i want him in an apron

Jared Kleinman's First Bath Bomb

    Jared took the apron from his new manager and put it on. With a bit a trouble, he managed to tie the strings behind his back. “So what am I starting on, Marcus?” Jared asked.

    “You’ll be stocking,” Marcus informed him. “Throw out anything past its expiration date. And replace it with new products. There’s boxes in the back. Holler if you need anything. Is that clear?”

    Truthfully, Jared was a bit confused. However, he didn’t want Marcus to know, so he nodded and said: “Couldn’t be clearer if you poured soap all over it.” Marcus didn’t laugh. He did nothing but stand there, staring at Jared expectantly. “Oh, you wanted me to start now. See, I thought that we - I’ll get to work.” Normally, Jared’s humor worked like, well humor. However, Marcus seemed like a very unfunny individual. Jared got the feeling his jokes would not be tolerated.

    He strode into the back with Marcus still glaring after him. He had always thought work would be fun. However, he was beginning to believe it would be quite the opposite, despite the fact he had only started five minutes ago.

    Jared spent the next hour replacing everything in the store. Soaps, shampoos, moisturizers. He was bored out of his mind.

    “Jared. We’re almost out of the Lava Lamp bath bombs. Bring up a box of them.”

    “Yes, sir,” Jared said, giving Marcus a thumbs up. In the back, Jared scanned shelf after shelf before finding the right box. He cut open the tape and looked at the pile of orange and blue spheres in front of him. An orangey scent reached his nose. It was the best smell by far in the entire store. Jared loved oranges. He picked a bath bomb from the box, holding it to his nose and he took a deep breath in.

    It has to taste as good as it smells, right? He wondered. Only one way to find out. He held the bath bomb to his mouth and took a small bite. It foamed in his mouth. The taste was nice, but there was something better about it. Jared took another bit. Bigger this time. There it was. The bath bomb crunched when he bit it.

    No. It didn’t crunch. It was more of a cronch. The sound was subtle, but distinct. CRONCH.

    He swallowed the orange foam and took a third bite. The bath bomb was wonderful. A perfect combination of foam and cronch. And a mixture of flavors he never could have come up with on his own. And the way it liquified. Jared didn’t know why he hadn’t tried this sooner.

    He jumped when he heard Marcus calling for him. Hurriedly, Jared wiped his mouth and stuffed the remainder of the bath bomb into his pocket.

    That was not the last one he stole from his workplace.

Phil’s Liveshow // 3.16.17

He late

He’s wearing his Adventure Time hoodie

He’s wearing Muppets pajamas pants

He just got out of the shower

Apparently he smells of sweet marshmallow which is very distracting

“I don’t taste like marshmallow”

They’re already getting bees

Google hornets

His bonsai has a new shoot

“Life has found a way”

He wants to see Chicago’s green river

He watched a Lucky Charms ice cream video on Facebook

Now he wants Lucky Charms

New AmazingPhil video discussion 

He was enjoying the cat gifs 

“I’m glad my misfortune created some laughs”

He forgot he has the 6 pack apron so he printed off a picture and taped it to his stomach for the video

“This is my life”

Illusive 6 packs

He has a bunch of sweatbands now

Color wheels discussion

“Expand your vocabulary Philip” says the man with the English degree

He never wants white chocolate Lindor again because they remind him of getting sick on a boat 

He would love to come back to New York City

Tentacle friends

Thanks for 4 million subscribers

You can binge watch his videos but you’d have to slowly watch him age

He quite likes corgis and sausage dogs

He’s really excited for Infinity War and GOTG2

“That fills me with determination”

He woke up with a headache but he feels better now

He accidentally ordered 200 glasses wipes

They stayed up watching Firefly last night

New Sims video discussion

“Dil did not lower his Dilly pants”

He likes Emma Watson

He was late because he was watching Emma Watson getting interviewed with cats

New golf video somewhere down the line

He cleaned the camera with a glasses wipe

He named someones child Thor Philip

Drink diary

He probably won’t get a tattoo because he doesn’t like stuff staying on his skin and he changes his mind really quickly

He likes tattoos on other people

Uni discussion

Linguistics was hard and sciencey

He had lots of fun with his videos studies and he made stuff that he was really proud of

He may buy more yellow things because he thinks he suits it

He got glasses when he was around 13 and got contacts by 15

“’But we’ll miss your glasses.’ It’s more about. My life.” about laser eye surgery

Dan will be posting a video shortly after this liveshow 

He took the editing computer

He still hasn’t found his Captain America shirt

Plushies will be back on danandphilshop.com soon

New gaming video soon


Mentions of Dan: ||||| ||

01/16 was my birthday, and Cynthia’s too. Me and @rem289 wanted to do something special for our cute vixen, but we didn’t make in time. However, Rem somehow managed to draw a personal fetish of mine as birthday present: Jack Savage in an apron, intent of cooking something healthy. And… I don’t think this sketch needs further comments, because its beauty can be seen from thousands of miles away.

Thank you, Rem. Let me share this wonderful Jack with all of our fans. The world needs him.

I blame Killing Stalking to be so goddamn addictive

Here’s a small fan-art of psychotic Sangwoo, he’s precious but Bum’s even more. My headcanon is crying Sangwoo, I think that’s impossible tho, how in the world will this mr.psycho cry, eh? 

I really love this series ;;w;;, and I don’t understand why some compare KS to YOI, I see no relationship even if you say it’s the “genre” that matters but I freakin’ see none of them correlates. Plus, yea, this series is one hell of an abusive themed relationship (I was surprised at first to find it so but did enjoy it LOL) and can’t see the reason why people are comparing this to YOI, they’re different

I love both but sometimes people make me cringe.

