i want like eight of these little shits

i want Vrains to be .Hack with card games

really Extra people hack their player character to have crazy skins, including like, running around as cat people or dragons or some shit

the rival plays as a male avatar but then the plot twist is that irl the rival is a girl

little eight year olds playing with voice modulators to seem older than they actually are

Yusuaku and his rival are bitter enemies online but don’t know each other’s real names so when they run into each other irl they actually end up becoming friends

just imagine the possibilities here

I remember when I was like eight I went to these swimming classes at the YMCA. I was a pretty shy and anxious kid back then but this one boy came over and told me that girls weren’t as good as boys because God created boys first. And little me was not up for that shit. I remember that all my tiny eight year old brain could think of as an argument was that the female T-Rex were bigger than the males and would sometimes fucking EAT them after getting what they want and honestly that was a good enough point to me and just like even eight year old little me was not standing for that sexist bullshit