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Story regarding Jungkook and his free plain t-shirts... LOL

This is translated from a letter by a representative of a male brand company known as Cut-Factory to Jungkook..

The company held a plain T-shirt event awhile ago on their Facebook page and there were many people tagging this particular person in the comments.

“It’d be good if I could give this to Jungkook”
“I want to buy this for Jungkook”
“So I’m not the only one who thinks of Jungkook”

^ comments like this.

The company representative saw so many people mentioning Jungkook and hence he wanted to find a friend of Jungkook in the comments to give the T-shirts to him but he didn’t find any. (& then he thought that maybe Jungkook was bullied in school LOL) The representative then got more and more curious of who “Jungkook” is.

But… he realised that Jungkook is a idol after that
(Bc the representative is 30+ years old and he doesn’t know any other idols after H.O.T ㅋㅋ)

After that he went on youtube to watch Jungkook and although it’s kind of weird for a male to like a male idol, he’ll still show support and concern for Jungkook. (He also saw videos of Jungkook liking plain T-shirts ;;)

And hence, the company decided to give each colour of every shirt in their company to Jungkook according to his height and size as well as sweaters~ 😹💕💓

facebook post: Cut Factory

translated by jeonsify via 澡澡猫儿


WESTWORLD | 1.04 | Hector & Maeve

Now, my lovely friend, what deal is it you wanna make?

“Ichihime was obvious from the beginning” Part 1

“Do you have any plans to make Ichigo and Rukia a couple?”

Kubo: I’m not going to confirm nor deny that. [laughs]

Kubo could have easily stated he would never make them canon or that they would always be just close friends. But no. So IH’s can shove “Kubo said it was platonic” up their asses. Practice what you preach and listen to the man who ass you want to kiss so bad.

lol what are Ichigo and Rukia doing at a resort on a beach making bedroom eyes at each other? Platonic vacation????

On JumpBang T.V. Kubo initially was going to draw Rukia, but just spontaneously draws Rukia with him.

When you cant draw the hero without his heroine.

Jaina from Anime Insider interview with Kubo

“For a shonen series, Bleach spends a lot focusing on the emotions and different bonds between the characters. I’m sure you’re asked this a lot, but will we ever see any romance by the end of the series?”

Kubo: I don’t really intend to make it a romantic story, but it’s one of the aspects of the series, so I put it in here and there.

In the early stage of the manga, I did touch on the two’s relationship but after that I intentionally change the point of view to other characters beside them. But then, it was so nostalgic to dive deeper into these two’s relationship again. While I had fun, I also had a chance to observe them closely. And then once again I was reminded that they’re really a good combo.” - Tite Kubo

Kubo sure loved the hell out of this super platonic bros before hoes relationship. He even wanted to DIVE DEEPER into it!

“When someone changes your world, that’s when you know he’s important to you.” Tite Kubo

More important than your S/O apparently.

Ichigo and Rukia are both responsible for clearing the rain in each other’s hearts. Although the rain metaphor is more highlighted to Ichigo’s inner turmoil, Rukia shares a very traumatic event in the rain.

They probably barely knew each other’s favorite food and yet they established this deep trust in less than a day.

This poor girl is probably having traumatic flashbacks. She wanted to help Ichigo despite knowing she was physically incapable but she respected him and internally begged him not to die. She had to deal with the fact that she killed Kaien and was forced to watch Ichigo fight and pray that he didn’t die. We all know she would have jumped at the chance to sacrifice her life for him, after all she is a soldier and it’s her job to protect.

They protected each other. Rukia protecting Ichigo twice and Ichigo saving her from death, all the while changing the views of her world for the better. All of that because, to Ichigo, Rukia shouldn’t be crying. She should be happy and that was enough for him even though she wanted to stay in SS.

This is much deeper than Ichigo and Orihime have ever had between each other.

“It is a sin to draw what I do not like.” - Tite Kubo

And the IHs can go and argue that Kubo has made spread that have had Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, and Renji all together, but theres also Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, and Uryuu, so what? How many Renji and Rukia spreads did we get? Or Ichigo and Orihime spreads did we get? Go ahead and say “spreads don’t matter” but clearly it mattered to the creator to waste time making them for such a “platonic” bond that he couldn’t even spare some times for the “obvious from the start” canon couples.

I made my dragonborn, Hella Dope, in Fallout 4. In Skyrim, she is very afraid of dwemer anything. Anything moderatly machine like is really scary for her. She’s slowly easing into getting over her fears, but It’s still prominent.

In Fallout 4, Hella can’t stop making all these robot friends. 


