i want him being a csi and start dating with morgan

Can’t live in Dreams

There’s a timeline where Cisco Ramon graduates high school at 15, and his parents are more interested in Dante’s senior solo with his string orchestra than the acceptance letter to Stanford addressed to their younger son. But that’s ok. That’s always how it’s been. Cisco’s used to it, has long accepted it, and packs his bags.

Sometimes he lingers in the musical hall, where Giancarlo Aquilanti conducts a piece of music he’s heard a thousand times, and feels homesick, but more often, he hangs in the library or lecture halls, eagerly debating and discussing. He graduates early from there, too, and has as close to his pick of jobs as a brown kid’s gonna get, and feels pride, honest and true.

Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan are opening the first in a series of labs in Central city, but that’s not home anymore.

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