i want my desktop back

tooboredtofindagoodusername  asked:

Heya hey hey Ams guess who has the same profile photo as you lololol (the coffee wife is too pretty to not put her as my profile pic :'))) )

right omg the wife is? so beautiful?? so amazing??? im love???

for real though, this pic is just a big mood. like wow, me too jaehee. it’s like we’re the same person :’)


Mohawk braid for Human Males

Aaaaand another conversion is finished, and i couldnt have done it without my testers. So a huge thank you to @allthedragonagenamesaretaken and @slayersangel. <3 Also an extra thank you to @allthedragonagenamesaretaken for a couple of the screens, and another thanks to @whiskasgirl for the ingame screens. <3

I promise i will remove the workload off you guys when i get my desktop set back up.

So, if you want this badboy, you can find it here.