Phrases in the pic was written with the help of gt ;;w;;


I’m taking this ask and running with it because I have a ton more ideas for aprons in this au and I need an excuse to draw Shinji in cute outfits.

Vincent Phantomhive is one, if not the best, character in kuroshitsuji, “dorky Vincent” sometimes just makes me want to squeeze him so tight and protect the shit out of him

and yet here we have another side of this baby, “the Queen’s Watchdog”

well… the second one is pretty intimidating if not for

this one is free to interpretations… I guess.

but can we talk about how caring Vincent is? When he’s with Rachel or Ciel he literally melts into a puddle of joy and pride, he’s so proud of his little family and will do anything to protect it, even if “anything” means wearing a pretty apron (stolen from a servant?) to cook something nice with little Ciel for his wife, who isn’t feeling well

there are so many things to say about Vincent and I’m so in love with him that I just hope we’ll have more flashbacks of him and Rachel in the future

Also, they were such a cute couple, literally meant to be:

the roommate (part 1/?)

I had some free time tonight, so here’s the first bit of a thing I’m working on. ~500 words. 


Stiles’ mysterious new roommate shows up right as Stiles and Scott are sliding their second tray of ginger snaps out of the oven. Stiles thought it’d be a nice way to welcome him, break the ice a little, all that. He’s also planning to make some sugar cookies in case D. Hale has less adventurous tastes. Never let it be said that Stiles Stilinski doesn’t plan ahead.

“I’ll get it!” Stiles shouts, and opens the door still wearing his cartoon cat apron and oven mitts. Cue immediate regret and the world’s most horrifying full-body blush.

And maybe Stiles should’ve suspected that someone with a username like camaro89 wouldn’t want to sit around the kitchen table eating cookies and playing Scrabble, but still. This guy looks like he could be a volunteer firefighter or ex-marine or maybe, given the glare that’s currently melting Stiles into the floor, something closer to professional assassin.

No doubt about it, Hale could squish Stiles underfoot like an insignificant bug if he wanted to. (His eyes say he totally wants to.)

This would probably be the appropriate time for Stiles to introduce himself. Instead, he just gapes unattractively, because he has no social skills with people who are not Scott.

“You’re the Polish kid with the spare room,” Hale finally asks. No question mark anywhere in that sentence.

Stiles nods mutely.

Hale nods back, like that’s that, and shoulders his way into the apartment. Stiles scrambles backwards to avoid getting caught in the face by the dude’s duffle bag.

Scott pokes his head out from the kitchen. “Yo, dude, your key’s already in your room. First door on the right. You need any help with anything? We made cookies if you want some.”

Hale pauses ominously in the living room. The stare he fixes Scott with could strip flesh off bones.

“Or not,” Scott amends hastily. “Whatever works for you.”

That gets no response. Hale goes off down the hall without a backwards glance. He closes his door quietly but firmly behind him. There’s a click as he pushes the lock in, and then dead silence.

Stiles won’t lie, he’s feeling pretty intimidated right now.

Scott shivers. “That guy is a serial killer.”

“Is not,” Stiles says, unconvincingly.

Scott squints suspiciously in the direction of Hale’s bedroom. “He so is, oh my god. Everybody knows serial killers are, like, the only people on the planet who don’t like cookies.”

Stiles is pretty sure he didn’t know that, but it makes sense.

“This is why you don’t go shopping for roommates on Craigslist, Stiles.”

It’s definitely too late now to un-rent that room, but maybe Stiles can quietly flee back to Poland while Hale is sleeping. If he sleeps, that is. Maybe he just does push-ups in his room all night, or lies in a coffin staring up at the ceiling and digesting the blood of his victims.

“Anyway.” Stiles shoves at Scott’s shoulder. “C’mon, move, I want to drown my sorrows in ginger snaps.”

“I’m barricading the kitchen,” Scott says. 


EDIT: it has been continued.

Rogue One Babysitting Headcanons

- Cassian is in this because he wants to be a mentor. So. Bad. 

-he walks around in front of toddlers trying to act mysterious 

-Chirrut gathers up the kids to tell them stories                                             “what else can the force do Mr. Chirrut?”

- taking turns sitting on Chirruts lap

-Him and Baze become honorary grandpas

-Baze just sits reading the newspaper trying to block out everything while kids are literally using him as a jungle gym

-K-2SO is grandma                                                                                                *comes out in pink apron*                                                                                     “who wants cookies?”

-This entire time he’s thought it was a competition to see who is liked the most

-Cassian would lose just cause he tried too hard

-  Jyn is trying to be composed but kids are her weakness                                   *sees little girl playing*                                                                                          “what are you playing”                                                                                          “I’m playing pretend Jyn Erso! Because you’re brave and pretty and that’s what I wanna be when I grow up!”                                                                                 *bites fist*                                                                                                              “Stop cying Jyn god dammit be strong”

- The little boys are way to crazy for Bodhi they freak him out

-He disappears among the shy kids

-Instead he sits in a braid train with a bunch of little girls                                       “I’m braiding pretty flowers in your hair Mr.Bodhi!”                                           

-Jyn finds him                                                                                                       Bodhi: Now Sarah, do you want a dutch braid or a french braid?                     Jyn: Bodhi?                                                                                                         Bodhi: ….                                                                                                               Bodhi: Wanna join our braid train   

-Cassian feels left out and sits down by himself. A little boy runs up to him.        “Baze is tired… Do you wanna be our new jungle gym?”                                      *Cassian with puppy eyes* “You really want me to?!”

