i want her to twerk on me


if you know what Poison Ivy eats please inform me immediately so I won’t have to wonder if Harley Quinn tastes manure while kissing her wife. Thanks.

BTS as things my best friend has texted me

Jin:  “Mom started having the sex talk with my sister.  And then told me to finish the conversation.  She started the conversation with me and I wanted to throw up so I told her the conversation was over.”

Suga:  “So last night I tried shampoo.  It smelled like mint so I though it would taste minty.  Just so you know, it did not taste minty…”

J-Hope:  “I just showed my mom my twerking skills.  And she said ‘uhhh, that’s not twerking’.  That’s rude, Stephanie, my twerking skills are amazing.”

Rap Monster:  “One of these days, we’re gonna have a real girls day where we get our nails done and do other girly shit idk.”

Jimin:  “Could you imagine?  Walking up to him and asking him to return your virginity.  Please and thank you kind sir.  And then you’d sue him for not returning your incredibly valuable virginity.”

V:  “I’m gonna have a meltdown I have like SEVEN gray hairs send help”

Jungkook:  “So I have to buy a pair of panties that represent my relationship with Shelby.  Like for you I’d buy some thongs because of how far we are shoved up each other’s ass.  But Shelby like idk.”

Thank You...

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a few days since The Wedding, but I wanted to make a Big (semi-formal) thank you post to everyone that came on wednesday and made it such a thrilling night for @paissa-brat and I. We were honestly blown away by all the incredible outfits people came up with, and i wish i could’ve grabbed a screen of everyone individually. On top of that, it’s one thing to picture a bunch of paissas chilling out, but to see 70~ in person is a whole other thing entirely!! So yeah, thank you so much guys for staying so true to the theme (even if my instructions were rather vague and p extra all at once dsklfj) 

[shoving the rest under the cut due to length!]

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Prohibited 👽💚

11:45 PM 11/30/16

I know that I am not supposed to kiss her. I am not supposed to let my homosexual lips touch her heterosexual lips but you only live once, right?

The music is loud as fuck. I don’t usually show up at these kinds of things without my bestfriend, but she was busy with her family tonight. There’s a very pretty girl sitting in my lap. When she texted me and told me to come, I damn near ran out the front door, I flew over here.

She’s grooving to the music but it’s a mellow kind of groove. She’s not twerking on me but whatever she is doing with her hips feels really good. My vagina is tingling, this girl got me over here sprung as a motherfucker. I want to move my hands closer to her hips but I don’t want to throw off the vibe. I have no idea what she will allow or won’t allow me to do. I have no idea if she is aware that I’m into girls. If she don’t know, she needed ask somebody because everyone else at this party can tell that I’m into her. Straight girls be actin’ like that don’t know what they doin’, but she gotta know. She has to know. 

She giggles and looks back at me. “What?” I ask. 

“Nothin’.” She says. She keeps dancing. I slide my hands higher onto her hips. She keeps dancing. I want her to know I got my hands on her body, I don’t want her to act like she don’t notice so I softly tighten my grip. She has on a black top and a red jacket. She takes the jacket off and throws it to the side. The songs changes and she gets excited and giggles to me. “I love this song.” She’s is so damn cute. I just look at her, I don’t have much to say. I just hope she’s comfortable sitting on me and that she don’t go no where. She don’t know it but I love this song too. We both dancing now. I absolutely positively love a girl with rhythm, a girl that can keep up with me when we dancing and shit. Her moves become more precise in my lap. “Jesus.” I think to myself. 

She leans her head back and moves her hips from side to side real slow. I look at her but her eyes are closed. She’s being very strategic. Her hair smells like strawberries and her lips look so soft. My grip on her body becomes more firm. She looks back at me and smiles real hard. My phone vibrates in my pocket. “Ugh, who the fuck…?” I think to myself. I pull it out and see who it is. She’s looking at my phone to see who it is too. When I catch her looking, I put it back in my pocket then she gives me that yeahnigga, youbettaputitaway look. I shake my head. She touches my cheek. “What?” I ask.

“Nothin’. Do you know where the bathroom is?” She asks. 

“Um, nah but let’s go find it.” I tell her as we get up and move away from the crowd. Some of her friends are standing in the kitchen so she stops to ask them and they point down the hall. She starts to walk over there but I pause cause I don’t know if she wants me to follow. I’m being a punk but I just don’t want to cross no boundaries. She turns around to see that I wasn’t following. 

“Did you want me to come with you? I ain’t know. I didn’t want to invade your space. I’m sorry.” I’m pleading with her. I don’t want her to think I didn’t want to go with her because lord knows, I did. She laughs and takes me by the hand. I’m weak in the knees. 

I’m Sam and her name is Jasmine, but I call her Jay. I met Jay two summers ago and she’s always had a boyfriend. Where he at tonight? I don’t know and I don’t care. We’ve always had a connection but I ain’t trynna die over no straight girl. At least that’s how I felt before, but now I’ll do anything to be someone to her. I’ll do anything to be where she is. I know she be hearin’ around the school that I’m a gay and whatever whatever but she’s never asked me about it or brought it up. We definitely text here and there but it’s them nights when she’ll call me and we talk until one of us is about to fall asleep that got me caught up. She’ll be like in my life for a minute but then she’ll disappear and that was never a problem because I would just call up another girl. But, them other girls not like her. Jay is different and I don’t know why but she is.

I stand outside the bathroom, while she’s in there. She told me to wait. When she comes out, she wipes her wet hands off with my shirt. 

“There was no paper towels.” she laughs and continues rubbing my stomach, making my shirt wet. 

“Oh ohkay.” I laugh with her. If anyone else were to wipe there wet hands on my shirt, I would take it off and strangle them with it. I wait for her to make the next move. She waits for me to call the shot. I want to walk further down the hall with her into the dark and throw her up against the wall in the corner and break me off a piece of that ass. She catches me looking behind her down the hall. She looks back and then says to me, “You wanna go over there?” 

My eyes widen. I nod and take her by the hand. The hallway is pitch dark. I lean her up against the wall and then I completely chicken out. I froze and all of a sudden I’m sweating but my eyes say everything for me. She’s reading me up and down. She smiles and pulls me closer. I instantly lose my breath. We lean into each other, my nose on her cheek, her lips inches from mine. 

