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Yo nerds

July is gonna be an interesting month for me, why you ask? i need to raise £400 before august. I already have saved alot and ive calculated to reach my goal i need 21 people to commission me a £10 drawing.

Why this insane task? If i can earn this money in time i can get the chance to work with a voice actor/animator and now game designer kirbopher. He essentially is someone who helped mold my art to the style it is today and find myself as an artist.The chance to work side by side with him to add my character into his game as a fully animated boss would be something id cherish forever. Now of course i have to fight thousands of people trying to get the 7 places when that kickstarter opens but i really want to have that chance.

What can you do to help? As stated before i just need 21 people who would be willing to get a commission from me, If you cannot do this but would still like to help me in the long run you can signal boost this to anyone you’d think could help.

My commission info can be seen here: http://starlightsruby.tumblr.com/…/hereeess-an-update-falls…

Thank you so much for reading and i hope to work my hardest this month (also yes i am trying to get a job but the risk of me not getting one before the months over is a scary chance so this is a safe bet)

skittles-sky  asked:

hello! i was wondering how i should go about marking my sheet music for an audition, since i've never had an accompanist and the one i'm going to in august does. also, how do i set the tempo? i've read that you can sing a few bars. i'll be in front of everyone auditioning as well as the directors, and i really don't want to come off as rude! thank you!

No problem! okay so when you give them your sheet music, you should already have them marked. I put big brackets showing the beginning and end of the cut you’re doing. Go first to the pianist and be like “hey im singing this song. thanks for doing this blah here’s my cut. I usually take it this fast (sing a little bit and maybe snap with it) is that okay? Thanks!” and then go to the front of the judges and slate and do you’re song! sometimes I’ll show them a short pause or something to make sure they know hwo tthat will work

Does that sound good!@

With the attitudes of the last Papacy, the church won for itself great expressions of fondness from the masses. It became popular. Isn’t that wonderful, you might be thinking. We received plenty of esteem and lots of friendship. I have no idea what to do with the friendship of the whole wide world. What I want is absolute love and total devotion to God. Could that mean a Church only for the few? That’s a hypothesis, and a hypothesis isn’t the same as reality. But even this hypothesis isn’t so scandalous. I say: better to have a few that are reliable than to have a great many that are distractible and indifferent. The public squares have been jam-packed, but the hearts have been emptied of God. You can’t measure love with numbers, you can only measure it in terms of intensity. In terms of blind loyalty to the imperative. Fix that word firmly in your souls: Imperative. From this day forth, that’s what the Pope wants, that’s what the Church wants, that’s what God wants.

i really hate to do this but i just found out i owe ~300 dollars in medical expenses by august and my job is refusing to schedule me more than i already am i work minimum wage and receive little to no financial support from my parents despite being a minor. my commissions page is biteru.tumblr.com/commission send me a DM if you’re interested. if you can’t get a commission but still want to donate my paypal is samuel@bellver.net please help by reblogging this if you can thank you

EXCUSe my crappy edit. i, am sorry. also- yess! I know there’s a lot of stigma against lotor, but I DO know that there’s an abundance of Lotor lovers out there! And yes, there are a lot of posts about Lotor already, but what more than spend a week to create a more in-depth premise for our beloved prince? From July 30th to August 5th, join in on the Lotor content spree.

-I want this to be inclusive for everyone, so please, keep adult themes on the downlow.
-Do @ this blog if you can, since I may not find some posts.
-Anything is permitted! Art, edits, and fics! even mixtapes, if you want.
-Tag anything that is potentially triggering (and do notify me if i mistag anything!!)
-Overall, Have fun!

July 30th - August 5th

DAY 1 (July 30th) - 10,000 years

DAY 2 (July 31st) - Family/Independence

DAY 3 (August 1st) - Prowess

DAY 4 (August 2nd) - Free day

DAY 5 (August 3rd) - Altea/Galra

DAY 6 (August 4th) - Pleasure/Pain (okay since i want this to be inclusive, no nsfw themes)

DAY 7 (August 5th) - Reign/Fall

Fairy Tail Chapter 531 Review

So new chapters out. Guess I’ll do a review

So our color cover is all of Team Natsu. I actually really like it. It’s not the usual characters standing around in fancy outfits that Hiro Mashima usually does.

