i want him to come back

okay but imagine this… clary, jace, izzy and alec are all at the institute but they get called down for a meeting with lydia in the morning because somethings happened so clary is like “I’ll call Magnus, we need his help” and alec quickly replies with a “there’s no need” and they all give him an annoyed look because they know he doesn’t want magnus getting involved in this whole mess especially with Valentine hunting warlocks but damn it they need his help. and alec sees all of them looking at him and storms out only to come back a few minutes later dragging a half asleep magnus along with him and just says “you don’t need to call him because he’s already here” and magnus is just leaning his head on alec’s shoulder, eyes shut with his arm around his boyfriends waist, humming in agreement. and alec is looking down at him with such adoration in his eyes because magnus’ face is all soft, with his hair falling across his forehead, wearing alec’s sweatpants and his sweater, looking so adorable. and lydia is just smiling at them. jace looks a bit shocked that his “the law is the law” brother snuck the high warlock of Brooklyn into his bedroom but it soon turns into a smirk. Clary is mumbling about how cute they are, taking a sneaky photo to send to Simon. Izzy just looks hella proud of her big brother and is wiggling her eyebrows at him and giggling.

Star Trek 2009 Rewrite: Things that I wanted to happen but didn’t

-Spock’s birth starts the movie and then Jim’s birth in space is shown after because of parallels

-Sam (Jim’s brother) tells Jim he’s leaving for good and can’t take Jim with him. He apologizes before leaving. Jim either begs Sam not to leave, or asks if he will come back. Sam makes no promises but you can tell he’s struggling to leave his brother

-Jim then steals the car, passing Sam walking by and drives the car of the cliff

-After this car over cliff incident Jim, and his “Uncle” Frank have a conversation that parallels the one Spock and Sarek had after Spock beats up his bully. During his conversation, Frank tells Jim he’s sending Jim off planet to an earth colony. Jim tells Frank his mom won’t let him, and Frank will say that your mom is off planet she won’t find out

-Or during this conversation Frank yells at Jim saying “you’re mom may be on Tarsus IV but that doesn’t mean I can’t punish you” because Winona being off planet made me think what if she was on Tarsus and survived the experience

-After Spock rejects the VSA, but before the bar scene, Jim is seen talking to someone in Riverside while looking at the shipyard, this person says it would be cool to be in Starfleet, Jim expresses how will never want to join and gives reasons why (other reasons besides his father dying)

-No boob grab in the bar fight

-We see how Bones got onto that Shuttle or how he decided to join Starfleet

-Captain Pike reprimanding the cadets for attacking a civilian

-A Spock and Uhura first meeting that parallels with Bones and Jim

-Spock speaking in Vulcan with Uhura at the academy

-Some comment, scene or moment where Jim states he slept with someone male or expresses his pansexuality 

-At his hearing, Jim gets the last word instead of Spock before the distress call from Vulcan and is smug

-But his smugness does not last when Gaila yells at Jim for using her to cheat on the test instead of just asking for her help

-Gaila and Uhura are both assigned to the enterprise 

-Gaila lives

-When Nero introduces himself not only does he direct his attention to Spock, he addresses Jim as well because of parallels

-Vulcan doesn’t get destroyed completely but his damaged significantly that many Vulcan’s die

-Amanda survives 

-Instead Sarek is the one to die saving Spock and Amanda’s life so it parallels with George Kirk dying protecting his wife and son

-Spock feels his father’s love for him and his mother before his death

-Ambassador Spock interacting with Amanda, and Bones

-Ambassador Spock showing his pendant recording of Jim to Spock when trying to convince him to stay in Starfleet 

-Ambassador Spock referring to his Jim Kirk as t'hy'la (this can just mean brother and friend for non shippers) (shipper or not you cannot deny Spock and Jim share a deep connection)

-Memorial service for all those who died because of Nero including George Kirk, Kelvin Crew, Starfleet Cadets, Sarek and other Vulcans

-Graduating ceremony at the academy for the entire crew which includes Gaila. Scotty and Keenser are watching in the audience 

-Then Jim Kirk becomes Captain with his crew watching with smiles


requested:Hi:) Can you do 39? Joker leto does something that hurts y/n like cheat with harley or something whatever you want:) and she leaves but months later he finds her at some club and wins her back?// Can you write an imagine where Joker leto cheats on y/n with harley and it hurts her so much she leaves but months later he finds her in a bar and wins her back somehow —–guys i conbined these two together bc of thier similaries. 

