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Perfect Boyfriend

Characters: Reader (Erin, but I don’t think I mentioned her name actually), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Fear of getting older, nudity, implied smut (well maybe a bit more than implied but it is pretty tame) otherwise just fluff.     

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: This is for Erin aka @blacktithe7. It’s her birthday today and this is me (and Chris) wishing her a very happy one. I love you Erin and I hope you had a great day today!

Thanks to @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me (and Ana says: I love you too Erin).

Also sorry for the crappy title - hopefully the one shot is better than then that one.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Chris had wanted the two of you to go somewhere special today. He had suggested one restaurant after another. He had suggested weekend getaways and vacations but truth be told, you hadn’t been in the mood to do much this year. You just wanted this day to pass and get on with your life. A birthday was just a day right? At least that’s what you tried to convince yourself as you laid in bed alone that morning.

You weren’t sure where Chris was, but him not being here had you kinda worried that he had not listened to you. You loved that he wanted to surprise you, and you loved him more than anything, but you had been serious when you had said you didn’t wanna go anywhere on your birthday. You knew however, that if he had made plans, that sweet smile of his would be able to convince you to do just about anything. You wouldn’t have the heart to say no to him, so you really hoped and prayed that your boyfriend had taken you seriously. That he was just out for a run or something, and not planning some huge gesture, like you knew he really wanted to do.

You groaned and pushed yourself out of bed, calling out for him with no answer. It was 10 am. It wasn’t like him to not be home at this hour, which only made you all the more worried.

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“I didn’t want this fight coming back to you,” Neil said.
“Too late for that now. But whatever,” Allison said. She was going for lofty, but Neil could see the anger in every tense line of her when she surveyed her car again. “They want to break my toy? So what? I’ll buy another one. Maybe I’ll buy two. Fuck them if they think this will hurt me.”

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52 with harry please? I love your writing btw!!

awwh thanks you’re sweet ☺️ this is slightly based off of twilight, kind of like a jacob with renesmee storyline but different, so i hope you like it x

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52. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”

When (y/n) was born Harry didn’t expect her to be the one he imprinted on. But it happened, and there was nothing he could do about it. Though it was weird, (y/n) being a baby and all, imprinting it wasn’t just falling in love with someone. It meant protecting them with your life, keeping them out of harms way, and doing whatever it took to make sure they were always okay. It meant caring for them with all of your heart. And that’ how Harry felt about (y/n). It wasn’t in love with her as a baby, but when we imprinted he saw a vision of her and him as she grew up and what type of woman she would become in the near future. And that was what he would eventually fall in love with.

Niall was Harry’s best friend, and Harry and Liz had a past that only they knew about. Back in school, Liz and Harry both had feelings for each other and went out on one date, but Harry knew his friend had feelings for her as well, so it ended there. Liz was still hurt by the fact that Harry ended things abruptly and without explanation other than “I’m not ready for something like this right now.” But she never let it show whenever Harry and Niall hung out, which was a lot.
Liz and Niall had been together for two years, through junior and senior year, and when they first got together Liz found out Niall was a vampire. Shortly after that, she learned Harry was a werewolf. She didn’t believe it at first, until she saw Harry get into an altercation with one of his friends and they both turned into werewolves. But she got slightly used to after a while, realizing that her life would no longer be normal, and she asked Niall to turn her. He wanted to be married to her first, and when she saw that her begging and pleading for him to do it sooner wouldn’t work, she agreed to his terms. They got married shortly after graduation, and on their honeymoon when Niall was hesitant to change her like he promised, they ended up pregnant before he could. It was supposed to be impossible, but it happened. And when the werewolves found out that Liz was pregnant, and could die from it, and that Niall had broken the vampire/werewolf treaty, they decided that they had to kill the child if it did end up killing Liz. And when the day came for her to have (y/n), she did end up dying during labor. Niall tried turning her, but it was too late.

Or so they thought, but when Liz woke up days later as a vampire, things turned around. Niall went from feeling like he no longer had a reason to live, to having two reasons to. And Harry found out that he had one too. But when the wolves tried to come after (y/n) and Harry went against his own tribe to protect her, they realized that something had happened. Niall read Harry’s mind and his thoughts had confirmed Niall’s assumption.

“He’s imprinted on (y/n),” Niall told Liz incredulously. “They can’t harm her.”

Liz’s eyes got wide. “You’re kidding…”

The wolves eventually backed off, retreating into the woods. Harry calmed down, turning human and running inside to change out of his torn clothes. When he came back out of the guest room of Niall and Liz’s place, Liz glared at him.

“Please tell me you didn’t imprint on our daughter.” Liz demanded.

Harry exhaled. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that.”

“She’s a baby, Harry! Your best friend’s child!” Liz raises her voice. “What kind of twisted creature are you?”

“I can’t help it!” Harry tried. “It’s not like I’m in love with her. At least, not yet anyway.”

Niall clenched his fists by his sides. “I know you can’t control it, but my daughter?! Of all people it had to be her?”

“Trust me, I’m as surprised as you are.” Harry put his hands up in defense.

Before anyone could say more, they heard (y/n) crying from the nursery. Harry went to go see if she was okay, but Liz pushed him to the side. Harry stumbled, Liz’s vampire strength stronger than he anticipated.

“I’ve got her,” She spat, walking back to tend to her child. As Liz walked away, Niall gave Harry a judging look.

“I really am sorry, Niall. I don’t want this to affect our friendship.” Harry said remorsefully. “I wish there was something I could do to make it up to you.”

After a moment of thought, Niall spoke up. “There is something you can do, actually.”

Harry raised his eyebrows. “Name it and I’ll do it,”

“Swear to me that you will never pursue a relationship with (y/n).” Niall proposed.

Harry hesitated, but eventually obliged.
“I swear,”


It was (y/n)’s seventh birthday, though she looked as if she was almost twnety. After spending the day with her parents, she couldn’t help but have a thought in the back of her head she couldn’t quite shake. She hadn’t seen Harry all day, and it was very unlike him to not see her at least once, let alone not say happy birthday to her or not answer her calls or texts.

“Dad, have you heard from Harry today?” (y/n) asked.

“No, I haven’t,” Niall frowned. “Maybe he’s super busy today?”

(Y/n) sighed. “He’s never been too busy for me. This isn’t like him. He hasn’t even said happy birthday.”

Liz looked at Niall in confusion.

“This is very unlike him,” She whispered. “Do you know something you’re not telling me?”

Niall looked away, making himself busy as if not to show Liz the guilty look on his face. “No, love, I have no idea what’s going on with him.”

Liz rolled her eyes, knowing Niall’s usual tricks. He could never lie to her face.
“Do you want to break your daughter’s heart and ruin her birthday?” Liz questioned.