So we open on Christina fleeing from Acnologia and Wendy and Anna are talking. Hey Wendy I can tell you why you don’t remeber, because she never was in the story till 4 chapters ago. #stillpissedatretcon

We see Jellal and Erza talking and Jellal makes a really good point, why do we trust her? She literally came from nowhere, we don’t even know how she met up with Ichiya, how can we trust her?

And Erza’s reasoning for trusting her is, kinda shitty. You didn’t even know what the ravine’s of time were till 20 minutes ago, how do you know it’ll work. Also here’s a crazy idea, Acnologia is a dragon and this might just be me spit balling here, but DRAGON SLAYERS STILL ARE OUT THERE! WHy is everyone treating this like it’s the only option, again the reason the DS came to the future was to beat Acnologia, not be fodder for him.

Also Jellal, Erza really has only shown to trust people she knows or at least have some past with, obvious example Jellal she trusted you and recent example she trusted Natsu to beat Zeref when the war started. I’m just saying she’s only exhibitted this trait with people she knows, and Anna sure isn’t one.

So after some intense (or suppose to be intense) flying we make it to the ravines of time.

(No I’m not dignifying what Ichiya said with the obvious answer.)

And Acnologia flys into the ravines… FU-


I’m sorry but I refuse to have Acnologia go out like bitch. (which seems Hiro’s plan).

YES YOUR DEUS EX MACHINA IS GONE! Alright so lets actually do this right and get the DS together, you have Wendy plus and Gajeel and Natsu are in Magnolia, so I say you look for Sting and Rog-

They aren’t going to do the obvious answer are they? Nope. Well let’s get ready for disappointment.

So we cut to Zeref vs Natsu…

How? How did you find them? Were they in your random wandering phase, did you find them before this, we’re they something you discovered while making eclipse ? I have questions!

Zeref, wasn’t your thing life and death? Where is all this time stuff coming from? Actually here’s a question, where’s Dimaria? She possess the soul of the god of time, you think she’d be in this or possibly built it up. No it was more important to build her catty relationship with Brandish, I forgot.

Cutting back to the Christina…

Hey new plan idea, DRAGON SLAYERS! just sayin’

Also wait, what dragons can’t ride on things that’s how they’ll get sick. Umm motion sickness I assume would kick in if Acnologia is flying around all the time, but apparently just vehicles. selective sickness ain’t it.

God damn it Anna. If you guys don’t remember when Anna first showed up and I did a review of it, I said I knew where this was going because it has happened so many times before. To get these ravines open Anna’s gonna sacrifice herself in this big dramatic moment, only won’t be dramatic. Because this is a character that was introduced to us 3 CHAPTERS AGO! No build up, no establishment, no anything, and when she sacrifices herself we’re suppose to feel there was a big loss. I fucking grantee that’ll happen because it happens almost every damn arc of FT. Hell it’s happened multiple times this arc with Irene and August already. Usually I’m optimistic with Hiro, probably more than others,  but oh god this is the last arc, my patience has dried, I’m just expecting this to suck and I am calling it right here .So be prepared for that.

We cut to Magnolia…


Actually a small part of me wants to believe this is homage to the second arc of the series where the Daybreak book turned into Dear Kaby

Ahh remember the beginning of FT. Welp, back to the present.

My guess is what Lucy saw was that Zeref and Natsu are brothers.

And back in the guild Zeref gloats till…

Mavis. Oh joy I was curious how this climax could be ruined even more.

Any Zeref shows off he’s got everything he needs to reset time. but…

And it appears Natsu is going Dragon force. Umm question, 1st gen dragon slayers go into dragon force when they taste ethernano both standard and anti, and it’s because they are able to make a connection their attribute while consuming multiple magic, that’s how it’s been forever. But what did Zeref hit natsu with. Zeref specializes in black arts, I don’t believe they are a mass of all elements, just highly advanced magic. So how did they trigger the dragon force? Well it’ll probably not be explained.

