i want her to win but i also want to know that she's hangin' with the cool kids

Bad Boy Wooseok pt. 2

Bad Boy Wooseok part 2!
* Recap: you’re at wooseok’s house and bb Boy is asleep in your arms
* He’s still sniffling a little in his sleep
* And every time you go to get up  he manages to pull you closer
* His head is resting on your chest and honestly you don’t want to move
* But what if he wakes up and is mad that you’re here?
* Well your question is about to be answered
* Bc you shift your weight and he wakes up and looks up at you
* He’s super confused
* “What.. what happened?”
* You have to tell him
* “Uhm.. sweetie.. your girlfriend was cheating on you.. and uh- she um- broke up with you…”
* So you watch his heart break for a second time that day
* “…oh my god she did…”
* He starts getting sniffly again
* So you hug him super tight
* “It’s okay- no, okay, it’s not okay that was dumb. It wasn’t your fault, Wooseok. No one deserves to get cheated on. She wasn’t worth your time”
* In between sniffles
* “She was the only girlfriend I’ve ever had…”
* like this kid is absolutely annihilated
* “You’ll find a new girl. You don’t need her.”
* He just shakes his head and hides in your shoulder again
* Well you can’t leave now he obviously needs comfort
* “Come on back to my place. We can distract you and you can just get all your emotions out”
* Whiny baby doesn’t want to move
* “No one can see me like this. I can’t even believe I let you see me like this, oh my god oh no what if you tell people I can’t do this-“
* He starts to get up to run off to who knows where, but you catch his hand
* “Sweetie… I’m not going to tell anyone. How you feel is perfectly understandable; you just had your heart broken. It’s okay to feel things…”
* He gets super snappy now bc he’s all scared and defensive
* “Obviously it’s not okay. Look where it got me.” “It’s not your problem anyway.” “Why don’t you just go home and leave me alone”
* Damn alright fine
* So you leave the house and wander around the neighborhood
* Meanwhile Wooseok is staring at the door and has been ever since you left
* You were so sweet and caring and he was a total douche
* So this idiot runs out of the house to find you
* You have no clue where you are, just that your car is still at the school and you don’t remember how you got here- you had just blindly followed wooseok’s directions before. You had never been on this side of town, and you were totally lost
* You also don’t know why you’re so upset over some dumb kid who clearly can’t handle his emotions
* So you’re wandering around basically in circles
* And Wooseok is hunting the neighborhoods for you
* Until he spots you at the end of the block and calls your name
* You ignore him and keep walking
* But he’s a determined boy
* So he runs and catches up to you with those spider legs of his
* “Y/n please don’t go I’m so sorry I just couldn’t think no one has ever seen me anything like that except her and she left and I just don’t know how to feel or think or anything-“
* “-it’s fine.”
* “It’s definitely not fine”
* “Wooseok, it’s fine. You’re hurting. It’s understandable”
* He’s so confused he thought you’d hate him
* “What? You don’t hate me?”
* “I mean you’re not my favorite person in the world but no, I don’t hate you. Now come on. I want to pick up my car and go home”
* “…can I come?”
* His voice is so shaky you have to agree
* He takes you back to the school and then follows you to your house
* Once you get inside he doesn’t stop apologizing for snapping at you
* “wooseoK ITS FINE”
* then he feels bad for being annoying
* so you just take him to the living room and have him sit on the couch
* You disappear to the kitchen and he spends his time looking around
* He sees family portraits, academic awards, sports trophies, all kinds of mementos hung up
* You walk back in with a plate full of sweets
* “Bunch of fake crap, right”
* “What?”
* “All those awards and stuff up here. Pretty sure it’s all from before I was thirteen” you laugh
* He’s so shocked you’re being so normal and casual with him
* You hand him the plate and flop onto the couch beside him, popping a candy in your mouth
* “Alright get on with it”
* “Sorry what”
* “Letting your emotions out. I’ve got a punching bag downstairs if you wanna use it.”
* He just looks very confused and in disbelief
* You sigh and sit up
* “Look. You’ve already sobbed all over my very cute shirt, so you might as well drop this bad boy thing you’ve got going on”
* He ends up going on another rant
* To which you counter with a solid 15 minute argument on why no one deserves to be cheated on and how the girl is a bitch
* You two end up going downstairs to beat up the punching bag
* He looks totally drained afterwards so you offer to make sure he gets home okay
