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Malec Goodies Part 1

This was supposed to be longer but anyway.

Here it is!

A collection of Malec Writing Goodies. My Malec fanfic rec. Well written fics with amazing writers.

As always, if you know the author and want to give me a hand, please tag them :)

A Fated Pair (Omegaverse) by @katychan666

Series about Alpha!Alec x Omega!Magnus…. 

A good kind of drug by  @imjustoutofideas

After getting a minor surgery, Alec is a little bit ‘high’ from the morphine he was given as pain relief. Fluff ensues.

A Pirate’s Life For Me by @lecrit 

Note: All the love you need and want between your favorite OTP, where one is a prince and the other one is a pirate. There’s a lot of angst, maybe a few tears, you can be sure of that but it’s oh so worth it, fluff and shameless innuendos.

A World Uncertain by @broodingalec 

The overwhelming passage of time has been a topic of avoidance between Alec and Magnus ever since the two started dating. With their lives so fragile and unpredictable under the threat of Valentine, they have managed to leave the concept in the back of their minds for a later date, hopefully somewhere in the far future.

This method of coping is pushed even further in the wake of Sebastian, Valentine’s son and Clary’s brother, taking a new and increasingly cruel step into their lives. The threats that are piling up against them seem to be rising to nearly insurmountable heights, but under the pressure of it all, the idea of the future that would come in the aftermath of success is beginning to haunt Alec’s dreams at night just as often.

Aftermath by @battlemagnus

It used to be that Alec always fit securely inside a neat little box inside Magnus’s head. He was a Shadowhunter, yes, but he was… he was Alec. He was a protector.

And my heart is set on you by  @lightwoodlesbians

Or the, 'we’re putting on a fund-raising play to save our old drama department’ au (ft. bonus: 'we had a thing in high school but i haven’t seen you in years and oh god you’re even more attractive than i remember’)

Aren’t You Cold? By lethargical

Alec dislikes the Winter. A lot. So when his apartment’s heating stops working, he decides to ask his neighbour for help, little did he know his neighbour was glittery and oddly familiar…

August by @glambertal

“What was your first time like?”

Magnus looked up at him slowly, one eyebrow arched curiously. “Why?”

Alec shrugged as if he weren’t mortified. “Just wondering. You don’t have to answer.”

Magnus just hummed and bookmarked his page, setting the book down. “It wasn’t nearly as good as yours, if that’s what you mean.”

Bang Me Like Your Drum by hckycrzy07

Magnus Bane is a pre-med student at NYU just trying to graduate. He’s stressed enough and could do without his friends pestering him about his boyfriend. It’s not that he’s embarrassed or closeted or something. He just wants to keep his boyfriend to himself, thank you very much. Now, if he could just get his friends to understand that, his life would be a whole lot easier.

or Magnus has a secret boyfriend that all of his friends have been dying to meet but Magnus just keeps refusing.

Big days and fragile nerves by @katwriting

It’s the day that Alec is supposed to become the official Head of the Institute and he is a tiny bit nervous.

“Nervous?”, Magnus said softly.
Alec let out a shaky laugh and scratched the back of his neck in a nervous gesture. “You have no idea.”
Magnus sighed. “Oh, Alexander. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”
“Yeah, sure”, Alec scoffed, running one of his arms up Magnus’s side and cupping his cheek with his hand, “only every single shadowhunter in New York waiting for me to screw up.”

But some of us are looking at the stars by @lecrit

There aren’t many things that Alec loves as much as he loves the stars.
Most nights, he just likes to sit on his balcony and watch the eerie darkness drape over the sky and the silver glow of the moon, surrounded by the stars shaping constellations he knows by heart.

This is a special night for him and his son. The only night in the year Alec lets Max stay up after midnight, so they can watch Perseids meteor shower together on the rooftop of their building.

Alec doesn’t expect to find out they weren’t the only ones to get the idea.

Build your hopes up like a tower by alecsmagnus

They thought he never heard them.

But he always did.

Burnt by redappleblossom

The rest of the scene that Magnus deserved at the end of episode 12.

But In the Morning We Rise by @alittlebriton

“Mmmkay,” Magnus sighs without opening his eyes and shifts to allow Alec more access. “You can wake up the rest of me if you want.”

