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“Sounds like Snakes”

“It’s not enough.” The long haired blonde with the dangerous green eyes bit out, her fingers tight around the suitcase and her eyes locked fiercely on the man in front of her. He was nervous, she could tell, after six years with the Serpents she could practically smell the anxiety when people caught sight of the twisted snake on the back of her leather jacket.

“What.. what do you mean? This is what you asked for.. $50,000. It’s all there..” the older man stuttered, his hands twitching in desperate need of a fix. He was pathetic, bloodshot eyes and rotted teeth, He was a dealer and he was looking for a new supply, the price : $75,000. And Betty was in charge of this deal.

“You owe me $25,000, I could get someone out here right now and just take the money, never hear from you again, I’m sure nobody will miss you.” She sneered, button nose scrunching and wild honey blonde curls flinging angrily behind her. The man before her nearly dropped to his knees and pleaded

“Please. I’ll get it. I’ll have it by the end of the week. Please show mercy.” He cried at her feet.

It was a pitiful display of reduced manhood but.. Betty was human, behind the leather and knives she was just a seventeen year old girl who had found her place far too soon.

Nudging him with the toe of her combat boot Betty sighed
“You have four days, lucky for you my boss is giving you til next week, god forbid I want to do it a little early. If you try and run. I’ll find you, personally.” She hissed, pocket knife drawing dangerously close to his neck, a wicked smirk on her painted red lips.

The man mumbled something that sounded like a promise before he was off, scrambling over his feet as he shoved the suitcase back in her hands.

“I’m so sick of this shit.” The tired blonde moaned, leaning against a nearby motorcycle, her eyes shutting tight as she clutched the suitcase to her chest. It was currently two in the morning and she had school at eight, she was growing bitter, that much was known. Betty Cooper had no friends, no family, her mother was Alice Cooper, former Serpent leader and current housewife of some rich lawyer in Barbados, she didn’t know who her father was but it didn’t matter, she handled herself, took care of business and came home every night to an empty trailer and a bookcase filled with novels that she could get lost in.

Taking the short walk home, Betty couldn’t wait to get to sleep, if even just for a few hours.

“I’ll be fine dude. I’ll fly low and I’ll meet you right after school for burgers at Pops. It’ll be like nothings changed.” Jughead promised into his old flip phone, his voice steady and reassuring as his redheaded best friend nearly lost his mind on the other line.

“You don’t understand! I’ve heard the stories. I just don’t get it! You could just stay here with me and my dad.”

Jughead ran a hand down his face
“You know I can’t do that arch, state laws. I’m fine, I’ll sleep over, it’ll be totally normal, now I gotta go I’m about to walk into what you refer to as “the pits of hell” I’ll see you later Pal.“
After listening to his friends all shout goodbye in the background, Jughead shut his phone and entered Southside High, his calm facade wavering slightly as he went through the metal detector.

Almost instantly he was shoved into a locker, a group of burly looking boys all sporting matching leather, glanced at him in curiosity before walking away with a familiar lazy swagger he had thought he had trademarked, Cole to think of it, everyone here looked like him, flannel and denim, even a few beanies, the haven’t showered in days look was apparently very popular in this part of town.

But they weren’t like him, no, they were angry and dangerous, even though he had been raised on this side of town he had been lucky enough to grow up in Riverdale, sleepovers at Archie’s ensured he was never there for any of the things these kids had seen, F.P had made sure he grew up away from it all, he was a good father.. minus the gang affiliation.

Speaking of Serpents, Jughead felt his stomach lurch every time he saw the Serpent logo proudly displayed on someone’s back, messing with these people had gotten his father out in jail, landing him here. He was going to do everything in his power to stay away from anything and everything to do with the Serpents, that was a fact.

Apparently class didn’t really happen at Southside High, teachers didn’t show up and students roamed the hall at all times of the day. After checking into home room he quickly realized he was the only one in the classroom, the teacher was sleeping soundly on a broken down desk and every other seat was empty.

So he left, no point in staying in a classroom and not learning anything, plus this would give him the perfect chance to find a hide away. A place to escape to, kind of like his office in the Blue and Gold. He ran the school paper by himself and he found solice in the quiet little space he called his own. Jughead Jones didn’t like people, he didn’t trust them. Why should he? Everyone he had ever loved had left him, minus of course Archie.

Most of the classroom were deserted, of course the lunch room was filled to max capacity and outside was crowded with children. Then he found it, a spray painted sign hung over the door, window shattered slightly but otherwise secure.

“The Library.”

The dark haired boy scurried in, his eyes scanning over the books in front of him, they had a good selection, rows upon rows and aisles on aisles. Most of the books were donated, he assumed this was the town “doing there part”
He looked over the hard covers hungrily, grabbing and replacing books.

“You could just take one and read it, might save you time from reading all the titles”
The quiet voice from below him startled Jughead into nearly dropping all of his books to the floor, what he saw next ,however, nearly had him dropping himself to the floor.

She was absolutely gorgeous, the biggest green eyes Jughead had ever seen, shiny with flecks of gold, her lips were lined with blood red and he could nearly see himself in the glossy reflection. She had long blonde hair falling nearly to her waist in waves that reminded him of silky fabric, her tan skin was glowy and the plain white tank top she wore made her appear that much more ethereal. Her tightblack skinny jeans covered legs that seemed to go on for days, tucked into black combat boots. She was like something out of a magazine, he wanted to write it down, every feature.

“You can’t talk? You a mute?” The voice questioned again, drawing Jughead from his trance.

“I could only wish, the things I could get away with.I was trying to pick a book. You guys have a good selection , at my old school we weren’t allowed to have Poe, too morbid,” Jughead rolled his eyes, a swell of pride filled his chest when he saw the girls lips twitch slightly.

“You’re a north sider, you came from that fancy school Riverdale High right?” She questioned lazily.

“Yeah. Jughead Jones.” He stuck his hand out, Betty stared for a moment too long before dropping her own tiny hand in his.

“Betty Cooper. You F.ps son?” There was something in her eyes, not quite pain but something familiar.

Jughead nodded
“That’s my old man, you probably heard of him because he’s some kind of big deal with the Serpents. I’m not like him, I don’t want anything to do with them, they’re nothing but trouble my goal is to just get through this and avoid the gang at all costs.” He reassured her, he didn’t want to come off on the wrong foot, make this beautiful girl think he was in some kind of gang, he wasn’t anything like his father.

Betty scrunched her nose again, the act would have been adorable if her eyes hadn’t darkened at his words, he could practically feel her walls building right in front of him. What did he say?

Betty picked up her books and stood
“Well Jughead Jones it was nice meeting you. I’ll try and stay out of your way, wouldn’t want to cause any… trouble.” She grinned sarcastically, pulling something from the table behind her, when she turned around Jugheads eyes nearly fell out of his head.

As the beautiful blonde walked away from him he could see perfectly clear the heavy leather jacket with the familiar S logo.

She was a Serpent and he was…

Well he was too far gone.

Taehyung’s Home Videos {Kim Taehyung} ~Happy One Month!!`

Prompt:  23 & 7 for taehyung pls? 💙

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warning: recording, 

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It's nearly Bucky's 100th birthday! Tell me Sam's going to be all over that (...hard mythical) dick? ;)

“Nearly your birthday,” Sam says one morning, mostly murmuring it into the tangle of Bucky’s hair. Bucky groans. Pushes his face into the pillow as if he’s still half-asleep and trying to ignore Sam. Sam ignores the hint. “What, you don’t wanna remember your birthday? Gonna hit a hundred, kid, that’s worth something.”

