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For: Anon

Imagine: Coming in first ranking, and tricking your boyfriend/trainer, Four, into thinking that you’ve been cut.

The moment you jumped from the roof and into the Dauntless compound, you were instantly infatuated by Four. He was your trainer, and a month into training, you and Four finally confessed your liking towards each other. Your relationship advanced quite a bit since then. Four gave you private training sessions, which lead you to come in third place for the training portion.

When it came to fear training, you did extremely well considering the fact that you only had five fears, only one more than your boyfriend, whom you know knew as Tobias, but of course, you were only allowed to call him that when the two of you were alone.

Today was the day that you would find out your final result. You meet Four on the roof right after fear landscapes, “Hey Toby!”

“Hey beautiful, how was the landscape?” He asks, he wasn’t able to stay back and watch how your landscape went.

“It was horrific, but I think it turned out pretty decent,” You answer.

He chuckles and pulls you into his arms, “I’m so proud of how far you’ve come Y/N.”

“What if I don’t make it Tobias? What if I get cut?”

“Not possible, you can’t get cut Y/N, you’ll do fine!” He reassures you.

“Ya but I said my landscape was decent, not great,” You say worried.

“You’re going to make it Y/N, now quite worrying.”

“I really hope so Toby, I would never want to leave you,” You lean up and kiss him.

“You’re not leaving, I won’t let you,” He says before kissing you again.

“We should go, they’ll be posting the ranks soon,” You finally say.

“I feel really bad, but I have to go to my shift in the control room,” You pout, “I’m sorry Y/N, but I’ll meet you back here at 10:30 tonight.”

“Fine,” You say, he kisses your forehead one last time before you leave.

You stare up at the rank board in awe:

1. Y/N

2. Max

3. Ruby

First?! What I got first?! Everyone congratulates you and Max comes to talk to you about an open leadership position, and you instantly accept.

You get on the roof at exactly 10:29 pm, and you decide that it would be a wonderful time to prank your lovely boyfriend; you stare off into the distance, trying not to blink until your eyes fill with tears. You were actually pretty good at fake crying, you begin to feel your face heat up and the tears finally start streaming down your face.

You here the door behind you open and you don’t look back, you continue staring off into the night sky. You finally hear Tobias’ voice, “Y/N? Baby are you alright?”

You sniffle, and he’s instantly by your side, he forces you to face him, “Shit Y/N, what happened? Why are you crying Y/N?!”

“I-I’ve been cut,” You say looking down, “I have to leave by tomorrow morning.”

“What?! What the fuck are you talking about?! How is that even possible Y/N?!” He cries shaking your shoulders.

“Well that’s what the score board said! There’s nothing I can do now Tobias!” You yell back, “I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t yell at you, I really don’t want to leave you Toby, but I have to, I failed Toby.”

He falls to the ground and holds his head in his hands, “I-I can’t lose you Y/N, you’re all I have.”

You start feeling bad about your little prank; you decide to tell him the truth, “Tobias I-”

“No Y/N, it’s not your fault, I’ve made up my mind, if you leave, I’m leaving with you!” The thought that Tobias loved you so much made your heart melt.

“Shit, Toby I’m so sorry,” You laugh, “I can’t do this anymore. You are so perfect!”

“W-what? Why are you laughing?”

“I’m joking Tobias! I didn’t get cut,” His face is stuck by confusion, “I actually got first ranking, and I was offered a leadership position!”

“So that was supposed to be a joke?! That was not funny Y/N!” He sighs in exhaustion.

“I’m sorry Toby, I thought I would just get revenge for you not being here during my landscape and not being there for ranks,” He rolls his eyes.

“You know you’re a-”

“A bitch?” You laugh, “Yeah, I know.”

“Fuck you,” He says jokingly before pulling you up against himself, “I’m so proud of you Y/N.”

“Thank you Toby,” He kisses you passionately, and you’ve never been happier.