* You go back to his house and walk him up to his door
* You give him one last hug and tell him if he needs anything to call you
* He nods and goes inside
* So you spend the rest of the day thinking about this kid
* And how he’s nothing like he pretends to be
* So you finally fall asleep
* Until it’s 2am and your phone rings
* And it’s from an unknown number
* wHoEvEr CoUlD iT bE
* you pick up and it’s Wooseok
* Suddenly you’re super awake
* “She wants me back…”
* “No.”
* “But I love her….”
* “She cheated on you and broke your heart”
* “I know…”
* “Woo… please don’t. I know I barely know you but, I really don’t want to see you hurt again…”
* He was silent for so long you thought he hung up
* “Woo?”
* “Do-do you mean that?”
* “Of course I mean it. You didn’t do anything to deserve being hurt like that”
* “Okay… thank you y/n”
* “Don’t get back with her”
* “I won’t…”
* “I’m serious”
* “So am I”
* You paused again
* “Wooseok?”
* “Yeah, y/n?”
* “Thank you for calling me. I’m glad you did.”
* He’s so confused
* Like ??? She’s thanking ME??
* “Oh-I-uh- yeah- I uh- gotta go”
* Typical
* “Goodnight Wooseok. Sleep well.”
* “Goodnight y/n”
* A pause. “Thank you…”
* He hangs up before you have a chance to reply
* Over the next few days you hang around him at school a little bit
* And out of school a lot
* He asks you to come over every day
* Just so he can have someone to talk to
* You don’t mind actually the more you learn about him the more you start to like his real personality
* Eventually as days turn into weeks you two hang out at school a lot. Yuto, Kino, and Changgu are pretty cool too
* They can tell you’re better for Wooseok than his ex
* You end up sitting in your basement having aggressive Overwatch battles with all of them
* Sometimes you (not so) accidentally end up half in Wooseok’s lap to distract him so you can win
* But Changgu plays to win so good luck
* After awhile yuto and the other boys start giving you two more alone time
* And spring break is coming up so you don’t have school
* So Wooseok is at your house pretty much everyday
* His ex still texts him sometimes but now he doesn’t care because he has his heart set on a new girl
* It’s you
* After you comforted him that day you haven’t left his thoughts
* And you obviously reciprocate
* Because as much as he tries to maintain his bad boy reputation
* You know deep down he’s just a softie who requires inhumane amounts of snacks and attention
* So one day you’re hangin out with all the boys and yuto kino and Changgu look at Wooseok and then collectively pull a “hEY gotta blast”
* You’re confused but you don’t mind too much bc hey more time with Wooseok who you’ve been falling for for a few months now
* So you keep playing Mario Kart against Wooseok and eventually you win
* “Good job babe!”
* Oh sHIT
* “Did you just call me babe?”
* “I-uh-I didn’t mean- I’m sorry..?”
* He’s so shy about these things
* Timid about relationships
* “Nah I don’t mind. Kinda like it actually. Sounds pretty good coming from you”
* “hold on what”
* You’re not one to sugar coat things
* “I like you.”
* “hold on. w H A T”
* “I always thought you were this stereotypical bad boy who didn’t care about anything but once you opened up and actually let me in I realized that you’re a complete sweetheart who just cares about everyone so much but you just don’t know how to show it sometimes and I just really like you okay?”
* He is !!!!
* His heart is fluttering
* what’s this emotion
* His turn to be sappy
* “I literally haven’t stopped thinking about you since the moment you forced yourself into my car. You’ve made my life so much better and I’m forever grateful that I met you”
* A moment of silence
* “Y/n?”
* “Yeah, Woo?”
* “Will you ah- this is so cheesy- will you be my girlfriend?”
* Now your heart is doing the !!!
* But you gotta keep cool
* “Only if you keep calling me babe”
* He laughs and wow suddenly the sun is shining
* “Alright babe. Whatever you want”
* You can’t help but smile
* On the other side of the door you hear kino “you owe me ten bucks I told you she liked him back” and a whispered “daMMIT” from changgu ft yuto cracking up
* “Boys we can hear you”
* A few thumps later and they’re tumbling into the room like scolded puppies
* So you invite them back in and settle into a Mario kart tournament
* And every time you win Wooseok gives you a kiss
* Which disgusts the boys
* “Go back to having no emotion you’re disgusting” -adachi yuto, the softest boy actually ever
* you just roll your eyes and cuddle up to your new boyfriend
* After the Mario kart tournament ends the boys actually leave
* And Wooseok ends up falling asleep in your arms
* But unlike the first time, there’s no tears. Now, it’s just you, him, and all the love you can give