“God I hate you so much!” (Y/n) yelled throwing a bottle of bourbon at him, he dodges it with ease looking up at her. “Doll come on it’s not like she means anything to me.” He yelled looking down at her, Harley a couple feet away watching the scene unfold. “Puddin who is she?” Harley kept on asking, “I swear if you ask that fucking question on more time I will cut you.” Y/n growled, Harley let out a gasp as she clung onto J, “Ahhh” she yelled before running at (y/n) grabbing a knife. J’s hand shot out grabbing it as a crack was heard, “Dontcha dare put your grummy hands on her.” Y/n smirked looking down at her, “get” he gestured as both of them heard the door closed. “Doll you said do whatever it takes to escape.” He pointed out, this angered you. “I didn’t mean screw your psyche doctor .” You mumbled as he pulled you against him, “she doesn’t me a damn thing my Queen.” She didn’t believe him, how could she when the poor girl was totally infatuated with him.

J thought everything was alright but boy was she wrong. Around midnight as J was taking a shower (y/n) packed a bag and left.

It had been two months since you left Gotham and you had found a little place down in Central City working in a coffee joint called Jitters. You were finally making a decent living, that was until you heard someone come in. “Boss wants you back.” You heard a voice call out as you began cleaning the empty tables. “You scoffed looking a Frost, “then why’d he send you, instead of coming his self?”, “he thought you would just run away okay kid.” You knew Frost was right before you even decided he began to speak again. “He knew you’ve been here for the last six months (y/n) he let you calm down before even talking to him. He’s never shown so much restraint before.” You stayed quiet for a minute when you heard the door ring signaling someone’s entrance . “My answers no John. He cheated.” You mumbled, your friends had walked in as Frost left. Y'all talked about how there’s a new club opening in downtown, decided drinking and dancing were the best way to forget, you agreed.
After a couple of shots, you finally decided to call it a night. “Cass I’m going home.” You yelled over the bad music, instead of driving home you decided to get a taxi. Leaning against the stone wall of the building waiting for the taxi, a group of guys walked passed you whistling all you could do is roll your eyes. “ hey ma.” The first one smirked blocking you in as the began to circle around you, “my boyfriend’s coming out.” You rolled you eyes, theses dumbasses didn’t care. As the first one decided to start touching your hair, this hits a nerve. You began to attack them knocking out most of the before getting hit in the back of the head. You began to struggle against the guy on top of you until you left the weight lift off. A gasped escaped as you saw a set of ice blue eyes before passing out.

When you finally decided to wake up, you noticed you were back at your apartment. “Morning Queen.” You heard J whisper as he handed you a pain killer, you wanted to hate him so much even after everything you couldn’t bring yourself to. “I’m sorry, she doesn’t mean anything.” He cried, it was the first time he actually showed a shred of dignity before hugging him.


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Pairing: DeanxReader
Word count: 1,119
Request: @smoothdogsgirl reader finds out she’s pregnant after Dean’s run in with the Hellhounds, She stays with Bobby and is there when he comes back 4 months later, both getting a nice surprise.
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @brinnyridesforgondor  @that1awkwardfangirl  @myspnsmutsave

Dean had been up front with you after he made his deal. You’d been seeing him for six months at the time, and he wanted to give you an out. You fought all weekend about it. He wanted you to go and live your life. You wanted to spend his last year with him.

You’d won.

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So I was at my/my bfs school (i do daul enrollment and he does night school) for a meeting, and it got out right at the time he usually gets to the school. I was all excited to wait for him to hang out for like 5 minutes in the parking lot with him and everyone see that were together. Well I told him I’d wait for him and he never said he wanted me to or didn’t. Then I decided to leave when he didn’t text back and I didn’t see him pull in. Leaving I saw his car and then him standing at his friends window.. I waved hoping he’d wave for me to come over to him.. Nope he just stared at me.. I just want someone who’s thoughtful and wants to show off our relationship especially after how he treated me yesterday. He won’t even post a pic of us on Instagram when I ask him to.

come back soon, edgeworth

word count: 519
summary: miles has to leave and phoenix doesn’t want him to.
notes: here’s a quick story i threw up within 30 minutes enjoy how sucky it is

“So… you’re leaving again?” Phoenix asks, a frown forming on his face. “I didn’t think you’d leave after staying for less than a week.”

Miles sighs, mirroring Phoenix’s frown. “Forgive me, Wright. But I have matters to attend to in Germany as well. You know I can’t simply ignore those.”

