i want her to wish me a happy birthday too


“I didn’t want this fight coming back to you,” Neil said.
“Too late for that now. But whatever,” Allison said. She was going for lofty, but Neil could see the anger in every tense line of her when she surveyed her car again. “They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think this will hurt me.”

                       ↳ Happy Birthday Kit @metaphoricallytheworst  (4.21)

Perfect Boyfriend

Characters: Reader (Erin, but I don’t think I mentioned her name actually), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Fear of getting older, nudity, implied smut (well maybe a bit more than implied but it is pretty tame) otherwise just fluff.     

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: This is for Erin aka @blacktithe7. It’s her birthday today and this is me (and Chris) wishing her a very happy one. I love you Erin and I hope you had a great day today!

Thanks to @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me (and Ana says: I love you too Erin).

Also sorry for the crappy title - hopefully the one shot is better than then that one.

Chris had wanted the two of you to go somewhere special today. He had suggested one restaurant after another. He had suggested weekend getaways and vacations but truth be told, you hadn’t been in the mood to do much this year. You just wanted this day to pass and get on with your life. A birthday was just a day right? At least that’s what you tried to convince yourself as you laid in bed alone that morning.

You weren’t sure where Chris was, but him not being here had you kinda worried that he had not listened to you. You loved that he wanted to surprise you, and you loved him more than anything, but you had been serious when you had said you didn’t wanna go anywhere on your birthday. You knew however, that if he had made plans, that sweet smile of his would be able to convince you to do just about anything. You wouldn’t have the heart to say no to him, so you really hoped and prayed that your boyfriend had taken you seriously. That he was just out for a run or something, and not planning some huge gesture, like you knew he really wanted to do.

You groaned and pushed yourself out of bed, calling out for him with no answer. It was 10 am. It wasn’t like him to not be home at this hour, which only made you all the more worried.

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Marichat May: Age-up Marinette




With was with a loud sigh that Marinette crept out onto her balcony, a little worn out from the birthday party Alya and her parents threw her. A party much bigger than she personally would’ve desired. But everyone in the class came, even Chloe, and some others from other classes.

Still, despite it being bigger than she would’ve liked, it was still fun overall.

But sadly, Adrien couldn’t make it, he wound up backed up with shoots and was just busy today and according to Nino, he barely remembered sending her a happy birthday text.

It was sweet that he made an effort to despite how exhausted he must’ve been, but she was still wistful that he was able to make it.

Marinette collapsed into her lounge chair, groaning as she put her feet up.

It was so nice to finally put her feet up and have some solitu-


She jumped, looking over wildly to see Chat on her balcony railing, tail wagging about, hiding something behind his back.

A Chat that looked a bit tired too.

She raised a brow, slouching back down. “What are you doing here Chaton?” she asked, running a hand through her bangs.

He blinked at the nickname then shook his head, hopping down and drawing near. “Wishing you a happy birthday, you are my favorite princess you know. And a knight should always bestow his princess a gift!”

He beamed, then faltered, sheepish.

“Unfurtunately,” he continued, “I was… really busy, and had limited time and-”

Marinette cut in, “You didn’t have to get me anything Chat.”

“I wanted too,” he insisted, tail swishing about. “I’m just… sorry if you don’t like it, it’s what I had lying around and a friend suggested it and… ” He pouted, looking unsure, then presented the now sixteen year old a small, roughly wrapped wheel.

Blinking at it, she took it and unwrapped it, staring down at a wheel of Camembert she had in hand.

“Chat,” she started.

“I can get you something else,” he quickly offered, “this was a really rushed choice and—”

“Thank you!”


“I love Camembert! And this is like one of the most expensive brands, but they’re so good. Thanks so much!”

Chat just smiled and nodded and internally screamed.

Marinette liked Camembert.

Just as Plagg predicted.

This was another in his life that liked stinky cheese.

And it was his friend.

Well, at least Ladybug doesn’t like Camembert… he thinks. And definitely hopes.

A Sweet Remaining (”Why Now?”Part 3) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Imagines | Part 1 | Part 2

Someone wanted a part 3 of „Why Now?”. I decided to write it and it will be officially the last part of this imagine. I don’t want to make it too long ’cause I think it’s nice to be a short and open-ending story. As in the previous parts, no warnings. It became too sweet for any warning. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: As much as it hurts, you know you cannot stay in Riverdale because of your parents. So you try to make every second count.

You didn’t care about anything that night. You constantly felt Jughead’s taste on your lips so you decided in only a few seconds that you had to stay with him. His father didn’t show signs of coming back too soon so it wasn’t a problem. You told him you didn’t want to leave and asked if you could stay with him tonight. He asked you if you’re sure you want to do that, you had no doubt. It was a night when you wanted to feel him close to you, you needed his arms around your waist and to know he’s just around. Because if you left, you would have felt lost. This night was supposed to be perfect with him.

He wanted to take the couch and you to sleep in the bed. He wanted you to feel as comfortable as you could. You didn’t let him, you forced him to come and lay next to you because you missed his hugs so much. Without telling him, you put your head on his chest when he gave in and agreed. Insecure as he was, only after a good while he dared to pull you closer to him and kiss your forehead. You started talking. Even the smallest things became big for you two. He told you how things had been between him and his dad as you were away, the unusual silence he, Veronica, Archie and Betty had received, and in the end, almost inevitably, the Blossom family had to be brought in. But you didn’t want to try to find solutions to the problems, you just needed him next to you. You didn’t want to ask him if he was feeling alright because you knew he didn’t know what kind of answer to give you. All he did was to breathe heavily, as if you were not supposed to be in his arms in this moment. So you got up a little, just to look at his tired and confused expression. You didn’t know why he felt like that, but you had some ideas. His eyes fixed you hesitantly, they seemed wet, but they weren’t. He was hesitating. You knew you only needed one smile from him, but you were pretty sure he couldn’t give you a smile. He seemed sad, even if you were with him. Perhaps it was just the feeling you both felt inside: the fact that what was happening right in that moment was not gonna last. Though, the darkness around you was reassuring. The fact that your mouths didn’t let any word to get out meant more than it was left to be seen and you certainly did preferred that.

Slowly, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Your chanted breath hit his cheek, in the first phase he didn’t kiss you back. But almost as if you were dreaming, his hand touched your cheek. He took your face in his hands and moved his lips over yours, making you tremble. You couldn’t describe in words how his kisses felt. You’ve always imagined how Jughead should’ve kissed, and yet, now was the firist time you felt that. He was gentle, scared almost as if it was about to do something wrong. You could figure it out by the way he was touching you. You were surprised to feel his tongue teasing your lower lip for entrance. Still bending over him, you couldn’t do more than that and you didn’t want to. You kept your palm over his warm chest for support and then intruded your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth in a too slow way. You felt you couldn’t resist. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you leaned even closer, afraid of losing his touch. The feeling was beyond description.

You smiled faintly when the kiss lost his intensity to the point where he bagan to kiss you shorter. His lips were so soft, your hair was beginning to tickle your eyelids, Jughead’s warm breath felt so familiar. Yow slowly broke away from him and blinked repeteadly so that you could better distinguish his face. His eyes were shining now from the light coming from the lanterns on the street which was entering through the window blinds.

„I know you’re not okay.” You told him, caressing his cheek. „You don’t need to say anything.” You didn’t want him to talk because it would have been hard for him. And you were sure you didn’t want to cry anymore. You were happy when he smiled. The corners of his mouth rose a little as he looked at you and again, you were speechless. So you sighed and put your head back on his chest. Your hand was exactly in the spot where you could feel his heartbeat. The beats were just a little accelerated, which made you close your eyes, quite affected. You hugged him tightly wanting anyone and anything to take you away from him. It was easy for you to fall asleep and forget about everything in his arms.



The next day you woke up very early because of your phone that rang from somewhere. You were tired and barely able to figure out that you were still at Jughead’s. You searched your phone and felt it in the pocket of the jeans you were still wearing. You took it out seeing Veronica’s name on the homescreen.

„Hello?” You answered, trying not to let her know that she just woke you up.

„I called you a lot of times last night! Why didn’t you answer? I was worried, are you with- …”

„Slow down, Ronnie.” You told her while touching your forehead with your palm. You probably didn’t hear the phone. Anyway, last night you didn’t feel the need to be in someone else’s company other than Jughead’s. „I’m okay, I’m with Jughead.” You breathed and got out of the bed. Just a few seconds of silence passed before you to hear your friend’s reaction.

„Ooh, I see now. So it means Archie didn’t lie when he told me that.” Her voice was suggestive, you didn’t want to know what she was thinking. You walked around as you noticed how Jughead started to wake up. He watched you as soon as he realized what was going on.”You could’ve just call me. Even my mom was worried.”

„Sorry. I fell asleep.” You started smiling to the boy who was just yawning.

„Yeah, sure.” You wanted to tell Veronica not to take hasty conlusions but you couldn’t do it because she started talking again. „Come back to my place. Archie and Betty are here too.”

„Okay.” You nodded seeing Jughead asking you what happened in a whisper. You were expecting her to wish you a happy birthday but she hang up before you could say something more. You glanced at your phone then put it back in your pocket. You noticed your clothes being wrinkled and you should have changed them. You were going to do that back to Veronica.

Your attention focused on Jughead as you approached. You said good morning and he asked you who was on the phone.

„It was Veronica, he wants us to be at her place.” You answered him.

„Isn’t it too early?” He asked you in a pretty thick voice while rubbing his eyes.

„Apparently, it’s 9:45 a.m. Did Archie call you last night or something?”

„I don’t think so. Last night was nice and I didn’t want to ruin it by looking after my phone.” You chuckled when you heard him and kissed him on the cheek. He also got up from the bed and embraced you, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

„Thank you for being the first one to tell me happy birthday.” You whispered gratefully. You still didn’t forget how sweet the moment was and how beautiful it made you feel. He didn’t answer you, his face was saying all the words he wasn’t able to say. He was the one who felt grateful that you were here now. No one knew how much he needed you, especially being the kind of person you knew he was. But he was worrying too much, you never considered him an out of common person. You liked all of him. Maybe that was what gave him power everytime.

„Uhh … I have to change my clothes before we leave.” You heard him say.

„No problem. I’ll wait outside.” Of course you weren’t going to stay there as long as he was changing. He nodded and then you smiled at him before you turned around and got out of the trailer. It was warm enough outside, the sun was already shining and it seemed like a wonderful day. You couldn’t spend it more nicely than with your friends.  You really felt good, you were in love and loved, it was hard to imagine that this place was no longer your home. You didn’t feel like Houston was your home, not at all. Your home was where you had the most memories, the safe place you were used to with all its defects. Lately, you thought how nasty it is for someone to try to just take you away from a place that gives you peace of mind. You cannot compel anyone, and yet you had to agree with your parents’s decision. But what was happening inside you was much more significant. When you leave, you leave behind people who have been enormously attached to you, people who would do anything for your happiness. It’s like you depend on them. To leave was never easy. Especially when you have no choice. It’s the most painful decision you have to make.

