i want him under the christmas tree

Day Sixty-Five

-A woman informed me that her boyfriend is a railroader. There was no context, explanation, or follow-up, but I am glad to know that railroader is still a profession in the year 2016.

-Three dudebros came through my lane with armfuls of assorted children’s toys, high-fiving one another as their totals passed thirty dollars. This is the sort of support real men need.

-A woman spoke to me words that I will never forget: “My husband is worse than our kids on Christmas. We have ferrets. He uses our ferrets to open presents under the tree early.” All I want in my simple life is to meet this man and apprentice under him in his ferret-harnessing trade.

-An elderly man strolled through the store, his wispy beard moving to its own accord, his short steps each appearing to carry him much farther than they possibly could have. My life is forever changed having been in the presence of such a powerful tree spirit.

-The computer printed out a coupon for menstrual pads. I handed it to the man for whom it was printed, who in turn dropped his head, sighed sadly, and walked away. 

-An older woman approached me and began to place her items on the conveyor belt. Once she got to the bottom of the cart and spilled an enormous bag of candy, she looked at me and told me that this was someone else’s cart. She then took the cart and walked away to the back of the store. She returned a long time later with a cart full of pillows, very different to the children’s clothing she had unloaded.

-A man who seemed to be missing eyelids zoomed into the store on a motorized cart. Before I could get a good look at him, though, he was gone in a blink of an eye.

My Christmas Wishlist

Here’s a list of things I want to find under my Christmas Tree or under me.

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Imagine extending an invitation to Gibbs to spend Christmas with you, as neither of you have anyone to spend it with.

You padded into the kitchen on your way to the living room, a handful of neatly wrapped Christmas presents cradled in your arms. Gibbs looked up from where he was peeling potatoes, “Want some help?”

“I’ve got it,” you flashed the man a smile, peering around your armload of boxes so you could see where you were going. “Just tell me if I’m about to walk into a wall.”

Gibbs put down his potato, moving to help you, “Come on, I promise I won’t peek,” he chuckled, taking a few of the presents. You shot him an amused look and let him help you place them under the tree.

They weren’t anything big, mostly just for the sake of decoration than anything else. Presents for coworkers, a couple for friends, not many that would actually get opened on Christmas day. One for your dog, one or two for Gibbs, those were the only ones that would get opened on the big day.

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything,” Gibbs commented, flashing you a smile.

“And you don’t have to insist on making dinner,” you shot back, straightening and crossing your arms.

Gibbs chuckled, leaning down to press a kiss to your cheek, “Consider it my way of saying thank you.”

“Merry Christmas, Gibbs.”

“Merry Christmas, [f/n].”

Gif Credit: Gibbs

Christmas Pajamas

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 667
Warnings: Fluff
Challenge:  This was written for @avasmommy224’s Jenn’s Christmas Prompts & Gifs Challenge. My prompt was Christmas and the GIF I was given is:

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so I have to tell you all what my nephew said on Friday but first a lil backstory. my niece and nephew are dropped off here by their mom on her way to work, and they get on the bus from here, and then they get dropped off from the bus here in the afternoon until my sister gets off work and picks them up

now that we got that outta the way, on Friday my nephew goes. “um… make sure… on monday you wake up early to hang out with me and peach” and he said it all shy-like

I just?? that’s adorable?? my 8 year old nephew wants me to wake up at like 5 in the morning to talk to him and my niece before they get on the bus omg. that’s just so cute

I’m also really excited for Christmas this year cause for once we have presents and things under the tree (we were too poor before) and my sister and the kids are coming over!! I talk about Pokemon with them a lot and I know my mom bought Pokemon cards for all of us so we get to open our cards together it’s gonna be so fun

I wasn’t going to do this, but I couldn’t resist. Besides all my daughters boyfriends are busy helping with Christmas scarves and mittens and I had a few free minutes, I thought I would give it a go. Just kidding.

Everyone just loves to ask questions about MM. Some are so sure they are together, some want reassurance they aren’t. The reason you can’t put the puzzle pieces together is you don’t have all the facts. Will you ever have them, no. Not unless the Christmas bunny leaves them under your tree. Nope, not happening.

I have my own reasons to disbelieve this SM romance.
I will start with Abbie. I won’t go further back than that.

Abbie showed up at Cannes. Everyone was doing the mouth drop saying WHAT? Pictures of them getting into a car, on the red carpet, but her behind him.