“Oh my god,” Bucky groans. “Do you gotta?”

“If you were in England, you’d get a card from the Queen,” Sam continues, cheerfully relentless. “You want a cake? I’ll bake you a cake.”

“I met the Queen, once,” Bucky says, rolling over like he’s giving up on getting any more sleep this morning. Sam’d feel bad, if it weren’t already at least nine; as it is he just drapes one arm over Bucky’s hip, lets himself stroke his fingers down the muscle of Bucky’s thigh.

“You did not,” he says, and Bucky shrugs.

“I fuckin’ did, okay, just ask Steve. I mean, ‘s not like I knew she was the Queen at the time, right. She was nice, though. Real straightforward, you wouldn’t have picked it.”

“So maybe she will send you a birthday card,” Sam teases. Feels Bucky nip at the column of his throat, just the quickest graze of teeth. “I’m serious, baby, what do you want? Cake? A party hat? We could ask SHIELD if they can brew you some kind of super-proof liquor, set you on your ass.”

“Nah,” Bucky murmurs. “I’m good.”

“Aw, come on,” Sam wheedles. “You know my mom’ll want to cook you dinner at least, right?”

“I do love your mama’s cooking,” Bucky admits. Kisses Sam’s throat again, lips soft against Sam’s skin. “It’s just. I dunno. I’m not actually a hundred years old, you know that, right? The last birthday I remember I was all of 27. It just, it feels like-”

“Like what?” Sam asks, when Bucky goes silent and still. Bucky hums under his breath like he’s thinking.

“Feels like I got cheated out of time. Or maybe I cheated, I dunno. Both.”

“Oh,” Sam says. Thinks about it for a few minutes, brushing kisses absently along Bucky’s hairline. “Well, you don’t have to be a hundred, right? How old you want to be, huh? Twenty eight? Thirty? You look like you’re all of thirty, you little shit.”

“Thirty seems reasonable,” Bucky agrees. “Fuck it, why not. A hundred, shit, I don’t even have any gray hairs yet.”

“Well,” Sam says, “I got news for you on that front, Barnes,” and feels Bucky freeze up as if he’s shocked. “Yeah, you haven’t noticed? A streak of them, right here. You’re gonna look older than me in no time, that’s just how it goes.”

“Goddamn,” Bucky laughs. “Well, you better get on with fucking me before I wither up, sweetheart.”

“Oh,” Sam growls, “I better, huh?” and pushes Bucky flat on his back, watches him go sweet and breathless and beautiful. It’s like I got cheated out of time, he thinks again of Bucky saying, and thinks, yeah, maybe he did, maybe he got years and years stolen from him, but this future, it’s theirs for the having.

No Control | Chapter Thirty-Eight


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

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“You never actually talked about what was going on between him and Kendall, did you?” Trev asks once we’re back at the flat, after I’ve told him everything that happened while we were at Harry’s house. 

He’s in the kitchen, making me a cuppa—something I’ve taught him to do well in the nearly four years that we’ve been friends—as I lounge on the couch. “No, it got brushed over amidst all the baby stuff and getting over what happened when we lost contact. Kendall hadn’t even crossed my mind, honestly.”

He shrugs as he hands me my steaming mug over the back of the couch. “I really hadn’t thought of her, either, to be honest. Kinda completely forgot that she was even in Harry’s life.”

I take a sip of the tea as he settles into the couch beside me, and the bitter flavor washes over my tongue. The shudder that runs through my body isn’t from the tea, though. It’s from the memory of what she said while I was in the loo and the images it’s created in my head.

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Feeling Slightly Overboard: A Gwenvid Fic

Hey! I’m back from the dead! While I’ve been busy at work with papers and other really cool writing projects, I realized I missed Gwenvid week and decided to write something to make up for it. So, inspired by @zippybot‘s wonderful Gwenvid art for Day 5 & 6, here’s a very short fluffy fic!

(Oh yeah and I don’t own Camp Camp)

-xoxo Diana 


It had always been a really bad idea at its core.

After all, despite having free reign over the camp with Campbell off and gone to god-knows where, it was still…inappropriate to be in a public relationship with one another. Technically they were employees of the local government, and inter-department relationships were absolutely out of the question.

But the kids had passed out early and it was way too hot to stay in the cabin and watch a movie. So David and Gwen stole camp supplies and a canoe and literally pitched themselves a date in one of the isolated coves of Lake Lilac.

Camping and late-night canoeing was David’s idea from the get-go,  though he certainly didn’t expect to be taking her out in the middle of camp season. She was determined to make it work, though, and all but physically dragged him out the door in order to enjoy some peace and quiet together outside the confines of screened windows.

And he wanted to.

Lord, he wanted to.

But even two hours in without a single mishap, his stomach was tripled knotted with anxiety, and he wanted nothing less than to be back at the cabin fast asleep on his own cott, even when Gwen was relaxed and happy in the opposite end of the boat.

It had already been a few weeks since they had made the relationship official, and he was still as nervous as he was the first night they had kissed. He tried to chalk it up to the threat of being fired, but deep down, even David knew that there was really no reason to worry about getting discovered.

Mostly because it still felt like they weren’t even a couple.

The initial decision was quickly decided, and despite a consistent pattern subtle flirting and stolen kisses and late-night conversation, there was little to show for them as a couple. For the first time, David had begun to look forward to the end of camp, since it meant he and Gwen could spend time together as a couple. And yet, in the hollow of his chest, the fear of losing her before summer’s end continued to strike him with a sharp, brutal blow. It was frustrating, and despite all his attempts to-


He snapped his head up, hair flouncing in the breeze as he focused his gaze back at the woman sitting across from him. She was frowning, slightly biting her bottom lip as she reached out to grab his hand.

“Hey,” she smiled, “you okay? You look super stressed.”

“Nope!” he laughed through a strained smile, “I just…I haven’t been on a proper date in a while, you know?”

“Don’t worry; it’s going great so far.”

“Thanks,” he blushed, giving her hand a squeeze before grasping the paddle in hand to guide them back to shore.

Their temporary campsite was tucked out of the way, hidden from nearly every angle and shaded by small limestone formations and tall pines. It lacked proper starlight and the shoreline was a slightly unforgiving bed of pebbles, but it was a good sanctuary from the outside world.

“So,” Gwen yawned, letting her hand dip into the clear water as the boat floated on the edge of the cove, “how exactly did you find this place?”

“I can’t remember, honestly,” he sighed, leaning back to look up at the rim of the moon, “I think it was during district training; I was taking a summer class at the community college while also doing my training, and I just needed a quiet place to study. As far as I can tell, nobody ever comes over here since it’s kind of rocky and the tide can flood camp if you don’t know where to pitch it.”

“It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks.” David sat back up, watching Gwen lazily draw patterns on the cold surface of the lake. For a moment, everything was calm.

Then a tree branch snapped.

Anxiety blew him backwards like a bullet to the face, causing the canoe to dip and toss both Gwen and David into the freezing water.

“Jesus!” Gwen gasped, her entire body turning a stark shade of white as she scrambled to her feet in the freezing water, “what the hell David?”

“I’m sorry!” He choked, “I thought…there was something.”

“Did you see someone?”

“N-no,” he avoided her gaze, pushing the boat onto the shore as quickly as possible, “I just…it scared me. I’m sorry.”


“Just, go dry off.” He mumbled, skin burning with humiliation. “There’s some blankets in the tent if you want.”