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(( @h1ungwn here’s part two!))
5sos Imagine: Long Way Home (Luke) Part Two

Some of the emails and skype from you and Luke when he’s deployed. Enjoy! <3

Part One

From <Luke Hemmings- Private hemmo96@army.goc> Sept. 25

Subject: New Email B)

Dear Y/N,

First of all, check this shit out. I have my own fucking army email. No more of my old lukeypengy69@gmail crap you had to deal with before.

My platoon does this thing where we all get our own nicknames based on our last names. The other new guys in my platoon goes “Red Dog” (Michael Clifford), “Robin” (Calum Hood), and “Win” (Ashton Irwin). I’m “Hemmo” because Hemmings sucks as a last name and we couldn’t think of anything better.

So far, training has been alright. Lots of weight stuff and running and things that bore the hell out me and will definitely bore you. So I’ll just move on.

We go into the warzone in about a month or so, because (don’t you dare worry) things are getting kinda rough over there. I can’t believe we’re already in the blue phase. I’m nervous, but I’ll be fine. Don’t you dare worry about me. Plus, I have some great guys in my platoon. Here’s me with my new friendzz….

The picture attached is of Luke, Michael, Ashton, and Calum all wearing their gear on their home base. They’re all holding their guns up in the air, cheering. Looking very “‘murican.”

The one with the crazy hair color is Red Dog, the short one is Win, and the one who looks like a puppy is Robin.

Nicknames are fun.

I hope everything is rad back home. I’m sorry your professor is an asshole. When I come back, I’ll pick you up in full gear and “accidentally” drop my gun ;)

And YES I’ve been emailing my mom. It sucks though, I can practically hear her crying through the internet. It’s a weird thing, being a pretty great American but a really shitty son.

I miss you a lot. I miss everyone back home, but I miss you the most. I have a picture of you I keep in my uniform at all times. All the boys are constantly making fun of me. But they are all, even our commanding officer, hovering over my shoulder and “ordering me” to tell you that they all think you’re “hot as hell” and “really beautiful.” I already know this, and I tell you this whenever I can, beautiful, but COME ON GUYS IT’S MY FUCKING GIRLFRIEND LEAVE ME BE.

Phew they’re gone.

Tell me all about your classes. I want every single detail. Are any guys in your classes hotter than I am? None of the guys on my base are hotter than you ;)

And I should be able to Skype tomorrow night at 8 my time, so… maybe like 5 or 6 your time? I’ll be here. Waiting for you. I haven’t seen your virtual face in like a week and I feel like collapsing.

We may be a bit too codependent.

But I don’t fucking care, I love you too much.




From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Sept. 26

Subject: (Re: New Email B) ) wow luke you’re so cool

Dear Hemmo,

You’re not the only one with a fancy, esoteric email. I’m a fucking student at my dream school. *raises roof*

Not that being in the army isn’t cool. It is, but you suck for abandoning me.

I’m kidding.


