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When I was watching the Doha floor quals on facebook I saw one of the Chinese girls (I think Wang Yan) get injured :( Her coaches had to carry her off the floor! I'm so sad... I wanted her to win medals!!!

I was just talking to @omgsamchap about it! This is sooo sad! Hopefully it’s not too bad, but since she had to be carried her off the podium…. UGHHHH

yoi finale…

bad end: yuuri and viktor miscommunicate their feelings towards each other and do not continue their relationship past the grand prix. ends with them going their separate ways.

neutral end: yuuri and viktor miscommunicate their feelings for the majority of the episode but are able to patch things up by the end. They stay together but one or both of them retire from skating. 

good end: any miscommunication is resolved in the first 5 minutes of the episode. ends with yuuri and viktor getting married. 

With only 21 hours to go until the finale hits Crunchyroll, I want you to really think about something.

I want you to look at this boy. Really look.

And now I want you to imagine this: Victor has never been this vulnerable. We know now that he was actually far more reserved, romantic and ridiculous than we ever anticpated. We know now that he was cripplingly lonely and felt shackled to his life as a living legend.

Imagine this: he’s freshly showered, still wet enough to drip, emotionally open, lightly teasing Yuri about Minako and Celestino getting very likely incredibly shitfaced drunk that night. He’s in their shared room, undressed except for a fluffy robe, sitting as far as possible from the door. Yuri is between him and the world. His ring is on his finger, because obviously it is. You don’t take off wedding rings to shower.


Imagine Yuri breaking up with him.

Just imagine.

He literally has nowhere to run, no way to make a dignified retreat. It’s easily the worst position Yuri could possibly put him in for a conversation about ending anything that Victor wouldn’t want to end.

Just imagine.

You’re welcome.

So I’m just laying this out here now:

1) Here are great posts for the One Ring Theory. 

2) Yes, I subscribe to it…

3) I’m also not letting go of gold-medal ring because…

Non-italicized: Things Viktor is saying out loud.


Italicized: Thoughts.


As in.

Viktor doesn’t tell Yuuri he melted down a gold medal for an engagement ring because… (well, honestly, that would seriously trip Yuuri up if he were to think that Viktor might not think he’ll win a gold medal at the grand prix…)

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Today on ‘I’m Gonna Cry over Fanart’

  • Phichit + Otabek: "I want to win the medal for my country."
  • Yurio: "I want to win to prove my worth." (to Viktor and grandpa?)
  • JJ: "I want to win because I'm great and I deserve the best and nobody deserves to win except me because I'm the king."
  • Chris: ??? (orgasms)
  • Yuuri: "I just want to make my boyfriend proud and get married tbh."

Rin Nitaya || Winter Universiad2017, Free Skating: Legends of the Fall

Something I really love from Haikyuu is the amount of small details in the animation that weren’t really that necessary. Details that probably don’t even appear in the manga at all. The small gestures, both in the faces and the bodies of the characters. Small actions that add nothing to the plot but that add an interesting layer to the animation and the story.

I mean things like this:

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There really was no reason to animate the gets his bag with such beauty and fluidity, but it is there and it’s gorgeous.

Or this:

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Just an example of the many scenes I’ve seen in which, when a character in front is doing something, there are also characters in the background actually moving and doing stuff. Here it is a meaningful action (although it could have been skipped) but many times I find characters in the background moving when there is no real need to animate them.

Haikyuu is full of these moments and as a person who had always watched rather low quality anime in the past, finding this treasure makes me feel so grateful. I could find many more examples, but I’m sure you get the point.

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SeungChuChu #1

[I’m trash]

I wanted a gold medal, but all I got was a phone number [WIP - Fluff]
Greed. Noun. An insatiable desire to possess more than one needs. The downfall of great men everywhere, and Seung-gil’s theme this year. Too bad he’s never experienced it in his life.

But, maybe a certain Thai skater can help him pull this off.

Hold on tight and never let go [Fluff]
the world can just pause for a moment and please let him have this one for his own, for their own.

Almavivo [WIP - Fluff]
Even for someone as stoic and analytical as Seung-gil Lee, the warmth of Phichit Chulanont is impossible to resist.

Angelic [Fluff]
Seung-gil scowls. “What’s so great about Phichit Chulanont, anyway?”

Even though he’s across the room, even though he’s seemingly engrossed in conversation with Christophe Giacometti and Yuuri Katsuki, the boy in question tilts his head, meets Seung-gil’s eyes, and smiles.

“There it is,” he hears JJ say, and then an amused chuckle that he would strangle him for had his mind not suddenly blanked.

Silent love is calling faith [Angst/Fluff]
When he is sixteen, Lee Seunggil meets Phichit Chulanont at his first Asian Open Trophy. They talk, they cry, they part ways.

Winter mornings [Fluff]
When Seunggil opens his eyes for the first time that morning, he immediately notices is how warm he is




Top 9 Sui/Han Programs (in no particular order)

Spanish Romance | Champagne | Samson & Delilah
Painted on My Heart | Stray Cat Strut | Terracotta Warrior
Francesca da Rimini | Plants vs. Zombies | La Strada