i want more girls bonding with each other

Riley & Kala


  • Riley is mother figure of the cluster. We’ve seen how she’s strongly connected to sensates in terms of emotions in season 1
  • Feeling of joy, loss, emptiness, fear, sadness, loneliness, and love…whenever our main characters go through emotional struggle Riley’s always there for them; and sometimes vice versa
  • Since season 1, when Kala needed guidance for her life, she asks her cluster for advice
  • Riley and Kala both represent empathy
  • They may not be fighters like Sun, but when their cluster is in danger they will always be by their side to help
  • They share joy, love, pain, and grief with the cluster; they feel for them because they care…more than anything, more than anyone

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers!)

2x02 Who Am I?

– I believe this is very first interaction between Kala and Riley only, when Riley visits Kala and tells her concern about Will’s health. Even though the conversation is mostly about Will’s condition and nothing more, when I watched this episode and as soon as that scene came up, I was smiling and screaming like “YES! characters that haven’t had interaction in season 1 is getting it in season 2!” And I hoped to see these two girls bond more

2x03 Obligate Mutualisms


– Riley and Kala are the ones who always come up to their cluster member and ask if she/he’s alright (mostly to Sun after she kicks ass) since Christmas special. Here we see both of them being all motherly and concerned about Sun. And it’s FREAKING ADORABLE TO WATCH THEM, because my mind is going like ‘my little babies are looking out for each other; the world is so wonderful!’

2x10 If All The World’s A Stage, Identity Is Nothing But A Costume


– I just said I wanted to see these two bond more in future. Well, my wish has come true! I think we all kinda know that in some point, Kala is going to have girl talk with girls in her cluster. We saw her having one with Sun in Christmas special. Which by the way, Sun talking about how we exist because of sex, and that it’s something to honor & enjoy…what can I say? Best speech from best human being

– This time, it’s Riley’s turn and I’ve waited for this conversation to happen. What I notice from this scene is that maybe…Riley was waiting for Kala to talk about it – love between sensates from cluster. Because this conversation is held after Kala asks Will for advice – and since Will and Riley are close – I’m pretty sure Riley would have known already about Kala and Wolfgang (I don’t think Will told her; I mean after all, sensates know basically everything about each other in their cluster) As soon as Kala tries to bring up the subject, you see Riley smiles, instantly knowing what she’s going to ask about. Hmm…Deja vu; didn’t something similar happen during Will and Kala’s conversation [x] ? LOL


– OK, that little touch Riley does with her fingers? To be honest, that GIF is the ultimate reason why I wanted to write this post. I love seeing kind of playful side of Riley. But it’s not like she’s teasing Kala in a mean way


– It’s more like ‘you may not understand what I’m saying right now, but don’t worry. You will soon, and it’s going to be amazing’. I’m telling ya, Riley Blue is totally rooting for Kalagang

Speaking of girl talk, I would love to see Kala having girl talk with Nomi and Amanita! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Me watching the skam clip

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It gonna be alright girl there isn’t much left of this clip it gonna be alright

Wtf noora get someone else

Sana calm yourself down don’t slap the shit out of the bitch you dont need either of them anyway they ain’t shit

Me looking at the credits : how did it go so wrong 😥😭

My Queen

Characters: Dean x Reader, Celeste (reader’s sister), Travis (reader’s ex boyfriend)

Word Count: 2,311

Warnings: Mentioned of abuse in relationship (very minimal), a little angsty, but Dean fluff at the end

Summary: You haven’t seen your sister in years so you and Dean pay her a visit. What happened when she’s dating your ex boyfriend? 

A/N: I know I’ve been completely disregarding my responsibility as a writer and I apologize for that. I’ve been stressing over school and work but things have simmered down enough. All I ask from you guys is to send in requests. None of the fics I have written were requested and I am running out of ideas on my own. Please send in what you want to see written!

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Growing up, you and your sister were inseparable. You always told each other your secrets, stole makeup and clothes from one another, talked to each other about boys and drama, and always had a bond that was unbreakable. However, as you grew older, she turned into this other person that you didn’t recognize.

She started going to parties, getting drunk more often, smoked a cigarette or two, and was transforming into a girl you didn’t know. Of course, you told each other everything still but it was like you were losing that bond with each and every day that passed.

It wasn’t until you started hunting that you did everything together. Yes, she knows about the supernatural because you couldn’t keep her from not knowing but you could keep her from hunting alongside you.

You were glad that she didn’t want that life and decided to be extra help with research if you needed it. You wished that you knew how to fight like you did now for when you were kids but now you could really put her in her place thanks to the Winchester brothers.

They taught you everything you knew about combat and firing multiple guns and also other weapons. You knew how to fight a little and you’ve been shooting before but this time, it was different. They really knew their stuff around weapons. You didn’t know where you would be if it hadn’t been for Dean Winchester saving you. Before you met them, you and your sister lived together and tried to make just enough money to pay rent. You were the hardworking sister while she could barely hold a job.

You had gotten sick and tired of her shit that you decided to be on your own and let her deal with her life by herself. You were tired of holding up her weight. She needed to learn that what she does have consequences. After you left her, you didn’t know where you were going and decided to spend a few nights in the nearest motel.

That was the worst, yet, best decision you could ever make. Good, because you met the love of your life but bad because a demon was going around motel rooms and possessing people or trying to make deals.