Alec knows he doesn’t mean it quite the way his brain interprets it - he just means he can keep up the kissing - but his brain leaps ahead and makes him flush, his body getting warmer. But why shouldn’t he? Magnus was his boyfriend; he was naked in bed with him. He could definitely wake up the whole of Magnus if he wanted. Just because he hasn’t done it before didn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea. 

Set before Episode 9 Bound By Blood - Alec wakes Magnus up in new ways.

Closed Doors Don’t Lie by @actuallyredorchid

When the summoning of the Memory Demon reveals that it’s not only Clary’s memories that have been meddled with, Alec finds himself being pushed off the path set out for him and onto a different one.

Communication by NotEvenThat

It didn’t matter if Alec hadn’t meant to upset him. Ragnor was dead. Valentine was back. The Clave wanted to document Downworlders, like they were cattle. Magnus was breaking down and he needed Alexander to leave before he really lost it.

Or how I think the Malec fight will go in 2B.

Communication Is Key by LS_5Ever

Everything was going great for Alec and Magnus. Alec no longer cares what Maryse thinks, and apart from Jace and Izzy’s constant teasing, he couldn’t be happier. Then, all goes downhill when, after a great day, Magnus starts ignoring him. What did he do wrong? If only Magnus would tell him, he could try to make it better.

Or the one where Magnus thinks Alec is cheating on him but in reality he’s not, but Magnus doesn’t know that because the two of them don’t communicate enough.

This will only be about 5 chapters unless I feel like expanding the story a bit.

Count to Ten and Breathe by @baneismyexistence

This is just a little drabble that came to me after watching 2.12.

Dancing in the Devil’s shoes by @marieruby 

His legs are not working. No matter how much he tries, the swirling mess in his head makes it impossible to walk anywhere, take any action. It’s the last couple of days all over again. He wants to cry but the tears are dry. He wants to scream but his voice is gone.

His voice is gone.

The aftermath of 2x11 and the consequences of the bodyswap for Magnus.

Everything’s Embarrassing by @rosegoldhell

Magnus is a single father. Alec is a 4th grade teacher.
Both men are scared of relationships, but secretly crave to have something more one day, life just keeps getting in the way.
But their plans of living single lonely lives doesn’t last for long, when Rafael and Madzie Bane decide to play Matchmaker.

Explosive, Corrosive (Self-Preservation) by  GideonGraystairs (TrxyesSivan)

This was how they worked; angry in different ways, but always at the same time.

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😊Boxing Days (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Ethan is a professional boxer and also your boyfriend. You’re concerned about him going to all these matches and not coming back one time because the injuries are too much.

Warnings: None

A/N: Okay so I know boxing and wrestling are different but I’m pretty sure I used wrestling terms in this so please just play along!

The smell of sweat and blood fill my nose as I sit on the side of the cage that sits directly behind Ethan while his trainer is screaming at him. Ethan throws a couple right hooks in and the opponent is put in a daze. The opponent known as Razor throws some punches in and Ethan’s nose begins bleeding. Ethan falls to his knees as Razor kicks him in the temple. Ethan obviously dazed falls back as my heart sinks to my stomach. While Ethan is falling, Razor makes sure to hook him before he falls.

Originally posted by mma-gifs

“Ethan!” I shouted as I laced my fingers between the wire of the cage feeling helpless. “Ethan please stop!” I shrieked, but he doesn’t listen. He stumbles a little to his feet and looks up towards Razor. I see his sweat glisten from the dull bulb holding out. He charges at Razor and pins him against the opposite side of the cage away from me. Razor shouts something but I couldn’t understand. Ethan then punches  him and then when his face falls toward the ground, Ethan then knees Razor in the face only to punch him again. I feel the ground rumble as the 250 pound man falls to the ground. I hear the ding of the bell as Razor is now on the ground. Ethan turns to face me which is when I notice the extent of his injuries. The ref raises Ethan’s arm in the air as the crowd cheers, but all I see is the blood pouring from his nose and forehead from a small gash. His lip is busted as I can already predict bruises will form. Ethan’s smiling face makes me remember why I’m here. Why I support him. Why I stay with him. But I can’t keep pretending like I’m okay with this.

“Y/N!” Ethan shouts as he rushes towards me, only to be bombarded by sports networks and paparazzi. I just shake my head and begin to drag my feet away from him.

“I’ll see you at home.” I mumbled as I made my way out of the ring, ignoring Ethan’s calls for me.