“Jasmine!” Her friend calls her from the kitchen.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. She stops and looks down the hall to see who’s calling her and then looks at me. She touches my hand and smiles… then she starts to walk away and her hand slips off of mine as she heads down the hall. There is no word to describe how irritated and emotional I am. I almost kissed her, she almost kissed me. I breathe in and out and try to decide what I want to do with myself. I just stand there. My heart sits still in my chest. I walk back down the hall and go into the bathroom. As I’m looking in the mirror trying to process what the hell just happened, I hear a knock at the door. 

“I’m not done yet.” I say. 

“It’s me.” she says.

I opened the door and she walks in and closes it behind her. 

“My boyfriend is here.” She looks at me with her pretty brown eyes.

“Oh foreal, true.” I play it off. 

“I think we should um… hang out sometime. You know?” she says looking up at me.

My brain is telling me to tell this girl to kiss my ass and to walk out and never get that close to her ever again. My heart disregards my brain and I say to her, “Yeah, we need to. I like you alot.” I just completely threw myself out there to get hurt. I literally just gave this girl the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket to mind fuck the shit out of me and then set my heart on fire and watch it burn. 

She hugs me and lays her head on my shoulder. That’s all she had to do. I am now hooked and I want her all to myself. I want to be her bestfriend, her girlfriend and her boyfriend. And if I gotta compete with the dude she with to have her as my own, then so be it.

To Be Continued

Lunchtime with Smosh: Anthony Padilla Imagine

Anthony’s POV

I pressed record on the camera as I started filming lunchtime with Smosh. “So me and Ian are on our way to get sandwiches. Holy shit there is a pretty girl in the back seat!” “Where?” she said with sarcasm. I pointed the camera towards our guest and my female best friend (y/n). “For those of you who don’t know, that’s (y/n), she has been in a few of our videos. Anthony has a crush on her.” I felt my face become warm, I knew I was blushing. “What? No I don’t.” honestly I don’t know if I love her or not. When we got back to our house, Ian pulled into the garage and exchanged some dirty looks with the Barber Shop Pole. Ian and I sat at the table “Ok, (y/n) pick a side of the table to sit on, I warn you, the person you don’t sit beside will be hurt.” Ian said. With that being said she happily walked over to the chair next to mine and sat down. Ian turned the camera towards him and fake cried for a second. He picked up his sandwich and screamed “FIRST BITE!!!!” and took a huge chomp. (y/n) and I both laughed at the fact he had mustard all over his face now. Ian turned the camera back towards me. I picked up my sandwich and yelled “FIRST BITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” and I took a big bite, not as big as Ian’s first bite. Lastly, Ian turned the camera towards (y/n) who had her sandwich in her hands. She looked at the camera, then me, then Ian, and back at the sandwich. “FIRST BITE!!!!” she yelled as she took the biggest bite I have ever seen a girl take. It was adorable, I think I’m falling for her. "Wow" me and Ian said in unison. Ian turned the camera back to him and said "Anthony, I think its time for something, but I don’t want you to sing it, (y/n) has to sing it.“ he said pointing the camera back at her. She took a deep breath and began singing "Finding twitter questions. Finding twitter questions. Finding twitter questions. finding twitter questions.” I pulled out my phone and began searching.“@sometwitteruser said Anthony twerk.” I got out of my chair and started twerking. (y/n) applauded me as sat back down. "ok next one, @someothertwitteruser said ‘Next time you see a girl you like yell first kiss then kiss her’“ I looked up at the camera. I turned and faced (y/n). "FIRST KISS!” I yelled before kissing (y/n). It was obvious now that I love her. Shockingly she kissed me back. I pulled back slowly and opened my eyes “wow” she said calmly. I looked at Ian who was smiling. “I knew that was going to happen!” he yelled ruining the moment. (y/n) and I both laughed. (y/n) turned towards me. “so does this mean that I’m your girlfriend?” she asked “Yes, absolutely.” I said happily. She leaned in and kissed me again. “Well now that this meal has been completed, (y/n) how would you rate it?” Ian asked.  “Thirty Ian’s covered in mustard out of thirty” she said giggling. “that’s a perfect score!” I said. “Well bye, Bitch.” Ian said then he pointed the camera at me and (y/n) “bitch” we said in unison.

Cruising late night in the ghost . Gets to a red light looks over to right see a thick chocolate barbie looking chick @muffiintopz standing about to cross the street . I pulls up gets out the car walk to her like were you going . She says home from work . So I get her number an ask did she need a ride . She tells me yes I want a ride that would be nice of you 😏. So we get back in the car begin going down the street she start twerking in the front seat 😱😱 . I find a empty parking lot and parked to finish watching her bounce all that ass . I’m grabbing my dick she looks my way says pull it out . So I does then pull her to back seat making her sucking it hard while she gag up spit on my pants . I bust in her mouth then get to her place to finish using a whole box of magnums leaving wrappers every were . As we passed out from the intense sex 😏🍆🍆💦💦💦💦

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Diary Of a Side Nigga

Here we were lying on the bed cuddling and kissing and shit. Then her cell phone rings. I hand it to her and it was a her boyfriend. She’s like “shit, don’t say anything.” I’m just like “mane, fuck that nigga.” I can hear him on the phone and he asks her what is she doing. I said, “with me nigga!”. She bursts in laughter and ends up dropping the phone.

At this point the both of us are laughing. She picks up the phone and places her hand over my mouth. He seemed to be upset because he asked her what the fuck was funny. I snatched her hand away from my mouth and said nigga, you funny. She hung up the phone and cut it completely off, took the battery out and everything. 

This shit was just too funny to me. But she was like she has to call him back. She was going to hell him that she her phone died and she just put it back on the charger. So as she puts the battery back into her phone and turns it back on I begin to play with her nipple. She calls her boyfriend back and told him her phone died and she had just put it back on the charger.

She started talking about something I forgot because I zoned out for a minute. She was sitting up in bed on top of me. She leans over and have me a kiss. I pulled her towards me and began to unloosen her bra. She puts her phone down and took off her shirt. I began to lick and suck her nipples. 

She starts grinding, mind you she’s on top of me. I whispered to her to hang up the phone. She tells me to hold on. I tried to grabbed the phone, she jerks away. I get up and grab her by her legs. I proceeded to pull of her sweatpants. I tell her, “I think you might want to tell him you’ll call him back.” She had on these white, purple, and pink laced boy shorts.

I rolled her over and began to give her a back massage. I her her boyfriend say, “what’s your with you?” she told him that she was stretching and she was getting sleepy. By the way this nigga talked entirely too much about nothing or not at all. I’ve heard so much silence while they were on the phone, like she would actually have to keep the conversation.