A whine sounds from Phoenix’s throat. “I know, I know. But I wish you would stay a little longer.” He huffs, crossing his arms. Can’t he ever have some time alone with his boyfriend?

“I’ll be back before you know it.” Miles replies, a forlorn smile forming on his face.

“You say that all the time, Miles. But you always stay a few days, hell, a few weeks longer than promised!” Phoenix snaps, and Miles’ smile is gone. His frown digs deeper into his face. There’s a pang in his heart, knowing that Miles doesn’t always mean to stay longer than expected, but he can’t help but feel as if he was being set aside. “Can’t I come with you this time?”

Another sigh escapes Miles’ lips. “This trip isn’t like the other ones I’ve taken. A serious matter has occurred, or at least, Franziska says so. I swear I’ll do everything I can to come back as soon as I can. I promise.” He turns to leave, and the words tumble out of his mouth before he could stop it.

“It wouldn’t be the first time you broke a promise.”

Miles freezes by the doorframe, his grip on his bag loosening. It flops to the floor with a thud, and suddenly Phoenix realizes what he had just said. “I… I’m sorry. It just came out, and I’m just frustrated with you leaving again and—“

Within the blink of an eye, Phoenix finds himself being pinned to the wall. Miles’ grey eyes stare right into Phoenix’s brown and blue ones with such ferocity that Phoenix suddenly fears what’s to come next.

“Phoenix,” he whispers out in a voice so soft, slicking back a strand of hair from Phoenix’s face. He looks so sad, so guilty, Phoenix realizes. He wasn’t expecting that. An insult or three, maybe, but not this. “I love you, you know that, right? And I of all people want you to be happy. So please, I’m asking you to endure my absence for a few days.” There’s a hint of pleading laced in Miles’ voice, Phoenix muses.

“Perhaps we can take a vacation together next time. And… once I come back, you and I… Well, I’ll make sure to show everyone that you’re mine.”

A deep blush appears on Phoenix’s face.

Miles moves in for a kiss and Phoenix happily obliges him; he knows that this is Phoenix’s weakness, and he knows that Miles knows as well. Miles hums softly in contentment once he pulls away, picking up his crumpled bag from the floor. “I must leave. The airplane won’t wait forever for me.

“I look forward to seeing you again in a few days.” Miles smiles, and god, he looks so beautiful.

Phoenix smiles back. He always knows what to say.

“Come back soon.”

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I headcanon Akaashi parents being... strict. Like, they want everything perfect.This college semester just ended and Akaashi will visit his parents for the first time in a year and he is positive his parents...

(2)will give him shit for the weight he gained, which is honestly quite a lot for just a year. I just want some Bokuto comforting a really nervous Akaashi and telling him he’s beautiful and that it doesn’t matter what his parents think.

i’m a sucker for hurt/comfort and just… no one should make akaashi sad this boy deserves all the love for his new plush ₊*ˈ˚·(๑˃̶̡̢̥ ॣಐ ॣ˂̶̡̢̥๑)·˚ˈ*₊ !!!!!!

  • akaashi doesnt tell him at first after he comes back home from his parents but bokuto can tell nothing went well. his bf is silent and refuses to eat or drink anything and bokuto keeps nagging him (bc that’s what he does in general) until akaashi’s face crumples up and he bursts into sobs and seeks warmth into bokuto’s embrace
  • between hiccupy words and cries he tells bokuto the basics: how his parents refused to acknowledge his academic excellence for the fact that he gained ‘so much weight’ and ‘ruined himself’ and ‘won’t be able to find a good girl to marry’ and how ‘he better get on a diet soon if he wants them to come to his graduation ceremony bc they can’t be seen with him now that he’s gotten fat’ and ‘ruined his athletic form forever
  • and bokuto doesnt get it bc he’s always admired akaashi and thought he was pretty, and the pounds he’s gained bc of stress eating as a coping mechanism from trying to earn the best grades are not going to change that!!! akaashi was gorgeous before and bokuto doesnt think that a bigger belly, thicker arms and pudgier thighs are going to change that
  • “no-no please don’t cry k-keiji..” bokuto tries to help, “i-i think you’re beautiful, and you got fat, so what? i’m s-sorry for saying mean things, but i think your parents aren’t understanding at all! and if they can’t love you for who you are, then they’re not being good parents..” 
  • akaashi is silent for a while and bokuto is sure he’s made a mistake, but then his bf cracks the tiniest smile and whispers, “thank you koutaro.. that’s really sweet..” and bokuto shrieks in happiness, wrapping his hands around akaashi’s doughy round middle, “i love this too, it just makes you even more cute!” 
I just had a thought