A/N: If any of you picked up on it, the names were the courtesy of my younger sister. LMAO!

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Tobias’ sister

This is my first imagine. Please, do not hold back to tell me what to improve, it will help me. And sorry for my bad english (I’m french). I hope you will like it! 

Pairing : eric x reader

Prompt : You’re Tobias’ sister and Eric knows it but doesn’t care and tease you

Warnings : swearing, fluffy

Words : 663

I can make resquest :)

It was my first night as a dauntless. I dreamed about this day for so long, I didn’t even know how to react about it. When my brother Tobias first told me he wanted to be a dauntless, I could only support him. Seriously, I would’ve even go to the erudite just to get ride of our father ‘’Next year, I will join you’’ I said. And this day has come, but the reunion wasn’t quite what I had imagine. 

This morning, at the dinner, I saw Tobias, or should I say Four, in the pit, alone.

‘’Tobias!’’ I couldn’t help but give him a hug.

‘’(Y/N)? I was hoping to see you safe and sound’’ He looked me in the eyes with sparkel in his gaze. ‘’Was it difficult with Marcus?’’

‘’You know, I just kept telling my self that I was going to see you soon’’ I smiled. I didn’t wanted to think about our father, this day was supposed to be the best of my life.

‘’Four, what are you doing, flirting with the initate?’’ Eric, a dauntless leader, asked with a overly soft voice. His gaze was dark and his piercings was making him even more scary. He came to my side and he putted a hand on my shoulders. I felt his hot breath against my neck, making shivers growing down my spin (those dauntless guys are really intimidating). I didn’t dare to move, but if I knew what a jerk he was, I would’ve break his fucking hand. He looked at me with a… was it a smile?

‘’What is your name, love?’’ I will always remember the look my brother gaved him, deadly.


‘’Such a beautiful name, now, if it doesn’t botter you, could you join the others at the table? And if I ever see Four and you talking again, you may not pass the initiation’’

‘’What!?You can’t do that!’’ I said ‘’He is my brother. Please, I didn’t see him for the past year, I think I deserve a little chat with him!’’

I looked upon my brother with concern, why do this jerk called him Four? And why he fucking forbade me to see my only family?

‘’Don’t get use to this kind of attention, love. I don’t fucking care’’ He laughed at me.

Tobias sighed.

‘’Eric, we had a deal, you’ll leave my sister alone, remember?’’

At this moment, they lost me. I had no idea what was going on.

‘’Four, the intelligence sector of Dauntless called for you’’ someone came to tell him. He looked at me one second, than go against his will.

‘’Remember, Eric’’

‘’You know what, I changed my mind’’ He said while staring at me with a smirk when my brother was gone. 

He putted his hand on my back and bring me into an empty corridor. I did not know what was happening or where we were and so, naively, I thought he was going to take me back to the bedroom of the initates. Well, he doesn’t. 

Instead, he slammed me against the wall and blocked me from moving by pressing his body against mine. My heart was beating violently in my chest. Both of his hands were on either side of my head. I couldn’t looked him in the eyes and I think he taught it was funny. Maybe for him, scaring the girls was just a game, or I was the only one he ever frightenned because I just transfer and none of the abnegation boys ever do that to me.

I could imagine the smirk on his face, the way he looked at me with desire. It was frighteningly sexy… wait, what? He breath was tickling my neck. He approached his face even more and wispered in my ear ‘’I’ll be gentle, love’’ and then, Eric kissed my neck. I couldn’t help but let a moan escapped my mouth. He released me, a smirk decorated his face.