He braced himself for what she has to say, but she was silent, quietly moving past him and ducking into the tent. David sighed, peeling off his own shirt and trousers and laying them by the fire before sitting by the flames himself. He was the very definition of humiliation: drenched in cold water, red-faced, and wearing nothing but his boxers and make-shift bandanna.

He took a deep breath, closing his eyes and losing himself to sound of nature until the sharp scratching of a zipper drew his attention.

“You okay?”

David looked over his right shoulder, surprised to find Gwen beside him with a gentle smile on her face. Her hair was down, a blanket draped across her waist to avoid the complete exposure of her undergarments. David turned back towards the fire, dropping his gaze to the ashes that burst before him.

“…I’m sorry, Gwen,” he sighed, “this was supposed to be a fun date.”


“But I ruined it.”

He let the words fall into the open, his own heart heavy with self-loathing and doubt. His chance with her had been slim, and he had completely ruined it. He could hear her awkward breathing and apologies in the back of his imagination, and felt tears boiling under his eyes.


He shook, breathing sharply as he prepared for the impact of her words.

“No you didn’t.” He blinked, turning to find her gazing up at him, leaning against his shoulder and taking his hand in her own. “I’m having fun.”

David stared at her, turning a vivid shade of pink as her fingers began to trace along his wrist.

“You’re not…mad at me?”

“Come on, David,” she snorted, rolling her eyes and tucking herself under his chin, “I know we haven’t exactly been the most romantic couple with all these little shits running around, but it’s gonna take a lot more than falling out of a boat to get me to actually break up with you.”

“Oh.” He bit his lip, trying to prevent the stupid smile sprouting on his face. “So…you still, like, want to do this with me?”

“Of course you idiot,” Gwen laughed, “it’s been killing me that those little shits won’t shut the fuck up till one am! Why do you think I’ve been so adamant about you sending those fuckers on an eight hour hike to God-knows where?”

David chuckled under his breath, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close. “Thanks, Gwen.”

“No problem, David!” She snorted, locking eyes with him. David dug a little tighter into her ribs, eyes unflinching from her own. He was feeling jumpy and anxious again, but this time it made him feel…good. With a deep breath, he gently pushed her hand a bit farther behind her, hovering over her with a slight hesitation.

“Hey, Gwen?” He blushed. “Can I…kiss you?”

To his surprise, she laughs, leaning in until she nearly brushes her lips on his own.

“Hell yeah!”

Their lips are locked within seconds, his arms winding themselves around her waist as her own hands knotted behind his head. It was a lot…rougher, than what he was used to, but it was by no means bad. He quite liked the feeling of her tongue pressed against his own, weight shifting ever so slightly and heat rising with the friction between their skin.

“G-god,” Gwen moaned, rocking back on his lap ever so slightly to catch her breath, “that’s…that felt good.”

David bit down on his entire bottom lip, trying to ignore the sudden rush of warmth to his hips. But the bulge began to grow, and, to his complete humiliation, she began to snicker.

“You good, David?”

“J-j-just fine,” he gulped, “sorry, I-”

“It’s not a bad thing. That is, unless you don’t…” she looked up, leaning back to support herself on her own arms, “do you…want to?”

“Want to what?”

“You know; do it? With me? You know…right now?”

“Oh.” David froze, slightly flustered and unsure. “I mean, I want to, but I’m not…I haven’t…”

“Oh, well, we don’t have to-”

“No, I want to!” David grasped her waist, pulling her back into his arms. “I just…I might not be good at it.”

“David, nobody’s good at it. We just…we do it.”

“Okay.” He nodded, kissing her deeper and deeper until she was sprawled out below him. He smiled at her, sheepish and still slightly nervous.

“Is this okay, Gwen?”

Gwen looked up, trying to keep her eyes focused on his own instead of the discrete trail of freckles that crawled down his body. Sweating slightly, she grinned. 



(PS: In case you were wondering my other CC fics, reader; yes, I’m still working on Bastard Valley. I have a personal project I need to complete in the next week, but then I will get to work and probably upload chapters 4 and 5 relatively soon)


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For the prompt thing. 126: “ No way, that’s so lame. ” xx

@stardust-blake Thank you, you’re the best :)

“I won’t be home tonight,” Bellamy called to his sister, who was walking by his bedroom door on her way to the kitchen. “Clarke and I are going to the eight o’clock showing of Wonder Woman.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Octavia pause then poke her head in. “No way, that’s so lame.”

Bellamy looked over at his sister, who was now leaning against the doorframe with a scowl on her face. “Why not? You don’t think she’ll have fun at the movie?”

Octavia rolled her eyes and slouched across the room to take a seat on the bed. Bellamy was at the adjacent desk, looking at showtimes on his old macbook.

“It’s not that,” she replied, looking at him with a strange earnestness. “I just think that if you’re going to finally take Clarke out on a date you should do something a little more special.”

Bellamy looked up, frowning. “What do you mean?”

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Home || Harry Styles Fanfiction

                                                      ———Part Three

Part One
Part Two

“Hey, you never told me what you’re planning on being for Halloween… Charlie?” Imogen snapped her fingers in front of my face and I blinked a couple of times before focusing back on her. “Who are you into? One of the jocks?"     

”’M not into anyone and I don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween.“     She scoffed and closed her locker. "Right, then why don’t you tell me who you were looking at."     

I stayed silent for a moment before saying,"Annabelle. It looks like she got a boob job."     

Imogen turned her head and hummed in agreement. Harry had his arm around her and I couldn’t help but stare. It only made sense that the two most attractive people in the entire school got together, even though they have both cheated on each other. After that Sunday morning when Harry and I had sex, he hasn’t even looked me in the eye. We got paired for chemistry again but he said that he had a headache and went to the nurse. In the lunchroom, he nearly bumped into my but made it too obvious to me that he was actively trying to avoid me. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I thought that he’d at least be able to look at me. It’s not like he didn’t enjoy our ‘time’ together - trust me, he had fun.     

"Are we going to class or are we just going to stand here?” she asked and I just shrugged and leaned against my locker.     

“We have a couple of minutes and I don’t want to see Mr.Crammer right now.”   

Both of us went on our phones as people walked through the halls mindlessly, gossiping with their friends about nonsense. Right before Harry left that morning, he told me that he made sure the photos of me wouldn’t get out. He didn’t say anything else, that was it, but it made me happier. It’s always a plus when the entire school doesn’t see your bra.     

I looked up from my phone when I noticed that Alex Jameson was standing in front of us. “Umm, you’re going to the Halloween dance, right?” he asked, and I nodded even though I truly didn’t know at this point. “Well, would you like to go with me?"     

I looked at Harry one last time who was now looking at me with his eyebrows pulled together before nodding. "Sure, I’d love to go with you."     

Alex smiled and nodded before walking off. "I’m gonna go take a pee, I’ll see you in class,” Imogen said before trotting off.     

I went in the opposite direction, and as soon as I turned the corner I was pulled into an empty classroom and I let out a little yelp. The door closed and when I turned around, ready to slap someone, Harry was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest and a frown pulling at his lips.     

“What the fuck was that?” he asked and now it’s my turn to pull my eyebrows together.     

“I should be asking you that! You just yanked me!"     

"Why are you going with Alex?” I scoffed and shook my head. “What?"     

"You can’t be jealous. That’s not how this gets to work,” I motioned between us. “You don’t get to fuck me and then go right back to Annabelle and then get mad because I found another guy. Nope, nuh-uh. That’s not how this - whatever this is - is going to work.”    

He sighed and dragged his hand down his face. “Do you even want to go with him?”    

“’S none of your business.”    

I walked out of the empty classroom and quickly merged into the crowd of students that are going to various classes. When I got into English, I took out my Hamlet book and began reading for class, trying to forget whatever it is that just happened.