I told her she needs to get the hell off the phone and quit playing. She shrugged me off and told me to shut up. I just “ok, since you want to keep playing”… 

I began to caress her shoulders and back with my fingers. She was still holding the phone in her hands, so I started at the back of her neck and gave her kisses all the way down to her spine. I was definitely getting a response out of her but she still held on to that phone. So I smacked her ass and gave her a wedgie. She yells out, you bitch, she laughing but I wasn’t playing. 

She tells him shes sorry she was stomped her toe. At this point I am like fuck it. I pull of the remainder of what she was wearing, grabbed her by the waste and pulled her towards me. She arches her back and starts to back her ass on me. I ask her if she was gonna  get off the phone and she just starts twerking her ass in my face on all fours. 

I smack her her ass and tell her to get off the phone. I grabbed her by her waist and asked her of she was going to get off the phone. She shook her head, so i started to grinding. I reached my hand over and started to play with pussy.

She laid flat and was like, “quit playing”. So I began rubbing her ass. She was already wet, she wanted it but she wouldn’t get off the phone. I’ve probably been at this for a good 10 minutes by now. 

I had enough and I told her to get off the phone before she get in trouble. She puts her phone down and give me this, child please* look and asked me by who. I looked her straight in her eyes and told her, “by me! now get the hell of the phone.” She rolls her eyes and told me to kiss her ass. 

I squeeze the fuck out of her ass and bit it. Then I lifter her in the air and put her legs over my shoulders, mind you she was laying on her stomach. I told her to tell that nigga that you gotta go while I ate her out. 

Finally she hits him with, “oh shit baby I gotta go” and hangs up the phone. 

This nigga calls her right back. At first she just doesn’t answer. The second time she hits ignore. Then he leaves her a voice message. She finally answered like nigga what I told you I’ll call you back. I am sitting her laughing while I’m in her pussy and he’s still on the line trying to see what the hell she’s doing. 

8 Years -Chris Brown Imagine

can you do an imagine where I run into my ex boyfriend from high school after 8 years?

“Listen, with everything going on right now I just don’t have time to be doing extra interviews.” I said to my assistant, Karen. “How about KEW? It’s only going to be a 20 minute interview.” Karen said smiling. I sighed and rubbed my eyes. “I can see you’re stressed. I’ll ask you some other time.” Karen said walking out the store. I shook my head and turned towards Fabio the store manager.

“What’s up, Chris! What kind of shoes you gettin’ today?” Fabio dapped me smiling. “Man, I don’t even know.” I laughed “Um, what about the new OVO Jordan’s?” I just looked at Fabio like he was trippin’. Fabio laughed, he walked to the other side of the store. I followed shaking my head. Fabio was a trip, but he had the best shoes in the city. “All right, these are all the new shoes we got this week.” Fabio said pointing to the shelf with shoes wrapped in plastic. “Ohh, damn these shoes nice!” I said grabbing a random pair of shoes. “We only sell the hottest shoes, fam.” Fabio laughed. “Whatever. Y'all got these in size 9?” I asked handing him the shoe. Fabio grabbed them and looked at them. “Let me go check.”

Fabio walked to the back of the store. I looked around the store trying to occupy myself. I whistled quietly to myself with my hands in my pockets. The store door opened and a girl about 5,6 walked in wearing some light pink Parada heels, skinny jeans, white t-shirt, and a light pink Parada bag. I watched her as she walked towards the women section, she had on sun glasses so I couldn’t see her features all that good. But shawty definitely had ass. I licked my lips watching her walk.

I took the opportunity to walk up to shawty and talk to her. I fixed my shirt making sure it was fine. Checked myself out in the mirror and approved of myself. I walked to where she went. She was holding some heels reading the prices. I got closer to her and she looked up at me. She looked unfazed. “Hi, I’m Chris.” I smiled , sticking my hand out. She smiled and shook my hand. “I’m Y/N.” I smiled. Y/N? Why does that make sound so familiar? “Well, I saw you walking through the door and I couldn’t resist myself. You looked good from what I could see.” I said. Y/N laughed, putting the heels back and taking off her shades. She was beautiful. Long black hair, milky brown skin, brown eyes, and long eyelashes.

“You really don’t remember me do you?” Y/N smiled. I looked confused and scrunched my face up. “Have we ever met?” I asked smiling a little. “Y/N Y/L/N, from high school. We dated junior and senior year.” My eyes shot up and I looked Y/N up and down. “Damn girl, what have you been eating?” I asked. Y/N laughed, pushing me back a little. “What do you mean what have I been eating?” Y/N asked. “When we were together you didn’t have thick thighs and a fat ass.” I laughed. Y/N rolled her eyes and smiled. “It’s been 8 years. And I’ve been working out a lot.” I smiled. “I can see that. You look good.” Y/N smiled “So how’s your life been Mr.Brown?” I laughed. “It’s been a blessing. My music career is where I want it to be.” Y/N smiled “You were always passionate about singing. I remember you flirting with girls in 10th grade, talking bout you could sing so you were better then them other niggas.” Y/N said. We both laughed.

“Well, I mean, it was true.” I smiled. “Yeah it was. You’re very talented. Y/N said. "Thank you, but enough about me. How’s your life going?” I asked, “Great actually. I’m a Surgical Doctor.” Y/N smiled. “Nice! Making that money I see you.” I laughed “Yup!” Y/N said sticking her tongue out, twerking a little. We both laughed. “So you live here in New York?” I asked. “Yup, been living here since after high school.” She smiled. “Are you single?” I asked lifting my eyebrow. Y/N laughed. “Yes, I’m single.” Y/N smiled. “Alright then, i'mma need your number so we can continue to talk over some dinner.” I smiled. “Don’t you have a baby and live in Cali?” Y/N asked smiling. “Oh Royalty? That little girls my world. She can come to the dinner too, it’s no issue. And I can always fly back and fourth” I said. Y/N laughed shaking her head.

“Give me your phone.” She said. I smiled and pulled my phone out of my pockets. I handed it to her and she typed in her number. She took a selfie, I smiled shaking my head. She Handed me my phone smiling. I put it back in my pocket, looking back at her. “So I’ll definitely be calling you.” I smiled. “Okay, and I’ll be answering.” She laughed. “Aight, well it was nice catching up.” I said. “It’s good to see you again, Chris.” She smiled. I nodded and turned around walking away with the biggest smile on my face.

