i want moriarty

i’ve really fudged up recently, and i feel like y’all should know

i’ve been *properly* fishkeeping for less than a year (almost a year…like, 10ish months now).

i really love that i get to be a part of this awesome fishblr community with all of you and i love seeing everyones tanks and seeing everyones fishkeeping journies on the daily <3 but i get a few people every week that come to me asking for advice, and while i’ll always do my best to be helpful, most of the advice i give is advice i’ve gotten from more experienced keepers or things i’ve learned from personal research (aka googling and forum reading)…(there is still a good chunk of advice i give that comes from personal experience tho, it’s not all copy pasted from google lol)

i’m not trying to say that i’m going to give the most awful advice (i do my best to not steer yall wrong and i’ll tell you if i don’t feel comfortable giving advice about something), but i usually remember to put a little disclaimer at the bottom of my ask posts for a reason :3 (ya know that lil bit where i say “feel free to correct, add, etc.”) Im never going to purposely give bad or unresearched advice to yall, but i do want yall to take my advice with a grain of salt and take advice from a number of sources! bonus points for being able to explain why a certain piece of advice was given (like why x medicine was prescribed, or why x type of salt was recommended)!

before recently, i hadn’t really thought about how my real life inexperience affected my blog, my advice, my fish, or yall. so i figured id take the opportunity to be up front about it in case i haven’t been previously <3 if you got through the whole post, i appreciate you taking the time to read it <3

hopefully everyone and their gilldren are having a fantastic tuesday and happy fishkeeping!

- hella-free-space


Moriartys suits requested by @ambientcrystals

@hippano I draw a lot and I used one of your drawings as a reference for this journal spread! I looked at your drawing for a little while and then tried to redraw it from memory! (Obviously I added some more details afterwards!). I really wanted to recreate some mormor art of yours because your art is just…the best tbh.


This was a scene in the beginning of T6T…

If you guys believe the Sherlock @contact twitters are genuine, then they might have just admitted to season 4 not being real

EDIT: People are telling me that the accounts are actually fan-made, so you might not want to take this post at face value