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The California sun is scorching and every inch of your exposed skin, although covered in sunblock, feels as if it’s on fire. You want nothing more than for the sun to set and bathe the spacious backyard in a cooler, more tolerable light but you know that there is still a good bit of life left in the day. And although you’ve been sitting there for hours, the heat suffocating and the sun scorching, you’re thankful for the sight before you.

You’ve spent the better part of the day, since your far too early wake up call, sitting by the pool watching your friends enjoy themselves. You’ve taken part in a few games of chicken and even helped the boys play a prank on Yugyeom but now, after hours of chlorine and laughter, you’re sitting beside the pool watching the festivities.

It’s so rare that everyone, new friends and old, gets together to enjoy themselves. Everyone is so busy with work and life that it’s almost unbelievable that you’ve managed to gather in one place at one time. But as you watch your friends reform to play a new round of chicken, you’re glad that the impossible seems to be happening.

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Read My Mind (Trixya) Chapter 2 - Candy For Children

A/N: Here’s chapter 2! I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I hope you enjoy it! I now have the skeleton of the next few chapters figured out so hopefully I should be updating regularly. Thank you to the person who pointed out my mistakes with the powers! I had just been going off the definitions on the AHS wiki. I will probably keep using the same terms I used in the first chapter for continuities sake, but I really to appreciate it. Happy reading!

Summary: Trixie is a clairvoyant witch, sent to study at Mrs. Charles’s Academy for Gifted Girls, where she meets another young witch named Katya, and sparks fly (no pun intended).

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Okay with a couple of weeks left until school I thought I’d put out a post with some advice on everyday things I generally keep in my locker or my bag for easy access and generally to make my life easier.


- dehydration is bad, water combats it.

Healthy Snacks

- this both saves money, because things at school from vending machines, etc. tend to be more expensive, and also because you have more control over what you’re eating. 


- if you wear contacts, you’ll know that sometimes they get irritating and you’ll probably need these at some point.


- useful for when it’s cold (obviously), or when you spill something on yourself and have to get through the rest of the day.

Deodorant/Body Spray/Perfume

- life saver after PE and it’s good for just generally if you have to go somewhere after school.

Feminine Hygiene products

- periods are hell, but being prepared for them makes things easier. Keep pads and tampons at the ready (whatever you use really) because you never know when you or one of your friends will need one.


- I keep Colgate wisps in my bag because they’re always useful to have on hand, if you don’t want to carry around a full toothbrush.

Hair Stuff

- Clips/Bobbles/Travel Hairbrush/Dry Shampoo - okay I think these are useful for obvious reasons.


- if you wear it, spare makeup for touch ups is always good to have on you, I usually keep concealer, powder, mascara and a roll on perfume in my bag.

Suncream and Sunglasses

- if it’s sunny, or if you’re sensitive to sunburn/sun in general, these are always useful to have on you. I usually keep suncream in my locker year round, because I sunburn extremely easily and it’s just easier to have it on me.


- more weather-sensitive stuff - I live in perpetually rainy England, so this is a lifesaver because it basically always rains.

Spare stationery

- Spare pens/paper/a calculator/USB/Sticky notes/etc. - again, always useful to have around in case you’re caught short.

Hand Lotion/Lip Balm/Oil Blotting Sheets

Chewing Gum

- this isn’t the best for you, but it’s good for a little pick me up or breath freshening, or whatever.

Cough Sweets/Painkillers/Plasters

Phone/iPad/Laptop/Whatever Charger

Small Mirror/Nail File/Emery Board/Nail Scissors


- it’s always good to have some source of entertainment for breaks/cancelled classes

School materials

- Textbooks/Notebooks/Class Materials/Pencil Case - this is pretty obvious really.

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Hey! I'm going to NYC in July and I'm looking for outfit suggestions! Bailey (@navyornothing) told me to check in with you since you know NYC well!

hi!!!  she’s so sweet i LOVE her ugh.  well i know one thing - it will be hOT!!! like really hot!  i like wearing patterned or looser cotton-y shorts and cute tops when its that kinda weather, or a nice dress with a jean jacket is cute!!!  sunglasses are obvi a must !  bring layers for night as it can get like 60s and you may want a little jacket or sweater for going out to dinner!  overall, just dont wear super heavy clothes once again its v v hot in the summer in the city.  have a blast!!!  eat lots of yummy food that they show in those insider fb vids haha

The Christmas miracle in his red suit

Short summary: Y/N Y/L/N is almost too kind, so kind it made her life a bit harder than it had to be. Listen to how one of her most unfortunate nights, became the most important in her life. Discover her in-real-life-Christmas miracle in Central City.

A/N: OK, so I know many of you are still waiting patiently for your requests, but I felt like posting something festive, bc people! It’s December! And December equals Christmas! So to force myself to pull myself together, I made a little Christmas-special to y'all! 