Fabio walked up to me holding a shoe box. “Ayy, I found size 9 in the shoes you wanted.” Fabio said handing me the box. I gave it back to him. “Nah, I’m good.” I said. “You sure you don’t want to get these?” Fabio asked. “Yeah, I’m sure. But whatever that girl over there gets, put it on my card.” I said pointing at Y/N. Fabio poked his lips out , nodding his head. “Shawty bad.” Fabio grinned. “That’s all me.” I said smiling. Fabio smiled. “Aight then foo, I gotta go sell some shoes.” He said. I dapped him and walked towards the door. Y/N smiled at me and I smiled back. I opened the door walking out the store.

It’s been almost a month since I was on Lip Sync Battle and lost to Spider-Man, but at the end of the day Bruno Mars sent me flowers to congratulate me for my performance, Erykah Badu tweeted me, I got to see Tom twerking wearing a tight dress, and Rihanna didn’t even acknowledged him but she posted a picture of me on her Instagram; so all I’m saying is he can take that title, but I think it’s safe to say I’m the real winner here. Plus, dude was wearing special insoles to make himself look a little taller the whole time - I just wanted everyone to know that.

I’m not the girl for you, if you …

✖want a “ride or die”
✖don’t support nudism & liberation
✖don’t like a lady that smokes (marijuana)
✖down talk your child’s mother
✖don’t take care of your child(ren)
✖have a problem with feminism
✖think twerking is bad and degrading
✖disrespect women ( verbal/ physical abuse )
✖want me to help/split bills
✖not going to be my hype man
✖want me to kiss your families ass
✖think the way a woman dress is an invitation to harass of rape her
✖are intimidated by me
✖aren’t supportive of my author/artist/photography dreams
✖not willing to be a permanent father figure to my boys
✖don’t like pranks
✖you’re not very affectionate
✖can’t build things
✖don’t like hiking, camping etc
✖have no interest in gardening
✖not a cat person
✖won’t protect me at all costs
✖can’t spoil me

im gonna cry
  • Me: *standing in Theatre Arts*
  • Boy 1: you're so silly!
  • Me: er...okay
  • Boy 1: so...you free this Friday?
  • Me: no
  • Boy 1: no?
  • Me: no
  • Boy 1: oh
  • Me: how old are you?!
  • Boy 1: I can be as old as you want me to be ;)
  • Me: what the actual fuck
  • Boy 2: can I twerk against your leg
  • Me: choke on a watermelon
  • Boy 2: watch me flex
  • Boy 2: *squats*
  • Me: *leaves*
  • Boy 1: hey babe
  • Random Girl: *wraps arm around me* hey, leave my friend alone!
  • Boy 1: you're friends?
  • Random Girl: yeah!
  • Me: *catches on* yeah!
  • Boy 1: alright...make out with her
  • Me: *looks at her, then him, then her again* alright, if you buy me dinner first
  • School year's going great so far
Omgcp characters as things I've done

(Inspired by @mrcrappyknight and others)

Bitty: baked lemon cakes with a friend, while blasting Beyonce’s LEMONADE

Jack: stole a joke from my dad to impress my crush

Shitty: wrote an essay debunking one of Socrates’ (whom I dislike a lot) theories for one of my most important philo class essay that year. ended it with a “In your face Socrates”

Ransom: had a existential crisis in the middle of a epistemology test and wrote it all down on the test. got a 97

Holster: had a sore throat on our yearly school camping trip. Insisted to sing anyway, and ended up completely hoarse for a week

Lardo: used my hand as a color palette when drawing on my wall cause I couldn’t bother with getting a real one

Dex: my friend told me I can’t mock Twilight since I haven’t read the book. suffered through the entire thing so I can do just that.

Nursey: over loaded a plate with food in a eat-all-you-can buffet. too focused in balancing the plate to notice the closed glass door. there was food everywhere

Chowder: proudly beamed as my friend excitedly (and drunkenly) explained in detail why I’m her favourite person to hug

Tango: almost had me and my friends miss our only bus home because I was completely engrossed in a conversation with a old artist lady, and had to run 2 blocks to get to the bus on time

Whiskey: walked into class to see a guy in my class twerk upside down. walked out without saying a word

Kent: accidentally come out to a friend only for them to say “I know”. twice

Bad yet so good (Jack Gilinsky)

“Everything about him screams ‘TROUBLE’” I sighted as my friends and I stared at Jack Gilinsky.

“And ‘SEXY’” Amanda added giggling, earning a loud snort from me which made Jack turn his face to us.

“Idiot” I blushed, pinching Amanda’s elbow. “You made me do that”

“I can’t help it that I’m so funny” Amanda smirked.

“And stupid” I rolled my eyes, trying not to make eye contact with Jack, since he was still staring at us.

“So what if he sees us?” Ginny questioned as we looked for a table at the cafeteria. “It’s not like it’s illegal to laugh”

“I think we have stablished that my laugh is not really acceptable to be displayed in public” I replied, turning my head slightly to check if he was still staring, and indeed he was.

“Why can’t he stop staring at us?” I groaned as I bit my sandwich.

“You mean you, right?” Ginny giggled at my confused face. “He is staring at you, not us”

“What?” I tried to pronounce but failed with the food on my mouth.

I turned around to check if Ginny was right, and Jack was indeed staring at me. He caught my eyes and smiled slightly, making the lip ring he had, pop out. I smiled back, totally forgetting the food in my mouth, so I ended up showing him my tuna sandwich.

“OMG” I blushed and turned around immediately to clean my mouth. I turned around again to see if he was disgusted but he was just staring and smiling. He finally chose to stop staring, shaking his head while smiling.

“Well that was something” Amanda mocked me as I tried to hide my tomato cheeks.

“That was miserable” I cried, resting my forehead in Ginny’s shoulder.


“Are you really gonna wear that?” Amanda gasped, pointing at my high-waisted black skirt, black long-sleeve crop top, black wedges, and gold accessories.

“No, I just took it out of my closet to decorate the room. I’m going to wear the nun’s costume that I save for every party” I plainly replied. “Off course I’m wearing that, Ams”

“I fucking hate your sarcasm” She rolled her eyes. “I’m just not used to see you like that?”

“Like how?” I stared at her. “Feminine?”

“You know I didn’t mean that” She rolled her eyes.

“I just don’t get why dress properly for school?” I questioned. “With a normal shirt and jeans, it’s totally fine”

“If you wanna stay alone forever” Amanda mocked me.

“I’m not going to be alone forever” I gasped. “I’ll have three cast and taylor swift music to get through the days, while you are suffering from a heartbreak”

“I don’t even know why I’m friends with you, sometimes” Amanda stared at me with a funny look.

