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Blending real life pics? If it's not too much trouble, could you briefly explain what you mean? I've never heard of that technique. :o

I named it “blending” because I don’t know what to call it XD its basically just cutting and pasting real life pics to your sims pics~ Below is basically how I blend stuff into my sims, just so they look better! Hopefully… orz 

This is the picture that I want to edit~ (focusing the eyes and nose only)

As you can see, the eyes are rather rigid and meh looking, so it’s time to blend, blend, blend!! Choose any faces on google that have similar angle but I’ll be using Black Desert default face since my style is more towards anime-ish as shown below;

Now cut and paste all the features (I’ll be using nose and eyes only) and place it onto your sim’s pic using the lasso tool.

Then, adjust the size and lower the opacity so it blends with the in game features. Try experimenting with the resizing tool (ctrl+ dragging also helps) and the opacity level which I usually use around 60-73.

Then using low opacity eraser brush with soft edge, rub off the sharp edges of the eyes and nose so that it is smooth and blends with the photo.

Then adjust the brightness, colour and saturation (under image>adjustments) so that the colour of cut images matches really well with the photo.

There you have it~ Looks a bit better and more realistic than the original photo, at least… XD 




new exo-l

  • probably just watched mama and identified themselves as exo-l
  • bias is either baekhyun or chanyeol or sehun
  • what is an exo-m and can i eat it the harsh reality still in my heart to this day
  • can name 3/12 members
  • haven’t stepped foot into tumblr territory
  • thinks baekhyun’s eyeliner is so extra
  • probably hasn’t listened to winter songs
  • deserve a warm welcome to the fandom

old exo-l

  • 169% done with exo
  • “what has exo done to me”
  • managed to stay with exo till now
  • seen members leave one by one and seen all of the drama surrounding relationships and really doesn’t know how to feel at this point
  • sassy and special
  • probably has a soft spot for junmyeon
  • can identify the 12 members based on pictures of their big toes
  • choking when exo’s comeback is as hot as fuck

stan exo-m exo-l

  • i’ve literally only seen like four of you
  • underrated puppies that need love and just want to be relatable
  • actually precious lil muffins i wish there were more of you
  • still get kicked in the balls feels when thinking about the old ot12 days
  • cried when luhan/kris/tao left and still feels like rummaging through their old merch box wanting some sort of content feeling
  • why !! are !! the !! chinese !! versions !! so !! under !! rated !! tell !! me !!
  • prefers the chinese versions ??<///????>>>>
  • mature and content and soft

stan exo-k exo-l

  • screeching
  • they’re so loud and wild and i just love them so much 
  • fell in love with exo-k and loves exo as a whole now
  • singing along to the korean lyrics making their friends think they’re fluent in a foreign language 
  • they like “baby don’t cry” and listen to it when they’re sad
  • listened to an exo-m song and was like “oh this is nice”
  • they’re literally the definition of what an average exo fan sounds like but x1000000 more intense

emo exo-l

  • monster is their aesthetic
  • anthem is probably something from mama or wolf era
  • actually soft on the inside but hide it
  • needs to be loved

shooken exo-l

  • when exo made their comeback they were the people that were like “oH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE IAWUZFHSUGSEZGRIOFVCJN KAI HAVE MY CHILDREN”
  • they’re basically just internally screaming and need to let it all out because they’re just that enthusiastic about the fandom and need someone to talk to because aREN’T WE ALL THIS WAY
  • always shook
  • can be found in the youtube comments section of m countdown, music videos and on tumblr questioning their life

dead inside exo-l

  • so done with everything but keep coming back for more
  • scrolling through tumblr looking for a sense of hope but only being pulled further and further into the fandom
  • don’t even bother trying to leave the fandom because they know that the boys have already killed them by breathing and are too lazy to leave and come back
  • “why”