The nickname thing is actually really cool. And Hemmo isn’t the worst thing to nickname to ever happen to you. Remember third grade… beanpole.

You’re right, training sounds like it would bore me. I promise to listen to it when you get back, but I’m not going to read about it over an email. I love you, but not that much.

Wow, you guys look like the koolest kids in that photo. Please tell me those things weren’t loaded. We both know you’re the clumsiest thing in the universe. You’re going to shoot your eye out. So please don’t drop your gun when you pick me up from college haha.

Good, Liz said you’re keeping in touch, but she was also crying when she told me this. Don’t worry, I’m driving back home every weekend. Nothing’s imploded in your absence. Maybe there’s a tiny flood going on in the Hemmings House with all the tears, but Liz is really proud of you. So am I.

I miss you the mostest. Don’t even try to fight me on this.

And tell your platoon thank you?? I guess. Not sure how to respond to corresponded compliments through email. Tell them they’re attractive too.

But not as attractive as you. I’m going to put an end to your jealous streak as soon as I can. No one is attractive as you, especially not to me. So calm your tits. :)

And it’ll be around 6 my time, I think. I’ll make sure to be here, Lukey.

Who cares if we’re codependent? We love each other dammit. And you’re going off to war soon so I have every right to be clingy.

Sorry, my roommate Maddie is reading this over my shoulder and telling me we “have a problem.” So I’m telling her off.

Tell Maddie she can go to hell when you call on Skype. I’ll make sure she’s here too.

And college is very interesting and fun. I have lots of cool classes, all of which pertain to my goals in life. Which is both stressful because MY FUTURE IS IMMINENT and really fucking awesome. Don’t worry, all my other professors are amazing. It’s only Professor Doucheface who gets on my nerves. He calls me out constantly, and I didn’t do a fucking thing. Whatever.

But college would be more awesome with you there. But I hope everything is going great in the army. I’m really proud of you, dumbass.




Skype call from Luke Hemmings

Answered, Oct. 15.

“Hey babe!” Luke grins the instant he sees your face. Even though you’ve done this like four times since the first.

“Aww, your quiff is gone.” You pout.

“A ‘hi there, love of my life’ works just as well. Even better, some say.” Luke raises an eyebrow.

“But they shaved your head! The quiff you haven’t gotten rid of since you were 7 is gone!” You playfully lament.

“I didn’t have a fucking quiff when I was 7.”

“I know. I was there.” You roll your eyes. “I forgot to check, can you hear me?”

“I can hear you fine, babe. You can hear me, I’m guessing?” You nod. “Wow, I didn’t expect the base to have such great wifi.”

“No other people in your platoon needing to Skype their girlfriends/boyfriends/loved ones/etc?” You ask.

“Nope. The other dudes I know are still single. But our leader is married and one of the girls, Rachel, is engaged.”

“Tell her congratulations for me.”

“I shall. Tell me about college. Are you going to raucous parties with plenty of cheap beer and getting many hangovers?”

“Yep. Total party animal over here.” You deadpan. “No, I’ve been spending my weekends back home and such, like I told you. Not with frat boys.”

Luke freezes. “When did I mention frat boys? Are you hangin’ out with frat boys?”

You can’t help but laugh, “No, I just happened to add that. My college’s fraternities kinda have reputation for throwing ‘totally bitching’” You mimic a “frat boy” “Parties.”

Luke’s about to ask a question, when the door to their housing unit bangs open.

“Hey, Hemmo, whatcha doing?” A voice says as the apparent crowd walks in.

“Skyping my girlfriend.” Your boyfriend turns to look up at them from his chair.

“No way, she actually exists?” They all clamor over and stand behind him, leaning in front of the camera to get a closer look at you, causing you to blush.

“Holy shit, she’s real.” Red Dog, obvious by his red and black buzzcut, which used to be a blue, full head of hair.

“And no photoshop.” Robin, the only one with dark hair, says, impressed.

You laugh as Luke shoves them away from the camera. “Hey, I’d like to look at my girlfriend right now, please.”