“Because you complement each other” Ginny replied after coming out of the bathroom, fully changed. “Besides, I don’t think Y/N wants to stay alone forever. Not at least after what happened today”

“What happened today?” Amanda and I both asked at the same time.

“You owe me a milkshake” I smirked to Amanda, as she just rolled her eyes.

“You and Jack” Ginny giggled, sitting at the edge of my bed.

“Nothing happened between Jack and I” I moved quickly towards the bathroom.

“Oh, c’mon” Ginny laughed. “The blushing, the staring! Everything was there”

“I have no idea what you are talking about” I closed the door behind me.


“Remind me again, why did I agree to come?” I asked as Ginny arrived outside Johnson’s house.

“Because you don’t want to spend your senior year locked in your room reading YA books” Amanda rolled down the window as we look for a parking space, making all the smell of alcohol and drugs, enter the car.

“You say it like it’s a bad thing” I gasped, as Ginny just shake her head.

“Just forget about your boring life for one day, and live a little” Amanda grasped my shoulders shaking me.

“I always live a little, otherwise I’d be dead” I giggled at my own joke.

“Stop” Amanda grunted, making all of us laugh.


“Enjoying the party?” Ginny asked as she danced around me. Obviously she was already a little tipsy.

“It’s better than I thought, actually” I laughed at her attempt to twerk.

“Now that’s not what I was expecting” Amanda gasped. “I’m proud of you”

“Okay, whatever” I chuckled. “I’m gonna go and get another drink”

“Bring me another one” Ginny asked me.

“The only thing I’m getting you, it’s a huge glass of water” I laughed as Amanda held her, stopping her from falling.

“You boring clown” Ginny protested.

“She could never say a bad word even if her life depended on it” Amanda chuckled as Ginny slowly closed her eyes.

“Do you want me to bring you anything?” I asked Amanda.

“No, I’m fine” She smiled.

I turned around, looking for the bar, but the amount of people made it really hard. I moved throughout the crowd, finally reaching the bar.

“A shot of vodka, please” I asked, handing the bartender the money. I watched as he turned away, to get my drink.

“I never took you as the drinking type” Someone said beside me.

“Oh, Hi Jack” I panicked for a couple of seconds until the words left my mouth. “I didn’t know you were here”

“Johnson is my best friend” He chuckled. “Why wouldn’t I be here?”

“I-I don’t know” I blushed looking away.

“Here’s your order, Miss” The guy handed me the shot and the lemon slice.

“Wait” Jack grabbed my hand before I drank the little liquid.

“What?” I asked, trying to steady my heartbeat.

“Let’s do it together” Jack smiles. “Bring me one, please”

“Right away” The bartender replied, turning around to get Jack’s order.

“Don’t get me wrong but, why are you talking to me?” I asked staring at Jack.

“I think you are beautiful” Jack replied instantly. “And worth the time”

“Now that’s what I call being direct” I laughed as he blushed.

“There’s no point in denying it, is there?” He chuckled as the bartender handed him his order.

“Okay, ready?” Jack smiled at me. “1… 2… 3”

We both swung the little glass and grunted as the hot liquid moved down our throat.

“Wow” I gasped as the liquid settled in.

“I have to admit you looked hot” He smirked at me.

“I have to admit that I like that you think that, then” I smirked back, making him shake his head.

“Y/N?” I heard Amanda from behind me.

“What?” I asked turning around to meet her.

“I think we should leave” Amanda looked concerned. “Ginny is not really well”

“But I was actually having fun” I whined.

“If you want, I can take you after the party” Jack offered, looking at me.

“Oh, I don’t want to bother” I turned to him.

“You wouldn’t be” He smiled in reply.

“Okay, love birds” Amanda grunted. “I’ll meet you at the house”

“Okay, I’ll text you when I’m heading over” I kissed her goodbye.

“So it’s just you and I” Jack moved closer to me.

“And the rest of the guests” I blurted out nervously.

“You definitely know how to ruin a moment” Jack chuckled. “First the sandwich and now this”

“Oh! Don’t remind me of that” I grunted, hiding my face in the palms of my hands.

“It was cute, tho” He moved my hands away from my face.

“I don’t think cute is the word you use when you want to talk about seeing someones food in their mouth” I mocked him. “And I didn’t know cute was part of your vocabulary”

“What is that supposed to mean?” He faked being hurt. “Just because I’m bad doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings”

“Bad boy vibes, right?” I laughed at his eye roll.

“What about you, Miss Perfect?” He mocked me this time.

“I’m not” I protested.

“You definitely are” He kept saying on and on.

“Try me, then!” I dared him. “Make me do something wild”

“You wouldn’t” He stopped laughing this time.

“Oh, I definitely would” I smirked. “Bring it”

“Okay” He stared at me. “Get on a table a dance sexily”

“Ok-Okay” I doubted for a second but I didn’t want Jack to think of me as a coward so I got up. “Follow me”

“I’m already there” He smirked, standing up behind me.

“Is this table okay for you?” I pointed at the main table, surrounded by a lot of people.

“Is it okay for you?” He teased me.

I didn’t reply. I climbed the table, waiting for a new song to start. Then the first beats of “Bang Bang” started blasting throughout the speakers.

I started to move as everyone’s eyes moved to me, but I kept them on Jack. I could see how his eyes followed the moving of my hips, so I moved stronger this time. It was like this wave of rush was moving throughout me, making me forget about everything. I was to taken by the moment that I didn’t really that Jack was trying to pull me down of the table.

“Okay, that’s enough” Jack brought me down, pulling by the hand throughout the crowd.

“But I was having fun” I whined.

“So were the guys staring at you” He rolled his eyes. We both headed to the entrance of the house, exiting. A wave of cold air crushed against, making me gasp at the change.

“Come here” Jack whispered engulfing me between his arms.

“So, am I still Miss Perfect?” I asked him shyly looking up at him. He had his arms resting in my lower back, and my arms were wrapped around his neck.

“Yes” He grinned, making me look down. “But I like it that way”

I looked up again, finding him smiling. “Why are you so.. Sweet? To me?”

“I already told you” He kissed my forehead. “I like you”

We stayed like that for a few seconds before the cold was too much to handle so we decided to leave.


“We are here” Jack turned to look at me, as he parked in front of my house.

“Thanks” I smiled shyly at him. “I was one of the bests nights I’ve ever had”

“And what can I do to make it the best?” He asked, moving closer to me.

