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This isn’t my usual post type but I wanted to share something with everyone

My grandma had recently passed away around a month ago and my grandpa decided to stay with us for a bit so he can keep his mind off things the past week.

He saw my brother and I drawing on the table and said he wanted to join, so he grabbed the nearest piece of scrap paper and doodled a cowboy

I was super happy to see him join us, so I told him to draw something else and gave him another scrap

He began to draw and told us a story about how no matter how angry they got at each other, my grandpa would always kiss my grandma goodnight

In her last few months, she had dementia, causing her to slowly lose her memory and in turn, become very aggressive, but my grandpa was always very patient with her despite her often biting words

Despite everything, he loved her to death, and drew this picture telling us how he misses her

I wanted to share that because it meant a lot to me

List of things making me happy right now

✓ wynonna earp got renewed
✓ eliza taylor being her marvelous self
✓ wonder woman trailer
✓ lana parrilla’s red leather dress
✓ they want me to be your daddy™
✓ evil queen teaser
✓ this bell@rke shit™
✓ the nipple piercing thing
✓ what I do, it’s not up to you™
✓ just found out that ghostbusters fanfiction is a solid thing
✓ the wynonna earp cast bless them

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SDCC: Lana/Regina highlights.

* Despite losing her inner Evil Queen, Parrilla wants fans to know that “Regina’s still sassy. She’s not going to lose her sass. The question I asked the guys is, ‘Is she just this pure, light being?’ And they said, ‘No, not really. She’s still sassy. That’s Regina.’ But the Evil Queen is slightly different than she used to be, I think. She’s now without a conscience, so she’s pure evil — and a lot of fun. Regina is desperate to really be this hero and be happy internally … and that’s really what she wants for herself. It’s going to be an interesting journey this year to see how the Evil Queen and Regina co-exist.”

* On Emma and Regina’s ever-evolving friendship: “These women have grown so much over the years,” Parrilla said. “They’ve become best friends. It’s such an admirable relationship. … They’re working together, and I think Emma has really helped Regina get to this new place in her life. I can see them continuing down that path.”

* “The one thing she wanted most was Snow White’s heart, and that will not stop,” Kitsis teased. Added Horowitz, we’re going to be exploring Snow and Regina’s past, present and future together in Season 6.

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When I first saw the leaked photos for the new Shriekwrecked line, I immediately fell in love with Draculaura. Her vaguely pin-up style sailor dress was too much for my heart, and the little stockings threw me right over the doll cliff. I knew she was the only one I needed from the line, and I would be happy with her and her alone. I was lucky enough to find her last night at a local Orlando TRU. My SO must have seen the look of total heartbreak on my face, because he bought her for me (he keeps my collecting habits going and I love it). For those without a newly stocked TRU or Target, Draculaura also has a listing on Amazon that should be available soon.

This Draculaura is everything I’ve ever wanted in a Draculaura doll. Her entire outfit screams out feminine and cute, while retaining her signature spooky flair with black hearts on the stockings, the bat print skirt, and the bat motifs on earrings and shoes. Her purse is accented with gold paint on both sides! I don’t even mind the pink arms, made to look like gloves. Ultimately, she is the spookiest, littlest, cute sailor girl. 

I love the wide-eyed expression she has with the reboot design. It reminds me more of the repaints that I’m fond of. She has a very natural makeup look with slightly shimmery eyeshadow. Her blush is a bit more noticeable than previous models; the blush has a circular shape. While visible, I don’t think it detracts from the doll. If anything, it adds to the cute sailor pinup theme.

My only complaint is the fact that a $20 doll didn’t come with a stand. The shoes aren’t the worst when it comes to standing, but let’s face it, MH aren’t known for their spectacular balancing act. I really hope they start including stands again, because not everyone has a drawer full of doll stands at their beck and call!

Bring it!

Honestly, just give me all the Emma the Savior who has been used and came close to forfeiting her own happiness when she took on the darkness because she had to save everyone, then had to pay the steepest of prices when she killed the man she loves.

Emma has put everyone ahead of herself and it always cost her something. 

Emma, you’re the Savior, you have to bring back the happy endings.

Emma, she has light magic, let’s go take her out of quiet life in NYC so that she can save us.

Emma gets her magic taken from her, and 2 years of isolation in an AU storybook where she’s the only one who knows the truth.

Emma watched the man she loved die in front of her over and over for the love of her.

“What I thought I wanted, what I thought I could have was not in the cards for the Savior.”

Until season 5 happened, Emma had forfeited her own happy ending because she is the Savior. Being the Savior cost her a lot.