multifandom exo-l

  • mature and resolve fanwars
  • love exo along with their other respective fandoms and are a great pleasure to see on your typical monday evening
  • respectful of others’ opinions
  • but when exo made a comeback most of their posts were about this great historical event which is understandable

smutty exo-l

  • constantly coming up with new smut ideas and hoping they won’t get kink shamed for doing so
  • literally the most creative people i’ve ever seen
  • usually great writers that just need to unleash their creative writing skills so others may feel the same way
  • actually cute fluff balls

emotional exo-l

  • constantly crying over exo
  • crying because of old departure news, ot12 feels, old ship feels, new ship feels, their bias died in that fanfic feels, etc
  • just need to be loved
  • we should feel concerned

tumblr exo-l

  • will spam your dash with pics of exo, rants, and memes
  • enjoy writing and reading fanfics and just indulging in all of this amazing literature that is posted every 0.78 seconds
  • blessed
  • need help

lovin the size exo-l

  • probably wants chanyeol’s d more than they want air
  • horny 
  • wet whenever exo does anything
  • horny


  • amazing people that need to be appreciated in the kpop community 
  • creative people that are seriously amazing and talented
  • some of the best people that you will ever meet
  • we are one !!

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omg i cant unsee that petty alec at a party while magnus is playing lmao i would read an entire fic just about that one picture

ask and you shall receive. based off this post: “why does this picture look like malec at a party where magnus promises to go home after one more game, but theyve been there for over two hours now and alec just wants to go home, but hes too petty to say anything” and this picture:

magnus beamed his puppy eyes at alec, who stood at the bar with a beer in hand. sure he didnt love the taste, but having to wait while magnus mingled with every possible person meant he needed at least some alcohol in his system. so when maia suggested their newest beer on tap, he didnt refuse.

“please, alec? i havent seen catarina in over three months. you cant expect us to finish talking in just a few games. just one more?” magnus fiddled with the hem of alecs shirt, his fingers lazily sliding along his thigh.

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HEY GUYS if you don’t like the character I draw, thats more than okay. Everybody has things they like and don’t like. I’m not here to police what you should or shouldn’t like.

But how about maybe you not have threads about how much you think that character sucks on my art? I’d appreciate it. <:/

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Hey sorry if I'm bothering but do you have your favorite hobi pictures that I can send to my friend ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)? I don't have too many and my phone is only stuffed with pictures of my bias lol

you’re not bothering me! I’m just going to absolutely spam you with some of my favorite pictures. I could post a lot more but I already chose so many. if you want gifs too hmu again~

Daddy and I on the phone.

Me: *pouty voice* Ddaaaddddyyyy.

Daddy: Yes darling? what do you want baby girl?

Me: Daddy….pictures. please please pleeeaaasssse.

Daddy: You have like 30 pictures of daddy already babygirl, you want more?

Me: *all smiley and happy* Yes daddy, lots and lots and lots. I can never have too many pictures of my handsome daddy. Lots please daddy.

Daddy: Anything for you babygirl.Youre so cute.

My daddy is perfect 😍😍

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Hey, I don't know what kind of music you listen to, but I want to find out if more people have this happen to them. Do you ever listen to a song and have this moment of 'I can see this being about (someone from RWBY)'? I'm asking because I keep having it happen with Ken Ashcorp's 'Wear' and I just keep seeing the song as almost being about Weiss, and i just want to know if this is just a me thing, or has it happened with you too?

Definitely not just you. Happens to me with songs, and with other shows I watch or movies I see. Even just locations and photographs. I took a picture of a coast side restaurant to use as a reference for an AU fic that I want to write. With writing, everything is potential story fodder lol


Hey guys!! I need money so I’m finally opening up commissions. 