“Because of the bad weather, all trains have been canceled,” A deep sigh escaped my lips as I sat down on the bench in disappointment. Why did mother nature suddenly decide to hate me? I never did anything wrong! I always helped when needed: Gave old ladies my seat on the bus, never said no to people needing favors, I even held my hotel rooms tidy so the maids wouldn’t get too much work! So why would the Gods above leave me stranded in Central City on Christmas eve?

“I’m sorry, Sammy but if Santa doesn’t drop by to give me a lift home, there is no way I will get home to you guys in time,” I tried to talk sense to my baby brother – though I already knew that was pointless.
“But you never know! Christmas is all about magical things and miracles, right? Now tell the rest that I love them, and will try my best to get home as soon as possible! OK bye, bubba,” I hung up, and left the needy, crowded station with my hopes up something would save me – or better yet: Someone.

I realized within seconds that the guy on speaker earlier wasn’t the describer-guy. Because when people say ‘bad weather’, some associate it with a bit windy and tons of rain. What was going on in Central City was a full on snowstorm. The wind was whiplashing, and the snow – something that usually caused a good, tingly feeling in my stomach, was now hurting my face and blinding me. 

I tucked my thin scarf good around my neck and placed a pair of emergency-sunglasses on which hopefully, would cover my eyes from the white weapons of frozen, crystalline water. So there I went, in one of my least useful scarves, protecting 30% of my neck, and a pair of sunglasses that made me look like some sort of lame celebrity (because which stupid celebrity walks through a weather like this, and in sunglasses). 

My feet were getting colder and stiffer by the minute, and all I wanted was to curl up in a warm place and cry. Though sunglasses were better than nothing at all, they really didn’t help much. So as I staggered forwards, I promised myself that next time anyone from work needed me to cover for them, I would check the weather cast before accepting.

And as if the Angels had heard and listened to my thoughts and prays of mercy, I spotted Jitters. Suddenly my numb feet seemed to move faster. Please say it’s good coffee, oh God, please. 

The place was so crowded I first wondered if some famous artist was performing. Though I quickly learned there was more than me that needed asylum from outside. 
“Excuse me, but where does the line start?” The lady in front of me turned, and gave me and my frosty self a pitiful smile while saying:
“I think it’s at the corner of the counter, hun,”
“Thanks! And merry Christmas,” I smiled back at her and dived deeper in the human see. Now, if I was a counter, where would I be?

“Hi, uh, sorry, I’m just trying to… yeah, thanks. Pardon me, yeah, sorry, I just need to get to the line, hehe, sorry?” I continued telling people to let me through, but looking back I probably moved 1 mile per hour – maybe two.
“Excuse- oh I’m so sorry!” My body had clumsily bumped into the person in front of me. My eyes that were currently staring at the ground, worked its ways upwards towards his face. Once I saw his deep, green eyes, it was impossible to look away. Never had I ever seen such beautiful eyes…

The man in front of me gave a little cough which made me snap out of my trance. He must have seen my surprised manner, and found it funny, because next thing I know, the handsome guy is laughing. 
“It’s some weather out there,” My bad attempt at small talk made him stop laughing, the only evidence of his earlier state being his smile. Really Y/N? The weather?
“Yeah, I can’t remember last time it was this bad… I’m Barry, by the way, Bary Allen," if this had been at a different place, I would have shaken his hand, or given him a hug, but we were both incapable – so I didn’t. So instead I just nodded and smiled.
"Hi Barry, I’m Y/N, so… you’re from here?” And that’s how our conversation started.

“Hey, do you have plans later?” Barry asked me, and I let out yet another sigh.
“Yes, well… Sort of,” I said, not knowing what to answer him. I mean, if a guy you had known for thirty minutes just asked you if you had plans, what would you do?
“Sort of?” He seemed confused by my answer – obviously, so I told him. I told him everything and hoped he wasn’t a Psyco-murderer that would take me afterward.

“How do you feel about a Christmas dinner at my friend’s place?“ I was happy he didn’t give me any pity-stares. Though his offer seemed tempting, a little voice in my head held me back from accepting. You can’t just interrupt their Christmas dinner just because you’re stranded here, Y/N. Plus: You’re not dressed for the occasion, some jeans and a sweater – too casual, Y/N. 

As if he had heard my thoughts, Barry talked again. 
"I can assure you they won’t mind, Y/N. And it’s casual, but if you’re uncomfortable, I’m sure Iris have something you can borrow from her!” Oh great, he had a girlfriend. In spite of my earlier thoughts on the case, I answered: “Ok, I mean: it’s not like I have something better to do,” and then he smiled at me, making me knees go a bit weak.

“Shoot, we have to leave! I completely forgot the time!” Barry jumped out of his chair, and I followed his pace.
“When were we supposed to be there?” I asked while taking on my coat.
“Forty-five minutes ago,” I looked at my new friend with shock in my eyes.
“Barry!” Forty-five minutes? Didn’t that mean…
“The house is a fifteen-minute walk away,”
“Let’s make it in ten,” And then we left.