‘’Don’t tell your brother’’

Hope you liked it! ♥ 

me : wants 2 use tobias more,,

me : also panics bc he’s a rly religious muse that talks abt religion n quotes the bible often n some ppl hate that shit / it reminds them of bad memories

me : fuck 

Hey PSA since the conversation passed through earlier- in my fic Human Again, Tobias is written as explicitly autistic. You can tell, because between multiple drafts and shoddy editing on my part, I accidentally talk about him struggling with facial expressions in people he doesn’t know very well ONE BILLION TIMES, which is a little after school special-y on my part and my bad. Aside from that, I tried to write his autism as just something that is part of him, and is a secondary trait to the rest of his personality. I definitely think Autism Spectrum Disorder runs on the males on my father’s side of the family, and they’re all cool people who are so much more than walking stereotypes; I really wanted to capture that in Tobias. I’m more than open to critiques on if I nailed that aspect or not. I am not autistic myself, and anything from Tobias’s POV is observation and extrapolating on my part. If anyone sees anything that’s offensive or a glaring mistake, please let me know so I can write better in the future.

presidentromana  asked:

Prompt: Animorphs AU where Tobias is raised by Loren, perhaps about how it'd change the nothlit thing or his interactions with Ax?

I spent several minutes considering whether this should be an AU where Loren has her memories of Elfangor or doesn’t. I went with yes because… why not?

I was sitting in front of the TV listening to the local news about the “fireworks” at the construction site when Tobias came in and said, “Hey, Mom. Jake invited me along to check out the Sharing meeting at the beach later. Can I go?”

Cold dread trickled into my veins. I had hoped the war would never touch us. It wasn’t our war to fight; we didn’t have the weapons. But finally, it had come to my doorstep. “No,” I said firmly. “I need you help to me clean the house this evening. You’re staying in.”

“What if we start now?” Tobias said. “We could finish early and then I could catch up with Jake?”

I hit mute on the TV. “Tobias. I know some of your classmates have gotten into the Sharing. But I’ve heard about this group through my church friends. They look harmless, but they’re a dangerous cult. Has anyone ever told you what you have to do to become a full member?”

A pause. “Jake’s brother Tom says there’s a minimum number of hours of service, and then you go to a couple of special meetings and you become a full member.”

“But did he tell you what the initiation is like?” I insisted. “The ‘initiation ceremony’ is full members only.”

“No,” Tobias said, a frown in his voice. “He said it was secret. He just said that it totally changed his life.”

“I don’t trust an organization like that and neither should you,” I said firmly. “I won’t allow you to go there. Stay home and help me clean.”

Then there was the news story about the man who found a piece of metal on the beach with strange writing on it. I asked my church friend Mary to describe it to me. It took a while for the image to form in my mind, but when it did, it was unmistakable. Andalite writing. Elfangor had taught it to me.

That night, I dreamed of a thought-speak voice calling to me from the sea. 

I woke up in a cold sweat. An Andalite ship had crashed somewhere off the coast of California. There was an Andalite trapped in there, using the ship to broadcast his thought-speech. And somehow, I’d heard his call. My heart ached. There was nothing I could do for him.

I got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I found that Tobias was already there. “Tobias?” I said. “What are you doing up?”

“Bad dream,” he said.

Oh no. Had the message reached him too? Because of his heritage? Because Elfangor had touched both our lives? “What was it about?” I said, tentatively.

“There was a voice,” he said. “Calling to me from the ocean. It sounded scared. Desperate.”

Part of me wanted to tell him, after a lifetime of keeping the truth to myself. But what good could it possibly do? There was nothing he could do to help the doomed Andalite, either. So I said, “Hey. Why don’t you read to me from the book you’re reading?” It was an old ritual of ours. We went to his bedroom, and he read to me until he yawned between every word, and went back to sleep.

A month or so later, Tobias came to the house with a new friend in tow. “This is Philip, Mom. He’s here to borrow some books.”

“Yes, my name is Phil-up-puh,” the other boy said. “Puh. I am here to read book-suh.”

Playing with sounds. Just like Elfangor did in the first couple of weeks being human.

Then the boy added, stiffly, “I am sorry to intrude, intrud-ud-duh, on your solitude. Tude.”

“Come on, Philip,” Tobias said, and took him to his room.