I had Moana playing in the background as I tried to read, but I couldn’t focus. It was almost 1 in the morning when I heard the front door of the house creak open. I peeked my head up from the couch to see Ethan. His white tattered tank now had dried blood on it as his cuts seemed to be all dried up now. His hair was all matted and I could tell he was exhausted. “Hey.” He whispers. I stand to my feet walking over to him. He seemed to know what was happening as his arms opened wide for me which I greeted with a hug as well.

“Ethan you had me so worried. Look at you. You have a busted lip, a gash, and your nose was gushing tonight. What if something happened to you? You had me so worried Ethan I hate it when you fight so much because I can’t do anything but watch you either get knocked down and hurt or watch you do the same to someone else’s boyfriend and I hate it.” I cried into his chest as his head rested on my shoulder. “They treat you guys like animals and I hate it. I hate it Ethan.” I cried some more as I felt Ethan slowly began to rock us back and forth. His hand slightly tangles in my hair as he shushes me lightly in an attempt to calm me down. I clutch the back of his shirt tightly not wanting to let him go.

“I love you.” He whispers barely audible in my ear. I sniffle as his arms hold me tightly against him. “I don’t fight to hurt you. I would never want to hurt you and I know you worry about me. I know babe I do. When you screamed my name at the match tonight I just wanted to run to you, kiss you, and tell you everything would be okay.” Ethan mumbles as I reposition my head as my hands rest on his chest. His lips softly touch my forehead. “But I’m under contract for two more years and I can’t just quit.” I knew he couldn’t quit. I knew he couldn’t. Ever since Grayson introduced Ethan to the boxing world I knew he would be hooked.”But please don’t leave.” His voice cracked.

“What?” I pulled my head from his chest to look at him. I noticed the damp spot on his chest from my tears. He’s looking down with an obvious frown on his face. His eyes have a glossy coating on them. I place my index finger under his chin in order for him to look me in the eyes. “I could never.” I would never. I loved Ethan. You don’t spend 6 months of your life with someone if you don’t love them. “I just want you to be more careful.” I sobbed into his chest. Ethan’s arms tighten around me as I stand and press my lips to his. I could feel the slight bump of his fresh wound in our kiss, but that didn’t stop me. Ethan’s hand cradled the back of my neck as we deepened the kiss. He winced in pain to which I pulled away. He rests his forehead on mine with his eyes closed. “Sorry.” I apologized.

“I love you.” He smiled. “I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.” He then picks me up by my waist to spin me around. I giggled as my arms wrapped around his neck. He sat me back down on the ground with his hands still on my hips. “I could never stop loving you.” I smiled as I kissed his nose.

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“I love you too.” He pressed his lips back to mine, but I pulled away. “All of your smiling split your wound. Come on let’s doctor you up.” I smiled as I led him down the hall into our bathroom. He sat on the toilet while I reached into the medicine cabinet. I grabbed some bandages and some gauze and I look to Ethan. I slip my way in between his legs while his large hands caress the back of my knees and thighs. I spray some medicine on the gauze to clean the wound. I gently dab and he winces and grips my butt. “Ethan.” He smiled as I continued to dab the gash on his forehead.

“You’re beautiful.” He mumbles which made me laugh. “I mean it.” I smiled down at him as he continued to caress my legs. “Can I have a kiss?” He asked with a pouty face.

“Fine since you’ve been a good boy.” I leaned down and pressed my lips to his as my hands grazed his cheeks. He brushed a few strands of hair from my face before caressing my cheeks. I pull away abruptly with a grin on my face. “Let’s doctor the rest of you and then we can continue this upstairs.” I teased which he smiled only to cup his lip. “See? Now old still.” We giggled as I wiped some medicine on his bottom lip and everywhere else. “Just be careful.” I said referring to him boxing. Our smiles faded as Ethan grabbed my chin.

“I will. I will come home to you every night in one piece. I promise.” He says looking directly in my eyes. “I love you Y/N. The last thing I ever want to do is hurt you.” He says almost in an apologetic tone.

“I love you too Ethan. I just worry about you.” I admitted. He stood to his feet and pulled my lips back to his for another kiss. 

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“And I love that you do. I love you. Now enough worry about the future and let’s talk about the present. Chinese food and rom com?” He asks which made my frown fade into a chuckle.

“Will there be kissing?”

“Oh yes.” I feel his hand graze across my butt and grip my hip. “There will most definitely be kissing.” He smiles raising an eyebrow at me.