While walking down the snowy roads, realization suddenly hit me.
“Barry, what am I going to do with my family. I haven’t seen them in half a year, and my brother has been lo-”
“Relax Y/N, I’ll get you home by Christmas morning, I promise,” Barry chuckled, sending me the most beautiful smile I could ever imagine.
“I have my ways,” he winked at me, and we continued walking.

Five minutes later, the conversation was in a lighter tone. Though when the laughter calmed down, and we just walked in silence. Without noticing it, my body had started to shake, I could already hear my mother scold me for not dressing right (for both a Christmas party and snowy weather)
“Here,” Barry handed me his coat.
“You’re cold, take my jacket,” he laughed, and took the body heated cloth around me.
“But now you’ll get cold!” I said, pushed the jacket off of me, and gave it back to him, which his quick reflexes swiftly denied.
“I don’t get cold,”
“That’s bull and you know it,” his smirk went back on his face, and he shook his head while a little laugh escaped my lips.
“High metabolism,” he gave me a wink and zipped the zipper up to my chin.

With our hair wet from the weather outside, and Barry’s sweater soaking wet, we stumbled in the door both out of breath from both laughing and running the last hundred meters.
“Hey, Bar, oh, who’s this?” Our laughter stopped, and my attention drifted towards the sound.
“Oh, hi Iris, this is Y/N, I met her at Jitters. Her train got canceled because of the weather,” he explained and took off my (his) jacket for me.
“Hi Iris, I’m so sorry for just popping up out of nowhere,”
“No, no, it’s alright, you shouldn’t be alone at Christmas eve,” before I knew it, Iris’s warm smile was reflecting my own, and two cups of eggnog were placed in each of my hands.

“I think I’m team Milsther,” I said, my head free from any worries for the second time today. Barry’s group of friends turned out to be very friendly and nice. Now we were currently putting the grandma-feud to an end (after maybe too many cups of eggnog). 
“I will drink to that!” Cisco says with a wide grin on his face. We clinked our cups and took a sip each, when I turned to see Barry on the other side of the table, my eyes instantly met his. Unlike the rest of us, he didn’t seem too affected by the spiked drink. This interested me, so with the argument going on by the table, I silently raised from my seat and so did he.
“I would normally go out to the porch,” he said, looking straight into my eyes.
“And I would have followed, but the sofa tempts me more at the moment,” the smile on our faces reached our eyes, and we sat down.

Joined by bits of alcohol, happiness was running through my veins. I found myself in a Christmas miracle. Along with missing my train, I had met a really cute guy that I liked very much. He had the best sense of humor and a smile that made my knees go weak. I could often find myself getting lost in his beautiful green eyes, which would often conclude with him laugh at me for not listening.

“I really like your laugh,” my tipsy self, took over my body, letting my mind run freely, and my personality bold. Trying not to give in, Barry showed me a killer smile, and if it wasn’t my head fooling with my senses, I would say his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
“Thank you, I really like your laugh as well,” his words got me giggling and fired up.
“Oh, you don’t mean that!” I said, fisting his shoulder a bit too hard (ok so I may have been a bit more than tipsy). He opened his mouth, as if he was to say something more, but got interrupted by Cisco.
“Barry! My man, get yo girl over here!”

Sunlight woke me up, followed up with a strong headache. Oh, God where am I, thoughts were filling my head with worry as I took in the details of my surroundings. Scheisse, my mind continued cursing in different languages, it’s Christmas Day! 
“Y/N?" I had almost succeeded getting dressed without waking anyone up, but of course, I managed to trip over something on my way to the door, and down came Mr. right.

“What’s going on?” His grogginess didn’t calm down my panic. In fact, you could not only see it see by my gesticulations, but I believe anyone could have sensed it in the atmosphere of the living room, that my panic had increased.
“I promised him, Barry! I promised I’d be home! And I’m not home! I’m hundreds of miles away from home! How am I supposed to make it in ten minutes?!” My voice had leveled up to a point where I would normally be sure I had awakened the whole household.
“Y/N, just let me get changed and I will get you there in five,” his attempt to talk sense to me failed miserably, as I exploded like the ticking bomb I was.
“HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GET ME HOME WITHIN FIVE MINUTES?” i blinked and he was gone. The second time my eyes opened, a man in a red suit stood in front of me, and before I knew it, Barry’s voice escaped his lips.

“Uh..uhm..uh-uh…” Out of all the intellectual, funny, smart and witty stuff I could have said, those were the things that my mouth chose – you could clearly see it wasn’t my mind’s work. In spite of my hometown being far from Central city, everyone knew of The Flash. I mean: He’s a superhero! Who wouldn’t know of him? Though most of his fans from home fantasized about his abs, how his handsome face would look like, I was more intrigued by how he got his powers. 
“How?” I finally managed to say something useful, but sadly, I wasn’t very happy about his answer.