“Ugh, people in love are so selfish.” That leaves Win to be the one who says the joking comment. “Nice meeting you, Y/N.” He waves. You wave back.

“Good to know you’re not a figment of Hemmo’s jerking off fantasy.” Red Dog adds.

“Hey, I still could be in the jerking off part!” You grin and the other boys laugh. Especially when Luke’s cheeks turn so red you can tell through the pixelated Skype video.

“Leave us alone, you dicks! I just want to talk to my girlfriend!” Luke whines.

“Fine, we’ll leave the lovebirds be.” Robin says. “Have fun, you two.” He says as he leads the other two away.

“Don’t forget protection!”

“She’s in another fucking country!” Luke laughs at them.

“Bye, Y/N!” They walk away.

“They seem fun.”

“The army is a party.” Luke rolls his eyes, but grins.

From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Nov. 25

Subject: Thanksgiving motherfucker *turkey emoji*

Dear Lukey,

I’m back home for a week, and I decided to give you an update on my life and such since it’s obviously so enthralling .

Classes are escalating quickly before winter finals. I’m not exuberant about this, but I deal because it’s fucking college and it’s what I’ve always wanted blah blah blaaaaaahhh.

Liz is finally crying less. But as soon as someone mentions the word “war” she bursts into tears again and remains inconsolable for at least two hours. It’s heartbreaking, but I’m getting used to it.

I just finished helping her with the preparation for the Thanksgiving feast when I suddenly just missed you so much I almost couldn’t breathe. And that hadn’t happened yet. Like I’ve felt like that was happening, but that was metaphorical. This was literal. I just stopped what I was doing and coughed and almost started crying in front of our moms.

It just reminded me of all the times we would help our moms for the feast. Our dads and your brothers would watch football but you hate that sport so you’d help in the kitchen. But you burn everything you try to cook so you’d set the table and fetch things for us. And since I was always in charge of the pies and desserts you’d always beg and beg me for a little “tiny, baby piece” of whatever pie I was on and give me your pretty blue eyes and I’d always cave and give you some and fuck I’m crying again.

I’m not trying to guilt you, but it really fucking sucks that you’re not here. You were always here, you know? You’ve always just been a constant and now you’re not here in one of the closest holidays we’ve had because you and I both love eating a shit ton of food.

And you’re not here for it.

Love and sadness,



From <Luke Hemmings- Private First Class hemmo96@army.goc> Nov. 25

Subject: Re: Thanksgiving motherfucker *turkey emoji*

You tool,

Don’t even talk to me about food right now. Nothing against the cooks here, but it’s hard to make good food in a warzone and shit, so I’m totally craving your pies and my mom’s turkey and your mom’s really awesome gravy. My stomach is growling just thinking about it.

And I know you didn’t mean to but I am so fucking sorry you’re crying because of me. It breaks my heart. I don’t know what to say to make it better but I love you so much, Y/N. I love you with all of my heart.

I’ve got to cut this short, I have to go on another night run to do something I’m not going to tell you because you’ll get scared and worried and I’m not doing that to you so close to our favorite holiday.

I love you so much. Never forget this.

Your soldier (I know it’s cheesy but it’s true),

Luke Hemmo

P.S. Eat three slices of pie for me.


From <Luke Hemmings - Specialist hemmo96@army.goc> Dec. 21

Subject: Fuck

Y/N, I am in the worst mood right now.

Everything is so completely and utterly shit.

I can barely stand doing this anymore. And I’ve barely done it half the year, and that’s including the fucking training.

I hate all the fucking bugs everywhere. I hate the fact these damn shoes give me the worst blisters since the time you made me walk around in high heels when we were 13. I hate the bathrooms, they suck and they smell so bad you want to throw up right into the hole you just shit in.

I hate the constant soreness from carrying a shit ton of gear. I hate the fact that it’s freezing in the warzone and I can’t take a hot shower and I’m all pale. I thought the army was going to give me a fucking tan or some shit.