Post Chapter Follow up: This chapter was again odd. I’m more afraid of what’s to come than affraid of what happen in this chapter. Like overall, in this chapter there wasn’t much but it’s all setting up for a very unfulfilling ending.

Let’s get the god out of the way, first and foremost, shout to Jellal for being the character who says the smartest damn thing this chapter. Another thing I like is the atmosphere of the opening of the Book of END. There’s something about it’s visual that’s so captivating.

With this being pretty much setup I actually liked a lot of the pacing this chapter. It’s much better than the last few chapters. Also I am hyped to see END I really am. 

Negatives: The action this chapter is just not interesting. I mean it’s just really dull. I can not feel anything for this chase. Also for a thing called Blue Pegasus vs Acnologia, I really can’t believe hoe much of nothing they contribute. Like really their scenes are just filler.

The other biggest issue you is Anna, because I grantee that’ll it’ll follow the same thing Hiro does all the time. I so do believe that Anna is going to make her big sacrifice opening the ravines (that way there will be a parallel to Layla and her opening the eclipse gate) because I’ve seen this so many times from Hiro and frankly I’m sick off it.

That’s why her scenes with Wendy meant nothing to me because form the second she showed up I knew she was just going to be a tool, and the last chapters are Hiro trying to stuff in as much to make us feel like Anna’s this developed character but no. It’s just going to end disappointingly.

Also it still ticks me off that the ravines are our ONLY way to beat Acnologia, when for years we’ve been building up the Dragon Slayers fighting him. I just am so upset by it

Final Verdict: 5/10

  • nothing really happens that’s good or bad
  • pretty decent setup
  • This chapter is really lukewarm

So because @swishyhairbarnes is an evil monster, she’s making me pick my top5 Seb Stan looks (wait was it looks or pics?? I’m going with looks because if this was already hard af picking just 5 Seb pics has got to be impossible). Here you go, Adeline, you jerk <3

In no particular order:

#1 Smol Floofy-haired Seb

#2 The SLCC Look of Sin (plus everything that happened at that glorious con)

Bonus: arm porn.

#3 The Outrageous WS Premiere Black on Black Suit

#4 I don’t even know what to call this one other than ‘RUDE’

#5 The Double-brested suit of Doom

And a few honorable mentions because I just can’t not:

Honorable Mention #1 - The Infamous IM3 Premiere Look

Honorable Mention #2 - The Jacket + Jeans Awesome Combo

Honorable Mention #3 - The ‘The Bronze’ Premiere Black on Black Suit

aaaand there.

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Wedding Dance1

A/N:  It’s been a while since we wrote something together, but we hope you enjoy this.  We think it’s going to be about 5 parts long.  This part is all Harry fluff.  Enjoy!

It’s already dark outside, but the chilly summer breeze feels comfortable. It had been a warm day, not hot like the days in late August usually are – a perfect day for a wedding. I want such a glorious day for my own wedding. The sun shone high in the sky during the day, and now the stars and the moon are twinkling with fairy lights.

I’m sitting in my chair, my place card in front of me in case I forget my name. Giggling at my own joke, I play with the white card which tells me my name in raised gold letters. My other hand rests on the stem of my wine glass. It’s nearly midnight. I promised myself I could leave at midnight, go upstairs to my room and sleep, falling onto the bed while still in my dress without removing make up. Who cares? I am alone here, so nobody will see me in the morning. My plan is to leave early tomorrow, so maybe I will be able to escape the parents of the bride. I crave my flat, a warm bath with a glass of wine, and listening to my favourite records. Yes, my flat is tiny, so I can hear the record player in my bathroom. Though my cozy home is small I could never relinquish the luxury of a bathtub. I sigh yearningly as I think of my empty flat.

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BoJack Horseman Aced It

A few months ago I saw a gif set of a scene from Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, a character from it stating he was not gay, but not straight either… maybe nothing. 
How that was probably the best representation for asexuality we got this far is under the cut (it got kinda lengthy)

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Favorite Things-chapter 7

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max has to deal with the aftermath of his decisions. What happens after Avonlea learns what has happened to August?