“Of course not,” Niall said defensively.

“Then fix this,” Liz insisted, before walking away.

“I’m going into the woods to look for him,” (y/n) said, determined.

Niall looked at her in shock. “Are you crazy? You’re not going alone, you have no idea who could be out there.”

“I can handle myself, Dad.” (y/n) stood up. “I am part vampire, after all.”
And with that she walked out.

Niall sighed, getting his phone and calling Harry. On the third try, he finally answered, and Niall told him of his daughter’s plans. Harry reluctantly agreed to go find her, and their conversation ended there.

(Y/n) ran to where she and Harry usually met to hunt, looking around to see if she could tell if he had been there recently. But when the hairs on the back of her neck stood up, she knew he wasn’t far. When he walked up to her, she hit his arm.

“Ow!” He yelled, holding his bicep. “What was that for?”

“For ignoring me all day!” (y/n) said. “If you were busy, the least you could’ve done was called. But you’ve never been too busy for me, so why has that changed all of a sudden?”

Harry looked around, avoiding her gaze. “I’m sorry, love, I–”

“Don’t call me that,” She spat. “If you loved me, or cared at all, you would’ve have shown it by now.”

“Is it too late to say happy birthday?” He tried, a goofy grin on his face.

She rolled her eyes. “Yes, it is.”

His smile fell, and he sighed. “Look, (y/n), there’s certain things I can’t tell you. Like why I haven’t spoken to you all day, or why I’m distancing myself. I wish I could tell you, but I just can’t.”

She laughed sadly. “Wow, you really don’t care.”

“I do so,” He looked at her.

“Then prove it!” She raised her voice. “Tell me what I did that made you not want to be around me anymore. Because I’ve been wracking my brain all day trying to figure it out.”

“(Y/n), it’s not like that–”

“Oh don’t try that bullshit on me,” She interrupted. “You know, I thought things were different. But I guess not…”

“They are!” Harry continued. “If I could tell you, would. I promise.”

“I don’t think you realize how much I care, or how much you mean to me.” She accused. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. And I know how crazy that sounds, but I’ve always thought that when i got older you felt the same. But I guess I was wrong.”

She went to walk away, but Harry grabbed her wrist. She turned to face him, tears rolling down her face.

“I’m in love with you too, (y/n).” Harry admitted.

“Then why did you leave me without any kind of explanation?” She questioned.

He exhaled, leaning his forehead onto hers. “When you were little, your father and I had an agreement. The only way we could stay friends and I could stay by your side and protect you was if I swore to him I would never be in a relationship with you. So, in order to keep my word, I distanced myself from you. I had to leave you, I couldn’t hide my feelings any longer and he was starting to notice. I’m so sorry, love.”

(Y/n) grabbed Harry’s face and brought their lips together, kissing him like she had always wished she could. He kissed back, happy that his feelings were finally known and that she felt the same. He didn’t care about how pissed Niall and Liz would be. His only care in the world was that he and (y/n) were together, and we wasn’t going to let anyone tear them apart for as long as he lived.

if you have any other imagine ideas, feel free to request them, requests are always open x

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Jumin’s birthday special: Day 5



If I had to pick a word to describe the entire species knows as “humans”, it would be bizarre. Sure, you can say “bipeds” or one I don’t particularly agree with: “rational”, but when I think of humans, I think they’re all bizarre.

First, why using a machine that produces water to keep them clean when they have their tongues? Second, when they’re falling, why not twirling to fall on their feet? Ugh… what’s wrong with all of them?

But I think what intrigues me the most in an ability I don’t have, an though I’ve never met many other “irrational” animals, I believe neither of them would be capable of having this ability that can work really well or really bad: humans lie.

Humans lie so well and… so naturally. Could it be part of their instincts? Like purring and grooming are for me? It must be… it feels like something they do to survive…

That female human, Assistant Kang is her name. I know she hates me to death, and still, she’s always nice to me, she lets me in her apartment, she feeds me, brushes my fur, lets me crawl over her shoulder or take a nap on her desk… I know it’s not sincere, I know she does only for something called “paycheck”, have no idea what is this. Whatever it is, is it that good so she will lie about caring for me?

Oh… that other human… Cat Abuser. To me he is the biggest liar, nobody can’t ever be that happy all the time, it’s something completely unnatural for animals and for humans. If you ask me, I say he’s hiding something… well, whatever, as long as he stay away from me…

Then there are V and Rika… my human talks a lot about them. He says they’re good people, he also says that they were together before she died. I… I’m not sure if this is a lie, I was just a baby when I met them for the first time, but… when I ran away and ended up in that building, I thought I saw her… not sure, and maybe humans have a different point of view on death, so maybe there is no lie here.

However, I know for a fact that my human is a liar.

I’m pretty sure he was lying all those nights when he would pour wine (is that what you call it? The purple liquid?) put me on his lap and mutter to himself this was perfect and he wouldn’t trade this for anything else in the world. No, he was definitely lying, because this sounded happy, but… he never looked happy.

Okay, now you’re probably thinking: “She’s just a cat, what would she know about happiness? Or lack of happiness, for that matter?” and… yeah, what would I know? Happiness is a human concept, we don’t have that in our irrational animal world… or do we? Those stupid savages known as dogs wag their tails when something pleases them. Elegant and more evolved creatures like me have more sophisticated body language, though purring not always means we’re happy… I digress, my point is: I understand happiness.

So I can tell my human wasn’t happy, I can tell. I know from the way he would find comfort in me, especially after talking to that older man, I think his name is Father. My human would sigh, pour more wine and look at nowhere for a considerable amount of time… and if anybody asked how he was, he would always answer he was “fine”. And that was a lie. Why would he lie about being fine? Don’t humans look for help when they’re not fine?

Then I realize how bizarre you humans get to be, because… he was lying to himself, right? He wanted to believe he was fine by not having other humans around, only me and that wine thing, maybe he actually believed in that. So his happiness was fake, but it used to make sense to him…

Then she showed up, my other human.

My other human doesn’t seem to like lies. She scolds my human when he says he isn’t tired from all the work, she does this thing a lot, I don’t know how it works, but she grabs my human’s hand and says: “Can I be honest with you, Jumin?” and then proceeds on telling him what she’s thinking, even when it’s something he doesn’t seem to like, but appreciates her honesty. He likes she doesn’t lie to him, and she never does.

I like her, but out of all the humans I’ve met, she’s probably the most bizarre. She came up out of nowhere and… stayed. She stayed even after V brought me back, then she went away for a few days and… came back. She said she missed me… and it didn’t feel like a lie at all.