-He gets swallowed by kids                                                                                    *whispered into the heavens* “thank you god”

-Jyn playing with dolls

-Chirrut is trying to get a newborn to stop crying and keeps failing until Baze comes over to help him.                                                                                        Baze: Oh for the love of- Just give me the baby!                                                  *baby immediately stops crying as soon as baze hold it* 

-Chirrut forgets you have to be gentle with kids

- “Mr Bodhi do you want to be the princess in our fairy game?”

- Catch K-2SO with a diaper bag                    


              Ok so technically this was supposed to be ‘How they are with kids” from the request I was given… BUT COME ON MAN IMAGINE THEM BABYSITTING WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DISASTER.

What’s On The Menu

When Mycroft stepped into the dingy flat, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He had seen Greg’s flat on surveillance footage and the like, but he had never actually seen the inside of it. That was taking it too far, even for him. He didn’t want to scare the man away, not when their first date had gone so well.

Greg had already stepped into the kitchen, donning a simple white apron. “You can make yourself at home. I’m sorry about the mess. I’ve been swamped with paperwork at the Yard and haven’t had time to clean. I haven’t even had a day off since that whole cannibalism thing Sherlock solved last week.” He chuckled softly, withdrawing two defrosted pork chops from his fridge, along with several fresh vegetables and a bottle of Chardonnay.

Mycroft smiled as he heard the man’s voice carry through from the kitchen. He propped his umbrella against the wall near a table with a bowl for keys and other belongings. Mycroft slipped off his coat and looked around for a place to hang it. God, he felt terribly out of place here, but he found a hook next to where Greg’s was currently hanging.

He figured he would get used to it in time. No doubt Greg would feel lost in his home too. Mycroft smiled at the thought of that. He would love to take Greg back to his overly elaborate old house someday. Patience, Mycroft. Get through one date at a time.

He berated himself for thinking in such a way. He completely enjoyed spending time with the man in the kitchen. In fact, instead of just sitting in the lounge and making himself comfortable, he ambled into the kitchen to watch Greg at work. He had impressed upon the government official that his cooking skills were one of the best things about him. Mycroft had to see it for himself to be sure. Sure enough, as he walked into the other room, Greg was busy at work cooking the pork and seasoning it with a flick of garlic and a few other spices.

“You don’t have to wait around in here, you know.” Greg said without turning around. Mycroft noticed that while Greg wore the apron, the Holmes brother’s eyes followed the apron strings downward. His cheeks flushed slightly at the sight before him, rather enjoying it. But then Greg turned around and moved to his countertop to slice up the vegetables.

Mycroft quickly glanced away, clearing his throat slightly. “Don’t be absurd. I’m here for an evening with you, after all. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Not at all,” Greg said, grabbing a chef’s knife from the block nearby. Mycroft noticed that it was stainless steel. Greg didn’t get paid an extreme amount from his work as a Detective Inspector, but it was decent enough. It appeared most of that funding went to his kitchen. So why on earth did he insist on living in such a dreadful apartment? “Sorry, that came out a bit harshly. I get rather focused when I’m cooking.”

Mycroft smiled at him. “No worries, Gregory. These skills are intriguing me. I cannot wait to see what they deliver.” A small smirk twitched on his lips and he took the seat at the end of Greg’s kitchen table. “So, what is the plan for this evening, Inspector? After our night out in your Italian restaurant, and the one soon following when I treated you to a symphony concert and elaborate dinner, I am interested to know what’s… on the menu.” Mycroft licked his lips ever so gently, not breaking eye contact with Greg.

Greg, flustered to a maximum level, blushed a deep red and nearly missed the onion he had been cutting. Luckily, the knife fell directly against the cutting board, missing his fingers. He swore and turned his attention back to the food. God damn, Mycroft, Greg thought to himself. He chuckled nonetheless. “Give me just a few minutes to get this going fully, and then I’ll come back to that comment.”

Mycroft, amused albeit a bit nervous, nodded to him. He noticed the near danger that Greg had caused and his eyes widened in alarm. A small pang of guilt ran through his chest, but it quickly subsided as he realized the man was okay. “My apologies for that. I did not mean to make you nearly amputate your appendages.”

Greg laughed. He rather enjoyed Mycroft’s way with words. The impressive lexicon of the elder Holmes amazed the DI. He wasn’t an idiot, by any means, but Mycroft was the cleverest man in London. Probably in the world. And he was having dinner in Greg’s tiny kitchen. “It’s fine. Wouldn’t be the first time I injured myself cooking.”

“We do learn best from experience, but I would prefer it if you kept your digits out of the dinner. And attached to you.” Mycroft laughed to himself. Greg chuckled too, and threw the freshly chopped veggies in another pan to cook along with some olive oil and a bit of seasoning. Perfect. He poured some wine into two glasses and glanced at Mycroft before walking over to the table, taking the seat next to him. He moved his chair closer; Mycroft did the same and took the glass.

“Thank you, Inspector.”

“Of course, Mr. Holmes. It’s not as fancy as the dinner we had last week, but it’s something.” He said, clinking his glass against the other man’s. “Oh, I was so busy cooking that I forgot something.” Greg set his glass aside and gently leaned forward, grasping the knot of Mycroft’s tie to pull him closer. Their lips soon landed together. The kiss was slow and feather-light initially, but Mycroft quickly gained control of it and deepened it, enjoying the pure bliss that radiated from the both of them. The government official’s hands found themselves tugging Greg closer, one gently caressing his face, the other carding through those silvery locks he adored so much. Greg smirked through the kiss and lightly nibbled on Mycroft’s bottom lip before tugging away.

“Sorry, got to check the food.” He winked at him and sauntered back across the kitchen.