“I may be a gentleman now but beware when the night falls~ (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ " 

First MM cosplay! had a video chat session with our dear friend alone in Japan cosed as our current obsession LOL too bad our jumin fell sick and couldnt make it. humph! not like i wanted that mista trust fund kid to be here anyways! -pouts-

ps: i realise my ponytail cant be seen anywhere Q_Q

Fuck I feel horrible
—  Last text before I ended our “friendship”. I was really into him and I thought I had a chance but really in the end he just wanted to get into my pants and was stringing me along. When I suggested “rules” to protect our friendship from getting further complicated he shrugged it off, that’s how I knew it was over. I alerted him to my distress regarding how complicated our “friendship” had become and he sent me this. I fell in love with him and he probably knew it and wasn’t interested in a relationship and apparently wasn’t interested in being friends either. Looking back he wasn’t a very good friend anyway (stringing me along, stood me up a couple times). I’m so mad at myself for giving him more than he deserved and for loving him. I didn’t know people like him could exist.

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I understand the way you think of Riley stepping back, but like she was just trying to act like she didn't like him as anything more than friends which is why she did the things she did and then said 'I don't get nervous when I'm with you anymore.' Plus, you gotta admit, she tried her best to step back and watch Maya and Lucas date. Not to mention she didn't want Farkle to admit anything at all. She just wanted Maya to be happy because Maya and Lucas care about eachother.

Riley had no idea whether she actually liked Lucas as more than friends or not by the time Texas rolled around. The last we heard from her on the subject was Semi-Formal, during which she got upset because she didn’t know how she felt and Maya “wouldn’t tell her.” (Riley literally complains to the adults that Maya “won’t tell me how I feel!”) The only thing we really SEE from Riley in terms of Liking Lucas in story order between Semi-Formal & Texas is her “whatever you want” meltdown over his face in GM I am Farkle.

Her behavior overall going into Texas is simply not that of a girl who has big kid romantic feelings with actual substance to them for Lucas, and in terms of actually developing/deepening their connection narratively in light of realizing in SoL that she doesn’t actually know the guy as well as she thought she did…well that doesn’t happen. As of SL1 Riley’s whole romantic concept of Lucas is still pretty much just “future horsey doctor who I ‘fell’ on so we are in love!” Credit where it’s due of course: she seems to have also tacked on the whole “western hero” thing in light of his “rodeo star” turn in Texas, but that’s pretty much the only post-pilot/Boy aspect of him Riley has incorporated into her fantasies which ends up manifesting as her actual conception of him. And it’s a huge idealization not in keeping with reality, tbh. He’s not a “secure western hero,” he’s a rather insecure normal teenage boy. (Hey, Josh wasn’t wrong about EVERYTHING.)

If the Rilucas romantic connection had been developing for real post-SoL, then RILEY would’ve had a Creativity-esque scene with him. Instead she had that with Farkle in STEM. SHE would’ve had the “omg wtf” hormonal telegram moment with Lucas, but that went to Maya. Legit damn near every developmental narrative beat of an actual nascent romance went to pairings OTHER than Rilucas in S2. We’ve been over this before.

And Riley actually noticed a lot of this happening because she WAS growing in terms of hipness to reality in S2. Remember all those “questioning” faces she made?

This is all a whole lot more complicated and nuanced than “Riley absolutely understands her feelings and is in love/like with Lucas and she was hiding it because she wants Maya to be happy so that’s why she hit Lucas.” Riley doesn’t get her feelings at all, she just has what she THINKS she feels based mostly on what she THINKS is supposed to happen. (And that’s OKAY. Because she’s like THIRTEEN!)

I admit she “tried her best,” but her best wasn’t very good because Riley’s damn near NEVER had to actually follow through on being selfless or sacrificing for others even on the rare occasions she’s offered to do so. Riley doesn’t know how to actually put aside what she thinks she wants for somebody else. I’m not saying she’s a horrible person (she’s like 12/13, for god’s sake what 12/13 year old is that unselfish? And don’t say “Maya,” because she’s not either), but the truth of the matter is that Riley is used to getting what she wants even when she offers to give it up. Every time she’s ever tried to actually put her wants aside for somebody else, she’s been let off the hook and given whatever she wanted anyway.

No wonder Riley rewards herself for being good. In Riley’s experience, being “good” or offering to sacrifice something is almost immediately rewarded with not having to do so after all! (And of course that’s not the character’s fault. Not one bit.)

Make no mistake though, while it is CANON that Riley was confused about and questioning her feelings for Lucas in S2, being confused about her actual base FEELINGS doesn’t change the fact that she still THOUGHT her and Lucas were supposed to fall in love and blah blah blah. (“What you’re thinking is how you really feel,” quoth Farkle in GMT3 right before the episode where we learn there’s a difference between what you think you feel and what you FEEL, HELLO.) We hadn’t seen Riley “get nervous” around Lucas since New World by the time Texas rolled around, and TBH I don’t think she was actually LYING when she said as much during the line dance scene. I don’t think Riley was actually lying so much as trying to control/rewrite the situation at first. But once Farkle tells Riley how she feels (which Riley initially wanted Maya to do), Riley embraces that she’s bold face “lying.” And by then, she is. She’s not questioning/confused about her feelings anymore because someone she trusts finally TOLD HER how she feels. It’s not that she’s figured out she’s truly “in love,” with Lucas—it’s that someone essentially TOLD HER she was.