And some nights, when my human is on a business trip, she’ll put me on her lap and tell me she misses him too. How does she know I miss him? She’s weird.

Today she’s doing something on the kitchen, I don’t know what it is, but she put the pink collar on me. I only wear this one in special occasions, so I assume today is a special day.

“Now, Elizabeth, this will be a surprise, okay? We can’t let him know what we’re doing…” oh, so she has some secrets too… is she lying?

I watch her, she’s wearing one of his clothes, I wonder what she’s planning, it’s probably nothing bad since I’m wearing my pink collar and she’s smiling… she’s happy.

“Come on…” I go, not because she told me to, but because I’m curious. So I follow her to the bedroom.

“Good morning, Mr. Birthday Man…” she says, walking around the bed and placing a tray on his lap.

My human’s hair is a mess in the morning, and… I believe there is a thing called pajamas to wear in bed, where are his? Tsk… he used to be more presentable before she came along…

“You didn’t have to wake up before me, darling. I wanted to wake you up like we do every morning.”

“As tempting as it sounds, today is a special day, it’s your birthday, so I should pamper you a little instead of you pampering me.”

“I like pampering you.” He acts… really weird around her. Ewww, they are kissing! Should I… go?

“And I like when you pamper me, but this can wait. Elizabeth is here to wish you Happy Birthday too.” Oh, so she remembers I’m here and… birthday?

My human celebrates my birthday, it’s something he always does… once a year, I believe. I was never sure on what was that about exactly, but… apparently it’s something good.

I climb up on the bed and go to him, he smiles and caresses my head. He looks happy, so does she, and… I start purring, that purring from happiness…

Maybe that’s why she said I was here to wish him a happy birthday.

Marichat May: Age-up Marinette




With was with a loud sigh that Marinette crept out onto her balcony, a little worn out from the birthday party Alya and her parents threw her. A party much bigger than she personally would’ve desired. But everyone in the class came, even Chloe, and some others from other classes.

Still, despite it being bigger than she would’ve liked, it was still fun overall.

But sadly, Adrien couldn’t make it, he wound up backed up with shoots and was just busy today and according to Nino, he barely remembered sending her a happy birthday text.

It was sweet that he made an effort to despite how exhausted he must’ve been, but she was still wistful that he was able to make it.

Marinette collapsed into her lounge chair, groaning as she put her feet up.

It was so nice to finally put her feet up and have some solitu-


She jumped, looking over wildly to see Chat on her balcony railing, tail wagging about, hiding something behind his back.

A Chat that looked a bit tired too.

She raised a brow, slouching back down. “What are you doing here Chaton?” she asked, running a hand through her bangs.

He blinked at the nickname then shook his head, hopping down and drawing near. “Wishing you a happy birthday, you are my favorite princess you know. And a knight should always bestow his princess a gift!”

He beamed, then faltered, sheepish.

“Unfurtunately,” he continued, “I was… really busy, and had limited time and-”

Marinette cut in, “You didn’t have to get me anything Chat.”

“I wanted too,” he insisted, tail swishing about. “I’m just… sorry if you don’t like it, it’s what I had lying around and a friend suggested it and… ” He pouted, looking unsure, then presented the now sixteen year old a small, roughly wrapped wheel.

Blinking at it, she took it and unwrapped it, staring down at a wheel of Camembert she had in hand.

“Chat,” she started.

“I can get you something else,” he quickly offered, “this was a really rushed choice and—”

“Thank you!”


“I love Camembert! And this is like one of the most expensive brands, but they’re so good. Thanks so much!”

Chat just smiled and nodded and internally screamed.

Marinette liked Camembert.

Just as Plagg predicted.

This was another in his life that liked stinky cheese.

And it was his friend.

Well, at least Ladybug doesn’t like Camembert… he thinks. And definitely hopes.

A Sweet Remaining (”Why Now?”Part 3) - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Imagines | Part 1 | Part 2

Someone wanted a part 3 of „Why Now?”. I decided to write it and it will be officially the last part of this imagine. I don’t want to make it too long ’cause I think it’s nice to be a short and open-ending story. As in the previous parts, no warnings. It became too sweet for any warning. Enjoy your reading. xx

PLOT: As much as it hurts, you know you cannot stay in Riverdale because of your parents. So you try to make every second count.

You didn’t care about anything that night. You constantly felt Jughead’s taste on your lips so you decided in only a few seconds that you had to stay with him. His father didn’t show signs of coming back too soon so it wasn’t a problem. You told him you didn’t want to leave and asked if you could stay with him tonight. He asked you if you’re sure you want to do that, you had no doubt. It was a night when you wanted to feel him close to you, you needed his arms around your waist and to know he’s just around. Because if you left, you would have felt lost. This night was supposed to be perfect with him.

He wanted to take the couch and you to sleep in the bed. He wanted you to feel as comfortable as you could. You didn’t let him, you forced him to come and lay next to you because you missed his hugs so much. Without telling him, you put your head on his chest when he gave in and agreed. Insecure as he was, only after a good while he dared to pull you closer to him and kiss your forehead. You started talking. Even the smallest things became big for you two. He told you how things had been between him and his dad as you were away, the unusual silence he, Veronica, Archie and Betty had received, and in the end, almost inevitably, the Blossom family had to be brought in. But you didn’t want to try to find solutions to the problems, you just needed him next to you. You didn’t want to ask him if he was feeling alright because you knew he didn’t know what kind of answer to give you. All he did was to breathe heavily, as if you were not supposed to be in his arms in this moment. So you got up a little, just to look at his tired and confused expression. You didn’t know why he felt like that, but you had some ideas. His eyes fixed you hesitantly, they seemed wet, but they weren’t. He was hesitating. You knew you only needed one smile from him, but you were pretty sure he couldn’t give you a smile. He seemed sad, even if you were with him. Perhaps it was just the feeling you both felt inside: the fact that what was happening right in that moment was not gonna last. Though, the darkness around you was reassuring. The fact that your mouths didn’t let any word to get out meant more than it was left to be seen and you certainly did preferred that.

Slowly, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Your chanted breath hit his cheek, in the first phase he didn’t kiss you back. But almost as if you were dreaming, his hand touched your cheek. He took your face in his hands and moved his lips over yours, making you tremble. You couldn’t describe in words how his kisses felt. You’ve always imagined how Jughead should’ve kissed, and yet, now was the firist time you felt that. He was gentle, scared almost as if it was about to do something wrong. You could figure it out by the way he was touching you. You were surprised to feel his tongue teasing your lower lip for entrance. Still bending over him, you couldn’t do more than that and you didn’t want to. You kept your palm over his warm chest for support and then intruded your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth in a too slow way. You felt you couldn’t resist. Swallowing the lump in your throat, you leaned even closer, afraid of losing his touch. The feeling was beyond description.