Word Count- 3.9k-ish

Warnings- Angst, Fluff, Smut (oral, fingering, sex), Non-con

Author’s Note- Alright, I worked really hard to try and get this out before our week long vacation tomorrow. Yay! Disney World! That being said, I didn’t read over this as many times as I usually do. So please ignore typos..I’m sorry. I’ll probably go back over all my chapters eventually to clean them up. Reminder…Max is creepy and makes bad choices.

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Not all the tags are working for some reason. I’ll try to message those that it didn’t work for.

Originally posted by mypapawinchester

Max sat in a hard plastic seat waiting under bright florescent lights. That seemed to be all he had done the last three days. Waiting for morning to come to see if August made it through the night. Waiting for EMS to arrive to take the barely alive old man to the hospital. Waiting for doctors to tell him there was nothing more they could do. Waiting for August’s heart to stop beating when they took him off of life support. Now Max waited for the paperwork to release the body to funeral home so his grandfather could be buried next to his wife and daughter.

He had waited his whole life to be out from under the old man’s thumb. His constant spew of volatile hatred. The crushing weight of constant disappointment. Always being compared to the man that took the life of his mother and then his own. He would never have to measure up to August’s twisted set of expectations again. He was his own man.

Being his own man, however, had left him in a tumultuous state of confusion. Without August to dictate how he should feel, he didn’t know what to feel. His mind alternated between guilt for not feeling remorse and relief that he was finally gone, but never grief.

He had no love for the only member of his family he would ever remember. What kind of person did that make him? That he could let his grandfather die without feeling anything. How could he be that cold? The fact that August probably would have done the same turned his stomach. He spent his whole life trying not to be his father. Had he turned into his grandfather instead?

Max pulled his phone from his pocket and opened his messages. He scrolled through the texts Avonlea had sent him over the past few days. Sweet notes letting him know how much she enjoyed their date. Worried texts wondering why he hadn’t responded. Why hadn’t he responded? He hadn’t seen her in since that night. He couldn’t bring himself to face her. He could barely face himself. Didn’t she deserve better? Shouldn’t he want better for her? He should, but he still wanted her for himself. If he should feel guilty about anything, it was that. His love for her was selfish. He wanted her even if it wasn’t the best thing for her. He wanted her even though she would despise him if she ever found out who he truly was. He could live a lie his whole life, as many lies as it took, if it meant being with her. He could and he would.

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anonymous asked:

what do you think jongtae meant with "coming back soon"? like in july/august? i'm confused because aren't exo and snsd supposed to comeback first? unless sm is planning to overlap comebacks again.

their comeback is going to overlapped with at least one or two others. there’s really no way of avoiding it at this point. there isn’t a lot of time left in the year and sm has to pump out comebacks from exo, snsd, red velvet, super junior and shinee still. (plus possibly tvxq and this isn’t including any potential solo or subunit comebacks, or the release of holiday albums.)

anyway. there’s no way that they could have a comeback in july. jonghyun and taemin are going to be busy with their solo concerts until the first week of july. taemin is also going to be promoting his solo album in japan through the month - of course, there’s no official word for this, but seeing as his first concert is in two weeks and umj hasn’t released any information on the album yet …, it’s now pretty clear that he’ll be promoting it after the concerts. along with that:  key is going to be finishing filming his drama, minho is going to be filming his web drama, and onew is going to begin filming his drama. so, july is booked up with solo activities and smtown concerts in osaka, seoul and tokyo. 

now, if you want my personal opinion? i think that the comeback is going to happen sometime between late august - early october. shinee are known to prepare pretty quickly and i have no doubt that they’re already discussing the comeback on the side - plus: we had articles confirming that they had began to prepare for the comeback last week. i feel that they’ll definitely be before super junior but after both snsd and exo (but possibly still before exo’s repackaged album is released). the two comebacks that are most up in the air right now timeline wise are shinee and red velvet, so. we’ll see, but i do think that we’ll have a new album by the start of october - or at least confirmation of one.

