i want makeout sessions between classes

Finish What You Started (Dylan Strome)

Anonymous said:

hiii can u do a dylan strome imagine where the him and the reader are in a heated makeout session and then some of his teammates walk in on them and they get embarrassed or something that! love your writing:)))

Warnings: SMUT (yikes), language, smut again

Author’s note: Literally I was blushing the whole entire time I was writing this lol can you tell I’m an inexperienced well-behaved girl? I hope you guys like it because my internal embarrassment is killing me lol

Word Count: 1158

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When you get a text from your boyfriend saying that he wants to take you out to lunch before he has practice and in between your classes, there’s no way you could ever say no to that. Lunch and getting to see your favorite person makes for a pretty good combination. When your boyfriend plays hockey for the OHL (he’s gonna make it to the NHL even if it’s the last thing you do), it’s hard to find time for proper dates. Even something as simple as going to get Chipotle is an adventure when it’s with Dylan.

The drive back to the practice rink is comfortable, both of you savoring, not only the fantastic food you just had, but each other’s company. Dylan’s a very dedicated boyfriend, and you have a very good relationship, but sometimes at the height of the season, it starts to feel like you don’t even have a boyfriend. Dylan pulls in next to where you had parked your car when you met up and puts his car in park, both of you listening to the radio quietly spill out of the speakers.

“That was nice.” Dylan says, smiling at you as he grabs your hand.

“What, getting to watch me scarf down a giant burrito like I haven’t eaten in days?” You joke.

“Hey, I’ll always feed my struggling college student.” You and Dylan both laugh at the all-too-true joke.

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