i want it more than any other storyline on this show

On the episode

I enjoyed the ep. More than I think a lot of others did.

Maybe it’s the multi-shipper in me, but I rarely get grossed out or angry when my OTP (for lack of an more fitting term) breaks up and sees other people. Almost every time it happens we get some of my favorite moments between the couple I’m rooting for.

I get not wanting to see it. I get it being painful but we got so many other interesting scenes that I feel like, on the balance, we came out on top.

Which isn’t to say that the direction they chose to go with the storyline on the whole makes the most sense to me or that they’re the best writers or that they’re handling other storylines all that well either. These are some of the clunkiest writers on the planet. There are a lot of missteps. But I don’t think I can say that they’re doing any worse, or better than they ever have.

I enjoyed the stuff with Diggle and Rene a lot. I really need them to give Evie something to fucking do. Curtis being the only one to laugh at Felicity’s “you have failed this city” joke amused me greatly, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Paul again.

Lance and Thea were really fucking bad at selling Oliver’s death. Lance was a little better at it, but Thea was just chillin’ at his side like her brother hadn’t just been shot in front of her. Who knows, though. Maybe the constituents will buy it just because they figure she’s see enough fucked up things and she must just be in shock.

On Promotion and the EPs/Actors/Writer’s

As for what Marc Guggenheim said? Eh. Fuck him. He’s been a whiny, defensive ass that expects to be praised when he does things that are the bare minimum of decency and creativity and he’s been lashing out at fans since forever. He did it when people called them out for how the Shado/Slade storyline was handled, he did it when they killed Sara and people pointed out that having her hit a dumpster and then put her in the freezer was…wow. He’s been doing it to KC fans and Black Canary fans. He’s an asshole who thinks he’s a genius when he’s a mediocre storyteller who stumbled into some characters who are close to amazing and a handful of actors who do amazing work together and occasionally make the middling stories sparkle.

The difference? He’s now doing it with Olicity shippers. Some of whom do take way more credit than they should. Or at least, take way more credit than can be proven is deserved.

I made my peace with this show’s quality a long time ago. I still enjoyed the ep for what I think it was. An ending so there can be a new trajectory. More places to grow.

On the Fandom

I saw that a few people are pulling out of the fandom after the combination of the episode (or more likely the past few episodes) and what Marc said. I’ve seen others say they’re taking a break. I think we all get nervous and a little bit of a sick feeling when people we dig stop loving the show we enjoy. That’s normal.

What I will say, is that the current cadre of fic writers for this show are not the same ones from S1 and S2. There are maybe a handful of carryovers that are still around from then. Many of the writers who are popular and prolific right now didn’t even start watching the show or getting in the fandom until S3/S4.

This is the nature of fandom. It comes and goes in waves. Yes, there is always a last wave, but I honestly don’t think we’re there yet. I think that this show probably has two more years to go and we’ll likely see another wave of fic writers and shippers (and maybe new ships!) come in and do their thing.

My point is, don’t feel like because your favorite writer/writers are taking a break or leaving, that the fandom is going to go boom. It might. It might. And it will change for sure. But history tells  me that we just wiped out but we’ll probably paddle out to catch another wave.

I think I’m fucking that metaphor up. But ya know what I mean, yeah?

You do what makes you happy. You make your fandom bubble as big or as small as you need to. You enjoy or don’t enjoy the show. You watch because you love or you hate watch because you’re pissed off as fuck. Just maybe also be kind to each other, yeah? As much as we can.


I think it should be said every once in a while, that we’re dealing with distinct critiques here. 

There is commentary on characters and plot points…events that happen in canon. Things that end up on our screens. 

There is commentary about writing choices. 

There is commentary about meta, mostly from the writers and EPs, but also from the fandom side.  Mostly what they do and say in interviews and on SM. 