From where I sit though, the reality of S2 not jiving with Riley’s fantasies of what she thought was supposed to happen confused the hell out of her. Riley’s attitude towards Lucas after New World and SoL is hardly that of a girl who genuinely likes Lucas romantically 90% of the time and in terms of romance they don’t develop narratively at all, so of course she’s confused. She thinks she’s supposed to be in love with him! He was the first boy she ever liked, therefore he HAS to be the ONLY Boy she ever likes, right? That’s what’s “supposed to” happen. That’s why it’s such a “big deal” for her. Riley wouldn’t have been so questioning/confused about it all if everything were playing out in reality the way she had it in her head, but starting with GMNW…S2 is just hit after hit after hit of this whole Lucas thing not being at all what Riley was expecting or what she wanted.

Going into Texas, Riley was confused about her feelings but she clearly still believed that the way she and Lucas had been acting was inherently romantic (even though it wasn’t really, not overall). She slaps a new label on their relationship and she clearly thinks things need to change in order to fulfill that label. So she starts hitting the guy.

Riley still hadn’t actually FIGURED OUT HER FEELINGS when she busted out that brother label. (She’s only just now getting to truly figuring out what she actually feels and doesn’t.) She’d been considering the “just friends” thing, but that was at odds with her princess dreams/Corpanga issues aka her implied canon belief that she’s supposed to only like one person ever and her near explicit canon belief she and the first person she liked (Lucas) will be together forever with nothing bad happening. Fact is though, if you watch how she BEHAVES overall, Riley’s feelings have been at odds with what she thinks is supposed to happen for a long, long time.

Hell, what’s HAPPENED has been at odds with what she thought was supposed to happen for a long time. I’m pretty sure Riley’s “eight year plan” didn’t involve not speaking for months, Lucas having to be FORCED to ask her to be bf/gf after their first kiss and then immediately breaking up because they were so extremely uncomfortable with each other in that capacity (although of course she and Lucas prefer the “pressure”/“not ready” explanation for their flopping as couple in GMNW even though current events really call that into question). Pretty sure it didn’t include NOT winning favorite couple (even though neither Rilucas nor Lucaya was actually a couple, but that’s a whole ‘nother thing). Pretty sure it didn’t include him seeming to care way more about Maya and art class than he’d ever cared about any of Riley’s situations up to that point. Pretty sure it didn’t include him turning out to be not at all what she thought. It definitely didn’t include Lucas earnestly going out with and having feelings for Maya.

None of that is what S1 Riley (or much of the audience) believed was going to happen. But happen it did, and depending on whether you believe Riley actually GREW in S2 or not, Riley was starting to recognize that the reality of things wasn’t at all the fantasy she had in her head. Of course that confused and upset her! A major aspect of her character (until the post Ski Lodge eps, ofc) is that overall her blind belief in how she thinks the world is “supposed to be” almost always works out, even when it’s completely implausible. The whole Lucas and Maya situation was the first time in Riley’s whole life as we’ve seen it that there was a serious threat to that pattern.

Despite her actual non-romantic overall behavior towards Lucas going into Texas, despite all of her “questioning” faces and seeming realizations in S2, deep down I think it’s clear Riley still THOUGHT she and Lucas were a “romance” going into Texas. (And it’s clear he did too, but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms). So if she’s his “sister” now, she clearly thinks she needs to behave differently to make that work. And that’s largely down to the fact that she has NO IDEA that Maya thought they were siblinglike based on how Riley and Lucas were ALREADY behaving the vast majority of the time, especially when they were “at their best.” (Notably Lucas is way more amenable to the brother thing—hitting aside—after Maya explains her reasoning + the near kiss. But he’s also understandably uncomfortable with the Charlie thing and then Auggie shuts down their using the label at all.)

Riley “didn’t want Farkle to admit anything,” sure, but she had an out. All she had to do was TALK TO Maya and/or Lucas. She CHOSE to let Farkle blab (although tbh I think she thought maybe he wouldn’t). But either way: Riley is 99.99999% uninterested in actually sitting down and discussing the situation the three of them together, and this carries forward all the way to Ski Lodge. She wanted to slap the brother label on things (without even understanding what that label meant in terms of what Maya was talking about) and have that be that. She largely didn’t want to do the hard emotional work of actually TALKING THINGS OUT with Maya and Lucas. She wanted a “Jexica”-type solution with no emotional consequences from the very start (and lo and behold, she gets one—albeit only ostensibly, IMO). So while sure, it’s true Riley didn’t want Farkle to embarrass her like that, the truth of the matter is that the blab stopped Maya and Lucas from moving forward as they SO clearly were about to do (narrative evidence + writer’s tweet about the episode).