Mycroft pouted slightly, knowing that Greg had done that on purpose to just leave him wanting more. His recently made-official relationship status played in his mind. The night that he had asked Greg out properly was a night he was never going to forget. Their first kiss was as beautiful as expected; most people would have expected the Iceman to be rubbish at it, but with powers of deduction such as his, he could figure exactly what someone wanted. Well, when he was able to think straight. Plus, the fact that he wanted to kiss someone as lovely as Greg Lestrade only made it easier.

That had been a month ago. It only took two dates before the men realized they were just prolonging the time that they could actually be an item. Boyfriends. Mycroft never thought he would accept that term, but he rather loved the idea of it, especially with the man before him.

The rest of the cooking time passed in a blur. The two talked about work and the latest developments in their professional lives. Although that was mostly Greg talking, as Mycroft couldn’t discuss his job with anyone.

“I know I can’t know what you actually do, but something would be nice. You’re so mysterious.” Greg said, but it was an affectionate statement.

Mycroft let loose a short laugh. “You know that if I told you anything at all, I’d have to kill you. And that would be most unfortunate, Gregory.”

Greg was taking a sip of wine and nearly choked as he said the words. He watched the British Government for a minute, unsure whether or not he merely jested. When he didn’t get a read, he gulped down the wine and moved back to the counter to prepare the plates for dinner. He served Mycroft first, topping off his glass of wine. Mycroft thanked him and waited for him to sit down before making a move to taste the meal.

Greg stopped him before he could. “Uh uh, not yet.” He said, raising a finger. Perplexed, Mycroft paused, watching the other man with heightened interest. He disappeared into the other room, only to come back lighting a candle. He placed it on the table and smiled. “There. Now you can go ahead.”

Mycroft shook his head and laughed to himself at Greg’s antics. Greg watched him intently. Mycroft raised the fork to his lips, the food steaming. He bit into the meat.

It was cooked to perfection.

“Delicious.” Mycroft said, but it was hard to tell whether or not he was talking about the food. Greg smiled at him and tucked in himself.

“I’m glad you like it. It was quite simple. I don’t have a lot of stuff in my kitchen, and most of my money goes to helping out the kids, but…” Greg trailed off. The children were a difficult subject for him.

Mycroft noticed the troubled countenance of his boyfriend and sighed. He reached over and grasped his hand. “It is always difficult when families have conflicts, Gregory. I sympathize entirely.” He smiled, just a little.

When the meal was finished, both of them cleaned up the kitchen. Greg hummed and dried the dishes while Mycroft washed them. It was a rather spectacular sight, as Mycroft had finally removed his suit coat, revealing his waistcoat and crisp white shirt. But that was nothing, especially when he rolled the sleeves of said shirt. God, the man wore so much clothing and just seeing him in such a relaxed state made Greg’s mind wander. Greg knew that Mycroft wore as much physical armor as he did mental. He was a tough nut to crack, but he was slowly starting to get a read on him. Slowly, softly, gently. He’d learn to understand the Iceman and ensure that his once icy heart stayed burning hot.

As they finished cleaning up and Mycroft wandered over to the table to finish his glass of wine, Greg smirked and saw an opportunity. He wound the tea towel in his hand round and round itself before playfully snapping it in Mycroft’s direction, hitting him right on the ass. Mycroft actually squeaked and nearly spilled wine on himself, and Greg couldn’t help but double over laughing.

The government official scowled down his nose at the man, but he couldn’t fight back the smile that broke through his normally grim features. “You know, I could have you beheaded for that.”

“I’d like to see you try, my dear.” Greg giggled, hanging the towel over the side of the sink. Before he knew it, Mycroft was hugging him from behind, placing the two wine glasses in the sink as he did so. His arms trailed around his boyfriend like a vine. Greg, shocked, had never seen Mycroft instigate such a deep display of affection. Of course they had kissed, and it was all very well and good, but never something as delightfully domestic as this.

“Well, someone’s feeling cuddly.” He said, glancing over at Mycroft, who had rested his head on Greg’s shoulder. The other man shook with a soft laugh, making Greg smile warmly.

“I have no idea to what you refer, my dear Gregory.”

“And you’re a bloody awful liar.” Greg said as he turned around to face the other man, who had backed off slightly. Mycroft had seen the opportunity. He’d seen several people do the same thing he had just done during his… research sessions on relationships at work. He was clueless when it came to affairs of the heart, but not a single soul needed to know that. It was also a good thing his government laptop was entirely secure from potential prying eyes.

“Mm, perhaps.” He said as Greg turned to face him, his arms draped around his shoulders and meeting behind his neck. Greg’s fingers played with the edge of his hair, tugging it slightly. Mycroft chuckled at him. “Say, what’s the next part of this delightful evening in, Inspector?” The government official practically purred the words at him, and it sent a shiver down the DI’s spine.

“Hmm, I thought we could watch a movie and just enjoy the rest of that wine. And each other’s company. In other words, I want to cuddle with you.” Greg grinned at him. Mycroft blushed and reached down to adjust his already perfect tie. Greg shook his head at him; he was always doing that. He loved it when he did. There were many things about that man that he adored. Of course, it was too soon to say those three little words, but they were always on Greg’s mind. How could one man affect him so strongly?

Oh if Greg only knew that the same exact thoughts were going through Mycroft’s mind at the same time.

“A film? What will we be watching then, Gregory?” Mycroft asked as Greg led him into the lounge.

Greg watched him for a moment. “Well, action movies are some of my favorites. Die Hard in particular.”

Mycroft returned the steady gaze, not letting on that he found action movies absurdly predictable and extremely limited by the genre. Nevertheless, he smiled. “I see.”

Greg furrowed his brow at him. “You don’t want to watch it.” It wasn’t a question. Mycroft glanced up, amused and impressed that Greg had read him so easily.

