,” Morrison said. “What I can say is that I feel like everything culminates in a way that I feel is very true to Emma’s story and true to everything that she’s been through. I thought (Horowitz and Kitsis), as always, came up with something that was really creative and inventive in terms of what it was that Emma really has to face in order to fight the final battle. I’m very pleased with how they’ve written the character and how they have everything play out in the last couple of episodes.”

What will Morrison miss about Emma the most?

“It’s very rare that you get to play such a strong smart and vulnerable character,” Morrison said. “I really love that she is a whole person and that she struggles with things, and she fails, and she has the courage to overcome them, fight to be a better person, fight to be vulnerable and to let people in. I’ll miss pretty much everything about her. It’s been truly, truly incredible to have the honor to be Emma for six years.”

What was Morrison’s favorite Once episode/scene?

“It was definitely very special to do the musical episode and have Emma marry Hook in it,” Morrison said. “I think it was such a beautiful culmination of her journey. The scene in the Mayor’s office where she realizes that that song would unleash some power in her to be able to fight the final battle and to have strength against the Black Fairy — I really saw that as her true, true transition from the ugly duckling to the swan, her final step of really embracing who she truly is and truly embracing the power that she has within her. I thought the song was beautiful, I loved that scene, and then I also really loved the wedding scene.

When we met Emma six years ago, she was so so guarded that it was so hard to imagine her walking down the aisle so vulnerable, so open and so truly in love and surrounded by her family and all these people she’s been through so much with. I loved to have had the opportunity to play this character who could grow so much in these six years it gives me a lot of hope for life in general.”

As an actress, what kind of role would she like to play in the future?

“Deep down there is a little part of me that wants to do a period piece, I think that would be fun but it has to be the right project,” Morrison said.


anonymous asked:

i loved that live show so much. phil is just so wonderful. do you have some favorite moments?

yeah :) he’s so lovely. it was all about little moments for me in this one, even though the longer stories he told from spain were so funny.

  • the fact he said he’s an introvert but also maybe an ambivert was interesting to me, as i’ve always sort of thought he’s just a classic introvert. but then he said something like ‘we’ haven’t figured out what i am, ‘i don’t think i fit in one of those boxes’ and i find that rly interesting too bc i guess it suggests that sometimes he draws energy from socializing and sometimes not, and also that he and dan (the ‘we’ there, i assume) have talked about it a lot and tried to figure it out together
  • it was so funny to hear him tell the story of the magician at the rooftop party and then say that he was so overwhelmed by it he almost cried … relatable honestly
  • he had such a specific ‘vision’ for his glitter (black-silver-blue-green) and the lady said he had one of the best ones of the night bc of it,,, what an icon honestly? just in general the idea of phil being so passionate about what he wanted it to look like, and that he was v comfortable wearing it even though it looked like a lot of the guys at that party didn’t choose to wear any (e.g. joe and caspar) … i love phil
  • i loved that he said he bought that t shirt bc he thinks it’s pretty and aesthetic, like i just love the image of him coming across something w muted purples and being like, this is rly pretty i wanna wear it :( cute
  • when he talked about how he wishes he was so into something like a fan community when he was younger so that he could’ve made friends, but then corrected to say he had the youtube community and added ‘i was friends with lots of youtubers’ i just got a bit overwhelmed w feelings,, phil rly had like a wide circle of those alternative emo-y (mostly queer) youtuber pals for the first several years he was posting and they were definitely his actual friends rather than mostly ‘work’ or professional colleagues. his use of the past tense when talking about, the fact that he didn’t say anything like ‘i had the youtube community and i still do’ and the fact that now pretty much none of his regular/voluntary social life seems to involve youtube pals is rly interesting to me. i wonder if he gets nostalgic for those old days sometimes, amidst being mostly super content that his life is pretty much just dan now (plus their occasional hangs w wirrony and perhaps other offline friends we don’t know about).  
  • the almost word-for-word reiteration of what dan said when asked about halloween baking (‘do you think i ever plan ahead?’) was startling. did they both plan to say that in advance to get us thinking about halloween baking but also not promise it??? are they just that in tune w each other that it was just sheer coincidence? crazy stuff. controversial opinion but i hope they skip halloween baking in favor of christmas baking bc i want some festive fluffy content in my life lololol
  • phil is terrible at spanish but i appreciate his enthusiasm. and also i appreciate that he identifies even a little bit as a ‘linguistics geek’ 
  • the mostly-unprompted tom daley mention at the end was Gold,, phil just saw ‘diver’ and immediately thought of tom daley lmao, guess he’s been on the mindddddd :-)
Hak is not a Nice Guy™: A rant by me