“I don’t know” I whispered, anxious by our proximity. “You tell me”

“This” He breathed out. He gently placed his lips against mine, earning a deep sight from me. His soft lips warmed the cold feeling that his lip ring left. We kissed for hours, for eternities but that’s when you feel it’s not enough.

We softly pulled away but Jack connected our foreheads, maintaining the silence.

“Jack?” I ask.

“Yes?” He softly moved his lips against my forehead.

“Aren’t you scared of falling asleep?” I asked out of nowhere. “Aren’t you scared of losing everything just by going to sleep and waking up?”

Jack stood silent for a couple of seconds, before he finally replied.

“If you don’t go to sleep, how are you gonna make memories, and how are you gonna know that what’s going to happen after you wake up, it’s not going to be better?” He grabbed my face with both of his hands, planting a kiss in my mouth.

“I don’t know” I replied when he pulled away.

“That’s the best part” He smiled, hugging me tightly.


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Bts as things my mom says/does
  • jin: "i don't look beautiful, i am beautiful"
  • suga: *remote is right besides her* CAN YOU BRING ME THE REMOTE?
  • hoseok: *singing and twerking to latin music*
  • namjoon: "if the food isn't good.. the next restaurant is mcdonalds"
  • jimin: *still calls her 17yo daughter baby*
  • tae: *eating the food she just did* *pats her shoulder*
  • jungkook: *accepting my phone call* Hello... it's me
Let Black Girls Be...

I am so stirred. You self-hating, respectability politics promoting ass bastards really got me fucked up. Between Gabby Douglas and Malia Obama. y'all won’t let black girls be great (oh I mean yeah she is a gold medal winning Olympian, but those edges) or normal (she’s 18 years old and she had the nerve to twerk… At a concert?!)

Black girls have the right to exist in any and every form we come in.

I don’t care if Gabby wants to win gold medals with half a head of cornrows and a matted Afro, you better flip and kick the feet of God, boo.

She is black excellence with more talent in one beady-bead than the whole body of anyone hating on her.

You mad at her hair? Show me your edges! Then show me what you have accomplished that is even close to ms. Douglas. She has gold medals. You can’t get a gold card. Swerve. Her hair is “messed up” because she is doing gymnastic routines in front of the whole world… Meanwhile your yaky, Malaysian, Brazilian, 5oz of edge control ass isn’t even confident enough to break a sweat at your local gym.

Have a seat in the shadow of her greatness.

Speaking of greatness, Malia Obama is catching a lot of flack because while she was at Lallapalooza 2016 she *big fuckin gasp* twerked and took a puff on something that may or may not have been weed.

Malia is 18. She was at a concert. The fuck did y'all want her to do, waltz?

She’s a teenager, doing shit that teenagers do: hanging with friends ( the only truly questionable decision of that day, because it was one of her “friends” who released the video) dancing and having fun. Soooo what!!!!!

If you think that is outrageous you don’t even wanna know what me and my tramp ass friends were doing at that age.

Oh but y'all will say but “she was smoking weed” (allegedly) and “she is the president’s daughter”.

Ok cool.

I hope yo ass was just as mad when the Bush girls were underage drinking and doing coke like they were auditioning for roles in the Lifetime Lindsey Lohan story. (Oh dated pop culture references)

Oh but I forgot “young and dumb” is only alright if it’s young and white, right?


I hope Malia was on the loudest of the loud. I hope she smokes often. Because if she does even as a stoner she still got into this little college, maybe you’ve heard of it, Harvard. Meanwhile, she is being judged by people who can’t even get out of their mama’s basements.

Swerve and gag.

Let black girls live.
Let black girls have a life.
Let black girls be.
We deserve that much.
We always have.

Nate Maloley - Fake vs. real

Request:  a nate imagine were your cameron’s sister and really close to nate and he ends up confessing his feelings for you and it ends up in a makeout session ? because you feel the same about him


I need my time when it comes to get ready I like to make myself presentable, do my makeup nicely and make sure that I wear the best outfit. But sometimes I only have ten minutes to get ready, and that is a total disaster. I turn into a hurricane and just roam around the house like a maniac. I don’t usually let that happen, I start to get ready in time, but sometimes it’s not up to me.

So when Cameron rushed into my room saying Nate, Nash and Hayes would come over in ten minutes and I have to be down if I want to hang out with them, I lost my mind.

One and a half minutes in the shower, four minutes for my makeup, I did my hair in three minutes and got dressed in the rest of the time. Right when the doorbell rang I was downstairs all done.

“Nice one, sis, it was your best time yet,” Cam complimented me getting the door and I quickly fixed my hair.

He always tested me, and didn’t tell me until the last minute that the guys were coming over. To be honest, I wouldn’t have bothered to doll myself up, but hearing Nate’s name in the list made me jump. I may or may not had had a huge crush on him since the first day he walked into our house. Unfortunately I was only fifteen at that time and he was eighteen, he probably did not see me as girlfriend material, I was kind of awkward and lame, just a typical teenage girl that had a crush on an older guy. I thought I would just forget about him, but I couldn’t. At the age of seventeen I was still into him and somehow I managed to be friends with him! I started to hang out with Cam and the boys when I was sixteen and I became part of their little team meaning I could spend more time with Nate. Maybe I was a fool but sometimes I felt like Nate was looking at me like… more than a friend. But I didn’t have the balls to ask about it, or flirt with him remarkably. After all, I was just Cameron’s little sister, or at least I thought he saw me like that.

“Hey guys,” I greeted them as they all waked in. I hugged them one by one and we all crashed in the living room trying to agree on what to do.

“We should really do a video, I haven’t posted in ages on YouTube,” Nash sighed. It seemed like a good idea and all of us was up for some funny recording.

Hayes suggested that we should do some roleplaying. Nash really wanted to wear his new fake mustache and Hayes was all about my pink wig I got for a cosplay in sixth grade, so we made up a little story.

Nash was a nosey dad, while Hayes was a light-hearted mother. Cameron was a random gardener, don’t ask me why, he just wanted to be a gardener, while I was playing mostly myself, as the teenage daughter who brings up her boyfriend for the first time, who was none other than… Nate.

I tried to play it cool as we shot some hilarious scenes, but I was enjoying myself too much even though there was no kissing scene, but he held my hand and sometimes hugged me to make it more believable. The guys did some crazy shit, just as usual and we recorded everything.

At one point all of them started to twerk on me, while I was recording it, I knew it would be a pretty hilarious tape and the fans would love it.

“So, daughter, make yourself useful and bring me a beer!” Nash told me still using his idiotic dad voice.