I sat and frowned over that remark. It took me a minute to remember Elfangor’s distaste for the disabled that I’d had to train him out of, the way he insisted that they should be secluded from society. It probably didn’t mean anything. It was a coincidence. There were autistic humans who played with sound, and plenty of humans who acted weird around a blind woman. But there had to be a way to know. To be sure.

When Philip and Tobias came back out of his room, I was ready. If I was just being paranoid, I could say I’d gotten the phrase from a fantasy book. But if I wasn’t…

“Nice to meet you, Philip,” I said. “May your blade stay sharp, and the four moons guide our paths to cross again one day.”

Dead silence fell. Then I heard a sound I thought I’d never hear again – of bones grinding against each other, organs liquefying.

Philip,” Tobias said, a little hysterically, but not hysterical enough for the morph to be a surprise. “What are you doing?”

“He’s demorphing,” I said, sounding calmer than I felt. “Tobias, close the curtain on the window of the back door. Just in case.”


“Do it,” I said. “What if someone walks through the backyard and sees?”

I heard the whistle through the air, and the lightest press of the edge of a tail blade against my throat. «Demorph.»

“I can’t,” I said.  “I’m not an Andalite. But I had a child with one.”

I told them everything. I gave enough details that they even believed me. 

“You never told me,” Tobias whispered. “I met my dad, and I didn’t even know. I would have known if you’d told me.”

“And you’re fighting a war I swore to myself you’d never have to fight,” I whispered back. “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, Mom.”


For: @kallie-styles-coulter-wayland

Imagine: Talking Four out of shooting Eric.

*Note: I’m using a mixture of the book version of Eric’s death with my own version added into it in this imagine!*

Shit, you knew something was going to go wrong as soon as you saw Eric holding Tris to gunpoint and leading her out of the building, and of course, you were right; Tris takes a knife out of nowhere and slashes at your boyfriend. You see Eric fall; you don’t see where she stabbed him for tears are blurring your vision. He’s dead, the fucker deserved it. He left me. He’s dead. You don’t know where the Candor take him, you don’t know what happens next or how you end up in bed or how you manage to fall asleep, but somehow you do. 

You jolt awake the next morning and remember all the past events, you instantly jump out of bed and rush to find Four or Tris or anyone for that matter.

Before you had transferred from Erudite to Dauntless, someone had told you that it wasn’t good to run in the halls, and for all the right reasons as well because you both fall smack on your asses as you run into Uriah, “What the fuck are you doing Y/N?”

“Wh-where is he Uriah?! What happened,” The horror hits even harder as you repeat the words aloud, “He’s dead isn’t he?”

To your surprise, Uriah shakes his head, “The cut was deep enough to make him go unconscious, but not enough to kill him, especially not when Jack Kang asked for him to be taken to the infirmary. Something about treating your prisoners with humanity; sounds like BS to me.”


“Because, Erudite promised to be peaceful with Candor if Eric was returned safely, that’s why Kang wants to send him back. Four tried to talk to him earlier this morning, he isn’t seeming to budge,” Uriah suddenly drops his voice to a whisper, not many of the Dauntless knew about your relationship with Eric due to the fact that you were only an initiate before the war started, “Four and Tori are planning on executing him tonight.”

Your stomach drops and you feel as if you’re about to vomit, “Ex-executing him?! I-I gotta go Uri, I’ll talk to you later!”

You rush towards the infirmary, and after a few threats, they finally let you see Eric. He’s asleep when you sit next to him so you gently shake him awake, “Y/N? What are you doing here?!”

“Eric, what’s going on?! Why are you doing this?!” He sighs and turns his head away from you, “Eric I know you’re not bad, but you have to tell me why you’re doing this, they’re planning on executing you!”

“I’m not afraid of death Y/N.”

“You were the one who once told me with great pride that ‘Eric doesn’t make many promises, but when he does he keeps them’” He looks at you as if to say 'and?’, “and you once promised me that you would keep me happy, do you think I’ll be fucking happy if you’re dead?!”