You were relaxing one night until all of a sudden, you heard someone knocking on the door. You opened it and the next thing you knew, you were knocked out. When you came to, you were awake and alive but you weren’t in control of your body. It was like someone pushed you out of the way and had taken hold of you.

You didn’t know what was going on since you didn’t know about the Supernatural at that time. You watched yourself do pretty horrible things including killing someone, stealing, and fighting off two very attractive men.

They started to exorcise the demon but that didn’t change the fact that you killed a person and participated in criminal acts. They tried to assure you that it was the making of a demon and from one look at them, you knew that they weren’t lying to you. You immediately trusted them because you instantly felt safe around them.

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What I actually wanted more than anything else on this show was for these two to become r e a l l y g o o d friends. Despite their rough start, and their history with Lash, and their vast difference in humor, I wanted them to develop a strong, dependent bond and each to have a lasting impact on the other. Can you imagine Lincoln helping heal some of May’s guilt and grief over Bahrain? No doubt he knew the story behind it, knew that the little girl was insane and irrecoverably damaged. May didn’t even know that the girl was Inhuman until Daisy told her, she thought the girl and her mother were just “powered”. Can you imagine May developing an authoritative but almost mothering attitude to this lost Inhuman, the way she did Daisy, the way she wanted to with a child of her own?

In the reverse, can you imagine Lincoln finding a solid foundation in May, like he did with Daisy? Someone whom he can gradually learn to trust implicitly, who would teach him to fight, to be an agent, to rebuild his life, who will put up with no crap but also teaches him about how to control his anger? Because yes, Daisy’s relationship with Lincoln and May’s with Andrew and Coulson were both invaluable and precious and supportive but both May and Lincoln could both have used a really solid non-romantic friend as well. Gosh I just wanted these two to slowly develop a friendship/mentorship why was this taken from me.

Plus can you imagine them pranking people around the base and no one ever ever suspects it’s them.

Gif credit to @Itfrankcastle

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Why does Devon Adams always go on about being a bestfriend of dylan when he wrote in his journal that he wanted to kill her?

I get the sense that Devon Adams was very sociably inclusive and generous in calling close associates of her’s “best friends”. Like Robyn Anderson, Devon seemed to work on extending a friendship and building trust with timid Dylan. The reward of doing so meant that both girls got to know the “real” Dylan Klebold. It’d take a bit of time to get Dyl to drop his guard but when he finally felt comfortable enough in doing so around those few girls that worked at it such as Devon and Robyn, he’d reveal that more chill, zany side of himself and also the loyalty. Dylan also became very close with Zach and he mentions in his journal that he considers Zach his best friend. Zach and Dylan are super close because they talk on the phone nightly and share their upsets and bond in depression. At some point in ‘97, Devon and Zach become a couple. For Zach, the intimacy with Devon allows him to go to her for counsel to help him with problems. The dynamic for Dylan becomes like ‘threes a crowd’. By Zach and Devon wanting to spend all their time together, Dylan fells betrayed and kicked out like he’s the third wheel. It is not hard to see Dylan grappling with this sudden turn of events in his journal. He recalls all the good times with Zach, all the fun things they did together for the first time. Instead of being angry at Zach for not being there for him, he directs his anger at Devon. Devon is the one that took his best friend away from him. He holds her responsible. In his struggle with feeling angry and abandoned by his best friend, he jokes in a bitterly, sarcastic way about Devon “..who I wouldn’t mind killing.” Did he mean this in the literally sense? I say, no. Was he ranting about Devon maliciously to blow off steam? Yes. The fact of the matter is, Dylan is fifteen and a half years old and has just started writing in his journal and he is years away from the Columbine attack. In my opinion, people say nasty stuff all the time in their journal. This is what journals are for, right? To express all the ugliness you’re feeling. Dylan’s idle consideration that he wouldn’t mind killing Devon is not some red flag clue that he’s serious about doing so or that he is showing sociopathic tendencies. I think to reach that conclusion is a bit of a stretch. Dylan was deeply hurt. His two good friends had found an even closer bond in each other and Dylan felt left in the dust. Dylan was also jealous that he couldn’t have the same sort of thing with a girl. Devon was the key that took his guy friend away, his emotional sounding board. He was angry and expressed that he’d metaphorically like to kill Devon for instigating change that made him feel all the more alone. Saying you want to kill someone in your personal journal is normal and natural. Who hasn’t done this at some point? Come clean, now people. ;) It’s a way to to exorcise the pain and outrage. It’s cathartic. Nothing more. Also, Dylan remained friends with Devon the whole time he said these things in his journal about her. He was still her friend even though it was a struggle to get used to the new dynamics.

Ok so I am in love with @cindersart ‘s Big brother to Piper! Percy AU (I seriously need to think of a shorter name for it) and I’ve been thinking about it non-stop so I just wanted to post some thoughts I had on it.

Percy introducing Annabeth to his family for the first time and at first Piper is really suspicious of her like ‘who the hell are you and why are you holding my brother’s hand that’s what I do’ but then Annabeth keeps pulling funny faces at her when no one is looking and handing  her cookies and Piper goes all starry eyed like Percy never let this girl go she is amazing and they bond and Annabeth does her hair and Piper does her’s and Percy is just standing in the door way smiling because ‘holy shit I have two super cute girls in my life and I love them more than anything’ but he’s also like ‘I think they love each other more than me oh’ but I just went totally off topic of Percy and Piper and threw Annabeth in there mkay let me get back to Piper and Percy.