“It’s a long story,” Barry rubbed his neck while looking down. 
“Yeah, yeah you’re right, we need to flash- Oh God no!” He laughed at my embarrassment, which by some sort, made my confidence boost.
“I would have liked to see you talk to your idol,” and once again my mouth made another bad decision of wording. Before he had time to react I spoke again.
“You know, we should really get going,” he nodded, and we were off.

The whole way, I had my hands plastered on his torso, and my eyes set to the side. Though I saw mostly scarlet rubber, I didn’t miss much. I always wondered how it would feel like though. To be able to speed off like he did most days. My hair didn’t get too winded up. No, it was almost like a force kept the air that should have hit me minimize. And before I knew it, we stood in front of my house.

“Yeah,” Barry’s proud, wide grin was almost a bit out of breath.
“That was amazing!” I could jump out of joy, but it was as if my body was in some sort of shock. A shock that made my feet sink to the ground as if they were afraid the would disappear or get out of control again.
“Wow, easy tiger!” Being in deep thoughts, I hadn’t realized that my balance was a bit off as well, so when Barry caught my falling body, I gasped for air.
“Thank you,” I said, smiling at my rescuer. 

Though he helped me stand up, his hands never left my hips – which I was happy for, I didn’t want to leave him. And if I let go of me, I was afraid he would run off, that I would never see him again.
“For not letting you fall, or for last night?” I wanted to be cliché, to say: Too late to say I didn’t fall. But I saved myself for the embarrassment.
“For saving me too many times for as stranger you have known for less than 24 hours,” I smiled.
“I wouldn’t call you a stranger,” his earlier, joking smile and tone had disappeared. Now I could see the reflection of myself (looking quite damseled if you ask me) in his humble, serious, green eyes.

“Y/N!” Our moment was interrupted by my little brother, and before I knew it, my miracle had kissed my cheek and sped off.
“Good, that means we’ll stay in touch,” I said under my breath before embracing the little munchkin that had run up to me.

A/N: Tell me if you guys also want a “New Years Eve”-one as well! I will try my best to upload it before the big day!


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“Shit,” I muttered, as the unfamiliar glow of blue and red pulsed behind me. “I’m not even fucking speeding." 

 I pulled my car along the side of the road and turned on my hazard lights. Watching closely as a man walked up to my car, I turned the radio off and rolled down my car window. 

 "Good morning, Maisie.”

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[Yugyeom] Holiday-ing

Based on [GOT7ing] ep. 4 & 5

Your smile made Yugyeom breathless. Every single time.

He didn’t care if his friends called him delusional. He didn’t care as long as he kept having this feeling that the way you smiled up at him seemed sweeter than at others. He didn’t care as long as you looked happy when you were with him.

However, sometimes, as a man, he wanted more.


“Oh my God Y/N! You really are going to Nami Island with us? I thought you were kidding?” Jackson gasped as you made yourself comfortable on the back seat.

“What? Why not? I need a break, too, you know. Deadlines nearly killed me!” You yawned, shifting to the left seat so that Jackson could join you. “Where’s Yugyeom by the way?”

“Oh, him,” Jackson snickered. “He’s in the other car. I’m so gonna make him regret choosing it!” The blond said before snapping a photo of you smiling with your eyes close and a V sign. Sending it to Yugyeom, he typed, “Guess who is next to me. Who’s laughing now?” and a bunch of hyena laugh emojis.

You swore you could hear Yugyeom’s high pitch voice somewhere in your slumber.


You were in the car with Jaebum, Jinyoung, Bambam and Jackson. How amazing when Bambam accidentally brought his wallet and decided to treat you all. As soon as your car pulled to a rest area, Yugyeom suddenly appeared by the window, eyes sparkling. Bambam heaved a sigh, opening the door.

“Yes, I’m treating today. Don’t look so eager like that, dude!”

“Y/N-ah! Why didn’t you call me you’re coming?” Ignoring his best friend, Yugyeom beamed at you, causing the other boys to burst out laughing at the Thai boy.

“We’ll meet anyway. I’m so hungry, guys. Let’s go!” You said. “Bambam’s treat today! Knock yourself out, everyone!”

Turned out you didn’t eat much. Instead, together you and Yugyeom played some kid games and petted two puppies of the shop owner at the back. As animal lovers, you both had no difficulty getting close to the puppies, unlike the poor Jinyoung and Jackson, who got barked at every time extending their hands.


“We’re here!” Youngjae and Jackson screamed in unison as Jaebum shook his head, putting his sunglasses on.

“It’s so bright,” he complained as Youngjae looped an arm around his.

“Come on, hyung! I wanna sit in the duck!”

As the guys started rambling on and on about all the things they wanted to do while being here, Yugyeom couldn’t care less. All of sudden, he realized this was the perfect chance to confess to you. The weather, the atmosphere, the place, they were walking on the famous “Winter Sonata” trail for God’s sake! You were right there, so close, laughing at the boys’ joke but taking a glance at Yugyeom once in a while. He had a shot there, didn’t he? After all, you had been friends for a long while now; and as he observed, you hadn’t got a boyfriend. He could do it. He just had to take one step further.