Lineart: (I usually do lines with a pencil brush but if you want something more solid just ask!) 
-Bust: $10 (+10 for each extra person)
-Full body: $17 (+10 for each extra person)
-Flat bust: $15 (+15 for each extra person)
-Dynamic bust: $30 (+20 for each extra person)
-Flat full body: $25 (+15 for each extra person)
-Dynamic full body: $55 (+30 for each extra person)
Full picture with background: $100+ depending on complexity 

Traditional: These prices vary on size. The ones listed are based on 8.5″x11″ paper.

Most of my traditional art is realistic and based on photographs. If you would like to send in a photograph of something you’d like me to draw, please do! However, I’m not adversed to drawing from detailed descriptions. Please keep in mind that shipping is expensive if you live anywhere outside of the Unites States. Tell me in your email where you are and I will get back to you with your shipping price BEFORE I start drawing the commission. 

Graphite sketch: 
-Bust: $10 (+10 for each extra person) 
-Full body: $17 (+10 for each extra person) 
-Lined bust: $12 (+10 for each extra person)
-Lined full body: $20 (+10 for each extra person)
-Dynamic bust: $18 (+10 for each extra person)
-Dynamic full body: $30 (+20 for each extra person)
Full graphite portrait: 
-Bust: $70 (+30 for each extra person) 
-Full body: $100 (+50 for each extra person) 
Colored Pencils: Keep in mind that if you want a colored portrait, I am generally just better at drawing with colored pencils when the colors are unconventional lmao. We will figure out a price for these when you email me. 

For anything that ISN’T people, email me with your idea and we’ll work out a price! 

You can contact me on tumblr, but I would prefer if you sent an email to sepulchrart@gmail.com thank you!

on stark reunions

i was trying to figure out which stark was going to make it home first and then i remembered i saved a map of westeros and essos.

blue is bran & meera, green is arya.

location-wise, it seems like bran will make it home first. he’s a lot closer.

right now he and meera are at castle black. if he wanted to, he could go straight down to winterfell. i have a feeling that is what’s going to happen.

now as for arya, it’s a bit more complicated.

arya started at the twins this season, so she could kill all of the freys. now that that has been accomplished, she is heading down towards king’s landing.

crossroads inn is where she will stop next, according to the picture we just got of her on her horse outside of there.

kind of fitting that she’s stopping at crossroads inn, because she will have to make a choice.

yes, winterfell is further away now, which makes me think she will arrive there later. but it is a straight shot up the kingsroad if she changes her mind.

if not, of course, king’s landing is not terribly far away, and it is also a straight shot up the kingsroad from there to winterfell.

a girl has some choices to make next episode.


Hello! I’m currently really in need of money. I’ll be offering whatever I can for quick cash. If you’re interested, PM me with what you’re INTERESTED in along with your PRICE, in a SINGLE MESSAGE. i get lots of messages so those not in this format, i may not reply. Stated below is whatever i’m offering, along with my conditions. there may be more, so chat me up with what you’d like and your price, and then i’ll get back to you.

1. Sex - protected, not allowed to cum inside me, CUM ONCE ONLY, no anal, no videos and photos. I will be masked. If you do not follow, I will report you for rape.

2. Snapchat - no full face (maximum mouth), request pictures you like and i’ll do the best i can. Tell me how long you want me to snapchat you and name your price. (e.g $____ for one snap a day for a week)

3. Underwear - of your choice (e.g thong, normal panties etc) if i can get hold of the kind you like. As of now i only have normal underwear :)

**BJs are not offered as i would prefer for my identity to be concealed

Example of text:
Hi! I’m interested in snapchatting you and I’ll be willing to pay $____.

-approx 160cm tall
-more towards athletic body

THANK YOU FOR READING!! Please help me out ❤️

Honestly I can’t wait to get to my goal weight and post progress pictures on Facebook and when people say, “OMG what’s your secret?? I can’t ever lose weight 😭” and I can say, “Eat more fruits and veggies and try moving more Sharon, boom, magic.”