Percy skateboarding and Piper being amazed and wanting to give it a try. Percy trying to teach her but Piper being really independent like Percy I got this let go so he does and she realises how hard it is to actually balance on one of those things and she falls off and Percy rushes to help her up but by the time he gets to her (which is like 2 seconds) she’s already stood back up with her eyes /shining/ cause that was amazing and she must try again immediately 

I don’t know what I love more the idea of Piper styling Percy’s hair or Percy styling Piper’s

Ok wait they both style each others at the same time. Cross legged.


No but can you imagine Percy’s expression when Piper brings home her first boyfriend?? HE WILL BE //SO// PROTECTIVE LIKE HE GOES UP TO THE GUY WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS LEFT THE TABLE AND HE DOES THE ‘Hurt my sister and I will end you’ TALK BUT THEN HER BOYFRIEND IS LIKE ‘If I hurt your sister I’m pretty sure she’ll end me first.’ 



I’ve gone so far away from little Piper and Big bro Percy I’m so sorry

(little) Piper designing a tattoo for Percy with crayons.

He gets it.

Accidental matching flannel shirts anyone?

*cough* Piper coming out and Percy being extremely supportive *cough* Percy then later realising Piper is literally gonna steal his girlfriend one day

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Hi Erin, I love your interpretation of "I'll always be with you" and was wondering whether you could work similar magic with "Don't go"/"Don't leave me" (=pre-ADR?). It would've been lovely to see Clarke's face when she utters her last words to Lexa. Could "Don't go"/"Don't leave me" be as powerful as Clarke actually saying "I love you"? (If so, they should've just given us what they filmed and trusted you to explain to the fandom how that line is the most beautiful declaration of love ever :))

Thank you!! and as i suspected, there wasn’t actually anything Clarke said to Lexa after watching THIS VIDEO. I prefer the unedited version. It makes SOOOOO much more sense and it is even more powerful than the “I love you” in my honest opinion. With Clexa it is the unspoken moments and their ability to read each other that we love the most. They have a bond that is a connection of souls. This real human connection allows them to see right through eachother.   I would like to see the script and see if it mentions anything about how Clarke can’t see another person she loves leave her. Lexa can’t leave her again. Voluntary or Involuntary. There are too many things she wants to say to the girl she loves in their final moments. Clarke grabs onto Lexa and stops her from charging into the fray. Lexa studies Clarke’s face as shakes her head with tears stinging her eyes


She is unable to say the words “I love you” due to those words not being “good enough” or powerful enough to show Lexa how much she loves her. How much she loves, needs and wants her. However, Lexa knows all this. She knows that Clarke loves her. Clarke and Lexa can see right through each other and read each other’s unspoken thoughts. That what makes them special. 

How I accept the kinda ‘crappy’ ADR, I say crappy because the “I love you” should have been more rushed and forced due to seeing Clarke’s face and mental status. The ADR’ed “i love you” was too soft and didn’t fit well. However, I accept it due to realizing that it wasn’t for us. We are all smart enough to see and know that Clarke loves Lexa with every fiber of her being. We SAW IT, heck most of the general audience saw it too. Straight white 65 year old men saw it! Critics ranted and raved about it. We saw Clarke’s love for Lexa without her having to say that four letter word. In our world we but too much weight on that word as a validation of love. Lexa never said the words outloud either, but Clarke and the audience knew that Lexa was about to say it in 3x07. She was going to say it, but stopped due to not pressuring Clarke or making her feel guilty. 

So, if that ADR “i love you” wasn’t for us…who was it for? I like to think it was directed towards the Blarkers. It was directed at them so that we can more easily disprove claims that Clarke never loved Lexa. It is canon that Clarke said “i love you” to Lexa. We can more easily disprove their idiotic claims Lexa was just a sexual fling like Niylah. Clarke said “I love you” to Finn and not to Lexa and Blarkers think that the “love is weakness” “I was being weak” parallel in 2x09 was Clarke’s confession of romantic love for Bellamy. Not even considering or putting value in the importance of platonic love. The Blarkers are so dense that they aren’t listening to Clarke’s “I want you” or her pleas for Jasper to not destroy the chip over their cheering that Lexa was dying or was going to be destroyed again. Clarke protecting the chip at this point had everything to do with protecting Lexa – “IT’S LEXA!! Part of her is still in there!” they didn’t have the knowledge that there might be a ‘kill code’ inside the Flame. 

Everything that I wrote in THIS POST about accepting the ADR’ed ‘i love you’ also pertains to the unADR’ed version. Lexa can read Clarke’s face and the “I…” and knows what Clarke is unable to say. “I love you. Don’t leave me. I can’t lose you like I lost everyone. I want you. Don’t leave me alone in this world. I’m so alone. Even in a room full of people they never see me. You see me….” Lexa can read this and gives Clarke what she needs.

 “I will always be with you”

Lexa is letting Clarke know that she will never be alone. A part of Lexa will be with her; whether she is implanted with the Flame or not. Clarke will feel Lexa’s presences in the beauty of the world around her. To quote myself, “she will always be with her. She will feel her in the sunshine upon her face. She will see her beauty in the trees that surround her. She will smell her in the wild flowers upon a breeze. In these moments she is not stranded and alone.” Lexa gives Clarke a gentle smile telling her “I know”. I know that you love me without having to vocalize it. The smile and gentle eyes are also to give her assurance that they may never meet again, but she will always be with her. 