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A new start, part 12

Pairing:  Chris Evans x Reader

Word count: 2677

Warning: Language, Angst

Part 11

Chris frowned as you tossed the phone onto the bed.  Wrapping the towel back around his waist he moved close placing a warm hand on your shoulder.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” You knew he was just going to love this.  

“Umm, so I guess one of the leading stars had to be replaced at the last minute.  I don’t know the details of why and honestly I don’t care. But it seems to be I am going to be working with David.”  The mention of that name had Chris clenching his free hand at his side.  

“They are just telling you now?  You leave for Mexico in a week.”  With a sigh, you turned to flop down on the bed.

“Oh, I know.  I am not happy about this at all.  There is nothing I can do now, though.  I can’t break my contract.  At least it’s only for a month.  I am not one of the lead characters so I hopefully won’t have to deal with him as often.”  Chris came to sit next to you on the bed rubbing your back.

“Are you two supposed to be love interests?”

“Oh God no.  We are playing relatives actually; my character ends up with the person his character is battling against.  So there is that.”  Both of you finished dressing as the mood had been officially ruined.  Before long lunch was finished and you were back on set, filming for the afternoon.  That night you tried to make the best of what was going to be the last night together before separating again.  Dinner was takeout sushi that you were eating while sitting on the floor of the small apartment.  Chris told you how he was going to London for a few days for a comic convention after filming finished in two weeks.  There were panels he and some of the other Marvel actors were going to be part of.

Once you were done in Mexico you had another month off before starting the press tour for one of your films.  Chris would be finished with Captain America and you planned for more time alone together. “We should seriously take a vacation somewhere.  No phones or people following us.  A beach or cabin or something.”

“A beach?  Hmm maybe.  Though it is getting closer towards fall.  The holidays will be here before we know it.”  Popping one of the rolls in your mouth, you grinned.

“Wow yeah the holidays, that’s kind of crazy.  Though it will be our first holidays together.  I am looking forward to that.  We should probably figure out where we are going to be for everything.” It was the first time you had thought about that.  Would Chris survive a holiday with your family?  It could get a little crazy and country with them down in Tennessee.  

“Do you have a preference on where you want to be for what holiday?”  He sat back to think about it a moment.

“Well I would like to be in Boston for Christmas.  It’s a big deal for my family.”  You shrugged as you sipped on your wine.

“I’m good with that. My mom makes a huge Thanksgiving meal for my entire family which is a lot.  We can switch next year.”  Leaning over close he kissed you.

“I think the idea that you are planning for the holidays next year too.”

“Well why not?  I mean, you are stuck with me.”  Both of you laughed as you kissed again.  Dinner was soon forgotten.

Chris went back to Ohio promising to work on calling and texting more.  He only had the short time left of filming so it should be better.  The last day on set of Supernatural had been fun with Jared pranking you several times. With that you felt like one of the family.  It was wonderful.  Your character was alive for the end of the season and there had been talks of maybe in the future bringing her back for another episode or two as they had with previous characters.  That was something that you hoped for.

The two days between projects was nonexistent.  There had been issues with your plane tickets and getting your belongings to Mexico on time. The way it all ended up was that you arrived at 7pm on the night before you were supposed to start.  There were no big introductions with the rest of the crew.   6 am on that morning you arrived to the set out in the desert and brought in one of the many tents for makeup and wardrobe.  Your scenes were to begin once your costume and hair were complete.  The tent was busy as many of the cast was busy readying for one of the large scale shots.  

David of course was seated at one of the larger makeup stations as he was being covered with dirt for the scene.  Wanting to avoid contact with him, you found one of the side stations so they could start clipping the hair pieces into your hair.  The cellular reception was awful where you were so it was a pain trying to find something to distract yourself while they worked with you.  “[Y/N]?”

Your shoulders tensed at the sound of his voice.  Looking up, you could see David standing behind you through the reflection in the mirror.  “Hello, David.”

A cautious smile appeared on his face.  “It’s good to see you.  I’m glad we will get to work together again.”  Someone called his name from outside the test.  “Umm, I will see you in a little while I guess.”

“Yes, see you in a little bit.”  He walked off, leaving you to sigh loudly.  It was only your luck that you would have to deal with him first thing. You swore to yourself you would keep it as professional as possible.  There was no desire to have your face splashed across more magazines for acting like a fool.