But how?

“Alright then, Jaebum hyung, Youngjae and Yugyeom, you go first. Y/N, Jinyoung and me, second. Finally, Mark hyung and Bambam,” Jackson announced as Yugyeom screeched.

“What?! I mean why, hyung?”

“We finished discussing already! That’s for not paying attention,” Mark explained, patting the maknae’s back before heading for the duck with Bambam.

Still with his sunglasses on, Jaebum tsk-ed as soon as the three got into the duck. “Stop sulking and start planning your confession fast. Chance like this won’t come easily.”

“Thanks, hyung. But I don’t know how. I mean she seems to have so much fun with the guys. What if she doesn’t like me back and stops hanging out with us?”

“That’s the risk you have to take,” Jaebum shrugged. “But don’t worry. From what I see, she likes you, too.”

“Go Yugyeom!” Youngjae massaged the youngest’s shoulders. “You can do it!”

“Youngjae-ah, my shoulders hurt, too,” Im Leader nagged as the sweet main vocal happily complied, giving out his free massage service.


As you got off the ducks, the group decided to go for lunch. Each walked peacefully to enjoy the landscape, not bothering to say a word.

“This is it,” Yugyeom mumbled to himself before calling Jinyoung, who was walking near you, “hyung!” He grabbed the older boy’s hand, swinging it vigorously, and casually grabbed your hand. Then, while still holding yours firmly, he pushed Jinyoung away, sticking his tongue out at him.

“What are you doing?” You giggled at Jinyoung’s betrayed expression before glancing at your now entwined fingers. Yugyeom’s eyes were filled with happiness, but he couldn’t hide the anxiety in his voice.

“Whoa, this is nice,” he sang, squeezing your hand gently as you didn’t let go, nodding in approval.

“Yeah, with you, it’s always nice,” you murmured, heart beating rapidly as Yugyeom cleared his throat, staring down at you. He didn’t dare to make you repeat, but did you just say what you just said?

“S-same,” he stuttered. “I wish we could do this more often. So I – I could um hold your hand like this.”

“You can still do this when we’re back. I mean – if you want,” you shyly replied, cheeks flushing pink.

“But Y/N-ah, I want much more than this. I wanna hug you, and kiss you, and call you mine.”

You remained silent but a smile was forming on your lips. Yugyeom had stopped walking by now, pulling you close so that you stood in front of him.

“I like you a lot. Please, please be my girlfriend,” he confessed softly, yet intensely. Your inside was turning into a puddle of goo. Your heart was chanting “yes, yes, yes,” but your mind was too busy drinking your soon-to-be-boyfriend’s manliness in to form a proper answer.

Staring at his lips, you gulped heavily, and that was all it took for Yugyeom to boldly lean in kissing you. His lips were a combination of softness, sweetness and juicy-ness. You were falling hard, falling deep, but you weren’t scared. You knew he would always be there to catch you.

“Please say yes,” he pleaded, eyes shut tightly.

“Yes,” you breathed, nuzzling into his sweater.

“YES! FINALLY!” The six boys screamed, running towards you two to ruffle Yugyeom’s hair and pat your back. They began singing Confession Song loudly while shooting confetti at you, running around just like in their music video.

What a view for other tourists to watch!


Here is yesterdays look, finally the weather is so good that I can wear my jeans rolled up. Don’t understand how I survived last winter rolling my jeans up lol, that was crazy though. Yesterdays look was definitely a favourite, all black never goes wrong and it’s also what I feel the most confident in lately. Wore my round sunglasses, to add some colour to my outfit. Also a good accessory when you are in a time crunch and want a good photo on the first shoot. I always find that it’s my different expressions in my eyes that messes up my photos at times. Which I also did today, for my outfit photos. Will show you guys tomorrow. Deuces, trying to figure out if I should work out or see Game Of Thrones?! hard decision to make lmao.

Hey! You- yes, YOU!

I still need that 50k au where Jack decided to follow his mom’s footsteps instead of his Dad’s.

-Alicia Zimmermann teaching him all about fashion and shit from a young age. Little awkward and Lumpy Jack being amazed every time he sees the interior of his mom’s walk in closet.

-idk if any of you have seen Princess Jellyfish, but it’s definitely like that one scene where Kuranosuke is looking at his mom’s closet, and he’s just giggling and asking his mom questions. Except none of the drama.

-he tries so. Hard. It’s only when puberty kinda hits him his career sails. Photo shoot bookings. Movies. Everything.

-Kent was one of those Disney kids, and at age 17 he wants to move on from Disney. He and Jack play best friends in The Movie

-Kent and Jack are both method actors

-they became best friends wicked quick. They just “click”

-it’s hell though. The diets and workouts and people fucking trashing Jack online- it gets to him. This is where it kinda gets… Heavy.