I hate I’m fucking missing Christmas. I love Christmas. You love Christmas. My mom loves Christmas. My dad loves Christmas. Everyone fucking loves Christmas, and I spent today putting a 15-year-old kid in a body bag.

I want to be home. I want to be with my family and open presents and I want to be with you. I miss you so goddamn much. I miss your hair and eyes and smell and the way you make everything better and to be honest, I miss the kissing and the sex and the great way you give blowjobs. I’m so fucking horny here and everything is shit and I miss you so much.

I know I’m doing a great thing and I’m saving lives but that seems so far away. You seem so far away. What if you’re talking to some guy you met in class and he’s fucking perfect for you and you’re forgetting about me?

I feel so fucking weak right now. I hope you still love me, even though I can’t do this.

-Luke (aka a very shitty Hemmo)


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Dec. 22

Subject: Re: Fuck

Dear My Strong Soldier,

Oh my god, Luke.

So many things I need to say to this.

I’m going to start with the fact I will always love you. There won’t be some guy in a class because that guy won’t be you and therefore I don’t really care.

I’m so sorry things are terrible over there. I’m so sorry you’re miserable and that things are shit but I believe in you, babe. You’re strong and brave and amazing and you will get through this because you are an amazing soldier. You can do this.

I miss you so much but don’t feel bad. I’d miss you if you were next door. Christmas will suck without you because we’ll be worried but we’ll be thinking of you and probably spend the whole day dedicated to you and it won’t be okay but it will be close enough because we love you and we respect your choices.

You are not a terrible soldier. I’m sure everyone hates your job sometimes. I’ll google to see how many people hate being soldiers when I actually wake up (it’s like 3 in the morning here and I missed you so I wanted to check my email and then I saw this one and my heart broke) but I’m sure it’s definitely a thing. It’s hard now, but you can do this. And you’re definitely not alone in your feelings, so don’t feel shitty.

I love you so fucking much, my big, strong soldier,



When you get back, I’ll give you the best damn blowjob you’ve ever gotten.


Skype call from Y/N Y/L/N

Answered, Dec. 31

“Wow, you’re actually on!” You grin at Luke’s pixelated face.

“It’s a New Years miracle.” Luke smiles tiredly.

“What time is it there? You look ragged.”

“Like seven in the morning of the new year, I think.”

“Go to bed. I don’t want to fuck up the minimal sleep you already get.” You fret, thinking back to his Christmas email.

“Don’t worry, these last few days have actually been pretty chill. Nothing bad. Probably in the spirit of Christmas.” He rubs at his eyes.

“Am I waking up anyone? I hope I didn’t wake your platoon.”

“They’re getting breakfast. I was about to call you, so they’re bringing me back something so I can have the time to talk to you.”

“How sweet!” You smile then it slowly falls. “I want to talk about the email…”

He holds up a hand, “There’s nothing to talk about. I just had a little stress breakdown. I swear, I feel much better now. I don’t know what really changed, but I just realized you’re right and that I can do this and I can last and you love me and everything will be okay.”

“You should always realize I’m right.”

“I’m having a moment here, you tool.”

“Shit, sorry.” But you’re smiling, happy you made him feel better.

“You always make things better for me. Even when I’m in a war zone. How do you do it?”

“Magic and voodoo.” You smile, and he smiles back.

There’s a silence where you just stare at the blurry images on the screen but then he clears his throat and looks down, “I miss you so much, though.”

“I miss you too. It sucks because whenever something happened I used to be able to text you or tell you as soon as I got home, but now everything is a story for a congealed email” You gesture this with your hands, “that I’ll end up ruining with my wording.”

“You’re doing great so far.” Luke rests his chin in his hand. “But yeah, I know what you mean. Red Dog, Win, and Robin are, surprisingly, hilarious and they have these great jokes that I can’t even replicate in person. Much less in an email.” He mockingly mimics your gesture so you flip him off,

“I’ll have to meet them when you guys go to a home base.”

“That’ll be awesome. And you can introduce me to your college friends.”