You smiled faintly when the kiss lost his intensity to the point where he bagan to kiss you shorter. His lips were so soft, your hair was beginning to tickle your eyelids, Jughead’s warm breath felt so familiar. Yow slowly broke away from him and blinked repeteadly so that you could better distinguish his face. His eyes were shining now from the light coming from the lanterns on the street which was entering through the window blinds.

„I know you’re not okay.” You told him, caressing his cheek. „You don’t need to say anything.” You didn’t want him to talk because it would have been hard for him. And you were sure you didn’t want to cry anymore. You were happy when he smiled. The corners of his mouth rose a little as he looked at you and again, you were speechless. So you sighed and put your head back on his chest. Your hand was exactly in the spot where you could feel his heartbeat. The beats were just a little accelerated, which made you close your eyes, quite affected. You hugged him tightly wanting anyone and anything to take you away from him. It was easy for you to fall asleep and forget about everything in his arms.



The next day you woke up very early because of your phone that rang from somewhere. You were tired and barely able to figure out that you were still at Jughead’s. You searched your phone and felt it in the pocket of the jeans you were still wearing. You took it out seeing Veronica’s name on the homescreen.

„Hello?” You answered, trying not to let her know that she just woke you up.

„I called you a lot of times last night! Why didn’t you answer? I was worried, are you with- …”

„Slow down, Ronnie.” You told her while touching your forehead with your palm. You probably didn’t hear the phone. Anyway, last night you didn’t feel the need to be in someone else’s company other than Jughead’s. „I’m okay, I’m with Jughead.” You breathed and got out of the bed. Just a few seconds of silence passed before you to hear your friend’s reaction.

„Ooh, I see now. So it means Archie didn’t lie when he told me that.” Her voice was suggestive, you didn’t want to know what she was thinking. You walked around as you noticed how Jughead started to wake up. He watched you as soon as he realized what was going on.”You could’ve just call me. Even my mom was worried.”

„Sorry. I fell asleep.” You started smiling to the boy who was just yawning.

„Yeah, sure.” You wanted to tell Veronica not to take hasty conlusions but you couldn’t do it because she started talking again. „Come back to my place. Archie and Betty are here too.”

„Okay.” You nodded seeing Jughead asking you what happened in a whisper. You were expecting her to wish you a happy birthday but she hang up before you could say something more. You glanced at your phone then put it back in your pocket. You noticed your clothes being wrinkled and you should have changed them. You were going to do that back to Veronica.

Your attention focused on Jughead as you approached. You said good morning and he asked you who was on the phone.

„It was Veronica, he wants us to be at her place.” You answered him.

„Isn’t it too early?” He asked you in a pretty thick voice while rubbing his eyes.

„Apparently, it’s 9:45 a.m. Did Archie call you last night or something?”

„I don’t think so. Last night was nice and I didn’t want to ruin it by looking after my phone.” You chuckled when you heard him and kissed him on the cheek. He also got up from the bed and embraced you, burying his head in the crook of your neck.

„Thank you for being the first one to tell me happy birthday.” You whispered gratefully. You still didn’t forget how sweet the moment was and how beautiful it made you feel. He didn’t answer you, his face was saying all the words he wasn’t able to say. He was the one who felt grateful that you were here now. No one knew how much he needed you, especially being the kind of person you knew he was. But he was worrying too much, you never considered him an out of common person. You liked all of him. Maybe that was what gave him power everytime.

„Uhh … I have to change my clothes before we leave.” You heard him say.

„No problem. I’ll wait outside.” Of course you weren’t going to stay there as long as he was changing. He nodded and then you smiled at him before you turned around and got out of the trailer. It was warm enough outside, the sun was already shining and it seemed like a wonderful day. You couldn’t spend it more nicely than with your friends.  You really felt good, you were in love and loved, it was hard to imagine that this place was no longer your home. You didn’t feel like Houston was your home, not at all. Your home was where you had the most memories, the safe place you were used to with all its defects. Lately, you thought how nasty it is for someone to try to just take you away from a place that gives you peace of mind. You cannot compel anyone, and yet you had to agree with your parents’s decision. But what was happening inside you was much more significant. When you leave, you leave behind people who have been enormously attached to you, people who would do anything for your happiness. It’s like you depend on them. To leave was never easy. Especially when you have no choice. It’s the most painful decision you have to make.

Your eternally sad thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing. You had no idea how long you weren’t zoned, but you saw Jughead in the next moment right near you. He wore a new pair of jeans and a new T-shirt along with his beanie.

„Let’s go.” You saw him looking at your hand while he seemed doubtful.  He seemed to leave all the prejudices aside when he held your hand, waiting for your reaction.

„I wonder how your dad isn’t here yet.” You asked him when it became too strange not to speak. It was very nice of him to hold your hand but you still couldn’t feel less excited.

„It’s good he’s not. I mean, I don’t know how he would react.”

„How do you two get along?” You felt the need to know that because it was important for you that Jughead had a good relationship with his father, especially as you knew how he was before. You wondered if things have got well during the time that passed  … If his father changed, just a little.

„It’s …” Jughead started but didn’t finish his sentence. You waited patiently for an answer.”Y/N, I don’t really know what to say. I thought he was different at one point, but I used to be disappointed and I don’t know if I should trust him anymore.”

„You should only have a bit of trust. It helps.” You felt how he gripped your hand harder. He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking forward. It was a sensitive subject for him to talk about.

„Hey, stop. This should be a great day for you. We’re not talking about myself right now. I don’t want you to leave again without having moments to talk about with the others, okay?” You tried to talk, but you were surprised.

„Y/N?” He asked you to make sure you understood. You just sighed and looked at him.

„But this is a great day, Jughead. I’m about to have the most wonderful birthday here, just because you are around.” He turned his head to you and you saw him smirking a little.

„Then let’s make something you’ll remember.”

You didn’t expect what followed as soon as you arrived at Veronica’s apartment. She, her mother, Archie, Betty, even Cheryl Blossom … They were all there. A big cake was waiting for you in the kitchen, decorated with eighteen candles for your eighteenth anniversary. Your friends were amused by your surprised expression when you saw them all. Veronica’s mother bought the drink, and even turned the music on. You asked Jughead if he had anything to do with it and told you he had no idea of that. It was clear that he wasn’t lying. He was as surprised as you were. But how? How did all this happen and why? You only wanted their company, it was enough. This party was much more than it should have been. They even brought you gifts. That’s why Veronica seemed so rushed at the phone …

„Well, I really didn’t expect you to come back too soon.” Cheryl told you with the usual bossy attitude she had. „But I couldn’t miss this so like, happy birthday?” She told you and then hugged you. Meanwhile, you saw Veronica looking at you. You somehow gestured her what’s with Cheryl and she just seemed clueless.