“I didn’t say that. I normally don’t watch these silly action films. But… It’s what you like, and I’m happy when you’re happy, Gregory.”

Greg beamed, unable to help himself. He played the movie, but Mycroft didn’t catch very much of it. Of course, he could hear the audio. But with Greg lying on top of him, kissing him in that way he enjoyed so very much, he honestly couldn’t care less what was playing in the background.

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Baking with Bucky (BuckyxReader)

HERES A NEW ONESHOT BASED ON BUCKY BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM (and more Hamilton references very sorry it’s my favorite musical)


You drag your boyfriend to the kitchen, where you already have everything set up.

“Y/N, what are we doing?”, Bucky asks, running his metal hand through his hair.

You roll your eyes. “It’s called baking, babe! It’s fun!”

He chuckles. “I know what baking is.”

“GOOD! Now grab an apron, ‘cause I wants me some cookies!”

Bucky loved how adorable you were. Some people thought that someone so serious could never be with someone so… not. But you and Bucky were perfect for each other. He was your cooling factor, and you were his energizer bunny.

When Bucky was putting on his apron, you grab the recipe book and look over the recipe one last time, even though you know it by heart.

“Ready, babe?”

You whip around to see him in a flowery apron and a chef hat. You burst out laughing. He pouted.

“Is someone jealous?”, he said with a smirk.

“Oh, very,” you replied, putting on a matching apron and hat.

You rummaged through all the ingredients to make sure you had everything.

“Buck, can you turn on the radio?”, you ask.

He walks over to, in Tony’s words, THE VERY EXPENSIVE RADIO THAT COSTS MORE THAN YOUR LIFE. He presses the ON button and the next thing you hear is the opening riff to “Alexander Hamilton”.

“You know me so well,” you comment. “Let’s get to work.”

The one thing you two always took pride in was how well you worked together. Whether it’s on a mission, grocery shopping, or simply cooking, you and your Bucky were swift as can be. However, when Hamilton is playing, all you two can do is sing along.

As you were measuring out the flour, Bucky picked up a spoon and started singing along to the music.


You grab a spatula and decide to join him. “SITTIN IN HIS ROOM SICK, THE SCENT THICK!”


You burst out laughing and go back to measuring the dry ingredients. Bucky puts down the spoon and measures out the wet ingredients, still singing along to the music. After the song ends, you’d think that he would stop singing. Boy, were you wrong.

You hear Cabinet Battle #1 play next.

“Babe!”, he shouts. “RAP BATTLE!”

He picks up the spoon again and starts rapping Thomas Jefferson’s part. You roll your eyes as you mix the dry and wet ingredients together.


You absolutely loved when Bucky got like this. Carefree, happy, not remembering his Hydra past. You’re glad he’s finally moved on from all of that, from the Winter Soldier. After his rap is finished, he turns to find the cookie tray. When he isn’t looking, you grab a spatula and begin Hamilton’s rap.


You see Bucky looking at you with complete awe as he scoops the cookie dough onto the baking sheet. After you’re finished rapping, he runs up and kisses you.

“I honestly have the coolest girlfriend in the world,” he whispers.

“Well, right now, your girlfriend wants cookies,” you reply with a smirk on your face.

He chuckles and puts the tray of cookies into the oven. “Now, we just have to wait fifteen minutes.” He inches closer to you. “So… what should we do until then?”

“I think I know what,” you say as you grab him by his shirt and pull him closer.

“Cabinet Battle #2?”


i put so much time and effort into this underfell redesign. so much

list of differences:

1.gave him a red dress shirt

Okay as much as I want Viktor being extra as fuck about Valentines day (we all know he would), I also really want Yuuri to surprise Viktor by being NEARLY as extra. Like, Viktor plans a huge, elaborate thing for Yuuri (it involves every single food Yuuri has ever said he loves, lingerie, roses, the whole shebang), but Yuuri has stuff up his sleeve too. Viktor showers him with love all day, makes him breakfast wearing his new lingerie and a skimpy apron (Viktor has 0 chill, he would be that ridiculous), takes Yuuri out on the most romantic date he’s ever been on in his entire life. 

Then when they get home and they’re cuddling on the couch, Makkachin curled up on both of their laps, unwinding after a very intensely romantic day, there’s a knock on the door. Yuuri has been sitting there with butterflies in his tummy for the past hour, and the instant he hears the knock on the door he flushes bright red. He turns off the movie and leans over to whisper “I love you, happy Valentines day” in Russian, just as Yurio steps into the apartment. 

“Don’t be gross while I’m here,” he grumbles and passes Yuuri a box. He makes his way into the kitchen and grabs the leftovers of the cake that Viktor made for Yuuri earlier. (They hadn’t eaten much of it because Yuuri felt the need to kiss a smear of icing off of Viktor’s mouth, and that had turned into a whole… thing.)

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Credence helping out in Jacob’s bakery 

He learns how to make all sorts of different things & loves every minute of it

It’s not unusual for him to have flour caked under/around his fingernails because it sometimes it just doesn’t want to go away 

His favourite part of baking is the smell 

He also loves how warm and cozy the kitchen is 

He likes to use an apron instead of a chefs jacket 

He likes how soft and smooth the dough is and loves kneading it 

He loves icing/decorating cakes and cookies 

Can we all just agree that, besides Lucy and Wendy, Team Natsu has the worse fashion sense ever?

Erza’s usual armor isn’t bad, but her requips? They’re either so bulky that she shouldn’t be able to move, not actual armor in any way, or have conveniently places holes for which to stab her, which is the exact opposite of armors intended function.