Imogen decided that this is the year that she became a part of the student council, so she is now organizing the whole Halloween Bash. That means that I have to walk home in October which is probably the rainiest month, so I’m loving all of this. With a miserable bun on top of my head, I took large steps on the sidewalk to get to my house. When a car honked on an empty road, I couldn’t help but turn around, but when I saw a black Mercedes I whipped my head back around and took larger steps.    

“Wanna ride?” Harry asked with his window rolled down, and when I didn’t respond he got closer to the curb and matched my speed. “You’re gonna get sick.”    

“I don’t give a shit,” I said, not bothering to look at him.    

When his car parked and he got out of the car, I got confused. I turned back and he jogged up to me before saying,”Then I won’t give a shit.”    

“Harry, I’m still going with him, if that’s why you’re out of the car.”    

“I didn’t say anything about that, I’m just walking next to you. When we get to your house can I have some hot chocolate, maybe use those sweats you gave me last time.”    

“Get to my house?” I asked him, stopping in the rain and turning towards him. “What makes you think that you can come into my house?”    

He shrugged and kept walking. “You’re generosity.”    

“Shut the fuck up.” Harry laughed and tossed his keys in the air before catching them in his left hand. Both of us knew that I’m going to let him inside the house, but I could’ve used some warning. If I’m not mistaken there’s some underwear from the laundry that I folded on the coffee table, and the last thing I want him to see is my underwear… again.    

Harry’s flannel was stuck to his torso, allowing me to see the muscles in his back move as he walked in front of me. Somehow, in the past eight years, this boy went from being a quirky little shit to the hottest guy in school. Harry used to make fun of guys like him, but people change. I definitely have. When we got to my house, it was empty as usual, and right when I turned the lights on Harry saw my little red thong.    

“Weren’t wearing this last week,” he said, lifting the small piece of material with his pointer finger. “’S quite nice.”    

Heat rose to my cheeks as I snatched it out of his hand. “The sweats are in there somewhere. Find them and change.” When he took off his shirt and began unbuttoning his jeans, I added on,”In the bathroom.”    

Harry just winked at me before finding the grey sweats in the pile of folded clothes and went off to the bathroom. When I went into my room, I put on a sweatshirt and some leggings after drying my hair with a towel. My room looks like a tornado went right through it, and when I tossed my clothes near the hamper, it just added to the mess. With a towel resting on his shoulders and the sweatpants on, Harry was sitting on the couch with a football game on when I went back into the living room.    

“You still want the hot chocolate?” I asked him as I made my way to the kitchen.    

He was up in a matter of seconds. “If you still make it as good as you did eight years ago.”    

“I’ve improved.”    

I grabbed two mugs and when Harry noticed that I was about to climb onto the counter to grab the cocoa powder, he just grabbed it for me.     

“Haven’t grown since then.” I pouted at him and he just gave me a kiss on the forehead. I froze in my spot as he grabbed two spoons, but decided to make nothing out of that small, mundane kiss.    

After ten minutes of scrambling for supplies and making the drink, we settled on the couch with out hot cocoa, blankets, and Skins. Harry had made me pause the show because he demanded that all of the blinds should be closed, the lights should be off, and the fire should be lit. Once everything was done, my house felt cozy again, and it’s nice.    

“How would you feel if I dyed my hair blonde?” I asked him before taking a sip of the chocolatey goodness.    He looked at me and bit his bottom lip. “Mmm, I like the brown. Blondes aren’t really my type.”    “Your girlfriend is blonde right now.”    He was silent for a moment before muttering,”That’s different.”


I woke up the same way I did last week, with Harry practically on top of me and him radiating heat onto me. I saw my mum’s shoes by the door which means that she’s seen a topless Harry cuddling me twice and chose to say nothing about it. That’s one quality I will always like about my mum; she knows a thing about boundaries.    

When Harry stretched and tightened his hold on my hip, I ran my fingers through his irresistibly soft hair. His hand came up to his face and swiped under his eye before letting it drop and peacefully letting his head rest on my middle. I couldn’t tell if he’s awake or not, so I chose to shut my eyes for a bit to let some time pass before he’s definitely awake.    

My eyes opened to a brighter room, open shades, and my mum’s shoes gone. Harry was still in his original position, but he was on his phone, mindlessly going through apps.    “You’re lucky that it’s Saturday or else you would’ve been kicked out long ago,” I muttered before clearing my throat as an attempt to make my morning voice dissipate.    

“You’d never kick me out. You like me too much.” I didn’t respond to his comment, I just grabbed the remote and put on some MTV. Teen Mum was on and the girls on this show are a complete train wreck, but I didn’t change the channel. “This show is shit, you know that, right?”    

“Of course, but who doesn’t like shitty reality tv?” Harry hummed in agreement and turned off his phone so he could focus on the program.    

The program went on for a bit, there was a proposal and a breakup, before we decided that it truly is shit content. Harry proposed the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and I happily agreed. I’ve enjoyed those movies for longer than I should’ve considering my age, but what is there not to love about a drunk pirate.    

“I’m not going to the Halloween dance,” Harry said in the middle of the movie. “I told Annabelle that I’m busy and she can go stag.”    

“How upset is she?”    

“Upset enough to break up with me.”    

My eyes widened in disbelief. Annabelle and Harry have been on and off since grade 10, but it usually lasted for two hours and then they were back in each other’s arms. “Since when?”    

“Tuesday,” he said. “She already got another date.”    

“You should still go, show her what she’s missing out on.”    

He shrugged and pulled the blanket higher up on his waist. “Nah, I was kinda hoping that I’d just hang out here with you.”    

I sighed and slapped him on the arm. “Really? I’ve already accepted Alex’s-“    

“He just wants to have sex with you, okay? He was talking to his friends by my locker and called you some things, and I just… you can’t go with him.”    

I sighed rolled my head back onto the armrest of the couch. “Fuck, you know what, it doesn’t matter.”    

“‘M sorry, Charlie.”    

“I don’t care. Now, take you clothes off.”

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no but imagine Kim and Trini love going on lil dates where they go somewhere together and so one day they decide to go to a petting zoo. And so there's a little pen with a bunch of baby chicks and Kim is all " Hey babe guess who's a chick magnet" while holding a handful of chicks. And Trini just rolls her eyes pretending to me tough and stuff but Kim leans in and says is "I love the yellow chicks the most." and Trini just melts into a gay puddle askhlgflaglagh

Okay but like they’re so smitten n shit that Trini is wearing this Pink sweatshirt that is two times her size and Kimberly is wearing Trini’s yellow jacket and the sleeves don’t even reach her wrists. (which Trini thinks Kimberly looks ridiculous in and teases Kimberly about it until Kimberly is just like, “Remember, you’re the small one.” )

Trini doesn’t even want to see the chicks but Kimberly puts one in her hand and before she knows it there’s a bunch of little chicks everywhere and Kimberly just holds up like eight of them proudly and says “Hey babe, guess what? I’m a chick magnet!” 

Trini just rolls her eyes and mumbles something about how she’s dating an idiot and nearly drops the chick Kimberly had handed her when Kimberly says “I love the yellow chick the most” and Kimberly just laughs as Trini gets all flustered and wugwtgunfijgan Trini just kisses her because even though Kimberly is a cheesy little shit, she’s just so adorable and is her girlfriend. 

They totally go to the aquarium the next day and Trini is just listing off all the different kinds of sharks she sees and her and Kimberly get into an argument, “Trini, there’s no way that there’s a shark species called the Lemon Shark! Or the dumb gulper shark!” 