-he od’s on the anti anxiety meds after Kent wins some huge and very coveted award for being best teen actor or smth.

-it’s a big deal. It’s hella. Tabloids tear our boy Jacky Z apart. But Alicia and Bob are good at keeping him off the charts for a couple years while he’s in rehab.

-and THEN. then. He goes to Samwell. -The SMH team are all low key male models/aspiring actors who all do their own shit but show up to Lardo’s portrait classes. They still have the Haus, it’s just not a hockey frat, but the pretty-boy frat.

-ANYWAY: Jack wants to kinda take a break. He just models, doesn’t really want to do movies anymore- despite feeling guilty and wanting to make his mom proud. -but this boy dresses so g o o d when he wants to. Sometimes, yea? He dresses like he wants to rob a Burger King but. It’s intentional. It’s when he doesn’t want anyone to be seen/bothered -when he and either of his parents leave anywhere, it’s like that photo of Mark Hamill vs Daisy Ridley -like bob and Alicia are like FUCK YEA- you, yes YOU, Camera Man get to capture my Presence. Pose pose work- -while jack will wear six scarves in 90 degree weather, head down, hella big sunglasses- hopefully to not be seen by anyone -I don’t know how the rest of this works out I just want pretty boy actor Jack Zimmerman. Please.
G-Dragon x You - What happened last night?

Scenario Request:Could you write a scenario about when you and the member of your choice wake up next to each other for the first time. Please and Thank you!”

so originally I really wanted to write the ‘Heirs’ themed scenario but my writing is REALLY bad so I opted for something that would be shorter ^_^ hope you guys like it. this is still really bad but i wanted to submit something (generally this scenerio is for memberxyou have been dating for some time but i’d like put a little spin on it) also it’s not proofread sorry xx Anonnie~


Light flickered over your closed eyelids and awakens you from your slumber. Your head is pounding and you groan internally, not having enough energy to physically groan. You feel that your arm are bare as the early morning breeze tickles your shoulder. As you stretch, your arms hits something softly, but it makes no sound. You gather the energy you have and crack open your eyes to see a soft-looking tufts of blonde sticking out everywhere. Your eyes travel lower and you notice that their face is half covered in the pillows and by their arm. From you can see of the sleeping person is that their face is absolutely flawless, with a small cross just under their right eye. 

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Hello lovely people! I thought I didn’t have anything for today’s #trinityweek but then decided to post this for the Travel/Journeys theme. I have had this in my drafts for a while., but it has NOT been through proofreading so mistakes are mine and many. It could be the first chapter of few, let me know if you want to read more of this one…

If you feel charitable you can point out typos and nonsense!

And it is inspired by  this classic tune 

Hartbig, SFF, SFW, 3,043 words.

All chapters

- - - 

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away

Hannah knew since the beginning that it would be a bad idea. But what can you do when your friend asks you to be one of two best men? You suck it up and plan the bachelorette party.

Grace had been adamant that it would be just the three of them, a fridge fully stocked with booze and a truck of the most disgusting snacks. And oh, it would be in Paris. 

“Why Paris?” Mamrie asked.

“Because I am not going to Paris for my honeymoon, and I really want to go to Paris.”

And that was enough of an explanation, because you don’t question the bride. Ever.

So Hannah is at the airport in her shorts and sunglasses, ready to leave Los Angeles for a rainy European capital: her luggage is exploding with all the winter clothes she packed.

Who goes to Paris in November?

But Grace said it would be fine, the weather forecast predicted mild temperature and clear skies. So Hannah spent the last week putting together a holiday program that balances perfectly between sightseeing and passing out drunk.

It will be fine.

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Serendipity Chapter 1

Serendipity: the chance occurrence of events in a beneficial way.
This is the first part of my Mark scenario! Woo! I’m new to tumblr so help me out okay? :) (P.S. I didn’t even know how many Jae’s are in this story. I have a friend name Jae and I wasn’t feeling really creative at all.)

Part 1/8
Part TwoPart Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven. Part Eight.

Rating: T (some language), M (later on)
Word Count: 2,938
Characters: Mark x Reader ft. the rest of GOT7.
English will be bold, Chinese in italic and Korean will just be normal! The texts are in Korean too.


It was so beautiful out today, I couldn’t just stay in the house. I didn’t have anything to do for the next few days. Shooting for the new movie would start up soon and I hadn’t even been in South Korea for more than twenty four hours. I hurried to the private bathroom to throw on a bit of makeup (eyeliner and brows with some lip-gloss. Nothing Kim K-ish).

Let me start from the beginning. I had been acting for a few years, doing small roles - commercials, a bikini shoot here and there and background roles in movies in Hollywood. I auditioned for an upcoming movie as the main female role. It was a modern day movie revolving around a Korean boy falling in love with a foreigner and his parents do not approve of the relationship. The first scenes had to be filmed in LA so after a week of intense acting, me and my co-star packed up with the crew and flew over to South Korea.