With your hair done, makeup ready and costume on you stepped out into the desert sun.  Thankfully your costume was an ancient Grecian robe that was light.  The heat would have killed you if it had been anything heavier.  Your opening scene brought you face to face with all of the lead actors of the project.  It had been sometime since your character had been home and you were to reunite with your family.  The scene had to be shot from several different angles due to lighting.  This forced you to have to hug David and the actor playing his brother five times each.  It was getting old after a while but you did as you were told.

The rest of the day went all right but you were ready to be out of the sun and off set.  Most of the cast and crew were staying in small villas that were close to the beach about three miles from the set.  It took close to thirty minutes for you to scrub away the sand and sunscreen that was layered on your skin.  The only thing you wanted now was a glass of wine and to talk to Chris. It was a few hours ahead in Ohio but you tried calling anyway.  You wanted to hear his voice before you had to go to bed.

The phone rang a couple times before someone picked up.  It sounded like someone was fumbling to find it before you could hear Chris’s voice. “Give me the phone, damn it!  No Seb!  Come one man.”  There was laughing and more commotion until you heard a voice finally talk to you.

“You have reached Chris’s phone; he is busy being a pain in the ass.  This is Sebastian, how can I help you today?”  You needed the laugh for the evening so it was good to hear.

“Hi Sebastian, this is [Y/N].  I was calling to check on my boyfriend.”  

“Oh hi [Y/N]!  It’s so good to finally talk to you.”  At hearing your name Chris started yelling from the background.”

“[Y/N] the ass stole my phone!  Don’t listen to anything he says.”  You laughed quietly settling down onto the bed.

“So [Y/N] we have all heard SO much about you.  Our little Christopher is quite taken with you.”  There was a thud and a scream of pain.  “Oh fuck, I am going to kick your ass.”

You laughed harder as Chris had finally gotten his phone.  “One second babe, let me get away from him before he does it again.”  There was a closing of a door and an echoing in the background.  “That’s better.  I am hiding in the bathroom before he finds me.”

“Sounds like you are having a good time.  I wish I was there with you.”

“Mexico not going like you hoped?”

Downing half the glass of wine before you answered with a sigh.  “No.  I had scenes out in the sun all day and with him on top of that.  Just over and over with the same scene, it was a bit much for the first day.  But I will survive it all.  What are you guys up to?”

“Not a lot.  A couple of us are just hanging out having a few beers and bullshitting.  It was a physically exhausting day so we just wanted to wind down before going back tomorrow. Obviously Seb really needs to wind down more than anyone else.”  His quiet laugh made you warm all over.  

“Don’t stay up too late you don’t want the director reaming you out in the morning.  That shit sucks with a hangover.”  

“I won’t.  Get some sleep baby, you sound tired.  I will text you tomorrow.  I love you beautiful.”

“I’m going to try.  I love you too, Chris.  Talk to you tomorrow.”  That phone call made the rest of your night.  You did not care anymore about the previous portion of the day; you were able to talk to Chris.  That made up for it all.

The following two weeks went much quicker than you believed they would.  Chris finished filming and said he was going to London soon.  Though there was a day in between that he had not called at all.  He had sent a few random texts that seemed off.  This was very strange for him but there was little time to ask him why.

After the second week of your project the primary cast had been invited out by the director to dinner at one of the places on the beach.  It was about forty-five minutes from the villas so several black SUV’s were contracted to drive everyone there.  There were paparazzi waiting at the entrance to the restaurant when everyone arrived. You were glad that you had worn a long maxi dress so that you did not have to worry about flashing anyone.

Dinner went well and everyone gathered had a great time.  The food was delicious and the drinks were wonderful.  Hours later everyone piled back into the vehicles, ready to get some rest.  The paparazzi were still there with their cameras trying to get whatever shots they could.  David climbed into the front of one of the SUV’s as you climbed in the back moving all the way over, to give room for some of the others.  It had been a fun drama free night.  Something you needed very much.

Reception was still spotty when you got back to set the next day.  No calls or texts were able to come in or out.  That lasted three more days after that.  Not having access to let Chris know what was going on drove you crazy but there was nothing at this point that you could do.  After a particularly long day of filming that went till 3 o’clock in the morning on the third day you dragged yourself to bed for the day. Sometime in the afternoon you heard your phone going crazy with incoming messages that you must have missed.  Finally reception was restored.  As you picked up the phone it started ringing with Chris’s ringtone.

Answering with a sleepy “Hello?”