“Yes, there is! Kimberly, look, there’s the lemon shark! He’s waving at us!”

One of the workers just laughing at the exchange and telling Kimberly, “Yeah, that’s a lemon shark. Oh, here comes the dumb gulper shark!” 

Trini just standing there and smiling like a little shit, just happy that she proved Kimberly wrong and Kimberly just grumbling as Trini tells her, “I told you! I’m the shark whisperer!” 

And Kimberly calling her a nerd, “Not everyone knows every single shark species by heart, nerd.” and mumbling, “I bet you don’t even leave your house during shark week!”

Trini bumping Kimberly’s shoulder, “Hey! It’s the greatest week of the year!”

(Kimberly watches shark week with Trini that year) 

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Imagine Eric’s reaction after you accidentally break his nose while sparring for the initiates.

Warning: Violence and language (the usual really), It’s a little long oops

“Alright people lets go, we’re getting started.” You called out attracting the attention of the initiates that milled around the training room. This early in the morning they were all like zombies, looking around blankly still half asleep.

They all listened to your instructions and gathered in front of you Four, Tris, and Eric who were also in charge of training the initiates. Well, Four and Tris were, Eric made it every clear he was only here because Max was making him. Although you knew that helping mold the imitates into Dauntless was secretly one of his favorite parts of his job, not that he would ever admit it.

All of yesterday you had the initiates do nothing but run and work on punching bags and honestly it was all a little pitiful.

“Today the four of us are going to show you proper fighting techniques. Trust me when I say that you all need it, some of you can’t hit a punching bag properly, god knows what you will do when faced with an actually opponent.” They all squirmed under your criticism and Eric laughed behind you.

You continued to ramble on for a few more minutes and a few dumb questions from the kids later, Four and Tris were standing in the middle of the ring. You pointed out to the initiates watching the stances and punches they were using as they fought, explaining how Tris used her lean figure to her advantage and Four used his height. They separated on their own terms after a few more swings and then Four stepped down and was replaced by Eric.

It was almost laughable as you took in the size difference between the two and when they started fighting you could tell he was restraining himself to not accidently knocking her on her ass. You had not a single doubt that if they were actually fighting, instead of throwing staged hits, Eric would absolutely demolish her. They finished fighting and then Four went against Eric.

You had to warn the boys to take it down a few notches after Eric threw a particularly hard punch and busted Four’s lip. You separated them before it got too bad, rolling your eyes at how childish they were and then you took your turn against Four and then Tris.

Finally, it was your turn to face off against Eric. The two of you trained together all the time so you didn’t bat an eye at going against him, especially since it wasn’t an actual match.

His imposing size dwarfed your smaller figure and you frowned when you noticed his wicked smile.

“How about we give them a real show.” He whispered, smirking.

“Stick to the script Eric, I don’t want to embarrass you in front of the initiates.” You said back fiercely antagonizing him slightly.

“Oh, that’s how it’s going to be?” He said with a quirked eyebrow.

You raised your fist in response and he got the hint following suit. The two of you went through the motions of a fake match. Throw a hit, block, receive a hit, block, so on and so fourth, Four called out the different hits and blocks for the initiates with ease. You could see Eric getting a little antsy and so you aimed a little lower than he expected, nailing him in the stomach.

He paused for a second as he realized what you were trying to instigate and you took that moment to throw a punch to his uncovered face. He blocked you in time and before you knew it the two of you were sparring the way you usually do.

Four stopped calling the technics as he realized that the two of you where doing your own thing and he didn’t know what to expect.

You could hear murmuring from the initiates as they watched you and Eric dance across the mat, the two of you had trained for so long that you both knew what to expect from one another but that didn’t make it any less intense a fight. It also meant that the two of you worked tirelessly to one-up one another.

It was a moment of distraction as you tried to listen to what the initiates when saying when he sent a particularly hard punch that knocked you back a few steps. He took advantage of your lack of balance to send a few more hits to your stomach and chest, noticeably avoiding your face. You blocked a few in defense and wildly threw a punch at his face.

“Fuck.” He cursed as your fist hit his nose and you jumped back a few steps as he backed away clutching his face.

When he pulled his hand away you noticed the thin trail of blood and you instantly felt a little bad. You could tell Eric was pissed as he examined the blood on his fingertips. The kids behind you instantly hushed as they wait to see his reaction.

You underestimated how fast Eric could move and before you knew it he rushed up to you quickly and the two of you were instantly back into the fight. You just barely had the time to raise your fist and fight back before he was in your face.

A few more hits and kicks were exchanged and the two of you were obviously evenly matched for the most part. It was only as you as an opening as he was aiming once again for your torso that you hit at his face again.

You did a quick two-hit punch both fist aiming for his cheeks, but you must have misjudges your aim. You first fist connected with his cheek slowing him down and the second punch landed right on his nose again.

You heard the gruesome crack at that and he backed away from you quickly mimicking his motions before with his hand to his face. He cursed as he had his head tilted back and you cringed as you watched the blood pour down his face.

“Oh shit…” You said as you watched him, Four was laughing on the sidelines and everyone else looked unsure of how to react.

You and Eric had injured each other before when fighting. The two of you broke bones and left bruises all the time, hell he had broken your arm one time and in retaliation as soon as it healed you cracked three of his ribs. Your friendship was excessively violent but that was Eric’s nature and it tended to rub off on you.

“You broke my nose.” He mumbled still holding it.

“You were asking for it…” You bristled feeling slightly guilty.

You moved toward him and he watched you guardedly. You could hear Four, who was still laughing, calling everyone’s attention to give further instruction while the two of you were sorting out whatever was going on.

“Let me see.” You said batting his hands away, it was defiantly broken and you could already see bruises blooming around his eyes.

“Want me to set it back in place…” You said softly turning his head to the side. He was still pissed and you could tell he wanted to just say no but he finally broke and nodded slowly.

You put your hands in position and counted down from three. You shifted it back in place before you hit one and he let out a string of curses, yanking your hands away.

He took a second to compose himself, still not letting go of your wrist.

“I’m sorry…” You said accidently letting out a small giggle.

“It’s not funny.” He grumbled.

“Yeah, it is a little… what can I do to make it up to you? Wanna return the favor?” You said still laughing a little.

“No.” He said obviously thinking.

“Let me take you out to dinner.” He said finally not really asking, letting go of your wrist finally.

“I’m sorry what?” You asked checking to make sure that you heard him right.

“Let. Me. Take. You. Out.” He said slowly as if you were a small child.

“Asshole.” You mumbled and he raised a brow waiting for a response. “ I break your nose and you want to take me on a date?”

“Why not?” He said with a smirk.

“Bout time you asked, shame it took me beating the shit out of you for you to do it.” You laughed patting his cheek earning a wince in response. He grumbled something about his face hurting as you walked away.

“Walk it off Eric!” You called out, causing a few people to let out muffled laughs, as you made your way back to the group.

“And pick me up at eight.” You called quietly over your shoulder.

A/N: Like I said it’s a little long for an Imagine, I’m sorry I got excited then carried away. Anyways hope you enjoyed let me know what you thought!

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Please give me all of your Sid/geno mpreg head cannons

In no particular order, and not necessarily related to one another…

Sid has something of a mild freak out when he learns he’s pregnant. We’re not even married, he thinks to himself. We’re not married and my parents will kill me and what name will the kid even take… He eventually gets it together because they’ll figure out the name situation later and his parents, if they have objections (which they don’t), can deal with it and it’s not like he and Geno can’t get married now that they know. (He does get a little embarrassed when his kid later on asks why there’s less than a nine-month gap between their parents’ anniversary and their birthday. But he reminds himself he’s an adult and look kid, it is what it is okay?)