It’s kind of sad how so many people are hating on Ed, whether they are serious or not. Robin doesn’t have to go through stuff like that, everyone loves and protects Oswald. But Cory, who loves his character and is excited over his growth, is getting the backlash. It’s heartbreaking, because Ed’s story this season is beautiful. We see he isn’t a monster, but a human. He cares, he loves, and he feels. But now hate and revenge is controlling him, turning him into the villain he’s meant to be. It is the same story we are getting with Oswald. We see he’s not really a monster, but a broken human being. But then his world goes to crap and he is turned into this villain.

The beginning of these season we saw their human side with each other, their love and their bond. But this is their tragic story, and it hurting us means they are doing their jobs. Their story is suppose to hurt, suppose to pull at our emotions. We are suppose to feel for these characters, not hate them. Oswald and Ed still are best friends, you can’t erase the love and bond they had for each other; and we can never forget it.

We don’t know where the story is going, if it will end in tragedy or perhaps something more bittersweet. But I do know I will always, always love both of them.

Ed isn’t at fault here, he has every right to be hurt and mad right now. Oswald betrayed his trust and killed someone he believed to be just an innocent girl. I want to protect Oswald just as much as everyone else, I love him and want him to be happy. But for that to happen the two of them need to work this out, even if that means they need to be apart for the while. Oswald needs to understand his mistake, needs to understand what love actually is. Edward needs to be himself for while, understand his own feelings and find himself. That could take this season, maybe the next, or maybe even the one after that. We don’t know.

Again, maybe they won’t work this out and maybe they will. Only time will tell, and no matter what the writers choose to do I’ll support it. Because all outcomes will make sense in this case, and I have no reason to be mad at them for it. Gotham is an amazing show, and they haven’t let us down yet. They gave us something truly amazing this season, something shows usually don’t do. Perhaps it won’t end the way we want it too, but that is the beautifully tragic part about it.

Requested? Yes.
Mature: No.
Word Count: 1459
Anon asked: Text Au or imagine where you’ve been dating Skate or Derek for about a year now but you find out that your best friend doesn’t support your relationship since she likes him too even though she hasn’t known him for that long. She shades you then drops you so Derek or Skate comfort you. Thank you! :)

I’ve decided on writing this scenario for both of them because it’s too hard to choose. The first one is SKATE.

Hope this is sorta what you’re looking for! ~Enjoy xx.

“Baby!” You exclaimed when you opened the door to reveal Skate standing there. “I thought you were gonna be at the studio all day?”

“I decided that since the Skaterade tour is in a couple weeks that I should try spending as much time with my lovely girlfriend as possible.” He grinned and enveloped you in a hug.

“Oh you don’t have to do that. I know how much you want this tour to be perfect.” You grinned and brought your arms around his neck. He smiled down at you and leaned in to gently place his lips against yours. You’d just started to kiss back when Y/B/F/N cleared her throat making Skate pull away.

“Oh, babe why didn’t you say you had…?”

“Y/B/F/N.” She said quietly. Skate could never really remember her name even after a month of knowing each other. “Right, Y/B/F/N. You didn’t say she was over.”

“You didn’t say you were coming over.” You countered. “I know but I don’t want to ruin your girl time.” He smiled again, this one being a little more innocent than the last and it made you stand on your tippy-toes and peck his lips. “You’re not. We’ll have plenty of time to bond later.”

Feeling Skate nod against your lips you released him from the kiss and wrapped your arms around his torso and his arms hugged your shoulders.

“Well in that case, hello /Y/B/F/N.”

She slowly nodded with a rising blush, “Hi Skate.”

“We were just watching some movies, wanna join?”

“I could stay the night…” Skate offered again as you pushed him towards the door. “I wish, but we need some girl time!”

“But baby!”

“No but’s! I’ll see you tomorrow okay? I love you.”

By now he was standing on the other side of the threshold but wouldn’t let your hands go. “Let me stay.”

“You can tomorrow, I swear. Now say you love me back.” You pouted and stuck your bottom lip out. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss you again and again and again, “I love you so much.”

Being satisfied you gave him one last kiss and shut the door as he turned around and headed down the driveway.

“Y/B/F/N!” You sang as you entered the living room again. She looked up from her phone and gave you a blank look, “What?”

Quirking your eyebrow and crossing your arms over your chest, you huffed at her shortness with you, “What’s the matter? You’ve been acting funny all night.”

“You didn’t seem to care when Skate was here.” She mumbled but you heard it loud and clear. “Excuse me?”

“Nothing, Y/n. Forget it.”

“No, I won’t. Ever since you met Skate you always act different when he’s around. Do you not like him? Did he do something wrong? You’re my bestfriend and your opinion matters to me.”

“No he hasn’t done anything wrong but…” She trailed off.

“But what?”

“Me liking him is the problem and I’m sorry but it’s hard for me to accept you two together.” She blurted out.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” You watched as she stood up and mimicked your stance.

“I like Skate… I like him a lot and I feel like we’d be better together.”

You were taken aback by her words considering everyone thought you two were perfect together. You and Skate rarely ever fought and when you did you’d end up in each other’s arms a few hours later. It was almost impossible for you two to stay away from one another, especially when the other was so upset. “You barely know him! You just met him a month ago!”