Your eternally sad thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing. You had no idea how long you weren’t zoned, but you saw Jughead in the next moment right near you. He wore a new pair of jeans and a new T-shirt along with his beanie.

„Let’s go.” You saw him looking at your hand while he seemed doubtful.  He seemed to leave all the prejudices aside when he held your hand, waiting for your reaction.

„I wonder how your dad isn’t here yet.” You asked him when it became too strange not to speak. It was very nice of him to hold your hand but you still couldn’t feel less excited.

„It’s good he’s not. I mean, I don’t know how he would react.”

„How do you two get along?” You felt the need to know that because it was important for you that Jughead had a good relationship with his father, especially as you knew how he was before. You wondered if things have got well during the time that passed  … If his father changed, just a little.

„It’s …” Jughead started but didn’t finish his sentence. You waited patiently for an answer.”Y/N, I don’t really know what to say. I thought he was different at one point, but I used to be disappointed and I don’t know if I should trust him anymore.”

„You should only have a bit of trust. It helps.” You felt how he gripped your hand harder. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking forward. It was a sensitive subject for him to talk about.

„Hey, stop. This should be a great day for you. We’re not talking about myself right now. I don’t want you to leave again without having moments to talk about with the others, okay?” You tried to talk, but you were surprised.

„Y/N?” He asked you to make sure you understood. You just sighed and looked at him.

„But this is a great day, Jughead. I’m about to have the most wonderful birthday here, just because you are around.” He turned his head to you and you saw him smirking a little.

„Then let’s make something you’ll remember.”

You didn’t expect what followed as soon as you arrived at Veronica’s apartment. She, her mother, Archie, Betty, even Cheryl Blossom … They were all there. A big cake was waiting for you in the kitchen, decorated with eighteen candles for your eighteenth anniversary. Your friends were amused by your surprised expression when you saw them all. Veronica’s mother bought the drink, and even turned the music on. You asked Jughead if he had anything to do with it and told you he had no idea of that. It was clear that he wasn’t lying. He was as surprised as you were. But how? How did all this happen and why? You only wanted their company, it was enough. This party was much more than it should have been. They even brought you gifts. That’s why Veronica seemed so rushed at the phone …

„Well, I really didn’t expect you to come back too soon.” Cheryl told you with the usual bossy attitude she had. „But I couldn’t miss this so like, happy birthday?” She told you and then hugged you. Meanwhile, you saw Veronica looking at you. You somehow gestured her what’s with Cheryl and she just seemed clueless.

„I can’t believe you guys did all of this! What was in your mind?” The fact that everyone was gathered here was great. All they wanted to do was make you feel good. And maybe they didn’t intend to throw a super party, but it still means so much to you. You didn’t even plan a party.

„Why not? Don’t you think you deserved that? Come on, Y/N, let’s have fun!”Archie was the one who spoke this time. You still stood there, almost embarrassed because you didn’t know what to do. You felt Jughead’s hand on your back and then you turned your head to him. He tried to smile.

„You’re too stoned. You should be happy.” He said.

„I … I didn’t even get to change my clothes and Veronica knows I stayed with you overnight. How do you think things are? You tried to whisper him without starting to laugh.” He grinned.

„Everything’s perfect. Go and change your clothes, I’ll keep them busy.” You looked at him in disbelief while he gestured you to move. Your brunette friend noticed your escape attempt and, of course, she followed you. Her grin was visible from miles away. As soon as you entered her bedroom door, you turned your face to her. Her outfit was made of a black dress, more easy than formal.

„That’s why you seemed so impatient on the phone. Ronnie, you didn’t have to do that. Where did you get all that stuff? I was okay with a night at Pop’s and a well-deserved milkshake.” You complained almost crossing your arms to your chest.

She rolled her eyes.

„It’s just a surprise, not a big deal. God, If I was you, I’d be glad.”

„Everyone says that! And I’m happy, in fact, you are wonderful, thank you so much! You have no idea how good this day has become because of you.” Veronica smiled and assured you there was no botheration doing what they did. You couldn’t help, you were simply overwhelmed.

„And yet, you still didn’t tell me why you stayed at Jughead’s last night.” Her expression became self-understood. Here it comes …

„I mean, I was expecting that when I saw you disappearing with him but- …”

„We needed some time alone to talk. You know that.” You told her seriously. You couldn’t think like her. All the situation between you and that boy was too sensitive right now. You had to put your thoughts in order, there was a lot to be done and so a little time. You were still hurt and you could barely get over it. What could heal you a little was the fact that you were around him.

„You kissed, didn’t you?” Your mouth hung open a few minutes. Was it okay to tell her? „I was expecting that.” She answered herself.

You sighed noisily and felt guilty for the moment. Things shouldn’t have been that messy.

„Y/N, Jughead was never over with you. I think he always thought about you. And I know for sure that you did that too. You are in love with him and you can’t deny that, everyone has noticed.”

„He needed me around a long time and I couldn’t be there. I don’t want to hide anything but it’s hard … „You confessed, trying not to ruin your mood.

„Then let’s go there. He is waiting for you. And he cares, don’t waste your time worrying.” You knew she was right but these were just instincts. You couldn’t stop. But you could block the effects, at least today.

„I have to change first. Wait for me, please.”

As you tried to find some new clothes to wear, the music and the voices of the others were heard from the living room. You asked Veronica how came that Cheryl was here and she told you that she didn’t expect her to come. She didn’t even know how she found out about the little party they were trying to throw without attracting your attention. After that you went and blew in the candles while all of them sang happy birthday to you. They seemed incredibly smiley. Each of them hugged you and wished you well in all the possible ways. Betty was the most emotional of all, as you expected, and Archie told you it doesn’t matter that you are eighteen, you will never be independent as long as they are around you. Cheryl astonished you a little more than she should have when she struggled but succeded still to wish you a nice happy birthday message. You appreciated it, you didn’t know that she could call you her friend but you didn’t hesitate anymore when you tried to make her feel better about her brother and the fact that his killer hadn’t yet been discovered. Here, inside this apartment you all had fun. The town, on the other hand, although you don’t like to admit it wasn’t sure still. Almost purposeful left the last, Jughead has given you a hug that everyone could’ve considered more intense and significant. You didn’t know if the others knew what was happening between you two, nor did you. You didn’t know how to react because both of you wanted an eternity that wasn’t possible.

„Happy birthday. Now you’re free, as you always wanted to be. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to stay around you and know you better. Thank you for accepting me just as I was, because you have to admit, I’m really a freak.” His lips moved slowly as he talked and beside him, you really felt very small. At least this time. Every detail of him was beautiful and special, you still had a long way to get through to make him see that too.

„’Looks like you got me now. How many years, Jones?” It was the first time you called his last name. He smiled at you, you were so close to each other and everyone was watching you. What you didn’t know was that they were already caught up with everything.

„What are you waiting for? Kiss her!” You immediately recognized the voice of Veronica and you nearly blushed. You tried to chuckle, but Jughead was looking at you smiling. You heard a few whispers here and there but you didn’t manage to give them too much attention when the boy who held his arms around you kissed you. Your noses were touching and you were even surprised that he had done it in front of everyone. You kissed him back in the same sweet and slow way, making everything count. Everybody started to applaud you out of blue, then you knew you were really blushing.

The most beautiful thing you heard was his laughter after you got away. You haven’t heard it too often and now you already adore it. You tried to stop your friends from teasing you but they were too crazy to do it. Hermione was your salvation when she told everyone they would get a slice of cake. You were grateful to her while the attention of everyone focused on something other than you and Jughead.

This was clearly the best birthday of all. You didn’t even think about growing up or getting older, just as you used to joke with your friends. What mattered the most was the fact that you were with them now and nobody could take you out of this place. It mattered that you weren’t alone.

Hours of hours passed and when you realized that everyone was starting to get tired, the atmosphere got quiet. You ate all the cake and covered one another’s face with whipped cream. (Most of all you were the ‚target’.) Your mouths began to hurt after all the crap you spoke. You told them how you managed to convince your parents to let you come back here and how you planned everything with the cookie dark-haired girl on the phone, for a long time. They told you how much they missed you. They even stop doing all the things they were doing before when you were around. They told you there was nothing funny anymore and that you should stay.

But decisions were some damn misleading things. And it was not fair that you couldn’t think of yourself. You were thinking of each of them because you became addicted. And people can become addictions too. A killing addiction.

„Look at them. Who thought they would fall asleep?” You told Jughead as you stood in front of the couch and watched your sleepy friends. Veronica slept on Archie and Betty on Veronica’s shoulder. Even Cheryl fell asleep with her head in Betty’s lap. Everywhere were plastic glasses and plates.

„I was ready for this to happen. I wonder how you’re not tired.” He answered you. It was pretty late but you felt incredibly rested.

„I plan not to sleep tonight.”

„Did you feel good?” Even if the others were sleeping, he still whispered to you.” He pulled you closer and gave a peck to your lips.

„Of course.” You whispered back and kissed him, intending to take more time to feel his lips over yours. But it’s only been two minutes before you heard a few steps and broke the kiss.

„I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I didn’t know you were still here, Jughead.” Veronica’s mother said as she entered the living room.

„The others are sleeping right there on the couch.” You told her and gestured to the couch. „Please don’t wake them up, they’ll stay until the morning.”

„God.” Hermione giggled. „They seem exhausted.”

„Obviously. We are the only remaining conscious ones.” Jughead answered, intertwining his fingers with yours. You smiled at him.

„Y/N dear, do you need anything else? You’re fine?”

„Yes, Mrs. Lodge. Thank you so much for … All this. It meant the world to me.”

„Oh, no need to thank me. It was a pleasure to help Ronnie to do this for you. Don’t worry about it.” She smiled at you warmly. „I think I’m going to bed. Jughead, you’ll stay here tonight?”

„I think I’ll spend some more minutes with Y/N.” He told her somewhat contained. You nodded and Hermione agreed.

„Okay then. Take care and good night. Lock the door if you get out.” And with that being said, she left you two alone in the living room.

„Now you can kiss me again.” You turned your attention to Jughead and grinned. He raised his eyebrows.

„What if they wake up?” As you tried to get close to him, he tried to step back. He was doing it on purpose.