**Note: I apologize in advance if this comes across as angry and vitriolic, but I really like Hak a lot. I think he’s a wonderful leading man who genuinely cares and respects Yona in ways I so rarely see in popular media, so to see him being criticized for not being a Nice Guy™ really, really grinds my gears and I felt it necessary to say something. So… yeah. 

So I go on a manga reading website to read AnY, and in one of the forum I see a great big jumble of bullshit masquerading as a forum post. I’ll spare you guys most of it, but I screenshotted the part that made me livid because, especially for the anime but also for the manga, I see the same sort of reasoning ALL THE TIME.

Not only is this just…. super gross generally, but it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of Hak as character. Hak is not a Nice Guy™ who is caring for Yona with ulterior motive of “Oh, if I just stick around long enough and remain hopeful, someday she’s gonna fall for me, right??” No. NO NO NO NO. That is not Hak. That was never Hak. He is not here at Yona’s side hoping and waiting for the moment that she’ll someday love him, and it sure as  hell isn’t the reason he’s still there after all this time. Does he love her, and did he try to make such apparent to her originally? For sure. Does he believe if he just remains persistent, she’ll someday love him back? No. Nooooooo. NO. 

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I Smile

Originally posted by httpsung

[ jaehyung ] 


word count; 2.3k

genre; angst

summary - A Jae scenario based on the song ‘I Smile’ by Day6 (lyrics in italics). You and Jae had been broken up for some years, however you accidentally meet again, causing old feelings and emotions to rise. Jae wanted to pursue his music career and both of you left. Neither one of you admitted it to each other, but you missed one another terribly. 

“There’s a graduation festival on at my university this Saturday if you’d like to come,” Y/F/N announced, slumping down onto the couch in your family’s living room.

“Yeah? That’d be nice considering I’m finished up at school too,” I said, placing down two cups of tea. Both you and your best friend loved to spend the first week of summer holidays being lazy at one of each other’s homes. Tonight you made cookies and were about to start watching a new, highly popular drama, lying around in your comfy pyjamas.

“I just love the festivals each year, there’s always great music and free food, which is a bonus,” Y/F/N added, picking up a warm cookie from the plate that was perched on the coffee table.

For the rest of the evening we happily chatted about our weekend plans and commented on the drama that we were currently watching.

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When I was a kid my Mum worked at a book warehouse and she was allowed to take home books that were damaged or unwanted and, let’s be honest, parents don’t really buy their kids poetry books so I had a hell of a lot of them. Because of this I wrote poetry from a very young age. The oldest poem I have of mine was written when I was four, I still have the original copy. But I have a hazy recollection of writing others before it, safe to say, poetry has lived in me for a very long time.

I wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and read, and read, and read, and when the warehouse closed and I didn’t get anymore poetry books (because poetry books are expensive in comparison to other books), I re-read the ones I had until I could recite them, the spines were cracked, the pages were full of post-it-notes, torn into strips, marking what must have been almost every page. One day one of my favourite poets, Paul Cookson, came to the library next to my primary school. I had brought my copy of “The Very Best of Paul Cookson” with me and I got him to sign it, he seemed surprised that it was my copy and not a library book (possibly because it was so beaten up from reading) and I told him I wanted to be a poet. He was the first adult in my life to really encourage me towards that most unlikely of careers, and I kept that book by my bed for years. I’ve still got a lot of his others, but that signed copy has vanished now. I can still describe the cover though, light blue, with a fish on it. 

