i want it to be 2012 right now

Ok, so I was right saying this episode is going to be an Donnie&April episode.

I dont want to spread panic but …

Maybe this is the episode I (and a lot of people too) have been waiting for since the first episode of this show. Whether or not it is, I cant stop thinking about something else

Di Cicco …. this is the episode 100th of TMNT 2012 and you have been the lucky chosen one to write it. This episode has to be special. 

I believe in you 


Please don’t tell me that America is on its way to electing a man that calls women pigs, who brags about sexual assault,who has a weird fetish with his daughter,who wants to punish women for having an abortion, who questions our first black president’s birth, who called Mexican rapist, who mocks disabled people, who mock gold star family, who mocks POWs, who has a VP who believes in gay conversion therapy, who believes that climate change is a hoax, and who hasn’t release his tax returns. Please tell me this is a bad dream. How I wish it was 2012 right now.

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My kitty used to regularly wake me up around 7 am because I would wake up at that time most days, and I fed her right after waking up. However recently I had a week where I woke up at 5:30 and she decided that now she can wake me up whenever she wants, so she will wake me up expecting food somewhere between 2:30 and 4:30. Is there anyway I can fix this behavior and still let her sleep on my bed?

Here is a really good Jackson Galaxy video on this topic. 


soooooo, i’ve been wanting to watch carmilla for a long time cuz i wanted to know what all the fuss was about but i was always busy and i was always like “ok i’ll watch it later” and i never really did, but anyways, i’ve just finished the series right now (i literally watched all the seasons non-stop) and all i’ve got to say is 1) i didn’t think i could be any gayer yet here i am  2) fuCK ME uP & 3) is the word “ship” still a thing cuz i am shipping. HARD. like 2012-directioners-shipping-larry hard. 


Ashley Benson currently has 10 tattoos. She has the second most amount of tattoos, behind Janel Parrish. She has 4 tattoos on her wrists (2 on each), 2 on her fingers, 1 behind her ear, 1 on her hip and 2 on her ribs. 

Ashley’s first tattoo is an anchor on her inner left wrist. I’m unsure when exactly she got this tattoo, but it’s faded now so it’s the oldest of them all. The earliest date I’ve found of a photo with Ashley and the tattoo is August 18th, 2012. She has never talked about this tattoo, and it’s rarely seen because of it’s placement.

Ashley’s next tattoo is a cross on the outer side of her right wrist. She got the tattoo after drawing it on herself for years at the beginning of April 2013.

“I’ve always wanted a cross. I’ve been drawing it on me for years.”

On the inner part of her right wrist, Ashley has the number 3 tattooed. She got the tattoo sometime in May 2013. She spoke about the tattoo and it’s meaning to Byrdie back in 2014:

“I have a tiny three because everything happens to me in threes; it’s kind of my lucky number” 

Ashley’s final wrist tattoo is a simple “G.” on her left wrist. Ashley, along with a few others - including Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber and boyfriend Ryan Good - got the tattoo in honor of their friends’ daughter, Georgia Veach. Georgia suffers from a rare brain disorder called Lissencephaly, and the tattoo is to honor her struggles. She first shared the tattoo on Instagram on November 25th, 2013. She spoke about the tattoo in 2014 to Byrdie Beauty:

“And this “G” is for my friend’s daughter; she’s the sweetest little girl in the world.”

Also rarely seen, Ashley has an outline of a love heart on the side of her middle finger on her right hand. I believe she got this sometime in 2014, as the earliest I can date this tattoo back to is October 2014. The tattoo can only be seen if Ashley raises her middle finger or if her hand is positioned so that you can see the side of the finger.

Ashley has two rib tattoos, with her first being the roman numerals “LXXXIX” on her left side. It translates to the number 89 and I’m unsure of the meaning, but Ashley was born in 1989 so it could symbolise that. I’m unsure when Ashley got this tattoo specifically, but I believe she had it done in early 2015. She first showed it off in a photo from her Find Your California New York photoshoot, shot on February 27th, 2015. It looked new in the photos from the shoot.