My co-star was a handsome guy whose stage name was Jae, only a year older than me at twenty-two. He was Korean but grew up in the U.S. I actually knew a decent amount of Korean from my childhood friends and their families, which was another big part of landing the role since my character had to speak Korean in some parts. I could hold conversations in great detail but sometimes I would get flustered if the speaker was talking quickly. I was just as good in Chinese as well, and not so much at Japanese. I was a linguistic major when I was in college. I was currently taking a break to pursue my acting career. Jae had been helping me with my Korean as well so I was confident in wondering on my own.

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So you all were so kind about my new glasses, that I decided to share some more pics that I took that day :) I was feeling particularly upbeat and I think it showed because random people were talking with me and striking up polite conversations. I went out for coffee with my friends Dan and Krystyna and she asked if I changed makeup or something because I was glowing. 

I think I was just feeling confident and very “me” with my new glasses and being able to enjoy the beautiful weather in this short dress.

Oh, by the way, I also got new sunglasses..

These were all from Thursday. I have a bunch of new photos from some stuff I did today to post as well, but I think I will save those to post tomorrow night. 


My goal in sharing my transition is to represent transgender people in the positive light that we all deserve. Re-blogs are always okay if they are for this purpose, but if you are a fetish blog or fetish website then I want nothing to do with you and you do not have my permission to use my images.

Alexa Chung Style Tutorial

“I either want to look like an excellently dressed boy or a kitten from the 1960s” -Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung has quickly become a fashion favorite and an icon in more than one way. She made dressing effortlessly cool the most badass combination, and pulled off risks no one else would have thought to take. Her street style is something I became heavily influenced by. I was intriguing with how she could make designer outfits look casual or make something she snagged in a vintage shop look simply classy. She is truly one of the most interesting women in fashion. She is naturally an it girl, but also the fashion rebel of the moment. So, if you’re like me and shamelessly want to rip off her style, I have made a guide to follow and refer to.

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What’s In My Bag: Coachella Edition

You guysss, it’s finally here. My favorite weekend of the year… COACHELLA!!! I’m sooo excited. The line-up is killer (can’t wait to see Disclosure!)! I’ve spent this past week packing for Coachella (yes, a week… it gets serious over here). I get asked a lot about what I’m going to wear, but I decided to shake things up a bit and share with you what’s INSIDE my bag when I’m frolicking around the grounds of Indio. Ok, here goes….

1. Camera: This is essential! In addition to the musical performances, there is dope art at Coachella, so def bring a camera to capture the moments. Cell cams work great too, but be sure to bring a battery pack b/c you’ll def drain your phone’s battery.

2. Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths: The desert is HOT. These cloths are perfect for keeping cool and staying fresh when you are on the go.

3. Jewelry: Accessories are a must. I’ll be rocking these vintage turquoise pieces and a Vanessa Mooney coin necklace.

4. Head Pieces: I like options, so I always bring a few headbands with me. Shop Krown head pieces are my faves!

5. Wildfox Sunnies: You 1000% need a pair of sunglasses at Coachella!

6. Good Energy: I carry this rose quartz heart and these special healing oil blends with me throughout the weekend. :)

7. Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream: Since the weather is scorching in Indio, there’s a lot of skin showing at the festival. So in addition to sun block, you want to make sure your skin is hydrated and looks flawless.

8. John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum: The days are long while at Coachella, so gotta keep your frizz tamed!

9. Bioré Self-Heating One Minute Mask: After a full day of music, art, parties, and fun you’ll want to give your face a nice deep clean before bed.

10. Coin purse: This is good to keep all the important stuff in one place (ID, cash, keys, and lipgloss).

And there you have it. Eeeeek I can’t believe it’s today! See you guys in Indio. :))

PS. The pattern in the background is from my Cleobella bag!

*Brought to you by KAO USA.

Big Ego Part 2 - Requested (Michael)

Anonymous said:Please do a part 2 to big ego!! 😘 and  michaelssass said:Oh my gosh!!! Please do a part 2 for Big Ego?!?

You can read part 1 here if you haven’t. Enjoy!

“Could you hand me my sunglasses?”, Michael and Luke are in the pool and you sitting on the edge with your feet in the water.

You look over your shoulder seeing the glasses lying on the table, a couple of meters away. “Go get up yourself, lazy shit”

“You’re closer. You’re not in the water. If I come out it’s going to be cold and I don’t want to get a cold. My voice is very important, you don’t want me to lose my voice do you?”

“If that’s you playing with my feelings, you should get your shit straight. You don’t get a cold from cold weather, that’s a bacteria”

He glares. “I don’t like that you’re so smart”

“You should’ve stayed in school”

“But that wouldn’t have gotten my fame and money”

“You would have stayed normal”, you mumble.



“So my glasses”, you shake your head no. “Luke, go get them”

You see that Luke is making his way to the edge. “No Luke! Don’t get them for him”, he stops and listens to you.

“Why are you all so difficult?”, Michael growls.

