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What's your favourite subjects in school??

Reinhard: There wasn’t anything else you liked? Really?
Subaru: … okay, this may sound weird and don’t make fun of me, but- I, huh, I liked lit too. I kiiiiiiinda wanted to become a writer, back in my country. Yeah. That’s it. Huh. You can laugh now.

sTOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT IT’S EMBARASSING!!!!!! If you have something to say, just do it!
Reinhard: That’s a wonderful dream Subaru!! I’m sure you can do it!
Subaru: Don’t say stuff you’ll regret having said, you don’t even know how do I write!!
Reinhard: You’ll have to make me read something you wrote then! Will you? Please!!
Subaru: …maybe.

I no longer understand my country.

Why the sad face?   This election changes everything.   I really, REALLY love my country and have not felt this lost, sad, and despondent since Sept. 11, 2001.  I am numb, just like I was after 9/11.  Only this time it’s not a mysterious cult of religious zealots from the Middle East conspiring against us from their caves.   This time it’s a slim majority of clueless but hateful and paranoid zombies who grew up here, and live/work/shop here and decided how to vote from the intellectual caves they inhabit.  They’ve literally attacked the country I grew up in and love.  

I’ve known for awhile that it’s not Trump who is the real danger – it’s the fact that so many people line up behind his beliefs.  There are literally millions of Trump-like people in the nation – the kind you slink away from by the time they utter their second sentence.  But none of them had the money or media savvy to coalesce their braindead colleagues until ‘The Donald’ met the zeitgeist of '2016’.  This is a pivotal year in American politics and history.  We could be witnessing the start of a precipitous slide into economic and cultural oblivion.

If you voted for Trump because you wanted 'dramatic change’ in your life, why the hell didn’t you just burn down your house?   You’d get that 'big change’ you covet without burdening the rest of us.

Here’s the thing:  Trump’s support came from American places that mourn the loss of their factory jobs they had 10, 20 or 50 years ago – and a deep undercurrent of racial and gender animosity.  These beliefs are joined at the hip. 

Think those jobs are coming back again with a Trump presidency??  If you do, you’re more stupid than I thought.   The only thing Trump’s trade wars and jihads against immigrants are going to do is raise the price of the crap you buy at Walmart, Target, and every other discount store you buy from.  And you’re not going to compete with China on manufacturing unless you drop your local wages and environmental standards to Chinese conditions.  Even China is using robots in their advanced manufacturing plants. It’s called economics, idiots.  

But here’s what I really fear.  Trump tapped a deep vein of economic anxiety and racial/gender animosity.  It’s there, loud and clear.   If the economy doesn’t improve for the people who feel the 21st century passed them by, then scapegoating will increase.  We trans people are easy pickings.  Think the North Carolina bathroom brouhaha was a passing thing?   Think again.   We might somehow get passed this dark chapter in our socio-political history, or we might be heading down our own path towards Nazi philosophy.  

I’ve never feared more for my country than now.  I don’t understand it – I don’t recognize it.  It’s like a group of folks you grew up with suddenly deciding they’d like to gang-rape you.  This is the very first time that I can literally say ‘I want my country back!”  

Final thought:  If you voted for Trump, I would like you to have the decency to immediately unfollow me.  I don’t just disagree with you, I despise you totally, and to your very core.  Have the cojones to at least do that.   And if you were inclined to vote against Trump, but somehow didn’t get that done, may God have mercy on your soul.

Oh, and if any Trump supporters say ‘let’s get passed this tough election – it’s time for healing, blah blah blah’    FUCK THAT!  You folks already said you hate us – so game on!! 

What really sickens me to my core is the thought that there are guys out there who voted for Trump and try to fulfill their sex deprived lives by jerking off to tgirls like me on the web.  If you’re one of them, may you be plagued by genital warts for the rest of your life.  Seriously!! 



since I’m back I wanted to share what’s happening in my country right now. our amazing government wants to not only ban abortion but also plans to ban contraception and prenatal medical tests so if someone gets pregnant it would be even illegal for them to see if their or their baby’s life is in danger. if you get raped - no abortion possible. if you get raped by someone from your family - no abortion possible. if the pregnancy threatens your life - no abortion possible. if the foetus is deformed or may not be born alive - no abortion possible. if it’s ectopic pregnancy - no abortion possible. many people in here thinks that if abortion is legal people will just have an abortion because they want, and it’s not how it works???? we fight for having a choice, a very difficult choice but it’s crucial to be able to decide for ourselves and not to have the government and church decide for us! 

WHAT’S MORE. we can even go to jail if we miscarry because they can accuse us of abortion! there will be a whole investigation to see if the miscarriage was “done” on purpose! people who sell contraception may go to jail as well. 

this is happening right now and we are protesting as we can. on Monday we plan to stop everything and strike. we’re not going to work, we’re not going to schools, we stop everything just like the women in Iceland 41 years ago. we’re not born to give you children no matter what. we are people and we want to decide for ourselves, even though the decision is really hard sometimes. please spread the word! there are many events outside Poland as well, so please consider joining one! I’m seriously genuinely scared right now.