“I was starting to think you were ignoring me.”  Chris sounded flat and there was a lot of noise in the background making it difficult to hear him.

“I would never ignore you. There hasn’t been any reception for anyone.”  He was silent on the other end as the chaos went on around him.

“You were sleeping?” There was something very wrong. He did not sound like himself. “It’s it like 3 in the afternoon.”

“Well yeah it is.  I was filming till really late this morning. So I have been sleeping today.  I have to go back again later tonight. Chris what’s the matter?”  There may have been a grunt but it was difficult to tell.

“Nothing… So you haven’t been ignoring me?  No way to get any texts or calls out?”  The ending to the question was slurred.  

“Chris are you drunk?” He laughed but it was cold, completely unlike him.

“I’ve had a couple beers but I’m not drunk.  Had to do something while you were out living it up in Mexico with your ex.”  Now you were completely awake, as you sat up in bed.

“What the fuck are you talking about?  Living it up? I am filming and I go to sleep.  I haven’t had time to even go to the damn beach.” There was that cold laugh again.

“That’s not what the pictures, the entire world is looking at, say.”

“What pictures?  I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Oh really?  So you completely forgot getting into a car alone with your ex.  You had that green dress on.”  Rolling your eyes, you were really tempted to throw the damn phone across the room.

“I was not in a car alone with him at any time.  He sat in the front seat and I sat in the back with two other people.  We have barely spoken to each other outside of scenes. Why are you acting like this Chris? I would never do anything behind your back.  I love you.”

“Considering I couldn’t get a hold of you for days after those pictures came out I figured you weren’t above doing that.  Did all those feelings come rushing back when you say him again?”  You felt like he had slapped you across the face.  The sting hurting deep within your heart.

“You don’t trust me…  I could never…  I can’t do this if you don’t trust me.”    Your voice caught as you tried to keep from crying until you hung up.  Then you turned the phone off completely sending it somewhere off the side of the bed. Ugly sobs followed for hours.  The girls in makeup later on had a time trying to cover your swollen red eyes.  Somehow you were able to get through the scenes that night though everyone could tell something was wrong.  

The next morning you passed out cold wanting to shut everything else for a little while.  By the time you woke in the afternoon and found your phone turning it back on there were many more texts and missed calls. Most of them from Chris.  There was no desire to even look at the texts or listen to the messages.  Your heart was hurting too bad.

In London that morning:

Chris woke up lying face down on the stiff hotel bed still fully clothed.  His head was pounding as someone knocked on the door of his room. “Chris get up man, we have to be at the first panel soon.”  

He could hear one of the producers calling from behind the door.  “I’m up.  Give me a few I need to get cleaned up.”  He had had so much to drink the night before, it was fuzzy how he got back to the room. Standing from the bed he walked towards the bathroom door when his phone rang.  Hearing the ringtone brought all the memories from the previous night back.

“Oh fuck… [Y/N].  Oh shit. I’m a fucking idiot.”

(Part 13 coming soon)

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Not My Wedding, Your Wedding

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Requested by anonymous: could you do one where Y/N and Shawn go to Matts wedding?

Note: I’ve been wanting to do this since I saw the video like wtf emOTIONS


Shawn stood in front of the full-length mirror, buttoning the dark patterned shirt, his hair coming down onto his forehead slightly.

You fixed the tie of your backless burgundy dress on the back of your neck, making sure it was secure.

Shawn fixed his collar, heading over to the bed to grab his jacket and you noticed he wasn’t wearing the tie you suggested.

“You’re not going to wear the tie?” You ask, poking an earring into your lobe.

He shrugged slightly, looking at himself as he put the jacket on.

“Ties aren’t really my thing babe, you know that.”

“I know, but I just thought that it’s a black tie wedding and you should wear a tie-”

Shawn shoots you a look and you turn around.

“- okay.” You shrug off.

He looked sexy regardless to you, so it truly didn’t matter - but why he would ask for your opinion on his tie if he wasn’t going to wear one in the first place was what confused you.

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10 Things I Learned After You Picked Her.

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  • Request: Can you do an angst scenario with Jimin, for admin amanda pls
  • Genre: Angst, just straight up angst
  • A/N: So, like I am kinda procrastinating at part 2 for the Zico scenario, but hopefully *probably not* it will be here at the end of the week. So enjoy this lovely Jimin angst in the meanwhile. -Amanda

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