“Do you realize that we stopped taping half an hour ago? Can you just take the mustache off?” I asked laughing at him.

“Nope! The stache stays until I get bored of it!” he insisted. “Now, where is my damn beer, daughter?”

I rolled my eyes at him, but walked out to the kitchen. I thought the other guys would love to drink one, so I took out a few cans and put them on a tray. I was getting some glasses when Nate came in.

“So, I think we were a pretty dope fake couple,” he stated walking up to me and leaning against the wall. I couldn’t help but smile at his statement.

“Yeah, even though my parents wanted to murder you,” I laughed crossing my arms on my chest.

“I’m sure I can win them over, I just need some time.”

“Then you should come over more often to convince them that you are good for their daughter,” I smirked at him and tried to play it cool while I was about to scream in excitement that he was saying things like that to me.
He stepped closer and I swear he glanced down at my lips for a moment. He licked his lips and leaned against the counter next to us.

“You know what would also be great?” he asked arching an eyebrow. I couldn’t answer, I just hummed back. “To make a real thing out of that fake relationship.”

My heart was racing and my palms were extremely sweaty, I was more nervous than at my first dance show in fifth grade when we were doing a cool dance routine for a Backstreet Boys song.

Nate stepped even closer almost closing the space between us and he put one of his hands to my waist pulling me against him. He waited for my reaction giving me the chance to pull away, but when I didn’t, he pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t a long, passionate kiss, but it definitely made my toes curl, maybe because I was waiting for this for ages. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. He was an even better kisser than I imagined.

He was the first one to pull away, and when we looked at each other again, he gave me a smile.

“Cameron may kill me if he knows this, but I have always liked you,” he admitted making me smile like an idiot.

“Really?” I asked not believing his words.

“Yeah.” He nodded letting out a small chuckle and occupied my lips again. This second kiss quickly turned into a heated make out session, but I regret nothing. He was hard to resist, he knew damn well what to do. His lips worked perfectly against mine and when I felt his tongue in my mouth I just never wanted to pull away. But after some long moments we both needed some air, so we pulled away trying to catch our breaths.

“My fake parents would kill me if they knew that I just made out in the kitchen,” I giggled as we stood there still holding each other.

“Then we are lucky that we didn’t get caught. But we should go back,” he sighed.


“What a shame your real life brother will kill me when I tell him how much I like his sister.”

✨Squad Goals Episode 5: Family✨


It should be known that I don’t throw this ass on the first date ever… But I had such a great time with Rakim that I didn’t want him to leave so I invited him inside for an after dinner drink (we were off camera of course) and when I noticed that we had the house to ourselves well… things progressed pretty quickly. So now here I am curled up in bed with a guy who’s smile is brighter than the moon and who, last night, helped me take out my extensions before things got too wild. I think I’m in love.

“Quit lookin’ at me Jenner” he says, his eyes are closed and he pulls me closer to his body. I giggle and snuggle closer,

“how did you know I was staring?” With his eyes still closed he scrunches up his features and replies,

“shit girl, you were starin’? Nah… This might not work out if you a creepy chick and shit” I push against his chest and he lets out a laugh and smiles his perfect chiclet like smile.

“What time does your uh, reality thing start?” He asks his brown eyes study my face and I realize that I’m not wearing any makeup. A rarity.

“The camera crew usually shows up at like 10 an-” a loud ding interrupts me and I reach over to grab my cellphone

“but they just got permission to film at Justin’s house so they won’t be over here” Rakim smiles

“they won’t?” He asks his nose nuzzling mine and I smile and shake my head

“what ever will we do?” I ask in a dramatic southern accent and before I can put my phone back onto my night stand he’s flipped us so I’m straddling him

“I can think of a few things ma” he says quietly leaning up for a kiss

“think away” I whisper against his lips and then I’m flipped again, this time underneath him.


Justin must be in an extremely good mood this morning because not only has he allowed our friends to sleepover, and, consequently, trash his place, but he has also given the camera crew permission to film at his house all day which is a rarity. I’m putting in a new nose ring when Justin enters the bedroom again a camera man behind him being as in-intrusive as possible even tip toeing so Justin isn’t too irked by his presence.

“Hey princess,” Justin says tugging on the loose fishtail braid I’d asked Gigi to do I smile at him in the vanity mirror and blow a kiss.

“You like the makeup table baby? I wanted it to be just like the one you have at home” I fought to roll my eyes because the other day Justin had went out himself and found a vanity nearly identical to the one I had at my house just so I would have a space for all of my makeup, hair tool, and other products. He was the most thoughtful boyfriend in the world.

“I love it baby, thanks again” he places his hands on my shoulders and leans down to put a loud, smacking kiss on my temple.

“Oh yeah, Scooter called, he said you and I can record in your home studio and he’ll edit it later on isn’t that great?” Justin beamed and kissed my head again, I knew how much he loved recording in his own personal studio and his sound was always a little more raw when the music came from it.

“How would you feel about doing a bonus track? Like with the squad?” I eye him through the mirror and he bites his lip and shrugs.

“I’m down. But… can the squad even sing?” Justin throws his head back with a laugh and squeezes my shoulders.

“Guess we’ll find out huh?”


What the bloody hell are we doing in Justin fucking Bieber’s recording studio? Better yet, why the bloody fuck are we in a booth?

“Cara start beatboxing. We all know you can do it” you make a sick beat once and suddenly you’re Dr. bloody Dre. But I start on a beat anyway and it’s pretty alright.

“It’s fucking lit Delevigne!” Za yells so I smile and continue to beatbox until Justin makes a gesture for me to stop. He presses a few buttons that don’t make sense to me and before long the beat I made is echoing through the booth.

“Kenny and Khalil, you guys do some backup vocals” Justin instructs and I’m pushed away playfully from the microphone by Kendall

“Za you know what to do,” and Za hops in with a freestyle that is so impressive that I feel like he must’ve written it beforehand.

“You hop in there Jay,” Nonnie says and he shrugs off his jacket before entering the almost crowded booth. Justin adds on to Za’s rap and their dance moves end up making all of us hit and bump into each other but we’re having so much fun that no one seems to care.


This shit is going to go platinum. Is all I can think of as soon as Rhiannon steps into the booth. Her voice is melodic as fuck and it sounds like an angel is taking over and using her body as a vessel. And yes, I know that she’s one of my best friends but she’s doing this grinding thing against Biz that is sort of turning me on so to distract my inappropriate thoughts I focus on Cara who has Gigi twerking away at her front.