Mike Nesmith recalls a bizarre incident during the Monkees’ 1969 tour in Mexico

(from “Hey, Hey, We’re The Monkees”)

We got a call from a guy down in Mexico. “We want the Monkees to come play.” “Well, it’s thousands and thousands of dollars. How legitimate are you?” “I’m really legitimate.” “Well, what’s the venue?” “It’s a 600-seat nightclub.” “No, you don’t understand—we would play the bull ring.” He said, “No, you don’t understand. For a nightclub, I’m gonna give you more than you ever made in any stadium you ever played.” And the agent says, “Well, fly up here with the money in a suitcase,” and the guy does.

We get down there and, for starters, the tickets were $1,000 a piece—that’s not the real number, but it was some number like that. For another, he’s selling bottles of champagne for like $1,200. His family’s there, three little girls, eight, nine, and twelve years old, in crisp, white, crinoline dresses, and their hair all done up with tiaras. I thought, “This really has gone into the zone. I don’t know what’s happening here.” As I live and breath, I swear to you this is the truth, the parking lot was carpeted with red carpet, and it’s a 200-car parking lot, too. We leave this club in Mexico City and travel to Guadalajara to play the bull ring, to fewer people, it seems, than saw us in the club. We’re backed up by an all-black, ex-Ike and Tina Turner, James Brown-type band that Davy and Micky found, Sam and the Goodtimers. By now we are frilled and laced and the costumes had gotten more and more bizarre and I think I had little buttons on the hat I’m wearing and it’s just really gone into Marie Antoinette time.

Afterwards, we go back to Mexico City and we got a day to wait before we play at this club again. We’re staying at a hotel that’s on the plaza, which is across from the President’s residence. We get this call that says, “There’s gonna be a student demonstration, so be careful because the President has given the order to the military to fire on the students if they get out of line.” And of course this is mind-boggling to me because I’m down there as one of the Monkees. So the next morning I get up and I’m curious to know why the students are revolting. I’m watching through my window as buses arrive and uniformed guards line the square, shoulder to shoulder. Command centers are set up, but the students never materialize. It’s an extraordinary view, and I think, “I’m gonna get my camera and take some pictures of this.” With the long lens, I can see that the soldiers are in differing stages of disarray, which includes uniforms with missing buttons, things hanging off, belts askew, the wrong type of shoes, and so forth. I take a couple of pictures, put the camera away, and there’s a knock on my door. I open the door and these two guys say, “Were you just taking a picture?” I said, “Yeah.” They say, “Let us have the film.” And I said, “I’m not gonna do any such thing.” And they say, “Give us the film right now or you’re gonna go to jail.” And I said, “I’m an American citizen. You can’t do this to me.” They come into the room. They get my camera, open it, take the film and leave. You cannot say, “I’m one of the Monkees,” and have it mean anything other than peals of laughter. Nobody’s gonna say, “Oh, well, here’s the film back.” So I’m just mute.

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gurl how are you liking canada

i love it here. i am never leaving. you will have to pry canada from my cold, dead hands.

Update on life in Turkey

So, it’s 3 am but I just finished studying. Anyway, I just wanted to write this post to talk about how life’s been for me in Turkey this past week. Last Sunday morning I was one of the anxious students taking the first step of the university entrance exam. I did fine and went home to play Sims (I hadn’t had the chance in a long while, so I profited from the only free Sunday afternoon I had in a while). Then, in the evening, as I was watching TV with my parents someone from my class texted “There’s been a bomb blast in Ankara again.” We quickly went on Twitter (as that seems to be the only source of news accessible (!) in Turkey nowadays… We turned on the news and learned that a huge explosion had happened in the main square of Ankara, the capital. It’s the third time in the past 5 months. As we heard more and more about the attack, I started getting scared. In the past two explosions, I was scared as well, but more angry than scared. I avoided public transport for like a day or two and then moved on with my life but never forgetting the innocent lives lost. But this time it was different. Our lives have changed drastically after this last attack. On Thursday, I didn’t go to school because my parents didn’t let me as it was too dangerous. My school is in Taksim which is the heart of Istanbul, so it might be a potential attack target. I wasn’t able to go to school the next day either. The only time I left the house was Saturday morning to go to my weekend classes. And then another bomb blasted in Istiklal, near my school. We quickly rushed home without finishing the classes. Today, Sunday evening, the big derby game everyone was waiting for had to be rescheduled due to security concerns. I’m not going to school tomorrow either. You should see Istanbul right now. The lively, crowded city is very quiet. No one goes outside. Everyone is trapped inside their houses, too afraid to go out. But how long can this go on for? How long will we live like this? Will life ever turn back to normal? I don’t want my country to turn into a war zone! I don’t want to live like how I’ve been living for the past week. I, just like everyone in Turkey, want my life back. Because you know what, terrorism sucks! Living under the threat of terror sucks! And it’s not like the fear that Donald Trump has, it’s not the irrational fear of a hijabi woman that we have right now. It’s the legitimate fear that we might lose someone we love or even our lives in a terror attack. I didn’t know this fear until very recently and I want to be able to forget it, I want my country to turn back to normal!