„I can’t believe you guys did all of this! What was in your mind?” The fact that everyone was gathered here was great. All they wanted to do was make you feel good. And maybe they didn’t intend to throw a super party, but it still means so much to you. You didn’t even plan a party.

„Why not? Don’t you think you deserved that? Come on, Y/N, let’s have fun!”Archie was the one who spoke this time. You still stood there, almost embarrassed because you didn’t know what to do. You felt Jughead’s hand on your back and then you turned your head to him. He tried to smile.

„You’re too stoned. You should be happy.” He said.

„I … I didn’t even get to change my clothes and Veronica knows I stayed with you overnight. How do you think things are? You tried to whisper him without starting to laugh.” He grinned.

„Everything’s perfect. Go and change your clothes, I’ll keep them busy.” You looked at him in disbelief while he gestured you to move. Your brunette friend noticed your escape attempt and, of course, she followed you. Her grin was visible from miles away. As soon as you entered her bedroom door, you turned your face to her. Her outfit was made of a black dress, more easy than formal.

„That’s why you seemed so impatient on the phone. Ronnie, you didn’t have to do that. Where did you get all that stuff? I was okay with a night at Pop’s and a well-deserved milkshake.” You complained almost crossing your arms to your chest.

She rolled her eyes.

„It’s just a surprise, not a big deal. God, If I was you, I’d be glad.”

„Everyone says that! And I’m happy, in fact, you are wonderful, thank you so much! You have no idea how good this day has become because of you.” Veronica smiled and assured you there was no botheration doing what they did. You couldn’t help, you were simply overwhelmed.

„And yet, you still didn’t tell me why you stayed at Jughead’s last night.” Her expression became self-understood. Here it comes …

„I mean, I was expecting that when I saw you disappearing with him but- …”

„We needed some time alone to talk. You know that.” You told her seriously. You couldn’t think like her. All the situation between you and that boy was too sensitive right now. You had to put your thoughts in order, there was a lot to be done and so a little time. You were still hurt and you could barely get over it. What could heal you a little was the fact that you were around him.

„You kissed, didn’t you?” Your mouth hung open a few minutes. Was it okay to tell her? „I was expecting that.” She answered herself.

You sighed noisily and felt guilty for the moment. Things shouldn’t have been that messy.

„Y/N, Jughead was never over with you. I think he always thought about you. And I know for sure that you did that too. You are in love with him and you can’t deny that, everyone has noticed.”

„He needed me around a long time and I couldn’t be there. I don’t want to hide anything but it’s hard … „You confessed, trying not to ruin your mood.

„Then let’s go there. He is waiting for you. And he cares, don’t waste your time worrying.” You knew she was right but these were just instincts. You couldn’t stop. But you could block the effects, at least today.

„I have to change first. Wait for me, please.”

As you tried to find some new clothes to wear, the music and the voices of the others were heard from the living room. You asked Veronica how came that Cheryl was here and she told you that she didn’t expect her to come. She didn’t even know how she found out about the little party they were trying to throw without attracting your attention. After that you went and blew in the candles while all of them sang happy birthday to you. They seemed incredibly smiley. Each of them hugged you and wished you well in all the possible ways. Betty was the most emotional of all, as you expected, and Archie told you it doesn’t matter that you are eighteen, you will never be independent as long as they are around you. Cheryl astonished you a little more than she should have when she struggled but succeded still to wish you a nice happy birthday message. You appreciated it, you didn’t know that she could call you her friend but you didn’t hesitate anymore when you tried to make her feel better about her brother and the fact that his killer hadn’t yet been discovered. Here, inside this apartment you all had fun. The town, on the other hand, although you don’t like to admit it wasn’t sure still. Almost purposeful left the last, Jughead has given you a hug that everyone could’ve considered more intense and significant. You didn’t know if the others knew what was happening between you two, nor did you. You didn’t know how to react because both of you wanted an eternity that wasn’t possible.

„Happy birthday. Now you’re free, as you always wanted to be. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to stay around you and know you better. Thank you for accepting me just as I was, because you have to admit, I’m really a freak.” His lips moved slowly as he talked and beside him, you really felt very small. At least this time. Every detail of him was beautiful and special, you still had a long way to get through to make him see that too.

„’Looks like you got me now. How many years, Jones?” It was the first time you called his last name. He smiled at you, you were so close to each other and everyone was watching you. What you didn’t know was that they were already caught up with everything.

„What are you waiting for? Kiss her!” You immediately recognized the voice of Veronica and you nearly blushed. You tried to chuckle, but Jughead was looking at you smiling. You heard a few whispers here and there but you didn’t manage to give them too much attention when the boy who held his arms around you kissed you. Your noses were touching and you were even surprised that he had done it in front of everyone. You kissed him back in the same sweet and slow way, making everything count. Everybody started to applaud you out of blue, then you knew you were really blushing.

The most beautiful thing you heard was his laughter after you got away. You haven’t heard it too often and now you already adore it. You tried to stop your friends from teasing you but they were too crazy to do it. Hermione was your salvation when she told everyone they would get a slice of cake. You were grateful to her while the attention of everyone focused on something other than you and Jughead.

This was clearly the best birthday of all. You didn’t even think about growing up or getting older, just as you used to joke with your friends. What mattered the most was the fact that you were with them now and nobody could take you out of this place. It mattered that you weren’t alone.

Hours of hours passed and when you realized that everyone was starting to get tired, the atmosphere got quiet. You ate all the cake and covered one another’s face with whipped cream. (Most of all you were the ‚target’.) Your mouths began to hurt after all the crap you spoke. You told them how you managed to convince your parents to let you come back here and how you planned everything with the cookie dark-haired girl on the phone, for a long time. They told you how much they missed you. They even stop doing all the things they were doing before when you were around. They told you there was nothing funny anymore and that you should stay.

But decisions were some damn misleading things. And it was not fair that you couldn’t think of yourself. You were thinking of each of them because you became addicted. And people can become addictions too. A killing addiction.

„Look at them. Who thought they would fall asleep?” You told Jughead as you stood in front of the couch and watched your sleepy friends. Veronica slept on Archie and Betty on Veronica’s shoulder. Even Cheryl fell asleep with her head in Betty’s lap. Everywhere were plastic glasses and plates.

„I was ready for this to happen. I wonder how you’re not tired.” He answered you. It was pretty late but you felt incredibly rested.

„I plan not to sleep tonight.”

„Did you feel good?” Even if the others were sleeping, he still whispered to you.” He pulled you closer and gave a peck to your lips.