„Really?” You grabbed his shoulders and you struck your lips to his, clutching your hands on his beanie. You didn’t try to remove it, you just wanted to keep him close to you. He let you be in control this time, not that it was a battle of domination we we’re talking about. Your breaths were crossing as his hands cupped your cheeks. The butterflies in your stomach made you feel weak in the knees, you didn’t know how you were still on your own two feet.

„Umm … Hey, Y/N?” This time he interrupted the kiss and looked into your eyes.”I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a gift.” He muttered.  Your expression grew milder than ever, he was too sheepish right now. But he was warm, he was a good man who still didn’t get what he deserved.

„I don’t need any gift, Jughead. Right now, you’re more than that.”

I apologize for the future heartbreak. ’Lovee you guys and hope you liked this last part. Also, I hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks for reading!

I Remembered

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  756
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I suggest a angsty/fluffy Dean x reader, it’s reader’s birthday and she’s alone and sad and Dean shows up cause he remembered when no one else did? Tomorrow’s my bday and I will spend it alone. Thank you. 💕 

          You felt like you were going to cry at any second as you sat on your couch. You knew this was going to be a terrible day. It shouldn’t be. It should be a day of celebrating and fun with friends and family. But no one remembered it was your birthday. No one made plans. And you knew no one would call. You would be miserable on your birthday.

           You tried to get interested in a movie on TV, hoping it would help take your mind off of everything for a while, but you just couldn’t find a way to be happy or smile. Nothing was going to help.

           When you clicked the movie off and had decided to just spend the entire rest of the day in bed, you heard someone knock on your door.

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(Ron Weasley x Reader): Pinning

Summary: Reader’s had a crush on Ron Weasley for some time now, and at a party in the Gryffindor common room the truth comes out.

A/N: This is just a load of fluffy fluff because I feel like there aren’t enough Ron fics out there.

I blink rapidly, realize who I was staring at and quickly drop my arm and my head back down to my breakfast, “I’ve got to stop doing that,” I mutter as I try to go back to eating my cereal.

“Yeah, you really do,” Your friend replies, shaking their head.

You sigh almost dreamily, “He’s just so-”

“Ginger?” (Y/F/N) asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” You reply with a shrug, “But, he’s also brave, and funny, and loyal, and smart.”

“Smart?” (Y/F/N) scoffs.

“Well, not book smart, but have you seen him play wizard chess? No one can beat him.” You point out.

Your friend furrows her eyebrows, “I guess…”

“I’m absolutely right, you’d have to be blind not to see it!” You protest.

 "See what?“ A voice asks, pulling your glare away from your best friend and towards… Ron? You quickly rearranged your face into a sheepish smile.

"Nothing!” You answered a little too quickly.

“She’s just trying to convince me that the Chudley Cannons are the best team.” (Y/F/N) quickly interjects, saving you from further embarrassment.

“Well, she’s right, they are, one of the best records in the table.” Ron replies.

“What’s up?” You ask, looking up at him as he stands across the table from you. 

“Just wanted to see how my favorite (Y/H) was doing,” he replied, “We’re having a party to celebrate Ginny’s birthday in the Gryffindor common room tonight, you guys should come." 

"Sounds fun! We’ll be there,” You answer with a grin.

“Cool,” He replies, blushing slightly as he walks away.

“You are both so painful to watch.” (Y/F/N) mutters as you watch him.

“What? I thought I handled it pretty well.” You reply.

(Y/F/N) Rolls her eyes, “It’s so obvious you like each other, one of you needs to buck up and ask the other out.”

“What?! Ron doesn’t like me back…don’t be ridiculous.” You say, shaking your head.

“You’re so blind oh my god…but you’ll see tonight at the party, he totally likes you." 

You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t help but hope she was right.

That night you were standing in your dorm in front of (Y/F/N), "Do you think this is alright?” You ask as you slowly spin around, allowing your friend to get a full look of your dress. 

“Absolutely, it’s so cute and the shoes look really good with it.” (Y/F/N) says.

You’d gone pretty simple, there wasn’t anything super fancy about your dress, but it did look really good on you, it managed to fit your body perfectly for something you found at a thrift shop.

When you two walked into the Gryffindor common room the party was already in full swing. All of the older Gryffindors along with some kids from the other houses were all dancing to the music they had blasting or standing around eating food that someone must have convinced the house elves to bring up and chatting.

You were both looking around, trying to find someone you knew when a certain lanky redhead appeared in front of you.

“I’m glad you could make it!” He said cheerily to you before glancing over at your friend, “You too.”

“We’re happy we did.” You reply, returning Ron’s grin with one of your own.

 "Where’s Ginny? I want to wish her a happy birthday.“ Your friend asks.

 "She’s over there with Dean.” Ron replies.

 "Tell her happy birthday from me too,“ you add as she starts walking over.

 "You look really nice,” Ron says as you both turn back to one another.

 "Thanks,“ you reply as you blush slightly, "You do too. How was that Potions test? I felt like Snape was breathing down my neck the entire time just waiting for me to mess up.”

 "That’s not possible because he was definitely breathing down my neck the whole time.“ Ron replies with a chuckle.

 "How does he do that? It’s so creepy…” You mutter, shaking your head.

 "It really is.“ Ron replied with a sigh, "Can I ask you something?”

 "Of course.“ You say over the music.

 "I-wait, can we go upstairs really quick? It’s just kind of loud.” He says.

 "Yeah,“ you breath out before following Ron up to his dormitory. What could he want to talk to you about that was so important that we needed a quiet room?

 Once you were in the dorm Ron sat down on what you assumed was his bed and motioned for you to do the same.

 Ron took a deep breath before turning to face you, ”(Y/N), I’m only saying this because I think you might feel the same. If you don’t I’m really sorry. But I like you. I like you a lot. And I don’t deserve you but I’d really like the chance to try. I guess what I’m trying to say is… Do you want to go out?“

 "Are you serious?” You ask, not quite comprehending what he’s saying.

 "Bloody hell, this was a terrible idea. I’m so sorry.“ Ron mutters, rubbing his hands over his face.

 "No! No-I like you too, silly.” You say as you pull his hands down away from his face so that he’s looking at you.

He looks in your eyes, “Wait, you do? I mean-”

“And I’d really like to go out sometime.” You add with a small smile.

“Brilliant!” Ron replies before grabbing you and pulling you into a deep kiss.

As you push yourself further into the kiss you wrap your arms around his neck and push him down onto his bed. The two of you are so preoccupied that you don’t hear as someone opens the door. 

“Oh sh-Sorry!” Harry yells before quickly backing out and shutting the door again as the two of you break apart at the sudden noise.

“We should go back down to the party, don’t you think?” You ask, a bit breathlessly as you untangle yourself from Ron. 

“Oh right! Yeah.” He replies equally as breathlessly as he watches you gather yourself.

“We’ll continue this later, okay?” You ask when he doesn’t move

“Okay,” he replies as he stands up and straightens himself out, planning to hold you to that promise. 

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is asking too much, but could you please make me and my sister some pokemon cushions? I would like a curled up pikachu cushion, and my sister would like a curled up eevee cushion. we have been searching the internet, but to no avail. If possible, could you please make my sister's first, please? Her birthday is on saturday, and I want to supprise her, and i know you are the only one who can do eevee and pikachu justice! From: Avery Lackey.

2 sleepy pokecushions for you and your sister. I also wish your sister a happy birthday and that you both enjoy these patterns ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

numberjonnyfive  asked:

Queen Elsa, could you please describe what your first birthday after your coronation was like?

The day started out like a usual day off for me. I took the time for myself, and Anna never left my side. We had cake and kept it fairly simple, because I didn’t really want a big celebration (Anna is the one who is getting the big celebration)

It was just the two of us and Olaf. Kristoff wished me a happy birthday too. I wasn’t expecting any presents from anyone, but Anna wanted to give me a present. I was expecting a commissioned necklace or something homemade, but she decided to surprise me with something a little unusual. 

I loved her. I never rode the fjord horses when I was growing up, and Anna promised to teach me how to ride.

magisteriumm  asked:

do the remaining soc members buy kaz crow-related memorabilia for his bday (after hes forced to tell them it for starters)

omg i love this idea bc all my other prompts are serious tysm - also you specifying remaining hurt me.

Kaz’s Birthday (kinda) Part 1 of 2 

bc i’m extra and wrote lots of dialogue so it got lengthy 

  • (if anyone could get info from him, it would be the good and honest wraith and she’d be casual about it. so here’s that)
  • They’re in his office. Kaz is leafing through documents, looking over numbers he’s already memorized. But he doesn’t know how to talk to Inej; doesn’t yet know how to say the things he wants to say, so he keeps himself preoccupied.
  • Inej is at the window, sprinkling crumbs out for crows again even though she knows she shouldn’t. She peers over her shoulder to see Kaz watching her and starts with,“I have a question.”
  • He raises an eyebrow to indicate he’s listening, but pretends his papers are suddenly interesting to offset the staring.
  • “When’s your birthday?”
  • “Which one?”
  • “What do you mean?” She decides she doesn’t really want to know because he’d spew a metaphorical answer, which would leave her with more questions than answers. “The day your mother birthed you.”
  • He opens his mouth.
  • Not Ketterdam. Your actual mother.”

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Somewhere, Someday, part eight

Characters – Sam x Reader, OC x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Cas

Summary – The reader celebrates her 16th birthday and tries to cope with Sam leaving for college and a sudden loss.

Word Count – 5,179

Warnings – Loss of a loved one, Eventual verbal and emotional abuse, self esteem issues

A/N – I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! Feedback is always appreciated!  *MUAH*

Catch Up: Somewhere, Someday Series Masterlist

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Your name: submit What is this?

Your father’s last name: submit What is this?

Two years later…

When Bobby asked you what you wanted for your 16th birthday, you knew exactly what your answer was going to be: Winchesters.  You felt like you hadn’t seen your boys in forever.  Dean and Sam were now hunting regularly with their dad, and John Winchester hadn’t changed much.  He was unlikely to agree to put your birthday wishes above a hunt, but you asked Bobby to pass on the request anyway.

“I know the chances of them being able to come aren’t high, but what I’d really like is to see Sam and Dean again for a few days.”

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Do YOU like helping little kids get cool birthday presents??

Because now you can!

Tomorrow is my lil sister’s (valeriex # 267013 on FR) birthday, and I want to try and get her a lot of really cool presents! A lot of it right now is gonna be art but there are things to help with for those that aren’t artistically inclined. If you’d like to @ me on this blog or @rumbling-tides and @xdraonthefox for gift purposes or want to hit me up on FR (I’m xdraon #17454) that’d be great, too!

I’ll also be making presents and spreading this post onto my other blogs.

Thanks for helping in any way, whether it be getting her something,  boosting this, or even just wishing her happy birthday!

Her general wishlist is below the cut.