It seems like everyone, who wanted to get Ali down, is coming back. The Team against Ali, everyone is coming back.
Maybe because Alison is AD and they know? And they wanna end this?
Ali knows all the secrets. About everyone. And she isn’t afraid to blackmail people. Maybe they are sick to do the dirty work for her…
I don’t know.
It just came to my mind

EDIT: Also the way Paige reacted when Em said “It’s Noel Khan” - like she knows, that it is not him. But she can’t tell, Emily wouldn’t believe it. And also Sara wanted to tell, but Jenna knew, Emily wouldn’t believe. Or worse: tell Alison so she knows, everyone is after her.

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Talk to me about that Malec demon/angel kink you got ;))) ('cause I totally have one too) <3

Oh boy. It’s just that concept of Magnus’s demon side and Alec’s angel side coming into play that gets me. The books kinda brushed it, with Magnus always having it in the back of his head that he wasn’t worthy of Alec’s goodness, and feeling like he was coveting something he wasn’t supposed to have. I’ve used the notion to colour certain fic writing before where Magnus feels like his connection to hell and his demon side may scare Alec off, or drag him down with him.

And now I want to write fic full-fledged Demon!Magnus/Angel!Alec fic. Goddammit.

Sweet Homecoming

Johnny Gargano/OC. Reader finds out Johnny won’t be home for a couple more days and immediately get’s upset. You come home after a day of grocery shopping to a sweet surprise.

Requested by anon, hope you enjoy!! I think this was supposed to be a specific request but I forgot who the person was so I apologize!

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I’m SO split between how I feel about Maks being back. Part of me is pissed that he’s back because he made SUCH a big deal about how much his relationship with Meryl meant to him and how he didn’t want to come back and dance with anyone else. He said that she was the last person he’s ever want to dance with and the last and only person he’d want to win with.
But another part of me is like, well somebody has to bring the $$$ home to pay the rent and provide for his family so???
I don’t know, I’m going to be happy, but bitter seeing him on my TV screen. He’s full of crap in my opinion, but I suppose everyone is from time to time.
Still, I’m looking forward to season 21 with all these old pros coming back like Gleb and Emma(even though she was only gone for a season).
Here we go!! #season23

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Soo me and my boyfriend ..well ex boyfriend now 😔 been together for 7 months. we broke up today... and we broke up on good terms but deep down it was breaking my heart because he said "sometimes things don't work out" and he was being calm about everything but I could tell he was hurting too. we were both hurt. and I don't want to admit but how can I get him back? without saying anything. or will he come back if I just stay silent?

Maybe it’s best to give him space and you need the space too if things were meant to be they will be


The plan: Get up extra early, go across town to take the kids to the sitter, who will take Juni to preschool and watch Bean Sprout until we get back. Drive the opposite way forty minutes to go to court. Have court. Come back and get the kids. Pay the sitter. Hopefully not be resentful for paying sitter for nothing because court was cancelled/otherwise continued or postponed.

So I’m just sitting here with M while Bean Sprout wanders about. He should be in bed but he was fussy and I honestly don’t want to put him down yet. This is hard. This is really hard.

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top 5 moments of johnny+noely's friendship, if you're still up for that

im always up for talking about my fave lil dudes:

  1. when noel was working for a signwriting company in levenshulme, apparently he was working late stapling signs together (??) and heard ‘this charming man’ on the radio and although he had heard ‘hand in glove’ it didnt click with him until that moment and he knew the smiths were his band (awe)
  2. when bby noel saw the smiths on totp he came under the spell of jmarr, obvio who wouldnt?, he said to himself: “im going ti be like you!” and it made him relaize he wanted to play guitar, even tho according to him: “None of my mates liked them – they were more hooligan types. They’d come into work and say “Fuckin’ hell, did you see that poof on Top Of The Pops with the bush in his back pocket?” But I thought it was life-changing.” aweeee
  3. the story of how jmarr met noely “in a duffel coat” x aweeeee
  4. when they play onstage x you can see how much noel loves his hero its so sweet ahhh i love them both aweeeee
  5. and finally when johnny played on nghfbs ballad of the mighty i he made that song so fuckin goood thanks johnny aweee

in the end their friendship is so beautiful and pure and i love my two tiny manc dads,, also thanks for asking me this i will legit never tireof themtwo

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18, 21 and 22 for the TG ask meme! ^-^

18:If you could meet your favorite character right now, what would you say to them? Write at least 5 sentences!