“And your point is?”

“We’ve been together for 18 months. That’s a year and six months and you think you would be a better match for him?”

“Doesn’t matter how long you two have been together.” She simply stated. “Wow,” you scoffed, “we’ve been bestfriends since we were [AGE] years old. You’re willing to give that friendship up over something that will never happen. Skate can’t even remember your name, yet you think you two are perfect? Pathetic.”

She didn’t say anything but the look on her face said it all and you could start to feel the tears blur your vision. If Nate happened to leave you you’d go off the deep end. He was your bestfriend before anything else. He listened to all of your problems, let you cry into his chest when you needed him the most, and because he knew how insecure you were he made sure you knew you were beautiful, but the more you thought about it the more possible it seemed to become. “I-I…” You couldn’t speak but in your mind a world of thoughts raced around your brain. “I’ll let myself out.” She gave you a smug smile and pushed past you, making sure to knock your shoulder away in the process.

After she was gone, you let yourself collapse to your knees and sob into your hands.

“Babe? Baby open the door.” Skate’s muffled voice said through the front door.

Four days had gone by since your little argument with your ex-bestfriend and you’d been too afraid to face Skate in fear of the things he could possibly tell you.

“Babe, seriously. I left my key inside… I can’t get inside.”

You kept a spare under a rock at the bottom on the driveway but not even Skate knew that.

“Y/n open the door. You’ve been ignoring my texts and calls, and it’s scaring me.”

You finally decided to get off the couch and face your fear rationally but only because seeing Skate so worried hurt you 10x’s worse. Almost as soon as you opened the door he attacked you in a hug. “What wrong? Why are you ignoring me?”

“I-I…” I still couldn’t place my thoughts into words: I’m scared. I’m scared of losing you. I’m scared you’ll realize there’s someone better out there for you and that’s not me. I’m so scared.

“Talk to me.” He urged as he shut the door behind him and guided us to the couch. “The other day Y/B/F/N told me something and it’s scaring me.”

“What’d she say?”

“S-she admitted to me that she liked you and that she’d be a better match for you. She kept saying how she would be better for you. She was so blunt about it, like she hadn’t just thrown away all those years of friendship. It made me scared that maybe she was right and if it wasn’t her you would probably find someone you’d rather be with that isn’t me. I’m scared of losing you because I love you so much and I’d lose my mind if I lost you.” By now you were sobbing and Skate had his arms wrapped tightly around your waist and he pulled you into his lap.

“No baby girl don’t ever think that. You’re the best I’m ever going to have and you’re one of the most important people in my life. I love you so much and Y/B/F/N is a bitch for planting that dumbass idea in your head. Okay? Listen to me. I. Love. You. If she ever thinks I’d choose her over you then she got another thing comin’.” He soothing rubbed his hand over the small of your back and the simple action made you want to sleep in his arms forever. “If I ever see that whore again I’ll personally put her in her place— with my words only of course.”

You let out a muffled laugh and fisted his shirt in your hands, “I love you too.”

“But please don’t be scared baby. You’re the only Lil’ Mama for me anyways. No one could compare to you.”

Once again you giggled and the smile that appeared on Skate’s face lit your whole world up.

“Got it?”

You nodded and he leaned down to kiss you passionately and slightly whimpered when he pulled away,

“So how about a movie weekend?”

Movies were one of the only things you couldn’t refuse, and Skate was certainly one of those thing.

Not when someone so important made you so happy.

Norman Reedus about C@ryl:

-ETonline: Fans obviously love Daryl and Carol – will we see any developments in their relationship this week? Does she try to soften his facade?
Reedus: Is she like an emotional roofie? [laughs] It’s there, but I think their bond is so much deeper than “stick your tongue in my mouth.” I like playing that and am glad the writers agree because it’s so awkward when boys meet girls, girls meet boys or boys meet boys, and they want to hook up. But this is a whole different set of uncomfortable rules. They love each other on a different level – it’s not about wanting to get together, it’s more like a sibling relationship. “If you hurt my sister, there’s nowhere you’ll be able to hide.” It’s an impenetrable bond. I know people want them together, but if that happens, I think it’ll be more epic than, “They did it!”

-“I’ve had lots of talks with Scott [Gimple] about it,” the actor said. “I like our relationship how it is. We don’t have to make out to be who we are. We’re kindred spirits; there’s a brother-sister bond there that’s almost stronger than a lovey-dovey bond. I’m not totally against it, but I’m not totally for it. It’s tricky. Once you do that, it’s there forever. To be honest, I’m not begging for it, and I’m not opposed to it.

-Now what about your - I guess Carol, to this point, is now your love interest, so to speak–

Norman Reedus: No.

I’ve fought against having Carol and Daryl hook up because there’s already too many of us doing it on this show. It’s more interesting to see these two damaged people gravitating to each other, needing each other’s friendship.´´

I’d actually not like to see it go in that direction [into a romantic place]. I just think it’s more interesting to have these two damaged people see something kindred in each other and gravitate towards each other in that way. I think that if anyone made moves on anyone, Carol would make moves on Daryl, and Daryl would probably just prematurely ejaculate in his pants and go hide in the bushes. I’m kind of trying to keep it interesting as it is. It would just be too obvious if we made out and we were a couple. It’s been done.”