Shimura Tae-week

OKAY SO the lovely @penginius came up with the brilliant idea to organise a Shimura Tae-week, because she deserves so much attention and we love her hahaha
I already made a blog for it, over here on @shimurataeweek

This week will most likely be held in august, because of summer holiday, but not sure which week yet and I still have to make an official announcement for it!

If anyone wants to submit prompts, you’re always welcome to suggest those!

Thank you💕

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Announcement Time!!!

Hey, HEY, it’s your faaaaaaavourite Rob-writer popping by to drop a few important notices, in case anyone actually cares if I post stuff or not…!

Originally posted by m00ndanse

  • First up…I’m grounded. My mom grounded me for my horrible grades (I failed a Math subject, yes) so my writing process is delayed and I can’t be dropping new stories as frequently as I hoped…This punishment’s probably gonna last until August, so there’s a really bad thing right there. But fear not, I’m still writing, which brings me to point number 2! 
  • I’m currently focusing on writing a massively angsty Chuck Shurley x Reader series based off the 2016 Bastille album Wild World! There are 19 songs in the album, which means I have 19 parts to write, and I’ve already gotten a few done with, so there’s that. IF YOU WANT TO BE TAGGED, REBLOG THIS POST AND TELL ME lol.
  • For those of you who have submitted requests, don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I’m on top of it, I made notes and I already planned out most of them in advance. Just…y’know. Don’t send in any more, I have a lot in my plate as it is, what with trying to keep my grades afloat…
  • Also, is anyone interested in writing a super-cute Rob series, please let me know, I have an idea for you that I don’t exactly have the time to write…

So, tagging my usual suspects for this head’s up…

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I have no more antidepressants. I already took them all at once.

August 27, 2015 | 8:35 am

I’m in class right now. I forgot to take my antipsychotics. I have no more antidepressants. I already took them all at once. I have no more. I don’t know. I want to take more but I left the prescription paper thing at home. I hope my mood will be okay today. I’m bored in class. I hope the professor dismisses us early.

HRT day 58: Doctor appointment went well yesterday! We didn’t raise any dosages because the ones I’m on now are already doing what we want. Maybe in a few months we’ll raise them, but for now it’s fine. She did give me some suggestions for how to keep my boobs from being sore during the day (growing pains and tenderness), and she was impressed at how much I’d physically changed already. :3 I’m going back August 1st for another check before school starts that month and then after that we’ll see what happens. :D oh, and as a side note I need suggestions on what to do with my hair now…

Lamen Ficlet #2

Despite the fact that Laurent loves Damen more than he loves himself, sometimes, Laurent can’t stand the man. Unlike what Vannes thinks, Damen is not perfect. Infact, far from it.

Laurent hates it when Damen cooks. Not that he does often and not that he is good at it either- ramen and eggs being his only expertise and pancakes edible only if there is a generous stocking of maple syrup in the fridge. While Laurent appreciates the gesture of Damen trying to prepare him a meal on getting home, he doesn’t want to deal with the mess that comes with it. Damen leaves the kitchen as though it was raided by dacoits- flour on the counter, water on the floor, milk spilt all over the stove, utensils pulled out and upturned, dishes unwashed in the sink- it’s not what he wants to come home to. Sometimes there will even be glass shards of jars broken under the brute force of Damen. But sometimes Damen will prepare him tea after a long day at work. In spite of being a coffee drinker, Damen makes his tea just the way he likes it- just the right amount of milk, just the right sweetness and just the right temperature. And just like that,  Laurent's​ hatred melts like a glacier under sunlight, trickling cool water down the mountain side. He is not to be blamed if he moans into his tea forgetting his death threats to Damen, lest he should leave the kitchen uncleaned.

Laurent hates it when Damen goes partying with Auguste, Nik and Jord. Even though they are married, he and Damen do not always share the same interests. Sometimes Damen will itch to watch a game, play a sport or go out clubbing. He knows that the gang’s invitation is extended to him by default- Damen and Auguste more than willing to entertain him but it isn’t fair to intrude on the four of them. As much as he would like to, it would be selfish to want to keep Damen’s attention just on him all the time. He shouldn’t be envious about it, but he can’t help it- how happy Damen looks enjoying their camaraderie over a game, slapping each other’s backs and sipping beer, just like they used to in college. Envious that he will never be able to give Damen such company. But sometimes after such night outs, Damen will creep into his arms mumbling in a drunken daze as to how grateful he is to be friends with Auguste, because otherwise he would have never met Laurent. And just like that, Laurent’s hatred blurs like a bad dream chased away by a lullaby, leaving only the sweetest bliss. If he chooses to profess his undying love to Damen at that instant, well… Damen wouldn’t remember it in the morning.

