i want him for christmas!


this is for @ivory-leigh with special thanks to @onemuseleft for her help with the idea

i super didn’t mean to write this tonight but the idea was SO GOOD and i’ve really been jonesing to write

In the weeks following what they’re calling The Battle of New York, Bruce settles into the Tower with an incredible ease.

The floor Tony designed for him is shockingly well-suited to his tastes and needs considering how Tony likes to claim he’s not a team-player. Bruce suspects each floor is equally well-designed and perhaps that’s why they’re all able to slip into a routine so quickly.

It feels like something missing has slotted into place and Bruce can tell just by looking at the others’ faintly bewildered expressions when they look around at the space they share that they feel the same.

Still, Bruce never looks toward Harlem.

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i think a lot of people are forgetting how if robbie isn’t playing a character or plotting something to “get rid” of sportacus, he’s an incredibly socially awkward doof who just wants to be loved and accepted. i feel like if he’s being himself he wouldn’t be as tsundere as everyone makes him out to be. i feel like he’d be super loving and really happy to be around his friends, though of course he’d still be the drama queen he is.

home for the holidays (m)

pairing: reader x resident assistant!kim taehyung

genre/components: [ NC-17 ] smut, fluff // taehyung finds the perfect company for his lonely winter break

count: 5,264 words

a/n: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR BABY. he’s the reason why i try to stay positive and happy in life and i hope he’s showered with lots of love and happiness. this is honestly just fluffy tae smut cos i want him happy.

There was something about Christmas that always left a bitter aftertaste in Taehyung’s mouth.

Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loved festivities. Why else would you find him squeezing into an oversized diaper on Valentine’s Day, dropping off little bags of chocolate on every one of his resident’s doorsteps? When asked why he did such a thing in a ridiculous outfit, in other words a pair of white boxer shorts, he only replied with, “I’m Cupid, it adds to the authenticity.” Halloween had him and Jimin, a fellow resident assistant, hiding in the dorm’s broom closets and scaring every person that walked past (though the hall director did ban this for the following year due to minor injuries caused). Nevertheless, Taehyung lived for the atmosphere during these days, how alive the world seemed when everyone was happy (debatable for Valentine’s Day).

However, Christmas was something that Taehyung had a love-hate relationship with. It wasn’t the cold weather because he loved every opportunity he could take to bury his face in the knitted scarf his grandma had gifted him and inhaling copious amounts of hot chocolate.

But being a resident assistant over winter break was never fun. The hall was empty and cold, slithering a chill down his spine whenever he walked down the all too dead hallway that was usually filled by chattering with the occasional sex noises. Residents were gone, most of them back to visit their families and the minority staying on campus to take up a few classes. The resource center he worked in was even more dead. If that was possible.

Nobody even came for toilet paper and people always came for toilet paper.

He was clicking away on a minesweeper game on the ancient computer downstairs (he tried to install League but that had fucked up the system) when he heard sounds from above him. And there you stood, hair a wet, tangled mess, eyes staring at him curiously, lips plump and dark from the shower as you blinked. So cute was his first thought. “Hello! Another human being! Now this is a true Christmas miracle.”

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The Truth Behind “You are My Heaven”

A/N: Hello, my lovelies. This is not a fic, it’s actually a personal story. Or more like a word blurt. But I offered to share it and people seemed interested, so here it is. This is what inspired my fic You Are My Heaven. Spoilers below, I guess, if you haven’t read the fic. Also, I am working on an epilogue, but it might take me a few more days. You’re all wonderful. Read this if you’d like, but no hard feelings if you don’t. I will be tagging my permanent list below, though. Hope no one minds. Here we go. 

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All I got to say is if 3x19 really is about a world without Iris, the episode better be filled with bitter ass, man pained Barry who can’t function without Iris West! I mean when they see him coming I need Cisco to holla at Wally and Joe like “Y'all betta get ya asses to the cortex, cause that motherf@#$@ is on the prowl”! I want him to be walkin around like the damn grinch who stole Christmas x 10. He betta be kickin the sh@$ outta puppies and slappin the hell outta babies cause I won’t accept anything less! DO YOU HEAR ME WRITERS!!!


Merry Christmas Truce for @greyacedipperpines / @hiridraws!! You wanted something from the headless au, and I gotta say that it was a really fun prompt! Sooo originally, I was going to work on those sketches, but then I realized how terrible I am at coloring and doing line art digitally, and I switched over to traditional art! I hope you like it!

Perfect Fit

By: ProMarvelFanGirl

Pairing: Steve x Plus!size Reader

Warnings: body issues, weight issues, eating habits.

Summary: Steve shows you he loves your body even if you don’t.

You close your eyes and pause a moment before opening them a crack peeking at the scale under your feet.  Welp, Happy Holidays to you.  That is a number you never thought you’d see.  Chancing a glance into your room you see your boyfriend still sleeping peacefully.  You step off the scale and put your sweats on, taking care to cover your arms and stomach.  Steve had seen it all before, your “scary bits” as you called them.  But now you had a number.  A big number that suddenly defined them as not scary but terrifying.

You quietly make your way to the kitchen.  You had a crazy busy day ahead of you.  Pulling the skillet from it place on the shelf you start cooking the best breakfast you could.  You were nearly finished with breakfast when Steve woke and quietly made his way into the kitchen, wrapping his arms around your wide hips, placing his stubbled chin on your shoulder.

“Mmm morning. That smells amazing doll”  Steve nuzzles into you and kisses your cheek, before grabbing one of the filled plates and heading to sit at the table with his newspaper, disappearing behind it.   Looking down at your plate, you bite the inside of your cheek.  Pushing your plate away, you collect the pans and start the dishes.  

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