Because of this encounter I kept writing, until, when I was in year six, my teacher asked the class what we wanted to be when we grew up. I said I wanted to be a poet, and he, a mean, proud man, one of those teachers that gave you the feeling that they never really wanted to teach children, told me that it was a “stupid and childish idea”. So, slowly, I stopped, my words running out.

Then, years later, in high school, we got asked to write a poem in class. So I did. And apparently it was quite good, because after that one of my teachers Rachel Hendra, took a keen interest in my work, and when, one day, I told her that I was stuck in a rut of rhyming, that I couldn’t write in free verse, she brought in her own personal copies of Ted Hughes’ “Birthday Letters” and “Crow”, and told me two things: One: They were incredible, and Two: If I touched the post-it notes, sprinkled liberally throughout the books, she would kill me. I read Birthday Letters in one amazing day. And then over the weekend I read it again. When I gave it back the post-its were still in place, my words had returned, and my understanding of poetry was forever changed.

That summer I was working at a festival, and I wandered to the poetry stage in the evening. It was the first time I had ever seen poetry performed and I was entranced. And then Joelle Taylor walked on stage and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. 

A few years, passed, I came out as Transgender, I struggled, and poured my struggle into the poetry, and kept writing. My hero, Anthony Head read my poetry, cried, read it again, and liked it so much that he agreed to write the foreword to my first book, and he was kinder and more encouraging than you can ever imagine.  Then, a few years, a lot of events, and a stupid amount of poetry open mic’s (which Hendra and a few other teachers would turn up to in order to -kindly- heckle me) after I had first seen her Joelle came to my hometown. The organiser of the gig asked me if I would perform as her support act, and of course I agreed. After my performance she asked me to apply for Slambassadors, the UK’s biggest youth poetry slam, and I was a winner. I sent a photo of my trophy to Anthony and he posted it all over his social media, he was so excited for me, more excited than any adult in my life had ever been about any award that I had ever won. 

When I was a kid I was always told to be something normal, something boring, something… less. I fought my way up. Past the expectations placed upon me. When I was young I was just a young carer. A trouble maker. I was the kid from the failing school, who got into fights, was excluded from school, the kid who always scrounged food from others, whose parents drank too much, whose grades never quite lived up to expectations, who wouldn’t ever, quite, allow themselves to be fitted into the boxes laid out for them.

Now I’m twenty. I’m the first member of my family to go to university. I have two solo poetry collections that have sold to fourteen different countries. I have won a national poetry award, and performed in the final of the Roundhouse slam. I am following my dreams, and doing what I was told by so many was impossible, because some people, these people, told me that it WAS possible, that the stars were within my reach, and thanks to them I am dedicating my life to reaching them.

Maybe one day; H.S.

My hand speeds up as well as my heartbeat, my eyes closed tightly and my lips parted slightly with thought of her coursing through my mind at record speed. I softly squeeze my erect dick and pick up even more speed, feeling my release nearing closer and closer.

As I release, a sigh leaves my lips and I take a few moments to myself, to recollect my breathing as well as my thoughts. As I open my eyes, I expect to see Y/n lying beside me, breathless, but none the less, smiling up at me. Instead, she wasn’t here.

Somehow I expect her to let me know she’ll be running late, and got caught up in work again. I check my phone. Something I’m so used to doing, I don’t even comprehend the motion properly before it’s already done.

I raise to my feet for a quick shower – I have company coming in a little hour. The things I do take my mind off her. My hotel room is a complete and utter mess. Clothes are strewn all around, empty bottles of a variety of alcoholic beverages covering every surface. Some lay scattered on the floor as well.

Lately, I only did what I had to. Or desperately wanted. The latter meant that as of now, I am still sobering up from a bottle of vodka that still occupied the mini fridge. I know I should stop drinking so much and just face the facts – or fears, better said – but I just can’t. Not yet.