These are all different things. I can hate what a character chooses to do, and applaud the writer for having them make that choice. Conversely, I can be able to see a why a character makes a choice they’ve made and why a story goes where it goes and even be okay with it or dig it, and hate that this is the choice the writer made and think it’s a bad one. 

I try to be pretty careful when I talk about shows, that I’m specific in what I’m criticizing (I’m less careful about what I’m praising, if I’m honest.) I think sometimes as fans we fall into pitfalls of talking about all of it all at once in a jumbled mess and getting upset when we think someone is criticizing a character’s decision, when we’re criticizing a writer’s decision and vice versa. So many conversations get derailed when we aren’t even talking about the same thing. 

There are so many conversations happening around this ep and all the eps this season. It wouldn’t be a horrible idea to stop and really try and figure out what part of the puzzle folks are talking about. 

My respect for the EPs and what they say in interviews and SM affect me, because I’m human, but I’ve gotten okay at tuning them out because they aren’t canon. And they’re super flawed people that say a lot of things that piss me off even while writing some of my favorite characters ever. *hands*


To: Peter M. Lenkov, Re: Steve and Danny

My mother, a conservative woman over the age of 60, is a Christian uncomfortable with the concept of characters previously established as heterosexual ending up in same-sex relationships. After the “Hawaii 5-0” season 6 finale, she called me and said “They’re in love. I don’t want to talk about it, but they’re in love.”

You’ve built the entire show around Steve and Danny’s relationship, in exactly the same way “Castle” did with Kate and Castle. Yes, Chin, Kono and Lou get storylines, but for some strange reason every time there’s a season finale you put Steve and Danny together onscreen for more time than they’ve had together the entire three months previous. Whenever one of them has any kind of trauma, you stick the other right in the middle of it. You literally get like 90 percent of your emotional pathos with either Steve or Danny’s storylines by focusing on the agony of the other person. 

You say you’ll play some more with Steve’s recklessness, with Danny’s absolute agony every time Steve gets injured. You say it will be “funny.” It was never funny, and it’s somehow getting even less so as time passes. It kills Danny every time Steve nearly dies. Yes, you never actually include it in the script, but Caan’s so good an actor it’s written all over his face. You must know this, or you wouldn’t have rested almost the entire heft of the season 6 finale on watching Danny’s pain.

And the banter that used to be so cute and funny? It’s no longer either, and in fact has been painful to listen to this entire season. I can only imagine how angry Scott Caan must be about the scripts, because nearly every line out of his mouth this season has had acid in it. And Steve comes off as confused and hurt, because he can hear the damn acid even if the Powers that Be pretend it isn’t there. We’re in that period of the show where the writers invent horrible, stupid, illogical reasons to keep the couple from getting together, and I hate it here just as much as I ever hated it in “Castle." 

And the whole storyline at the first half of this season, where Danny was practically ordering Steve to propose to Catherine? Even if you completely remove all questions of secret romantic feelings, the entire storyline was so ridiculously out of character for Danny that it physically hurt to watch. From the very beginning, Daniel Williams has always been the most cautious, cynical, paranoid person on the entire show. He always makes sure he does his research. He double and triple checks things. On top of all that, he has an entire TRUCKLOAD of issues related specifically to marriage. There is no land in which he would practically order Steve to jump into wedded bliss with an ex-girlfriend who just appeared in his life out of the blue. 

In fact, in a land in which no one had repressed feelings, Mr. "Leap Without Looking” Steve McGarrett would have been the one eager to propose, and Danny would have been telling him to actually think things through for five seconds and maybe find out a few things before he ran out and bought a ring. But what we got, with a surprisingly reluctant Steve and a Danny that was pushing the issue in Steve’s face with a desperation that was slightly terrifying, is only possible in a world where Danny, for some reason, needs Steve safely married off. Is there an even slightly platonic reason why a single, marriage-shy man might need his straight best friend to be safely married off? 

I don’t dare let myself imagine that you’ll do the right thing by these characters, but please stop doing things so wrongly. It physically hurts to watch.