i want it to be august already

hi! i’m not memeufacturing!

people are already saying i am so i just wanted to make this post to say otherwise.

yes my name is august, no i’m not memeufacturing.

i’ve had this blog for nearly 3 years!

im not sure if memeufacturing had one but just in case, to prove im not them, my selfie tag is /tagged/my face.

if you come off anon, i’ll also give you my facebook!

i’d also like to mention please PLEASE check your sources before you accuse someone of being someone else. as an abuse victim it makes me feel sick that people are getting me confused with them.

thank you!

i want you to cling to me like your soft / buttermilked lungs cling to air / i want you lightyear-lit & unimpeachable / as an animal / i think we would be / a moonlit desecration / mere embers against / the anatomy of the biblical night / heavy with the tears of saints & lost prophets / fractured in fire-flecked pools / of dismembered stars (like your heart or a hot sip of void) / i miss August already, the way the angels toppled one-by-one into / your upended mouth / how the sun dreamt us / a new world where the dark / tasted like warm chocolate / syrup instead of a dying man’s blood / how our shadows could’ve made halos / now we sleep / gently / as the clouds string us up into / another space-time calamity and we / collect dust /our bodies / shining furiously / like / sharks or meteorites / our sadness / in our hands / rebuilding the / castles of old constellations.
—   You, The Animal & The Night || j.r 

Wedding aesthetics. Photographed by Amber Gress. August 2016.

Alexandra Lucia Sourbis, who is the PR manager of Ted Baker London, and Justin Bischoff, an assistant director (The Get Down, Vinyl), knew that they wanted to get married in the summer and, particularly, at the romantic, rustic, and very well-appointed Foxfire Mountain House in the Catskills. 

“I had a rough time explaining our wedding’s aesthetic to people,” Sourbis says. “I kept telling friends that I wanted it to feel like a modern spin on A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Not a surprising reference for a bride who was studying literature at The New School in Manhattan when she met her future husband, who, at that time, had already finished school and was working on the film It’s Kind of a Funny Story

The wedding date was set for August 6, 2016, a date inspired by one of Sourbis’s favorite excerpts from Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting. The beginning of the passage reads: “The first week of August hangs at the very top of the summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning.”

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When I found out that 6x20 was going to be the musical/wedding episode, I decided to re-watch 1x20, since there have been a lot of elements of season 1 in this current season.

What I have noticed from it was that there are indeed a few elements that have already been paralleled in the show so far; and others that could be very telling of what might happen in the remaining episodes.

The elements already being paralleled:

First of all, the episode is titled “The Stranger”, and it tells us the story of Pinocchio; which has been brought back this season already.

Most precisely it shows us how Marco built the wardrobe, and how August got to our world. We have already seen this paralleled in Season 6, with wish realm August building the wardrobe to allow Emma and Regina to go back to Storybrooke.

What I found interesting is how the Blue Fairy kept saying that its magic was only powerful enough to transport 2 people, but then she wanted Snow (carrying Emma) and Charming to go through it. Does that mean that when Emma and Regina went through it this Season and brought back Robin was kind of the same thing it would’ve happened if the original plans had gone through? Is Robin “part of” either Regina or Emma, and that means only 2 people actually went through it? Or is it because Robin, as everyone else keeps reminding Regina, is not real?

Another thing was August telling Emma about where he was when she decided to stay in Storybrooke, and he does it in these terms:

August: You ever been to Phuket? It’s beautiful. Amazing Island. Full of pleasures. The perfect place to lose oneself. That’s where I was when you decided to stay in Storybrooke.

Amazing island. Full of pleasure = Pleasure Island? Which has been brought back up again in 6x12. And 6x11, if you take a look at what August is writing with his typewriter.

In both episodes (6x12 and 1x20) the pages August has added are mentioned. In 1x20 Henry notices that Pinocchio’s story isn’t completed, and then later on August tells Emma he was telling her how the story ended. But then in 6x12, he tells Charming that he was ashamed of that part of his story, that’s why he hasn’t included it in the book.

This has been told already, but I really think August represents Regina somehow.

In the episode of Season 1, they both tell the story of how they respectively found Emma and Charming. It’s interesting how August tells Emma he is going to tell her his story (the story of how he was the boy who found her in the newspaper) and the next scene we see Regina and David, and she tells him the story of how she found him.

August: “We’re going on a trip, Emma.” who has been going on road trips with Emma so far?

I also noticed another two parallels between the two (Regina and August)

When we see August and Emma at the forest home, we see August being yelled at by an adult for touching the toolbox. That immediately reminded me how in 5x19 Cora tells Regina not to touch the box containing the wand.