„Of course.” You whispered back and kissed him, intending to take more time to feel his lips over yours. But it’s only been two minutes before you heard a few steps and broke the kiss.

„I’m sorry, I didn’t want to ruin the moment, I didn’t know you were still here, Jughead.” Veronica’s mother said as she entered the living room.

„The others are sleeping right there on the couch.” You told her and gestured to the couch. „Please don’t wake them up, they’ll stay until the morning.”

„God.” Hermione giggled. „They seem exhausted.”

„Obviously. We are the only remaining conscious ones.” Jughead answered, intertwining his fingers with yours. You smiled at him.

„Y/N dear, do you need anything else? You’re fine?”

„Yes, Mrs. Lodge. Thank you so much for … All this. It meant the world to me.”

„Oh, no need to thank me. It was a pleasure to help Ronnie to do this for you. Don’t worry about it.” She smiled at you warmly. „I think I’m going to bed. Jughead, you’ll stay here tonight?”

„I think I’ll spend some more minutes with Y/N.” He told her somewhat contained. You nodded and Hermione agreed.

„Okay then. Take care and good night. Lock the door if you get out.” And with that being said, she left you two alone in the living room.

„Now you can kiss me again.” You turned your attention to Jughead and grinned. He raised his eyebrows.

„What if they wake up?” As you tried to get close to him, he tried to step back. He was doing it on purpose.

„Really?” You grabbed his shoulders and you struck your lips to his, clutching your hands on his beanie. You didn’t try to remove it, you just wanted to keep him close to you. He let you be in control this time, not that it was a battle of domination we we’re talking about. Your breaths were crossing as his hands cupped your cheeks. The butterflies in your stomach made you feel weak in the knees, you didn’t know how you were still on your own two feet.

„Umm … Hey, Y/N?” This time he interrupted the kiss and looked into your eyes.”I’m sorry I couldn’t get you a gift.” He muttered.  Your expression grew milder than ever, he was too sheepish right now. But he was warm, he was a good man who still didn’t get what he deserved.

„I don’t need any gift, Jughead. Right now, you’re more than that.”

I apologize for the future heartbreak. ’Lovee you guys and hope you liked this last part. Also, I hope it’s what you wanted. Thanks for reading!

@evil-rainbow-sunshine it’s completely unedited, and kind of rushed because I need to leave for an interview in five minutes, but I heard you were sad and wanted to do something to cheer you up, just like your promptis videos always, without fail, manage to cheer me up.

Happy Birthday. You’re awesome.

He’d considered, really, telling Noctis. He had. But Noctis had been very busy lately, with his royal obligations, and Prompto had known that he wouldn’t be able to make time to see him, and he’d known that Noctis would inevitably feel bad.

He’d opened his mouth, had hesitated, and had, in the end, said nothing. Only wished him a great weekend, and ‘I’ll see you on Monday, Noct, and I am so gonna beat your high score tomorrow!”

So this year, October 25th is going to be spent like any other day. Like the year before and the year before that.

He’s going to spend his birthday alone. This is fine. He’s used to it.

On the way home, he makes a small detour to his favourite café – the one with the mint-chocolate frosted cupcakes he likes so much but indulges in so very rarely. One of these days, he’s going to have to bring Noct – Prompto is sure he’d love it. It’s a quiet place; more of a hole-in-the-wall, really. A remnant of the time when Prompto was slightly more of a low-burning candle than trying his hardest to be a 100 watt light bulb; when he was still the quiet, reserved boy who’d sit quietly in the back of that café, looking through his photos.

The barista hands him the cupcake in a brown paper bag. “On the house,” she says. “Happy birthday!”

Prompto smiles. It should be enough, for one person to remember.

(It’s not, but he wants it to be. Prompto doesn’t want to be selfish.)

When he gets home, he places his bag on the chair at the dinner table, slips out of his tie and loses his jacket.

He takes a shower first, and then, hair still wet and wearing the most comfortable shirt he owns, he grabs a small plate for the cupcake and opens the bag.

There’s a birthday candle stuck in the frosting, and really, Prompto vows to tip more the next time he goes to that café.

He gets a lighter from the drawer in the hallway, and lights it. Sits at the table and stares at the flame dancing on the pink and white wax.

“Make a wish,” he tells himself, corners of his mouth lifting ever so slightly. He closes his eyes, thinks of blue eyes and raven hair; of laughter and warmth and videos games played in an apartment too big for one single person, and blows the candle out.

And when he opens his eyes, he adds, almost in an afterthought, “happy birthday to me.”

Cupcakes are really hard to eat, actually, without making a mess. He considers getting a spoon for the frosting, but then shrugs to himself, and just takes a bite. It’s really not like anyone’s going to be seeing him get frosting all over his face.

Except the doorbell rings.

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Ryuji: Haru asked me to meet her because it was urgent but-

Haru: Ryuji-kun you came! I’m glad! I know you have plans with the others so I won’t take long, I was too embarrassed to do this in front of the others so I sent you a letter… I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!

Haru: S-so! I was too late to buy anything and so I have decided a hug will have to do! ((Please don’t blush!))

Ryuji: Y…You called me here to… hug me?


Ryuji: I thought it was an emergency….///

Haru: ((Huff huff, I was able to do it!)) *blush

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYUJI!! I ALMOST DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO DO THIS! ((As for the ask Haru ships herself with Ryuji for today because it’s his birthday lol))

Tagging @crossxskulled because your an amazing Ryuji! and because I like to see u blush. ;)


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“I don’t want someone who promise me the moon and stars. I want someone who promises to lay on the grass and watch them with me.”

GUYS Fairy Tail is over I can’t COOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!! I mean I admit that I’m a bit disappointed but I still liked the chapter! Omg what am I gonna do with my life now that it’s over :( I really hope the fandom doesnt die lol because I love drawing these two :’)

Easter egg! The constellations in the sky are the constellations of Lucy’s Zodiac keys :D I thought it was a cute touch haha!

ALSO Happy Birthday @fablerose! She also does drawings and colourings so check out her blog and wish her a happy birthday too ;)!


I Remembered

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  756
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I suggest a angsty/fluffy Dean x reader, it’s reader’s birthday and she’s alone and sad and Dean shows up cause he remembered when no one else did? Tomorrow’s my bday and I will spend it alone. Thank you. 💕 

          You felt like you were going to cry at any second as you sat on your couch. You knew this was going to be a terrible day. It shouldn’t be. It should be a day of celebrating and fun with friends and family. But no one remembered it was your birthday. No one made plans. And you knew no one would call. You would be miserable on your birthday.

           You tried to get interested in a movie on TV, hoping it would help take your mind off of everything for a while, but you just couldn’t find a way to be happy or smile. Nothing was going to help.

