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sisters that go through traumatizing shit together stay together

Imagine Isak and Sana and Even, all sitting at the table in Evak’s new kitchen. 

When they went to IKEA Even suggested a smaller one, so they could have more space in the kitchen and 

“Baby! We need to be able to dance!”

but Isak lowkey hoped they were going to be the place where all his friends wanted to go to chill. To be the place they all somehow thought of as home. He went so long not knowing where he belonged that he wanted to share this warm and safe place he knew his home with Even would be.

So, he insisted on a bigger table, which as it turns out was a great decision which of course Isak tells Even more than once, because right now there are piles of chemistry text books, notes and technical equipment spread on it. Even is working on some film project with his laptop and Sana is explaining what she wrote to Isak because 

“Sana, you have the worst handwriting for a girl”

which earns him a poke in his ribs with a pencil from Even who didn’t even look up and says 

“That’s sexist”

which of course has him rolling his eyes and Sana just nodding smugly, dimple-smile and all.

And later they will all cozy up on their couch and watch something on their small TV while munching on some pizza

“Veggi for you, Sana, right?”

Isak had asked while dialing the local pizza place, returning the genuine smile that spread over Sana’s face and added

“Mahdi found it when we were unpacking. It’s pretty great!”

And even later than that, 20:41 to be exact, when Sana’s phone alarm rings, Even nudges her with the Arm he has draped over Isak’s shoulders and tells her

“You can pray in our bedroom if you want privacy, we’ll pause the movie”


Why did you give up on your dream? You could ride and continue to dream of designing motorcycles.


jake waking up to the sweet snuffling sounds of amy nursing their baby as she sits upright in bed next to him…she runs her free hand through his floofy bed hair as he stirs and he sleepily grins up at her and thinks to himself how did he ever get so lucky…his half alseep brain handily provides flashbacks of all the times he thought he’d die alone, all the times he thought he’d never be a father,, but then he remembers to just be grateful for this love and this life so he strokes his baby’s cheek (how are babies’ cheeks so impossibly soft) before placing an arm round amy’s torso (he would argue amy’s skin is just as soft) (genes, he thinks)


Gotcha covered m8~

I was in the mood to doodle mouse-

And then it spiraled into this.. thing- WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOUR HAND SLIPPED

I think I remember somewhere in the fic that he mentioned he like Neapolitan ice cream or something? And how Rick also comment about Mouse not being “no chocolate or bust”- idek my memory fails me-

Love is not Over. 💝


Mark tasting the bittersweetness of 🍋 love

Okay, so random idea that crossed my mind

I don’t know if someone already came up with this idea, but today when I was working I just came up with something.
I was thinking about Big Fun and Halloween parities being some sort of joint-party (Somehow connected or at least two parties in one)

Martha Dunstock, after embarrassing herself in front of Ram, just runs off to the bathroom, shuts the door, and just lets it all out. She cries for at least 5 minutes before another figure in the bathtub coughs, and lets her know that someone else was in there. That person was just hidden due to the shower curtain there.
She’s embarrassed. And at this point ready to disappear at any moment. Before she can leave, the figure frantically apologizes for not saying anything while she was just dumping all her emotions out. She introduces herself, and he introduces himself as Michael, a junior who came in here just to wait everything out. (I’m pretty sure Jeremy and Michael are juniors)
While things were a little awkward at first, they eventually talk, and find out they they were in similar problems. Their best friend leaving them for popularity. Michael decides to leave out the Squip, and Martha rants about the Heathers. And they just going on talking about that, and other things about themselves until the party ends. Martha thinks that some of the stuff he likes was cool, and Michael likes that there was someone else who he could talk to about these kinds of stuff. They awkwardly thank the other for listening, and not being too weird, exchange phone numbers, and go their separate ways, hoping the other’s situation gets better.

It was just a random thought I came up with, and I like the idea.

Kimimaro sat beside her with his mussed-up hair and his shirt falling off his shoulder. With a surge of fondness, Sakura scooted closer to him and pulled his shirt back up. “I can’t believe two girls could fluster you this badly. You’re supposed to be a badass. Last of your clan, killer Kaguya, you know…”
- From Chapter 27 of Marrow

Commission by the fantastic @jbadgr!! Whose art I am so profoundly in love with oh my god just look at it just looookkkk


Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Good Little Angel part five

Good Little Angel part six

Good Little Angel part seven

Good Little Angel part eight

Word count: 1,553

Warning: angst, lots of fluff, smut, wing!kink

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Part nine of the Good Little Angel series!

Y/N has made her decision and goes back to Lucifer for a night of fun.

A/N: Hope you enjoy this part ;) next part should be up soon hopefully.

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You had made your decision. God was gone. Sam and Dean were back in their beds.

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As usual, I am always late to post my drawings for special occasions like these…*sigh* (but as my bestie says, “Hey! Why break tradition!”) Just wanted to draw my precious baby with the flowers that perfectly reflects his personality, SUNFLOWERS! Warm and happy~ ENJOY! @sawamuraweek


Miyuki approves with Kuramochi’s annoyance

(P.S. Miyuki’s flower crown consists of blue hydrangeas and pink carnations. Blue hydrangeas has many meanings such as heartfelt emotions and gratitude; however, its negative meaning could be depicted as heartlessness. Since the meaning behind this flower is quite complicated I thought it fit Miyuki’s personality nicely. (Specifically how others tend to view Miyuki’s intentions) You can look up the meaning behind the pink carnations ;) I’ll be exploring it’s meaning more in a future drawing idea that I HOPE to post by the end of this week. Look out for it~ Mochi has a little hyacinth flower on his ear. (sorry you can’t see it too well) It symbolizes playfulness and a sporty attitude in the language of flowers. Very perfect for Mochi~ 

Honestly I’m not sure why I focused so much on flowers… IDK. I just wanted to draw my baseball babies with flower crowns and whatnot ok lol.)