Natsu has a bunch of fucking flappy ass clothing. Someone could choke him with his damn scarf and his weird apron thing doesn’t serve any purpose except to make him look cool. Plus, sandals are a stupid fucking shoe choice considering all the running around he does. 

Gray’s just a hot mess and I don’t even want to touch that. I’m pretty sure he just buys all of those weird thrift shop clothes that no one wants because he knows he’ll probably lose them.

Wherefore (Latte) Art Thou

Coffee Shop AU where Eren has been trying to woo Levi with increasingly intricate latte art. Only Levi doesn’t really notice. But he does notice how long it takes. And he does notice that it’s cold. So finally after Eren has drawn a pair of wings and set down the cup batting his eyelashes, Levi has had enough.

“Look, I just want it scalding hot and I can do without all this foamy bullshit, so please, for next time, just make it quick so I can get out of here and get back to work, okay?”

The barista behind the counter glared at him, but Levi was too busy glued to his phone to notice.

The next time he came through Hanji bounced about peeking over the counter.

“A heart! A tree! A leaf! No! It’s–”

“Will you stop guessing? And you–” Levi snapped his fingers. “Messy apron! Let’s get going here. Don’t entertain this idiot.”

He set down Hanji’s latte carefully.

“A cat!” they crowed with delight snapping a picture for their Instagram.

“Why do you insist we come here?” Levi said impatiently, checking his phone again. “I hate our society’s obsession with aesthetic over content. Sure it looks good, but you’re just getting cold fucking foam over coffee that tastes like shit.”

The barista finally finished with Levi’s cup and set it down.

“Finally,” Levi said picking it up.

He paused for a moment to examine the little turd that the barista had crafted complete with small flies buzzing about. He snorted.

What no rose this time?” Levi drawled and when the barista continued to watch him with his arms folded over his chest, Levi curled his fingers over the rim of the cup and took a long sip. “I don’t even care.”

The barista’s look darkened. Yet, he did not let up. The next day Levi received a cup with a middle finger made of foam. The day after that he received a frown-y face. Then the day after that he was actually given an iced latte by his barista nemesis.

And then on a Wednesday he found a plain foamy drink in front of him. 

“Finally give up did you?” Levi tried to keep the smirk out of his voice, but it wasn’t his usual barista, it was a smaller, blonde man. “Oh. Where’s the other guy?”

“Oh Eren? He quit.”

Quit. The words fell on Levi like ton of bricks.

The next day, his barista–Eren–still wasn’t there. Did he really quit? And quit over Levi? Levi paced as he waited for his drink, flexing his fingers in an agitated manner. The newer barista set down his cup and Levi seized upon him.

“Did he say where he went? Messy Apron–er, Eren. I mean, people don’t just up and quit jobs for no reason. Did he get a job somewhere else or–?”

Levi didn’t even finish before the barista slowly rotated the cup. Inside was a perfectly drawn arrow. Levi stared at it and then tilted his head before following where it pointed. Behind him he found Eren, sitting at a table, sticking a pen in his hair as he wrote down notes. Levi’s feet seemed to move on their own.

“You shouldn’t–you shouldn’t quit just because someone is an ass to you,” Levi said, fiddling with his scarf. “That’s just–”

“Relax, I didn’t quit, I just took the morning shift,” he said, not looking up from his notes.

“Oh,” said Levi.

“I asked to take it,” Eren emphasized.

Oh,” said Levi in an even smaller voice.

“I mean, do you have any idea how infuriating it is when you spend so much of your time making something beautiful and to have the person you have a crush on just refuse it? Do you know what it’s like to put that much effort and have them not even notice?”

“Sortof,” said Levi.

Eren snorted. 


“I hate coffee,” Levi blurted out. Confessed was more like it actually. “It’s bitter and it tastes like burnt asshairs. Even cutting it with milk does nothing to the taste. I hate coffee. I’ve always hated coffee. Every time I have it my insides feel like they’re about to fall out.”

Eren threw up his hands in frustration.

“Then why on earth would you come here every day and order–oh. Oh.”

The tips of Levi’s ears went red.

“Then what do you like?” Eren asked.

“Tea,” Levi answered, face now burning.

“Well then,” Eren said, standing up and putting on his coat. “Would you like to get a cup of tea with me?”

“Yes,” said Levi dazedly taking Eren’s extending arm.


Oil crackles in a pan as he places already cooked pork belly into the wok. After going on that cooking show, he kept working on his cooking skills. He wanted so badly to make dinner for you, a nice date night at home. He’s so cute standing there at the stove and stirring the meat, cute enough that you have to hug him right then and there. He turns to kiss your forehead when you lean your head on his shoulder. “Does it smell good? I wanted to make you something from Changsha, but most Hunan food is really spicy, so I can’t eat it.” You kiss his cheek and reassure him that it looks and smells amazing. This could become a favorite date idea. It doesn’t hurt that he looks adorable in his apron.

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Tattoos ~ Finn Balor

“Let’s get down and dirty Balor!” I pulled off my hoodie and removed my cap, making my way over to the ring.

“don’t ye wanna change yer shoes (Y/N)? I’m worried about yer ankles - ye need somethin more comfortable.” He suggested, looking down at my converse. I took a minute in my head to decide what I wanted to do next before walking over to my bag to change my converse.

“Okay I think I’m ready.” I lifted myself onto the apron and slipped into the ring.
Finn Balor was a really good friend of mine, even with me moving up onto the main roster, we still trained together.

Finn pulled off his shirt. Damn son. I bit my lip. “Concentrate (Y/N).” Finn smirked at me, causing me to blush.

Argh please. I’ve brought my A game today.” I launched myself at him, catching him off guard.