           When you clicked the movie off and had decided to just spend the entire rest of the day in bed, you heard someone knock on your door.

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Of Drinks and Friends

Pavel Chekov X Reader
Words: 1224

Characters: Female Reader, Pavel Chekov, Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott, Keenser, Spock (mentioned)

Warnings: talk of (small) injury, slight blackmail, parties, alcohol use, hangovers, fluff (I think I got everything)

“It’s not like I was trying to listen. You two just don’t know how to whisper.”

Summary: Pavel Chekov overhears you and Scotty talking about a party in engineering and wants to be invited.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! I want to wish Dani ( @starshiphufflebadger ) a happy early birthday! She is too nice and deserves all the love. Anyways, this is for her birthday challenge and it took a while but I finally wrote it haha. Anyways, this is my first time writing Chekov and I hope he is correct. (Please inform me if you think my Chekov is OOC) Anyways, I hope you like this oneshot! Sorry for any spelling or grammatical errors. Enjoy!


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(All gif credit goes to owner)

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(Ron Weasley x Reader): Pinning

Summary: Reader’s had a crush on Ron Weasley for some time now, and at a party in the Gryffindor common room the truth comes out.

A/N: This is just a load of fluffy fluff because I feel like there aren’t enough Ron fics out there.

I blink rapidly, realize who I was staring at and quickly drop my arm and my head back down to my breakfast, “I’ve got to stop doing that,” I mutter as I try to go back to eating my cereal.

“Yeah, you really do,” Your friend replies, shaking their head.

You sigh almost dreamily, “He’s just so-”

“Ginger?” (Y/F/N) asks, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” You reply with a shrug, “But, he’s also brave, and funny, and loyal, and smart.”

“Smart?” (Y/F/N) scoffs.

“Well, not book smart, but have you seen him play wizard chess? No one can beat him.” You point out.

Your friend furrows her eyebrows, “I guess…”

“I’m absolutely right, you’d have to be blind not to see it!” You protest.

 "See what?“ A voice asks, pulling your glare away from your best friend and towards… Ron? You quickly rearranged your face into a sheepish smile.

"Nothing!” You answered a little too quickly.

“She’s just trying to convince me that the Chudley Cannons are the best team.” (Y/F/N) quickly interjects, saving you from further embarrassment.

“Well, she’s right, they are, one of the best records in the table.” Ron replies.

“What’s up?” You ask, looking up at him as he stands across the table from you. 

“Just wanted to see how my favorite (Y/H) was doing,” he replied, “We’re having a party to celebrate Ginny’s birthday in the Gryffindor common room tonight, you guys should come." 

"Sounds fun! We’ll be there,” You answer with a grin.

“Cool,” He replies, blushing slightly as he walks away.

“You are both so painful to watch.” (Y/F/N) mutters as you watch him.

“What? I thought I handled it pretty well.” You reply.

(Y/F/N) Rolls her eyes, “It’s so obvious you like each other, one of you needs to buck up and ask the other out.”

“What?! Ron doesn’t like me back…don’t be ridiculous.” You say, shaking your head.

“You’re so blind oh my god…but you’ll see tonight at the party, he totally likes you." 

You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t help but hope she was right.

That night you were standing in your dorm in front of (Y/F/N), "Do you think this is alright?” You ask as you slowly spin around, allowing your friend to get a full look of your dress. 

“Absolutely, it’s so cute and the shoes look really good with it.” (Y/F/N) says.

You’d gone pretty simple, there wasn’t anything super fancy about your dress, but it did look really good on you, it managed to fit your body perfectly for something you found at a thrift shop.

When you two walked into the Gryffindor common room the party was already in full swing. All of the older Gryffindors along with some kids from the other houses were all dancing to the music they had blasting or standing around eating food that someone must have convinced the house elves to bring up and chatting.

You were both looking around, trying to find someone you knew when a certain lanky redhead appeared in front of you.

“I’m glad you could make it!” He said cheerily to you before glancing over at your friend, “You too.”

“We’re happy we did.” You reply, returning Ron’s grin with one of your own.

 "Where’s Ginny? I want to wish her a happy birthday.“ Your friend asks.

 "She’s over there with Dean.” Ron replies.

 "Tell her happy birthday from me too,“ you add as she starts walking over.

 "You look really nice,” Ron says as you both turn back to one another.

 "Thanks,“ you reply as you blush slightly, "You do too. How was that Potions test? I felt like Snape was breathing down my neck the entire time just waiting for me to mess up.”

 "That’s not possible because he was definitely breathing down my neck the whole time.“ Ron replies with a chuckle.

 "How does he do that? It’s so creepy…” You mutter, shaking your head.

 "It really is.“ Ron replied with a sigh, "Can I ask you something?”

 "Of course.“ You say over the music.

 "I-wait, can we go upstairs really quick? It’s just kind of loud.” He says.

 "Yeah,“ you breath out before following Ron up to his dormitory. What could he want to talk to you about that was so important that we needed a quiet room?

 Once you were in the dorm Ron sat down on what you assumed was his bed and motioned for you to do the same.

 Ron took a deep breath before turning to face you, ”(Y/N), I’m only saying this because I think you might feel the same. If you don’t I’m really sorry. But I like you. I like you a lot. And I don’t deserve you but I’d really like the chance to try. I guess what I’m trying to say is… Do you want to go out?“

 "Are you serious?” You ask, not quite comprehending what he’s saying.

 "Bloody hell, this was a terrible idea. I’m so sorry.“ Ron mutters, rubbing his hands over his face.

 "No! No-I like you too, silly.” You say as you pull his hands down away from his face so that he’s looking at you.

He looks in your eyes, “Wait, you do? I mean-”

“And I’d really like to go out sometime.” You add with a small smile.

“Brilliant!” Ron replies before grabbing you and pulling you into a deep kiss.

As you push yourself further into the kiss you wrap your arms around his neck and push him down onto his bed. The two of you are so preoccupied that you don’t hear as someone opens the door. 

“Oh sh-Sorry!” Harry yells before quickly backing out and shutting the door again as the two of you break apart at the sudden noise.

“We should go back down to the party, don’t you think?” You ask, a bit breathlessly as you untangle yourself from Ron. 

“Oh right! Yeah.” He replies equally as breathlessly as he watches you gather yourself.

“We’ll continue this later, okay?” You ask when he doesn’t move

“Okay,” he replies as he stands up and straightens himself out, planning to hold you to that promise. 