Both stories end with the redhead (August/Zelena) leaving Emma/Regina. Zelena, we know was Regina’s half sister, and in the foster home Emma might have as well been considered August’s “sister”.

Then at the beginning of the episode, Mary Margaret tells Regina this: “Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness.”

And at the end, August tells Marco this: “I just feel like fixing things.”

Which at first could be seen as a contrast, but if you see August/Regina as the same person, it looks more like a reaction.

As for what I think could happen in the next episodes:

Snowing vs the Evil Queen

Snow will come back from the curse the Evil Queen has put her and Charming under, just as in 1x20 Mary Margaret has just come back from jail. We even have this conversation between MM and Regina:

Regina: Ms. Blanchard. I see you’re back.

MM: Isn’t it wonderful? Everything worked out.

Which I would see as how Regina would react when the curse finally gets lifted.

I also see how the Evil Queen might react to it. This is another part of their conversation:

Regina: Are you insinuating something?

MM: Yes, I am. But I forgive you. Even if you can’t admit what you did, I forgive you anyway. Your life must be filled with such incredible loneliness if your only joy comes from destroying everyone else’s happiness. It’s so sad, Mayor Mills, because despite what you think, it won’t make you happy. It’s only going to leave a giant hole in your heart.

Which is exactly what the Evil Queen has stated already, about wanting them to feel what she has felt: loneliness. And what Regina has told the Evil Queen: “You still have a hole in your heart, just like I did when I first came here.”

Maybe the Evil Queen will try, just as she did in 1x20 by trying to seduce David, to keep Snow and Charming apart; but ultimately she will have to realize what Henry tells her in “The Stranger” is true:

Henry: Go ahead and try. It won’t work. No matter what you do, Snow White will have her happy ending. She and Prince Charming will be together. The curse will end. Good will win.

And maybe the Evil Queen just needs her family’s “forgiveness”, to know that she is accepted as a whole, and not for just the “good parts”.

Emma and August:

At first August, as he is trying to convince Emma to go on a trip with him, he tells her this:

August: You need to look at the big picture. That’s the only way you’re gonna understand what you’re up against. That’s the only way you’ll know how to beat Regina.

We know that Emma now isn’t trying to beat Regina, but she is still not looking at the big picture. I kind of believe that August will have a part in Emma seeing all the lies H00k has told her so far. August might know some things that have happened that are missing from the book, just as he was about to tell her the rest of his story. He might know what really happened with Ariel for example.

In Season 1 August was supposed to make Emma believe she was the Savior, and needed to bring back everyone’s happy ending. This time, I think he will have to remind her that it is not her job to give H00k is own happy ending.

August: Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It’s preventing you from seeing the truth.

The denial can be both about her feelings for Regina, and her relationship with H00k. And the truth she is not seeing now is the fact that her relationship is built on a bunch of lies.

She literally can not see what’s in front of her.

Emma + Henry and Regina

At the beginning of the episode, we see Emma trying to build a case against Regina to get custody of Henry. And at the end, we see her trying to bring Henry out of town, stating they have to leave Storybrooke.

We know from what Regina tells Emma in the wish realm, that they kind of share custody of Henry now. Maybe they are working on the legal aspects of it?

I also think Emma didn’t leave Storybrooke in Season 1 because, just as in Season 3, there was a “piece” missing in their family: Regina.

Bonus, because I don’t know where to fit these:

1) Regina and David have this conversation just as they are about to enter her house:

Regina: Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.

David: Well, it’s more like flannel, but you’re welcome.

We perfectly know by now who has been Regina’s “knight in flannel armor”, if you need a reminder, here she is:

2) Mary Margaret at the beginning, when August installs a new lock on their door, says:

“As long as it keeps Regina and her skeleton keys out.”

But from Shady’s post here, we can see the key that opened MM’s door wasn’t a skeleton one.

3) Marco, as he wakes up on the shore after having being through a storm with Pinocchio: “Pinocchio? You saved me.”

Which as been said a lot between people who I think share TL - Snow/Charming - Emma/Henry - Emma/Regina. So, that made me think… maybe the TLK effect when getting out of the tree for both August and Emma only happened because the people who put them there (Marco and Charming) did it out of True Love? They were giving them their best chance, as the show likes to tell us.

So, the True Love colors showed as Emma got into the wardrobe and Regina getting out of the tree, are separated, but for now, because they haven’t been “united” yet? Both Emma and Regina are still in denial, and don’t realize the other feels the same.

4) After Pinocchio has turned into a real boy, the first scene we see of him and Marco at the workshop, shows us Jiminy Cricket (the conscience) being trapped into the clock. Which reminded me of how Gideon, of all things, broke the tower clock from the inside out. Is that a way to bring Emma back to her conscious? 