I successfully managed to get Finn into an impressive headlock before releasing him, “shit where’d ye learn that?” I got up and adjusted the strands of my hair that were in my face, “just something Sami showed me.. Impressed?” I cocked my head at him

“I see ye guys have been bondin without me…” He turned away from me and walked towards the opposite rope. “I can’t wait till they move you up onto main roster next month!” I stretched my arms behind me. 

Finn, Sami and I were the best of friends. We all remained exceptionally close and were so excited when we heard that Finn would be joining us soon. It was quite obvious that Finn and I had feelings for each other but we would always push them aside.

“Me either. I’ll be back on the road with ye an Sami in no time.” Finn beamed at me. "Okay now run at me.“ Finn held his arms out forward.

I took a few steps back and rested my weight against the rope behind me before I took off at full speed ahead. I was expecting for Finn to break my momentum or typically flip me over but instead he charged towards me, knocking the air out of me before I landed on my back with him on top of me.

I felt a cold wind hit my torso. Is my shirt up? “Uhm I’m so sorry love. That went much better in me head!” Finn laughed before attempting to lift himself up. “Whoaaaa. I’ve never seen dis befo!” He touched my exposed skin.

My ring attire was a little different compared to the other female superstars. I liked to wear my signature graphic tees and shorts.. Nothing that would expose too much, so people obviously, have never seen my tattoo. 

“I didn’t know ye had a tattoo. It’s really pretty.“ I redden at the feeling of Finn’s fingers grazing across my skin, tracing the tattoo. This was as close and as intimate as we’ve ever been. Finn looked up at me. he snapped out of his trance and retracted his hand before blushing "sorry.” He swiftly rose to his feet and extended his hand towards me. I allowed him to help me to my feet after shyly readjusting my T-shirt.

“Okay we’ve got time for one more maneuver.” I looked at the clock on the wall. “Let’s make it interesting.” I raised my eyebrow at Finn’s words. “If I knock ye down - you show me that sexy tattoo of yours again.” “And if I knock you down?” I questioned. “Ye won’t.” That cocky bastard.

After putting up quite a fight, Finn found himself pinned beneath Me. My full body weight pressed against him. “I win.” I smirked. “What were the terms if I lost?” He groaned, looking up at me, not even attempting to shake me off him.

“This.” Finn stared into my eyes before I hesitantly lowered my face closer to his till our lips touched… Taking him by complete surprise. “I always wanted to do that.” He smiles, when i break away.

The Other One : Part 9

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Part 10


You lean up against the door frame, blocking him from coming into your apartment.

“What are you doing here? I told y-“

“I know what you told me, but its two days before your birthday and I know that you wouldn’t stick to our tradition. I didn- Are you okay? You seem a bit flustered.” He leans in.

You wanted to confess right now how you had kissed Jinyoung.

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired I just got back from work.”

He eyes your uniform down, you looked cute with your little apron and your hair in a ponytail.

“I didn’t know you changed jobs.” He lies, smiling down at you.

His smile plays with your heart strings, he looked so fluffy, his hair flopping over his forehead. His body drowning in his oversized hoodie.

“Yeah, I got fired from my other one. Apparently not turning up is not a good thing.” You joke, laughing.

He chuckles. You two chat for about 10 minutes, and for those ten minutes you forgot everything. It was as if you two met for the first time. But then you’re pulled out of that moment when your phone buzzed.

                                               ‘Can I leave now?’

“Thanks for the drinks.” You say, grabbing the bags and shutting the door in his face.

Was it bad that you wanted to forgive him? You wanted to tell him that you could forget about everything, even though you couldn’t. You wanted to lie and make everything better. But how could you? You had just kissed Jinyoung, he had cheated, and everything was a mess.

You sigh and set the bags on the table.

“You can come out now.” You say.

Jinyoung slinks out of the room.

“I don’t think we should see each other again.” You say, avoiding eye contact.

Jinyoung collects his shoes and coat and walks towards the door, before turning around.

“Just one date, and if you don’t feel anything for me, I’ll forget about this. And I’ll go back to being your friend.” He compromises.

You couldn’t just reject him, what if something was there? You know you would regret it if you missed such a moment. What if he was the one you were meant to be with?

“Okay, just one date.” You just wanted to try it. All those missed looks and longing touches, what if they actually meant something.

“Great, I’ll swing by at 7 on Friday. I wanna wine and dine you for your birthday.” He smiles widely.

“Um… I can’t do Friday, I’m going out with friends… well friend. Maybe Sunday, when I won’t be disgustingly drunk or hungover?” You suggest.

“Sunday is perfect. I’ll see you then.” He walks towards the door. Suddenly he stops.

“Sorry about today, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. And I don’t expect you to be over Jaebum, he was such a big of your life. And I hope to be the same, just without the infidelity.” He nods, before leaving, gently shutting the door behind him.

You walk into the bathroom, admiring the bath that you had just ran for yourself, it had been a rough day.

You strip out of your clothes, then take off your underwear. Unfortunately, nothing in your life, not even taking a bath, was easy. You trip and fall into the bath, banging your knee. It hurt so much, you might have broken it. You try and get up, but fail, as your body falls back into the bath, water comes flowing out of the sides. Even if you were to get out, you would just fall back into the bath again, slipping on the suds flooding the floor. You really want to get out of the bath, this wasn’t the relaxing soak you had been anticipating. Your eyes search the bathroom looking for something to assist you, and your eyes land on the house phone next to the toilet, you kinda thank the lord that you order pizza on the toilet last night. You reach over and pick up the phone. You didn’t know any number off head. Except one. You didn’t want to call him, but you also didn’t want to be stuck in the bath. You reluctantly dial the number. It rings twice before he picks up.