“Alright Y/N, I’m the Dauntless leader and I want the best for my faction, if I can save hundreds of my people from dying by sacrificing one little ex-Abnegation girl, then I’m gonna do it!” He looks exhausted, “I did this because I care Y/N! There’s nothing more I can say!" 

You run down from your room later that evening to see what the commotion downstairs was and you find your boyfriend tied on a chair with Four holding a gun to his head. You quickly push past the crowd just in time to hear Four say, "Be brave Eric." 

"NO!” You scream just before Four pulls the trigger and everyone turns to look at you. 

“Y/N?” Four questions, at the same time Eric whispers, “Y/N, don’t.”

“Four, Eric isn’t a bad guy! He was only trying to help, he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone, he just wanted to help his faction!” You ramble. 

“Y/N, do you even know how ridiculous you sound,” At this point you are standing between the gun and Eric, “This man if responsible for the murder of countless people, you can’t possibly want to save him!”

“Four, I know I sound crazy but you have to trust me!" 

"Get her out of the way,” Two Dauntless men begin to drag you away. 

“TOBIAS EATON THIS MAN BETTER ALIVE TO YOU THAN DEAD!” This gets Four’s full attention. 

“How so?” He asks venomously. 

“Four we’re in Candor you can get all the information you need from him by putting him under the truth serum!” You pull out a syringe that you had been hiding, “If you still this he’s bad then-then you can kill him." 

"Alright Y/N, but if you’re wrong-”

“I won’t be!”

Once Eric is completely under the truth serum Four asks a few simple questions to warm him up including, “What was your past in Erudite?” or “State your full name?” or “What is your relationship with Y/N?” all of which he answers truthfully. Finally Four asks, “What did Jeanine want with Tris and why did you join her?”

“I joined Jeanine in beginning because I had no choice, I could either join her or be put under the simulation myself, so I joined. I wanted to take Tris to her because as a leader of the Dauntless faction, it is my duty to protect my people, and I’d much rather have one girl die than hundreds of other innocent people. As for what Jeanine wanted from Tris, I don’t even know, all I know is that she needed the 100% Divergent, but I don’t know why, she never told me.”

“That’ll be all Er-”

“No, I have one more question,” You interrupt, “Eric; do you promise that from this day forth you will join us loyal Dauntless and fight with us against Jeanine?”

“Y/N-” You once again gesture to stop four from speaking. 

“I-I do. I promise that I will join the loyal Dauntless in their fight.”

“Then it’s decided,” Four announces, “Eric will live." 

You let out a sigh of relief and smile victoriously.  

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It’s a Ring Thing

Sam + Caitriona + The One Ring…?

“Sam … I love you, but I can’t wear this,” I said, regrettably. I twirled the gold band around my ring finger. It was a beautiful thing – well, by the look of it, it was just a simple ring, but the beauty came from its meaning.

Sam grasped my hand and let his thumb run over the ring. “I wish you would wear it …”

“Sam –”

“If I remember correctly, you said on our wedding day you’d never take it off.” He smiled smugly.

“And if I remember correctly I said I never wanted to take it off, not that I never would.” I smiled at the memory of lying in his arms and being unable to take my eyes off the ring I’d then only worn for a couple of hours. That was a fortnight ago, but it felt like longer. We had had two weeks of utter bliss before returning to Scotland and reality. Today that reality began again, and we had to follow it’s cruel rules.

Two weeks had not been enough. I wanted to stay in that honeymoon bubble just a little while longer, but duty called in the form of filming.

“Wear the ring,” he begged. I wanted to. When I had said I never wanted to take it off I had meant it, but I knew we had to continue keeping this relationship secret – I hadn’t thought it would be so different now than it was before we married, until I was faced with taking off the ring. That was when I realised how attached I’d grown to the golden promise that I was his and he was mine.