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Sorry if this is asking too much, but could you please make me and my sister some pokemon cushions? I would like a curled up pikachu cushion, and my sister would like a curled up eevee cushion. we have been searching the internet, but to no avail. If possible, could you please make my sister's first, please? Her birthday is on saturday, and I want to supprise her, and i know you are the only one who can do eevee and pikachu justice! From: Avery Lackey.

2 sleepy pokecushions for you and your sister. I also wish your sister a happy birthday and that you both enjoy these patterns ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

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can you recommend me at least 15 taylor blogs, which you think are amazing? im new here and i want to make some friends!

@youvegotasmile Brittany is honestly SO SO beautiful, she loves Taylor and she`s sweet and she remains following me on twitter even though I barely post on there. All around amazing person

@ohkimani Again SO SO beautiful and sweet. She loves Taylor and she`s really funny and I love her. My fave

@speaknow Verena is funny, has some of the best edits and her url is A+++

@passinnotesinsecrecy Megan is v funny and her birthday was yesterday so wish her a happy belated birthday!

@all-too-well  Arlette is very funny and has some of the best text posts 

@selenaslyrics the BEST lyric edits hands down

@ofrunningfoxes very funny and DESERVES A TAYLOR FOLLOW

@comebckbehere very sweet and follows my side blog despite it being a WHOLE mess

@lov-eswift Sofia is a beautiful person that makes beautiful edits

@daisyridlay Amanda`s Taylor side blog is @betheactress she makes such pretty edits and she makes tutorials which take a lot of time and effort. PHEW WE LOVE A GREAT BLOG

@herhmione loves Harry Potter AND Taylor!!! I mean do I even have to say anymore???? (I will anyway) A VERY aesthetic blog. It`s honestly so calming lmao also her icon is my favorite 

@gonegvrl Bruna has a very great url plus she`s funny and her gifs are V quality 

@kingdomlightsshine Emily is like one of the first people I ever followed on here which was years ago! Her blog is so pretty and she still remains one of my fave blogs

@harrystyler Piea isn`t really a Taylor blog but she posts her sometimes and you should follow anyway

Here are a few more of my faves:

@screamingiminlovewithyou @mswatswift @tayloralisionswift @fifth-harmony @comebackbequeer @ofbeinghonests @demonsandarling @ikeepcruising @dancinroundthekitchen @shesdeads @saidthegun 

Somewhere, Someday, part eight

Characters – Sam x Reader, OC x Reader, Dean, Bobby, Cas

Summary – The reader celebrates her 16th birthday and tries to cope with Sam leaving for college and a sudden loss.

Word Count – 5,179

Warnings – Loss of a loved one, Eventual verbal and emotional abuse, self esteem issues

A/N – I hope you enjoy the latest chapter! Feedback is always appreciated!  *MUAH*

Catch Up: Somewhere, Someday Series Masterlist

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Your name: submit What is this?

Your father’s last name: submit What is this?

Two years later…

When Bobby asked you what you wanted for your 16th birthday, you knew exactly what your answer was going to be: Winchesters.  You felt like you hadn’t seen your boys in forever.  Dean and Sam were now hunting regularly with their dad, and John Winchester hadn’t changed much.  He was unlikely to agree to put your birthday wishes above a hunt, but you asked Bobby to pass on the request anyway.

“I know the chances of them being able to come aren’t high, but what I’d really like is to see Sam and Dean again for a few days.”

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@taylorswift I’m going to write a much longer post about thanking you for the secret sessions after I can catch my breath but first I wanted to let you know that it’s my mom’s birthday today! She said she was sad that she forgot to tell you that on Wednesday. Her name is Bonny and she had such a great time in RI with you. She’s seriously my best friend and I’m so grateful to have shared this experience with her. She is the best mom ever, she is selfless and always puts her family first. She is hardworking, caring, hilarious and the kindest and most loving person I know. Would you mind wishing her a happy birthday today? She wants me to tell you thank you too for everything that you have done for us and for your fans. We love you, Tay. ❤️

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Queen Elsa, could you please describe what your first birthday after your coronation was like?

The day started out like a usual day off for me. I took the time for myself, and Anna never left my side. We had cake and kept it fairly simple, because I didn’t really want a big celebration (Anna is the one who is getting the big celebration)

It was just the two of us and Olaf. Kristoff wished me a happy birthday too. I wasn’t expecting any presents from anyone, but Anna wanted to give me a present. I was expecting a commissioned necklace or something homemade, but she decided to surprise me with something a little unusual. 

I loved her. I never rode the fjord horses when I was growing up, and Anna promised to teach me how to ride.

Good Morning Tumblrsphere.  It’s Spoonie with a PSA for all of you.  Today is a very special day for one of our favorite bloggers.  That’s right folks.  Today is the one, the only, the lovely @gwennieliz‘s day of birth.  As her “sister from another mister” I feel it is my duty to start the day off right and shower her with amazing gifts.  And seeing as we live states away, sadly photoshopped edits are the best I can do at this time.  So, my dear dear friend.  Let me first wish you a Happy Birthday - 

And so as not to bore anyone who may not want to see your randomness lol see below for your gift!

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 Okay, this ISN’T an actual simblr post it’s a long post for my wife because it’s her birthday!! IF YOU DON’T WANNA READ THE MUSHY STUFF SCROLL BUT BTS OF OUR RELATIONSHIP;)

ANYYYYYYWAYYYSS Elly: boom, it’s your birthday so it’s like go shawty it’s ya birthday we gon party like it’s ya birthday bUT FR WE’VE BEEN FRIENDS FOR SO LONG THEN GOT MARRIED  LIKE EVERY COUPLE THEN SOMEONE POINTED OUT I NEVER PROPOSED AND I WAS LIKE “oH SHIT it’s gonna be her birthday soon so let me propose for that” so i did, i made the best possible sim selves of both of us and proposed ;,) that’s how you kno it be tru loveanyways i just wanted to wish you one hell of a happy birthday and some american candy (i WANT GERMAN CANDY TOO PLS) but i hope my wife has an amazing birthday! ur growing up too fast fock anyways i’ll stop this so it doesn’t occupy your whole day but ily elly! happy birthday btw ur the birthday girl so just dance also don’t forget im literally one call away bc superman have nothing on my ass until we can meet bc i’ve died a thousand years literally annnnnd that’s all for now I HOPE THIS ISN’T SHIT AND YOU ENJOY IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOUoh i hope u also enjoyed the song references bc i linked them too ;) and oNE MORE OK ILL STOP but if i ever find u crying… IM COMING bc wife doesn’t deserve to be sad ever annnnnnd everyone that sees this wish my wife a happy birthday pleasseeee and thank you! love you elly, i hope you enjoyed this terrible post :) <3 (send me more stranger things memes later pls thank u) i love u more than eggos also sorry not sorry for all these references and accidental cursing oops

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