We then had the we are together at a hotel, in Paris. Pictures of a breakfast in your room and drinks at the bar. Not them together, but innuendo so thick you had to get your boots on.

This went on and on and then the picture of Abbie in Sam’s kitchen with the “Heart Breaker” tee on. Making a cake and looking so happy. The picture of Sam skeet shooting and of course she was suppose to be there. The meeting they had for breakfast at 26 grains, where she was pictured going in, a maybe it’s them picture of them talking together.

So, if anyone says what is going on now is the BIG romance. I think not. After watching so much go down with Abbie, the moment I saw the wine bar with them I knew. Here we go again.

MM is in need, so was Abbie. Abbie had a movie coming out. It had a screening in Hollywood ( which everyone thought she had been there for Sam) but when it was released it flopped. Abbie needed exposure and she got it. MM was making a new film in Montreal and had a film coming out on DVD. Exposure for MM was needed. MM had a series that started on TV and it only went one season. Movies are not going anywhere. She needs the fans. She is sliding down hill. Hope Sam doesn’t go with her.

So now MM shows up in a picture with Sam at a winery, and not a random fans picture.A link to the studios. Un huh, right. A baseball game and she is running behind Sam to keep up. Ok. We then go to Montreal, where Sam just happens to be seen walking around the street, two days in a row. Not trying to be seen are we Sam? I could go on, but most of you know the rest.

If this is such a wow he is in love thing, then why is it so important for MM to keep throwing innuendo out here for us to see. If your with a guy, it will say that for itself. If the guy really likes you, the fact he is seen with you in a grocery store won’t make it so. People have gone to awards with friends, coworkers, even siblings, this does not make them GF and BF. If Sam went to NC to see MM where are the pictures? More innuendo, more guessing. He said he was there for the production and checking out places. If he came to see her what’s the big secret? Why not just say, I’m here to see a friend, GF whatever. Nope, we get to guess and fill in the blanks.

If this is love, I must of missed something. Do I think it is serious? Well if plastering your love life all over your fandom and SM is serious. I can’t see it.

What I do see is, actresses in need of exposure. More likes and followers to build their fan bases. Hope that knowing who they are will bring people into a theater to see them in a movie. Know who she is and say yes, I know her, she is with Sam Heughan from Outlander.

Do studios use their most popular actors and actresses to promote others they want noticed. Why not? It’s free PR. Just a few pictures a couple of airline tickets etc.

If MM doesn’t step up her game, if won’t matter if we see her with Sam. The studio will get tired of investing in an actress that isn’t moving anywhere.

Meanwhile, I am still wondering how Ron’s wife, Terry just happened to get bumped to the side (she is part of Outlander and its crew) to put a so called GF in the picture. That my friends was the show Runner and you won’t convince me it was Sam. If Sam wanted her there, he would of been more accepting of her presence. GF, but no red carpet? A date? Yep, sure, ok. Ron is a promoter and this brought gossip. Exposure all over the place. Just doing his job. Strange he was sitting at the table and watching the show from a front seat and next to MM. If Sam brought his mom, no notice, a friend, no, but a date. YES. Even Cait with Tony was second in the PR department that night.

I was told once to never believe anything you read about regarding events in Hollywood and doubt 50% of what you see. I got that info from a very reliable source. If that’s the case. All this is BS.

All of this and WS, fit together. It’s a matter of control. Just imagine control of a fandom. Thousands of people you can tell whatever stories you want to and they will believe it. You could sell them a failing actress and they would think she is great. Get rid of the non believers and you have them believing what you want. Promoters is what they will become.

I know, it doesn’t seem possible, but if you read all that Albrecht has said……he is looking forward to using SM as one of the new promotional PR platforms for the studio. Wow, imagine that. Now why would he say that?

No wonder I think this is a made for us, fandom, Droughtlander story. A new Sam romance on SM and no place else. And no, I don’t think he is gay.

Got to go, the guys are fucking up the scarves. Bye.

Fire Emblem: Fates Request

Requester: Reverse Anon

Prompt: Hoshido siblings react to Nohrian holidays? (Christmas+ Thanksgiving+ Halloween) I usually see Nohr react to Hoshido stuff on tumblr so I wanted to see the other way around.

Notes: I don’t actually celebrate holidays but I did my best woo. Also did them as headcanons I hope that’s ok - two per holiday.