Norman Reedus about Bethyl:

Lights will guide you home (3/?) ||Steroline fanfic||

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries

Rating: T              

Pairing: Stefan and Caroline

Summary: When things go out of plan, Caroline is willing to do anything to save the day. Post 5x22. how things could’ve gone that night.

A/N: I should say something before this chapter cause this is the beginning of ‘fun’ but I don’t know what to say, so whatever. Title inspired from the song 'little do you know’, cause it’s the theme song for this chapter. A head of you there’s pure Steroline and a bit Bamon. And not to confuse anyone, Bamon parts are the present day while Steroline reaches the present at the very last scene. You can check it on ff.net. Enjoy! :))

Part 1. Part 2

4 months ago.

“Scared?” He whispers.

“No.” she says. “I’m with yo-”

It should’ve been the end; they shouldn’t feel anything after that. They shouldn’t even exist after that. But it sounds like they are.

She opens her eyes slowly, the light around them is gone, no more wind, no more things going down. But he is not gone. He is still there, holding her. And it is then when she realizes that their position is just a little bit awkward. Yes, they had hugged before, they even drifted to sleep while cuddling together but this feels different. So she pulls away. She looks at him and he is having his broody confused look on its best.

They pull away completely, hands falling to their sides. She looks around her and doesn’t notice that his eyes are still on her for some reason.

“That was fast.” She mutters.

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SM Stars ep. 194 rewatch Blurb

Rewatching Sailor Moon Stars, Ep. 194 and normally I’d like to gush about the disgustingness that is my OTP: Seiya and Usagi because boy oh boy is this THE EPISODE–infamously so, for the peak of their angsty relationship. But I’m not going to go into that today… no, right now I want to focus on the beauty of the Senshi’s Friendships. Which, if anything the 90′s anime really shined at, was fleshing out the relationships between the girls and made their bond and support for each other just as important if not more than Miracle romances. (side-eyeing a certain manga source/reboot).

It’s SO ADORABLE how Usagi’s friends are so protective of her now that she’s a target for a Star Seed. Everything about it just SLAYS ME. I love that Minako shouts that danger could be lurking from any corner and in any deceptive form, like that guy walking his dog, or that old lady taking out the trash, or that service repairman on that pole over there! (who actually turned out to be accurately Tin Nyanko in disguise).

I LOVE that it’s a running joke that Minako unwittingly keeps pointing to random people as examples of IMMINENT DANGER and just happens to be accurate in calling out Tin Nyanko EVERY TIME. And the way they all take shifts flanking their Princess and prepared a KIT OF PROTECTION including a whistle that summons Sailor Mars FROM ANYWHERE IN TOKYO!!! You blow it, SHE CAN HEAR IT. 

It really is so cute to see how much Rei cares and loves Usagi considering how horrible she was to her at the beginning of the series (I know that’s how she shows affection, but they’ve really come such a long way). And here she is…huffing and puffing after running across the city at the slightest tweet. “DID YOU CALL?” she pants (ah the days before cell phones).

I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH. And look at how diligent they all are in being being actual sailor soldiers for their Princess, escorting her to class, 

(and everywhere in between lol lookit them guarding her in the girl’s room. SO SERIOUS. ) Seriously, I’m always so impressed by the classic anime’s humor/timing. 10/10 always on point.

On the opposite end, it’s also heartbreaking to see how selfless Usagi is trying to be. She doesn’t want to be a burden on her friends, she’s not that irresponsible, and she’s also keeping a secret–her boyfriend hasn’t once contacted her in months since going to study abroad. She thinks he’s too busy, she doesn’t want to seem clingy and ruin his dreams if he’s working hard in America, but she’s unbearably lonely. She doesn’t want to tell her friends because she knows they’ll fuss over her, but she’s trying her best to keep a happy face on and keeping it all in. The only reason why she’s stayed strong so long is because of her friends and because her interactions with Seiya have kept her laughing. It’s a huge mature leap for Usagi who has been traditionally clingy. She’s trying to be an adult and prove that she doesn’t have to rely on others all the time, but it’s obviously taking a toll on her. USAGI MY BABY LET ME HUG YOU.


Choosing Katniss - Real or Not Real?

“I might try to persuade him to run away… But he’s not alone and he’d never leave his family. Or me. CF, Ch.3

“Peeta would have nothing to come home to, anyway. Except me…” MJ,Ch.1

Gale tells Peeta in Tigris’s cellar that Katniss will choose whomever she can’t survive without. We often discuss Katniss’s decision, but Katniss wasn’t the only one who had a choice to make. She describes a loyalty and connection to both Gale and Peeta in the quotes above, but only one was ultimately true. Because only one was based on a Katniss that was completely real.

Not Real:

“In the woods waits the only person with whom I can be myself. Gale.” THG, Ch.1

The Katniss that makes this claim is the girl Katniss wants to be. Brave, self-sufficient, a skilled hunter and a successful trader. A girl who isn’t crippled by fear, who provides for and protects her loved ones. A girl who doesn’t need anyone. 

This is the Katniss that Gale knows and wants. The girl who only needs a hunting partner to complete her. A fellow rebel who hates the Capitol as much as he does and shares his desire to destroy Snow and his regime regardless of the cost.