Ashley has a tattoo on her right side, reading “We’re all mad here”. The quote is a line from Lewis Caroll’s Alice In Wonderland. The full extract is:

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,“ Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”

Again, I’m unsure of the exact date she got this tattoo, but I believe it was done in early 2015, sometime after her first rib tattoo. It was first seen in her Find Your California Los Angeles photoshoot, shot at the start of April 2015.

When Ashley left The View studios on January 12, 2016, I noticed a new tattoo behind her right ear. Since this is a place that is usually covered by her hair and therefore rarely seen, I haven’t found any other photos of this tattoo. I’m not sure what it is or when she got it done.

(Thank you itsdesdifabz!) Ashley’s next tattoo is a little number 13 on her left hip. I’m not sure when she got this tattoo because it’s in such a discreet place, but the first time she showed it off was in her Health Magazine March 2016 Issue spread. I don’t know what the meaning of this one is, but Ashley has a few number tattoos at this point.

On October 27, 2016, Ashley, along with Sasha, Janel, Lucy, Troian and Shay, visited Shamrock Social Club during the night to get a finger tattoo. Each one of the girls got the first letter of their character from Pretty Little Liars’ name and a full stop tattooed on their fingers. Ashley got an upper case “H” for Hanna on the proximal of her right index finger. The idea of the tattoo is that it’s only seen when the person raises their index finger to do a “Shh” motion and is a tribute to PLL - as each of the girls do a “Shh” at the end of the theme song. 

If anybody has any more information on any of these tattoos, feel free to share it with me!

Found this note from 2016 on my calendar

I was more ready than a white kid in the front row reaching for his backpack. This year. My year, it was going down. 2012 thought he was hot shit for that whole the world is gonna end thing. 2000 still brags about Y2k to this day, but me 2016; i made of my mind that I was gonna fuck shit up. Ive been prepping for this year. My first order of business was now that the homie Barack was leaving office, i was gonna replace him with an orange. I wanted the absolute worst candidate possible. Thats when it hit me. I fucked 2015 and right before I came, I stuck Donald Trump in her ass. This mother fucker was my new presidential candidate,. I knew people would fight it. So i took two of earths best fighters, Muhammed Ali and Kimbo Slice. With them gone, I focused on the music world. Those rappers like “sippin lean” and “blowing purp” so much that I titled Future’s beginning of the year Mixtape “Purple Reign” and then I killed the motherfucka that inspired it. Thats right buddy I Killed Prince!! That really put a damper into peoples hearts. Another thing that happened while i was fucking 2015 was people were so upset that there was a black guy in starwars. So i killed Princess Leia. Give and you shall receive. Then people started calling God asking for help. So I made their phones explode right there in their goddamn hands. AND I MADE ENGLAND LEAVE EUROPE JUST FOR FUN. IM NOT LEAVING BITCH!. FOR NOW ON EVERY YEAR IS 2016. IM TAKING OVER BITCH AND IF U DON’T LIKE IT FUCK U!!! AT 12:00 AM ON JANUARY 1st, 2017 ALL CLOCKS WILL STOP WORKING. CALENDARS WILL GO BLANK, AND U WILL ALL SUFFER MY WRATH. AS MY DESTINY TO BE THE MOST REMEMBERED YEAR OF ALL TIME IS FULFILLED.

Just to clarify, not actually sure the 2012 one is from 2012… could be 2011, idk, but, one of those years where I was just as disgusting as I am now

Improvement memem!!111!!11 praise me and tell me I’m good (but if I pulled up like something from 2015 we’d all realise my art is getting worse… so… never mind)

The left was done with tria markers, the right with copics

I just realised my current art style looks like Bratz dolls and I feel… disturbed :^)

(If you want to see the drawing on the right w/o the text click here)