The water is as cold as I can bear, in hopes of ridding my body of the huge amount of liquor coursing through my veins. It helps little to nothing, and I’m aware of that, but I’m hoping for a placebo effect. My shower is cut short as I hear the obnoxious sound of knuckles scraping against the door. She’s here.

Greetings are brief and impersonal. I’m not here for a chat, that’s what my psychiatrist is for. I need to release tension, and I have no better option. It’s crude for me to speak like this, and I wasn’t like that, but it gives me those few minutes without Y/n haunting my mind.

Instead, I press my lips forcefully to the girl’s lips in front of me. She immediately moans, throwing her arms around my shoulders and clawing at my back. I’m starting to undress her, hastily dropping item after item on the floor.

“Y/-“ I stop myself before I can finish. The girl, Melissa, I think her name was, briefly glares up at me, but I don’t dare meet her gaze. To make up for my mistake, I press my lips roughly against hers, hand cupping her core and I guide her towards the bed.

It’s meaningless, flat-out one-time-only sex, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try. Images, memories of Y/n flood through my mind as I shut my eyes tightly, picking up my pace and thrusting harder. Melissa whines and moans underneath me. She reaches her high rather speedily, and loudly may I add, after mine follows soon.

I don’t want her to stay. It’s not the same, nor will it ever be. Instead, I fake a gin, thank her for stopping by and try to send her on her way. The grimace that follows confirms my thoughts – I have really, really hurt her by saying this. None the less, she raises, dresses herself and slowly trails towards the exit. I can’t help it. This doesn’t help. I mean, I only hook up with girls that look just like her.

We haven’t spoken since she left. Left me. I hoped – and prayed, to be honest – that she would break and show up at my door, or at one of the many hotels – damn, even a call would’ve made me jump through the roof.

If I had her number, I would’ve drunk-called her every single night. But when she left, she changed her phone number. There is no way for me of reaching her. Through tabloids though, she always is aware of my whereabouts. If she would want to know. It would be straightforward to find me.

Maybe she has already started a new life, one where I’m not welcome. One where she can pretend what we had wasn’t unmistakable, consuming love. I couldn’t be the only one that felt it, right?

When I’m not recording, performing, or attending mandatory festivities, I’m drunk by noon, and sleeping on the first plush thing that catches my eye when I enter my temporary home. My friends might’ve noticed that Y/n leaving me, our fight, and my behaviour lately are things I needed to deal with but failed to do so. I can’t stand being alone, though I constantly seek the uncomfortable silence. A harsh reminder of what I have done, and what I haven’t.

If I had just went for her, after her, and I explained everything, she might be mine still.

Maybe one day she’ll call and tell me that she’s sorry, too.

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This is how a kanken looks, mine doesn’t look like those aesthetics blogs
Even that I don’t like those fading parts, I still love it and use it, yes I spend a lot of money on it, but it’s been one of the best inversion in my life, I don’t want to have it just there, I want to use it and continue exploring the world, probably I’m not taking good care of it, and I should do it, but I love to be rude and crazy having fun and not working about a how my backpack looks.

Sorry my intention is not to be offensive, but I still don’t know how you can have a perfectly kanken, mine looks like trash next to all of you.

SHOW ME YOUR BEAT UP KANKEN i want to see more like mine, if you want tag me as #yurisbeatupkanken and i totally woulg reblog your post.


Animate is holding a ~Steven Festival~ that’s been divided into several events. There’s a Fall Chapter which was a talk and meet and greet with Steven’s VA, Miyamoto MItsuru. The Winter Chapter will be another meet and greet with Miyamoto however, in order to participate you have to buy the first blu-ray and apply online with a special code. 

The second event is called Viaje del Cero Absoluto (absolute zero journey) in which Steven’s real-life shoes will be touring across various Animate stores until they comes back to the Shinjuku store in time for the Winter Chapter.