But this image that Katniss creates for herself masks the fragile girl underneath. The girl who is afraid and distrustful. The girl who finds it easier to embrace the fires of anger than face her emotional vulnerabilities or risk immobilizing pain from rejection, abandonment or death of a loved one.

Gale is unfortunately unable to deal with a traumatized Katniss. When she doesn’t live up to his expectations, and begins to vocally disagree with his tactics, their friendship begins to suffer. He fails to recognize or respond to the hurt and desperation she is experiencing which should be apparent to him as a best friend.

By the time they reach the Capitol all they have left is their well-honed teamwork as hunting partners which they effectively utilize in the Capitol mission, and his role as fellow protector for their families. Once the ‘last shot of the war’ is fired and with Prim’s death theoretically on Gale’s hands, the 'glue of mutual need that bonded’ them is gone. He finally sees a broken, depressed girl and can’t reconcile this person with the heroic hunter and fierce warrior that he wanted. And he is not capable of dealing with her pain in light of his own sense of loss. They both know they are no longer the two kids who would have run off into the woods if it was only with each other.

Gale chooses to leave Katniss.


“I do. I need you.” CF, Ch. 24

Peeta and Katniss’s relationship follows a more complex and less linear path. He finds himself in the unique position of being the person Katniss turns to when she is the one who is in need. He remembers the starving little girl who would have died without his intervention. He begins to see a Katniss who needs his support and comfort, not just for physical survival, but emotional stability. But he is also someone she pushes away when he gets too close. Her confusing coolness towards him coincides with his own issues around self-worth.  

He understands the concept of presenting an image for the world as a coping strategy. He no doubt learned to do it himself growing up with a less than ideal home life. He uses this strategy as he experiments with ways to get through to Haymitch, and then win over the audience and the Careers in the first arena.

While Peeta is able to see both the vulnerable and the dauntless sides of Katniss, his own struggles with self-image and self worth further complicate his relationship with her. Unlike Katniss, Peeta isn’t afraid to show his vulnerabilities, but given the chance to protect her, he discovers a noble purpose. However, in THG and CF, the very thing that feeds his sense of nobility in sacrificing for her sake, is also a point of weakness. He idealizes her to the point of believing that his life isn’t of much value in comparison, but it gains worth by his willingness to give up everything for her, even if she, unsurprisingly in his mind, probably doesn’t love him in return. 

Peeta eventually realizes the truth. Katniss reveals her vulnerability and need on the beach in the QQ. His hijacking is ironically cathartic in that it strips away the idealized vision of Katniss and allows him to see himself as a person of worth. He deserves the truth, and he challenges Katniss to be honest with him and herself, too. 

Katniss idealizes pre-hijacked Peeta, too, by the time time they are in the QQ. In MJ, Katniss alternately devalues herself as a 'fraud’ that he finally is able to see, and strikes out in anger at his post-hijacking accusations.   In the aftermath of the Capitol mission, Katniss eventually is stripped bare of her indomitable persona and her unjustified self-loathing, and she allows her whole and true self to be revealed. Peeta sees the fragile but fiercely devoted and heroic girl, who uses an image as a means of self-protection in a frightening world.

Peeta knows that they have shared a close, if at times confusing partnership. But it is because he understands her at the end, that he knows how broken she is. Where Gale leaves because she has not lived up to his needs and expectations, Peeta sees the real Katniss under the facade. He loves and accepts the whole Katniss. Peeta recognizes the reasons for her reluctance to love. He knows that if she will be honest with herself, she is capable of both deep affection and courageous spirit.

Peeta is prepared to build a relationship that recalls them at their best, but firmly rooted in reality giving them balance in their need and love. And Katniss, finally honest in acknowledging her needs and desires, chooses him, too. No longer a source of weakness for each other, they are stronger and better together. They just need to reassemble the pieces.

Peeta chooses to come home to Katniss.


Happy trans day of visibility! I’m Ezra. I’m agender/nonbinary, and I prefer they/them pronouns but I’ll accept any. In these pictures, I’m the one with the short dark hair. The beautiful blonde accompanying me is, as of yesterday, my fiancée, Bianca( officialtrowabarton ). I am Arab, and Bianca is Latina. 

Bianca has been my strength throughout my transition. Every step of the way, she supported me. When I was questioning, she let me- when I changed my name, and then again, she supported me. She reminded me that even though I don’t identify as a “girl” or a “boy” strictly speaking, that my trans identity is valid. Even though I wear eyeliner and lipstick and don’t shave? Bianca says I’m beautiful and that I should express myself in the way that makes me most comfortable.

Bianca identifies as aromantic bisexual, while I’m pan- oriented, but a gray asexual. By making this visible, I want people to see that there is more out there than conventional love. What Bianca and I have is a strong, deeply emotionally important bond. We love each other, but without the associations usually made about love dealing with romance or sex. “Platonic” is a word that seems to just fall short. Bianca and I are drift compatible. We are our fury, our patience, our conversation. We work in a way that no one else needs to understand. 

Aromantics and asexuals can engage in meaningful, important relationships. There is love without romance. There is love without sex. Bianca and I are in an open engagement, soon to be an open marriage, because this is the life that makes us happy and works for us. There is nothing wrong with “less conventional” love- and it’s out there, waiting for all of us who are told our orientations are too “complicated”. I love Bianca for all her complications. 

Thank you. 

Will Kumiko x Reina be endgame?