If they’re finally going to address that, and parallel her with someone who is/was also a Savior and what being that cost him, then I say bring it. 

If this is the origin story of the Savior, I hope they do it justice unlike the mess that was the Dark One mythology.

fic: something suspiciously close to hope

a clexa/stranger things au, bc i’m having a lot of feelings about eleven

When the social worker’s car pulls to a stop outside of a small blue house, Eleven’s heart picks up a little bit. 

She runs her hand over her hair, still short and bristly from the buzz cut her last foster father gave her when he wrongly thought she caught lice from someone at school. The hand-me-down dress she’s wearing is dingy and stiff, and no matter how much she tugs on it the tag scratches the back of her neck.

The social worker opens the car door and Eleven climbs out, hauling the backpack filled with her meager belongings along with her. They’re halfway up the front walkway when the front door opens and a blonde woman steps onto the front porch. She’s pretty and has a bright, nervous smile, but Eleven knows better than to get her hopes up. 

The walkie-talkie that she’s clutched in her hands since she left the group home is getting clammy in her grip, so she fiddles with it, expecting to be ignored while her new foster parent and the social worker go over paperwork and finances – that’s what they usually care about, how much they’ll get to clothe and feed her, how much they’ll ultimately get to keep for themselves. 

She wonders if Mike – her best friend back at the group home – is still holding the walkie-talkie’s twin, waiting for her to call, knowing full well the reception doesn’t reach this far.

But she’s pulled from her thoughts when the blonde woman ignores the social worker completely. Instead she sits back on her haunches until she’s eye-level with Eleven, and stretches out her hand. 

“It’s nice to meet you, Eleven,” she says. “I’m Clarke.”

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You know all the women on the Ghostbuster’s team would be playing Pokemon Go. Don’t lie to yourself.

Patty is plagued with Rattatas and other rodent Pokemon. “Ah nah! Another Rat? Man, I used to work for the MTA! Ain’t nobody want you Rattata! Get your happy ass away from me.” Her irritation lessens some when she catches a Pikachu until Holtzman explains it’s basically an electric rat. Needless to say, Patty is pissed. 

Erin pretends like the game doesn’t interest her, but she secretly sneaks it whenever she can, muttering at her phone and putting the game into battery saver mode when she thinks no one is looking. She’s currently the queen of capturing Electrabuzz and Charmanders.

Abby is obsessed with finding her favorite ghost Pokemon. She hardly catches anything else and is the only one currently holding a Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar. She was on a good stretch until one night she’s faced with a Mr. Mime hiding in the corner of her room. Needless to say, the game became a little unappealing after that since that Pokemon doesn’t spawn anywhere in the US.  

Holtzmann has her phone hooked up to something that looks like a sonar machine growing random wires when she’s out and about and a monstrous CPU when she’s in the lab. When asked what the hell she’s doing, she grins her customary mad scientist grin and winks. “Hacked the system. I can pretty much do what I want in the game. Currently the head of a gym with a level 5,000 Caterpie. Machine’s a little wonky though. Maybe a little radioactive. Wanna give it a lick?”

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honestly poly!seb with multiple doms who take care of him is actually kind of cute? maybe more queerplatonic than romantic, but having people there to take care of him, knowing what he likes/dislikes. just give me everyone being a little bit in love with seb and wanting to take care of him he deserves all the love!!

I…actually kind of want this now? Like, really? This should exist? Like…

Like, sweet little Seb being taken care of by everyone, in different ways…

Don at the gym, encouragement, praise, not exactly sexual but making him feel good and warm and like he’s made someone proud, so he gets all flushed and happy with exertion and endorphins…Mackie teasing him and provoking him and letting him be a cheeky little brat, which he is, and then spanking him hard for it…Hayley Atwell getting him to do things for her, little orders, service submission, which he loves because he likes doing things for people and being useful…

Chris, oh, Chris…he’s probably more Chris’s, in the end, than anyone else’s; Chris doesn’t like hurting him (much, anyway) and gets a little anxious about giving him too many orders (which Seb sometimes needs, which is why his other Doms are good to have), but Chris is the best at taking care of him: knowing what he likes, cuddling him, petting him, telling him how good he is; with Chris it’s more sexual and more erotic, and Chris wants to make him feel good and give him rewards, and also he loves making Chris feel good, he’ll do anything for Chris, give any part of himself, because Chris will take him out of his head and into bliss and then pet him and feed him Starbucks when he floats back down to Earth.