Tite, coach of Brazil’s soccer team, revealed that Neymar, who resigned to wear the “canarinha” armband in August, will once again become the captain of the team. After winning the gold medal at the Rio Olympic Games 2016, Neymar, great figure of the Barcelona and the selection, had announced that he didn’t want to take the armband of Brazil. “At that time, I asked him to let me know when he was already mature.“He’s going to be the captain,” Tite announced in an interview with the “Extra” newspaper. “Neymar’s immaturity does not bother me, it’s true, I smile inside of me when someone compares him to Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, they are different generations, but with a similar technical status, they have already reached their peak, and he has not.” .


OC’s BEST OF 2016
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will u be in financially stable in your early 20s though? i used to think like you and say that i'd have kids in my early 20s but im here now and all i have is like 30,000 dollars of debt and two part time jobs.. and im lucky because my jobs are technically "in my field."

I hope so man. I’m doing my best to be successful at 16. I’ve got a full time job rn. I start college in August to get my associate in Criminal Justice. And multiple police departments are already interested in me. I’m hoping I’ll have success. I’ve spent my whole childhood worrying about whether I would be on the street or if our lights would be on the next day. I don’t want to be in that situation again.

Xenoblade Comicals: An Afterword

I probably should have done this a week ago during the actual finale, but I had thought that I was already posting so much as it was that I didn’t want to flood your guys’ dashes.

Anyway, a week later from the last comic of the series, here’s a little post with my thoughts on the series. This isn’t going to be anything really formal, so it’ll probably be a little disconnected at parts, but I’ll try to stay on track. …It’ll also probably be pretty long, so get ready for a read once you hit that readmore :x

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Hello everyone! So on August 25-27 of 2017, I am going to meet Jared Padalecki. I’ve decided to make a little happiness book filled with your messages to him, whether a funny story or your admiration. Only I and Jared will know of who sent the note unless you make it anonymous. Then only I will know. All I ask of you is to be kind in your message; if anything rude is said, I will NOT put it in the book. Please send one in by August 1st and please use proper language! It’s okay if English is not your first language, but please refrain from texting abbreviations because I don’t know most of them!

(Edit: @jaredpunalecki is still me, except my instagram account. I originally posted this there, so I guess I forgot to change it.)
the tayvin fandom since June
  • the fandom June 2: the most beautiful thing in our lives has officially come to an end
  • the fandom June 15: swan goals was deleted just delete me too while you're at it
  • also June 15: a fucking plot twist
  • the fandom June 16: Taylor already moved on we should too
  • the fandom July 13: it got ugly
  • the fandom in August: wow taylor and tom are great together and this all-lower-case situation really highlights how exciting their relationship is
  • the fandom September 6: and my heart's not breaking 'cause I'm not feeling anything at all
  • the fandom September 16: ok after listening to My Way, I think it's time to move on
  • the fandom October 1: lol tayvin's still successfully buried inside our heads oops
  • the fandom November 2: but I just miss them and I just wish they'd be in love again
  • the fandom November 4: what
Survivor's Diary.

August 7th, 2017:

Dear Diary,

I’m still mad that Dad won’t get me an iPhone until I turn 12. Whatever. I totally feel like I’m doing cave paintings, writing in a diary. On paper. With ink!

But it’s fine. Just 8 more months to go until I get my new phone. I’ve already bookmarked a few awesome case designs that I want.

In class, Kellen joked that I wouldn’t make it to 12 and that pretty soon we’d all be dead because of the war and the nukes and stuff.

He’s an asshole. Plus I think he’s into me. Which is creepy.

Talk to you later…maybe.

Love, Maddie.

18th of March, 2029

Found this notebook in a house we were picking through a few months ago. I guess it belonged to Maddie. I wonder if she’s still alive?

My name’s William. I might be crazy for writing in a little girl’s pre-war diary, but I think that this actually might help me stay sane. I have to put on a strong face for the others. They look to me for strength. They don’t need to hear all about my problems.

But you don’t care, right diary? Right Maddie? Let me unload:

The foot that I broke last year never healed right. It still hurts every god-damned day.

Also, before the war, I always hated canned food. Even though we owe our lives to the stuff, I still can’t stand it.

I’ve pretty much stopped thinking about my family. At first it was too painful, so I forced them out of my thoughts. Concentrated on the now. But when I let myself think back… I feel nothing. Just empty.

That’s enough for now.


22nd of March, 2029

Maddie, let me tell you a little more about myself. I’m 47 years old. I used to have a daughter, older than you. She didn’t make it.