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Forgotten Birthday [NCT Johnny Scenario]

REQUESTED: Hi can I request a Johnny scenario where it’s y/n’s bday but he forgets due to being stressed and working hard for an event/concert and so he makes it up to her :) Thanks

Narrator’s P.O.V.

Birthdays are one of the most important things to a human because it’s a sign that shows that you’ve survived another year from all the things, good and bad, that happened in those years.

Most birthdays are usually celebrated with friends, families and loved ones. It can be at home, a karaoke room, a theme park or even just a simple dinner. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even get a surprise birthday party.

As for Y/N, she’s not really of a party person. She usually prefers people just wishing and acknowledge her birthday. She doesn’t hate parties, though. She would be happy to have a party for her birthday and receive presents.

As for now, she would prefer to just spend some of the time with her boyfriend - Johnny.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

It’s already past afternoon, and I’ve yet to receive a birthday wish from Johnny. I’ve received plenty of wishes from my friends and family  - but the one that I’m anticipating the most is a wish from Johnny, but I doubt that I’ll be receiving one today.

“Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to our precious Y/N, happy birthday to you~”

Seulgi, Wendy, Irene, Joy and Yeri all came to my house after their morning dance practice just to wish me happy birthday and give me presents.

“Thank you so much, guys,” I thanked them with a wide smile.

“Open the gifts! Open the gifts!” Yeri shouted happily.

“Yeri, calm down,” Irene said to her with a slight giggle. “It’s not even your birthday.”

“I know, but it’s Y/N’s birthday,” Yeri said. “So, I’m happy.”

I giggled at her happiness and opened up the presents.


“He didn’t wish you didn’t he?” Irene asked.

“He didn’t even call me,” I replied to Irene as the both of us watched the rest of girls joked around.

“Well, they’ve been busy with their Rookies Show,” Irene said. “Maybe he’s just too stressed out over that.”

“Probably,” I said. “But, I did wish he would tell me about it or something.”

“You want me to talk to him?” Irene asked and I shook my head.

“I don’t want to be a burden to him. He really needs to do well. It’s been 8 years, and he still hasn’t debuted,” I said with slight disappointment. “Sometimes, I feel like he wants to give up at one point.”

“He’ll debut, Y/N. Don’t worry,” Irene said.

I smiled slightly at her and looked at a photo frame that contained a picture of me and Johnny. How I miss him terribly.


Irene’s P.O.V.

“Taeyong, Ten!” I called out to them as I saw the two of them.

Taeyong and Ten looked back greeted me.

“No time for that, I only have like a few minutes,” I said. “Did you guys wish Y/N happy birthday yet?”

“Of course,” Ten replied. “How can we forget her birthday?”

“Well, someone clearly did and she’s clearly upset that he hasn’t,” I said to them trying to give them a hint.

“Johnny didn’t wish her yet?” Taeyong asked in shock and I nod.

“We’ll tell him to wish her then,” Ten said and I stopped him.

“No, don’t. Just tell him to call her and let him figure it out himself,” I said and the two boys nod.

“Sure thing,” Taeyong said and we three parted ways.


Y/N’s P.O.V.

As I laid in my bed and watched the clock tick away, my phone suddenly rang. I immediately picked up my phone hoping for it to be the one person I want to hear from.

“Y/N!” It was Johnny!

“Johnny!” I said happily.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t call you yesterday and today. I was really caught up with all the practice and I was really stressed out because I could remember this one step and all-”

“Johnny, calm down,” I said with a giggle. “I know, you’re preparing for you Rookies Show. I understand, just calm down - okay?”

“Okay,” Johnny replied. “How are you?”

“I’m okay, how about you? Are you taking care of yourself well enough?” I asked.

“Yeah, don’t worry. Jaehyun made his signature dish for all of us yesterday and we had rested in between practices,” Johnny replied.

“That’s good,” I replied.

When is he going to wish me!?

“Umm, is there anything that you’re forgetting to tell me?” I asked hoping that I’ve given him a hint.

“I don’t think so,” Johnny replied and I felt my heart aching. “Oh wait, I do have something very important to tell you,” Johnny said making me smile slowly.

“I won’t be returning tomorrow, but I’ll return the day after,” Johnny said and I felt like a truck just ran over my heart.

“Oh, okay,” I replied trying not to sound sad.

“Are you alright? You don’t sound like yourself,” Johnny asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I replied trying not to tear up. “I’m just really tired.”

“Then get some rest, okay? Goodnight, love,” Johnny said.

“Goodnight,” I replied and put down the phone with a tear falling down my cheek.


Johnny’s P.O.V.

“What are you guys talking about?” I asked the boys as I sat beside Yuta.

“Y/N’s birthday present,” Taeyong replied.

“Why are you guys talking about Y/N’s birthday present?” I asked confused.

“We sent Jaehyun to gave Y/N her present and we’re deciding whether we want him to buy some snacks for us or not,” Taeyong said.

“I want ramen!” Ten and Yuta said together.

“It’s not even her birthday yet - though,” I said and the boys all looked at me in shock. “What?” I asked in confusion. “Isn’t her birthday on the (your birthday date excluding year)?”

After I mentioned the date, I realised that the date was today. Today was Y/N’s birthday!

“Oh, crap,” I said and immediately left the studio and ran to the apartment that Y/N and I shared.


Narrator’s P.O.V.

As Johnny reached his house with a paper bag in his hand, he saw Y/N sleeping on the bed, or so he thought and looked at his watch. It was already past midnight.

“I missed it,” Johnny said in disappointment.

Johnny slowly walked towards the bed and looked at the pile of tissue beside her.

Y/N has been crying herself to sleep because she didn’t get to spend time with Johnny on her birthday and he didn’t even wish her.

“Baby, I-I’m sorry,” Johnny said and kneeled beside the bed. “I’m so so sorry,” Johnny said in sadness and a tear fell down his cheek as he felt guilt wash over himself.

Johnny wiped his tears away and looked at the paper bag that was beside him. He took it out and placed it beside Y/N’s head.

“I’m a really horrible boyfriend,” Johnny said. “You’re always there for me - especially during my worst - but you’re still here with me. You remember the important dates in our lives and always remind me of them; but I can’t even remember one of the most important days to you. I’m very sorry. Please let me make it up to you,” Johnny said and another tear left his eyes.

“If you bring me on a really special date tomorrow then I’ll forgive you,” Y/N said in a broken voice and looked at Johnny.

“You weren’t sleeping?” Johnny asked in shock and Y/N shook her head.

“Of course not,” Y/N said. “How am I suppose to sleep?”

“I’m really so-”

“Stop saying sorry or I’ll hate you more,” Y/N said and Johnny immediately shut his mouth.

“Okay then, I’m here now. I’ll tell the boys that I’ll take a day off tomorrow. I’ll bring you on the best date in your entire life - deal?” Johnny asked and Y/N nod.

“Promise?” Y/N asked and Johnny nod.

“Promise,” Johnny said and a smile slowly formed on Y/N’s face.

All of the sudden, she frowned again. “But, I’m still angry,” Y/N said and stuck her tongue out playfully.


I’m back from my hiatus~ Sorry for taking a hiatus. I’m sorry for not doing the Mark scenario yet - but I’ll do it very soon, just need some more ideas to come into my brain. I hope you enjoy reading this and please forgive me for my hiatus T-T

Note (Anthony x Reader) Platonic

Word Count: 1,020

A/N: Just remember you asked for this. Have fun!

Anthony got home from the show half dead from exhaustion. He grabbed an apple from the counter, taking a few bites of it as he puttered around his apartment. Jasmine was coming over the next day, so he cleaned up a little while he ate. After he finished, he went into his bedroom to go to bed, ready to pass out. He noticed his bed was made, which was odd because he never made his bed. That’s when he saw the neatly folded card, a polaroid picture, and a spare key to his apartment that had a small pink flower painted on it.

Dear Anthony,

The key was easily identifiable. Anthony had given it to his sister, just in case. He would sometimes come home from a rehearsal or a show and find her lounging on his couch watching a movie just for a change of scenery. She was sporadic, and Jasmine always joked that (y/n) would be the crazy, fun aunt to his children. Anthony could easily picture it too, his and Jasmine’s curly haired kids running to see what unique little trinkets she had found in the antiques store on the corner.

I hope your show went well. It probably did, considering you always do phenomenal when you’re onstage. You’re such a joy to watch.

(y/n) was writing like she was 80 years old, Anthony thought to himself. He knew she was doing it on purpose as well. He let out a breathy laugh, smiling to himself as an image of (y/n) popped into his head.

“Aw, this is too nice of a compliment. I need something to balance it out,” she chewed on the end of her pen, a habit she had developed when she was a child learning how to write.

“‘You’re such a joy to watch’ wow that sounds like something Granny would say. He’ll like that, he’ll think it’s funny.” She wasn’t wrong.

Before I continue, I advise you to sit down. I made your bed for you so that your room looked a little cleaner. Do you seriously bring Jasmine in here when it looks like this? I hope not.

Anthony heeded her instructions, sinking onto the duvet. He rolled his eyes at her comment about Jasmine. Of course he cleaned his room before Jas came over, had their mother taught them anything?

I was cleaning out my closet at Mom and Dad’s today and I found that Polaroid of us. I thought you should have it.

Ant took the photograph in his hand, gazing lovingly at the photo. His dad had taken it on accident the day the family had dropped Anthony off at college. (y/n) and Anthony were standing next to a lamppost as they said goodbye. (y/n) had been taking Polaroids all day to keep her wandering mind entertained. She was quite a good photographer, Anthony remembered fondly. When it came time to say goodbye for the final time, she had handed her camera to their father. He had accidentally taken the photo just as (y/n) was standing on her tiptoes, kissing Anthony on the cheek. Looking at the photo, time seemed frozen.

As I was going through boxes of junk, I also found my world map. Do you remember it?

Of course Anthony remembered her world map, he had been the one to give it to her for her birthday. She was six years old at the time, and fawned over the possibilities that came with traveling. She had taken a red marker to it every time she saw pictures online or on TV of places she wanted to go, drawing a neat circle around each city name.

I realized that I had never gotten to travel like I wanted to. There’s a whole world out there, and I’m here working at Rite-Aid.

As it turned out, life started happening for (y/n). Anthony had gotten his job at Hamilton and while he was rigorously at rehearsals, their mother got sick for a brief time. Since their dad had to keep working, (y/n) started working the night shift at a local Rite-Aid and took care of their mom during the day. Anthony tried to visit as much as he could, but not enough to relieve (y/n) of her sleep deprivation.

Now that Mom’s better and your schedule’s settled down I’ve realized something, Ant.

Anthony was worried about what the next sentence would say.