In the case of either of them being pregnant, they’re both actually pretty chill with taking time off from hockey. Geno takes a view of “I’ll take time off and come back and I’ll still be at the top of my game because I’m fucking amazing”, whereas Sid is a bit more humble but nevertheless confident that not much will change.

Neither of them are prepared for how drastically pregnancy changes a body, though.

Sid’s “childbearing hips” apparently do nothing to make labor easier. Geno, on the other hand, has a very easy time with labor. (And if this is some universe where both of them can be and have been pregnant? Sid is of course happy that Geno has a better time of it, but what the fuck.)

Listen: Sid will not admit it, and will protest with his dying breath, but he gets a little goofy over Geno’s belly. If they’re sitting together on the couch or on the bed, he has this habit of patting Geno’s belly gently. Sid will ask, “And what do you want to eat today?” when they’re making food and Geno’s already told Sid what he wants. Little things like that.

Sid absolutely sings to his own belly in the shower. I mean, he already sings in the shower, but now he has purpose.

You think Sid has a waddle regularly? Check out Geno at eight months. That shit is hilarious. Sid records some footage for posterity.

Sid learns, with the help of Mrs. Malkina via Skype, how to make a wide variety of Russian comfort foods. And what does he get for it? “Is okay, Sid, but not as good as Mama’s.” Well of course not, but what the hell G? Sid’s trying to be supportive and you just shoot him down like that?? Cold. So cold. (Geno makes up for this with cuddle attempts but his belly gets in the way. Sid knows what Geno’s trying to do, though, so he spoons up on Geno and forgives him.)

Speaking of food, Geno would like to put his name up for consideration of sainthood, because he has put up with he doesn’t know how many 3 AM food runs, but he loves Sid, so he does it. He does them all.

Close Interactions

Pairing: T’Challa x Reader

Requested?: Yes, by @supremethunda

Chapter/One-Shot: Chapter 3

Rating: PG

Notes/Warnings: T’Challa being a cute little shit

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Your name: submit What is this?

“No, T’Challa, I’m telling you, if you put that much force into this weapon, the kick back will be too great!” Shuri exclaimed, snatching the weapon blueprints from his grasp. He scoffed before rolling his eyes.

“Shuri, listen. Putting this much force into this weapon will help us get eradicate any casualties that we come across!” T’Challa argued back, trying to grab the blueprints back from his little sister. You’d been listening to them bicker for about almost hour over anything really. And every other time you kept your mouth shut.

Until now.

“Guys!” They both immediately stopped their bickering and looked over at you. You abandoned your seat at your laptop before walking over to the plans.

“Both of you are right. Putting too much force into a weapon can damage the holder, but if you don’t put enough force into it, it can create casualties that could simply ruin a mission.” You showed them what you meant, brushing behind your ear. “So, this is what you do-”

But you hadn’t noticed that T’Challa wasn’t even paying attention anymore. He was now looking at the details of your face.

He smiled softly as he watched you smile when Shuri sent a compliment your way.

He admired the way your eyes lit up when you spoke about your new plans.

He liked the way dimples drilled into your cheeks when you smiled at her compliments.

“Your highness, did you hear me?” You turned your head when T’Challa didn’t answer your previous question.

“I-I uh, I’m sorry, Y/N. Can you repeat what you said?” If his skin was any lighter his blush would’ve been more noticeable.

“I just wanted you to pass me that pencil there, I need to make some changes to the final copy. Then we can get started.”

He fulfilled your request and watched you get to work. He saw your tongue poke through your full lips as you calculated your plans to have a better precision with your weapon. Your eyebrows were furrowed, and a few frown lines popped up.

“There!” You snapped your head up, surprising T’Challa and Shuri. “The plans are ready. We can put in the order for the parts.” You beamed at both Royals, who deemed your expression contagious and smiled back.

After putting the orders in, you all began working on new blueprints of weapons. Ramonda stopped in a couple times, bring in food, and bringing some of her insight into the room as well.

The hours went on until you finally were able to leave. You were extremely exhausted, and you couldn’t wait to cuddle up with a full belly and a Netflix original playing.

“Y/N! Wait, up!” You hear a familiar voice call once you make your way out of the lab. You whipped your head around quickly, your curls slapping your face harshly.

T’Challa is seen running towards you, a determined, yet friendly look on his face.

“Oh, hey, T’Challa.” You smile back at him, greeting his flustered face with a wave.

“Sorry, I know you really want to go home, but I was thinking. Would you like to catch dinner with me tonight? I’d love to get to know you better”

A gasp escapes your lips as your eyes widen.

Dinner? Did T’Challa Udaku, KING OF WAKANDA, really just ask you to dinner?

Yes. Yes, he did.

“Oh, wow, T’Challa. I would love to!” You beamed, clutching your laptop and binder to your chest.

“Great! I’ll pick you up at eight.” He smiled and stepped a little closer.

“I’ll text you the address.” He picked up your free hand and placed a soft kiss to it.

Holy shit.

“See you at eight, Y/N.”

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So Chibiusa is 900 years old but her parents never notice her weird thing about her father?

Much as I’m hating Black Lady sucking face with her future father (AND OH I DO), I do see where it’s more complicated than that. Or at least In how I’m choosing to interpret it, let me say. I have absolutely no confidence in Takeuchi’s writing nuance, and so don’t know how much of this I would say is incidental and how much is intentional.


In the context of 900-year old Chibi-Usa (MY ETERNAL FAVE), Black Lady has really only improved on the situation in one way: physically. Her body is adult, but her emotional maturity is still about eight years old. I don’t know that many of Black Lady’s actions don’t stem from a child “playing” at being adult now.

You hear things like “I’m going to marry daddy when I grow up” from little kids, and it doesn’t mean they literally want to bone their dad, it’s a child’s lack of understanding of different forms of love and the nature of a marriage, and a bunch of shit they literally can’t understand yet because they’re a child.

So as much as I’m against 900-year old Chibs (AND I AM), and as much as I want to throw up when I see them kiss (AND I DO), I don’t see it as Chibs having “a weird thing about her father” (and this isn’t even necessarily her father in her eyes because it’s Mamoru, though I agree her renaming him Endymion is intensely wtf) so much as just Chibi-Usa being very young and very alone and very confused and trying to act like she thinks she’s “supposed” to act now that she’s suddenly become “an adult”.


Even if this WAS Takeuchi’s intent – something I am not at all convinced of – I think she did a piss poor job with it. Black Lady has been fanatically devoted to Wiseman throughout this, which dulls the personal edge from any of her actions, making them seem more “because I’m evil” than “because I am Chibi-Usa and this is how I’m hurting”.

Chibs hasn’t shown this jealousy over or need to “claim” Mamoru at all. She’s really been nothing but sweet to Usagi and doesn’t seem to mind Mamoru spending time with her at all. Her motivations here would actually make more sense if she and Usagi had been bickering over him, though gods know I loathe that shit and would never invite it.

The impetus for Chibs running away and being caught by Wiseman in the first place was driven by Pluto, and yet none of this is about Pluto. I feel this is the greatest misstep in the whole thing. Black Lady hasn’t even brought Pluto up. She immediately targeted Mamoru and then seemed satisfied, but that’s an avenue she never had to fight to win. Mamoru willingly gave Chibs everything she needed whenever she needed it. It feels to me like, once again, the conflict has to be turned towards keeping Usagi and Mamoru at its center, by default making it NOT about Chibi-Usa, which feels the saddest fucking thing of all, frankly.