And in so doing, Farkle made it such that Riley didn’t have to face reality. “Purple is the color of midnight,” and Farkle tossing Riley back into the equation absolutely begins a backslide for Riley in terms of her hipness to reality. Then Maya backslides big time in the non-triangle arc, and Lucas appears to do so as well by Ski Lodge. By the end of SL2, it’s as if season two has been wiped away and allllllll those challenges to Riley’s perception of reality have been shoved under the rug and tossed aside just like their growth. Riley, Maya, and Lucas’s S2 growth falls apart and the world of purple cats/BMW-analog assumptions takes over again. This is definitely what Riley THINKS she wanted, and she’s quite happy about it in Ski Lodge 2 which is pretty much the peak of all that…but as time goes on…well, keep watching.

Because this time (unlike the first go round in S1), the cracks in “the world” as crappy gender-bent BMW are really, really showing. Even a lot of people who got their way ship-wise kinda hate “the world” as it is right now. And despite the official label, Riley’s back to basically acting uninterested in Lucas romantically overall, and they STILL don’t develop narratively on that front. It’s just a label.

I think it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Riley was mistaken about her feelings and what she thinks “her world” is supposed to be. She (and large swaths of the audience) thought her world was “supposed to” be Riley & Lucas 5-eva with Maya as the “bad” sidekick and Farkle as just Farkle, who couldn’t possibly be a romantic concern for Riley. And that world, the world we’re getting now…kinda sucks compared to S2 in terms of being compelling television. The writers “gave the people what they wanted” and it kinda sucks because it’s like S1 all over again, but it’s more than a little tedious and redundant this go round—IMO because we saw a more compelling “world” in S2 in terms of storytelling and dynamic characters. Word of God is that these romance arcs are about perception vs reality, so…idk, I think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that the perception of GMW as “supposed to be” gender-bent BMW ain’t the reality.

As S3 goes on and then comes to a close, it becomes prettttttty blatant that Riley is anything but “in love” with Lucas. Only the biggest of purple-cat-goggled stans will be able to deny this once it’s all actually aired, I think.

All of this to say: I don’t think Riley was actually bold-face LYING per se in Texas. I think she was STILL confused about her actual feelings even if she clearly still THOUGHT her and Lucas were supposed to be some big romance. She does genuinely care about Maya (obvi), so when it became clear to her that Maya had feelings for Lucas, Riley tried to clear out and fix (aka control) the situation by slapping a brother label on it.

IMO, Riley wasn’t wrong when she said her and Lucas aren’t a good couple (just look at them now!) and she wasn’t wrong when she perceived Maya and Lucas had feelings for each other (still pending S4 and any possible breaking down of the “Maya became Riley” construct). But it’s not like Riley WANTED to or was actually ready to acccept that reality, so when Farkle (who really knows nothing about the situation outside of what he thinks) basically insists to Riley that she and Lucas are the real deal and the whole Lucas and Maya thing is meh maybe whatever, I think this absolutely starts Riley’s backslide growth-wise. It gets her off the hook although she doesn’t immediately jump off of it. By Triangle/Upstate, she’s clearly back to thinking her and Lucas are some Grand Romance (which, I’m sorry, is downright delusional at this point) + she’s invalidating Maya’s feelings all over the place, just like Farkle did in Texas 3.

It all comes back to whether you believe anything about S2 was real or not. If you think Riley didn’t actually grow more hip to reality in S2 when she “saw” Maya and Lucas, but rather she was just plain wrong because what actually happened was Maya “became Riley,” then okay. That’s certainly what we’re being led to believe at the moment on a surface level. But if you believe Riley actually WAS growing in S2, that her attempt at “stepping back” (and notably trying to follow through on that even though literally EVERYONE including Maya at first gave her an out like they always do) was born of a genuine realization about the world around her re:Maya and Lucas, then the way Riley backslides in terms of growth regarding her hipness to reality is damn near tragic—except that had the kids not regressed their growth…their friendships probably would’ve fallen apart.

But Riley can regrow! Except THIS time she needs to get hip to the reality of her OWN feelings rather than Maya’s, which is gonna be a whole lot easier for her as long as she sincerely believes Maya doesn’t have and never did have feelings for Lucas (obviously I think those feelings are still there and there’s ample context supporting as much, but I gladly acknowledge that’s not explicit and may never be unless we get an S4). Because if Riley were still hip Maya’s feelings or believed Maya likes Lucas, she wouldn’t be in an “official” relationship with him and she’d still be clinging to her fantasies rather than contending with reality.

Reality seems to hit pretty hard in S16/IDF in terms of how Riley actually feels about Lucas, but if there’s no S4…then we’re never gonna know whether Riley recognizes/accepts reality this time and has a mega growth spurt in light of that or not. Le SIGH.

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I can't believe what is happening again. Shipper trolls going after Sam again because of who he's friends with. Hasn't Sam withdrawn from the fandom enough already? Do they want him to leave completely? I am so mad about their behavior. He deserves better!