I want to travel. I want to see the world and take pictures of them. I want to be spontaneous and courageous and everything I couldn’t be in New York. I want to live.

This didn’t come as a surprise to him, though he was quite confused. To him, New York was where the possibilities were. Everything he needed was in this beautiful city, how could anyone walk away from that?

I don’t know where I’m going, I’ll figure it out when I get there. I have my backpack and my camera and my life’s savings. Don’t worry about me, because I know you will.

(y/n) was right, he would worry about her. He had Jasmine and the cast to take care of him when he was at a low, but his sister had nobody but him. She had always been an outcast, slightly aloof, always looking towards the future. As her older brother, he had to protect her. That’s why he had given her a locket for her sixteenth birthday, more for his peace of mind than hers. He never wanted her to feel like he wasn’t there for her.

I’m sorry New York wasn’t for me. I wish I loved it like you do. But I don’t, so I’m not coming back.

Anthony’s heart broke at those words. If he had known (y/n) didn’t like New York he would have done something about it.

Please don’t wait for me to come home, Ant. Be happy in New York with Jasmine. Tell your kids about their aunt who’s wandering the world. Don’t be sad for me.


I brought the locket too

Drunk On Love - Part 2 (Thomas Jefferson x Reader

And here we have the requested part 2 to Drunk On Love! I have to admit, I really am shocked by all of your support for this story. Thank you so much for your requests—I’m so happy I continued this! 

Thomas really wanted angsty disasters here…so this will officially be resolved in a 3rd part. Oops.  Thank you once again for your love for this story, and I hope you enjoy!

Words: 1472

Warnings: Language I guess?

You clapped and cheered alongside your best friends as Peggy Schuyler blew out the candles on her 22nd birthday cake, beaming back at all of the party goers gathered around the table. You turned to look at Angelica, sharing a smile with her as you watched Peggy’s expression of pure joy. The youngest sister, often outshone by her siblings, was the center of attention today, and she deserved every moment of it.

Eliza, wielding a surprisingly large knife, playfully elbowed Peggy aside and began to cut into the sheetcake, plating slices for all of the guests. You stepped to the side to let Angelica squeeze by to assist her sister, tensing when you backed into another guest. You removed your heel quickly from the top of Thomas Jefferson’s shoe, flashing him a tight, false smile and trying to quell the sense of panic rising in you.

“Sorry,” you muttered quickly, nearly bowling over another man you only vaguely recognized in your haste to make an escape. Your face was flushing red, your back and shoulder seeming to tingle where you’d touched him. Get a grip, goddamnit!

“Hey.” Angelica nudged your elbow, holding out a paper plate of chocolate frosted cake and a fork. “Here you go.”

You smiled quickly at your best friend, accepting the food. “Thanks. Is Peggy having fun?”

“Oh, yeah.” Angelica smiled indulgently, but her face turned serious when she noticed the tortured expression you weren’t quite hiding. “Hey, Y/N.” she said gently. “You okay?”

No I’m not. You wanted to cry out. No, I’m not because your sister is too damn friendly and who’s idea was it to invite Thomas here I can’t do this right now. Instead, you smiled as reassuringly as possible and nodded, forking a bite of cake. “Mmhmm. I’m fine. You should go find your sister. Wish her a happy birthday for me, alright?”

Angelica sighed helplessly as she turned away, her short party dress swinging as she moved. “‘Kay. I’m here if you need me.”

You nodded in acknowledgement and shoved a bite of cake into your mouth, retreating from the center of the room to lean on the wall. If you were honest with yourself, it was largely because of your desire to hide from certain people that you were over here.  

“I was talking to Sally earlier.” The man you’d nearly run over was standing next to you again, his back mostly to you, and you were finally able to put a name to the voice. James Madison. Which meant…great. That was Thomas on his other side. Maybe if I just stay here he won’t notice me.

“That’s her, right?” Madison asked, earning a playful shove from Thomas.

“Shut up, man.”

“What are you waiting for?” Madison shook his head. “Ask her out already! You need to tell her how you feel.”

Sally. You’d heard this name from Thomas before, but never met her. You swallowed a mouthful of cake that was suddenly too dry in your mouth, trying in vain to ignore the weight in your chest. He was just drunk. He’s in love with her.

“James, she won’t even talk to me anymore. I don’t know what–”

Madison laughed and clapped his friend on the back. “Listen, Thomas, you just need to talk to her. She’d have to be completely stupid not to love you.”

“She’s not stupid. Don’t talk about her like that.” Thomas spat out, and you sighed. Months ago, before any of this, he would have defended you like that. As a friend, of course, but still. You moved quietly away from the wall, unaware of Thomas whacking Madison over the head when he noticed you.

Trying to square your shoulders, you tossed your half eaten cake in the trashcan and grabbed your coat. You considered finding one or more of the Schuyler sisters and telling them that you were heading out, but quickly discarded the thought. Angelica could read you too easily, and you knew that if she so much as looked at you with her face of sisterly unconditional love, you’d burst into tears then and there. That was a scene that Peggy certainly didn’t need at her birthday party.

You slipped out into the street unnoticed, tugging your coat around your shoulders against the crisp night air, and set off down the sidewalks of New York City. You needed to think.

Part of you wanted to blame Eliza, to say that the fault lay with Peggy, to scream at Angelica for putting these ideas in your head to begin with. But you knew that they couldn’t be blamed. They didn’t create the feelings you had for Thomas, they had simply pushed you to realize them. It wasn’t their fault that there was a pretty girl named Sally somewhere in this city, wasn’t their fault that Thomas had gotten stupidly drunk while on a business trip in France. More than anything, it wasn’t their fault that you couldn’t let go and get over him. You scowled at yourself, jamming your hands into your coat pockets and walking faster.

The streets were almost deserted at this time of night, save for a pair of teenage girls walking toward you, looking at a phone screen and giggling excitedly. “It’s absolutely perfect!” one of them squealed. “Like a fairytale! He’s so into you, Crystal!”

“Is he, though?” the other girl wrinkled her nose.

“Yes! Look, best friends fall for each other all the time. Aw, did you see what he just sent? How cute is that?”

Best friends fall for each other all the time. Her words were like fresh slices to your already bleeding heart. Though you knew on some level that it was irrational, you let your emotions take over in that moment, and you snapped.


They whipped around to look at you with wide, naive eyes.

“It doesn’t work like that.” you half shouted raggedly. “It never fucking works out like that! Especially when he’s your best friend and you fall for him but he’s fucking in love with a perfect pretty little brunette and you just end up getting hurt!”

The taller of the two girls seized her friend’s elbow, and, without a word in response, they turned and jogged away from you, looking worriedly over their shoulders once or twice.

You stayed where you were, shaking your head, a hysterical laugh escaping you. No wonder they were running—you must have looked like a crazy person. Hell, maybe I am crazy! You thought bitterly. Only a crazy person would end up this this mess.


You let out a soft gasp of shock, spinning around with your heart in your throat, and bracing one hand on the brick building next to you as your stumbled. Thomas was standing a few feet away from you, the streetlights’ illumination giving him a candlelit glow, an almost dreamlike quality. He looked smaller, somehow, than you’d ever seen him, his slumped shoulders contrasting sharply with the loud, confidant colors of the magenta coat he’d thrown on.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone.” he told you flatly, his usually confident voice sounding oddly deflated.

“Did you follow me out?” You finally found your voice.

“New York City can get dangerous in the dark.”

“Yeah.” You crossed your arms over your chest. “I’m fine.”

“Are you?”

“What?” You stared at him incredulously, though he really was justified in asking you. If he’d really been following you, he would have just seen you scream at two innocent teenagers and—fuck. He’d have heard all of that.

“You should head home, Y/N, or come back to Peggy’s.”

You nodded slowly. If he’s not going to mention it, then neither am I. “Yeah. I’ll do that. Um, thank you.”

You turned away, wrapping your arms around yourself and fighting back tears. You didn’t even know why you felt like crying anymore, and you hated it. I’m done with this. I’m going to get over him. I’m done with this.

Thomas watched you disappear into the night with his shoulders slumped and your words to the girls still ringing in his ears. When he’s your best friend…a pretty little brunette. He shook his head, almost laughing at himself. God, he was so stupid. How could he have ever entertained the thought that you might actually have loved him? Of course you would have chosen someone else. He wasn’t anywhere close to being your best friend. Of course Alexander would have caught your eye. Of course you were miserable–you couldn’t hurt Eliza. Damn it.

He pulled his phone from his coat pocket and pulled up his text conversation with James Madison, both a work colleague and his closest friend.

You know that position in France you told me about?

Madison’s response came seconds later. The permanent one? What about it?

Thomas hesitated for a heartbeat, and then resolutely sent his text.

I’ll take it. 

Fanfiction - The Second Sighting of Sirius (Constellations series)

Because sometimes in life there are two beginnings to a story – I give you guys the Sirius sequel, from my Constellations series. I appreciate so much the love you always show me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. Enjoy!

Fanfiction list

The Second Sighting of Sirius

She opened her mailbox, heart franticly beating in her chest, only to find a disappointing empty space. Again.

It was alright, she guaranteed to herself. Still plenty of time for the letter to arrive with his birthday wishes. He had never failed before. Usually his letters would arrive with the morning post on her birthday, with the precision of a Swiss clock. But maybe he had been preoccupied and had delayed to post it until the last minute. Surely he wouldn’t miss her birthday. Would he?

It started eight years ago, on her nineteenth birthday. The very next year after that unforgettable moment in time in the Scottish Highlands. Sometimes when she felt lonely, particularly after Quentin Lambert’s sudden death, she would open the cherry-wood box resting on her dresser, and would read his very first letter, the paper yellow on the edges and worn out from her fingers, smiling at the bold calligraphy.

Dear Tousled Sheep,

I flatter myself to think that you remember our meeting last year. But just in case you don’t, I’ll remind you that I’m the redheaded handsome strong boy,” - Here the word had been highlighted multiple times, accompanied by a rough caricature drawing of a boy with his hair on fire. – “That saved you most gallantly in Scotland. I carried your heavy arse back to safety, with great personal risk of a pneumonia a cracked rib from laughing. And so it happens that I found myself in the knowledge that today is your birthday, for which I congratulate you most sincerely.

I promised to find you again when I’m older and wiser, but until that day I cannot prevent myself from wanting to talk to you, Sassenach. I wish to be present for your special day, even in this simple way. The fact that I had to blackmail seduce convince Mrs. Baird, the owner of the inn, to give me your address from her records shall remain forever a secret between us.  

Happy birthday, Claire! My beautiful and remarkable English lass. As I cannot manage to send a kiss in the envelope, please keep this as a token of my sincere admiration.


