i want jethro to be companion

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Hey boxman, what inspired each robot?

If you MUST know, I designed all based on the first prototype I made; Jethro!. Jethro is the first successful VILLAINOUS robot I created, he moves forward. He just Keeps Going!

After Jethro I wanted to move on to bigger and better things, I wanted to jump into intelligence, rather than artificial coding and scripts! I tried for a couple years, working on those to get them right. My inspiration was having henchmen!! And as many as I could mass produce as possible! I had many failed attempts, but I didn’t stop. I learned I needed a Fleshy person’s brain. I made Ernesto!!

Ernesto has been one of my longest living companions, workable it might be, his design was not suited for combat, so now Ernestos stay in the offices to do paperwork and worry about orders coming in!

That’s also how Darrell was made. I snatched some weaker, lesser villains and heroes, and used their brains to create consciousness for Darrell! It was well worth the trouble, as he served well for my first Official robot on the market!! Canons included!

Darrels, however, I learned had major flaws. Such as being weak and flimsy. They aren’t well armored, and their head is a major weak point, along with joints. I made Shannon after many designs and attempts to right that, as well as including her own unique abilities, with her trusty BUZZ SAWS, BAHAHAHHAA!!! She was much better equipped, having better head armor to protect her soft interior, and a better defense than simple canons. She was meant for close combat, unlike ranged combat for Darrell.

Next you may wonder, how could I POSSIBLY improve on Shannon?? She’s already so well endowed with what I gave her, what more could be needed? Well… I needed something a bit more tanky! She’s very quick on her feet, but her size leaves her open to vulnerability! She has sturdy exterior design, but her interior framing isn’t the best. This is where RAYMOND comes in!!

Raymond was by far one of my best designs! He’s sleek, has a size advantage against most lower heroes, his armor plating has been heavily improved, and overall his design is also stylish!! Truly an accomplishment on my part!! I designed him with fame in mind, as he would surely be able to get to the top! (Though, it seems the ego has gotten to his head…)

That’s the MAJORITY of my inspiration for most of my robots, in chronological order! I obviously have more, but as far as what customers have been ordering and what’s in demand, these are the main inspirations and finalized products. I hope you enjoyed hearing me ramble on about my designs! I’m really quite proud of how they’ve all come along!