He still held my hand, his ring resting above mine. It made a pretty picture, those two golden rings – symbols of our love. Damn … don’t fall into this trap.

“No one will notice and soon enough you’ll take it off anyway and put on Claire’s rings instead.”

“Exactly, I’ll soon have to take it off anyway. Why wear it at all?”

“Because every moment you’re not Claire, I want you to wear your ring.”

Well, fuck … Attached as I was, I didn’t want to take it off, but I wanted to avoid any and all questions.

But then again …

I sighed in resignation. “I will keep my ring on,” I promised, “as long as I’m Caitriona.” I sealed my promise with a kiss.

He smiled against my lips. “Then let’s get to work, Mrs Heughan.”

“After you, Mr Balfe.”

The ring was strangely addicting. As soon as I had taken it off, my fingers itched to reach into my bag and fish it out again. My finger looked ridiculously empty, despite the two rings I wore in costume.

At lunch I couldn’t help but put my own ring on again.

The odd addiction had me slightly worried I might just still be asleep and my mind had conjured up a strange Lord of the Rings-esque dream.

No, that wasn’t it. If this were truly Lord of the Rings, my ring would have made me invisible. I was not invisible; on the contrary, the ring on my finger caught unwanted attention.

I don’t know how many people noticed the ring but refrained from saying anything, but the first person to ask about it was Tobias. We had been filming together all morning and, naturally, I hadn’t been wearing my own ring then. I supposed that was the reason for his curiosity now.

“New ring?” he asked, gesturing towards my hand.

Instinctively I reached for it, almost hiding my left hand in my right. That was pointless though, for he had already seen it.

“Er, yes …”

“It’s a wedding ring,” he stated. “What’s up with that?”

“I’m … ring-sitting.” As soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to take them back – but it was too late. I settled for mentally hitting myself over the head. Out of all the bad lies I could have told, this was by far the worst. Ring-sitting? What the fuck was wrong with me?

Tobias looked rather amused. He seemed to think my ring-sitting excuse was bogus. I couldn’t blame him. Only an idiot would believe that. But there was more to Tobias’s look than disbelief – something in that amused expression of his made me think Sam and I hadn’t been quite so discreet as we’d thought.

“You’re ring-sitting?” he asked, finally.

I nodded slowly. “Yes … I’m ring-sitting for … for a friend.” Never had it been more obvious that I was a terrible liar. “My married friend didn’t want to – or couldn’t wear her ring today so she asked me to wear it for her.”

If he had believed me before, he certainly didn’t now. To his credit though, he didn’t call me out on my lie – but that was almost worse.

An uneasy feeling settled in my stomach. If he’d known all along … who else had?

Fuck. This was all Sam’s fault – somehow. It was his fucking fault I gravitated towards him at all times, making it impossible to keep our relationship hidden. It was definitely his fault I wore this ring today, and it was his fault I even had a ring to wear in the first place …

But in reality, I couldn’t blame him for any of it. I wouldn’t trade this ring for the world.

A smile tugged at the corners of my mouth. I felt a bit silly, smiling so at the thought of a ring.

Tobias smiled, too. “Whoever your friend is, do give my congratulations to her and her new husband.”

Their World

Hannibal sat in his office chair, observing the organised chaos around him. Tobias and Franklyns bodies were still laying where they had fallen Crime scene officers were picking at his office. He was far more careful these days than when Miriam Lass had come calling. They would find nothing untoward but did it even matter if they did?

Will was dead.

Hannibal had only himself to blame. He had send Will into the lion’s den, curious as to what would happen.

They’ll send men to investigate and I’ll kill them.

I hesitate to tell you this as it borders on a violation of doctor patient confidentiality.

I just killed two men.

He had killed Tobias too swiftly for his actions. The man should have suffered, for days, weeks, months. He had taken Will Graham from this world, from Hannibal.

For the first time in a long while I see the possibility of friendship.