Why is Hibike! Euphonium such a good anime? Is it the beautiful music? The cute and interesting characters? The gorgeous art? Yes, but in my opinion what makes Hibike! Euphonium (a slice of life anime) so powerful, is the attention to detail

Now what we have seen is that KyoAni put their strongest weapon into use especially in the interaction between Kumiko and Reina (Kumiko’s lip jiggle by Reina’s finger won’t be forgotten by the fandom). 

Each episode we see the two girls being drawn to each other, a innocent glance here a subtle blush there, and slowly growing closer. And in Episode 8 KyoAni brings this to a point as if they want to say “This is the highlight of the anime”. They bring the interaction between Kumiko and Reina to a climax. Two girls alone on a hill with beautiful scenery and romantic music playing in the background, and one of them is confessing her inner feelings of wanting to become special, while the other is completely mesmerized by the former literally thinking “In this moment I wouldn’t mind losing my life." 

(Plus don’t forget Reina’s famous line "It’s a confession of love.” to Kumiko. KyoAni are you playing with our feelings?)

I can say without doubt that KyoAni loves the bond between these two girls. Constructing it to a point that saying the characters have feelings for each other, is more convincing and makes more sense than denying it. 

So why would they destroy their precious creation?

If KyoAni plans on pairing Kumiko with Shuuichi or/and making Reina have unrequited feelings for Taki-sensei, I will be flabbergasted.

Seriously, if they do it I am really curious what KyoAni is thinking. Why hint everything into the direction of a blossoming love between Kumiko and Reina, step by step in each frigging little detail (don’t forget KyoAni does care about detail), and then turn 180 degrees in the opposite direction? That doesn’t make any sense.

If they back down now, that would make all their hard work and effort for nothing. It would ruin their anime. 

OK so there is another option left. They could let Kumiko and Reina grow closer and closer to each other, but not explicit make them canon. It would be the biggest mistake they could make, but yes it can happen. It’s not the first time an animation studio chickens out from making a yuri couple canon. Not to mention, KyoAni is notorious for their queer baiting. 

So is Kumiko x Reina endgame?

I can’t say for sure, but if KyoAni is going to pair characters together I can say Kumiko x Reina will be most likely their choice. 

KyoAni, if you want to make your anime to be remembered as a incredible production and not as a flop, have some balls and give kumirei a happy ending. 


Rilaya Week - Day 7: Anything You Want


When I talk about Riley and Maya balancing each other out, this is what I mean. Maya eases Riley’s insecurities. Riley helps Maya feel less broken. Their personality traits are such perfect complements to each other. When Riley is feeling insecure, Maya reminds her that she’s fine just the way she is. When Maya is feeling broken, Riley gives her hope.

And they are always there for each other. They accpet each other. I love that they’re different. “Nobody makes a sandwich out of jelly and jelly; that would be tedious and redundant.” They may not always understand where the other one is coming from, but they’re still both very accepting. Each of them wants the other one to feel comfortable in their own skin and tries to show the other one that they are worthy of love and acceptance.

They do so much for each other. They have such a positive influence on each other’s lives. Each of them wants the other one to be happy. Each of them works hard to be or to provide what the other one needs. They want each other to be happy even at the expense of their own happiness. They’ve both shown a powerful capacity for selflessness if it’s for each other.

Maya Hart loves Riley Matthews.

Riley Matthews loves Maya Hart.

These are indipsutable facts. Whether their love is platonic or romantic is open to interpretation, but they love each other deeply. Their love, viewed through any lens, is my favorite thing on this show. I can say with some confidence that their love will always be my favorite thing on this show. Their love has literally brought tears to my eyes and I think their story is a beautiful one. It has room to get even better if everyone involved would be brave enough to go there.

I’ve shipped a few ships in my life, but never quite like this. I’ve never had a ship be such a central part of how I interact with the medium. I have never encountered a pairing in any work of fiction that made so much sense to me. I desperately want a love story like theirs to be told and I can’t deny that I will be severely disappointed if it never happens.

A romantic Rilaya story would bring so much joy and hope to my heart, as I’m sure it would to the hearts of a lot of people. Their relationship has the capacity for hope, happiness, and true love. I want that for Riley and Maya. I want that for myself. I want that for all of the Rilaya fans I’ve become acquainted with through this blog. I want that for the LGBTQIA+ community. I want that for the world. The world needs more love in it.

Riley and Maya have incredible potential. They bring out the best in each other, they accept each other, they want each other to be happy, they have substance, they have great chemistry, they are wonderfully affectionate, they have a deep emotional bond, and they balance each other out in so many fantastic ways. In my eyes, they are perfectly matched for each other. I don’t see this ship in terms of “why should it happen?” or “why won’t it happen?” I see this ship as “why hasn’t it happened?”

I feel so bad for Momoi and Alex.
Each of them watched over a pair of boys who grew a special bond. Momoi saw Aomine and Kuroko working together during basketball games. Alex taught Himuro and Kagami who practically became brothers through basketball.
But then they also witnessed that bond being broken and the boys tearing themselves apart from each other. Aomine couldn’t stop his strength and recieve Kuroko’s passes anymore. Himuro couldn’t stand to lose to Kagami, his younger brother, because he wanted to be the stronger role model.
Momoi and Alex were in a position where they had to watch everything happen between the boys they cared about, and they couldn’t do anything to help.

Now all the girls can do is hope for the best for them.