I REALIZE I’M GOING WAY OFF-TOPIC HERE I APOLOGIZE. Just, to my eyes, story would be so much more dynamic and interesting and with 100% less deep-throat father kissing if Black Lady had turned her attention to the one person Chibs felt the most betrayed by, the one person in all the world she thought was hers and only hers.

Ok so am I the only one that seriously got the heebie-jeebies thinking about how pt and susan and rachel want to literally take a little girl’s eggs, fertilize them, and implant them in THIRTEEN HUNDRED surrogates?

It adds a new level of terror to the storyline yeah but holy shit does it ever both disgust and terrify me that they plan to take Kira’s eggs. A child’s eggs.

Like they want to take away an eight-year-old’s autonomy over her body/reproductive system just so an old crusty white dude can keep on avoiding death.

Not Your Dean (Part 14)

Originally posted by darlingdeano

Summary: One day Dean shows up and moves back into the bunker. The only problem is he’s a demon and he’s hiding something…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13

Pairing: Demon!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Some nice Sammy & reader in this…

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i’ve been alone in the apartment for a few days and there was this fly i was trying to kill. this morning i was chasing it around, and, well i have a very small apartment, so when i say i was “chasing” it i mean i was making sharp turns trying to get it with cockroach spray. i don’t have any fly spray, but i’m convinced cockroach spray is the same formula, just with a different spray nozzle. fly spray is a light mist, like a cloud the fly gets caught in. cockroach spray is more like a silly string kind of laser so you can hit them from a distance. it’s hard trying to use one for the other. it’s almost like they knew what they were doing down at the lab the day they came up with the stuff.

this fly kept landing on my stove and hovering around my radiator. like it thinks i’m going to spray flammable oil, because that’s pretty much what the poison is, it’s like oil that fucks up their wings and shit, all over my stove top and then light my whole place on fire the next time i try and be fancy and use conventional heating instructions on my can of chef boyardee ravioli. like it takes a lot of nerve to do that to me. to stand right there and try and get me to sabotage my whole life.

anyways i have a fly strip too, which i’ve talked about before because i’m glamorous, and right after i got dressed i came out i saw it on there, trapped. and i felt bad for it because it was still moving around like it had no clue what was going on. i actually felt bad for this fly. so i sprayed it point blank on the strip. will spraying my fly strip with roach poison ruin its effectiveness? i don’t know, but right after i did it i saw another fly. a second fly. that always gets me, when there are two of them, because they fuck and make babies. even if they don’t like each other i bet. just to spite me. two flies who hate each other start a family just to annoy me. i don’t know where it goes on, but knowing two flies are going at it somewhere in my apartment drives me insane. 

i think i’m being ghosted by this school i applied to. i didn’t want to go back to school, but i don’t know what i’m doing. i’m really directionless right now. i’m trying to extend my stay in young adulthood for as long as possible. just in the middle of the ocean jumping from driftwood to driftwood. i applied to this program, a one year degree, and i had to go through all the paces. i had to write a peppy application essay where i had to come across as this guy who’s got a biiig appetite for life and oh opportunities give me a major hard on and i always don’t feel defeated. i couldn’t check a box and then go, “i am not a bad guy, let me pay you to put a semblance of purpose back in my day-to-day. a little hope. put a few more watts in the light at the end of the tunnel there, for me.”

everything was going great, i met all the deadlines, my transcripts were good, here’s what i think screwed or is screwing me. i did a special program in high school that gave me college credits. i got an email from a woman at the school i applied to that said my college credit exemptions from high school weren’t valid unless i had records sent from my high school. i went online to the program’s website to order the documents directly. they asked for a login/password combo i was given in 2009 and of course had tattooed to my forearm for easy reference.

i had to call my high school. i had to pick up my phone, my phone that the technology for didn’t even exist when i was in high school, and i had to call them. it was like calling another dimension. it was like trying to find my way back to oz from kansas without the help of a tornado. the line was all static-y and shit like i was breaking the space-time continuum by even attempting it. i don’t want to even imagine what my high school is like. all the metal picnic tables are all probably new and some weird color. there’s probably some new ugly mural or something, i don’t know.

i had to talk to a man and explain to him that almost eight years ago, before he even started working at the school, there was a woman who had his job whose name has been lost to the annals of time. this woman ran a program that a little boy was in, and that little boy was now a little older boy who needed evidence that it all really even happened. the program was european and the boy had to get codes for an online portal so he could have some server farm in fucking sweden or something send his dusty ass decade old latin scores across the atlantic. somehow this took three weeks and probably lost the boy his spot and the 75 dollars it cost to apply.

you know the funny thing is that when i called the guy and took the 15 minutes to explain who i was he asked me if i needed the documents for grad school. i panicked because i didn’t want to disappoint this stranger over the phone who i’d never meet, so i said yeah dude of course. he then invited me to come speak to the students at my old high school to show them all that they could accomplish by being in the program. i was like, “buddy, i know you think i’m a new york hot shot because i just told you i’m a new york hot shot, but i’m calling you in secret from the back stockroom of my depressing retail job and if i ever came to speak to your students they would lose all hope and quit school altogether and probably bully me because high schoolers in 2016 are fucking intense and scary to me.

Scout Ma Concept:

She comes off as the perfect mother, despite the flagrantly rude responses she gets from other PTA mothers… you know, for being (gasp!) an unmarried woman in charge of her own sexuality, with eight children (to various fathers).

Providing for them all isn’t easy. You can’t take on covert missions or destroy international cartels from the inside… with small children. The babysitter fees alone would be astronomical on a deep-cover mission…

In short, she does what she can. Friends and neighbours help, international contacts provide dribs and drabs of money and items as necessary…

…but, even with all that and a brood of eight non-materialistic boys under her wing, there’s still occasions when hand-me-downs occur. And after you give it to the eighth recipient, some of those things can get a tad shoddy.

Now, say, Scout Ma happened to have stored away some cash for Scout’s birthday gift… managed to get a shirt/jersey like that his favourite baseball player-slash-idol wore. It was not cheap, but he needed it; being the baby was never easy, and he tended to get banged up more often, in the territorial disputes her boys tended to get into.

She wanted it to be a special surprise.

Of course, to facilitate this… and the main reason for such an extravagant gift in the first place… Scout had been wearing some fairly ratty hand-me-down clothes for the last little while. The pants were relatively okay (from the brother third up from him, and generally new) but the shirts… almost disintegrated on contact with skin.

It was a tad dire, but wearing them for now, would make the whole gift thing far more exciting. At least, that’s how it was planned out.

See, the thing is… people always say kids are cruel; but it’s a lie. Adults are the true assholes here…

The kids at school were mixed. Some from middle-class, others from Scout’s area, poorer… your clothes didn’t mean shit, about who you were. The kids accepted that, and even if one jerk maybe tried to start something akin to bullying with one of the less-fortunate kids… the victim was always quickly defended.
They all came from a similar place, and ain’t no one gonna let someone get steamrolled by some self-righteous chucklefuck, ‘cause they can’t afford better.  

In short, no one had anything to say about Scout’s attire (or that of his siblings, who had modelled it before him, in descending order).

It was their parents.

Scout’s Ma begrudgingly remained on the PTA for one very important reason. Well, no… more like two.

The first, was to maintain a say in current events and represent the ‘lower-economic’ faction of the school populace… considering all the smug, self-important upper-middle class broads that had flocked in and tried to take over when their kids enrolled.