Anon Hi, thanks for writing me. Before giving an answer I would make a note, We can avoid calling the trolls “shippers trolls”? They are just trolls.
I don’t want to demonize the category “shippers”, because they are not all the same people and it is not correct.
Returning to the issue, I find this really depressing. If this Shatner gives so much trouble just to block him and do not read him, it is so easy.
Such as shippers should not be blamed for the actions of trolls, Sam should not be blamed for the actions of others.
We all know that he’s a special guy with a huge heart, with a beautiful soul so let’s stop making him look like a bad person.
(Caitriona follows and admires Lena Dunham, a person has done in the past questionable actions. I like this? No, but I think Cait is a wonderful person anyway. She is not Lena Dunham)
Its a war between Shatner and a group of fandom, (all adults capable of defending themselves) this should not weigh on Sam’s shoulder.
I want to enjoy the show! I want to enjoy these wonderful actors, let’s enjoy their work.


My friend Arnxstale asked me to post my other K-POP fanarts, so here we go! (・∀・)
There is Suga, from BTS, with a flower bouquet (I LOVE galaxy background yesyes),
V, from BTS too, with bunny ears (a little Popy-chan’s commission honhonhon)
Mark, from GOT7, and his donut hoodie (I want the same urgh ‘Q’)
And V again, with a new style I’m trying! ✧٩(の❛ᴗ❛ の)۶ I found him so cute kqndjdjd

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do you think stiles ever questions lydia's feelings for him? like, has he ever thought that lydia might actually like him..?

Yeah, I think that at a few points he would look over at her looking at him and then have this inkling that maybe she was feeling something too. But then he would check himself and look down and make himself realize that he was probably just projecting what he wanted onto her. 

I think that he probably struggled the most with this after 5x16. He saw her interactions with him and wondered if his feelings were mutual, but then was too scared to make a move and ruin any chance they had of becoming friends again (especially now that he and Malia were broken up.)

So I feel like at the end of 5b, Stiles was trying to navigate Lydia’s feelings and figure out what she was experiencing, but she felt like she had been too obvious and so she retracted and got annoyed with him again (almost directly parallelling the beginning of their relationship, but instead of hating him, she’s in love with him) just when Stiles was actually trying to look for signs that Lydia had feelings for him. 

Aka if she hadn’t felt slighted by him because she gave it all away in 5x16, he would have probably made a move way sooner because Lydia would have continuously been a bit more open to Stiles and he would have noticed and started questioning her feelings more often. 

I’m sorry that I was busy during that time. I’m sorry we haven’t talked much recently
—  He was my best friend for 5 years. He supported me though the death of a parent, college, and we nursed each other through multiple break ups and the first year of grad school.
The year after graduation, I went to visit him and on the first night of a 3 week stay he told me he’d been in love with me since the end of college and wanted to be with me. We spent the rest of the trip trying to figure things out, while I was isolated in a new place surrounded by his very right leaning family. They were rough, but I was still willing to try; he told me the last night he changed his mind and didn’t want me.
He then proceeded to ignore me for a month, claiming after the fact that he “needed space”. Then we barely spoke for the next 3 months and first semester of our second years of grad school. I finally called him on it when he ditched a planned phone call, and this was his response: a bullshit apology without any real contrition.

Vance:  “Actually, I already found a good guy.  I’m in love with somebody.”

Stefano goes silent and stares at Vance because this is the first he’s heard of him having a guy!  Or rather, caring about another guy.  He’s not sure how he feels about that.

He doesn’t like it though.

Not one bit.

But only because Vance is one of his closest friends and he doesn’t want him getting hurt again like the way Luca had hurt him.

Yeah, that was the only reason because anything else would be silly seeing how Vance is in love with some other guy.  

A random guy…

A guy he’s never heard about…

A guy who could hurt Vance.

If you’d like to read the Caleb & Sophie Story from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here. 

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Anon would be interested to hear any headcanons/meta on Bilbo's various relationships with the rest of the company. Just rewatched selected parts of the trilogy and remembered how much I loved Bilbo bonding with Bofur, Dwalin, Balin, and especially Kili and Fili. Especially when he acts protective toward them, even though they're so much stronger than him.

Okay, let me start this by saying that I really, really, REALLY love the way the relationship between Bilbo and the Company develops.

Like it’s just so beautiful how it goes from “I’m 100% done with these goddamn Dwarves in my goddamn house!” to “They’re all my babies and I will kill you if you touch them”.

About the individual relationships…

Well, everyone knows how I feel about Bilbo and Thorin, so that doesn’t need any huge headcanons (I’ll make an own post for that if someone wants it).

imo Bilbo is best friends with Bofur, Balin, and Ori, but he gets along with everyone after they’ve got used to each other. I think he took a liking to Balin and Ori already in Bag End (let’s face it, they behaved the best), and to Bofur sometime later (Rivendell, maybe? because then later in the Misty Mountains we see the scene where Bilbo’s gonna leave and like you can see that Bofur likes him and Bilbo seems to like him back so yeah).