Jamie Fraser

She had kept that gift all those years. It was a small signet ring made of silver, yet too big to fit her slender fingers, embellished with a blossom thistle. But she wanted to keep it close to her, so she started to wear it around her neck, hanging from a delicate chain. Across the years, it became a part of her and only left the skin near her heart for imperious reasons.

Claire’s hand unconsciously moved to caress the warm metal, as she wandered around the apartment.

Her eyes were attracted to the newspaper, the massive capital letters on the cover announcing the end of an era – “War is over!”, it read. The war that had pushed her to leave her old apartment in London and seek refuge in Boston, only to be followed by the conflict shortly after. Jamie was safe now, he had to be. Finally he could go home. Finally he could write her more than astray sentences, the paragraphs screaming with the silences of things he couldn’t dare to say, his tender words a whisper of hope and longing.

He had made it a ritual of writing her on her birthday, but as time went by he started to write more often. Sometimes she would receive two letters in the same week; sometimes just once a month. Now and then only a sentence marked the paper – “I listened to a song on the telephony and thought of you, Sassenach.”; occasionally multiple pages, describing his adventures and tribulations, which she re-read with the enthusiasm she usually dedicated to a novel from her favourite writer.

With a sardonic smile, Claire remembered vividly the anguish that had accompanied her everyday, in those damned six month without receiving a letter from Jamie. Not a word for six insufferable months. It was around the time he, himself, had turned eighteen. That letter was buried in the bottom of the box, blotted marks on the paper a testimony of tears shed when the letter finally arrived.

My dear Claire,” He had written with a shaky hand.

“I kissed a girl during the festival in the village.

I promised myself I wouldn’t make excuses. I wanted to kiss her, I think. Yes, I did. But not for her. You

I owe you nothing. I know that with the rationality that sometimes manages to grace my brains. We aren’t exactly promised. We aren’t a couple. What am I to you? I’m not your boyfriend. And yet…I gave my heart to your keeping the day I met you. I cannot say I regret it. But sometimes I forget that you are real, Sassenach. That you are far more than words on letterhead paper. Sometimes I am just a man. Sometimes I just want so badly to kiss you. I’m flawed. And I couldn’t resist the urge to know what is like to touch someone in such a way.

But you are something to me. Something worth waiting for. And for that - I am sorry.


P.S. – I didn’t enjoy it much. I don’t know if it’s always so moist and uncomfortable. I’m fairly certain it would be different with y someone I loved.”

She had felt broken after that letter. Cursed him and called him the ugliest names her rich and imaginative vocabulary – learnt with great enthusiasm during years in excavations and men’s rooms - could encompass. Afterwards she cried, to the growing frustration and dismay of Uncle Lamb, unable to comprehend what news could be so devastating to her usually very practical and poised niece. But later that night, lying in bed wide awake, she had understood the challenge in those words and the value of his honesty. And she dreamt of a deep and tender voice that she had never heard before, but that reminded her somehow of a boy she once knew, whispering to her “You are something to me.”

The next day she had sat in the window seat, the soft English sun enveloping her, and had written him in a firm hand.


You fucking bastard are right – you owe me nothing. I’ve kissed many other boys too in the past, when I felt I should. Perhaps we shouldn’t imprison ourselves in promises made in youth – instead maybe we should live our lives as we see fit. And if someday we choose to bind ourselves, we will know the depth of our loss and gain.


P.S. – But I am glad you didn’t enjoy it. I shall imagine her an ugly witch girl, with a wart on the tip of her nose.”

Over time their letters became more personal. They shared almost everything with each other, even their infatuations with other people, making sure that in spite the distance between them they were always present in each other’s lives. One winter, after Jamie had written her saying he was thinking of moving to London to study - as he had acquired a growing fascination for ancient languages -, Claire had answered him trying to sound as casual as possible.

“Dear Jamie,

Maybe you should come visit me in London. We could spend some time together and I’ll give you shelter while you look at schools.



But soon after that war hatched in Europe like an evil creature, plunging everything in darkness, shattering their hopes of a reunion. Claire remembered how she had sat by the window looking outside that day, her vision blurred by tears, his letter creased in her fist, struggling to keep emptiness and fear away.


I have enlisted to serve my country. I know I promised you I would wait, but the necessity is too great. Every day I hear of people dying and losing their loved ones. Just two days ago, London was bombed again, shells dropping from the sky like deadly rain. I can’t keep hiding in Scotland, waiting for the blood to flood my doorstep.

I must!

I Lo carry you with me always.


During the war years, even after her moving to Boston, he had written to her as frequently as possible. But his words became increasingly more desperate and his last letter, delivered two months ago, was carved in her brain like a touch of black ice.


When I’m so tired I think my bones will turn into dust; when I’m so lonely even my soul aches; when I’m thirsty and hungry beyond physical pain; when I have no dreams and hopes left; when war seems to be all there was and all there will ever be; when despair calls himself my friend – even then, there is still you. You save me everyday from the abyss. I must return to you. I must kiss you, like I promised you once.

What’s left is yours,


Claire was afraid. Terribly afraid that those would be his last words, of a promise he couldn’t keep. That she would be doomed forever to live with the ghost of a great love, never fulfilled.

It was late now. No more letters would arrive and he would miss her birthday for the first time since they’ve met. She contemplated her empty apartment, the threat of another lonesome and sleepless night.

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door. A low sound, like the person knocking was hesitant about doing so. Certain that it would be Mrs. Meyers asking about her fugitive fat cat again, she immediately opened the door.

His hair had been clipped very short. She could tell because it had none of the soft waves and cowlicks that once made it look like fire caressed by the wind. He was holding his green uniform hat in his hands, his face bowed down. Claire felt a tremendous peace washing over her, no restlessness or disturbance, but something falling into place somewhere inside her.

He breathed deeply and looked up, their eyes meeting.

“Jamie.” She babbled. “You’re here.”

“Happy birthday, Claire.” He said and the deep, husky, rumble of his voice made a goosebump travel down her spine. “I’m sorry for coming uninvited, but…” He licked his lips. “I had to come.”

For the first time she realized how tired he looked. His blue eyes were surrounded by shadows, his shoulders bent like he carried an invisible weight about him. So distant of the lively boy she remembered from the Highlands.

“The war is over. They told us to go home.” He glanced at her, studying her glass face. “And so… I did.”

“I was worried about you.” She managed to say in a soft voice, watching the way his fingers tapped his thigh like a conductor setting the pace. “I was waiting for your letter.”

“This time I dinna think a letter would be enough.” Jamie answered with a light smile, that remembered her so much of the way he used to be that she wanted to cry. He was still there, somewhere. “I dreamed sae many times with this moment, finally coming to see ye…” He shook his head. “But that was before. Before the war.”

“I’m sure…”

“Nay.” He nervously fumbled with his hair, clearly still not used to its length. “I dinna ken if I have enough to give ye still. I’m not the man I was.”

They stood in silence for a moment, measuring each other.

“You are still the boy I wanted to kiss in the Highlands.” She whispered. “I just know it.”

“I thought about going away and stop writing to ye…for good.” Jamie’s left hand crossed the space between them, slowly, and delicately touched her face. Just on the spot near her lips he once had kissed, so many years before. “But I had this promise to keep.”

And before she could answer, his strong hands were around her waist, as he captured her between his arms. Roughly enough, but not as much as she wanted to, he slammed the door shut with his foot and pressed her against the hard surface. His lips touched hers, careful like a thirsty man tasting water to make sure it’s safe to drink. Jamie offered her gentleness, but it wasn’t gentleness that she wanted, not now, not after so much time. Claire’s fists knotted in his jacket, pulling him harder against her.

Jamie groaned softly and then he kissed her, in a delicious and entirely inappropriate way, his hands travelling up and down her back and waist.

Claire had been kissed before by men who did a decent job of it. But they never gave kissing their whole mind. There was always something – the desire to get to the next step with her, the underlying comparison with other girls, the concern with the technique. When Jamie kissed her, there was nothing else. It was eternal. Everlasting. He had no other plans or places to go. Just kissing her.

When they finally came apart, air long gone from their lungs, he closed his eyes and smiled against her mouth.

“I was right.” He said, in a somewhat smug voice. “It is different with someone ye love.”

“You are bloody late.” She answered, breathless, already craving the feel of him against her again. “Several years late, actually.”

Jamie smiled and fondled her neck, his fingers lightly touching the silver chain, his ring clearly in sight nestled between the curve of her breasts. Claire marvelled at the man he had become, so close to her imagination and yet so amazingly beyond it.

“I’m here now, tousled sheep.” His capable hands entangled in the riot of her hair, keeping her close, so she could see the intensity in his eyes. “I’m here to kiss ye, as ye deserve to be kissed. I’m here to touch ye, as a lass like ye should be touched. I’m here to share yer dreams and fears, yer entire life. I’m here to tell ye, I have loved ye since the first time I saw ye on that hill in Scotland, my Sassenach. And I’ll be your friend, guardian, husband, confident, lover. Claire, I’ll be everything to ye, as you’ve been to me.”

He was offering her everything this time. No more words on paper, no more longing while miles apart, no more promises without date. The future was here, now, should she take him.

Claire’s hand grabbed his, as she smiled and guided him inside her apartment, in the direction of her room.

“I think I’ll marry you, James Fraser.”

Baby Blues

I’m planning on entering this into a contest on wiki. Tell me what you guys think (: it’s not proofread but it should be okay.


Bataar had noticed the change in her attitude a week ago. He wasn’t completely ignorant about children and birth, but her depressive state was concerning considering she had given birth just three weeks ago. 

He had read about something like this. 

He just never thought that it would happen to his beautiful wife.

The engineer was currently standing on one of the balconies of the Beifong estate in Zaofu. This specific balcony over looked Suyin’s garden which she was currently occupying at the moment. Young baby Huan laid in her hands.

His eyes watched her, unmoving from her spot. The master earthbender was still, eerily gazing out into the valley that Zaofu had been established on. From here, even Bataar could see her eyes.

They were dead.

Huan began to cry and Suyin began rocking the child lightly. She refused to look down oddly enough. Her eyes remained locked on in the distance.

The child continued to cry. He could see his wife’s face contort in irritation, a look she often sported when dealing with difficult people or a confusing task. As Huan’s cries got stronger, so did Suyin’s frustration.

Finally, a maid approached her and asked if everything was okay. Bataar felt his heart crack slightly when Suyin handed Huan to the made, instructing her to put him to bed. The young woman nodded and took his son back into the house. Bataar watched them enter before reverting his focus back to Suyin whose arms were crossed tightly now.