Right now I’m kinda the leader of a group of survivors. There are twelve of us: three men, five women, and four children. We’ve all lost loved ones.

We’ve settled down in an abandoned middle school. It’s pretty safe and there’s a little town nearby that we can scavenge.

The world isn’t too great, Maddie. Maybe it’s better if you didn’t make it after all.


25th of March, 2029

Running low on toothpaste. I hate it when I can taste my own mouth.

Janine saw another group last night on patrol. She said that there were some women in the group, which is a good sign. But you can never be too careful.


26th of March, 2029


Nothing much to report. Beverly is sick again.

We’ve decided to make careful contact with the new group. They look healthy and well-fed. Maybe they’re forward scouts for a larger settlement.

Maybe you’re with them, Maddie.



Clarence Darrow Junior High Inventory:

3 handguns 11 unspent rounds of ammunition

Assorted misc. supplies

12 individuals 1440 lbs gross weight

575 lbs meat, net weight after butchering



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all the best,


August 2010

Me: “I’m sorry for the way I responded. I’m just really really hurt right now, but it’s not all you. I’ve already told you how I felt. I have stayed at your side this whole time. Nothing has stopped me. I k now that God will give you the answer you need but please don’t forget that. And that I love you. Truly Madly Deeply”

Him: I’ve been praying and really listening to what God wants me to hear. All the same reasons why I broke up with you came up again. I feel we need to go our separate ways. I don’t know how to tell you over the phone. I’m sorry. Don’t think I’m playing with your heart because I’m not. To be honest, no one has ever showed me so much love and care like you have. I think that’s why I thought you were the one because I didn’t want to lose that. Another thing, I feel so pressured to be with you because you say you will never be with another guy if we don’t work out. Tbh again, I realized I don’t want to be dating someone my senior year or going to college dating someone. We have so much growing up to do. So going our separate ways is the best way to explore what God has in store for us. I’ll understand if you hate me and don’t want nothing to do with me after this but I can’t control how my heart feels. And the only way for us to separate from each other is to really not talk so much. I know this is a lot to throw at you but I didn’t want this to go on any further. And if God showed you that we are meant to be then later on we will but not now…Ily (My name) but being together isn’t working. Take care and God bless.


That week was the craziest week of my life. My mom had just gotten out of the hospital and, instead of calling me to sing me Happy Birthday at midnight, he started talking about his doubts and saying he was never really in love with me, even though he constantly assured me he was over the years. We talked a little throughout the week but that same day, my brother went into a drunken rage and threatened to kill us all and I was absolutely terrified and I told him I was calling the cops. I called him after because I was shaking and scared, especially since I thought they hadn’t taken him at first and that he was going to come after me. I left a voicemail and this was his response.

I was always there for him through everything but he couldn’t deal with how things were going in my life. We actually are good friends again, but it took 6 years to start speaking to each other once more. He apologized a lot for the way he left me and I learned there was a lot of other bs reasons behind it, but I am glad it happened anyway. Now I am with the love of my life who treats me the way I deserve and I have a great friend who has matured a lot and cherishes that I was always there for him when no one else was.


so I’m making letters for my wonderful boyfriend for when I move to college 300 miles away this august here’s all I have so far ^^
there are many many more to come that I already have ideas for (open when you need music that reminds me of you; mixed cd. open when you’re stressed: note with bubble wrap)
if any of you want to know what’s in those message me and I’d be more than happy to share, or if you have suggestions they’re greatly appreciated:)

Hello lovelies!

As requested, I made the “full” version of my previously announced planner! Because my summer has been a lot busier than I expected, I decided to post the planner in parts and not as a whole. Today: August and September.


Because I know I will not be able to finish it in time, and I’ve been informed that some students have already started. I decided I want to give you what I have now, so you can go ahead and start planning your new academic year!

Here’s the link to the Google Drive folder in which I will be posting all new weeklies (plus updated monthlies, because I added August 16 after a request).

What’s in this pack?

  • the updated monthly spreads, in full color and minimalist
  • weeks 31 to 39 (August 1 to October 2), in full color and minimalist
  • my birthday (although I resisted the urge to mark my birthday on it (8/8))

I hope you’ll enjoy it, let me know if there’s a mistake, and tag me in your planner pics! :)

Lots of love!

@qozelqort pretty nice but cold!! i went in august and i had a parka can u believe? but i found the city very pretty and the people there funny, the sightseeing part was REALLY nice except i was with white ppl who wanted to visit the guinness factory… how fucking boring… but the BEST part is the shopping cuz its the same stores as in london but cheaper + everything is already in euros so its a blessing!! i wanna go back and see more of ireland like the cliffs etc