Fili and Kili are a bit of a conundrum. Like on one hand Bilbo would protect them to death, but on the other he’s 100% done with their antics - but in the end of the day he adores them so much, and even though they technically are older than he is, I think Bilbo still regards them in the same way he regards Frodo.

Bilbo and Dwalin probably hit it off after Carrock. Dwalin can’t not like anyone who risks their life for Thorin like that, and starts to regard Bilbo with more respect and politeness, which in turn results to Bilbo starting to regard Dwalin with less… well, not fear, but he isn’t wary around Dwalin anymore. (Plus Dwalin doesn’t seem so scary anymore when Bilbo catches him cooing at some ducklings)

Dori started to warm up to Bilbo quite soon after Bilbo really hit it off with Ori (and it turns out they share a passion for crochet - Dori felt blessed). Nori took a bit longer to warm up because he likes to keep his distance + maybe he felt a bit jealous that they had to hire Bilbo even though he himself is also a capable burglar. Still, I think Nori was impressed with Bilbo’s motives to return and help them reclaim Erebor, and then they slowly started to develop their friendship.

Bilbo’s friendship with Bombur is no brainer. Food is their common interest and I like to think that they often cooked together during the quest. Bifur was harder to befriend, much because of the language barrier, but after Bofur and Bombur taught Bilbo some Iglishmêk for basic communication a friendship slowly started to develop, much like with Nori. Bifur and Nori were in my headcanon the slowest to become Bilbo’s friends, but when the friendship was born it became everlasting.

As for Oin and Gloin… I’d say Bilbo bonded with Oin over some herbal remedies and such (this friendship was also somewhat slow to begin because of Oin’s hearing problems but nothing that Iglishmêk couldn’t fix). With Gloin it was homesickness. Sure, Bilbo didn’t quite understand Gloin’s massive sermons about his wife and son (oh, so many tales), but he always listened to them politely and asked questions, and Gloin in turn, as a family-oriented person, asked about Bilbo’s family.

So, to summarise, some friendships were easier to develop than others, but by the time BotFA was over Bilbo was the honorary Dwarf and there was so much mutual respect and love between him and the Company I can’t even describe it.

(Bilbo also hit it off very nicely with Dáin, after maybe some stiffness at the start. Dáin, much like Dwalin, can’t not like someone who is willing to risk their life for Thorin, Fili, and Kili, and his jokes were very welcome to Bilbo when he was super stressed about the recovery of the aforementioned three idiots)

oh gods I have so many feels about these dorks I love them and their relationship so much!!! <3

13 Days of Halloween- Day 6

Friends in Low Places-
Prompt from anon

Harry looked over his newly purchased cottage with pride. It wasn’t as posh as Grimmauld Place, nor was it in the center of London, but it was warm and welcoming. A place he could call home.

Hermione walked up and stood beside him. “It’s perfect Harry. He’ll love it.” She looked at her best friend from the corner of her eye, “Are you sure you’re okay? I know Gin-”

Harry cut her off, “I didn’t buy this place because Ginny and I broke up, Hermione. I bought it for Teddy and I. I didn’t want to raise him in that old house.” Harry shuddered thinking about his 5 year old godson living in Grimmauld Place all the time. “As for Ginny,” his voice softened, “I just want her to be happy.”

Hermione wrapped Harry in a quick, but tight hug. “I know Harry, I know.” She let him go and looked at the cottage again, her lips pursed. “Hmmm, are you sure you didn’t buy it for the tree cover? This yard looks awfully big, a lot of room for, oh, I don’t know…. quidditch maybe?”

Harry grinned, “You caught me. Now come help me unpack.”


Harry followed the sound of laughter and made his way upstairs. He smiled when he saw Teddy playing with and old teddy bear Harry had gotten him a few years ago for Christmas. “Hey kiddo, what are you up to?” Harry asked and leaned against the door frame.

Teddy smiled widely up at him. His hair was a happy turquoise blue, but his eyes were the same green shade as Harry’s. “Playing.”

“Well, wrap up your game soon okay? Aunt Hermione is coming over soon.”

“Is she going to make dinner again?” Teddy asked with the horror of a 5 year old forced to eat vegetables.

Harry hid a laugh I coughing, “No, I’m cooking tonight. Don’t forget to wash your hands before coming down alright?”

“Okay uncle Harry.” Teddy agreed, but turned back to his bear. Harry smiled and left. When he was halfway down the hall he heard Teddy say “It’s okay Jonathan. I like Aunt Hermione.” Harry turned and looked back at his godson, who had already started to put his toys away. He shook his head and walked downstairs.


“So you don’t think I should be worried?” Harry asked Hermione, seeking her assurance.

“Harry, it’s perfectly normal for kids his age to have imaginary friends.”

“He’s never had one before.”