He should have carved the mans heart out with his bare hands and feasted upon it raw for what he had done.

Hannibal looked up as Jack Crawford entered the room. He should have known the man would make an appearance here. Come to overlook the crime scene and tell him of Will’s death.

Hannibals mouth felt open when Will appeared from behind Jack, instantly scanning it for Hannibal himself. Their eyes met and Hannibal let out a  breath he had had been holding since Tobias announced himself a cop killer.

Hannibals gaze softened as Will walked closer. He opened his mouth several times to speak, unsure of what words he wanted to choose. When he was close enough, Hannibal could smell that atrocious aftershave that, for the time being, didn’t smell so bad. Will was alive.

“I thought you were dead.” Hannibal finally uttered, his fingers twitching to reach out and touch him. He needed physical proof this wasn’t a dream. That Will was really alive and standing before him.

“WHAT?” Will shouted with a confused look on his face. Hannibals eyes widened in surprise and everyone in the office turned to look.

“Will?” Hannibal’s face matched WIlls in his confusion.  Will frowned again and shook his head, pointing to his ears.

“WHAT? I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” Will shouted at him again

“He can’t hear a thing. Gun went off near his ear. He refused to go the hospital until I brought him here. To you.” Jack looked between the two. “I’ll give you two a minute. I have some questions and you both need to go to the ER.”

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU. THERE’S RINGING IN MY EARS!” Wills looked apologetic and Hannibals lips twitched in the slight absurdity of the moment. He took in Wills cuts and scrapes and was yet again displeased he had killed Tobias so quickly.

Will picked up some gauze from the desk as he perched on the edge. He dabbed gently at the blood on Hannibals forehead. Wills fingers brushed against his skin and another breath caught.

“I’am glad you are here Will.” Hannibal looked up at him, gaze warm as he drank in the sight of the man before him.

“WHAT?” Will frowned again and Hannibal gave the slightest shake of his head but was smiling.

The pair sat there staring at each other until Will shattered the silence.“I FEEL LIKE I’VE DRAGGED YOU INTO MY WORLD!”  

“I GOT HERE….” Hannibal paused. “I got here on my own but I appreciate the company.” Not surprisingly Will looked as confused as ever. Instead of wasting time with words, Hannibal reached out and put his hand over Wills, giving him a warm smile. Will understood, returning the smile and gave his hand a squeeze back.  

Everything was right again in their world.


Thank you @slashyrogue for reading this and the words of encouragement. After watching Fromage again, I really feel Will would have had at least temporary significant hearing loss after the gun going off so closely to his ear so this is how this drabble was inspired. 

“I still cry for Tobias. I feel like he didn’t deserve what was his short handed fate, losing Tris and all. It makes my heart ache still to this day. And I have a huge obsession with Theo James. I want to meet him so tremendously bad, but I’d probably just try to kiss those gorgeous lips! I love how he is about social media, and his music and piano playing makes me melt. I’m so infatuated with him, I’m almost positive! I love Theo more than Tobias, and that’s so opposite from a lot of fans.”

The Visitor || K.A. Applegate || Animorphs #2 || 175 pages
Top 3 Genres: Science Fiction / Middle Grade / Aliens

Synopsis: Morphing is certainly more fun than Sega – you can soar as an eagle and walk as a cat. But being an ANIMORPH is by no means just fun and games. Rachel knew better than anyone. One of her best friends, Melissa, is acting very strange. And it looks like Melissa’s dad, who is also the school’s Assistant Principal, may be connected to evil aliens. Rachel can’t tell Melissa what the ANIMORPHS have learned, but Melissa doesn’t seem interested in talking to Rachel these days anyway. Could Melissa be one of “them?”

With the help of Jake, Cassie, Tobias and Marco, Rachel plans to enter her friend’s house as a cat, intent on unlocking the secrets from within. If only Rachel could keep her mind off mice…

Finished: July 17th, 2015.

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