○ Elise convinces him that people get dressed up as christmas trees for the holiday so she can cover his hair in baubles and decorations. He totally buys it.

○ The worst gift wrapper ever. Can’t wrap the presents to save his life and is confused when they go under the tree. Also Santa confuses him. ‘Santa didn’t buy this I did…?’

○ A bit more down with thanksgiving. He’s always happy to give thanks for the good things in his life so he likes this one.

○ Very confused about the lack of rice on thanksgiving though. Like ‘why is there so much bread and wheat how?’ 

○ Doesn’t find any halloween decorations scary and is, once again, a confused lobster.

○ Can’t figure out the costumes. Nearly kills Elise when she puts a sheet over her head and tries to scare him.


○ Enlists the help of er pegasus to decorate the top of the tallest tree they can find

○ Freaks out when Else and Sakura wake her up early for presents because ‘WHO’S UNDER ATTACK AH?!’

○ Offers to help cook thanksgiving dinner and is surprsed when all of her siblings agree so vehemently 

○ Eats like a half of the turkey herself.

○ Super jumpy on halloween and nearly stabs everything. She broke a display because it moved suddenly.

○ Gets bored in a haunted house with Sakura.


○ Everything goes wrong for him when he learns about Christmas, from getting wrapping paper stuck all over him to, ultimately, setting the tree on fire.

○ Swears never again and hates Christmas from then on because he’s literally the grinch.

○ Seeing so much Nohrian food in one place is really surprising to Takumi and he almost refuses to eat it.

○ Ends up having a few platefuls anyways and develops a soft spot for pumpkin pie

○ V uncomfortable with halloween because there are children eveRYWHERE

○ Eats half of the candy bowl before someone tells him they aren’t for him.


○ Makes the prettiest tree like it’s colour coordinated and everything

○ Loves that it’s supposed to bring both families together and proposes they try again next year.

○ Helps cook thanksgiving dinner but gets overwhelmed with the Nohrianns style of cooking

○ Has one modest plateful and is totally stuffed.

○ Lets Elise dress her up but spooks herself when she looks in the mirror.

○ Convinces Hinoka to go to a haunted house with her and gets so scared she cries - even though she tries not to.

Christmas with BTS


Basically buys the whole baking aisle to bake cookies for you and the boys

Perfectly wrapped gifs

Christmas dinner is on point 

A fire on Christmas morning 

Hot coco 

Him trying to make eggnog


“You mean it’s a drink with eggs??”

“Let it snow!”

Getting cute Christmas outfits for the pets 

“We gotta get these Santa hat.”

Coming out the room with wrapped gifts yelling “CHRISTMAS.”



The perfect Christmas tree 

The most festive yard in the neighborhood 

The maknae line helping him pick out a Christmas present for you


“I don’t”


In the end actually getting you a good present 

“Are you watching the Christmas live stream? You better be.”


“Oh look we’re under a mistletoe” 

“Of course we are you taped one over your head”

“That’s not the point.”

Eating all the chocolate in the chocolate calendar on the first day 

*Puts you in a Santa beard and Christmas hat just to laugh at you*

Singing Christmas songs loudly on Christmas morning 

Really poorly wrapped presents 

“Why should I wrap them nicely if your just going to rip it all off?”


Sleeping in on Christmas morning 

Christmas=pajama day 

Christmas trap music

Random Christmas rap 

Him having the biggest smile when you like your present 

“Is Santa healthy?”


Remixing Christmas music with his beat boxing 

Really lame Christmas puns 

“Whats surrounding Santa right now?”


“His….Ho’s ho’s ho’s”

“No, Stop.”

Having a real Christmas tree



Coming home to find the Christmas tree on fire and Namjoon with a bucket of water 

Christmas rap music 

“I mean why did we make Santa how he is today? To trick our kids into being good? That’s fucked up.”