Arima asked her a reason probably a reason why she is fighting and eto answered because she wants to reset the world and arima SMIRKS AGREEING TO HER AND SAYING “THATS GREAT”

Arima is the first person (human, ok he is half I know) to agree with her and I can only imagine how happy Eto was when he agrees on her ideals

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I think I'm in love with a Libyan refugee I met over break and she was so beautiful and bright and when she kissed me on the cheek to say goodbye my knees almost gave out I only got to spend a day with her before her supervisor dragged her away but she's so beautiful and lovely and I just want to see her again and kiss her but she left before I could give her my number. She was radiant, oh god, she was alive

thoughts on ski lodge part 2

okay i just finished ski lodge and i need to discuss with this someone or ANYONE.

are they seriously going with the whole ‘maya-liked-lucas-to-protect-Riley" … what the fuck?? there are so many plot holes now im so confused. why must the writers insist on constantly invalidating maya hart’s feelings??

another thing: the r*cas scene. i was literally gagging the whole time. they’re brother and sister and they have zero chemistry to the point where i was cringing and uncomfortable the whole time. this is really the ship the writers want to be endgame? yikes. why do rucas shippers not love themselves.

also can we talk about josh and maya? i hate myself so much i literally swore i was a die-hard lucaya bitch but they got me feeling some typa way. i still want maya to be happy (reference intended) and i want her to be with lucas so bad, but they were cute. but that’s probably because sabrina carpenter is a great actress and will have chemistry with anyone.

overall, the episode was a mess. the writing was absolute shit and the solution to the triangle was disappointing. the writers could have made the plot SO GOOD with Riley realizing that she was not mature for a relationship and didn’t want change (hence forcing all of the other characters to lose their growth) and maya hart could FOR ONCE get what she deserved. but no- the writers took all of their character developments made and threw them down the drain, as well as their good ships and a lot of their following.

the moral of the story is that im only watching this show now for zay babineaux because everyone else just fills me with anger or disappointment.

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Oh Oh cute OC alert!!! Is it okay if we draw your OC's?? I just wanna make sure you're okay with me doing a really bad job and ruining their cute faces before I do it!

A-AH SO MUCH KINDNESS FOR MAH OCS ε=ε=ε=ε=ε” “(/*’-‘*)/



So first of all,she doesn’t have an official name, i was thinking about Paprika. i love names with a K in it .

And y-yeah? 8A8 i would be the most happy and flattered person on this world if u were rly interested to draw her or one mah other ocs.

Also, yea’ if,if you want, tomorrow, i will create mah own blog,with personal/professional stuff on it. u’ll see on waht i’m working when im not doodling youtubers. haha

for the moment, just check out mah deviantart. it’s usually where i put all mah stuff


And thank to  all of u, i-i’m not a very confident person. seriously. at mah rank,i should think about makin’ an artstation like ppl of mah school but im so freakin’ scared.it’s not mah art level. 

bruh. At least, let’s say a new tumblru blog sounds less chaotic.

(glad i am a trashy inspiration, study video game is pretty though. so good luck!i m sure u will have fin anyway //wink wonk// *:゚*。⋆ฺ(*´◡`) )

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I told myself I wouldn't fall down the rabbit hole of falling for her bfs but he's just so damn charming, smart, funny, mature and sexy I just couldn't help myself. He's so different from her other bfs but they are just so much alike. I so badly want them to work out (which if they can make it through ch, kimye, and his director drama, they'll look pretty unstoppable and sure about it), I want them both to be happy (preferably together) and I really want them to slay the red carpet together.

Same.. I love Tom. He’s so unique to anyone she’s dated in the past. 

What sets him apart is that he’s just so much like Tay. Whenever I see his interviews, it reminds me of how compatible they must be.

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What are some of the things you loved about rucas? :)

ive been saving this ask for a really long time but im finally breaking it out!!!

this is gonna be kinda lengthy so please bear with me lol

  • well, first and foremost, i absolutely adore their friendship. they would do absolutely anything and everything if i meant making the other happy and they believe in each other !!!!
  • ex: when lucas risked all of his growth to be better than texas lucas when riley had a bully. “if you want me to, whoever this is, i will take care of it for you.”
  • ex: riley encouraging her hubby to conquer tombstone yeehaw
  • over time, its apparent that riley is no longer the only one who acts all shy & dorky when they do their cute little “hi” “howdy” spiel like honestly lucas you are so bad at hiding how fond you are
  • additionally i love how they stare at each other with the biggest stars in their eyes like cmon now…. 
  • ex:

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and, last but not least, the scene in ski lodge 2. i love how genuine they act around each other and the pure joy thats written all over their faces when they realize that, yeah, holy shit, the triangle is over and im happy and in love and this is my best friend

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