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Nickname: Dani, D, Danisea
Star sign: Leo
Height: 5′6
Time right now: 3:10 pm
Last thing I googled: Kill Your Darlings used DVD Amazon, La La Land reviews
Fave music artist: The Twilight Sad
Last movie I watched: Starry Eyes
Last tv show i watched: It was either an episode of Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure or The O.A. I had The Daily Show on in the background earlier but I wasn’t really watching it
What I’m wearing right now: My super comfy black pullover and pajama pants
When I created this blog: 2012
The kind of stuff I post: Idk man, at this point it’s just everything I’m currently into. Some things have changed, some have not
Do i have any other blogs: @00-machina (Sci-fi, Futurism), also a NSFW blog ask if you want the link
Do I get asks regularly: Once or twice a week
Why did I choose my url: I was really into The Damned at the time. I also like the way sounded in my head
Gender: Genderqueer??? Still figuring it out tbh
Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw, with a side of Hufflepuff
Pokémon team: Mawile, Hitmonchan, Umbreon, Kingdra, Espeon, Venusaur (if it’s for pokemon go, then Team Mystic)
Color: Black, White, Klein Blue, Forrest Green
Average hours of sleep: 7, 10(+) if I’m going through a depressive episode
Lucky number: 8, 5
Favorite character: Uh too many to list. The ones that come to me are Lisbeth Salander, Jack from Mass Effect, and Ed from FMA
Number of blankets I sleep with: Layers when it’s cold, 1 if it’s warm
Dream job: Owning a record store, making audio/visual projects with people I care about
Following: 3,078 people

Tags: @eldritchcuddle, @goingtobed, @franz-tchotchke, @milamassasaragossa, @bonewhiteglory, @prettygoodatbaddecisions @overflow-s, @roxyglitter, @annaturaldisaster, @meteorite-prince, @northernceremonials, @mothervenuss, @marypsue, @the-funeral-party, @theideaofnorth, @muteoilydiscolour, @avoidantyuuri No pressure, feel free to do this if you want (I know I missed a few names, apologies)

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Name: Anna

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 171 cm or 5'7"

Hogwarts House: Feh… I’m not smart, brave, and I certainly don’t really have the qualities to be in Slytherin, so we are left with Hufflepuff.

Favorite Color: Red, black and orange.

Favorite Animal: DRAAAAAAAGOOOOOON Dogs, especially dachshund and dachshund mix. <3 (And ladybug, and koala, and hedgehog and- *rants into infinity*)

Time Right Now: 18:09

Cat or Dog Person: Very surprisingly a dog person. :’)

Favorite Fictional Character: TOO MANY, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Natsume Takashi, Samwise Gamgee, Zuko, Nijimura Shuuzou, Akashi Seijuurou, Hiccup, Adrien Agreste, and Obi. (And actually many others, but well, I will spare you all from listing more.)

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: One duvet.

Favorite Band/Singer: TOO MANY AGAIN, but a few from the many… ABBA, Bon Bon, Luis Fonsi, Tarkan, Kokia, Aimer, and many many more.

Dream Trip: A round-the-world trip. ;3

Dream Job: I’m… not even sure anymore…

Number of Followers: 362

When Was My Blog Made:  2013, on my Name day.

What Content I Post: … Everything I deem reblog worthy. *gestures to blog* Look at this trash dump.

Why Tumblr: If I remember correctly I made one because of a friend and to have a place I can store things I’m interested in. :’)

Why My URL: Well, akai comes from Japanese, and means red (and as I said before, I love red). Anna is well… My name, and I just wanted to avoid the thing where people online refer to me with a particular name, but when we meet in real life or something, it feels kinda uncomfortable when they call me that so… Yep, Anna.