I can’t twerk but Cara doesn’t  judge me for it but by the way Kendall is looking I decide that it’s time to get away from her and dance by myself. Khalil and Za try to tag team grind me but I’m not having it so I bop a little in the corner and shoot smiles at Rhiannon as she sings a bangin’ hook.


Instead of redoing Purpose as an acoustic version I’ve decided that I want to redo it as a Rhiannon version. Meaning that my fucking goddess of a girlfriend will feature on every track. She finishes the loop and winks at me and I pull out my phone to take a quick picture of her that I’m sure will end being my wallpaper, and once I post it on Instagram some fanboy’s as well.


We’re all going hard on the single we just made, rocking to the beat and just acting stupid when my phone rings. The word ‘Kylizzle’ blaring across my screen.

“ Hey turn it down real quick,” I say to Za who’s bassing the song he nods and rotates the dial so the music pounds at a soft murmur.

“Hey King! Where are you? We just made the sickest be-” I’m interrupted by a voice that doesn’t belong to Kylie and for a moment I’m worried that her phone was  nabbed by an over obsessed fan.

“Is this Rhiannon St. John?” An older woman asks and I’m skeptical as hell,

“Who’s asking?” The woman sighs wearily and I hear… sirens? In the background.

“If this is she please confirm because we have your friend Kylie Jenner in the Cedar Sinai ICU in critical condition after a car accident. You are listed as one of multiple ICE contacts” my heart stops for a moment and I begin to nod frantically before I realize that the woman can’t see me.

“This is her, what’s going on? What happened?” The sound of sirens get louder followed by beeping and shouting and the woman sounds a little impatient.

“The incident involved Miss Jenner being seemingly chased by a motorazzi. It would be wise to get here quickly Miss St. John.” I nod again and before I can answer the line goes dead.

“Who was that baby?” Justin says looking up from the soundboard I glance over at Kendall who’s sitting on Cara’s lap ignoring Justin I race over to her and grab her hand.

“What in the fu-” she starts but I grip her hand tighter

“Where’s your phone?” I ask in desperation and she reaches into her pocket with a facial expression that clearly labels me as crazy.

“ Kylie is in the hospital a motorazzi caused her to have a car accident. We have to get there right now.”


Ain’t it crazy how things can go from zero to one hundred real fucking quick? One minute I’m tryna sneak a grab at Gigi’s booty and the next I’m in a car with my head in my hands praying for everything to be alright with King. It’s like a montage scene theme way we’ll rush into the hospital, Kendall crying so hard she can barely talk so Cara takes over and asks where we can find Kylie. The nurse behind the desk gives all of us a sorry ass look before taking Kendall back and warning that only family is allowed. Which I think is fucked because we’re all King’s family.


Kendall doesn’t come back once the nurse takes her away and no one comes back with any updates either. We all look a mess sitting up in the waiting room with our big ass reality cameras tracking us, and I wish that this particular moment would be off film but our producers would never resist the ratings.

“Rocky!” Cara shouts and we all turn to see A$ap and a few of his security detail burst through the hospital doors.


A$ap does a round of hugging all of us before taking a seat between Cara and Gigi.

“I saw what happened on the news. I was with Kylie earlier today but I had to leave to take care of some stuff at my label. I was actually going to meet up with her at your place Biz” I nod and pull Rhiannon closer when she lets out a small sniffle.

“Peep Twitter real quick. Look what the rest of her family is saying” Za tells us and we all begin to scroll through our phones.


I don’t have beef with any members of Kylie and Kendall’s family but it seems like the only people that give two shits about them are Rob and Khloe.

“Little sister had an accident. Will check on her once I finish launching more #kimojis” Justin groans and shakes his head after orating Kim’s tweet.

“Heading back to LA with @robkardashian to be with @kyliejenner. Prayers needed and welcomed” I read out Khloe’s tweet and a series of nods go around the room.

“What about Kris and Caitlyn?” Gigi asks and I go to their profiles and read their latest tweets,

“Get well soon Kylie mommy loves you!” I scoff at the words and Justin crosses his arms,

“acting like she has the fucking flu” he says angrily. I read out Caitlyn’s tweet and find myself further disappointed in her family.

“Prayers for my youngest @kyliejenner. Also, tune in to watch my exclusive interview on E! Tomorrow night!”

“That’s messed up for real,” A$ap says and we all express our agreement in various gestures.


The paparazzi gets restless outside and we all realize why when Khloe and Rob are ushered into the hospital.

“Squad,” Khloe says sadly before hugging and kissing all of us Rob shakes hands with the guys and kisses the girls before falling back quietly.

“We want to see our sister,and they’re going to come to see her too.” Khloe tells a new, younger nurse who seems to have just been put on rotation.

“I’m sorry Miss Kardashian but family only…” Khloe turns to look at all of us and then back at the nurse,

“This is her family.”


I’m holding her right hand and it’s ice cold. It takes me a moment to notice that on her left hand, which is broken at the wrist, she’s missing three acrylic nails and her knuckles are bloody from where she tried to climb out of the car. All kinds of tubes are lodged in her throat and her chest rises and falls in rhythm with a beeping machine.

“We’re going to get you out of here Ky” I promise, trying in vain to warm up her hand.

“Hey doll” I whip around to see Khloe and Rob Standing in the doorway our friends behind them peaking in eagerly. I rush to hug my siblings and can’t help the tears that escape

“No one else came,” I say brokenly, Rob and Khloe hold me as tight as they can and though I tower over Rob he pulls me closer.

“ No one else came and… She’s not doing too good and they don’t care I saw their tweets I-” Khloe shushes me and runs her hands through my hair.

“She’s going to be okay doll. I can feel it.” Khloe tells me but before I can answer a series of beeps comes from behind me and doctors begin to push us out of the way and demand that we leave the unit.

The Substitute Babysitter

MariChat May Day 8: Dancing


Marinette climbed the ladder to her bedroom with a tray of cookies balanced in one hand. As she reached the top, her mother called from the sofa. “Honey, could you turn the music down just a bit? I know you’re trying to keep Manon entertained, but we don’t want to get any noise complaints.”

Marinette smiled. “Sure thing!” She pushed open the door, flooding the downstairs with throbbing dance music, and climbed through, setting the tray on the floor before hoisting herself the rest of the way up. “Snacks have arrived,” she declared. “Get them while they’re–what are you doing?”

In the middle of the room, Manon and Chat Noir stood in a weird squatting position. “No, no, no, you have to wiggle it,” Manon said.

Chat looked over his shoulder at Marinette. “Manon’s teaching me how to twerk.”

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