i want it backkkkk

Imagine Jongdae as a prince. Not that hard because he already is one. When he goes to one interview, the interviewers ask for him to reveal a hidden talent. He says that the kitchen staff say he sings rather well but he jokingly dismisses it. But the crowd present starts chanting, “Sing Jongdae! Sing Jongdae!”

After that interview, Prince Jongdae is set to release a solo album titled, “Prince Jongdae: A Four Part Series. Part I: Your Majesty.”


aghhh!!! there were so many nice people today,, people who just hugged me, came up and asked for pictures, etc. here are a few people around the convention today (there were some ship love childs i really wish i caught but none the less)! i had two people invite me to the formal meet up!! ahh!!!! but i have family over so i was only there for a few hours and only for today, but i still had a great time. thank you all!

EDIT: the cool nepeta - @genocideaquarium and the rad equius: @blankexpressions-and-falsefires also the super sweet signless and disciple (respectively) @19toothless98 @complicxhate