Him at least trying to get you good Christmas presents 

Trying to make the yard look nice for Christmas 

“What are the armys doing right now? Are they getting nice presents?”

my son teddy lupin is walking the streets with his earphones on and his backpack filled with notebooks, crayons, books, bubblegum, mini chocolate bars and cigarettes. he sees something too good to just pass by it so he stops, sits under a tree and starts painting whatever caught his attention. 

he’s wearing a tonks’s t-shirt andromeda gave him the christmas of 2006. the t-shirt says living life in techniCOLOR, but you can’t see that because on top of that he’s wearing a remus’s jumper he found a couple years ago (after he found it, he slept with that thing for almost two months. andromeda really wanted to wash it but teddy wouldn’t let her).

he realizes how much time has passed as he looks at his watch and thinks it’s time to go, because harry’s dinner is, probably, almost ready and he likes to eat his food when it’s still hot. 

he really loves the days when he has dinner at the potters. because it tastes good and it feels like home. he steps up and hangs his backpack on his right shoulder. anyone that knew remus would tell you how much he looks like him but, if you get to know him better, all you would think about is tonks. 

he still feels sad when he thinks about his parents. he gets angry and he wants to be left alone. he used to go to the hogwarts library and read “battle of hogwarts, fallen heroes: in memory of those who died fighting for a better world”. he would look at tonks’s and remus’s sections, read everything over and over again, looking at their pictures smiling at him. but now that he wasn’t at hogwarts the only thing that could cheer him up were the potters. 

as he was on his way to their house, he remembered that time someone asked harry if he was his son too and how harry without hesitation said “yes, the oldest”. after that, harry started introducing teddy as “my oldest son, the one who likes to change his hair color a lot”. 

the idea of spending time with the potters never fails to make him happy, after all, they are the closest thing he has to a real family. he kept walking, thinking about all the good times he has shared with them and a smile appeared on teddy’s face and his hair changed from blue to red. 

Imagine Sebastian randomly finding Ciel’s old letters to Santa during their first days of the contract. And he goes, “oh crap, the young master wants all these things- my contract is in jeopardy, damn, alright, calm down, I got this. A new rocking horse, model 1880, a talking Edison doll. I don’t got this. Why.”

And Sebastian somehow manages to bring Ciel around 70 presents by Christmas day. But Ciel just scolds him for taking those letters seriously and says he feels insulted- this must have been that damn demon’s plan.

And while Sebastian goes off to complain about the “brat,” Ciel secretly crawls under the Christmas tree and opens everything. This was his master plan.

“— You know Christmas is just around the corner when you see people rushing to the malls, doing their last minute shopping.”Emily mused in thought, tapping her bloody red lips with her index finger. “You can see so many people looking forward to it, but I think the ones who are excited the most are deffinetavly the kids. Seeing their joy when they get to meet the Santa, tell him what they want under the tree, taking pictures with him - their minds are at peace and sometimes I envy them a little for it.”

How will Kai Propose to you?

It’s Christmas morning and you’re the first to wake up. “Jongin! Jongin! Wake up! It’s Christmas!” Hand in hand, you guys run down under the tree and begin to trade presents. “Me first,” said Jongin. He gently places a medium size box in front of you. You smile and begin to untie the ribbon. As you open the box, a little brown puppy with big eyes smiled at you. “Oh my God! You got me a puppy!?” “Do you like him?” “Of course! He’s adorable!” “Do you like the collar I chose?” You looked closely at the collar and noticed Kai’s handwriting. You bought the puppy closer to you and read it out loud. “Do you want to spend every Christmas with me forever?” You looked up and Kai opened a small box. “So will you?”

Best Christmas

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Requested by lucasroberthemmingsaf:  Could you do an imagine where Dylan spends Christmas with your family? X


WORDS: 219

WARNING: short but cute???

A/N: Enjoy!

Y/N’s P.O.V.

I was so excited; my family was finally going to meet my boyfriend. Dylan was happy to spend Christmas with me. I grabbed all my presents and put the under the Christmas tree. Dylan was fixing his hair and I heard the door.

“They’re here!” I yelled.

Dylan walks at my direction and I open the door.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” My mom yelled.

I hugged and her and my father.

“Oh, I missed you.” I said.

“We missed you too.”

They get in and the rest of my family too.

“I wanted you guys to meet Dylan.” I held his hand.

“It’s so nice to meet you, Dylan. Y/N talks about you a lot!” My mom said, hugging him.”

My father hugs Dylan too and I talk to the rest of my family.

We were all talking about how our lives were, my family was very interested to know more about Dylan, I felt so comfortable and happy.

“The dinner is ready.” I said.

I couldn’t believe that everything was just the way I imagined. My family loved him. This was the best Christmas of my life.

We were opening the presents and everyone was laughing and singing, Dylan sat next to me and I hugged him.

“Thank you.”

“For what?” He whispered.

“For the best Christmas of my life.”