She had worked off the baby weight just fine. She was always a lean woman and worked hard to maintain a top physique. The matriarch of the metal clan was known for her majestic leaps and kicks. Bataar had figured that her appearance was what was bothering his wife to make her act this way, but all he got back was a snappy reply. She stated that that was definitely not it and added something along the lines of Bataar perceiving that she was fat. Needless to say, he slept in a guest bedroom that night.

Suyin turned a full 180 degrees and walked back into the house. Bataar made sure she made it inside.

Two days after that, his concern spiked. 

The Beifong family was eating dinner. Bataar and Suyin sat at the front of the table, Huan latched on to his mother’s breast. To their left, Four year old Junior waved his legs back and forth as he poked at his vegetables with a fork.

Bataar’s eyes observed Suyin’s face deepen in irritation once more. He wondered what was bothering her this time.

Junior hummed an old nomad sing he had learned. His legs kicked to the beat and every now and then, his feet would kick the table. Bataar felt it vibrate his own plate of food and he was sure his wife felt it much more.

The next time it happened, Suyin slammed her chopsticks down.

“Junior, sit still for once!”

Both Bataars froze in place. Senior had always feared his wife’s fury. At its peak, it was more frightening than anything he had experienced. For Junior, who in his four years was wel behaved enough to not be subjected to his mother’s anger, was shocked at this new animal.

Suyin didn’t stop it there. “Every time you kick the table, I get more and more of a headache. Just sit there and eat.”

Bataar felt a lump grow in his throat at the sight of his first born son looking absolutely petrified. He never wanted to make his mother upset with him.

Suyin didn’t even try to eat again. She got up while still feeding Huan and walked towards the exit. “My appetite is ruined.”

When she was gone, Bataar walked towards his son and kneeled down to his level. Junior was already sobbing quietly.

His father wiped his runny nose with a napkin. “Hey, it’s alright.”

“I-I didn’t mean t-to make Mom mad.” Junior hiccuped overwhelmed with sorrow. “I’m s-sorry…”

Bataar hugged his little boy tightly. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Mom is not herself right now.”

“Is Mom sick?”

Bataar sighed. “I don’t know, son.”

Junior continued to cry into his father’s shoulder. 

“I really don’t know.”

The day that Suyin decided to not leave the confines of her office was the final straw for Bataar. This occurred four days after the previous incident.

He didn’t even bother to knock. “Su, we need to talk.”

She didn’t turn from her position on the couch. “You’re going to wake Huan.”

“We still need to talk about some things.” Bataar approached her and made it so he stood in front of her. The arrangement was supposed to make him feel more dominant, something that rarely happened in their relationship. “Your behavior is worrying me.”

“It took me an hour to get him to sleep. If you wake him up, I swear to Oma  and Shu I’ll launch you all the way to Ba Sing Se.”

“Will that make you feel better? Will you go back to who you really are?”

That same annoyed expression crossed her face once more and he wasn’t sure if he was going to fly at any second. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Just leave me alone, Bataar.”

He tried a gentler approach, something that usually worked. “Sweetie, you’re irritated and angry. You shut yourself out. That is not the woman I married.”

“A few years and you’re asking for a divorce already?”

“No! What the- of course not, Su!” Just like he had done with Junior, he got on his knees and looked at her. He had given up on scolding her. Something in the back of his mind warned him that whatever was going on with his wife was serious. His theory may actually be true.  Bataar reached up and removed his glasses to rub his eyes. The moisture in them he blamed on how late it was. “I love you very much, Su. And so do our children which is why all of us are concerned about you right now. Why are you acting like this?”

“I’m acting like myself. I haven’t changed at all." 

There was something in her answer that rang in Bataar’s mind. Her words were like venom. They were intended to sting. For whom, he didn’t know. Nonetheless, he continued. "You aren’t hot headed constantly like this. You blow up at people for simple things. And you don’t interact with Huan at all.”

“I take care of him.”

“That’s all you do. You feed him and wash him, but you don’t kiss him, play with him, show him love.” Bataar gulped nervously. He placed his hand on hers that was presently helping Huan stay supported in her arms. “Sweetie, are you…possibly…depressed?”

Suyin turned away from him. 

“Su, it’s okay. This happens. A lot of women go through post partum depression. The important thing is that we’ll help you get through this.”

And that’s when she snapped again. 

“I’m not depressed, Bataar! You don’t know anything. I’m still the same person and I haven’t changed at all! I’m still the same person from back then, up to now.”


“And don’t act like you can just come in here and diagnose me. Leave. Me. Alone.”

Bataar stayed still, maintaining eye contact with his wife. They were the same: dead. He say nothing but anger conveyed in her emeralds. It saddened him, the fact that he couldn’t help her. The engineer stood up and took several steps back defeated. “Fine. If that’s what you want.”

Huan began to cry.

He was hurt to see his second son thrusted towards him. Suyin scowled hard as she instructed her husband. “You woke him up. You will put him to bed.”

“Gladly.” He gently transferred his new born son into his arms. Already, tiny Huan could feel the comfort of love, something that had been lacking in his mother’s embrace. His cries simmered down to whimpers. He absent-mindedly rocked Huan. Bataar waited for Suyin to say something, anything, but there was not any indication of a reply. He frowned. “I’ll leave you to it.”

Suyin shut the doors with her metalbending on e her husband and son left the room. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes.

An envelope, still sealed and unopened, sat on the table.


Dear Lin,

Hello, big sister. I know it’s been years since we’ve seen each other and I’m not too sure that you’d even want to see me. I understand your reluctance to meet up again.

But none of that complicated stuff, I’d just like to wish you a happy birthday. You’re getting old, Lin. I hope you’re on your way to becoming chief of police like you wanted. Mom would be proud. 

Anyways, I have exciting news: I’ve just given birth to your second nephew. His name is Huan and weirdly enough, you two share a birthday! Trust me, I was just as confused as you are probably now. To the point of this letter, I’d like to give you a birthday gift that is more special to me than anything. I’d love it if you became Huan’s godmother. You two would get along perfectly. Even at a few days old, he reminds me of you with his scowls. It may be too early to tell, but he acts like you. It’s weird.

I know this gift seems more beneficial for me than for you, but it’s something I hope will bring us closer. I’m hoping by now you are missing me as much as I miss you. We were never close as children, but you are still my big sister. Please be part of our family again.

Again, I hope you have a good birthday nonetheless. 



Shawn Mendes - Birthday surprise (smut)

Request:  Hi, I would live a dirty imagine my name is Shiloh ubwoukd live one with Shawn.. You can pick everything else …. Thanks!!


Who else can say that Taylor Swift helped them to surprise their boyfriend? I guess no one, but I can.

My problem was simple, Shawn was on tour with Taylor, but his birthday was coming and I really wanted to surprise him with something he wouldn’t expect. I didn’t know how to execute this whole thing, and I ended up exchanging emails with his manager. He told me he would talk to Taylor’s management if they can allow my visit for a few days. The next day I got an email from Taylor’s manager telling me I could definitely join the tour for a few days and we discussed the details.

On the day before my journey to the rest of the touring crew I couldn’t believe who emailed me. It was from Taylor and she wanted to involve me in her plan for Shawn’s birthday. You cannot say no to Taylor Swift, that would be against the law, obviously. And I was so shocked that I was really talking with her that I would have agreed to anything she told me.

I packed my things and left to Toronto not leaving even a message to Shawn making him believe I forgot his birthday. I had three texts from him when I landed and the guy the management sent picked me up. He wanted to know what I was doing and how I was. I just texted him back that I was feeling a bit sick, might be sleeping through the whole day.

Poor Shawn believed everything and I could feel that he was hurt.

I was taken to the hotel to put my staff down and then I had to go to the stadium to hide before Shawn gets there.

I had a room for me to wait there until I could come out. I was really nervous to see him again, because we hadn’t met in three weeks and I really missed him. I was on my phone looking through messages from him when the door opened and Taylor stepped in.

“You are Shiloh, right?” she asked with a bright smile. She already had on her dress for the show and she looked amazing.

“Yes, nice to meet you!” I said hugging her.

“I’m glad you are here. Shawn looks a bit upset about something, could it be you?”

“Yeah, he thinks I forgot his birthday.”

“Then he will be really surprised,” she laughed. We discussed a few things but then she had to leave.

I waited in the room until the concert started. I could hear Shawn’s voice when he started to sing on stage. I missed his angelic voice so much. Then Taylor got on stage and I could finally come out. The plan was that Taylor brings him on stage, make the crowd sing him Happy Birthday and then I come out as the surprise.

I heard Taylor calling him on stage, and I stood there backstage until the crowd started to sing. Then I stepped out and I started to walk towards them. Girls started to scream as they saw me and I was so nervous to just stand out there in front of so many people, but then I glued my eyes on Shawn’s back and I started to run. When I got to the end of the stage where they were standing I jumped onto him. At first he didn’t know what was happening, but when our eyes met he was totally shocked.

“Oh my God, Shiloh!” he shouted hugging me so tightly I could barely breath.

“Happy birthday baby,” I murmured into his neck. The crowd was screaming and shouting, Taylor was clapping, then he lifted me up spinning around.

“I can’t believe you are here!”

“Of course I’m here, it’s your birthday!” I took his face into my hands but he was the one who kissed me. I put my arms around his neck and tried not get lost in his lips, because half of the country was watching us. Not like our relationship was a secret, we had been together for more than two years and we made it public a year ago, but we liked to keep our relationship on the low-key.

“Okay, love birds, we don’t have the right to show that much, why don’t you continue this backstage?” Taylor laughed. We pulled away, waved at her and the crowd, I mouthed ‘thank you’ to her and we left.

People congratulated to us and wished happy birthday to Shawn. I thought he would want to talk to his colleagues, but he just shook everyone off, of course politely, and pulled me right into his dressing room locking the door behind us. He didn’t waste any more time, he pinned me to the door kissing me passionately.

“I missed you so much, baby,” he murmured between two kisses, his hands slid down to my thighs and he lifted me up. I hugged his waist with my legs wanting to feel him closer to me.

“I missed you too. Happy birthday Shawn,” I smiled at him.

“It is happy now that you are here.”

A few minutes later almost all my clothes were gone leaving me only in my lingerie, and he only had his boxers on. He carried me to the couch he had in the room and we lied down with him on top of me.

“I love you,” he murmured into my skin kissing down on my neck and collarbone. His hands were all over me not leaving even one spot untouched. He unclasped my bra throwing it away and his mouth were immediately on my breasts.

“I love you too,” I moaned not being able to contain myself. Fortunately, the concert was quite loud so we didn’t have to be afraid of getting busted, however I think everyone knew what we were doing. But who cares? I didn’t saw my boyfriend for three weeks, we can get some privacy!