You get up, wrap the towel round you and walk to the table. “These ones?”, you smile to him.


“Get them yourself!” you turn around and keep walking.

“Come on (Y/N)! Were the hell are you going?”

“Back to my room”

“If you were working for me, you would be fired!”

“Thank god I don’t work for you then”, you say dramatically and walk along.


“Aaaghrrr”, you smash the door behind you.

“What’s wrong?” Asthon asks as you drop on his bed, your face buried in the sheets.

“Michael”, you say looking up.

“What did he do?”

“This morning he was too lazy to get his own sunglasses. And just now he asked me to go and get him a special smoothie on the other side of town. He thinks I’m his assistant or something. I haven’t been his friend for all these years so he can treat me like a slave”

“No, not directly”, you growl. “But the thing that bothers me is that I have to do that. How can’t he not tell himself”

“He’s not the same guy he used to be anymore”

“Clearly. We need to do a real intervention Ash”

“He’s not going to listen”

“Do you have an alternative? You asked me to come, think it would help, but it hasn’t”

“We really thought seeing you would bring him back”

“Call the others, call Mike. We’re doing the intervention now, I can’t take another minute with him acting like this”, it doesn’t take long for all the guys to saunter in, but of course Michael is the last one to arrive.

“Why did I need to come? I don’t really have time of this”, he immediately starts whining. You roll your eyes and put your hands on his upper arms.

“Just sit down, shut up and listen”, you push him down on the chair. “Michael, I’m not here just for fun. The boys asked me to come, cause they can’t take you anymore. They thought it would help me being here, but it hasn’t. Michael you’re a big diva. You have this huge ego and it’s just too much”, you breath out, feeling relieved it’s of your chest.

“What do you mean?” he stutters.

“You have a big ego and it’s not okay anymore”, the guys are standing behind you, their eyes resting on the ground. “You need to get your feet back on the ground. You’re floating high in the clouds and it’s not okay anymore”

“But (Y/N)”

“No Mikey. You think you’re the Michael Clifford, but you’re just Michael Clifford. A kid that started a band with his friends and it worked out for them. We have been friends for years now and for the first time I really don’t like you”, you can see it in his eyes that he doesn’t get it like you want him to. “Guys, could you give us a minute?” They nod and leave. You sit down on the edge of the bed so you’re sitting across from Michael. “I’ve always had a thing for you Mike”, you sigh showing him your heart. “And because of that I could never stay mad at you. You could push my buttons and make me so angry, but with one look you could make me forget that all. But you have changed. You have changed into a person I don’t like”

“You liked me?”

“Yes. But that’s not the point here”

“No, I know I have a big ego blah blah blah. But all I can hear is that you liked me”

“You’re saying it, I liked you. After seeing you like this, that feeling has disappeared. You’re a person now, I don’t even want to know anymore”

“How can’t you don’t want to know me?”

“See that’s exactly what I mean”

“Okay, but that guy you knew is still in here”, he points to his heart.

“You buried him deep”

“Come on (Y/N)”

“No Michael, I’m going back home. I can’t take it anymore, seeing you act like this. It’s hurt, cause you were such a great guy once and it’s frustrating me”

“No don’t go”, his eyes are said and begging you.

“I’m going”, you press your lips on his forehead. “I hope the old Michael will come back one day”


It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas

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Hi, my Southern Hemisphere friends, or places that are not cold. Summer is not even here yet and it’s already hot, right? Is it getting hotter by the day where you live? In Rio de Janeiro we are already suffering the effects of the heat. Here we can’t find transitions of the seasons: just mild, hot, hotter and Hell de Janeiro (windchill of 45ºC and up).

We are craving for the holidays when we can go to the beach or linger near a lake or a pool, aren’t we? Or at least stay in the house with the fan in our faces. Maybe gather the family and eat something, put on some music. I would kill for an ice cold caipirinha in a swimming pool with my little cousins playing and splashing water around me.

I always dreaded the coated image of Santa Claus. Poor thing, wearing that heavy clothing. Let the man put on some shorts! Anyway, don’t mind tumblr much, many people here are not from places where it’s now Spring. Our Christmas has nothing to do with hot cocoa, snow, fireplaces or reindeer.

This is just a message to remember you to stay safe. Avoid the direct sunlight for long periods in the middle of the day (10am to 4pm), wear sunscreen (reapplying is the key, doesn’t matter your skin tone! also, wear hair products with SPF in them!), don’t be afraid to wear hats and sunglasses. Even if the sun is not completely out yet, the cloudy weather can be stuffy and make us forget to do these things.

Also, drink plenty of liquid! Dehydration here is not just a matter of beauty, but of survival. If you can, please give water to those in need, human beings and animals alike. We all inhabit the same planet and deserve the minimum of decency.

How different from the European and North-American image is your real Christmas? Can you tell me about it, please? I would love to know. I want to know more about unique experiences of all the corners of the world.

Stay safe, friends! Love, CL.💋

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