Laurent hates it when Damen snores. Which happens every night. It doesn’t help the fact that Laurent is a light sleeper. Initially when Damen had moved in with him, Laurent would struggle to get two hours of sleep per night, leaving him in a cranky mood for the rest of the day. To add to that, Damen is huge. Even their king size bed feels small for the both of them. It’s almost impossible to move Damen once he has settled in the middle of the bed. Unlike Laurent, Damen doesn’t sleep still. Damen’s heavy limbs landing on Laurent every time he tosses or turns in his sleep. But sometimes, when Laurent returns from relieving himself in the middle of the night, Damen will be tracing his hand over his side of the bed as if trying to find Laurent, a frown encasing his face even in sleep. When Laurent fits himself under Damen’s arms again, Damen will pull him closer and smile in relief, instantly snoring. And just like that, Laurent’s hatred will lift like heavy fog lifting from the ground, leaving the air clear to breath. It’s not his fault that he can’t stop kissing Damen’s sleepy smiles.

Laurent hates it when Damen and he fight. Though most of the times, they manage to settle it after benign arguments, other times it pulls out, resulting in Damen sleeping on the couch and him not being able to sleep it all. It rises mostly due to the fact that Damen takes Auguste’s side on one or more matters relating to the the company. Even though he knows that Damen is right in his reasoning, he cannot bear the fact that his husband would side with his brother than him. It’s a petty thought and he know it. If only he could help it. Auguste and Damen are made of the same moral mould and that’s perhaps why they are best friends. But the next day after such a fight, Laurent will enter his cabin and find a huge vase of white roses with a card reading, ‘I already miss you. I want my best friend back’. And just like that, Laurent’s hatred will dissolve like sugar in water, sweetening it further. If his associates find the smile that doesn’t leave his face the entire day scary, it’s their problem.

Laurent hates it when Damen does the laundry. Laurent does the laundry, always. But when Laurent doesn’t find time to do so amidst work, Damen will volunteer to do it. He mixes the whites with the coloured clothes. He uses too much detergent and always manages to spoil at least one article of clothing under the wrong setting. But sometimes when Laurent returns home tired, Damen volunteers to gently undress him and massage his head and back with strong and able hands. And just like that, Laurent’s hatred will disappear like a mirage in the desert, vanquishing the illusion. If he demands his husband’s services every night to undress, who can stop him? It’s his right after all.

Laurent knows that he’s not an easy person to love. He’s stringent with his displays and declarations of affection. He’s not simple like Damen is. He wonders why Damen even asked his hand in marriage. What if Damen one day decides that he’s had enough of him. What if love isn’t enough to keep them together. What if Damen stops loving him or he stops loving Damen? He sometimes drives himself crazy with these thoughts. But then, every night, Damen crawls into bed behind him after he has dosed away, leans against his ear and kissing the shell of it, whispers, ‘Laurent? Good night sweetheart!’ And just like that, he falls in love with Damen all over again, his frivolous fears drifting off into the darkness of the night.

marvelanimelover  asked:

Hi there I hope you're having a good day/night. I was wondering how long would it take to die from a stab in the chest?

We’ve actually been having some horrifically long nights this week, on account of the weather, so, we’re both a bit exhausted at the moment.

I know I’ve gone into depth on stab wounds before. The closest thing I can give you to a coherent answer was this post on blood loss and bleeding to death from last August. You might also want to take a look at our blood loss tag and of course, Starke is not a real doctor, which isn’t all about blood loss, but the topic comes up frequently.

I’m honestly sorry, I can’t offer anything that we haven’t said before (in those posts), but the truth is: bleed out times are directly related to what has been damaged.


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