i want it to be sunglasses weather

the work schedule: IRBB

If life was just a little bit easier. We all did our best, and I’m glad to have been a part of this. I had a wonderful partner in @stacinadia. This is my entry for IRBB 2017, and again, thanks for the fun times! 


the work schedule

Autumn light dips onto Rukia. It’s warm, easy, just as the weather wants to be, and it’s perfectly timed for the hour. Goosebumps pick from her shoulders down to her forearms, and her gloved fingers curl around her suitcase. The train station is empty except for random strangers. 

Their large, brimmed hats and wide, black sunglass, more like black holes say more about their foreign status. Their laughter combined is deep, guttural, and they wave as they pass by, waving excitedly for no explicit reason. Rukia waves in return without feeling the need, but knowing her manners couldn’t be forgotten.  

Her wrist watch reads forty-five minutes past two. In fifteen minutes the train should arrive with her package, and from there the real work will begin. Her feelings aren’t set in stone for the matter, taking on this job. It makes her feel restless, annoyed, and relieved in one, round ball. 

Anticipation is somewhere down there, she knows, but it’s buried underneath the drive to get the job done before anything can become an issue. Months have passed since her last job. It’s the least, she thinks, she can do. 

Her arm aches, and she shifts the suitcase, staring down the railroad tracks as if the train will magically appear before her.

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Here is yesterdays look, finally the weather is so good that I can wear my jeans rolled up. Don’t understand how I survived last winter rolling my jeans up lol, that was crazy though. Yesterdays look was definitely a favourite, all black never goes wrong and it’s also what I feel the most confident in lately. Wore my round sunglasses, to add some colour to my outfit. Also a good accessory when you are in a time crunch and want a good photo on the first shoot. I always find that it’s my different expressions in my eyes that messes up my photos at times. Which I also did today, for my outfit photos. Will show you guys tomorrow. Deuces, trying to figure out if I should work out or see Game Of Thrones?! hard decision to make lmao.