“Well, this is a new place.” Hermione said soothingly, “And he’s not used to living with you all the time. This could be his way of adjusting.”

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah, I suppose.”


Harry paced the living room. He tried to tell himself he wasn’t being a bad parent, we was being firm. There was a difference.

Yet, he still felt awful for raising his voice when Teddy had refused to eat the very healthy dinner he had made. Teddy had turned his nose up at the carrots and had hardly touched the baked chicken breast. Harry had told him if he didn’t eat his dinner, he could go to bed hungry. Teddy had looked at him with woeful eyes and a trembling lip before rushing off to his room.

And Harry had felt like the worst parent ever.

He sighed in defeat and made his way to Teddy’s room, “Teddy, I’m-” Harry stopped short. The room was a disaster. Toys and books and clothes were strewn everywhere. The sheets had been pulled off of his bed and the drawers from his chest were open and empty.

“Teddy! What- Did you? Teddy! This is not the way we handle things!” Harry had raised his voice again, shocked at Teddy’s actions.

“No! Uncle Harry it wasn’t me!” Teddy cried, his hair was grey and so were his eyes. The grey eyes weren’t too unusual, but the hair color was new. “It was Jonathan!”

“Teddy, I don’t appreciate being lied to.” Harry said sternly. “Clean this up and don’t come out of your room until you’re done.”

Teddy sniffled with his head down. Harry watched as his hair turned a dark blue, but he didn’t object. Harry turned quickly, not wanting Teddy to see his resolve break.


“I don’t know what to do Hermione! Every time he gets in trouble he has these fits where he just…. destroys everything! Yesterday he poured flour and sugar all over the kitchen floor, then soaked it with water!” Harry growled in frustration and put his head in his hands.

Hermione’s brow scrunched in confusion. “You’ve seen him do it?”

“No, that’s part of why it’s so frustrating! He waits until I leave. As long as I’m there, he doesn’t do anything, but the second my back is turned…” he trailed off.

“Maybe his magic is acting up?”

“I’ve never seen it do this before. And…” Harry hesitated “He’s blaming Jonathan.”

Hermione pulled back in surprise, “His imaginary friend?”



“Nooo!!! Please Uncle Harry! I don’t want to go!” Teddy was screaming through his tears.

“Teddy, it’s bed time.” Harry grit out. His godson was wiggling in his arms, trying to get away. As they approached his room, Teddy’s screams turned into whimpers and he clung to Harry as if his very life depended on it. Harry stopped dead in the hallway and really looked at his godson.

Teddy’s hair was white, his wide eyes a light grey ringed in black. Harry knew the face of terror when he saw it. “Teddy,” Harry started, his voice low and urgent, “why don’t you want to go to your room?”

Teddy shivered in his arms and whimpered again, hiding his head in Harry’s chest. “There’s a monster under my bed.”

“Teddy, there’s no such…” Harry stopped at his godson’s pleading look. “How about I go take care of the monsters, okay?”

Teddy nodded and Harry set him down. He was starting to think Hermione might be right and Teddy’s magic was acting up, giving him nightmares. When Harry entered the room, he looked back at Teddy who was standing in the hallway, his hands clenched into tight fists and bottom lip trembling. Harry smiled at him encouragingly before turning back to the task at hand. With his godson watching on, Harry kneeled down and looked under the bed.

Someone looked back at him.

Harry’s eyes widened in horror as the little boy under the bed smiled maliciously before disappearing. Harry scrambled to his feet and ran to Teddy. He scooped his godson into his arms as the boy began to scream, looking at something behind them. Harry turned back to see the teddy bear his godson so often played with, standing in the doorway. It’s button eyes were blank and staring, the stitched mouth closed and smiling.

The bear radiated menace.

“STUPEFY!” Harry yelled, wand pointed at the bear. He didn’t wait to see if he hit it. He ran down the hall and leaped down the last few steps, Teddy secure in his arms. When he reached the living room, he threw up a shield charm, blocking the doorway.

Harry thought quickly and summoned a patronus. “Hermione, I need you at the cottage. Now.” With a flick of his wrist, he sent the buck off. Teddy was still crying in his arms. “Shhhh, it’s okay. I’ve got you. I’ve got you.” Harry comforted him. His heart was racing and his palms were sweaty and Harry Potter, The Chosen One, was wracked with guilt. Teddy had tried to tell him, so many times. And Harry hadn’t listened. “I’m sorry Teddy. So, so sorry.”

Other than Teddy’s occasional sniffles, everything was quiet. Harry was just beginning to wonder where Hermione was when he heard it- the soft sound of padding feet. Teddy jumped and Harry’s arms tightened. He strained his ears, trying to figure out where the noise came from.

A boyish giggle echoed through the room and Teddy whimpered again. “Come out and play Teddy.” The high voice whispered, the sound carrying in the quiet room. “Come play with me Teddy. Come play.”