Finally, there’s Steven’s Phone Call Mission. For Mission 1 you have to go to an animate store and tell an employee Steven’s middle name (Allan) and they’ll give you a calling card. Call the number on the card and you’ll get a message from Steven himself with the directions for Mission 2. Once you’ve cleared it you can go to any Animate store, tell an employee and you’ll get a reward from Steven! 

title: this love has a heartbeat
rating: g
pairing: keith/lance
word count: 6.8k
summary: Keith has never really paid any mind to grand romantic gestures, let alone big celebrations and days dedicated to them. It didn’t make sense to him back then on Earth, still doesn’t make sense to him now that they’ve all been invited to the Festival of Love.


Or, Keith and Lance have a date that isn’t really a date, until it is.

a day late for posting this bc i wanted to do it on valentine’s day, but!!!! yknow. life and stuff. dedicated to @spacecryptids for encouraging me and brainstorming with me, a gem


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please share non-toxic exr fics i'm begging u

(i got you!! this is only a few and some of them are pretty popular so send me another ask if you want more/anything specific)

After the End - Rated: M | Chapters: 7/7 | Words: 74,702
Grantaire’s life goes to hell at 5pm on a Saturday evening. Which is actually kind of ironic, really, seeing as how the rest of the world went to hell almost seven years earlier. (this might be my all time favorite fic i reread it all the time)

last night’s clothes and tomorrow’s dreams - Rated: G | Chapters: 1/1 | Words: 12,669
The Prince has returned, after being away for years, and a festival is being held in his honour, in order for him to find a spouse to rule the country with. There is nothing - nothing - that Grantaire wants more than to be there.(Into The Woods AU)

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Goodbye Summer // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: could you do Jaehyun song based scenario with f(x) - Goodbye Summer?

words: 2566

category: angst

author note: ooh here she comes, back with the jaehyun angst fdhdhsj i’m sorry. also I feel like this is kinda messy but i tried.

- destinee

Originally posted by taeiljaeh

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Hi! I've recently started watching Peaky Blinders, and I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about what kind of man Cillian is? I've spoken to other fans or Cillian's, and they all say he's lovely, but I would prefer a more....well-rounded opinion. Thank you very much!

Well, unfortunately, I’ve never met him, so I can only speak to how he presents in interviews and what his co-stars have said about him! 

Here are some traits I think we can fairly ascribe to him: 

  • Private
    • “I’ve always felt that the less the public knows about you, the more effective you can be when you go to portray someone else.” - CM
    • “If you behave like a celebrity, then people will treat you like a celebrity, and if you don’t, they won’t. There’s not much to write about me in the tabloids.” - CM
    • Does not have any social media accounts
  • Talented
    • “When you act with Cillian you don’t have to act. You can sit and start playing about. He’s so good and relaxed and at the top of his game. When you’ve been doing it as long as he’s been doing it, you can just do a quick rehearsal and then ‘let’s go!’” - Helen McCrory
    • “I don’t need to tell you what an amazing actor Cillian Murphy is, but to be so close to him and see him act, not through a screen, but with my bare eyes? That was definitely something I’ll never forget.” - Gaite Jansen
  • Humble
    • Ken Watanabe: [Christopher Nolan] says, Cillian, that you are the best actor of your generation.
      CM: [Embarrassed] I’d say he feels the same about you.
  • Passionate
    • “Today, I pick and choose my films very carefully. There’s nothing I’ve done so far that I can’t talk about with commitment and passion” - CM
    • “Hollywood is a one-industry town, but I think you can smell it from a mile away when people are telling you what they think you want to hear. I don’t care. I don’t care if you hate this movie, I don’t care if you think I’m shit. I’m confident in what I do and I know I’m a good actor.” - CM
  • Homebody
    • Lives in Dublin with his family, rarely makes appearances
    • “I like being at home with my music and my books. I’ve done all the partying, I’ve done enough partying for four or five people as a young fella. But now I like the quiet life.“ - CM
  • Music Lover
    • Formerly in a band
    • Currently involved with the Sounds from a Safe Harbour music festival in Cork,
    • Has made mixtapes for radio stations and web zines
    • Has appeared in and directed music videos
  • Loyal
    • Tends to work for directors multiple times, e.g.: Ken Loach, Christopher Nolan, Enda Walsh 
    • Has a small group of friends, most of whom were friends before his acting career took off
    • Married for 13 years to Yvonne McGuinness, whom he had been dating for many years prior
  • Charitable
    • Has worked actively with Focus Ireland, a charity devoted to decreasing homelessness in Ireland
    • Donated to Murphy’s Army (no affiliation), a charity that promotes pet safety 
    • Has participated in Rock the Vote and other political empowerment movements