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Ji's role in Muhan Company suit him well . He's acting was great . I hope someday when he's done doing music or perhaps he just want to try something new, he'll consider acting . He's a great actor I hope he notices that, he's just extremely shy when he said he doesn't like watching himself act . I want more of actor ji! He captures heart on that craft too somebody tell him that please!

I think if he will land on a one good drama he would enjoy filming it will probably change his mindset!

Also there are list of kdrama I have in mind that I am certain was patterned after him 😂 maybe those were the ones he was initially offered to.

I want a role for him that’s darker than the psychopathic CEO. I could actually picture Jiyong as an evil King from Joseon 😂 If he does sageuk (or if Infinite Challenge decides another movie but in historical setting) it would be amazing! I HOPE DIRECTORS WOULD TRICK HIM AGAIN AND BE CASTED TO A BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE 😂😂😂😂

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Hi! Just wanted to say, this blog is really really great! I didn't take pictures (mostly because i was trying to get jalapeno out of my cousins eye, but that's a different story), but I made the pepper poppers and they turned out great! I'm not much of a cook or baker, it's more of a hobby, but it was fun making them! Thanks for putting so much effort into this blog!

Oh geez, I hope you got the jalapeno out of your cousin’s eye. That would hurt. And thanks! Always happy to hear the recipes working out for people :)


And I’m calling this picture done.

It’s nice to experiment and take your time with a piece. I’m just very impatient, and 3 days of continiously working on this, finding more and more sections I just have not touched at all.

The practise was: Overpainting, and also thumblailing a tiny sketch and then enlarging it to be the final scaffolting for the image. Also Values, and laying down colores with gradient masks, and trying to tell a story for the scene.

In the end I just like how it turned out and I dont want to ruin it with more futzing around.

btw: gifs included to show the progress and some value comparison between stages.

ASTRO Reaction To Wanting A Threesome

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Can you do a astro reaction to wanting a 3some

MJ: I honestly struggle to picture any member of astro wanting a threesome since they’re all so young but I feel like MJ would relatively open to it if his partner wanted to have one. 

Originally posted by asterocky

JinJin: I think JinJin would be more like MJ in that he wouldn’t necessarily be the most comfortable with the idea of a threesome but if it was something his partner really wanted to do, he’d be willing. 

Originally posted by asterocky

Eunwoo: I can’t picture Eunwoo wanting a threesome but I also imagine him to be a bit of the possessive type plus he seems pretty innocent considering that he’s also very very young. To properly do a threesome requires significant maturity if it’s not going to significantly affect a relationship. 

Originally posted by fawnave

Moonbin: I feel like Moonbin would be the most willing to have a threesome but its more like he likes the idea of it and if it came to actually having one I’m not sure he’d end up being all that comfortable with the reality of it.*

Originally posted by astronomicalscenarios

Rocky: I feel like Rocky would just figure that he was not mature enough to have a threesome and would then move on. He might have fantasy like that but he’d know he wouldn’t really want to have one, at least not yet. 

Originally posted by sanwoo

And no Sanha because he’s 17. 


I want to create a blog with a group of 3 more people (Me and 3 others) because I have an idea for a blog, but no one to use it with!

So if you want to join draw a picture of your own spin on a Ink character for BatIM and their human counterpart! Make your own version of their design and personality, then in my inbox send me the picture,with their personalities and any other info you would need!

Here are the counterparts
Bendy - Sammy
Boris - Henry
Alice - Susan (her voice after)
Extra character - Joey

For Joey you get to make your own character but please don’t make them a Mary Sue

Also if you want to do this please have Skype or Google Hangouts so we can talk as a group!


PS- this blog will be ask and rp!

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Is it okay to repost your stuff on Instagram but still give you full credit? Like I would say I got this picture from your tumblr account. Just wanna know to respect your art. Okay thank you 💕

Yes! Anyone can share my work on their Instagrams if they give proper credit and sourcing to my blog. I’ve also had an Instagram sitting for awhile to share more outfits and edits. Since so many people have wanted to share my content on their Instas.