i want him to be tobias so bad!!!

“Nate?” Tobias said quietly when he found himself on the bed surface and Nate on top of him. “I want you so bad that you can’t imagine, I’ve had so many freaking wet fantasies about you inside me, but I can’t right now. It sucks so much.”

“It’s alright, don’t worry. Is this to do with Stritter and what he tried to… you know?”

“Oh! No, of course not, this asshole doesn’t deserve such acknowledgement. It’s my tattoos, they still hurt a little bit because I’ve had them just recently so I don’t think I’ll be able to relax and feel pleasure like I’m supposed to. That’s quite a distraction.”

“They’re beautiful by the way,” Nate kissed the top of his nose. “I remember you saying that you wanted tattoos, I’d always pictured you looking even more fantastic with them. And yeah… I still have to redeem myself to you, and I know the way that you’d definitely like.”

[3/365] - January 3rd 2017: Phở Takeout / Bad Blood Fin

I ended up buying 4 meals worth of Vietnamese food for takeout, and I love the fact that the people behind the counter just assume that I’m ordering for the whole family hence the number of chopsticks. I hope the soup heals me a bit though- cause I sure as well was too lazy to make any myself. I dunno why but when I get sick I have very inconsistent cravings. I’m sure I’ll want nothing but ice cream tomorrow.

Finished the Bad Blood DLC today too. Was super satisfied with this arc particularly because of the bromance between T-bone and Tobias. Damn buggers cracked me up so much. Unfortunately, I’m still left with a lingering want to see Aiden. There was this hilarious recording of him reading out a banana bread recipe. It was so deadpan and unexpected- made my night bahahahaha.

“I still cry for Tobias. I feel like he didn’t deserve what was his short handed fate, losing Tris and all. It makes my heart ache still to this day. And I have a huge obsession with Theo James. I want to meet him so tremendously bad, but I’d probably just try to kiss those gorgeous lips! I love how he is about social media, and his music and piano playing makes me melt. I’m so infatuated with him, I’m almost positive! I love Theo more than Tobias, and that’s so opposite from a lot of fans.”