Harry growled and spun, his wand in the air, trying to pin down where the voice was coming from. A warmth spread across Harry’s stomach. Harry cast a silent scourgify, cleaning the mess. He pulled the small boy away from his shoulder. Teddy’s steady and silent tears broke Harry’s heart and strengthened his resolve. “I’ve got you Teddy. I’ve got you. I won’t let the monster win.” Harry said fiercely.

The pop! of apparition startled the pair. Hermione had shown up, Draco Malfoy in tow. “Harry! What’s happening? I got your message…”

A giggle interrupted her.

“What in Merlin’s name was that Potter?” Malfoy sneered at him when he noticed Teddy twitch in Harry’s arms.

“Looked like a poltergeist.” Harry stated. “Teddy?” Harry asked softly, “I want you to go with Cousin Draco now. He’s going to take you to Aunt Hermione’s.” Harry looked back at Draco.

The blonde opened his arms and walked closer to the pair. “Come on Teddy.” Teddy let go of Harry reluctantly, but went to his cousin. When he was secure in Draco’s arms, his hair changed from the alarming white to pale blonde, matching his cousin. Draco watched, then looked up at Harry with steely grey eyes. “We’ll talk about this later Potter.”

Draco apparated out of the cottage, leaving Hermione and Harry alone to deal with the poltergeist. “How did this happen Harry?” Hermione asked as she rolled up her sleeves.

“Remember Jonathan?” Harry asked, Hermione nodded- she remembered. “He’s not imaginary.” Harry said and dismantled the shield charm.


It had taken both of their efforts combined and the cottage was all but destroyed, but they had caught him. When he had possessed the bear again, after wreaking havoc in the kitchen, Hermione had erected a shield around him, containing the mean spirit.

“Do you think we got it?” Harry asked, panting a little.

“I hope so.” Hermione said, wand trained on the bubble containing the bear and, hopefully, Jonathan as well. “I hope so.”

The bear watched on, button eyes flat and smile stitched in place.

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Can you just stop this?
It’s not Daryl’s fault. Glenn dies in the comics, just as first (& only) victim.
He dies in the exact same way as he did in the series.
I think Daryl was very brave, and he just wanted to protect Rosita. He clearly knew that something bad would have happened but to HIM not to someone else. It’s who he is. He cares for his friends, and he did not esitate when Negan treated Rosita with Lucille. She is a woman, and he wanted to save her. 
We should appreciate that.
I’m sure he will carry Glenn’s death scene with him forever, and he will blame him-self for the rest of his life. Isn’t that enough?? Maybe even Maggie will blame him, so i think we can stop hating on him.
Glenn was one of my fav too but we can’t change the writing. 
If you really want to blame someone for making his job well, go and hate on Kirkman. 

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I've been thinking about an AU where Shield doesn't actually figure out Spider-man's identity and is really struggling, but they find out that Sandman becomes a superhero and is living with PETER PARKER. And they decide that they're going to hire Peter as a super villain reformer. As in, they literally want him to try and convert bad guys into good guys. By being friends with them. Peter gets a pay check and it's all so great. They never find out he's Spider-man, bc he's SUPER paranoid.

There’s a long running joke about how Peter - the kid who’s barely 5′8 and looks like a strong breeze would knock him over - hasn’t died yet even though his job is literally confronting super-villains. Peter laughs awkwardly every time it’s brought up

Monsta X Reaction: Confessing their love and getting rejected

Shownu: devistated, heartbroken, but strong he respect your decision, leaving you and wanting to be alone to deal with his rejection in private

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Wonho: “…Please just, give it some time to think about it. We could be great together.”

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Minhyuk: Unusually somber, he would nod and turn to leave, regretting he said anything at all

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Kihyun: He would try to grin and bear it, asking if you could still be friends. The poor guy still wanted you in his life even if he couldn’t call you his.

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Hyungwon: *pretends he’s not effected by your rejection* “Ah, oh well. We’ll still have our friendship after all.”

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Jooheon: “That’s fine. I still know that I’m cute AF” *hiding his pain, but also knows there’s someone else out there for him*

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I.M: I can’t even bring myself to think that this would happen to him because it would take so much courage for him and he’s so shy and he’d be so devastated and completely crushed

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We met in October of 2014, on a quiz up game of Percy Jackson. None of my friends had read it and he looked cute so I thought hey why not? He asked me out a month later. I live in Ontario, he lives in Minnesota. We waited 8 months to meet, he was my first love, my first time, my first everything. After he left in the summer I planned a surprise visit over Christmas. He meant everything to me. We would have had our 2 year anniversary November 2nd. We had our differences and our fights but he always promised that my last visit wouldn’t be my last time. He wanted a toast at our wedding. I thought forever and always meant something. I went to college and finally he wasn’t the center of my world anymore because I had friends. I guess he didn’t like that and through we were growing distant. 2 years we dated and he couldn’t break it off over a video call. Few days later I see him on insta with his arm wrapped around another girl. So much for forever and always.