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☆ Name: Zach

☆ Nickname: I don’t really have one, some people call me Z

☆ Gender: Male

☆ Star Sign: Taurus

☆ Height: 6 Foot

☆Sexual orientation: Gay

☆ Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

☆ Favorite Color: Red, and Purple

☆ Favorite Animal: Pigs and Cats and Dogs

☆Time Right Now: 11:41 AM

☆ Cat or dog person: Cats but I probably love Dogs just as much

☆ Favorite Fictional Character: Jean Grey

☆ Number of blankets I sleep with: I have 5 on my bed

☆ Favorite Singer/band: Lady Gaga

☆ Dream Trip: Disney World/ Land

☆ Dream Job: I’m not sure, maybe a game designer or animator 

☆ When blog created: May 2012

☆ Current number of followers: 1,164

☆ Why did you make this tumblr: There was a gif set that I liked so much that I wanted to create a Tumblr so I could save it forever

☆ Why did you pick your URL: I picked it because my name is Zach and I love Nutella

20 people to tag: @teenblunder @raviolimama @sleepdeprecation @sparxthejolteon @yeli @athenahex @lillemurking @ireallyseeupsidedown @mteelryan @pazzojinn @rudewolfboi @wemustntlurkindoorways @thefunker @istareintothevoid @keyofdflatmajor @alldelete @skysworn @thehunter-hunted @egiapro @lord-volibear

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Nickname: sometimes a few of my friends call me mijo
Star sign: Leo
Height: 5′11″
Time right now: 1:36am
Last thing googled: sense8 capheus recast
Favorite Music Artist: I guess if I had to choose just one, it’d be Florence
Last movie watched: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Last Tv show watched: I just watched the Sense8 christmas special
What are you wearing? my Katya shirt, a flannel, and underwear
When did you create your blog? August 2012 I think? Yikes
What kind of stuff do you post on your blog? whatever
Do you have any other blogs? nope
gender: male
Hogwarts house: I think the latest pottermore quiz put me in Slytherin (eiter that or Ravelclaw)
Pokemon Team: tbh i never keep a constant team
Mbti: INTJ
moral alignment: chaotic neutral apparently
Favorite color: black and blue
Average hours of sleep: 6

Lucky number: 4

Favorite character(s): Lara Croft

How many blankets do you sleep with? 1

Dream Job(s): i really have no idea :)

Following: 1,169

I’m tagging @arvale @ser1sly @areyoukittenme and @artisunrest

Woo hoo! Weetabix and milk babeh.

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Name: Kevin

Nickname: Kev

Gender: Male (or trash if you want)

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′4′’ (last time I checked)

Sexual orientation: Straight

Hogwarts house: I don’t know. Didn’t read too much of Harry Potter. I’m available of anyone wants me to join :)

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite animal: Giraffe

Average hours of sleep: 6-8 hours

Time right now: IT’S TIME TO STOP!! jk it’s actually 6:38pm by the time I type this.

Cat or dog person: Either / both

Favorite fictional character: Mr. Game and Watch

When was this blog created: August 2012 

Current number of followers: 2,510

When did your account peak: Around 2015-2016

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: I browsed some funny blogs and even other blogs dedicated to cartoons. I wanted to do the same thing as well, and that’s how I contracted internet cancer.

Why did you pick your URL: I picked my blog name from a SpongeBob caveman episode (from Season 3, not the one with the dank meme) and I thought that sounded funny.

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Name: Kyra
Nickname: Kbear, Queera, Babe
Gender: Female ish
Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'9
Sexual orientation: pansexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin bitch
Favorite color: green
Favorite animal: cat. I like plants too.
Time right now: 10:45pm
Average hours of sleep: lol there is no average
Cat or dog person: both
Favorite fictional character from Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood
Number of blankets you sleep with: 5
Favorite singer or band: I actually like songs more than specific artists
Dream trip: traveling whenever I want without having to worry about money (probs with @pirate-panda-bear if you want babe)
Dream job: leading biologist and environmental sustainability expert
When was this blog created: 2012
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2012 me: naive hoe that actually believed if a boy wanted to fuck you that meant he actually thought you were great 

2014 me: seasoned hoe who believed she could fill the void of the lacking romantic relationship she always wanted by hooking up with as many boys as possible and using that as a benchmark to which she based her success in love on 

2016 me: weathered hoe who has stood the test of time and now realizes while casual sex is fun it just isnt what she wants right now and has been lying to herself saying thats enough for years 

in other words all of the above me’s are: a mess™

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Name: Lola Nickname: Lollipop, Lola Bunny and others 

Gender: female 

Star Sign: Gemini 

Height: 5ft8 

Sexual Orientation: queer 

Hogwarts house: Gryffidor 

Favorite Color: pink, purple, blue, black… sometimes red

Favorite animal: do I have to pick?? 