I thought you should know that your son called you “Megane-san” vicariously through a hallucination of his best friend after you minced him to bits. I wish he said it out loud though. I just want to know what you think of that, even I’m pretty sure it would just go right over your head since you’re too busy thinking about butterflies and advanced calculus or whatever. 

Anyway, I miss you bro. I cried every day for two weeks after you died, which is just ridiculous considering you’re not real. Come back real soon in some flashbacks so I can be miserable some more.

PS- please tell Ishida to answer my tweet about Hirako’s dog’s name. Thanks.

21:Is there a character with whom you share a birthday? If not, who are the characters born in the same month as you?

Nobody has a birthday in January o(–( 

22:What’s your favorite arc?

Ahh either Cochlea, or Haise v Kanae/Eto on the LE building :O

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Thanks for updating the promt list! Can you please do 82, 80, 191, 99, 10, 75, 77, 57 and 50 with Dean and his little sister (around 18/19 yo) and they're hunting in the forest(actually he wanted to hunt and she should stay in the car and so on😅)thx

“I told you to stay in the car!” Dean whisper-yelled. You crouched down next to him and peaked over the bushes.

“I wanted to help!” You argued. Dean took a deep breath and chose not to start a fight right then and there. “Hey, they’re coming this way. Is that good?” Dean’s head shot up over the bush, “No? It’s bad, yeah, definitely bad.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Okay, Y/N, when I tell you, you run and you don’t look back. Got it?” Dean ordered, you rolled your eyes.

“Fuck no.” You responded.

Dean’s head snapped towards you, “Watch your language.” Dean said through gritted teeth, causing you to roll your eyes. “I won’t be able to take them on all alone…” Dean whispered to himself, but you heard.

“I’m coming, don’t worry.” You said with a smug smile. Dean gave you the famous Winchester bitch-face. “Hey, as long as you don’t leave me here alone, I’ll be fine!” You tried reassuring your brother.

Dean peaked over the bush one more time before looking at you with a worried face. “Remember when you were little and you actually listened to me?” You chuckled, but nodded nonetheless, “Okay, well, right now, you’re going to have to listen to me.” You tilted your head. “Run.” Dean grabbed your arm and bolted to the Impala. Luckily it wasn’t that far away so you two got there with a few gunshots fired at you here and there.

Prompt List


Last night I walked around the city of New York because I was lonely and I was exploring.
I ran into the cute family cafe but it was already closed, it was such a bummer since I wanted to go in and get a late night coffee

Looking in the mirror, I saw a guy resting at the front counter, I was drawn in when I saw his restful face and nothing could’ve stopped me from staring.

After staring for what seems to be hours but could’ve been no more than 10 minutes. He wakes up and makes eye contacts with me, I swore my heart skipped a beat
He walked up towards me and I was starting to panic, when he got up to the window, it was thin enough for me to hear him.

He told me they were close but he’ll open up for me if I want and that made me blush right then and there
I decline and he told me he hoped I will come back tomorrow and that made me almost faint, he probably just wanted more customers and to get my money though…

I’m definitely coming back though

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who was that cute guy with wild black hair & sideburns in that theater comic!? ... totally asking for innocent reasons~

Haha! That’s my straight best friend and old crush, Xavier. You can see him in older episodes if you want to see more of him. He will also come back in the future. I’ll tell him you find him cute, he’ll love it. ;)

-Guillaume aka Will

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Okay but Luke coming home late from the studio and you're already in bed and he comes into your shared room so quietly because he doesn't want to wake you and he strips down to his boxers before slipping into bed and pulling you into him and you'd just mumble a little hello and kiss his cheek before snuggling back into him and falling asleep again and he'd just sigh into you loving how much you loved him and how much he loved you and that with you in his arms everything is perfect

aaaawwwwwww, he’d be the most cuddliest boy when he was sleepy, I love Luke so much. He’d be so warm and so nice to sleep next to. 

[ ;;&. starter for the beautiful @sensualiist; ]

“i come with your favorite candy and flowers,” nick murmured pretty loudly, looking around the open door to look at demi. he was a little more wary recently, not wanting to be on the end of her hormones, so he always came back to the hotel room with something now. “and maybe a couple of kisses if you’re wanting them.” deciding he was in the clear, nick stepped in and closed the door behind him quickly. “dems?”