I slid my hands over his perfect torso feeling his muscles tighten under my touch. My panties followed my bra along with his boxers and finally there was nothing between us. He quickly put on a condom and then looking into my eyes he positioned himself to my entrance.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered caressing my cheeks. I smiled at him pulling him into a kiss and as our lips met he slid into me.

I moaned from the satisfaction and from the lack of the feeling of him in the past few weeks. He started off slowly but then picked up the pace. I held onto his biceps feeling his muscles tighten and then slid my fingertips to his back digging my nails into his skin. He groaned into my neck and fastened his moves. I was close and I could feel that he was too. I grinded my hips upwards meeting his thrust.

“Oh my God,” I moaned as I felt my orgasm take over my body.

“I love you,” he whispered muffled as he reached his high at the same time.

“I love you too.” I could barely breath, I was just hugging him unable to do anything else.

He slowly stopped moving and lied down next to me pulling me into his arms. He placed open-mouthed kisses everywhere he could reach and caressed my stomach.

“If only all those fans knew what just happened here,” I sighed laughing. He chuckled giving me a peck on the lips.

“I don’t care, it’s my birthday.”

“Yes it is,” I said smiling at him. “Happy birthday.”

anonymous asked:

Okie dokie... So, I was in a long distance relationship but we broke up since we were both too mentally unstable to be together. We kept talking for a while but I was in a horrible place and I ended up telling her online friendships caused me too much anxiety. So now for the past 2 months we haven't spoken. It's her birthday in 2 days and I really want to wish her a happy birthday and kinda check up on her and stuff but idk I'm scared she hates me or something... Idk... Any advice?

I’m really sorry to hear that, hon.

In my opinion, reaching out is the best way to go. Wish her a happy birthday, and tell her you just want to make sure she’s okay, but that you’ll understand if she doesn’t want to talk. That way you give her a way out in case she doesn’t feel like replying :/

I hope everything goes okay, love.

Michael Clifford Smut → Master Kink

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request: Yes

A.N.: I changed the Daddy Kink to a Master kink bc I really can’t see Michael with a Daddy Kink omg sorry hope thats alright.

I think you should not read this if you’re like 12 or something.

“No Michael, I’m going to this party whether you like it or not.” I said annoyed as I applied some mascara on my eyelashes. “I don’t want you to go to a fucking party your ex boyfriend is hosting!” Michael yelled. “Okay first of all, stop fucking yell at me! Second, he has a new girlfriend and it’s his sisters birthday party ad she is a good friend of mine so I’ll go to this party, now stop being a fucking prick.” I packed the mascara in my bag and turned around to face Michael. “You’re not going.” he said and blocked my way out of the room. 

“Are you fucking serious?” I aked and crossed my arms over my chest. Michael raised an eyebrow and looked at me challengingly. “Fuck off.” I rolled my eyes and sqeezed past him, quickly running outside and to my car.

I love Michael but sometimes his jealousy could get really annoying. One time we were out, having dinner and the waiter flirted with me, in the end the waiter ended up with a bloody nose.

This time I could actually understand him, the birthday party was hosted by my ex boyfriend, but Jade, his sister, is one of my closest friends so I had to go. I felt really bad for how I left but otherwise he never would have let me go. I tried to push my bad conscience aside and tried to think about Jade and her birthday party. 

Ten minutes later I arrived at the house, it was already pretty crowded. I got out of the car and was immediatly greeted by some people. The music was blasting through the house, people were dancing, drinking and making out in the corners. I was walking through the house looking for Jade when someone called out my name. I turned around to see my ex boyfriend, Josh, standing next to me. “Oh hey.” I smiled I hugged him. 

We broke up as friends and we still talked sometimes. “Hey, how are you doing? Where’s Michael?” he asked and broke the hug. “I’m good and he obviously stayed home.” I declared. “Right, he doesn’t like me.” Josh laughed and put his hands in his pockets. “Anyways,” I shrugged, “Where’s Jade? I want to wish her a happy birthday.”

“She should be in the kitchen.” Josh explained and sweetly smiled. “Alright. Catch you later.” I said and made my way through the crowd. “Jade!” I yelled and ran towards her as soon as I spotted her in the crowded kitchen. “Happy Birthday sweetie!” I sang and embraced her in a hug. “(Y/N)! It’s so good to see you. I’m glad you made it!” she said and gave me a little peck on the cheek. “Me too! I’ve missed you!”

“I missed you too! Here have a drink!” she smiled and put a red cup in my hands. “Thanks. To the birthday girl.” I shouted and downed the liquid.

One hour and several drinks later I was on the dancefloor, dancing with Josh. He had his hands on my waist while I grinded my ass up against his crotch, moving to the beat. I was drunk out of my mind, my head dizzy and I wasn’t fully realizing what I was doing. 

“What the actual fuck.” I heard a familiar voice shout. I looked up and saw Michael standing in front of me. “You fucker take your hands off of my girl.” he hissed. “Dude, calm down.” Josh slurred, still holding my waist. Michael clenched his jaw and walked towards Josh. He pushed me aside and with one quick strike Josh was on the floor holding his jaw. “Michael, what the fuck?!”

“You’re coming with me.” he grabbed my arm and tugged me with him to his car. “That was really unnecessary.” I mumbled. “Are you fucking kidding me? You were basically ass fucking your ex boyfriends crotch.” I scoffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “I wasn’t doing anything. You’re overreacting." 

Michael’s head shot to me and he looked at me angrily but didn’t say anything else. The rest of the car ride was quiet, I looked out of the window. thinking about everything that happened this night. Michael anger was understandable, I never should have danced with Josh like that.

Five minutes later we arrived at home, as soon as Michael slammed the door shut behind him, he pressed me against it. 

"Do you think it’s fucking funny, flirting with another guy like that?” he snarled at me. “No.” I replied. “No, what?” he asked and pressed me harder against the door. “N-no master.” I whispered. A quick smirk appeared on his face before he turned serious again. “You’re getting punished for that.” he said and started sucking harshly on my neck, making sure to leave a lot of marks behind. “You’re mine. You got that?”

I bit my lip and nodded, putting my hands around his neck. “That was no answer.” he said and bit down on my neck, making me yelp. “I- I belong to you master.” I whined. I could feel Michael’s smile against my neck. He licked and kissed over the spot he just bit, soothing the pain a little. 

He continued kissing and sucking on my neck. I tried to keep myself from moaning but I miserably failed. I dug my nails into Michael’s neck and quietly moaned “I’m yours master.” into his ear. He grapped my ass, making me jump. I slung my legs around his torso and he walked us to our upstairs bedroom, throwing me onto the bed.

“You’ve got yourself into a whole lot of punishment.” he said in a stern voice. “But master, what are you gonna do to me?” I wispered, biting my lip. Michael just smirked and unzipped his jeans. "Suck.” he demanded and pointed at his prominent bulge.

“Yes master.” I licked over my lips and kneeled down in front of him. Slowly I pulled his jeans and underwear down. I innocently looked at him before I palmed his erection, pumping it slowly. I took the tip into my mouth and started sucking slightly, making Michael moan. “Stop fucking around.” he groaned and grabbed a fistful of my hair, pushing himself harshly into my mouth. 

I sucked hard down the shaft and stroked everything I couldn’t fit into my mouth. “Fuck baby, you look so fucking hot with your mouth wrapped around my cock.” he groaded, thrusting into my mouth. I hallowed my cheeks and gently let my teeth run along his shaft. “Ugh, fuck” He grunted, grabbing my hair tighter.

He closed his eyes, clenched his jaw and let his head fall back. His hands playing with my hair, every time I take him farther into my mouth, his breathing getting a little bit shallower.

He pushed me all the way down against his cock and finally I fit all in my mouth, making me gag. "Jesus (Y/N)“ he groaned. I sucked hard, bobbed my head faster and used my hand to massage his balls. 

His deep breathing and quiet moans could barley be heard. I looked up at him though my eyelashes, pure pleasure was on his face. His eyes closed and mouth hanging open. Just the look on Michael’s face alone was almost enough to throw me over the edge.

"Shit.” he cursed and pulled himself out of my mouth. I looked at him startled, “Did you think that was all? I’m gonna fuck you so good now.” he harshly said and lifted me up to my feet just to throw me on the bed again. 

He took his shirt off and hovered over me, pressing his rock hard cock against my heated crotch. “Please master.” I whined and bucked my hips to create more contact between us. “Please what?" 

"Fuck me.” I said and innocently looked at him. He licked over his lips and unzipped my dress before ripping it of off me. Without any warning he slammed into me, thusting deep and hard. My mouth formed and ‘o’ and I squeezed my eyes shut. “Fuck” he cursed when I dug my nails hard into his muscular arms.

I rolled my eyes back into my head as he stared thrusting into me harder. “Oh fuck Michael.” I moaned, arching my back. He shot his head up and dug his nails into my waist. “What was that?” he asked furrowing his eyesbrows together. “Fuck, m-master” I said, breathing heavily. "You bad girl, you forgot. You’re going to get punished for that.“ he hissed and pulled out of me. I whined at the loss of contact and looked at Michael desperatly. He flipped me around, holding my ass in the air. He entered me from behind his pace quicker as before. 

I felt a sudden sting on my ass. He spanked me again, and again. I screamed into the pillow, srangely the pain was really pleasuring. His thrusts became harder and deeper. The room was filled with low moans and skin slapping against skin. "You like that baby?” he asked, rubbing over the sore spot on my ass. “Y-yes master. I fucking love it.” I moaned an grabbed a fistful of the sheets, tugging it as I felt another spank.

He held me steady as he quickly moved in and out of me. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach, “I- Im so close.” I stuttered. “Not just yet baby.” he said through gritted teeth and all of a sudden Michael pulled out of me, flipping me around again. 

He spread my legs widely and slowly pushed himself into me, eventually increasing his pace. “Holy fucking shit!” I cursed, biting my bottom lip to try and keep myself from screaming out when I suddenly I felt Michael’s finger pressing against my sensitive clit, quickly rubbing sloppy circles. I let out a gasp and dug my nails deep into his arms. "C-close" I stuttered as I felt my stomach tigthen again. “Come for me baby." he groaned and I felt him twitch inside me, he was close too. His thrusts became sloppier, and sloppier.  I couldn’t hold it any longer, I released, a scream leaving my mouth. Michael soon followed and he kept thrusting, riding out both our highs. He pulled out and collapsed right next to me. "You okay?” he asked, breathing heavily. I wasn’t able to talk so I just nodded. “Sorry if I was a little too harsh on you.” he said and put his head on my chest. “Don’t worry about it, it was perfect."I said and put my arm around his shoulder. "Sorry about eariler.” I whispered. “It’s fine. I know you wouldn’t cheat or anything.” he mumbled and kissed the back of my hand. “I love you." "I love you too.”