Time Right Now: 9.59 pm 

Cat or Dog person: both tbh 

Favorite Fictional Character: Ummm… rn Ice Bear

Number of blankets I sleep With: 1

Favorite Singer/Band: I can’t pick 

Dream Trip: Bahamas with the people I love the most that aren’t family

When was this blog created: Summer of 2014

When did your blog reach its peak: early last year

What made you decide to make a Tumblr: I used to scroll through my best friend’s tumblr and one day I decided I liked the experience enough to make one myself.

Why did you pick your url: I think it describes me *shrug*

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Name: Denise

Nickname: Dennis, Denny, Din-Dins, Denisey

Star sign: Sagittarius

Height: 4′9 (i think)

House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: black or red

Favorite animal: Bear

Time right now: 2.30pm

Cat or dog person: both

Favorite fictional character: Chihiro Ogino (Spirited Away) or Jake Peralta (Brooklyn Nine Nine)

Favorite singer/band: 5 Seconds of Summer (my music taste is terrible because i will listen to anything and everything and like it)

Dream job: um a writer i guess…i still havent figured out what i want to do

When was this blog created: April 2012

What made you decide to make a tumblr? when i was younger my cousin would always show me pictures on tumblr and i thought it was p cool at the time

Why did you pick your url: i like the word ethereal so the start of my url is ethereal in French, space is so vast and interesting and i’m v short like a pixie

I tag: @ouraniablossoms @cloyfronkol @eosphorusss @sqiceworld @loveneverl4sts @colbrrr @jessica-tripp @peach-ghost and anyone else who’d like to do it :)

Name/Nickname: Ello

Gender: Lady

Star Sign: I a gem

Height: short

Hogwarts House: Slytherin pride!! >}

Favorite Color: Really liking corals and pinks 

Favorite Animal: All but mostly :3

Average Hours of sleep: My sleep app says 7.45

Cat or dog person: Both

Favorite Fictional Characters: love me scoot. love him hurt, and crying. 

Number of blankets I sleep with: just the one

Favorite Singer/Band: oh god, idk. lapin gave me MUNA and i love it, right now that is, who knows about next week


Dream Job: KITTENS

When was this blog created: ummmm sometime in 2012 i believe

Current number of followers: uhhh ‘bout 1300

What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: i came to the conclusion that the fic i wanted to read would have to be the fic i had to write 

Birthday: June 18th 

Relationship status: lonely

Siblings: two brothers and a half sis

Wake up time: on work days, too early, 6am. on no work days, anywhere from 6am to 2pm

Lemonade or sweet tea: tea

Day or night: both, i don’t have to chose, i’m an adult 

Coke or pepsi: coke addict 

Calls or texts: dont ever call me ew

Ever met a celebrity?: spike from buffy! and xander! jake the dog and that’s it 

Smiles or eyes: smile.with.your.eyes. 

Country or city?: city slicker

Last song i listened to: whatever @je-suis-le-petit-lapin is playing on his radio show rn 

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Nickname: sometimes koda

Star sign: capricorn

Time right now: 4:45

Last thing I googled: youtube

Fave music artist: panic at the disco

Song stuck in my head: end of all (fire emblem fates)

Last Movie I watched: spirited away

What are you wearing right now: purple t-shirt and blue skinny jeans

When did you create your blog: march 2012

What kind of stuff do I post: anime, videogames, humor

Do I have any other blogs: yep

Do I get asks regularly: not really

Why did I choose my URL: name of my favorite character in tales of symphonia

Hogwarts house: slytherin

Pokémon team: lucario, torterra, incineroar, alakzam, garchomp, palossand

Fave color: red

How many blankets do I sleep with: just a black and red comforter

Dream Job: something with animation 

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