“Maddie will definitely want to meet you, and so will my other classmate friends. They’ll probably make jokes about how hot a man in uniform is.” You roll your eyes.

“Don’t pretend you’re not into it.”

“Who said I’m not into it?” You wink.

He gets this dark, sensual look in his eyes, “Y/N, I swear when I get home-”
“I GOT FOOD, HEMMO!” One of the boys’ voices shouts as the bust open the door.

“Fuck.” Luke groans and you can’t help but giggle.


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Jan. 14

Subject: Please don’t leave me

Dear Luke,

Remember when I told you that my professor hated me?

Well I was wrong.

Very wrong.

He made me stay after class today (what am I, in high school again? I thought I fucking graduated) and he told me that I had made “real progress” and I was “much better than I was” at the beginning of the year and I was pretty sure he was looking down my top and then he tried to kiss me and I shoved him off me and I threatened to call the cops but then he threatened to fail me and I just feel really fucking dirty because I don’t want to fail so I’m not saying anything.

I wish you were here so bad. You make me feel brave and smart and pretty but right now all I feel is weak, dumb and ugly I hate it so much. I don’t know what to do, fuck I’m so confused.

I love you so much, I swear he didn’t actually kiss me I’d never cheat on you. I swear, please don’t leave me I love you so much. I’m so sorry.



From <Luke Hemmings - Corporal hemmo96@army.goc> Jan. 14

Subject: Re: Please don’t leave me

Fuck, Y/N, I was so scared when I got this email holy shit.

I’m telling you right now, I am never leaving you. Especially for something like this. Your fuckass professor coming onto you isn’t your fault, I swear. It’s his. And I’m so sorry I’m not that there to make it better. Know if I was there, I’d be hugging you and comforting you and watching that shitty romantic movie  you love over and over until you smile.

And after I finish comforting you, I’ll go right up to your professor and show him my assault rifle. Maybe give him a demonstration.

Fine, you know I won’t but I can still think about doing it.

Tell the school. That jerkoff needs to get fired, he’s not allowed to do that. Especially not to my girlfriend. I will support you through this whole thing from over here. No matter what happens, I will support you.

Don’t ever worry about me leaving you. I don’t care what happens, I’m coming home to you. It just might be a bit, haha. Only eight more months.

I love you so much

Your soldier,



Skype call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 20


Skype Call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 20


Skype Call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 21


Skype Call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 23


Skype Call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 24


Skype Call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 26


Skype call from Y/N Y/L/N

No answer Jan. 28


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Jan. 29

Subject: Please respond I’m worried

Dear Luke,

I’m really scared. You haven’t replied to my emails and you haven’t answered any of my Skype calls. Is everything okay? I’m really terrified.

I can’t help but get worried. You usually take a day or two to respond. It’s been over a week.

I have stuff to tell you about my professor.

Plus, I just really want to fucking talk to you.

Please respond as soon as you get this.

I love you.

Even though you’re not replying to me.



From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 1

Subject: Answer me dammit


You’re really scaring me. Why aren’t you responding? I’m checking news sources from all over but you’ve never told me where you got deployed. It’s always a fucking “warzone.” I don’t know if something happened and I really just need you to fucking reply because I’m going crazy.




From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 2

Subject: Fuck you just respond

If this is a joke I swear to god we’re over


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 2

Subject: Ugh

Fine, whatever, if this is a joke I’ll still date you but I’ll probably never forgive you for it. Because you suck for intentionally putting me through this.


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 4

Subject: Luke please



For the love of god, respond. I don’t know if you’re alive anymore. I used to always know, somehow I’d know you were safe somewhere, but now I don’t and I’m really scared. I’m terrified. And I don’t think you’re joking anymore…

I love you so much just please respond



From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 5

Subject: (No Subject)

Fuck you asshole just respond


From <Y/N Y/L/N yourschoolemail@yourschoolname.edu> Feb. 5

Subject: Luke please…

A/N: Yes there will be a part three. I hope you guys like this one!