Secondly, the leader of this lot of condescending hairspray addicts (Mrs Mary ‘My Husband’s a Member of the Council’ Walker), would have to pry the position of co-president from Scout Ma’s cold, dead hands… because the Brooklyn-born and battle-tested babe, would not allow her to ride roughshot over the other less-wealthy mothers. And Councilman Gordon Walker could cram that baking tray up where the sun didn’t shine, for all Scout’s Ma cared.

It was as dramatic as it sounded; a true clash of titans. Neither would back down, for very different reasons.

Scout’s Ma aimed to provide changes that would help everyone.

Her nemesis was focused on… well, the gentrification of their children’s education. There was no other way to explain it; her agenda was to remove the ‘less favourable’ children, and ‘give the more talented children a  chance’.

Which Scout’s Ma understood to mean “if you got rid of the poor children, the school will look better and be more favourable in the eyes of other districts/may attract funding”.

And she would not stand for it.

There had been several occasions when she had nearly leapt over the meeting table and throttled Mrs Walker with her bare hands. Years of raising chaotic children, however, had helped her find that spark of internal peace… and count to ten, before taking action.

It was easier to lash the idiot with her tongue, after all. Mrs Walker was not a fighter, she’d been pampered… and it had made her haughty, disdainful of those who struggled day-to-day.
Scout’s Ma always felt a small curl of smug pleasure when she saw the woman… and recalled the obscene amounts of money she had once been paid to kill, steal from or destroy, people just like her adversary.


This animosity never died down, ever.

So, it was safe to say, that when Mrs Walker and her cluster of tittering self-righteous sheep flocked through the hallways of the school one lunchtime (under the guise of preparing for a bakesale, that Scout’s Ma was bringing her infamous muffins to)… and she stopped them all dead, gesturing for silence as she pointed…
Many heads instinctively turned.

Mrs Mary Walker then proceeded to point out Scout, who was obliviously talking to his friends, and make a loud/disparaging remark about his attire. Following it with an abhorrent statement about how a ‘real mother’ wouldn’t let her bastard child look like an uncouth street ruffian… but that’s what you get when ‘you were one of THOSE women’.

Scout had noticed.

Scout’s Ma saw the comprehension in his clever little blue eyes… the dawning realisation that this woman, this slip of a self-righteous bitch, had singled him out for clothes he had no say in the selection of. Openly mocking him, in front of other tittering adults, about being poor…

She sees herself light up in her youngest, the way his eyes go from hurt to homicidal… but she intervenes before he can get in trouble. Besides, Mary’s had this coming for a long while…

Scout’s Ma, a step ahead of the women in a side corridor, reveals herself with all the subtlety of a soap opera star miraculously returning from the dead as a shock twist. The way Mary’s sneer contorts in sudden shock, fear and panic, is truly beautiful…

Sout’s Ma takes a firm step forwards, angles her body in the way she’d taught the boys to, and performs a textbook-perfect swing… of her still-warm cupcake pan, right into the other’s face. There’s a satisfying crack, and light hissing, as it touches… before the woman starts wailing like a small child with a boo-boo.

Her gaggle of idiots do nothing. They are frozen, or retreating. Mary stands alone, as she reels from the blow.

Scout’s Ma steps closer, one hand snagging the front of Mary’s dress to drag her in close… so they’re nose-to-nose… and the other, pointing a warning finger at her nemesis. 

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What r u most looking forward to in TLJ? Reylo?

Actually no! I’ve mentioned it before, but as much as I want Reylo to be canon, it isn’t exactly high on my wish list for The Last Jedi. (Actually I think for Reylo to become canon in episode eight would be a little too soon. I do REALLY want them to have scenes together though!!)

I’m more looking forward to things like seeing General Leia Organa commanding the Resistance! I want to see the rebels in action, following Leia towards their goal! I want to see Leia and Kylo together in a scene- how will she respond to him after he’s killed Han? WHY DOES SHE SLAP POE? We’ve joked it’s because Poe was talking shit about Kylo, but what if that’s right? If not what could have prompted that?

I am dying to see Rose and Paige!! Finn’s mission- it looks like he and Rose are going undercover!!! What will happen? Kylo and Phasma both know Finn’s face! What if they see him? Will Kylo again turn a blind eye to Finn? Will he help Finn and Rose on the mission? Will Finn be okay to go back to the First Order? That won’t be easy and the poor guy was terrified at the prospect of going back. I think TFA it was Rey’s kidnapping that prompted him to return, what will prompt him into accepting the mission this time?


REY AND LUKE! WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THEM?! Everything we’ve heard so far basically says that Luke isn’t exactly pleased to see Rey. So what will happen? How will she convince him to teach her? Will force ghosts influence Luke like ObiWan’s ghost influenced Yoda into teaching Luke? Will Rey even be interested in the Jedi title? WHAT WAS WITH THE ‘JEDI HAVE TO END’ THING FROM LUKE? IS HE GOING TO BE AN ANTAGONIST?

IS HUX GOING TO DIE? Someone needs to pay for the mistake at Starkiller Base, and we know that Kylo is already most likely going to be punished. But Kylo has next to nothing to do with SKB. So then who? Probably Hux. What about Phasma? Is she going to be more prevalent? I sure as hell hope so. She is intimidating as all hell, it’d be a waste to not use her character more.

Rey and Kylo- Lucasfilm and Disney have been dropping all kinds of hints that their relationship will be interesting. How so? In the Reylo sense? If so how do they intend to move forward in that? Right now they are enemies, and despite being in each other’s heads and fascinated with each other, they have a lot of negativity between them that they’d have to talk through. And neither of them are the talking types. How will LF bring together these enemies and show an interesting relationship????

The Nerve Irritating Cursed Child

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This contains SPOILERS if you don’t want to get spoiled skip

1. I felt like they were trying too hard to make Albus and Scorpius  “a thing”. I mean the sexual tension wasn’t that great, and as for Rose and Scorpius, it seemed as if they wanted to give smth to the Dramione fans.

2. Hagrid goes to Godric’s Hollow to help baby Harry but nope, the timelines between Cursed Child and Philosopher Stone didn’t add up at all.

3. Sorry for not knowing but since when is Rudolphus an important character that gives information to the main antagonist without knowing who she really was. Plus who let him out of Azkaban in the first place?

4. Okay, we all know that Hermione hated Snape, but why did she literally become Snape because of Ron? I don’t get it. This book is making Hermione seem like she wasn’t an independent woman and the brightest which of her age. If her career, friends, and life dependent on her marriage with Ron then I’m really disappointed. 

5. Ron tried so hard to be Fred it’s actually funny he ended up being the clown. 

6. Cedric is dead right? well let’s shit on his name a little more so everyone stops saying that the time turner is bullshit

7. LOL Ron and Padma relationship which totally didn’t make sense whatsoever.

8.Some characters didn’t even show up WHERES JAMES AND TEDDY DUDE

9.Albus kissed Hermione (his aunt) like 4 times what EWW when did this become game of thrones?!

10.When did Bellatrix and Voldemort hook up? Voldemort didn’t care about Bellatrix, he had his soul split into eight pieces, plus I don’t think that Voldemort wanted a child. But whatever that explained Voldemort’s rage in ‘Deathly Hollows’ after Molly killed Bellatrix. Also, am I the only one who’s disgusted by the idea of them having sex? Really?

11. Harry Potter who had always wanted a family, who loved all his friends, who fought for a better world to live in, Harry scolded Albus and told him he wished that Albus wasn’t his son! WHAT?! Not acceptable in my book.

and here I thought fifty shades of gray would be the last fanfiction ever published