That’s probably not well-rounded because I clearly adore him. Here are some less nice things people have said or could say about him:

  • Pretentious
    • “I want to promote the film and I want the film to do well but I just find it all terribly uninteresting to talk about the frivolities. Again I’m lucky that as I get older I don’t have to do as much of that. I just tell them that I’m not doing it. It’s quite nice.”
    • Comes across as bored in interviews and press events, does little by way of promoting his projects
    • V intellectual, much smart 
  • Stand-offish
    • See: private – prefers to keep a low profile, doesn’t necessarily enjoy being approached in public
  • Ungrateful
    • “I don’t feel like my job is to entertain you as Cillian.”
    • Does very little in the way of fan service
    • “And nowadays it’s like… I don’t know … ask me the next question. It frustrates me talking about this shit… Just because… why can’t I just do the work and that be it?

I obvs disagree with all those things, but can see why people might feel that way. 

Overall, reports from people that have met and worked with him portray him as a talented, down-to-earth guy who just wants to go home to his wife and kids at the end of the day. How could you not love a guy like that? 

Whalien 52 - Part 7

Text in betwen pictures

Part 6<< >>Part 8 

His sudden outburst of wanting to call, were tickling your fingers in a speed of beyond. Replying at the fastest, you were quite dizzy. You didn’t understand, what you just said ‘yes’ to. The thought of finally, hearing and getting a name, was too unreal. Seated in your bed, with your duvet cuddled up to your chest, time was ticking. Minutes has passed, and there was still no call.

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Hello, lovely Cookie~ Since you're brazilian, I'd like to know if you have a Brazil OC? (Mds, your art style is so gorgeous!!! I'm in love with it!)

(adm: Hello there, friend!! Thank you so much for your compliment!! 

Okay, so, I don’t really have a Brazil OC, no. But I felt like I should do one just so I can rant lmao

Brazil OCs are often depicted as happy-go-lucky, “sunshine” characters that are always partying, featuring stereotypical carnival, football and women as his/her main characteristics. Brazil is also known as being very friendly, affectionate and caring. While these personality traits may be true to a portion of the population, that is definitely not how I picture Brazil to be.

My [our, because I know you’re brazillian too, anon friend xD] country is extremely corrupt. We barely have any jobs, and our minimum wage is absoltely ridiculous. The average citizen is assaulted in all kinds of ways: by paying taxes that go directly to our corrupt politicians’ bank accounts, by theives who will not hesitate to take your life to steal your mobile, by paying absurd prices for healthcare, transportation, food and just everything in general because this country is a god damn disaster.

I can’t go outside without fearing death. I can’t go outside without seeing homeless people sleeping on the ground, having them and their children beg you for money and food. I can’t go outside without feeling bad because I have a little more than beggars do, but still can’t afford to spare a single penny since I barely have money for myself. I can’t trust who should be trusted. The people who are in position to save our country not only aren’t trustworthy, but are involved in countless scandals.

I constantly say I hate my country, but I’m going to need to correct myself about that: I hate the people that run this country, and I hate the people who instigate violence, ruining our country even more every single day. 

My wish is to get me and my family out of here, make enough money in a country where I can live and give my family a life with dignity, and invest in saving who I care and if possible, this entire country. I want to someday do something for people who need help. It kills me that until there’s hope to make this possible, I can’t do anything but sit down and watch our country decay.

I do not see Brazil as festive. I see Brazil struggling not to die. That’s the Brazil we live in.)