“Hello.” He says.

“I need your help.” You wince, as you watch your knee swell.

“Who is this?” He asks, you must have never given him your house phone number.

“Your ex-girlfriend.” You sigh.

He sits up in his bed.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, putting his shoes on.

“I’ve hurt myself and I’m stuck in the bathtub.” You admit, embarrassed.

You hear a stifled laugh.

“You know what? I’ll just embarrass myself and call the ambulance if you’re gonna laugh.”

“No! I’m on my way.” He says, grabbing his jacket and running out the apartment.

“I’ll see you soon.”

You sit in the bath for what feels like 2 days before your house phone rings.

“I’m outside.” He says.

“Come in then.” You say.

“I don’t your pin, you changed it.” He says, quietly.

“It’s the day we met, 040615.” You say, shyly.

It was easy to remember, and even though you were hurt it meant a lot to you.

“Okay.” Even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell he was smiling. And the thought of him smiling made you smile through your pain.

You hear feet run into your apartment and a hand pushes the bathroom door open.

“Turn around and pass me my towel.” You scream.

“It’s not like I’ve never seen you naked before, now just let me help you.” He says.

“That’s different, we are not together anymore, it’s inappropriate, let me just cover up first. Now pass me my towel.” You holler.

He chucks your towel over his shoulder, it makes a soft sound as it fall in the water.

“Well done. Now I can’t cover myself.” You say sarcastically.

He chuckles.

“If I shut my eyes, will you let me help you?” He asks.

“Okay, but keep your hands on my arms.” You say.

He walks towards the bathtub, slowly but surely. Almost falling over a couple of times because of the of the water soaked floor.

After a weary few minutes, he makes it over to you unscathed.

“Okay, I will put my arms out and you will pull me out, okay?”

He nods.

You reach your arms out as he blindly feels around. His strong hands wrap around your arms. Just as you’re about to stand, your wet arms slip from his grip and you fall back in bringing him down with you. You try and not panic as he lies against your naked body.

“Get off of me! “ You scream.

He smirks.

“Well it’s been a while.” He jokes.

“Get. Off. NOW!” You shout.

He gets out of the bath and wrings his top. You couldn’t help but stares as the material clung to his abs.

“You kno what?  We tried your way, and that didn’t work. Now we try my way.” He says, reaching out.

“Close your eyes.” You say.

He rolls his eyes and scoops you up, being mindful of your obviously swollen knee. As he walks out of the bathroom, with you in tow, you grab your towelling robe off of the door and wrap it around yourself.

He sets you down on the living couch.

“Thank you.” You say quietly.

“No problem.” He says, taking a seat on the opposite chair.

“I’ll get your clothes, I’m taking you the hospital.” He says, getting up.

“It’s fine, I’ll call someone else, just pass me my phone and you can go.” You tell him.

“No, I’ll stay.” He goes into your bedroom to look for clothes for you to wear.

You stare off into the distance, thinking about how deep his love for you must be. You were astonished at the speed he got to you in. How he heroically picked you up, how he made you feel safe. If you could rewind to the moment you left, would you have fixed everything?


4/7 bf!monsta x

  • the most caring boyfriend ever
  • he’ll act a little chic around you, like he doesn’t care but deep down he’s probably always a little worried about you
  • for example, he’ll always be doing small thoughtful things for you when you aren’t paying attention
  • like putting a blanket on you when you’re asleep or placing a water bottle and a snack on your desk so you don’t forget to go to school/work without it
  • 100% would wake up early to make/pack you lunch and leave it on the kitchen counter 
  • cooking with kihyun!!
  • would purposefully not let you tie your own apron because he wants an excuse to wrap his arms around your waist
  • laughing together because of the mess you two are making
  • cue his adorable little smile and eye dimples
  •  would always sing you to sleep with his angelic voice
  • complimenting him would boost his ego and make him the happiest man in the world
  • he’d confide in you with everything, especially with his insecurities but you would always know how to make him feel better
  • “with you, i don’t need to look for approval”
  • the cutest and most “couple goals” worthy dates
  • like aquarium dates followed by a picnic
  • him trying to imitate the fish or seals to make you laugh
  • he’ll probably try to feed you grapes or something and miss your mouth on purpose, just for the fun of it
  • he likes to tease you a lot because he thinks your reactions are cute
  • super duper romantic tbh
  • the type to always bring you flowers
  • he’ll never miss a birthday or an anniversary for the world
  • he would plan the most elaborate and romantic events for you
  • couple rings
  • lots of forehead kisses and “i love you”s
  • likes to play with your hair and fingers
  • would always be running his hand in circles on your back 
  • overall, a very sweet boyfriend!
I’m scared about Konoha Hiden’s adaptation

In the list of episodes I can’t see the one that focuses on Team Gai, yet we have a Gaara episode? (I don’t recall him being in the novel at all… are they adapting Gaara Hiden in one episode?)

Lee’s and TenTen’s chapters are the greatest. they had.

1- Neji’s ghost touching moment talking to his old team-mate and rival

2- Lee dressing up with an apron and wanting to learn how a mother/housewife life is like

3- Confirmation of TenTen’s saddest memory (being weaker in taijutsu than her team-mates) and fear (being mocked for not being interested in boys, but in weapons only)

4- TenTen’s secret love for the youthful lifestyle, which later evolve into her hot-blooded personality in Konoha Shinden.

5- Rock Lee and TenTen accepting each other and themselves.

THEY JUST CAN’T IGNORE THESE MOMENTS. Please Pierrot, don’t mess up with this… I beg you.

I swear if this five main scenes aren’t in the anime adaptation I’ll…